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Lawless Government

Sunday, May 31st, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that the US government has become utterly lawless. We the people are supposed to follow all rightly constituted laws, passed by the legislative branch and unless overridden by the congress, signed by our President. Our government is supposed to follow, to the letter, our Constitution, the contract between the governed and the governors, strictly enumerating the power we give up to government, to ensure our property is secure, establish standards, and control criminal behavior as well as protecting us from foreign powers. The US government increasingly seeks to control every aspect of human behavior, while at the same time totally ignoring, not only the intent of our Constitution and it’s limits on government, but are now actively urinating on the text. Examples abound, from their abdication of both tenets of the First Amendment, the total destruction of the second amendment, government living by rapine, we are no longer safe in our personal papers, government can seize any of our property at any time, to the crushing of State’s Rights in every way possible. To make the system work, increasing amounts of violence must be used against us, even as we behold our government ignoring the basic rules they are supposed to follow. We stand naked before government while they hide behind a wall of guns, woven together with red tape, aimed at us.

Fail to follow any arcane regulation, law or ordinance and the full weight of the US government will fall on you. Disagree? Try withholding taxes because they go to something you are morally against, like funding abortions, and see if armed men don’t come to your door and arrest you. We are held to the highest standard possible, to the point of being monitored by camera while driving down the street, our emails are scanned and saved on some government computer in Utah, our homes are peered into by the government with infrared and other sensors, our computers can be seized at any time, banks record our cash transactions and send them to the government, our credit card transactions are available to government for any purpose, etc… Every aspect of our lives is open to our government, but our government hides even the most mundane things from us.

The recent internet regulation was hidden, and even now that we are supposed to follow it, most of it’s intricacies are covered in arcane wording and red tape. Despite being called Net Neutrality, it does the exact opposite it was billed as. It creates a market web which players pay to play and the old internet which is free, so I ask you, which will get the funding? The one where companies can make a profit, (and is regulated as to their content and political correctness)… or the one where financial loss is guaranteed but is open to anyone to say anything? I submit to you, Net neutrality was and is designed to wither the open internet on the vine, creating a system where government can increasingly control the flow of information.

The Amendments are ignored and given less and less lip service every day that passes. If you are stopped by a police officer, make the mistake of talking to him or her, and you are carrying cash, they can simply take that cash, your life savings perhaps, and you are out of luck. How is that different from a highwayman? Moreover, it is a direct violation of the Fourth Amendment, but isn’t the only violation of the Fourth Amendment by far. Your church may be forced to provide abortions, pay for blasphemous art, limit what they teach or marry gay couples. You are limited in your speech in a myriad of ways, all the government has to do is label whatever you say as “hate speech,” or you as an “extremist” and you are now a criminal subject to prosecution… which are blatant violations of the First Amendment.

The Second Amendment has been eviscerated. Today States pass whatever law restricting our Right to keep and bare arms they want without a peep from the Judicial branch. The right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed… seems simple enough to understand, but the learned members of the new class have a hard time understanding what infringed means. It is no coincidence that those places where guns are outlawed, have the highest violent crime rates, the highest murder rates, and the most government tyranny as well. Look at Chicago’s murder rate, violent crime rate, and secret prison for example.

The interstate commerce clause has been so perverted government can regulate every and any aspect of your life. That perversion is based on Wickard v Filburn. In that case, (which still stands), the government can force you to plow under crops you are growing for your own consumption! Because you won’t buy that food on the open market and therefore effects the prices of food across state lines. In other words, the government has the power, as yet unused, to regulate you and your family to starve to death! Now, I can hear some innocent Pollyannas saying, “They would never do that!” But only a few decades ago, it was unthinkable that a human being could be executed by dismemberment, simply because he or she has been recategorized as a fetus.

The US Constitution makes no provision whatsoever to allow for the bureaucracy. Yet the bureaucracy has become the largest part of government today, and is totally unconstitutional. It too is based on Wickard v Filburn. The bureaucracy bypasses the Constitutional legislative process, creating unconstitutional regulations that stymie economic growth, erode what Constitutional liberties remain and most perniciously, move us from a limited representative republic to an administered despotism.

Our government has been disconnected from the limits the framers built into our Constitution. The new class elite claim the Constitution is a “living breathing document,” and thereby unshackle themselves from the limits put on them by it’s original intent. The Tenth Amendment says – “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.” In other words, if the Constitution doesn’t say government can do a thing, government is forbidden from doing, and those things the Constitution says government cannot do, it cannot do. Sadly, government does whatever it wants today, there are no limits, they have broken the contract over and over.

Today, those powers that are not bestowed on government, are regularly done, and those powers the Bill of Rights strictly forbids, are commonplace. We stand naked before an all powerful government while they hide behind a wall of guns aimed out at us. We not only have to worry about a robber taking our hard earned money, the government itself has become the thief, government undermines economic standards whenever a politically favored group wants, it encourages an invasion of people who seek to change our way of life, and the list goes on. Government hides everything they do, as they tell us, if we have nothing to hide then we should stand naked before it. Can there be disagreement we don’t live under a poorly concealed despotism? Isn’t it time to reign them back in?


John Pepin

State Power, Economics, and Individual Liberty

Monday, May 14th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the harder it is to do business in any country, the lower economic output will be. When politicians come into power, they all want to increase the power of government, because it serves their egos. Therefore the politician must claim that more regulation will improve this or that aspect of economic output or minimize some negative aspect of human nature. In this, they all have the same agenda… to increase the power and wealth of the State and politicians, at the expense of the prosperity and liberty of the individual.

Have you ever noticed that the power of the State never goes down it only goes up? Politicians who espouse lowering the power of the State are uniformly vilified in the unbiased press. The press who has a dog in the race so to speak. They get to rub elbows with the statist politicians and celebrities, by backing their efforts. This is one motivating factor for the unbiased press to take the wrong side in the debate about Mankind’s freedom. Another is, the statist politician has no qualms about using the power of the State, to destroy annoying press people. In some countries, as in Russia, the State murders those media people who the egoist statist finds vexing. Therefore we cannot expect the press to paint an accurate picture of reality.

It would seem a self evident fact that as regulation goes up economic activity must go down. Like the see saw of State power versus individual power. As one rises the other necessarially goes down. The same paradigm holds true in economics. As regulation goes up economic output necessarially goes down. The opposite is true as well. As regulation goes down economic output goes up. The egoist has a personal interest in not only denying this reality, but must actively cover this truth, with lies and personal attacks. This has worked for thousands of years of recorded human history, and has resulted in a human history, lubricated with the tears of the oppressed.

A truly unbiased observer of history cannot but come to this conclusion… Every time the power of the State has increased, often for what appears from the outside to be for a benefit, the power of the individual and economic output are lowered. Every time the power of the State has been lowered the power of the individual has been raised. Franklin Roosevelt set the American standard for raising the power of the State. He even went so far as, to get the Supreme Court to find, that a person cannot grow his or her own food on their own land… because it effects interstate commerce! Never has a more pernicious law been held to be acceptable!

Obama and European politicians have enacted the very same statist policies as FDR and we have the exact same results. Stagnation in the economy, destroying the sovereignty of the individual, and widespread disheartening of the people. The examples of the power of the State being lowered, have uniformly resulted in the empowering of the individual, a dramatic rise in economic output, and the happiness of the people expanded. The dishonest politician, that argues that some negative aspect of human nature requires greater regulation, is engaging in self serving sophistry. What is set by culture should be corrected by culture not politics.

Unfortunately today, especially in Europe, the people have only one choice… the statist. Every political party, from both side of the political spectrum, stands for more power to the State. The racist right and the suicidal left all believe that more power, in the hands of ever less regulated politicians, is the answer. Nothing could be further from the truth. This sophist argumentation has resulted in the Nazi and Communist parties getting back into power in Europe. This can only lead to bloodshed, since the Nazis and the Communists are violent by their natures, and recruit from the same segment of the population.

The people of the World are only given spurious logic to mull over, while reality is hidden, with political wrangling and rhetoric. We are poorly served by our media, politicians, and especially our intellectuals, who all know better, but eschew truth for power. Until there is a real alternative in the World from the egoist statist politicians we will be forever burdened. The lot of Mankind, by every measure, will be lowered and lowered. The first step to breaking this pernicious cycle is to recognize the problem and create a viable alternative to the statist. In America the Tea Party is that alternative and in Europe there is a nascent Tea Party forming. Lets pray that it is not too late. For our children’s and grandchildren’s sake.


John Pepin