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Wise Goernment… We Have Not…

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that we have the least wise politicians in the last two hundred years. They toy with that with which they know nothing. (No way that could go bad).

This energy /climate change bill the house just passed will slow growth for decades. Until the year 2050 if it gets passed in it’s present form. The cap and trade part alone will inevitably drive up electrical bills around the nation. No state will escape unharmed.

To pass this giant power grab/tax increase by the Federal government at a time of economic malaise is actually stupid. Any recovery that gets started will have the caret pulled out from under it by this huge increase (legislated increase) of energy prices. The result will be a Wv-v-w-w-w–w, with each successive w smaller, recession.

I think the Elite are counting on their Industrialist friends to keep the economy moving. The Elite will punish those that don’t go along and reward those that do. Look at the example of Bank of America. If the government gets away with forcing BOA to open it’s own jugular vein, then all bets are off, as to the eventual end of the Elite’s power, to shape and mold industry. Ala command and control economy.

Illegal immigration into the United States and Europe generates societal upheaval. To have the Elite encourage it so they can have access to cheap nannies and gardeners, is tantamount to condoning it. The example of the Hyscos people in ancient Egypt shows us why unrestrained and unassimilated immigration is dangerous. Immigration pressure is always an effect of a good economy especially when coupled with liberty. Together they are a powerful draw to humanity.

Immigrants must be assimilated into society as a whole. There must be a societal myth among immigrants they need to assimilate and there must be real demands of immigrants to assimilate. This way immigrants can add their fortes to society in general. Keeping immigrants ignorant of the prevalent language generates societal friction. Keeping immigrants poor generates more societal friction. Throw them in slums and friction abounds. Add to this racism and you have a perfect recipe for societal upheaval.

Our leaders have decided before we hit the bottom of a recession, “the worse since the great depression”, to raise taxes (historical in magnitude), generate societal upheaval, and take command of the economy. Do these look and sound like the actions of wise individuals?


Sunday, June 21st, 2009

Dear friends,

It seems to me that our predilection to always want greater and greater control is starting to hold us back. Our desire to control our environment led to the development of heating and cooling. The desire to have our physical needs met led to plumbing. Our desire to control has been a font of good for us in the past.

Now that we have achieved so much with our scientific curiosity and engineering innovation we have began to display hubris. We now seek to eliminate all risk. To do so is impossible but moreover it is a Faustian bargain. One that gives less and less even as it asks greater and greater sacrifices.

As government regulates more and more of our personal behavior, to protect us from ourselves, we will become resentful sheep. We will fall asleep as the wasp grubs eats us from the inside. Lulled into a false sense of protection we will continue to cede our rights and responsibilities, to government, for the imagined artifact of safety.

Take seat belt laws. They were enacted ostensibly to protect people from collisions and the negative results of them. Seat belts were regulated into cars, then, we were regulated to wear them. That is the dominant paradigm for government intervention into protecting us… government determines the means. However, studies have proven… the use of helmets in cars would dramatically reduce the most debilitating and mortal danger of collisions. Even more then seat belts. So, if protecting the people were the driving force, helmet laws would have been enacted.

They weren’t seat belts were. Helmets were not doable… politically . Seat belts were. The faction that was weak was crushed by the faction that was strong. Aristotle’s definition of Democracy “the strong tyrannize the weak“. The government decided the technology that is to be our primary defense in a collision by means of the most politically expedient way.

How about legislating outcome? Instead of legislating details legislate outcomes. Using our original example, car accident survivability and injury prevention, what would have happened if government had legislated that in a head on collision, by some date certain, at some speed given, one hundred percent of people would walk away unharmed else the car would be resolved unsafe and banned. Letting market forces determine the means. It’s better to let government determine the ends… not the means. Maybe if government ceded some control over us and we ceded some control to God… we would all be better for it.

Action or Opinion… You Decide…

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that today we are not judged so much by our actions as by our opinions. The new logic must go something like this; since actions are a reflection of opinions, opinions must be more bad than actions. This is the only logical argument for it.

But if we accept this as a premise, we must necessarily control thought, or to put it another way, we are stepping onto the slippery slope to the thought police. The first step to the thought police was hate crime legislation. Now that certain opinions are illegal we have put a foot down that wet, clay, bank. Hoping that the one foot, still on the sod, will save us…

The opinions I am talking about? Racist opinions? Political opinions? Nationalistic opinions? No, just common ordinary opinions like should I buy that SUV, someone who believes in nuclear power, or the evil person who believes in the right to life? (do you know everyone who is right to life helped pull the trigger on that abortion doctor…) Opinions like these that are held by average, ordinary, good people.

Some will argue, “We don’t need to control all thought… just bad thought.” So the question must be asked… “who decides what thought is bad thought?” they would reply, “Why, The Government of course!” I would respond, “ So, if a neo Nazi or other hate group, won sufficient elections to have sufficient power, they could rightfully decide what is legal thought and what is not?”

There is a maxim we at the International Capitalist Party like to say, “No matter how much you agree with how they are undermining the Constitution today, fear that your enemies will be in power tomorrow, the precedent is set.”

But at the same time we are told not to judge people by their actions. Someone who murders another is troubled. If they are troubled it is the government that made him so. Isn’t it the government that has our children in school for most of their waking hours? Isn’t it the government that monopolizes our children’s time at home with homework? When do parents have time alone with their children to impart morals and values. Think about this, children are in school being taught atheistic philosophy for thirty two hours a week with several hours of homework a week. And one hour in Sunday school being taught morals. In the case of who is to blame for a young adult’s troubles, who do you think has the most time to impart their moors on them… the government or the parent?

That may be one reason the Elite want us to judge opinions and not actions. They can say what is bad opinion. Their policies are also, at least somewhat, responsible for bad actions. Naturally they wish to elude blame and cast it elsewhere. It is a way of gaining power. That is the natural law, as related from the Gaul King to the Roman diplomat, “That the strong must take from the weak.” In this case it is our right to our own thoughts… Are, they strong enough and we weak enough?

Our Innate Need to be Productive

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that most people have an innate need to be productive and resent it if circumstances prevent it. I also think this is a major reason people are so dissatisfied in the European countries. Discord, like riots largely by young, unemployed or underemployed, youths. People with too much time on their hands. They are fed by the State. They are clothed by the State. They are housed by the State. And they resent it. Their resentment is manifested in riots.

Socialism, progressivism, and communism (SPC) smothers the need to be productive with the pillow of a cradle to grave mentality. An ethos of work is replaced with the chant that work is a means of exploiting the workers. Soon thereafter the foundation of an economy, the working person, is drunk by Ten AM instead of at coffee break…

A man, drunk all day and supported by the State, is an angry man. His innate need is not being met. He doesn’t know why he is angry but he is livid. When a need is not met anger is the result. The rest of us are threatened by his anger. So why make more angry people?

To increase the need for government. Machiavelli said a corrupt people can never be free. So when normal societal structures break down people will turn to a more and more autocratic government to provide them freedom. They don’t get security and loose liberty. The State replaces the thug as oppressor… With the thug always lurking in the background.

Now, I don’t believe that the Elite, consciously, want a breakdown in societal structure, to facilitate their evolution into power. I think they are inept at governing. Their actions and policies lead the masses to corruption, (destroying the work ethic). This corruption of the masses feeds back into the need for government. The only beneficiaries are the Elite… The beast begins growing by eating itself and every thing else it comes to… Eventually starving once everything has been consumed.

All because an innate human need is undermined by the State. Nations that have giant populations should see the people as a resource that can be tapped to improve the lives of it’s people. The people’s innate need to be productive will manifest itself. All government needs to do to facilitate this process… is to stand aside and let it happen.

I know, I know, impossible for government…

Iran and the Nuke

Sunday, June 7th, 2009

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that President Obama’s retreat on Iranian Nukes assures our grand children of breathing radioactive air.

In his speech in the Middle East this week President Obama all but gave permission to Iran to build nuclear weapons. By saying all States have the right to nuclear technology Obama ceded the question to Iran. Now Iran will redouble it’s efforts to produce a bomb as soon as possible. Before the President comes to his senses.

Every other word out of Akmadenijad’s mouth is a open threat to use nuclear weapons on Israel. But, underlying the surface threat that Iran having nuclear bombs is to Israel, the Arab States are fearful as well. They have long history with the Persians. A history the Arab States fear will be revisited were the Persians to get nuclear bombs. The Arab countries will have to respond with a nuclear program of their own. How can they not? The threat posed by a nuclear armed Iran is too immediate. They have no wish to be under the thumb of an Iranian dictator.

The threat to Israel is existential. This retreat on the part of the US administration puts enormous pressure on Israel to mount a preventative strike on Iran. To do so would almost certainly require over flight of some Arab country. With or without tacit approval of that country. No matter what the outcome of such a strike, the resulting International tensions that would be ratcheted up by this action by the Israelis, will poison the atmosphere of any peace talks.

If Iran does get a nuclear bomb, and the means to deliver it, the world is in great peril. The people of Iran are sane, but, their leadership is not. They are religious zealots. Mutually assured destruction does not work on religious zealots. Their reward is in the afterlife. What matter if the world is destroy by their actions? Zealots are always dangerous, whether they are environmental zealots, political zealots, or religious zealots, they pose a real danger to stable society.

Does anyone really think that if Iran has a nuclear bomb they will not use it? They will surmise by our weakness in letting them have the bomb in the first place that we are too weak to really respond to an attack on Israel. A first strike on Tel Aviv and Israel’s military installations with nuclear armed missiles would be catastrophic. The amount of radioactivity released into the atmosphere would dwarf the amount released in the nineteen forties and the nineteen fifties. Worldwide cancer deaths would dramatically rise. All because the USA and the UN are too weak kneed to take steps.

If Iran did strike Israel, and achieve a quick and decisive victory, what would be the world reaction? Would the socialist utopias of Europe respond with anything stronger than harsh words? Europe could not respond in kind… The innocent people in Iran shouldn’t be punished for the transgressions of their government…Given the present trajectory of American fortunes, as directed by this administration, the USA will be in no shape to respond in a few years… The answer is, the Arab people will tremble in their shoes. But will have to cheer the destruction of Israel, the destruction they have longed for, for so long. With the Arab people negated as players in a power struggle with the Arab States Iran will become the defacto leader of the Moslem world. A leader that, by it’s actions, will have proven it’s unworthiness…

Once Iran has built nuclear weapons and gotten away with it they will be more likely to use them. The law of human consistency makes this so. We must all act in a way that is consistent with our prior actions. It is ingrained in us. Else the terms flip flop, Vacillate, wishy washy, etc… would be good, not bad. Once Iran has successfully used nukes they will be more likely to use them in the future. The World is imperiled… for a sound bite…

Why deal with a big problem today… when your posterity can deal with a catastrophe later…

Incentives Count

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Dear Reader,

It seems to me that incentives count. Especially when talking about incentives provided by government. They have the ability to enhance the standard of living of a people or they can destroy the standard of living of a people. Our government in the USA is motivating the people to be corrupt, lazy, undermine marriage, disrespect religious officials, and to abort children. I may be wrong, but, I think that incentives like these are bound to lower the lot of Man.

Take corruption. I appears that most of the people running our present government are tax cheats. The American people look at Timothy Geithner and see him getting away Scot free from not paying $100,000.00 of taxes. ONLY for the years that were audited. It is most likely that he still owes on past years that were not looked into! When we look at our leaders, and they don’t pay their fair share of taxes, but expect us to pay the tax increases that they pass, is an incentive to not pay our taxes or at least chisel a little. But more importantly, it is also an incentive for the people to disobey the law. If a societies leaders are disobeying the law the people will disobey the law. They are simply following their leaders.

Punishing that which government doesn’t like is also an incentive. Like passing laws that will cause people who have been virtuous to be punished, so that those that don’t live as virtuously will be protected and helped, is a disincentive to do the right things. Keep your credit card paid off every month for example. The government has passed a law forbidding credit card companies from charging high interest rates to people who don’t pay their debts. The companies will have to pass on this added cost of doing business to those who are more fiscally responsible. Punishing those who have been frugal.

Rewarding those that were corrupt and who’s corruption led to the present recession that we find ourselves in is another example of incentives that make corruption more interesting to the average man. The government has decided to tax those that are being hurt by the downturn and give the largess to those that caused it. Can you say TARP 1, and TARP 2?

Lately every law and court order seems to be aimed at destroying marriage. Gay marriage is an example of this. Even in ancient Greece, where homosexual behavior was the norm, didn’t see a need for gay marriage. It was common for men to lay together. In fact homosexuality was elevated to political edict in Sparta under the laws of Lycurgus. Plutarch relates that Lycurgus said that a man would never turn in battle in front of someone with whom he is a lover. So why do we find such a pressing need? There are civil options that don’t have the religious, child rearing and societal significance of Marriage. We are told it is a matter of “fairness”. So let me get this strait… a gay man and a lesbian cannot legally marry? Of course they could. Why? Because marriage is not really about love. It is about child rearing. If marriage were really about love why would so many cultures have arraigned marriages? No… western literature and societal myth has made love the primary concern of marriage. This perversion of the reality of marriage has led to an atrocious divorce rate in the USA. Over fifty percent…

We were shown a murderer in the unbiased media who killed an abortion doctor. The fourth killed since 1992. The government is talking about stationing soldiers to protect abortion clinics. (Didn’t Publius (the Federalist Papers) have something to say about stationing troops among the public?) Meanwhile a nineteen year old Army recruiter was shot to death and another wounded by a Moslem convert. An act of domestic terrorism. Not a word in the unbiased press about it. Why??? I heard it on right wing talk radio. Not the place I would like to get news. But one must seek information where it is. If the unbiased media won’t do their job maybe we could import some illegal aliens to do it for them. They could go on the public dole. Like they espouse for the rest of us…

Today our government is pushing change. They claim it is change we can believe in. I’m starting to no only believe, but to tremble, for our future and the future of our children. Incentives do matter. Think about it. I have only mentioned a very few examples. What else, have I not mentioned, that the government is motivating the people to do?

Well, You get what you vote for…