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Trump’s Tweets and Violence

Wednesday, July 5th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, even as the progressive media decry the scorn President trump heaps on them, labeling Trump’s 140 character tweets as a call to violence… there is real violence, ginned up by that very same media’s rhetoric! Talk about hypocrisy! The most notable example is the attack on republican lawmakers at a practice baseball game, following months of hyperbole dressed up as reporting, along with the attacks by progressives on conservatives on our college campuses, any conservative rally and the general violence against anyone wearing Trump memorabilia, cannot be counted. All of which are tacitly supported by the media, by misdirecting the blame for the violence, using life or death anti republican rhetoric to frame conservative policies and ignoring progressive on conservative violence altogether, thus giving it cover. Yes, those people, openly worry Trump’s fighting back will result in violence. Maybe someone should illustrate to the new class media, when you point a finger at someone else, three point back at you.

Lately the legacy media has been lamenting that Trump’s retaliatory attacks might normalize violence against Journalists. They worry that Trump, making retaliatory tweets might gin up violence against them, and they have let us know, they are worried. Despite the fact there has not been one reported incident of an attack on a progressive journalist… because he or she is progressive. There have been some violence directed at conservative journalists, on college campuses, but they are not the journalists who the new class media worries about. Of course, any dissent can generate violence, from the weak minded, only dissent that will result in actual death, slavery or liberty however, is that which strong minded people will engage in.

The progressive media, on the other hand, has drummed up innumerable attacks on conservatives. Progressives, bureaucrats, politicians and those in the media, use life or death rhetoric to frame any and every policy, painting republicans as deserving of violence. “If such and such bill passes/doesn’t pass…” your children will die, republicans want you to die, thousands will die without healthcare, and recently, up to 700 billion could die because they will loose their healthcare… according to Maxine Waters. Any time a question is reduced to life or death, the weak minded will act. They have not the ability to recognize the difference between rhetoric, hyperbole and reality. The strong minded will instantly see such terminology for what it is… mere rhetoric and will simply scoff at it. So it is the weak minded that journalists are worried about being ginned up to act violently.

The media is unable, or unwilling, to look in the mirror and see how their rhetoric is ginning up violence against conservatives. The progressive new class media has led by example. We see the actual violence every day, from our university quads and the riots in the news, to the drip drip of stories about this or that person beaten up, for wearing a Trump hat or Make America Great Tee shirt. Soldiers are discouraged from wearing their dress uniforms to function lest they be attacked and thus the “soldier” would disrupt the function, by “triggering” a weak minded progressive. The weak minded progressives the media doesn’t worry about… but that same media quivers in bed, awake all night, in fear of the conservative weak minded. The new class progressive media claims to be worried about that which they are themselves doing!

Empirical evidence clearly shows that most, if not all political violence, comes from statists. Both statists from the right as well as statists to the left. Of the two, statists to the left, progressives, have the upper hand, controlling the culture, media, legal system, business and government today. They use this command and control to implement, progress the planet to their ultimate goal, a one world socialist government… with the “right people” in charge. Of the tools in their vast toolkit, propaganda is one of their most effective. With Trump fighting back however, which up to now was unheard of by a conservative, the edge of their blade is dulled. Instead of the new class media being able to both attack, speaking directly to the people, and then filtering the response of their victim, Trump has turned the tables and goes around them, speaking directly to the people. His response is not filtered by the people attacking him.

That is why the media is so in an uproar about Trump’s using social media to go around them, their newest complaint that Trump’s speaking directly to the people might cause violence, while they themselves are doing that very thing to drum up violence against conservatives, is another means of misdirecting blame from the perpetrator, the progressive media, to the victim, conservatives in general. The weak minded are the ones progressives, fascists and Islamists always target with their rhetoric. Everything is framed as life or death to their followers and so they engender a zealotry. Then statists ply that zealotry with rhetoric into violence, all the while, decrying the potential future “violence” from the other side. Once libertarian, conservatives and constitutionalists are out of the way however, these weapons will be turned against each other. Next time the Reichstag burns, it might be blamed on the constitutionalists by the progressive media…


John Pepin

The Normalization of Political Violence

Monday, February 6th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, what we are seeing today with the riots, calls for assassination of the President, weekly terror attacks, knockout game and beatings of conservatives… is the normalization of violence. The fact is obvious, but one has to ask oneself, in a civilized world, why normalize violence? What do progressive have to gain? History shows us progressives have no morals or compunctions whatsoever, so morality is not a stumbling point for them when it comes to implementing their schemes, but every scheme has a goal, could the progressive goal in normalizing violence be a tactic to collapse the west? That, after all, has been the long term goal of all progressive groups since progressivism was first dredged from the bowels of Hell.

Trouble is, all the violence progressives are visiting on the world is starting to besmirch the character of progressives, as it has in the past, wary of this since it has resulted in progressives having to change their name on multiple occasions, progressives have to divert attention from themselves. Now progressives in the media that calls itself unbiased, are claiming the violence is false flag by conservatives, to smear progressives! The recent riots at Berkeley highlight this. The riots were carried out in large part by, as it turns out, employees of UC Berkeley! Talk about fake news! The beatings caught on camera of conservatives by progressives cannot be denied, yet where are the arrests? Why no outcry from the powers that be over the senseless violence? Perhaps it s because violence is being normalized as political expression.

There is a tsunami of threats against the life of Trump. From front page covers of magazines openly calling for his assassination, to tweets threatening to blow up the White House, progressives have gone off the rails. Imagine the uproar if anyone had threatened Obama’s life! The silence in the media over these open threats of violence against our duly elected President is deafening. In no other time in my lifetime have open threats against persons for political purposes been tolerated as it is today. The hysterical reaction to Trump’s election by the new class in it’s entirety, shows how zealous they are for the destruction of the US, and implementation of a new world order.

The Bubba effect may be what they are after. The Bubba effect is a theory… if violence becomes normalized while the police, society and government do nothing about it, people will eventually have to take it into their own hands to quell the violence and restore the peace. Once that happens, the media will open up on the “vigilantes” as hateful evil people, “causing” the violence. The propaganda machine will kick into high gear. While the violence of progressives was tolerated, encouraged and hidden by the new class, the reaction to it will be televised twenty four seven to show how evil anyone is, who is against the new world order.

Evil is not pretty in fact it is revolting. The new class progressives know this and that is why the legacy media refuse to show video of the violence. Instead minimizing it and avoiding talking about it at all. They know that people will be repulsed by their evil, and so the media has changed strategy. Instead of ignoring it, that it is only a few bad apples or is justified, they are openly claiming it is conservatives themselves beating ourselves up! The mental contortions they are willing to go through to help their masters is amazing. Not only are they willing to warp the truth to such a degree it becomes a chimera… they are willing to further sully their already filthy reputations in the process.

Progressives have been seeking the destruction of the west for over a century. From Marcuse’s repressive intolerance and the Fabian Society to Van Jones call for the bottom to rise up so the top can come down, progressives want a one world government that eliminates national sovereignty and individual rights… for the benefit of society as a whole. Believing the ends justify the means, they have gone to great lengths to destroy our culture, society and free enterprise. The normalization of violence is just another step down that slippery slope of the ends justifying the means. I expect the violence to continue to ratchet up until either the Bubba Effect takes place, (in which progressives have won), or the people are so repulsed we turn enmasse away from progressivism and progressives have to rebrand themselves again, until another generation can be made ignorant of them and their intentions. Either way, plan on living in a more violent nation and world, thanks to progressives who seek our downfall.


John Pepin

Input Plus Reaction Equal Outcome

Thursday, September 8th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me… outcome is always the result of an input plus a reaction. This can be applied to many situations, violence for example, more particularly, when violence is warned of by the elite. The elite, by definition, are those willing to visit violence on another, to force their will on that other. Today the elite couch their threats by the sophist claim the people will become violent. Notice that lately, and in increasing amounts, the elite are warning of violence coming from the people, citizens, when the policies of the elite have become so onerous, they can no longer be stood by just right minded human hearted beings. It is the will of the people, to stop the globalization of government, that is diametrically opposed to the will of the elite, and that insult must be met with violence. As is always the case, violence is perpetrated by those who seek more government power and avoided by those who seek less. That is the rub, the elite input absurdity upon absurdity on the people, then waiting for the backlash so they can slam down and impose their will… to insure “security.”

The elite today have realized the people are catching on. The internet has democratized the flow of information, so that everyone has at their fingers information about everything that is going on, both filtered and unfiltered. Added to that the ability to disseminate that information via social media has castrated the gate keepers. The actions of the elite are available for everyone to see, and knowledge is power in that it tempers the indignation, leading to better judgment. The media that calls itself unbiased used to have as it’s chief worry that people would see them as biased, today that fear has been realized and only those willingly deluded believe a word of them. So the elite have lost their ability to control public opinion by the control of the media

Have you ever noticed, virtually all the political violence perpetrated on humanity since Adam ate the apple, has been by those seeking more government power? No time in history has this been more true than today. Islamists use violence to impose Sharia on non Muslims, Marxists use violence to impose socialism on those who don’t want it and governments use violence to impose laws that benefit a politically favored faction, at the cost to the rest of society. The first people charged by the progressive controlled media, is a right winger, like the Boston Marathon Bombing. That was initially blamed on an anti tax movement because it fell on tax day, but in fact it was an Islamist who sought to impose Sharia on non Muslims.

Now that the elite have created a mess in the Middle East and North Africa with their Arab Spring, the flood of immigrants who loathe Christians and Christianity are inundating Europe. The natural uptick in crime and rape is as predictable as it was planned. The reaction of people who have been forced to tolerate such violence, abuse and outright loathing in their own homes, is just as predictable. Even when the media that calls itself unbiased sell a narrative counter to reality, reality gets out, via the internet. The radical influx of people antithetical to the culture of Europe is abetted by their prodigious birth rates. Even the slowest European must be able to see the future for their children, and so they either react or go quietly into the night.

The idiotic unheard of money printing, and monetizing anything they can see central banks, have created a situation that can only end in an epic economic bubble burst during a recession. Adding trillions to their balance sheets for what has amounted to zero actual economic growth, punishing savers with zero percent interest on their savings thus disincentivizing saving, has put central banks the world over in a dilemma. When the bubble they knowingly inflated, to protect their progressive president from the results of his flagship policy, the affordable care act, pops, they will not be able to lower interest rate much below zero without causing a run on banks so they will be stuck, their own policies feeding back into a recessionary cycle, driving it ever lower. There is not a person among us who doesn’t feel this, even if they are not able to put it into words.

We have an input, the social and economic upheaval we are at the cusp of experiencing due to the corruption of the elite, and we have our reaction… that will decide the outcome. Should we react, as the elite want, with violence? No, that would be playing into the hands of the elite. They desire a violent reaction from us more than a husband his new wife. We know we are being pushed and many feel it is near time to push back, but I tell you, push with letters to your “representatives” and newspapers, stop voting for the establishment candidate, look at the truth rather than the propaganda, even create a political party that stands for less government. Our reaction to the provocations of the elite have to be counter to what they seek else we are pawns in the game of our own demise.


John Pepin

Violence as a Means to Control Followers

Sunday, April 24th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, if your ideas mush be enforced with violence, those who leave your sect must be killed and you spread your ideology through conquest, you must have self esteem issues. Confident people, institutions and groups know in their hearts that their ideas are true and virtuous, therefore they allow people to come and go, spread their ideas through discussion and hold onto followers by the power of love and logic, not violence and threats. Groups, institutions and people who have self esteem issues however, are very different. Factions with self esteem issues know in their hearts their ideology is wrong and understand in their heads that no rational person would follow them without being coerced. Moreover, those factions, institutions, groups and sects that have self esteem issues can be reliably singled out by their treatment of dissidents, unbelievers and those who wish to leave the fold. The reason this simple concept is so important for humanity to learn, and never forget, is that violence is the means in which an evil, backwards, pernicious and stunting ideas pervade mankind.

This concept need not be manifested in outright violence, other forms of coercion work as well. Political correctness is another form of violence that demands unanimity of thought, knuckling under of unbelievers and advances the ideology of progressivism through fear and intimidation. Progressives know, because history is unambiguous about this, that their ideology is wrong. They know if their ideas were fully implemented, world wide government, world communism and world tyranny, the lot of mankind would suffer greatly. The results of their ideas is irrelevant to them, the goal is all that is important, and so the means can be anything that works.

Violence in all it’s forms… soft, personal, impersonal, vague, bloody or against one’s reputation, are ways to force someone else to do something they would otherwise not do. Since someone must be forced to do something believe something or think something, they would otherwise not do, that is further proof that the action, belief or thought is not in the self interest of the individual, but of the egoist forcing the point. We do things, believe things and think things that are in some way in our self interest. Human beings are universal about this. Even the most psychotically challenged among us act in their own perceived self interest.

Self interest however come in several flavors. Self interest can be rightly understood, it can be egoistic and it can selfless. Self interest rightly understood is to follow one’s self interest in an enlightened manner, sadly, self interest rightly understood is becoming more and more rare today. Selfless self interest is what saints practice. Jesus practiced self interest selflessly. An egoist follows his or her self interest selfishly. Egoists are the ones who will use violence against others to force those others to act, believe and think, that which is against their own self interest, regardless of it’s flavor. The egoist will demand from others that which the egoist would never subject himself to. Therefore all ideologies, movements, institutions and religions that use violence to force submission, come from egoism, are perpetuated with egoistic drives and eventually are quashed in bloody upheaval.

All ideologies that spread through fear, maintain their adherents with intimidation and subject others to threats, are wrong ideologies. What the egoists that run such ideologies fail to understand is that the tighter they hold their adherents the more the adherents seek to escape. Violence only goes so far. In the greater scheme of things, it is human heartedness, (logic and love), that always eventually wins out. Yes the egoist can lower humanity for a while, sometimes centuries and even possibly millennia, but eventually, human heartedness will win out. Because people are attracted to beauty and repulsed by evil. Violence can hold a person in evil for awhile but the evil that underlies the violence, the reason that violence must be applied, the revulsion people will eventually feel at the evil they are forced to embrace will become so strong even the threat of death itself will hold no power. That is when false, evil and pernicious ideologies that use violence to hold their adherents, pull in new followers and force unanimity of thought, collapse in bloody upheaval.


John Pepin

Obama’s War on Ideas

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the newest war the US and Britain are fighting, the war on extremism, is a very dangerous slippery slope. The bottom of that slope is arbitrary rule. A slippery slope is when doing a thing, leads to another, then another, until eventually you have gone far beyond where you planned to go, like sliding down a slippery slope. A lie is a form of slippery slope. A white lie leads to another, then another, until they are no longer white lies they are bold faced lies… all to cover the initial lie. Once you step out onto that slope, the slide is unstoppable until the bottom is reached, then there is usually no way to get back up. The damage is done. Those who wield political power are many things, but stupid they are not, so the fact our leaders are moving us onto that slope is telling of their diabolical nature.

I would like to remind people that scientific progress, social evolution and political evolution depends on extreme ideas. When Columbus said the world is round he was an extremist, when Kepler said Earth revolves around the Sun and not visa versa he was extreme, when Einstein came up with his theory of relativity it was extreme, when Thomas Jefferson penned our Constitution it was extreme too. Every advance of humanity was called extreme at the time! To eliminate extreme ideas is to stop humanity in our tracks. New ideas are always extreme, to stop all new ideas is a recipe for stagnation and decay of a culture, it’s people and government.

As Clausewitz said, war is politics by violence, since the government has declared war then by definition, they mean to use violence for political ends. State violence is like a Pandora’s box. Once it is opened it cannot be unopened. Once someone is dead they cannot be brought back, (except by Jesus Christ as Lazarus). Therefore, before a government uses violence, it had better make sure the violence is justified. Violence is far more horrible than people realize, especially State violence, (war). So when a state resorts to violence, the enemy must be identified, the threat must be real, the goals set and the exit strategy decided. Else a war gets quickly out of hand and becomes an unending quagmire. The question now is, who will they use violence on?

As long as a faction isn’t violent who is to say it is extreme? Extreme is in the eye of the beholder. Many think the Mennonites are extreme, but not at all violent, so does that put them in our government’s sights? What about a saint? No one is more extreme than a saint. In the war on extremism both the US and Briton made sure to inform us that violence is not the defining factor… Extreme ideas are. The founding fathers were definitely extremists, and today, agreeing with them is one of our government’s definitions of extreme. A belief in individual liberties puts you on the extreme list. An anti abortion stance is another position that puts a person on the governments hit list. In fact, anything not in the new class progressive philosophy, is extreme, as defined by our government! Well, except for violent Islamic terrorism, but then again they did tell us it isn’t about violence, it is about ideas. Basically, anyone who disagrees with the government line, is an extremist.

It is the fear of Islamic terrorism that is the foot in the door for government to declare war on anyone who doesn’t agree with their new class philosophy. Yet the US government refuses to name Islamic terrorists as the target, in fact, they are careful not to. The lists put out by the US government and the British government on whom is extreme should make any liberty loving individual’s blood run cold. Throughout the ages, whenever a government wanted to usurp power, an enemy of the state has been the means, and Islamic terrorism provides just that means, and so must be protected, nurtured and husbanded. Now that we have allowed Obama to arbitrarilly decide who should be executed, out of fear of Islamic terrorists, there is no real limit to his power. Yesterday, Obama arbitrarily ordered Anwar Al Awlaki killed, for inciting Islamic terrorism, tomorrow, it will be Joe Smith, for reading the Constitution aloud in the public square.

So what does it mean to have a war on extremism? Simply stated, it means government will do violence to anyone who they disagree with or disagrees with them. Islamic terrorism provides the propaganda, but the real war is against the citizens of the US and Britain. Those governments bend over backwards to kowtow to violent factions within the Islamic community and never miss an opportunity to poke Christians in the eye. Remember Obama’s jailing of a film maker because his film offended Muslims? Last week Obama refused to attend the rally supporting Charlie Hebdo, and do you wonder why the US CIA is sending so much money and arms to Islamic terrorists around the world? Why were Christians forced at gun point to fund Piss Christ and a picture of the Virgin Mary in dung? Feces is the sign of Baal. So, if our governments are fighting a war on extremism, why do they engage in all those counter productive things? Because their war is not on Islamic terrorists it is against their own citizens!

Why would government wage a diabolical war against it’s own citizens? To disconnect us from our founding principles and documents. Obama himself said Our Constitution is too limiting he would like to change it, to empower government, not limit it. His war on extremism is just the bill to do that. Obama, and other world leaders are willing to let a few thousand children be killed horribly, they are willing to accept violence on our streets, rape as a weapon of war doesn’t bother them, they will tolerate the slaughter and even the extermination of Christianity, as well as genocide, human suffering to them is a means to an end, in short, those who will wage war on extremism, (do violence to those citizens that disagree with the elite), have no conscience and no morality, power is their only love. Oh, they will shed alligator tears over the suffering they cause, but that is only propaganda too.

To wage war against one’s own people is a description of truly evil person. In their war on us and our liberties Islamic terrorists are the new class progressive elite’s allies. Moreover, crushing ideas that the elite call extreme, is a certain way to stop humanity’s social, cultural and political evolution. War is politics by violence and by declaring war our government has avowed to use violence on anyone they deem extreme. Since they refuse to call Islamic terrorists extreme, but do call Tea party members, anyone who speaks of individual liberty, constitutionalists, returning US soldiers, gun owners, pro lifers, etc… extreme, it is clear the citizens of the US and Briton are the target of their war. Talk about slippery slope! Now that you know your government is planning on doing violence to you and your loved ones… what will you do about it? Oh, never mind, dancing with the stars is on… go back to sleep.


John Pepin