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The Problem of Evil

Thursday, September 21st, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the problem of evil has been with us since the dawn of time, and many have used it to “prove” God does not exist, or alternatively… he does. The real issue however is not the problem of evil but of oppression. Which makes the real question then, is God a tyrant or a loving parent? If he were a benevolent tyrant, then there would be no evil because he would not tolerate it, if however he is a loving parent, he tolerates evil and when his children skin their knee, he picks them up and comforts them. How is it that if God expunged the universe of evil, would that make him a tyrant, you ask? Simple, to eradicate evil in all it’s forms, God would have to eliminate free will and stop the dynamism of the universe, which only could be done by oppressive means… making God a tyrant.

Autocrats detest free will, well, everyone else free will, not their own. As a result they use draconian means to quash free will, especially where it threatens their agency, but often in a vain attempt to make their country a “better place.” The oppressor sees opportunity in suppressing evil, and in doing so he foists evil on his people. But God would do it so we would like it… some might argue. To that I ask, when and where has tyranny and oppression ever been good? Moreover, those who seek to be cradled from all life’s ills by a benevolent tyrannical God, always seem to favor unlimited government, carrying their need to be coddled from the supernatural to the mundane.

Without free will we would be mere automatons, acting as we are programmed and capable of nothing else. You cannot have it both ways. Remove free will and you have taken away our creativity, our genius, our individuality and everything that makes us human beings. A robot suffers no pain, never feels a loss, cannot create a symphony or write a novel… would you have a good God turn us into robots? Sure we would feel no pain, would never suffer, couldn’t feel pain or even die, but at what cost? We wouldn’t be able to do any of the things that makes us uniquely human. That humanity, creativity and genius come at cost is no great detractor. If you think about it, everything comes at cost, nothing is free and everything worth having requires effort. Would the anti deist take that away from us as well?

The problem of natural disasters is the fall back position of those who would have God turn us into mechanical men. Sure, after a hurricane like Harvey, automatons would be programmed to help each other, but they wouldn’t do it out of a sense of compassion, no they would do it because they are programmed to! Natural disasters bring out both the best and worst of humanity. People selflessly wading through toxic alligator filled water… to save a cat! How is that not saintly? It is the very natural disasters that give free will meaning and shows the value of free will, in and of itself. While suffering is the natural state whenever the universe is dynamic, it is our reaction to them that shows what we are made of, and who we really are.

Think about what makes a parent a good parent. Is the parent who sends their child to school in a football helmet, so they don’t bump their little head, a good parent or a bad one? What about the parent who refuses to allow their child to learn to ride a bicycle, drive a car or go to the store? If a child is to grow into a functioning adult, he or she must bump their head, skin their knee and risk a car crash. All of which grows us as human beings. To protect a child at the expense of that child’s maturity, is to stultify that child, and we as human beings are no different. Without risk, free will and the lessons we learn from them we would be crippled as human beings.

Lastly you have to look at it from God’s perspective. If you were God and knew, really knew, that those who deserve it will go to heaven and live eternally in joy, death is no penalty, but a reward. Moreover, how would someone who has never suffered know joy? Without context, what is hot without cold, what is light without darkness and what is good without bad? Mere arbitrary words in a dictionary, words without meaning or substance. Like Einstein said, everything is relative, an hour on a park bench holding the hand of a lover seems like a second, and a second on a hot stove seems like eternity. It is in context that we understand arbitrary concepts, such as good and evil, and without context heaven would be as mundane as washing the dishes.


John Pepin

Post Modernism is Diabolic

Sunday, September 17th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me… Post modernist philosophy is as irrational as it is diabolic. To believe in post modernism one must deny science, mathematics, and even reality itself. The fundamental thesis of post modernism is that there are no absolute truths, and so they claim a man is not a man, a woman is not a woman and up is down. The philosophy leads to any number of absurdities. Post modernism is a spurious philosophy. A spurious argument is one that sounds logical but is indeed based on a fallacy and is intended to manipulate, a spurious philosophy is also based on a logical fallacy, and is intended to misdirect people from the real truth. I will explain here why it is based on fallacious notion, leaving it up to you to decide whether it is intended to fool us.

If there is no such thing as truth, then science, which is based on the idea that the the fundamental truths of the natural world can be understood through the scientific method… ie, theory tested by experimentation, leading to an examination of the empirical evidence that substantiates the theory, or not. If there are no fundamental truths then science is bollix. Either post modernism is illogical or science is. Since the two ideas are diametrically opposed one has to believe one or the other. So is science illogical or is post modernism? Mathematics is also based on the theory there are fundamental truths in numbers. Mathematics states that two plus two equals four, but if there are no fundamental truths, then two plus two could equal five, one or twenty five million. Either post modernism is correct in stating there are no truths or mathematics is correct in stating there are fundamental truths. Both cannot be correct. Therefore either post modernism is irrational or mathematics is irrational.

Medicine is based on finding truths about how the human body works. If there are no truths, then a post modernist must believe that a witch doctor dancing around dressed in feathers and his face painted white, shaking a severed chicken leg over a patient is equally as effective a treatment as penicillin for strep throat, an ear infection or staph. I wonder, how many professors who absolutely believe in post modernism would go to a witch doctor to treat their syphilis? If they actually believe there are no truths then both options are equally valid. Moreover, by going to an oppressed witch doctor, they are showing their solidarity with the oppressed, and virtue signaling their open mindedness. It could be argued then, that those who avow a belief in post modernism, would have to go to a witch doctor to be treated for cancer rather than an oncologist, who subscribes to the patriarchal hegemony.

Perhaps this is why post modernists deny gender. I wonder, is a dog with a penis a male, or something else? What about a cat with a vagina and mammary glands, is that animal a female, or something else? If post modernists are correct then planes should fall from the sky since the science of aviation is based on fundamental truths of fluid dynamics. I cannot understand why a post modernist would put money in a bank, since their philosophy denies mathematics, it would seem a fools errand if there are no fundamental truths in numbers, their account could drop to zero simply because they made a deposit. Yet many people our society considers well educated, have convinced themselves of the fundamental ideology of post modernism, and by doing so must then deny science, medicine and mathematics. One can only conclude that post modernists are insane or diabolical.

Post modernism in truth denies reality itself. It is like a fantasy, where flights of the absurd are commonplace, up is down and down is up. The post modernists have embraced the ethos of good being evil and evil being good. The poster child for the philosophy of post modernism, is none other than George Orwell’s dystopian novel, his book 1984. In it he parrots post modernists by saying, war is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength, or are post modernists parroting Orwell? Reality cannot be denied any length of time before there are terrible consequences for the deniers. I have to wonder aloud however, in a world where reality is attacked and fantasy is embraced… how long before reality fights back with a vengeance? Moreover… who’s interests are served?


John Pepin

Atheism and Morality

Thursday, September 14th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the argument that atheists always fall back on, “I am a good person and I don’t believe in God…” presumes human nature to be saintly, when the direct opposite is true. Philosophers from Hsun Ching to the Victorian era came to the same conclusion, that the congenital nature of human beings is evil and the good in us is a learned trait. Others have believed that we are innately good, and before to be evil takes an outside force, Mohamed and Mencius are examples. Any rational glance at the nature of humanity however shows unequivocal that we, you and I, are evil at heart and civilization in us is taught. Moreover, the fundamental role of religion, not all but most, is to create a foundation upon which civilization can exist. Without that grounding, civilization itself must crumble, like a building with it’s foundation removed.

Take the spoiled child. He or she is anything but civilized. They are all ego and lack empathy. The spoiled child is a terror to be around, they speak out of turn, are violent, brutish, offensive and often friendless. No one wants to be around them. That missing civilization in them, (poor socialization), doesn’t serve them well, in fact a spoiled child typically has a very hard time being a productive member of society. Their antisocial tendencies alienates them from others, potential friends, bosses, coworkers and society at large. A culture of spoiled people, children in all but name, would not produce enough food to eat, let alone a scientific method. Clearly the path to barbarism then is to remove the socialization from the people. Some might argue, atheism is not the same as a spoiled child, which at first glance might seem true, but after a little bit of reflection is clearly spurious, because atheism is all about spoiled children. The atheist doesn’t want any limitations, just as a spoiled child shrugs off responsibility and limitations… and religion imposes responsibility and limitations.

Why would people be moral if not for the foundation of morality taught in most religions? Why self sacrifice, why play by the rules and why not just take what you want from someone weaker? Like a spoiled child. I am reminded of the Gaul King who when asked by the Roman, “By what right do you attack this city?” and answered, “By natural right, that the strong must take from the weak so the weak will perish and the strong may live.” Nietzsche had much the same philosophy, that each person create their own morality, and what is the logical end of such a philosophy? Anarchy. As a philosopher once said, life under anarchy is short, violent and brutish. Remove the civilizing impulse that religion gives, and you remove civilization itself, and all the goods that come of it as well.

Some atheists argue people will become civilized as a result of rational thought. They might recon that people would self control and become self interested rightly understood, as Tocqueville said, but to come to such a conclusion, one must not have read Tocqueville because he said America is good because her people are good, if the people cease to be good, America will cease to be good. He also laid the credit for the innate goodness in the American people of the time to our Christian foundation. It was the morality that Christianity teaches that allows people to be self interested rightly understood, not some innate rational conclusion. It is perfectly rational to rob a bank in the absence of law, and moral not to, in that same absence.

Moreover, history is unambiguous, those nations that have embraced atheism as a philosophy, namely socialist experiments, have all been catastrophes. From the French Revolution that ended in the mass slaughter of human beings, to Pol Pot’s Cambodia, where little girls went down rows of middle aged men tied up, placing a plastic bag over each head until the man stopped struggling for air, atheist nations have been the focus of evil in the modern world. The crimes against humanity by atheists, like Hitler, were and always will be industrial in nature, effect and quality.

While religion has been perverted to justify crimes, those crimes were in opposition to the actual teaching of most religions. Imagine Jesus Christ’s revulsion to the slaughter of people in his name, you suppose Buddha wanted people harmed in his name, the fundamental conflict in the Bagavaad Gita was not the war, but Arjuna’s inner moral battle about the killing. No matter what you think of Christianity and Christians, Christ is and can only be described as a good man, and his teachings, do unto others, turn the other cheek, love thy enemies, love thy neighbors, let he who is without sin cast the first stone, etc… prove that. Crimes against humanity done in Christ’s name, Lao Tzu, Confucius or Buddha, is spitting in their faces.

One thing most atheists have in common is their love of tyranny. They shirk the limitations of morality and therefore must impose limitation through oppression. They judge others by themselves, and seeing themselves wanting, assume everyone else is as empty inside as they. Of course not all atheists are evil, most consider themselves to be good people, and many are. That is not because of some innate morality they carry, but is the result of the morality they were taught as children, often Christian morality, the very morality they so despise. They even judge goodness by the template of Jesus’ teachings. Remove the foundation, and you destroy the edifice, demolish the structure and it can no longer provide shelter. We can become spoiled children or civilized adults, but remember this, spoiled children cannot create civilization, only civilized people can do that.


John Pepin

The Capitalist Versus the Socialist Mindset

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, it has become obvious that the capitalist mindset in the West, has been effectively replaced with the socialist mindset. Not just the inroads soccer, the quintessential socialist game, has made in the US, but even the way corporations are being run today. The capitalist cares not for skin color, group, tribe, culture, or creed… the capitalist only cares whether you keep your word and if your check will clear at the bank. The socialist mindset however is a return to tribalism. What is paramount to a socialist, is not whether someone can pay their bills or is a good person, but to what group do they belong. For the socialist group identity is the most important consideration when judging any person. It has become so clear the tribal socialist mindset has taken over our entire culture, because so many in power… in journalism, the bureaucracy, law, science and even business, act in ways counter to the capitalist mindset and conforming to the socialist tribal mindset.

Take the corporate policies of large publicly traded firms such as Starbucks, and Target. They have instituted policies that have a naked political cause, that are in direct opposition to the shareholder and customer’s interests. Target implemented a policy allowing men in the women’s bathrooms in a ploy to pander to the LGBT community and their political allies. Of course wise parents of young children stopped shopping there in common sense protection of their children. Leading to a loss for the shareholders and a diminishing of options for customers. Starbucks CEO alienated everyone who supports traditional marriage, by telling a shareholder to take his money elsewhere, if that shareholder couldn’t support same sex marriage. Which naturally resulted in a boycott of Starbucks and losses for the shareholders. In both cases the losses were experienced by people other than those who made the decision.

Look at how the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) schemes with big bank executives at Goldman, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan and Citibank to embezzle money from shareholders. Every few months one of these or another too big to fail bank (TBTF) gets fined a billion dollars or so. Recently Deutsche Bank was fined an astronomical figure for manipulating the price of silver, no one went to jail and so the offender him or herself was not punished, instead the shareholders were fleeced out of that money. The executives still got huge bonuses and the SEC received another billion dollar payday. A win win for the collaborators and a loose loose for the shareholders and customers of the bank. Every TBTF bank has paid out a billion dollar settlement since the Financial Crisis of 2008.

Up until the election of Donald Trump the worst kept secret in journalism was it’s supposed “fairness.” Even when Walter Cronkite retired and came out as a closet one world Marxist, he maintained he provided the US with an unbiased perspective. The George Soros funded On the Media aired on National Public Radio, had one main theme, and that was, the media must retain it’s appearance of fairness regardless of it’s actual bias. Today they have tossed out all semblance of fairness and have gleefully become the propaganda wing of the Democrat party. From the non reporting of the Awan brothers scandal, to the dwelling on the long ago debunked conspiracy theory Russia Trump collusion, the media has taken off the mask and that can only mean they are desperate or confident.

The examples I could come up with would fill tombs but we have only a page, so I will finish by explaining the results of the capitalist mindset, versus the socialist one. Eggbert Slokum the sofa salesperson, only gets paid when he sells a sofa. Obviously then he only eats, pays his bills and drives a car if he sells sofas, and if he doesn’t sell a sofa once in awhile he and his family will go hungry. Being self interested Eggbert drives the sales as best he can. Do you think Eggbert will allow his family to go hungry because he doesn’t like the skin color of a customer? Is it likely he will poke in the eye, a potential purchaser of one of his sofas, at risk of loosing his car? If anyone believes there is always enough customers, that alienating one or two is an option, has never sold anything.

Sam Slick the socialist, on the other hand, is a bureaucrat. If someone comes to him he doesn’t like, all Sam need do is send the person of a politically disfavored group to the wrong window, a few times, then give him the wrong paperwork for the license. If the hateful person still doesn’t get the hint, deny her application without reason… let her fight for the license in the courts that are equally stacked against her. Sam will still get paid, he will face no negative consequences. and he will continue to move up the ladder of the bureaucracy, toting his bigotry with him. Moreover, why should Sam do anything for anyone without getting a bribe? Even members of politically favored groups should be able to supplement Sam’s pay, else they don’t need the license to do business after all, do they.

From this we can see that our community leaders have embraced the socialist mindset and thrown off the capitalist one. We see this by their actions, corporate policies, reporting and findings of law. The capitalist mindset lends itself to tolerance and inclusiveness while the socialist one lends itself to exclusiveness and intolerance, the results of which we see played out in our streets every day with ANTIFA riots, and the utter clamping down on free speech on our college campuses. Isn’t it ironic then, that much of the propaganda progressives pump out claims the inclusive to be bigots and haters, while it pretends the exclusive and intolerant are open minded. We see the purple nightshade fruits of the socialist mindset ripening before our very eyes, even as the beset American Chestnut tree, that nourished us for so long, is allowed to wither and die.


John Pepin

Progressive Brilliance!

Friday, August 25th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, progressives have elevated the art of spurious logic to stratospheric highs, surpassing even the Greek Sophists and Rhetoricians. You have to admit their ability to twist the truth in to a lie and a lie into the truth is remarkable. It takes a special kind of mind, to be able to convince people their eyes are lying, and the used car salesman is telling the truth. Progressives have done it. They have managed to make up down, right left and inside out. One wonders if they have had help of a diabolical nature, nevertheless, I take my hat off to them, their achievement is second to none! Progressives truly are the best schemers on the planet and throughout time.

Progressives have convinced the people of Europe to commit suicide in the name of tolerance. It is amazing that people, in Rotherham for example, are willing to let their daughters be raped and sold into the sex slave business for decades and anyone who said anything, was arrested… and they accepted it! In fact even with Sweden becoming the rape capital of Europe, daily terrorist attacks and open calls for the annihilation of Western civilization, the people of Europe are embracing their own extermination and offering their children up as well. I cannot imagine how anyone could accomplish such a feat of chicanery.

They have managed to make many people believe that killing a baby is a choice. Not just the slaughter of over 60 million babies since 1973, but to have people so spellbound they accept with glee the torturing babies to death so their pieces parts can be sold at a greater profit, is just awe inspiring. How does one go about making killing a baby not just allowed but the best option? You would think anyone with brains enough to keep their heart beating, would know better but against the power of progressive spurious logic, most minds just wither away.

It must have been a genius that made so many believe that “shall not be infringed,” means “Must be regulated!” Not just that but to make people believe that an amendment to our Constitution in the bill of Rights… is to allow government to keep and bare arms, is pure brilliance! Imagine it, now the Bill of Rights is to protect government’s rights, instead of individual rights! Up is down and left is right in the new world order. They have connived to get weapons in the hands of criminals, and out of the hands of law abiding citizens… supposedly to protect the law abiding citizens!!

Imagine how hard it must have been to fool us into thinking socialism has never been tried after tens of millions of people have died under socialist regimes. With the weight of history against them it is a real achievement. I always loved the line, “who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?” Or in the case of socialism and history, “who are you going to believe, the progressives… or Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Maduro, Kim Un, Idi Amin, Lenin, or any of the dozens of other Marxists that slaughtered their way through whole populations? To manage to fool so many into embracing an ideology that has resulted in so many deaths, suffering and tragedy, is the act of a true master of deception!

Spurious logic means, to make an argument that sounds logical but is in fact illogical and meant to trick. The ancient Greeks called it sophistry. The use of which is an art. I would think it difficult to make a person act directly against their own interests, but progressives have managed to do it. I should imagine it impossible to get people to allow their very own daughters to be abused in the name of tolerance but Europe has embraced it. You would think it hopeless to deceive people into disarming themselves so the criminals who prey on them will be safer, but like the woman said, No mother wants to worry her son might get killed robbing a liqueur store! I cannot imagine how progressives have hidden the history of socialism so well that many educated people want to visit that suffering on themselves and their children. You have to hand it to progressives, their ability to get people to harm themselves is almost mephistophelian. Makes one wonder if they have supernatural help…


John Pepin

The Willfully Blind

Sunday, August 13th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the ability of people to deny what is right in front of their eyes, is nothing short of extraordinary. It goes back to my glittering lies versus ugly truths article. People would rather believe a glittering lie than recognize an ugly truth, but in this case, it is far more diabolical. Hate is blinding. Those who’s hearts are empty must fill them with something, and hate is tangible, it fills a person and gives purpose. It allows a person to pick and choose what to believe, don’t like the ugly truth of the Holocaust, deny it, don’t want to follow Jesus, deny he existed, want to abort babies at will, deny they are human beings, seek to oppress those that disagree with you, deny their humanity, etc… To deny that which is in front of your own face, is a form of blindness, and only the blind are able to deny what is in front of them.

I recently watched a video about the Second World War, and upon reading the comments, I was flabbergasted at the number of people convinced the Holocaust never happened! Those that claim not to believe in the Holocaust, despite the ample historical evidence, testimony of witnesses and even the stories of the survivors, are people that would allow such a thing to happen again. The only way someone could deny such a crime against humanity is if their hearts are filled with hate. Hate that blinds them to reality, hate of people they have never met and hate of humanity itself. I don’t bandy the word hate around like progressives, as a catchall for anything they disagree with, but as a means to point out the quality that makes such evil possible. To willfully blind oneself can only lead to severe consequences.

Another video about disproving the resurrection of Jesus had similar comments. Most of the comments denied Jesus even existed at all. I find it saddening that so many would blind themselves to truth. Some claimed the morality Jesus taught only came about during the Enlightenment! Talk about ignorance! Such people cannot be reasoned with. How can you have a conversation with someone who gaslights you? It is impossible. Their hearts are so filled with hate for Christianity, over perceived slights, done in many cases centuries ago, by people born in Christendom but were barbarians. A person can claim to be anything they want… but if my cat had kittens in the oven, I wouldn’t call them biscuits.

Abortionists have to deny that their victims are human beings… because otherwise they are murderers. It must make it easier to slaughter innocents by the millions if you deny their humanity. Even the Totenkopf Schutzstaffel, had to be transferred back to Germany, because of the toll it took on them to murder so many innocent Jews and Slavs. Yet Abortionists slaughter babies with glee. They don’t seem to have any human hearted sympathy whatsoever for their victims. They have the uncanny ability to deny that which is right in front of them. The Nazis murdered around six million Jews, abortionists in the US alone have murdered over sixty million human beings, an order of magnitude worse.

The singular lesson of the Twentieth Century was that socialism doesn’t work. From Stalin’s purges and mass murder that killed between thirty and sixty million people, through Mao’s Cultural Revolution that claimed the lives of nearly one hundred million, to Pol Pot who killed so many so fast he ran out of bullets, so he had little girls using plastic bags to suffocate people all day long, and little boys clubbing people to death, socialism has proven itself to be a humanitarian disaster. Only the willfully blind are able to overlook such atrocities. Today zealots for socialism control our schools, government, legal firms and media. They have blinded themselves because it makes it easier to believe a glittering lie than admit an ugly truth.

We can only advance morally, philosophically and scientifically if we stride into the future with our eyes open. Today our culture and society is running blind with scissors. Many have put out their own eyes to feel better about who they serve and what they do. In their minds they fancy themselves Zatoichi, blind to what is in front of them but have a superhuman ability to fight, which means they are fooling themselves as well. Those who see, are denigrated today by the blind, because it is much easier to remain blind and ignorant than to admit the ugly truths they create. Reality cannot be long denied however, and those that deny it, sooner or later will pay the price. There is an old saying, “In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king…” but in the land of the willfully blind, the sighted are hated for their vision.


John Pepin


Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the republicans are proving by their actions, that they are no different than the democrats, showing there is no real opposition party. Both parties seek the administrative form of government without oversight or consequence. The leadership of both parties are progressive/Marxist to the core. They stand for the same things, the republicans think they will be better at keeping the trains on time, under the oppression both parties have in store for us. Clearly, republicans have no intention whatsoever of actually implementing the platform, republicans have been running on since Reagan. They have shown themselves to be spineless worms. The American people are onto them however. We know they are no different than the progressive democrats. With a few notable exceptions, most republicans are new class progressives, who would rather the government make all the decisions for us little people who, in their minds, are too stupid to make our own. How poorly both parties see us.

The republicans however are in full suicide mode. They are showing the world just how useless they are. What a joke they have become. While the democrats are brave enough to throw themselves on the sword, to establish tyranny, and pass Obama care regardless of the consequences… blowing up our healthcare system, leading to untold deaths and suffering, to create the conditions for single payer, a major goal of Marxists. Republicans on the other hand, who have been running against Obama care since it’s inception, are too mealy mouthed and conniving to pass anything of substance. In doing so they are relegating themselves to Whig status.

In the absence of a true opposition party, standing against the progressive plan to destroy the US and create a one world tyranny, from which there will be no escape and no path to advancement, outside the political arena, there will be a groundswell of support by the people for anyone that is brave enough to stand against it. People are far more intelligent than the new class credits. We understand what they are doing and they know what they are doing, we can read their books, Rules for Radicals, Cloward and Pivon, UN agenda 21 and now agenda 2030, and read their websites, Socialism means one world, for example. No amount of hiding their intent with the code of the culture of critical discourse can hide their aims. That republicans do nothing to stop the agenda, only slow it, shows they seek the same think as all new class progressives.

What a debacle they have created for themselves. By running as the opposition party, but when in charge of the House, Senate and Presidency, they are unable to move the dial even a notch back to liberty and limited government,they have utterly discredited themselves. In fact republicans are finding common cause with democrats to limit our freedom of speech! It isn’t odd that both parties only find common cause, when limiting our freedoms and expanding the role scope and reach of government, it is what we have come to expect. The republican party is a faux party. It is just a means to fool the American people into believing our vote counts. Like Mark Twain once said… “If voting made a difference they wouldn’t let us do it.” The republican party today is proving that adage to be absolutely true.

It is time for a new party. Not one made up of RINOs jumping ship to hold onto power… but of constitutionalists, freedom loving people and laissez faire capitalists. People who actually seek to crush oppression, allow everyone to get ahead, smash the glass ceilings, stop factionalizing us with racist claims of racism, eliminate crony capitalism and strengthen the US rather then try to destroy it. Sadly however, these things don’t have the support of the progressive new class, who controls our media, judiciary, government, businesses, and hands out the money. It was evident when the much loathed Koch brothers switched their allegiance to Hillary Clinton in the last election. Clearly they only support republicans because they want to run the one world government, not stop it, nor do run of the mill republicans. If a new party could come about that does these things and makes a real stand against the rising oppression, the republican party would disappear like a cloud of smoke. Good riddance.


John Pepin

Our Subhuman Elite

Monday, July 31st, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, even a cursory glance at the news, highlights the terrible situation we are in and that it is getting worse by the day. Not just Americans or Europeans, not the riots and runaway hyperinflation of Venezuela, nor the threat of nuclear war with North Korea, or even the genocide of Christians… but all of us, every man woman and child on the planet, we are in deep trouble. So… why is it that our leaders, who are undeniably the reason the world is in the horrible shape it is in, distract, lie, steal from us, connive against us, vilify each other and make the situation worse, rather than try to improve it? The tired old adage they have differing views on how to solve the problems they created is too shopworn to take seriously. The elite act like children. If you or I did a tenth of what the elite do, and get away with, we would be fired, prosecuted and jailed. Make no mistake, those who run the world are basically, subhuman. A subspecies that lacks the morality of the herd, don’t have the intellect of a jack rabbit nor the backbone of a snake, they destroy everything they touch, and like a child who’s fingers are covered with sugary goo, they touch everything.

You really couldn’t make this stuff up. Had a writer written a century ago… that in 2017 in the US, babies would be slaughtered faster than the Nazis did Jews in the extermination camps, then sell their parts, the people who exposed them are tried and may go to jail, the government would establish atheism as the state religion, monuments to Jesus would be replaced by monuments to Satan, pedophilia would have an advocacy group, the government would sell guns to Mexican drug cartels then blame gun shops in an attempt to undermine the second amendment, the attorney general would lie to Congress without consequence, we would be taking in tens of thousands of people who openly despise us and our constitution, illegal immigrants would be above the law even allowed to rape and murder with only a temporary ostracism as punishment, our politicians would be above the law and care not who knows it, our money would be fiat, we would have to get used to terrorism to prove how inclusive we are, our children would graduate high school unable to read, write or make change for a dollar but know everything there is to know about how to have gay sex, even as we are facing dozens of potentially existential threats the government spends billions to prove a hoax, etc… the story would have been called too absurd to print!

To the elite, what is theirs is theirs, and what is our is theirs too. They have set up dozens of scams to steal from working people. From the monthly fines of the politically connected big banks to the tune of billions of dollars, where no one goes to jail but the shareholders are fleeced, by the executives as well as the government, where our earnings are stealthily whisked away by inflation due to the printed fiat currency, where our jobs are undermined and sent overseas by regulations designed to prop up politically favored derelict firms to the detriment of growing entrepreneurial firms, while our children’s money is stolen by deficit spending before they even get to grade school, as the elite cast a greedy eye on our bank accounts and 401Ks to “balance the budget,” and our real property is subject to forceful seizure for whatever reason the elite want it for. The elite, around the world, are criminals who in a sane world would be cooling their heels in prison, continue to destroy all that is good and prop up all that is bad.

The deep state war on Trump is only a symptom of the underlying problem not the cause. Trump derangement syndrome is a very real thing and can be seen in real time by watching any major news outlet. It is obvious they have gone completely insane. Those who have created this dire situation, are intent on pointing the finger at someone else, anyone else. The elite have shown themselves to be untermensch in the worst sense of the word. They are the underlying problem. The elite today are the epitome of every bad trait humanity has ever created. The problems we face today are mere symptoms of the evil of our leaders. It is past time for us to recognize our leaders only have their own narrow interests in mind as they rule. If we don’t act now, and demand the elite follow the law and especially our Constitutions, all will be lost. To borrow a phrase… You don’t have to be a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing, especially when it is a typhoon wind.


John Pepin

Change as a Political Mantra

Sunday, July 23rd, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, political movements that proclaim change as their universal immortal mantra, must always create suffering, want and drama, in order for their message to sell. Obviously, in a time and place where there is Nirvana, the economy is going gangbusters, government is all but non existent, crime is something read about in books and the kids all have carefree childhoods… no one would want change. Therefore, those who peddle change need the economy to grind along sufficient to keep from collapsing, but poorly enough so that want strides the land. Social unrest and crime sell change better than any ad agency ever could. Place government right at the heart of the problems and change is a winner all around.

Change is especially attractive to the young. Kids in school believe they are the smartest people who ever lived and those who have an inflated sense of self are the easiest marks. You did and I did, we all believed we were the wisest people on the planet when we were young, and many of us still do. It is only through the tempering of the raw knowledge we gained in school by life experience, and most of that, mere propaganda, before someone is able to recognize a scam, especially one packaged so beautifully. The very idea of change is exciting to youth. Young and unwise people romanticize change, dream about how much better everything will be after, imagine themselves as the benevolent autocrat ruling for the betterment of mankind and picture how pristine the planet will be once fossil fuels are forbidden.

That is why change always leads to a worse outcome for everyone but the politicians. Politicians peddling the snake oil, change, will have the starry eyed youth manning their trenches. Loyal soldiers who are immune to any barrage of reason or empirical evidence contradicting their beloved change. Riding the swell of youth acting against their own interests, politicians peddling change then can make the situation such that everyone will want change. The worse they can make everything, the better their message of change will resonate, not just with the youth but with everyone who has lost their job, wife, husband, healthcare and dignity.

It is against the self interest of people selling change then to improve things. I think at this point we can all agree, people act in their own perceived self interest. That is why people are so happy to vote for the politician who will use the power of the state to take from another to give the themselves. They see it in their self interest to receive money for their vote. Outside of any discussion of if it is in one’s self interest, rightly understood, to do so, we can see that people do it because they perceive it to be in their self interest. Politicians who peddle change are acting in their self interest as well. The message sells, once in power it is easy to pretend to try to change things for the better, while working to change things for the worse. Since it is always much easier to change things for the worse, that politician who hawks change will always be able to create the conditions where that message sells. It is in their self interest to make things worse as they pitch change.

When you hear someone selling change, you know the change they are selling is always for the worse. Generally, people peddling change will help their core constituency at the cost to society, since doing so gets both their core constituents paid off for their support, and creates conditions where the message of change resonates. In the long term however, change always makes even the most politically favored group’s fortunes lower. Eventually only the top political echelon have plenty while everyone else has little. People act in their self interest and so those who gain power based on change will always seek to make conditions such that change is a winner.

This paradigm only works as long as the people are ignorant of the game. Once those pitching change have become so brazen people cannot help but to see, even when they seek not to, the message is seen for what it is. Usually far too late to do anything to stop the inevitable destruction. People will become angry once the charade is discovered and some will become violent. This has happened many times in history when the elite have been discovered for who they are, those same great men Thrasymachus so admired in The Republic. Those selling change will have their Marie Antoinette and Benito Mussolini moments, not because it is just or right, but because they have striven so mightily to deserve it.


John Pepin

Scientific Advance is Predicated on Philosophical Advance

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me… you cant have warp drives, until you have the philosophy to invent them. A prerequisite for technological advancement is human hearted philosophical advancement. In other words, before science can advance, there needs to be the philosophical foundation for it first. Just as medicine needed the philosophical advance, that accepted human dissection for medical research is moral, before it could advance beyond leeches and toadstools. Aristotle originally wanted to be a natural philosopher, a scientist perhaps a botanist, but the state of science at the time made such an endeavor useless, so he went into the area that advanced the philosophy, so those pursuits in the sciences could be made. This is a natural mitigating factor in keeping scientific advance behind philosophical advance. It protects us from ourselves. Problems come in however when barbarians conquer more advanced peoples and gain technology which they couldn’t have created, are ill equipped to understand the ramifications of, but are more than willing to use. The higher the level of technology the more dangerous this principle becomes.

Each scientific advance was preceded by a philosophical advance. The creating of the gun and cannon was preceded by Christianity. Others had black powder for centuries before, and many had put it to some use, but hadn’t made guns. It was only after the widespread adoption of Christianity and it’s often ignored doctrines of, love thy neighbor as thyself, Do unto others as you would have others do unto you, let he who is without sin cast the first stone, turn the other cheek, etc… These concepts had been known and indeed some are the foundations of Confucianism and Buddhism, but no one had combined them the way Jesus had, and so, as a combined group they did what they had not individually, giving rise to an emergent philosophy leading to a leap in humanity’s human heartedness. This opened the way for much more than guns, but advances in all the sciences, and even the creation of the market system. Then, people who didn’t follow that philosophy, only the tribal clique, picked up those advances in warfare, navigation and economics and subjugated the world.

Philosophy is like vision. Without it a being can survive by staying close to it’s home. Since a blind animal cannot detect danger as efficiently as a seeing one, it must be more wary. Blind animals also have a limited ability to perceive the world in context. The story of the three blind men, is helpful here, all touching an elephant then describing what an elephant is. Each correct in his own way but incorrect in a macro sense because they could not see the elephant. Exactly the same way people who’s philosophy has not opened their eyes yet cannot see the world in context, cannot understand the meaning of what is going on around them and cannot navigate anywhere near as efficiently. Philosophy is the same way but in a level of conscience sense. The higher the level of philosophy the better we can see… so to speak. Note, I said the higher the level, not the newness of the philosophy. There have been as many steps back as there have been steps forward. It’s just once they are understood the steps backward are rejected while the steps forward are incorporated.

People with a stone age philosophy will never create iron let alone a warp drive. Not because they are too stupid but because their philosophy is too limiting. Before one can create iron, one must be open to the idea of iron. If the idea is rejected out of hand, for whatever reason, the corporeality that comes of the idea cannot come into being. The thing simply cannot be made. If they are given iron, or trade for it, they see it, understand it’s utility and so their minds are expanded to include the idea of iron, but that still doesn’t mean they could have created it. The same applies to the Roman times, the Dark Ages, and even today’s post modernist philosophy, all are blind in one way or another, most if not all in many ways. As a result our science is limited by our vision. This is by no means a bad thing. A caveman with a machine gun is dangerous because he is unpredictable with it. Your brother with a machine gun is not dangerous because he is predictable. The first will use it in fits of anger having not the philosophy to control himself, the second only as a toy for target practice, unless he or his loved ones are threatened. The limiting factor of philosophy is a good thing.

The problem occurs, when people who lack the civilizing influence needed for a technology… get their hands on it. Take nuclear energy for example. Does anyone in their right mind really believe that sooner or later there will not be a horrific nuclear meltdown in North Korea, India, Pakistan or Iran? Even the fastidious Japanese, riddled with obsessive compulsive disorder, had a catastrophic meltdown. Yes, it took a nearly magnitude 10 earthquake and towering tsunami, but the consequences linger to this day and will remain for a very long time. If our philosophy as a human race had advanced sufficiently to be fooling with nuclear energy, we would be building thorium reactors rather than Uranium reactors. That we build uranium reactors, despite their inherent danger, for the plutonium that is handy for building nuclear bombs, while thorium reactors are far safer but do not produce the components for nuclear weapons, shows our present lack of human heartedness, (philosophy).

Since philosophy is both a limiting and forwarding factor in human scientific understanding, it makes sense to try to advance it, as much as possible. The more human hearted the philosophy the greater the level of scientific achievement that is possible. Those philosophy’s that have been dead ends, those that lead to the subjugation of individuals, must be abandoned… while those that have produced the greatest advances on humanity should be embraced. Pragmatically then, no matter if we as a human race embrace Christianity, we must embrace the teachings of Jesus as the philosophical advance they are. We should subscribe to the philosophy of capitalism as it was during the 1920s to reanimate the economy. We need to return to the nuclear family as the answer to the scourges of abortion, drugs, crime and hopelessness. We, as a people, must look at what philosophies has worked in the past and embrace only those, abandoning others that have failed us, only in that way can we be ready to advance to the next level of technological and scientific advancement.


John Pepin