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It is so progressive to be intolerant.

Monday, April 24th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me… intolerance is very progressive. Intolerance has been a theme that has ran through all of progressive thought, in fact, intolerance has under girded all of progressive philosophy since it’s inception. The target of progressive intolerance has changed over the years but that current of intolerance has and continues to be the primary motivating factor of progressives. To a progressive, the use of the government’s monopoly on violence to damage the interests of those progressives cannot tolerate, is also a primary attribute of progressivism and progressives. Simply put, progressivism is the philosophy of intolerance masquerading as tolerance.

Intolerance has always been progressive. The first progressives were intolerant of Blacks, Indians, Jews and Chinese. Progressives chastised immigrants and founded the Klu Klux Clan, (KKK), to give their intolerance legs. The first true progressive President, Teddy Roosevelt, loathed the American Indians. Woodrow Wilson brought progressive intolerance to a new level, he openly avowed blacks inferior to Whites, created the KKK, had the opening of the racist movie, The Birth of a Nation, in the White house, he exploited the government’s monopoly on violence to forcibly sterilize anyone he felt unfit to have children, which included at the time, Americans of French Canadian descent, anyone deemed an imbecile and those others that progressives considered unfit to procreate.

The use of government violence is not restricted to Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt was all too happy to visit violence and oppression on those he didn’t like. Following in Wilson’s footsteps, in jailing Americans of German descent during the first world war, FDR jailed Americans of Japanese descent. FDR reveled in the killing of the Second World War, even laughing when Stalin told FDR that he wanted to exterminate the German population, a statement that upon hearing, Winston Churchill stood up in a huff and stomped out of the room in disgust. It is indeed true that intolerance, and the use of government power to enforce intolerance, is a progressive trait from the beginning of progressivism.

Many people today believe that it was Marcuse’s book, Repressive Tolerance that created progressive intolerance, but what it really did was re aim the intolerance that was always there, to another party. Rather than hating people because of their skin color, religion or heritage, progressives changed to hating people because of their ideas. Instead of hating people because of who they are, progressives now hate people, for what they think. Moreover, progressives are all too happy to abuse power to harm those people it is progressive to hate, white Christians, Jews and conservatives no matter their race for example. Obama abused the power of the Presidency, as all progressives before him did, to attack those he could not tolerate. Using the IRS to target conservative groups, Fast and Furious scandal to target constitutionalists and the intelligence gathering power to spy on his political enemies.

The more progressives talk the more you can hear the hatred in their voices. The riots at the election of Trump was another manifestation of progressive intolerance. Recently at Berkeley College, melees have been breaking out, where progressives attack conservatives with clubs and their fists, for having the audacity to speak their minds. Listen to the legacy media, dominated by progressives and listen to the open hatred in their voices as they talk about anyone not progressive. Any progressive will be happy to regale you with all the people he or she hates. There is an endless list of grievances progressives have against those they are intolerant of… today. Tomorrow, if it suits their political needs, they will change the target of their intolerance, but that intolerance cannot be set aside, it defines progressives and progressivism.

Intolerance is truly progressive. It has been the overriding theme of progressivism from the beginning to today. Point this out to a progressive however, and even if they admit the open hatred of early progressives, they will tell you they have updated their intolerance to fit in the modern era, they are intolerant of the right people today. That is why a progressive sees no difficulty whatsoever with forcing Christians to pay for “art” that denigrates Christianity and is profoundly offensive, yet those same progressives fly off the handle when Islam is offended in the tiniest way, even calling for religious laws to protect Muslims from being offended. Today, it has become progressive again to call for the genocide of Jews, in all but name. Progressives hate, it is in their blood, it always has been and always will be. Hate is the primary motivating factor of progressives. To be intolerant and hate filled is as progressive as it gets.


John Pepin

Bureaucrats, Mobs and the Administrative State

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, mobs come in all shapes and sizes, from a group that overturns cars on their way from a progressive rally, to a group of men in ill fitting suits reeking of garlic, who oversee the day to day workings of a city’s crime. The functional definition of a mob is, a group of people in similar circumstances, such that their mentality will become similarly disposed. By this definition we can see that the bureaucracy is a mob and imparts the mob mentality to those in it. There are uncountable numbers of articles describing the mob mentality, basically, how people in groups are influenced by their peers and how being part of a group, dissolves one’s personal responsibility for our own actions into that group. Looked at in this way it has obvious implications for understanding the nature and functioning of bureaucracy.

It is important to understand the nature and workings of bureaucracy because the fortunes of every soul on the planet is effected by bureaucracy. The modern nation state has evolved beyond legislators, presidents, judges and prime ministers, into the administrative state. Bureaucrats pass laws, prosecute infractions and decide punishments. The entire apparatus of government has devolved back into a single entity. That entity used to be the God king, and now is the god government, in other words, the bureaucracy. You fortune is dependent on the whims of bureaucrats, your business on their proclivity to regulate you out of existence and your very life on the pugnacity of bureaucrats.

The bureaucrat’s belief system is founded in her schooling. Since every bureaucrat today has a degree from university, they all have been inculcated in the progressive mindset, or put another way, the Frankfurt school. The vast majority of bureaucrats think the same way, and believe the same things, because of their schooling, which makes them, by definition a mob. They believe in the godhood of the state and they think all good comes from the state. They have been thoroughly programmed to believe the philosophies of Freud, Marx, Nietzsche and Darwin. Basically, the Frankfurt school teaches… Nietzsche’s superman theory, that crime, violence and suffering will evolve us into supermen, Darwin’s theory of evolution, Marx’s theory of class struggle, the alienation of work and the need to evolve humanity into ants, and Freud’s ideas of the ego, id and super Ego. Atheist to their core, to a bureaucrat these are truths that supersede all other truths, even empirically proven realities.

Once they leave university the programming is reinforced by their peers. The group enforces it’s own codes of conduct and part of that code is the way the members think. Those who enter the bureaucracy and begin to loose their programming are held in check by their peers. To be in any group one must attach herself to that group, believe the requisite beliefs of the group and follow orthodoxy. Those who change their minds are controlled by other members of the group and ejected should they fall too far outside the parameters of what is expected of them. Being a bureaucrat today is very lucrative, with stupendous benefits, outstanding pay and unbelievable pensions. To get evicted from such a profitable job is horrifying to anyone, especially someone with years of schooling that isn’t applicable to anything in the real world.

Distributed responsibility is especially dangerous in bureaucracy. The most heinous crimes ever committed by a human being have been because he or she passed the responsibility to a group, whether it be a NAZI death camp guard following orders, or a Young Turk raping then crucifying a twelve year old girl for being a Christian, was only following his religion, crimes of such unimaginable magnitude, responsibility must, even in the case of psychopaths, be passed to another. The beauty of distributed responsibility is that anything can be done, no matter how evil, and all that needs to happen is for those people acting inhumanly, to pass the blame onto the group. Since a bureaucrat has such unlimited power in the administrative state, no greater evils can be foisted on humanity by any other group, or mob, than bureaucracy.

From the lack of diversity in education and group restricted attitudes, to the open dangers of distributed responsibility, bureaucracy is the most dangerous institutions ever devised by man. The bureaucracy can seize assets, make entire industries illegal or simply uneconomical, create famine, tyrannize anyone they see fit, make common sense illegal and even kill people they find vexing… like unborn children. There is no limit to the power of the administrative state, no checks or balances, no voting to get rid of evil people and no oversight, except by other bureaucrats, with the same ideas, predilections and beliefs. The mob of bureaucracy is far more dangerous than any violent mob, their power is unchecked, their actions go unnoticed and there is no moral limit on them. Even the limitation of the certainty of divine judgment is lifted from them, giving their every whim free reign. There is no one on the planet who is a bigger threat to the health, safety and wealth of the human race than a mob of bureaucrats. Making the administrative state nothing but… mob rule.


John Pepin

The Root of All the World’s Problems

Sunday, April 16th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, when I look around the world, at all the intractable problems, wars, genocide, unrest, riots, terrorism, crime, etc… the only real problem we face is the breakdown of civility. Were we to follow the teachings of Jesus… and treat others as we would have them treat us, we would be civil, if we loved our neighbors as much as ourselves, civility would reign, when we look to the plank in our own eye rather than the mote in another’s, we are practicing civility. Those who are more than willing to cast the first stone, even though they themselves are not free of sin, are being uncivil. Civility is human heartedness in action. All the problems we seem to face have their root in civility, those who act violently, making war, ginning up war, rioting, looting, stealing and murdering, have thrown off the armor of civility and taken up the banner of barbarism.

I would think it obvious that any crime with a victim stems from a lack of civility. If one is treating others as they would be treated, only a masochist would treat others badly. We would have to say such a person is disconnected from reality in some way. Perhaps he has a deep seated self loathing. This is because we all know, people want pleasure, power and pomp. The man who slaps his wife would be very offended if he himself were slapped across the face, and so it is obvious that those who hand out evils to others are treating others, not as they themselves would be treated, but treating others as they themselves would never tolerate. You see… a lack of civility.

No one is built up by taring them down. When we ridicule others, for their own good, we are looking at the mote in the eye of another while ignoring the plank in our own. Genuine heartfelt help, when asked for it, with only a view to improve the lot of another is clearly practicing civility, but ridicule and complaining, only undermines the will to do better. Ordering someone to change this or that aspect of themselves is a clear message you think them, incompetent, lazy, inept, and many other phrases that follow from extending the logic. You raze a building to destroy it, people raze other people’s self esteem to destroy it, destroying a thing never builds it up. No matter if the person doing the razing has fooled themselves about it or not. It is best to look to solve our own problems, and there is not one among us who doesn’t have plenty, and let others solve their own, unless they ask for help.

Where would there be war if people loved their neighbors as themselves? Who would make war upon themselves? That would be absurd. Yet our world is filled with wars and rumors of wars, so we can say with certainty, that people are not loving their neighbors as themselves. People wage war, both politically and personally, for gain or revenge. In the case of gain it is just another word for stealing, and in the case of revenge it is the perpetuation of hatred, certainly not love. What is so hard about loving our neighbors? If they are rude simply smile and go on, if they are standoffish give them room, rather than be ready to be offended at the least provocation. The wise know that it is in our personal best interests to love our neighbors, and be forgiving, both in politics and in person.

Have you ever noticed the people who are always the first to cast stones at others usually live in glass houses? It’s like they think that by hurting someone else, that somehow cleans them of their sin, but of course, it only adds to their sin. Jesus hung out with prostitutes, tax collectors, fishermen, the lowest class at the time. He didn’t cling to the elite seeking fame through them, he lived a life without sin making him uniquely qualified to cast stones at sinners, yet he refused. Even though he could point a finger of blame at another, without three pointing back at him, he didn’t. It is self evident then, that for us with our sinful nature to cast stones at others, in any form, is not following Jesus’ example, and is not civil.

Every problem we face, as the human race, has it’s roots in a lack of civility. The more we move away from civility, treating others as we would not tolerate, hating our neighbors, poking at the more in other people’s eyes with our dirty fingers and casting stones away from our glass houses… the more our civilization, political, economic and social will crumble. You see, it is not wisdom to cast off true wisdom because it is old, but foolishness. To follow the new simply because it is new, is no different in logic than accepting as truth a thing, because it comes from authority. We know both in our hearts and in our minds that the truths, love thy neighbor, do unto others, look to the plank in our own eyes, and be civil, all the problems we face would simply vanish. But, it is too hard to do these things, and much easier… to bandage people, rebuild after wars, watch our loved ones die, console weeping family, lawyer up, avoid eye contact become accustomed to terror and accept crime.


John Pepin

On The Chemical Weapon Attack in Syria

Sunday, April 9th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, someone was fooling with chemical weapons in Syria, and children were killed horribly as a result. Those responsible should be hounded to the ends of the planet. What we shouldn’t do however, is act out of emotion, rather we should investigate and see who was actually responsible, lest we reward the evil doer. The last chemical attacks on civilians were initially blamed on Assad but, as it turned out, was actually ISIS/ Al Qaida. Moreover it is patently not in Assad’s interest to stir up a hornet’s nest like that, but it is in the rebel’s interest to drag the war out. That coupled with the fact that Assad was deemed to have given up all of his chemical weapons by the UN, Russia and the US… and it isn’t immediately credible the attacker was Assad.

All the witnesses were rebels who clearly have incentive to pin any blame on Assad. I believe the most likely scenario is the weapons were stored there and were released during a conventional air strike. The rebels would not want to tell the world they were storing chemical weapons, presumably, to use against civilians someday. The other most likely scenario is the rebels themselves used the Sarin on children to garner sympathy and pull the US into the war on their side. Either possibility is far more likely than Assad trying to loose the war.

I believe people are self interested. Those who are not self interested are by definition insane. For Assad to have launched that attack was clearly not a self interested act. Therefore to believe Assad launched the attack, one must also believe Assad is insane. That is of course possible, I don’t know the man personally, nor do I care to, however people who rise to positions of such power are usually psychopathic, they are rarely psychotic. While a psychopath will happily kill children if it forwards his or her agenda, they will never kill when it will come back and bite them. Psychopaths have no remorse but are filled with selfish desires.

The last chemical attacks were actually Al Qaida and ISIS. The evidence is overwhelming. They tried to pull Obama into the war and it almost worked. There is a wise old saying… past actions are predictors of future actions. Since in the past Assad has not used chemical weapons, but the rebels have as false flags to draw the US into their war, it follows that the rebels are likely to have do it this time as well. Let’s face it, the rebels are responsible for the genocide of Christians and Yazidis, which proves they are evil to the core, evil people will not hesitate to slaughter children, and since they already have, it follows they are capable of such heinous actions.

The UN, Russia and even the US under Obama said that Assad gave up his chemical weapons. The UN certified that Assad had given them all up, so where did he get the Sarin? Did Assad hide it? There is plenty of precedent for the US and Europe to immediately attack and kill any autocrat on the planet who gives up his weapons of mass destruction, (WMD). That has become a standing policy. So now that Assad has given up his, the West will go to any length to kill him. It would seem that the West is adamant that dictators get and hold WMD for whatever reason. Rest assured though, there is a reason the elite want tyrants to have WMD, and that reason is not in our best interests, but theirs.

There are those in the US and Europe who want war. Eisenhower called them the military industrial complex. They are the shadow government… the deep state if you will. The deep state owns our legacy media and use it as their propaganda arm. The evidence for that is also overwhelming but I don’t have the space to get into it in this article. There are plenty of other articles on the web that illustrate this fact. Those in the deep state want war, because it fills their pockets with gold, and their hands with power. They care nothing if your son or daughter is killed horribly, theirs are safe and protected. I am not a senator’s son, are you, are your children? If not then all they are to the deep state is cannon fodder.

One last thing in my mind proves Trump was wrong in attacking Syria, Hillary Clinton said she would do it an hour before Trump did. Moreover, the elite are lining up behind Trump for this attack. When the elite are in lockstep behind anything, I run the other way, because I know they are not looking out for my self interest but theirs and theirs alone… at cost to mine. I agree with Ron Paul on this one. That the deep state supports this move proves it the wrong one. Moreover, backing Trump because he is “our man,” is as blindly stupid as those who hate him because he is not, “their man.”

The evidence and basic logic show that it is highly unlikely that Assad attacked that compound with Sarin. Unless he is insane he wouldn’t have done it, he couldn’t have done it if the UN is correct that he gave up his WMD, and the rebels, who have proven themselves to be monsters that make Alien look like a cuddly puppy by comparison, have done it in the past and have captured WMD stockpiled. What we have done, by attacking Syria, is helped those who killed children with Sarin gas. We have taken sides, unwittingly I pray, with the most evil people on the planet. People responsible for genocide, mass slaughter of civilians and the systematic rape of little girls, we now call them allies. Those are the people we have crawled into bed with. They played Trump for a fool and he played along.


John Pepin

The Anger of the Would be Tyrant

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, if you really want to understand why progressives are so apoplectic over Trump’s being in the White House, all you need to do is read Alvin Gouldner’s Rise of intellectuals and the new class, pages 11 through 15, understanding that this was the election the new class progressives have so longed for, where they would finally seize total political power. That a member of the loathed bourgeoisie won the day is the ultimate blow. The new class, and since the new class is trained to be progressives, progressives have seized the means of production well and truly. It matters not that the state or the people own the means of production, the new class run it, to whatever end they see fit. They have been slowly exerting more and more control for well over a century, until today they are a hegemony on banking, business and bureaucracy.

No matter if the owner of the means of production is the State or shareholders, it is the new class that run the show. Don’t think for a second the new class are a bunch of saints. They are mere human beings who lust after money, power, fame, sex and longevity. Studies show that the percentage of psychopaths in the upper echelons of business is much higher than society as a whole. Being mere human beings, the new class makes decisions based on their own wants and needs, rather than the wants and needs of the people or entity that own the property, the new class controls. Not that the new class is any different than you or I, we are all human beings subject to sin, but the new class is controlled by progressives… who have a very sinister plan for the human race… One world government.

Since the new class has accomplished so much, wresting the means of production from the bourgeoisie, progressives have got a big ego, thinking themselves better than the regular lot of Man. After all, aren’t they the smartest, as proven by their advanced college degrees, aren’t they the most merciful, being trained to be good little Marxists, and aren’t they the most qualified to run everyone’s life, because of these things? That we spat in their faces, denying them what they believed was rightly theirs, has enraged progressives. The voter has stolen their birthright. That huge ego has been bruised, as big ones are very fragile, and so progressives, being the children they are, will hold their breath until our economy collapses. Especially if they can use that collapse to accelerate their plans for world domination.

This was to be the next step in the rise of the new class, and thus progressivism. Progressives know the window is closing for their new world order… a one world government. The democratizing of information that the internet has allowed has started movement that is gaining momentum, away from collectivism, concentration of political power and towards decentralization of political power and free enterprise, by allowing access to information outside the censorship of the elite. As that sea change continues to take place, and polls show that the younger demographic is becoming more conservative, (probably as a backlash to their older siblings and parents coarsening of our culture, as the Victorians did to the Romantic era), that window in which progressives can achieve their vision of a one world government is closing fast, and any setback might spell disaster.

If you want to understand what progressives see in their minds when they envision the results of their labor, watch Star Trek The Next Generation, which is nothing but a wet dream of progressives. If you want to know the actual results, if progressives were to achieve a one world government, watch 1984 George Orwell, or read the book, (the movie is actually better). So you see, progressives have been striving for generations to achieve their vision of utopia, where they are so insulated by bureaucracy, a tower so high it is unassailable, a world government where everyone is a subject… and the election of Trump, indeed BREXIT and the whole bullpen of upstarts running in this year’s elections, could upend their so carefully laid plans. Like the villains used to say in Scooby Doo, “Those lousy leakers! If it wasn’t for their meddling, we would have gotten away with it!” Or something like that…


John Pepin

War… What is it good for?

Sunday, March 26th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the utilitarian philosophy of Mo Ti has one facet that is applicable today, his argument… “Why fight over developed land, when there is so much undeveloped land that can be brought under cultivation, far cheaper than conquering a city?” The difference between cultivation and being accounted for is important here. The world today is all accounted for, not one acre is unaccounted for, even the great deserts and jungles are quantified and mapped. There is no unaccounted for land left on the planet, in terms of national boundaries, within those boundaries there is an enormous amount of uncultivated land, but none of it is unaccounted for. Where then is the unaccounted for land that can be brought under cultivation? In short, the “land” in space is unending. There are unlimited resources that can be exploited in space from asteroids like 16 Psyche, the Moon and even potentially habitable Trappist 1. So to paraphrase Mo Ti, why spend trillions of dollars to pulverize the world into a radioactive Hell, when there is so much unaccounted for and uncultivated land available?

The desire for more land, ideally already cultivated land, is what has driven most empires to attack their neighbors, rather than bring wild land within their boundaries under cultivation. The land already cultivated is usually better, enlargement by conquest brings notoriety, increase of one’s lands available for cultivation and increases the aggregate productive potential of the property under one’s control. Today however, with the national boundaries set, any war of conquest is seen the planet over for just what it is, war being the violent means of political ends, and political action always having a public relations aspect, the inevitable public revulsion at conquest must be factored in. That is potentially the only thing stopping China from enlarging it’s empire to include Korea, Taiwan, The Philippines, Vietnam, Nepal, Cambodia, Myanmar, India and any other nation that boarders China. Those are all lands that are under cultivation and accounted for.

The “land” unaccounted for and uncultivated in space is very expensive to bring under cultivation. Estimates of a hundred billion dollars to bring a permanent Moon base online have been bandied about. So in the capitalist mindset, strictly pragmatic, one could even say utilitarian way of thinking, we weigh the benefits against the costs. In the benefits column of China’s attacking say, Taiwan, the gain would be a bit less than fourteen thousand square miles of property. The productive capacity would be utterly destroyed unless neutron bombs were used, which would still utterly devastate the productive capacity, since the population would have to be replaced, the replacements would have to acclimate themselves to the mean of production they have stolen. Plus the world reaction to the wholesale genocide by neutron bombs would vastly increase the likelihood of a world military reaction.

The cost in destroyed military equipment would be pretty easy to quantify, afterwards, very difficult before. A bad turn of events in a sea invasion, and that is what would have to take place, would be more difficult than the Normandy invasion due to the terrain, would drive up casualties drastically, and a good turn of events is what it would take to meet the casualty expectations. Considering just material the cost would be in the tens of billions, but the lost productivity of the men that would be lost is incalculable. Moreover, Taiwan would almost certainly retaliate in some way. The cost of that retaliation has to be considered as well. Counting in the cost of replacing the destroyed infrastructure as well as war material, loss of productive capacity due to infrastructure loss, not counting the potential world reaction could drive the cost up astronomically, that fourteen thousand square miles of ordinance tilled wasteland, would cost China well over one hundred billion dollars, if everything goes well.

The cost of setting up a manned moon base at the Moon’s south pole would cost the Chinese dramatically less than a NASA mission. Potentially an order of magnitude less for a variety of reasons too many to list. If it Cost China ten percent of that hundred billion, ten billion, the total cost in money would be the same, however, the gain would be exponentially greater. Multiply that fourteen thousand square miles by a double digit number for land on the Moon that is available, plus the first one at the South Pole gets a monopoly one the only know available water on the Moon, plus the technological gain that would translate into higher productive ability of every other industry, and the cost benefit becomes ever more stark in favor of bringing uncultivated land under cultivation.

The benefit of invading Taiwan and the slaughter of potentially millions of people is, the leaders of China would be known historically, possibly forever along with Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Napoleon, Alexander, Xerxes, Cyrus the Great, Kublai Khan, etc… They will have been conquerors who expanded the boundaries of their empires by violence. The conquest of space benefits the people not the leaders, the conquest of Taiwan benefits the leaders, not the people. Remember, it is the interest of the leaders that the leaders serve, so while we can do a cost benefit analysis all day long and reach the same conclusion every time, those who make the decisions weigh the benefits differently. The dross floats to the top, that is why our leaders always rather wage war of conquest, than bring uncultivated land under cultivation.


John Pepin

The World is Run By Evil People

Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, we normalize the world we live in, by believing that those who are powerful are good, while those who are evil are weak. Sadly that is exactly opposite of the truth. Those people who are evil control the levers of power while those who are good are subjects of evil. It is hard to face the facts that the planet we live on is ruled by evil people, by evil means, for evil ends. The attributes of people who are evil, selfish, self centered, egoistic, heartless, conniving, charismatic and ruthless, are exactly those that lead to political power. While our prisons are filled with stupid evil men with little power, our halls of congress, presidencies, prime ministers, Judges, etc… are filled with smart evil people. Those same evil people who run the world, love democracy, because we are so easy for them to manipulate. Once in awhile though, people do wake up and vote in someone who is not of that low caliber. When that happens the rest of the evil people will set themselves to destroy that aberration. Like they have Trump.

Why is this so? Why are most of our leaders evil? Because an election is nothing more than an empty beauty contest. It is never the one with merit who wins, it is the one who pleases the electorate the most. Place a man on a podium, give him a lisp, an ugly visage, stooping posture and high pitched voice, and though he speaks the wisdom of the ages, he will be derided a fool. Take another, make him tall, hansom, deep voice and charismatic presence, and though he speak utter nonsense he will be lauded a genius. That is because we judge more by our eyes then our minds and hearts. Instead of listening to the words we look at the speaker, instead of trying to understand the arguments for both sides, we follow the tall hansom man, and because we do we hand the reigns of power, over and over, to evil people.

Even though evil people are suited for politics, does that mean all politicians are evil? Of course not, not all politicians are evil just like not all prisoners in our jails are evil. Having said that, it must be admitted that the temptation of power to an evil person is like heroin to an addict. The desire for it is overwhelming. Power is magnetic to evil people. With power they can exist above the law, while at the same time, lower the rest of us beneath it’s protections. The few politicians who are in it to serve humanity, are very few and far between, and they are universally despised by the political establishment. Those who are not evil represent a mortal threat to those who are. The power evil usurps defines them, anyone who threatens that power must be dealt with. We are witnessing this first hand in the treatment of Trump.

How can we know if a politician is evil? The first method is how is he or she accepted by the political establishment? If they are beloved, held up as the smartest, wisest and most wonderful of people, you can rest assured that person is as evil as Satan himself. He or she will blend right in to the cesspool that is politics. If a politician is loathed, attacked for nothing, constantly ridiculed and we are told he or she is a fool that will bring down our democracy… you know for certain that politician is good. Evil people will treat a good person as a pariah while they will treat an evil person with respect and dignity. The elite who are mostly evil, respect another evil person because they know that person will cross any bridge then turn and burn it into the river, if they are offended. Treated with dignity because all evil people have easily bruised thin skinned egos. If their ego is bruised, an evil person will wax a grudge until they can destroy their tormentor, like they did Nixon for prosecuting Alger Hiss.

Good people usually are not drawn to power over other, they seek peace, equanimity, love and friendship for their own sake, while an evil person will also seek these things, but as a means to an end, not an end in and of themselves. A good person will tend to his or her own life and let others be. An evil person cannot allow others to simply be, the evil person must control everyone else. One facet of being evil, is that evil people hold others as fools to be manipulated into self harm, as the elite are doing in Europe with their policy of self genocide. Where a good person will avoid war an evil person desires it. The evil will eschew deterrence claiming it triggers an aggressor, all the time knowing full well that the weakness will encourage aggression, giving them what they want, war.

It is all important to understand the world we live in in order to make it better for our children. The US founding fathers knew the nature of the world and power, and attempted to control those evil men they knew are drawn to power. Over two hundred years of whittling away at it, the elite have managed to move us totally away from our Constitution, making it a joke. Why else do you think the elite laugh in our faces, like Nancy Pelosi did, when asked if this or that policy, law or regulation is “Constitutional.” They know our Constitution now means what ever the Hell they tell us it does, and that may change tomorrow, depending on the wants of the evil people in charge. Instead of judging with your eyes, judge with your mind, if a politician’s voice makes a shiver go down your leg, you have to understand you are judging with your eyes instead of your mind. Recognize that impossible pie in the sky promises are just means of manipulating you into acting against your own interests. In short… wake up and smell the coffee, our politicians are not good people, they do not work for our interests, they love human suffering and poverty, setting themselves to creating more of it. Judge with your mind instead of your eyes.


John Pepin

Psychopaths Ply Glittering Lies

Sunday, March 19th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, most people would rather believe a glittering lie than an ugly truth, even when they know it is a lie! That is why tyranny will never go away. Those who seek tyranny, Thrasymachus’ “Great Men,” intelligent psychopaths, know that a glittering lie will gather the majority of people, even after it is proven a lie, so their mouths are full of glittering lies, lying to whomever they need to manipulate at the moment. When I was young I often fell for glittering lies. The less life a person has under their belt, the easier it is to convince them a glittering lie is truth, so much so that they will gladly lay down their life for it. There is noting a psychopath likes any better than manipulating someone into doing themselves and their interests great harm. Combine the two, people so deluded they willingly lay down their lives for some glittering lie, with people who get off on manipulating people into harming themselves, and you have the State.

It is just human nature to prefer a glittering lie. How many untold number of people have been caught by a glittering lie? Just those who bought into the glittering lie that you can run up your credit card account an live like a king number in the millions. We are awash with glittering lies, con men use them all the time. Whenever we are told something we want to believe, that a house’s roof can hold it’s foundation off the ground for instance, our minds say no, but we may so fervently want it to be true we will believe it with all out heart, as if by some magic that will make it so. Every snake oil salesman plied that trade.

It is undeniable that the men throughout history that are remembered as “Great Men” were universally psychopaths. From Alexander the great and Tamerlane to Hitler and Stalin, great men have been only too happy to slaughter countless human beings to get what they want. Cyrus the great was discovered to be the grandson of the king, rather than a sheep herder’s son, by the fact he was a psychopath. Coriolanus leading a Volscian army stopped to slaughter every man woman a child in a Latin town, while on his way to attack Rome, for no other reason than they were long time friends of Rome. The quality of the people Thrasymachus describes as the Great Men, are just psychopaths… manipulative, murdering and heartless. These are the people who are con men, killers, thieves, bureaucrats, prime ministers and Presidents.

History is replete with stories of people killing not only themselves, for a glittering lie, but even their own family as well! The killing fields of Cambodia is such an obvious example I have to mention it. Those children, and make no mistake that is what they were, children, fell for the glittering lie of a socialist utopia, all they had to do was eliminate the bad genes and human nature would transform into the Marxist ideal of one for all. Of course the grand experiment killed so many people the Marxists had to stop shooting people, reserving their bullets for escapees, and instead use clubs and bread bags to kill those with bad genes and ideas. Thirteen year old boys would go down a line of bound men in their forties and fifties, clubbing each in the back of the head, while thirteen year old girls would go down a different row of tied and helpless people, putting bread bags over their heads, one at a time until they stopped flinching, then move to the next.

The dross rises to the top. Since it is in the nature of psychopaths to love manipulating others, feeling themselves utterly superior to the lot of Mankind they naturally gravitate to government, either the hidden cave of bureaucracy where they can ply their machinations under the anonymity of the bureaucracy, or to pull the levers of power themselves. The most dangerous are the ones who will become the “Great Men.” They are the ones who seek to be the tyrant, to that end they will use any power at hand to achieve that goal. Morality has no meaning to a psychopath and so they will manipulate everyone around them until they have that power, then they will use it, visiting death, famine and suffering on humanity, in measure to their, “Greatness.”

Without changing human nature itself or coming up with a way to control that quality of humanity, tyranny will never go away. Psychopaths will always exist and the qualities of being a psychopath will not change, people will rather follow a glittering lie than an ugly truth, so unless our education system teaches our kids to recognize a glittering lie and ugly truth, and act accordingly, else change the role of government itself. Both are daunting because psychopaths are already well entrenched in government and have been since the first king. The only thing that has changed the nature of humanity, to follow an ugly truth and turn away from a glittering lie, is the capitalist mindset, which is why the elite so despise capitalism. It is not in their interests to change the way children are taught, unless it is to dumb them down further, nor is it in their interests to change the role of government, it is in their interests to keep us believing in glittering lies and turning away from ugly truths… and so, tyranny will always be with us.


John Pepin

Blow Up the Education System!

Wednesday, March 15th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the education system in the US is broken top to bottom, turning out good little debt slaves, rather than fully educated human beings ready to take on the world. Smashing the US education system was a long process. It took progressives a century to fully break the beast into submission, yet it was the government’s guaranteeing student loans that has been the death knell of education, once and for all. Students graduating today have sometimes over one hundred thousand dollars in loan debt, debt that cannot be expunged by bankruptcy, going into a job market that is at best a dancing landscape. Instead of preparing our children to engage the world, our kids are leaving those expensive universities with crushing debt and dubious educations. In what universe does it make any sense that today, in the Twenty First century, with the absurd amounts of money we throw at education, that our children don’t emerge from college ready to take on the world, little philosophers able to adapt and dance with whatever landscape appears before them?

The primary education system has been so exploited by progressives, as a jobs program for teachers, an indoctrination system for students, and a cash cow for democrats by teachers unions. They know and openly admit, that if given a choice, most people would choose a better school for their children. Every time they say, a voucher system will be the end of public education, that is exactly what they are saying, the public education system gives a poor product for and exorbitant price. If given freedom of choice in education systems, via a voucher system because as a society we have made the decision to publicly fund primary education, being rational maximizers we will make the self interested choice and send our children to the school that best fits our desires. The diversity in education such a system would provide, along with the inevitable increase in aggregate quality, would allow our children to be more adaptable, and more able to profit from disruptions. Of course if you agree with the progressives that the real aim of our education system is a jobs program, that indoctrinates children into a certain political mindset, and funnels money from the government tax system to a favored political faction via teachers unions, then you want to keep the system as it is.

It is in the arena of higher education that our system has got way out of whack. Every professor will tell you, not all professors are progressives, Marxists and/or socialists, but they will admit most are. At the higher echelons of higher education, they are almost universally Marxists and anarchists. That is not my assessment but that of Alvin Gouldner. As we all know, people follow their leaders, and so as the top believes that philosophy will be transmitted down to the students. One quality that glues progressives, Marxists and socialists together is the love of censorship. They idealize the world where anything they like can be said freely and without hesitation, but that which they dislike is not tolerated, and that mindset is transmitted down to the students, manifesting itself in the attacks on conservative speakers and indeed anyone the progressives disagree with. Why debate someone with a better argument when you can shut them down altogether? Reverse racism has become the norm with the curriculum openly teaching “White Privilege.” That which can be said on those extremely expensive facilities of higher learning becomes ever more narrow, based on politics, every day.

The government taking over the student loan system was pure genius, right out of Cloward and Pivon playbook, from a progressive point of view. What a magnificent transfer of wealth from the productive segment of the economy to the unproductive segment. In one fell swoop, the progressives enabled every student going into college or university to strangle themselves with debt, to pay for an education that has little help other than as an entry card at the door of the club. Let’s say your server at TGI Fridays has a PHD in physics and student loan debt of thirty thousand dollars. That debt cannot be eliminated by bankruptcy, if not paid off, it simply grows as does all compounded interest financial instruments. Meanwhile all that extra money allowed colleges and universities to raise the price and therefore their profit, of “non profit” institutions… which translates to higher wages for staff and especially professors and the executives of those universities. Which is basically transferring wealth from the students in the future, to college personnel today. Financially rewarding progressives for their diligent effort to destroy the education system.

The future only holds change on a munificent scale for our children. Everything is poised to change… one way or another. It is an old adage that it isn’t the strong, brave, intelligent or witty that survive… but the adaptable. We spend as a society over ten thousand dollars a year per student, and in some places far more, to give our children a pathetic education, where they cannot even make change for a dollar, find the US on a globe or understand what they are reading. It is not that our children are more stupid than us, but our education system, and culture stunts their intellectual, moral and spiritual growth. Dumbing down the test to scale for the poor performance of the education system is no longer the answer, it is time to change it, fundamentally, with the goal of, educating people to be self interested rightly understood, rational maximizers who are able to profit from economic disruptions. Our children are able, it is we that hold them back by bowing to progressives. It is past time to force a voucher system in primary education, while eliminating the government’s hand in student loans, college accreditation and handouts to local universities, foster real competition in education. Only real competition will return us a dividend of graduates who are adaptable enough to be able to profit from the disruptions ahead.


John Pepin

The New Space Race

Monday, March 13th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, we could very well be at the cusp of a real space age, you know, like the one we were supposed to live in when we were kids. This time the new space race is not from competition due to a cold war between super powers, but led and indeed driven, by free enterprise. Trump, it seems at this point, understands the fundamental limitation to any space program, that it be doable in that President who initiated its term. In that way the US government is finally perhaps going to reengage with space. China is also working on a legitimate space program. Theirs has a series of long term strategic goals that outlive any administration, in that way the Chinese totalitarian structure has an advantage in long term planning, but as with any autocratic system, in the long run it is stultifying, economically, culturally and scientifically. The European Union has neither the will, nor the vision to go into space, they are too intent on self genocide to give the future any never mind. Russia has a very capable space program being the single nation able to put a human in orbit, but they are squandering their lead, by only renting out orbital seats. In the end, all the nations on Earth now have to put up or shut up, because, whether they like it or not, private enterprise is going there.

Poor government, it has such a hard time competing with free enterprise, so much so it is unfair. Government is hobbled with cronyism, lack of consequences for failure, lack of incentives to contain costs, pernicious incentives to never finish a project, political interference, etc… Unless government shuts down the free market, it cannot compete at all. Space exploration is the same way. In the decades the US and the Soviet Union competed in space exploration, the US advantage was the private enterprise system, that the government relied on to make it happen. The USSR had no such private enterprise system and so had to run it’s entire space program through the bureaucracy. As a result the USSR couldn’t compete, bureaucracy can never out compete free enterprise, even when the government is infatuated with an idea.

Today, the glass ceiling has been broken and private enterprise is able to put material into orbit, and soon their rockets will be human rated, once that happens a universe of opportunities will open up to mankind. If the cost for both solar electric and orbiting a pound of payload becomes cheap enough, geostationary solar satellites could be built. The servicing of which would jump start human exploration of the solar system due to the infrastructure such a system would require. A hotel on the Moon would initially be only for the uber rich, like flat screen televisions were at one time, but like everything capitalism touches, the cost will be inexorably driven down until the common person can afford it. Once the common man can afford to vacation on the Moon; space travel will be common.

By the end of 2018 both NASA and Space X, (the private company) are planning to send a crewed ship around the Moon. NASA, at this point, is planning on using off the shelf space shuttle parts to build the heavy lift booster they need. Since most if not all the parts are already human rated the cost could be extremely low to get it off the ground. Government however is seldom rational like that, so I expect NASA to scrap the off the shelf plan, and instead buy a piece of expensive land, build a factory, use it to make five parts, then scrap the plant, When they need more parts, just buy more land… like they do their boosters. Meanwhile Space X has shown itself able to land it’s spent boosters to be used in the future, a huge cost savings and improvement in reliability, since the reliability of a machine is highest between the first ten percent and final eighty percent of it’s lifespan. The limiting factor for Space X is it’s ability to get government to sign off on it’s human rating.

China plans on setting up a Moon base in the next decade. You can bet, if and when they get to the Moon, their people will be armed and they will land on the South Pole. Claiming that land will ensure a monopoly on water on the Moon unless a reserve is found at the north pole. Water is conjectured to be at the north pole but is known to be at the south pole. China still has to thread their space program through the inefficiencies of bureaucracy however. That is why it has taken China decades to make a tiny amount of progress, even though their space capsule is a knock off of an old Soyuz design. Russia is still using the same orbital technology they were using during the original space race. Their plans to build yet another booster, like Energia, have been put on hold due to their desire to expand horizontally. Europe is in the throes of self genocide, so cannot be bothered with future plans, while nations like India and Japan that have ostensibly the ability to place a human in orbit, but are so underfunded they are merely a national trophy.

It is the entrance of private space ventures that has opened up the possibility, and at this point it is only a possibility, for human beings to become a space faring civilization. Governments could wreck this opportunity, as they have in the past, this time by regulating the private space industries out of business or collapsing the economy. If that doesn’t happen however, private space is poised to start a new era in human space exploration, one that will make our dreams of humanity in space come true. People living and working on the Moon, mining asteroids for precious metals, exploring Mars, Europa and Titan, learning about the origin of our solar system, and in doing so understand the mind of God a little bit better. Ideally the pragmatic capitalist mindset will become the norm off planet. Expansionist countries like China, now have to either vastly step up their plans for space exploration, else permanently fall behind. Nation states can come along, or be relegated to the dustbins of history, where quite frankly, I believe most governments belong.


John Pepin