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Personal Choices Have Real Power!

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the world we live in is the aggregate of everyone’s actions, thoughts and attitudes. You might think your words don’t matter, or your minor indulgences are irrelevant to the big picture, but in that you are wrong. All the small actions accumulate into big consequences. Our culture is the accumulation of all of our decisions about what to wear, where to eat, what food to buy, what shows we watch on TV, the music we listen to and what books we read. Therefore we choose the culture by our actions. Our government is as powerful as we tolerate and our society is what we make of it, which is incredibly empowering, it puts us in charge of our culture, society and government. If you don’t like an aspect of our world, you can lead by example and change it in your own life, thus changing the paradigm, one person at a time.

When we cede our power to the elite, because we have allowed ourselves to become dejected by the seemingly overpowering tidal wave of history, they are only too happy to accept the gift. Most of us go along because to change our own actions appear too difficult, would inconvenience us or might lower our economic prosperity in the short run. That is why many people get into negative ruts, like stealing, lying and adultery. They are the easy path, while work, telling ugly truths and fidelity are harder to do. But how much harder is it, to not have to keep track of lies, pretend to be trustworthy while worrying about getting found out, or being faithful and not feeling the stress of potentially being caught? In truth the easy path is the one seen as the hard path and the hard path is actually the easy one, if we only open our eyes and hearts.

We can choose… to be the drop of water that refuses to take part of the tsunami, thus lowering the intensity of it. Moreover, by making that choice, we induce others to make the same choice, we are tribal in nature and when we see someone else acting virtuously, it is easier for us to act the same way, just as sin becomes more possible the more people we see engaged in it. When we are surrounded by people acting as villains, like monkey see monkey do, we tend to follow and become villains ourselves. By being leaders, and leading by example, we can change the direction our world is going.

We tend to follow our leaders, act as they act and think as they appear to think. Look at the popularity of People Magazine. Many of us are only looking for an example to follow, and what examples we have to follow, Hollywood stars going from bed to bed and marriage to marriage, politicians lying so much they forget what the truth really is, and our business people openly screwing their employees, shareholders and customers. Our leaders are the very people we must not follow! Sadly, it is in our nature to follow those we look up to, and so our culture, society, economy and politics degenerate into filth and egoism.

When we are allowed to seek our own good, contrary to what would seem obvious, the aggregate lot of Mankind is improved, while when we are limited by regulation and law, the aggregate lot of Man is lowered. This is because as we seek our own best good, through the free market, our good comes at another’s good. When you buy meat at the butcher who’s self interest is damaged? Certainly not the butcher, who now has money to feed his family, and certainly not the buyer, who now has meat for his children, and clearly not society because the people are better fed. Moreover, the beef industry can pay their people, truckers have cargo to haul and even the cows themselves benefit in the long run, because if everyone stopped eating beef, many types of cows would go extinct. Both the buyer and seller served their self interest, and by their doing so, the lot of Man was improved.

Many people are just followers and always will be, that is their lot in life, but need it be yours? In Elitist theory, an alternative to Marxist class theory, the elite make up 10% of any population. They are the ones who make the decisions and the people, who make up that group change. You can become a leader, an elite, and lead people to goodness… by acting good. You have the power to change the world for the better or you can give that power away to others to do with as they see fit. Those in power today would rather you follow and not lead, they don’t want the competition, plus if you lead people to goodness, it will interfere with their leading us to evil. You can be alight in a dark world for people to rally around bringing in more light, you can sit down and shut up and allow the world to be engulfed in darkness, or you can actively participate in darkening the world. The choice is yours… please choose wisely.


John Pepin

The True Role of Government

Thursday, January 5th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the role of government creates the social, economic and cultural framework, within which each of us struggles. Why not the other way around? Why not the framework being a cause rather than an effect? Because the role of government precedes the framework. For almost all of human history the role of government has been to protect a small cabal of families at the top of the social, economic and cultural order, plain and simply that was, and in fact still is, the role of government today. That the fundamental role of government has always been to protect a small cabal, the Elite, shouldn’t surprise anyone with their eyes open. The group nurtured by government has changed through the millennia but that has always been the basic role of government. Who comprises that group is what determines the social, economic and cultural framework. The only way to actually change the framework is to change the actual, not the perceived, role of government.

Most people think the role of government is to pave the roads, police the criminals, provide welfare, protect from fire, produce regulations, promote the “common” cause and for plentiful prosperity, all the “goods” you have been taught. That is what you are supposed to think. If you dwell on it however, especially if you take a long historical look at actual reasons governments, wage wars, the “hand out” all the “goods” government provides, and who are the ultimate beneficiaries, you will eventually come to the conclusion, government only really exists to serve the Elite, whoever the Elite are. Once a new Elite are in power they too use government to pass laws to change the framework to suit the Elite’s selfish needs.

Who the elite are changes, depending on dozens of factors, the old elite became too corrupt society suffered and so… a new cabal rose up and seized control perhaps violently, the elite became dependent on some other group who then usurped the usurper’s position, being conquered, technological change, etc… there are far too many ways a group of elite change to name them all. The group that makes up the Elite might be a landed aristocracy, the bourgeoisie, the Shogunate, the theocracy, the majority, the party, a race, the workers, even on extremely rare cases, the whole of the citizenry. Each faction once in power will inevitably change the laws to protect themselves and their children. Often a faction will claim to represent another faction to gain their suffrage but only serve themselves, a party that “represents” the workers, for example. A government that serves the theocracy will pass laws making it illegal to ridicule that religion or to convert out. The framework will change conforming to that group’s desires.

The social, economic and cultural framework of any nation, city state or civilization changes over time, to conform to the will of the faction in power, the Elite. People are people, we are all the same, put any of us, other than a saint in power and over time, as we amend laws and change customs we will inevitably, even if only subconsciously, change those laws, customs and social norms to favor us and our children, it is in our nature. It doesn’t make us, or them, bad people, it makes us all people. That is why we must first look to change the role of government. To do that we must first recognize it’s real role and drop the rose colored glasses.

The founders of the United States understood these facts and tried to craft a form of limited government that would stand the test of time. But indeed, over time, those who could changed the rules to suit their needs against the needs of the rest, did. Today, the US is as much a Constitutionally limited republic, as Rome under Octavius Augustus was a consular republic. Today’s Elite, the new class, have done no different than every other group that has become the Elite. Like all factions that become the Elite, they are/will go through the same life cycle… Rise to power, change government to suit them and their needs, become corrupt, their corruption and increasing mismanagement leading to economic, social and cultural disorder, and finally another faction wresting power and starting the cycle over.

Today the new class has become corrupt, with CEOs making tens of millions of dollars a year in wages, stock deals and bonuses, to run multibillion dollar companies into the ground, banks getting caught red handed ripping off their customers, and so the shareholders get punished while the criminals get bonuses, government officials openly breaking laws anyone else would go to jail for and many do, etc… The economic framework they have created is becoming ever more difficult for the average person to navigate, zero interest on savings, less full time employment, shrinking wages, collapse of small business start ups, etc… and so is slowing economic growth. Cultural Marxism is leading to the cultural decay of drugs, out of wedlock children, single parent families, large swaths of the population that feel they don’t have a stake in society, and all the other cultural ills we face. The new class has sown the seeds of their own destruction, but who is going to seize control from them, and change the framework to suit their needs? Maybe… it is time to debate a new role for government. that diverges from the recognized old.


John Pepin

The American Oligarchy

Thursday, May 19th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the West is ruled by an oligarchy, that oligarchy is… the new class. You will remember, if you read my articles or have a sufficient education, that Aristotle characterized the three wrong forms of government and the three right forms, as well as his perfect form. It is always best to use Aristotle’s definition of oligarchy, in the way he meant it… an oligarchy is a system of government where the upper class, (hereditary aristocracy in Aristotle’s time but could be any form the upper class takes per elitist theory), rule and rule for their own benefit rather than the benefit of all. So what I am saying is that the new class is a defacto upper class in Europe, North and South America as well as Australia and New Zealand, they rule what we call the Western World, and rule it for their own good rather than the good of mankind.

A wrong form of government is any government that rules for it’s own narrow self interest. To put it another way… the rulers are egoists. It’s easy to happen, after all something put them in the upper class to begin with, whether it was birthright, education, merit, wealth, intellect, cunning or evil, those in the upper class have an instinctual drive to look down on those not in the upper class. The more structurally separated the elite become from the hoi polloi, the more sharp the divide becomes until instead of benevolence, the elite view the unwashed masses with contempt and scorn. The elite are the smartest, most educated, and are willing to do what it takes, get blood on their hands… so why shouldn’t they run the show and run it for their own good. Who are the imbeciles, layabouts and common laborers to have a say, or even a share, let them starve, clean the gene pool anyway… becomes their mindset. Once that happens aristocratic rule, no matter who the elite are, becomes oligarchy.

Who are the new class, you might ask, and how are they a ruling elite? The new class are those with advanced college degrees. Not everyone who have college degrees agree with the politics of the new class, but in the realm of politics it is democratic, the consensus of those with advanced college degrees is what decides such matters. Your attorney, banker, accountant, run the business where you work, the woman who writes your favorite newspaper column, your governor senator and doctor, the new class are the people at the top, well, of everything. They decide what you see on television, read in the paper, what your daughter wears when she goes out and what your son listens to, they are the new class who pass our regulations in the darkness of bureaucracy, teach our children, tell our police what to do and what not to do, they decide where to send our boys and girls into battle, and what their lives should be spent on, the new class is by every definition, the modern aristocracy.

How can we tell, by the economy, they rule for themselves only and are not simply incompetent? Well, incompetence cannot instantly be ruled out, in this case however, for the most educated most powerful and most wise people, (by their own definition), be so very wrong? More likely, their incompetence is manifested in the fact they thought they could keep the loaded dice game going forever. Moreover, look at the rate of pay for CEOs, the quintessential new class citizen, compared over time to the rest of society. The exponential growth in upper management pay, mirrors an equal decrease in the pay for employees, and lowered sock performance by return on investment, is a sure sign something is wrong with businesses today. Every absurd ruling of a judge, granting a million dollars to a plaintiff who cuts himself while breaking into a home or awards a conniver a loophole in an otherwise iron clad contract… all add up to a society and culture of anger, fear and division, which feeds back into the power and wealth of the new class. To the detriment of the nation and humanity.

People with advanced college degrees tend to marry only those with advanced college degrees today, segregate themselves into gated communities and send their children to private schools, showing they have become in many ways separated from the huddled masses. which is always destructive of social cohesion. The new class is by all definitions a ruling class, as shown by the fact they run everything, and control the dissemination of information. The new class rules for it’s self interest at the cost to the rest of humanity. By all accounts and measures… the new class is an oligarchy.


John Pepin

Do You Hate the Rich?

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, The social contract between those that run our societies, the elite, and the rest of us, has been broken by the elite. The elite have become an oligarchy, the wrong form of aristocracy, and as a result, the average Joe is livid, but doesn’t know what he or she is livid about. Our ignorance allows the elite to manipulate us into doing damage to our own interests while enhancing theirs, which further infuriates us, making it easier to manipulate us… This is why so many people hate the “rich.” Many of us see “the rich” as the problem, but sadly, that is exactly what the manipulators want! We play into their hands when they call for more taxes, regulations and limits on “the rich,” The “rich” never actually get those higher taxes, regulations or limits, we get them instead, which further lowers our standard of living, infuriating us even more…

The contract between the elite in any society and the rest of the people, is the leader gets the best, but has responsibilities for those perks. That is why the chief of a hunter gatherer tribe gets the best meat, his choice of huts, etc… He is the biggest and strongest man in the tribe and if there is a war between tribes, he is expected to lead the other men into battle, at risk to his own life. If a wild animal attacks the tribe, he is expected to fend it off. Those perks of leadership come with responsibilities, those responsibilities are why he gets the extra benefits. That is the paradigm in all human societies everywhere and at every time. The elite get the lion’s share of the goods of society but have responsibilities to the rest for those perks. They don’t come free!

When the social contract between the elite and the people functions, no one has a problem with the tribal chief getting first pick of the meat. When the Chief gets the first pick of the meat, but runs at the first sight of danger, allowing others to die due to his lack of bravery, he quickly becomes loathed. Why should he get the first pick if he doesn’t meet his responsibilities? People get a visceral hatred of him. That is the place our society has got, the elite don’t meet their responsibilities. Instead, they throw the rest of us under the bus at the first sign of trouble, they never lead by example, they protect their interests at the cost to society’s interests, in short they expect us to hold up our end of the contract with no intention of them doing their part. They have broken the contract and so we hold them in utter contempt. The modern elite want those perks for free.

People know it, even if most of us cannot put it into words. So, when some affluent member of the elite calls for more taxes on “the rich,” many people stand and cheer, when an out of control elite politician tells us he or she will control “the rich” with regulations many hold up their fists in support and when a multi millionaire socialist shouts the government must seize the assets of “the rich,” many people rush to the exits to get a share. The actual rich elite never get those higher taxes, regulations or have their assets seized, that os for the people, the non elite. Again, the elite avoid fulfilling their role in the contract and manipulate the people into forwarding an agenda that is counter to the people’s interests, by shirking their responsibility.

When Warren Buffett went on national television, announcing his secretary was paying a higher tax rate than him, there was outrage. The elite solved the problem by raising his secretary’s taxes more, and giving Warren Buffett a billion dollar kickback by vetoing the Keystone Pipeline. That evil oil is still getting to Texas refineries, but on Warren Buffetts trains! Who cares about the added danger of transporting oil by train, Lac Magantic be damned, or the additional cost. In the case of Warren Buffett’s train windfall, courtesy of the US government, he was rewarded for being instrumental in manipulating the people into calling for higher taxes… on themselves! We were made chumps!

Because the actual rich, the elite who are moguls, wield political power and control the means of production, only seek to keep the rest of us down. Joesph Schumpeter argued, the moment someone gets rich, they immediately turn around and close the door behind them. Today the new class, the intelligentsia, control the means of production, have taken the lion’s share of profits, and are the power behind the government, but have abdicated their responsibility to ensure wages grow, the standard of living increases and liberty is maintained. Instead, they work to lower wages at every opportunity with unlimited immigration, enacting by law the Malthusian idea, wages can never grow because there will always be more workers than jobs, they raise taxes on “the rich” but the rich never pay those higher taxes, only those trying to get rich pay them, (you and I) and the elite squander our resources while protecting theirs.

Have you ever wondered why when the tax rate on millionaires was ninety percent in the US, the number of millionaires didn’t go down, only the number of new millionaires did? It was because the elite were using their political power to keep people from getting rich. Holding the rest of us down to protect themselves from competition. By doing so they abdicated their responsibilities to us and society for their own gain. Then they blame the nebulous “rich,” for all the troubles we face because of their shirking their responsibility.

We are angry because we know a scam is being played on us. Most of us, only understand the power contract in human affairs on a gut level, and so can be manipulated by the elite to act against their own interests. I for one, don’t care at all how much a factory worker gets paid, in fact, the more she makes the better, in my view. If a factory worker gets one million dollars an hour, that is no skin off my nose, if an entrepreneur becomes a multi billionaire, I cheer for him, or is an inventor gets millions and acclaim, I am ecstatic for her. When a CEO makes tens or hundreds of millions of dollars a year in bonus’s, wages and perks, while at the same time, making chumps of the shareholders, screwing the workers and poking the customers in the eye, forcing his political, religious and social perspective down the rest of our throats, I become irate. He has avoided his responsibility, the responsibility that comes with those perks to run the company for the interests of the shareholders, provide value to customers and pay good wages to the employees, and that is unacceptable.

Beware of falling for the trap that calls you and I the rich, and thus degrades our standard of living, with our acquiescence. Aim your anger where it belongs, at the new class who shirk their responsibilities, while feeling entitled to the perks they get. Demand they live up to their end of the contract! Else fall for the illusion and become a slave.


John Pepin

Post Constitutional America

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the United States has entered a post Constitutional era, similar to when Rome passed from a republic to a tyranny, America has thrown off her founding principles and replaced them with the authoritarian credo of a despot. All nations founded in liberty eventually follow this path. In all cases the path to authoritarianism is led by the elite, political, cultural and social. Sadly in every case the entering of an authoritarian era always leads the known world into a dark age. The distance in time between abandoning of the societal myth and the complete fall, depends on how tenacious the people are in holding onto their societal myth, divided by how corrupt the ruling class has become. The economic might of the nation is another factor crucial to the length of time a republic has, after it ceases to be a republic in fact, but in name only. In the case of Rome, the people held tightly to their societal myth, while in the US, the people have all but cast aside our societal myth. Given that fact, the time between entering our post constitutional era and the total collapse of our republic is probably very short indeed. When the US republic falls the world will be plunged into a dark age with horrors visited on mankind which could have never even been imagined before.

America is not any different than any of the republics that have come before. I like to use the example of Rome, because it was founded in liberty and collapsed in tyranny, making it a perfect example for the American experiment. The founding fathers looked to Rome for inspiration even considering using the consular system. That system was rejected in favor of the newer system of Constitutionalism. That Rome was a precursor and template for the American experiment is shown in our edifices that follow the Greek and Roman patterns. In fact even the very idea of a nation founded in liberty has it’s roots in the Greco-Roman tradition.

When Rome followed the republican path she saw an uninterrupted string of successes. No city state or empire could defeat her in war. The Roman economy was second to none and the people had a freedom of thought and action never before seen in humanity. Sparta was unbeatable when it followed the laws of Lycurgus. Once the Spartans tossed out Lycurgus’ laws they quickly collapsed and were subjugated by the Macedonians. Athens followed the laws of Draco then Solon. Once Pericles began using the ostracism as a political tool the fall of Athens to Sparta was at hand.

Athens, perhaps the most renowned democracy, gave rise to some of the most influential thinkers in human history culminating in Aristotle, who wrote Nicomachean Ethics. In which he enumerated the right forms of government and the wrong forms. His right forms were, monarchy, aristocracy and polity, and explained the wrong forms are perversions of the right forms, tyranny a perversion of monarchy, oligarchy a perversion of aristocracy and democracy the perversion of polity. He went on to argue a republic, or blending of the right forms, was the best possible form. That history was well known to the founding fathers of the American republic.

In all cases the elite led the people to ruin. My favorite story from the Spring and Summer Annuls, is the story of the Duke of Lu, who asked Confucius how he could get the people to be less greedy, not engage in adultery, and stop shirking their duty. Confucius answered by saying the Duke could stop doing these things himself and lead by example. Confucius and his disciples had to flee Lu state shortly after. The point of the story is that corruption flows from the top down, never from the bottom up. The people, busy with their own lives, have very little time to oversee the rulers and typically have no power over them anyway. So without consequences for villainy the rulers become ever more corrupt. The people see their leaders corruption and follow. Eventually, the society becomes a house of cards, so rotted it collapses at the first gust of wind.

Constitutionalism is supposed to strictly limit the ability of any government to become tyrannical. The concept was that a constitution is to be a contract between the governors and the governed, in which the people would give up some of their sovereignty to the government, for purposes of protecting the people’s property, lives and liberty. That concept has been evolved by the new class elite to mean something very different. Today constitutions are living breathing documents who’s meaning changes with the wants and avarice of the ruling elite. The words change meanings, the intent is ignored and the most absurd things are inferred into it. The US Constitution has become merely a pretty cloak to cover the emperor’s tyranny. Today the Constitution means whatever the elite claim it does.

The meaning of the US Constitution has been so bastardized it bears no resemblance to the original document at all. This started under Teddy Roosevelt, was accelerated by Woodrow Wilson, was cast in stone by Franklin Roosevelt and our Constitution has become utterly irrelevant under Barack Obama. Obama creates legislation by fiat, the legislative branch has become nothing more than a chatterbox that has given away all it’s real power to the bureaucracy, while the Judicial branch has overseen the transition to our post Constitutional era with delight. The amendments have been so perverted they mean nothing. Freedom of religion has given way to the state religion of atheism, the freedom to keep and bear arms has been so infringed the people have been effectively disarmed, the police have become militarized to the point of becoming a modern praetorian guard, the Tenth amendment is superfluous, since virtually all power has been elevated to the Federal government, the list goes on and on.

Yes the United States has abandoned our Constitution and most of the people could care less. The few who stand for our founding principles are attacked as extremists while those who openly avow to overthrow our system are mainstream. Our economy has been hollowed out so badly it takes over two hundred billion dollars printed a month, to keep our economic balloon inflated, our government has us in a perpetual state of war, our standard of living is diminishing at an ever faster rate, the President now has arbitrary rule, our universities have become mere indoctrination centers for Marxists and our entertainment elite parade a plethora of absurdities in front of us to keep us distracted. Elitist theory is adamant about one thing, great civilizations are never overthrown from without, they are always hollowed out by corruption from within… and once the fall comes, it is because the civilization is ripe for it.


John Pepin

The New Class and Our Civilization’s Suicide

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014



Dear Friends,


It seems to me, the West is committing civilization suicide. Not any different than a man who throws himself off the top of a high building, shoots himself or immolate herself. Not everyone agrees we should do this, but those in the new class, the political elite, believe we will be able to fly once we are airborne, so are determined to jump… while the rest of us are doing our best to hold them back. The same debate goes through the mind of someone who is on the ledge. The signs of our impending suicide are all around us. Pick up and read any newspaper and the intention of the ruling class becomes obvious. From the US’ open borders to our lawless government, the writing is there for us all to see, if we would only look. Some, mostly members of the new class and the peasantry, (traditional allies in any communist take over), are fully on board with our destruction, while others, the middle class, working class and some in the new class, are trying as hard as we can to save us all. The trouble is, those who seek the destruction of our culture, society and economic system, are the ones who wield political power, run the media and direct our culture, while those of us who want to preserve those things may be the majority, but our political power is so diffuse it is rendered irrelevant.


Why would the new class and modern peasantry want to destroy the greatest wealth creation machine the world has ever known? To answer that we need to plumb the subconscious of the new class. The new class is trained and indoctrinated in our universities and colleges. The higher a professor gets in academia the more they are full blown Marxists and anarchists. That is not my contention, it is the premise of Alvin Gouldner’s book, The Future of Intellectuals and the Rise of the New Class. As a result of their political bent, they detest the west and everything the west stands for, the market system, limited government, wealth, Christianity and people of European descent, (even though most of them are wealthy, claim to be liberal and are of European descent). In short… hate and jealousy are their primary motivating emotions. So when students show up to get an education, they are instead indoctrinated by a curriculum of anti American propaganda, Marxist indoctrination and a ludicrous world view, where everything white people have done is evil and everything anyone else has done is good. If there is any one characteristic of the progressive new class’ mindset, it is their blind hatred of the west.


Since the new class primary motivation is righteous hatred of the west and therefore themselves, they feel justified in their intentions to rid the world of such bad things as limited government, the free market and the wealth capitalism bestows on humanity. They justify their actions like any other criminal would, by holding that other people are less than human, while they themselves stand above the hoi polloi and are “enlightened.” They reason that if only they could get rid of the evils in the world, as they see them, there would be universal peace, prosperity would sweep the world, the lion would lay with the lamb and justice would finally be born. Of course, to usher in this new era of utopia requires as a prerequisite, the total destruction of the west and all it stands for.


The only way to stop this madness is to take back our schools, colleges and universities, from Marxists, anarchists and all those who detest the west. Begin teaching our children and young adults the truth, that yes, the west has done bad things but there is not a people, civilization or society that has not. That what makes western culture, society and economy so noteworthy, is the good it has bestowed on the human race… prosperity to anyone willing to work and take chances, class mobility, liberty of the individual brought about by limited government, an increase in the standard of living of the average person the world has never seen before, the near eradication of ancient plagues like small pox, polio and measles, and that the United States is the only nation in the history of humanity, that has been attacked by another country, successfully defended itself conquering the attacker, and instead of annexing it, gave the people of the attacking country their liberty.


Like a person who so detests themselves they seek to take their own life, the new class clearly seeks civilization suicide. To that end they pervert our culture, ignore the rule of law (unless it furthers their agenda), undermine the US Constitution in every way, destroy the market system with crony capitalism, taxes and regulation, punish work and reward indigence, use the power of the government purse to break up the traditional family unit (rendering fathers irrelevant), promote anything that lowers human beings to mere beasts, wage a global war on Christianity, side with those who openly call for the genocide of the Jews, thin out the populations of whole European countries with people who also loathe the west… and change our history and traditions to suit their wants. The Georgia Guide stones show their plan more clearly than I ever could in such a short article. In their hate filled minds, they have no concept that if they succeed, humanity will enter another thousand year dark age with all that implies, but when a mind is blinded with loathing and hatred, it becomes immune to logic and reason. Like the fool who so detests himself, they douse themselves with gasoline and set themselves ablaze, immediately regretting what seemed like a good idea at the time, but once that match is lit… it is too late.





John Pepin




Why Republicans and Romney Lost the Last Election

Monday, November 19th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the reason the republicans have lost in the last few elections, is as simple as it is obvious. The powers that be in the republican party, the Elite, will steadfastly refuse to see the obvious as they have election after election. The Elite in the republican party today have the same macro viewpoint as the democrats. The difference between them is so slight you can’t fit a newly printed dollar bill between them. The base of the republican party is far more libertarian, and at the same time more conservative, than the republican Elite are. This creates a tension within the party. The Elite in the republican party jealously guard their power and prestige against all comers. The reality that there is no difference, between the republican Elite and the democrats, is not lost on the American people. When confronted with a democrat, and a democrat, the people will reliably choose the democrat every time. This has critical importance to the American republic, and the standard of living not only in the US, but the World over.

The republican Elite are universally progressive. They agree with the progressive democrats all the time. They disagree with the conservative democrats as much as they disagree with their own base. They feel they can run a bloated, overly bureaucratic system, better than the democrats, and they have the hubris to believe, they know better than everyone else about everything else… like I said before, they are progressives with an R after their name instead of a D. As such they look only in a certain direction. That direction is not based on truth or reality it is based on politics and perspective. That is why they cannot see the obvious so often.

The republican base is far more libertarian, in that the people that make it up, who are independent minded and self reliant people. They have the mindset, it is from the people that all innovation and good comes, and that government, more often than not, is the font of evil. Ron Reagan said as much and won in a landslide… twice. History bears the libertarian viewpoint out. The republican base is more interested in limiting the role and scope of government than the republican Elite. The base is also far more conservative than the Elite.

Take the issue of abortion. The base is much more agreeable to limits on abortion, than the republican Elite, who are universally pro abortion. They only claim to be pro life during the campaign season. Even the most libertarian of the republican base believe that partial birth abortion is evil and wrong. The only way a reasonable person could be for this procedure is ignorance of what it entails. The upshot is… the base is far less trusting of arbitrary power than the Elite are. Obviously, since it is the Elite who wield that arbitrary power, and the people who are the subjects of it.

Everyone who is a member of the Elite is loathe to give up the power, money and prestige, that comes along with it. It is the nature of human beings to enjoy power over others. Adam Smith said that a man would rather order a slave than negotiate with a free man for his free labor. It is in our nature. One of the beauties of the capitalist system is that it mitigates this negative aspect of our nature. No one dislikes money. We all lust after more of it. Whether it is for power, to buy serenity, to purchase the luxuries in life or just as a hedge against life’s exigencies, money is something we all desire to some degree. Do you know anyone who doesn’t like praise? Is there one among us, who doesn’t revel in being waited on, and have his or her boots licked? It is self evident that the Elite are loathe to give up their status.

And so it is clear that the republican elite are incapable of recognizing the facts right in front of them. They disagree with their base and so they must go. The Elite cannot understand that the people who elect them would actually be so unselfcentered, they would believe in the sanctity of life, the Elite are incredulous that their base actually wants limited government, the whole concept is alien to an egoist. The Elite seek the opposite of what their very voters want and they shake their heads that they cannot get elected. In the last debate Romney went after the 1% who were undecided, and in doing so put off the 70% of the population that makes up his base, while Obama energized his base. Some were so off put they voted for Obama. After all, if there is no difference, why vote for the democrat wanna be when there is a bona fide democrat in the race? Obama went after his base and got them to vote, and Romney turned off his base, so they didn’t come out to vote. It is no more difficult to understand than that.

Romney had no problem attacking, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Fred Thompson, and any other conservative that stood in his way, but gave Obama deference, as had McCain. Romney spared Obama the negative ads he pelted Santorum with, further proving the point. The republican Elite despise their base, even to the point of abandoning Tea party republicans and even undermining their campaigns. While the democrat Elite, who also loathe their base, are better at pretending they don’t.

Don’t expect the republican Elite to wake up though. They have already rolled over for the democrats, they share the same goal after all, it is only the path to it they disagree on. The republican Elite are only too happy to compromise in the destruction of the American Constitution, as well as the death of our economy and culture. They agree with the democrat progressives more than they disagree… guaranteeing their eventual extinction. The only question left is; will they take our society with them?


John Pepin

Decadence and Our Cultural Elite

Monday, October 8th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that every evil we face as a people is a direct result of our culture. We have allowed people to control our culture who despise our way of life. It is obvious, to give such power to someone who hates our society and founding principles, is a path to certain destruction. Our cultural Elite move us, as a people, through television, the government monopoly schools, news, and printed media, towards a society that they believe will be better. The unfortunate fact however is, the future they seek has proven itself, over and over, to be filled with unspeakable horrors. Some of the worst atrocities ever visited on mankind have been by people who have held these same ideas. To stop the slide to oblivion, we must take back the reigns of the culture, steering it to a society based on the original values of our founders, guided by our religious morality and human heartedness.

The breakup of the nuclear family is a direct result of the glamorizing of affairs by influential celebrities. We all look to the beautiful people for examples of what is a good life. When they model decadence, idleness and debauchery we follow them to it. The push now for gay marriage has nothing to do with rights but everything to do with the lowering of people’s esteem for marriage. The Brown shirts were led by a gay man. Once their usefulness was exhausted Hitler massacred them and made all the gay people wear upside down pink pyramids. His tolerance for the gay agenda went only as far as it served his interests but no further. Today’s gay culture will relive history once their “allies” have achieved their pernicious ends. The intolerant have no tolerance once they have total power.

Schools are facing hordes of maladjusted children today due to the negative effects of our culture. The dramatic rise in emotionally challenged youth, is because of the undermining of the nuclear family and the undermining of moral behavior, by our cultural Elite. The message that Western culture is bad and any alternative is good saturates their lives. They see that Christians are forced to pay for Piss Christ but when someone disparages Islam, in a foolish movie, they are arrested in the dark of the night. The message is clear… Christianity is bad Islam is good. The daily monstrosities that Islam visits on the people of the Middle East are glossed over and every historical atrocity the Christians have committed is dramatized by the cultural Elite. Moral equivalence is the rage in our schools. The philosophical concept, that when someone does an atrocity that is against their religion, it reflects on them not the religion, but when someone engages in atrocities, as their religion commands, it reflects on the religion not them… is lost or purposely misplaced on the purveyors of culture.

The crime we deal with is a result of the culture denigrating hard work in favor of idleness. The entitlement mentality could not take hold unless we are inculcated to it. People, by nature, seek activity but when we are told over and over that diversion is the highest good, and labor is the worst evil, we fall into the trap of indolence. The message our children are taught is, to flip burgers at McDonald is humiliating, but to take food stamps is not. Every possible means to elevate taking food stamps to a virtue, is employed by the elite, in both culture and government. In a society where working is a undignified act but taking a handout is virtue, cannot long sustain it’s standard of living, and must become destitute sooner rather than later.

These are only a few examples of how our cultural Elite create the conditions in our society that disintegrate the foundation of it. Our children are the chief victims but their children will take the brunt of the worst results. Unless we change the course our posterity will live under the totalitarian conditions of depravity and want. They will have totally lost the ability to recognize good and their humanity will be “evolved” away from them. We are as complicit as the cultural Elite in this. They work in plain sight and we say nothing. They undermine the family at every turn and we cheer them on. They turn the protestant work ethic, that has served America so well for so long, into a forest of arms raised for a social security disability check, and we chuckle at Charlie Sheen boffing some bimbo and passing life in a drunken haze. We are not hand puppets but human beings with self determination and free will. It is up to us to return our culture to a positive influence on our children. Else they and their children will suffer the consequences. To do nothing is voting for our own collapse.


John Pepin

Who Really Needs to be Policed?

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, that if any segment of the population of any country, need surveillance, it is the Elite. No other group has a greater ability to lower the standard of living of a people, than the Elite. No other group of people, have proven themselves more unfit to police themselves, than the Elite. History shows, over and over, that the Elite abuse their power for personal gain. There is no nation, city state, country or principality that is immune. But at this place and time, the Elite are instituting more and more intrusive monitoring of us? While the Elite’s scandals grow daily, in severity, and blatancy, yet go unpunished.

The Elite are the ten or so percent that rise to the top of any group of people. Take any random group of people and ten or so percent will lead the group. The ninety percent are happy to follow. That is fortunate because there would be pandemonium if everyone tried to lead. So, Elitist theory states that in any random group of people, ten percent will lead. Moreover, If a member of the standing Elite, proves to be detrimental to the Elite’s interests, that individual will be replaced by another, more suited to protect and enhance the power and prestige of the Elite.

The leaders of any group have the most impact on that group’s success. If the decision makers make good decisions, the group advances. When the decision makers make bad decisions the group falters. The Elite never accept blame when their decisions cause an economic slowdown. The Elite call that “headwinds.” They do, however, take credit whenever there is any advance in society, even if that advance is in direct contravention to the Elite’s past rhetoric.

Logically… who seeks power? Those that seek to wield it. Those that have no interest in wielding power over others don’t seek power. If you don’t like fishing you don’t fish… Unless you are hungry. Some people seek power, to lower the power of the Elite, over them and us. The Elite immediately destroy that person without mercy. The attacks are personal and the intent is personal. In this one thing all the Elite are in lockstep. Any threat to the Elite must be destroyed.

Of course, no one claims, they want to control your life to the nth degree. They claim to be the protectors of society. All they need to really improve society is a little bit more power over us. They promise they will use it for goodness and not evilness. The Elite look into the camera, with puppy dog eyes, even as they tell tales and perjure themselves before it. You have to ask yourself, am I going to believe my lying eyes or honest Bob the used car salesman/lawyer turned politician? Because one of them is lying… And we are still believing the politician, not our eyes.

The Elite are prosecuting people for insider trading today. The inside traders are going to be made examples of. While the Elite have carved out a loophole for themselves, so it is perfectly legal for a Congressman to do the exact same thing, out in the open! Confucius said, that people follow their leaders, if the leaders are corrupt, the people will be corrupt, and if the leaders are virtuous, the people will be virtuous. Give our leaders a good long hard look, are they virtuous or are they corrupt? Have you wondered why there has been a rash of white collar crime in America lately? If the Elite can do it… why not me?

At the founding of the US both the people and their congressmen could post mail free of charge. But, the liberty was so abused by the Elite, in one case a horse was sent, farm to farm, through the US mail, the right was taken away from everybody. A few years later, the Elite gave it back to themselves… not to the people who hadn’t abused the privilege. Of course that pales in comparison to beheadings of undesirables and coerced starvation of millions. Those Elite will have to answer to God himself. I shudder at the thought…

Here on the temporal plane, there is only one conclusion that can be made, the Elite must be policed. They must be policed by the most draconian police force we can institute and force down their throats. No halo shines more brightly, no teeth more white, than that of a politician, when he or she is convincing you that up is down and down is up. Isn’t it time for us, to start believing our lying eyes, for a change? Unless all we want in our pockets… is a little change.



John Pepin

Protected Class

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that progressive Elite protect their constituencies while “conservative” Elite allow theirs to be viciously attacked. This has worked well for the progressives and very poorly for conservatives. Yet conservatives continue to allow progressive Elite and those in the unbiased media to attack their base while holding the progressive base totally off limits. Not only does this skew the political discourse but it undermines the people’s ability to make rational and informed decisions about topics that are fundamentally important to all of us.

This is another example of a diabolical means to diabolical ends. As I have stated before in other blogs, the modern progressive has diabolical ends, so he must use diabolical means. What could be more diabolical than to have a “protected” faction(s) within society. Protected from any criticism at all. Yet leveling the most loathsome attacks against the majority of society. Such vicious attacks that people wither away from any association with the despised groups. Even when the despised group is impossible to escape from. Now, how diabolical is that!?

Look at the warrantless and libelous besmirching of the Tea Party. The anti capitalist politicians attack the Tea Party mercilessly. There is no limit to the attacks. The progressive Elite call the Tea Party, racists, anti American, angry, ignorant, etc… without a sound from the supposedly conservative Elite. Often the “conservative” Elite, like Gingrich and Romney, chime right in and attack away at their own base. Attacking the very ideas that flipped the American psyche from the malaise of Carter to the boom times of Regan.

Every poll shows the majority of American people live their lives as conservatives. Meaning, they live within their means, they are dependable and work for a living, they believe in God, equality under the law and give to charity. These are the traditional capitalist, or bourgeois, virtues. Most Americans believe their government has grown too large and have an aversion to abortion. In short, most Americans, are Tea Partiers. Yet there is absolutely no word spoken, about the Tea Party, by the progressive Elite, that is not dripping with venom.

Imagine for a moment how the progressive Elite would react if a “conservative” politician called one of the progressive Elite’s constituencies, angry, ignorant, racist or any of the other attacks levels at the Tea Party. The reaction of all the political Elite would be deafening as would be the unbiased media. It is as simple as this; any “conservative” politician who made such a blunder, would never hold public office again, and would eventually resign in shame. Chased from office by the progressive Elite.

I have already answered why, the “conservative” political Elite keep the progressive Elite’s factions off limits… political suicide. But I am still wondering why those, that supposedly are supported by the Tea Party, have no stomach to run an illiberal from office? If not the stomach for that why not even a word of that they are offended? I am offended, and I am sure most people with their eyes open, are. How can it not be offensive to make slanderous remarks, that are not only patently untrue but verifiably untrue, against the majority of Americans? Remember the racial remark that a congressman claimed was made but when numerous recordings of the event were examined not a bit of it was found. Was the lying congressman attacked, no, the Tea Party was… because, even if no one said it, they must have thought it.

So, the progressive Elite are using diabolical means, ie, attacking regular Americans, while protecting their base from attack, yet the “conservative” political Elite allow them to get away with it. No matter that, the majority of Americans actually fall into the vilified category, the unbiased media and the “conservative” Elite have no problem with the tactic. The “conservative” Elite even go along, with the destruction of one of their fellows, if he should make an offhand remark about an election, decades ago to appease an old man. Yet stand arm in arm with a congressman who was caught with cold cash for bribery. It almost seems as though the hard working American is the real enemy to all the Elite. I would say that… except for the screwing the Elite are giving the retirees.

Makes you wonder, what side the Elite are on… But it would be insanity to police the Elite, like with a NUMA, or something.