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The Future is up to Us…

Monday, April 20th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, we are well on our way to world socialism. Socialists, Progressives and Marxists believe there are two possibilities for the evolution of the socialist world state. The first, and the one they openly avow, is the Brave New World, the second, the one they know in their hearts will happen, is 1984. Of course neither scenario is rosy, both involve coercion of individuals for the benefit of the “society.” The new class worship at the alter of Marx, whether they are progressives, socialists or outright Marxists. They cannot imagine a future where people are free, prosperous and peaceful. Such a future is far too boring for them. The new class shows their presumption of a dark future in their dystopian science fiction movies, books and articles. Even as they seek an interesting future, it is up to us to fight that exciting future, and instead replace it with a boring one, for the sake of our children and their children.

The reason progressives, socialists and Marxists pay lip service to the brave new world is the assumed economic prosperity of that system. The brave new world is one where consumption is a sacrament. Society is broken up into several classes, where most are intentionally retarded as babies to ensure they stay in their place. Others, the alphas, run the show but are controlled by use of physical pleasure and the constant threat of exile, keeping them in line. In the brave new world, all thought is reduced to absurdly simple jingles, love is against the law, consumption is a religion, the family is a historic oddity, and instead of being for procreation… sex is merely for recreation.

The new class claims the brave new world is the most likely, because at first glance it appears to be the least scary, while 1984 is so dark even the most ardent Marxist shudders at the thought. In 1984, love is outlawed, thought is controlled, the state is in perpetual war, the family is illegal, people are monitored in their own homes and philosophy is reduced to newspeak. In one version of the the movie 1984, when the hero and heroin are caught in a love affair, a disembodied voice commands them to stand back to back, and as a helicopter approaches, the voice says, “Here comes a candle to light up your bed, here comes a chopper to chop off your head,” as storm troopers break in and arrest them. All reason has been reduced to ridiculous newspeak, where opposites are connected like, war is peace, and freedom is slavery.

Every time socialism has been tried it has followed the 1984 path instead of the brave new world. Even if the brave new world paradigm could happen it is every bit as dark as 1984. They both have a great deal of commonality. We see the seeds of both being planted today. The surveillance state is growing around the world, to the point where you are even monitored in your own home if you have a smart television, the family is under attack by the state, our education system dumbs down our children to the point they only respond to five second jingles, the world is in perpetual war, we are manipulated by our emotions, sex is held up as the ultimate recreation, newspeak is more and more common from our leaders, and the new class are defacto alphas.

As we watch our world descend into a darkness there is something we can do. We can fight the mind control that tells us that only a new class progressive can win an election, vote our principles instead of our pocketbooks, argue against the need for a surveillance state, refuse to fall for the trap of hate even as those who’s hearts are full of hate claim to be inclusive, protect our constitution at all costs and remain true to liberty… which is the penicillin for the brave new world and 1984. Most of all, we must think with our minds and not with our hearts. Our hearts can be manipulated easily by jingles, calls to emotion and five second sound bites, but our minds require information not mere rimes.

Yes, even a cursory glance at the state of the world today, shows that we are well on our way to 1984. The brave new world might be the goal for our new class alphas but the difference is so small it is insignificant. Humanity, in both scenarios is gone, and people are reduced to expendable automatons, that are as thoughtless as they are vile. To achieve the goal of 1984, or the brave new world would be a catastrophe for the human race, and would usher in a new dark age, far darker and more violent than anything you or I could imagine. The test for us, is if the new class has so perverted us, we are now incapable of withstanding the dystopian future they have in mind for the human race, or do we stand up and push back. Our children’s fate is in our hands. Please God, may we not let them down!


John Pepin

Our Bright Future is in Our Hands.

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, if governments did only their core responsibilities, the world’s economy would expand rapidly, wars would become a thing of the past and crime would become rare. People who run the governments around the world, have created a system where their power and wealth is protected and enhanced by regulation, taxes, usurpations and war. To that end the bureaucracy is their most powerful tool. It is in actuality arbitrary rule with an administrative face. The role of government is, and always has been, warped. Since the first tyrant usurped power and attacked his neighbor to expand the tyrant’s domain, government was set up by and for the powerful. That dark paradigm has existed up to today with only a very few bright stars. We remember them in our history books, lore and our imaginations. The future could be bright instead of dark, if governments followed the examples of those singular places and times, where government took it’s rightful role, instead of being the means for evil people to meet their wants at cost to humanity.

When Rome threw off the yoke of the tyranny of kings and became a republic, protecting the rights and property of all the people, it started down a path that would lead it to become the longest lasting empire the world has ever seen. At it’s apex Rome covered most of the then known world. It’s economy was second to none and the military might it wielded couldn’t be matched. Contrary to popular opinion, Rome didn’t invade any of it’s neighbors, it only fought defensive wars, and if a neighbor kept attacking it, Rome would conquer it, leave the government intact, only placing a governor to make sure it didn’t attack Rome again. Every city state that Rome conquered in that way was better off than before in every measurable way. That is how Rome expanded during the republican years.

From this example, we see that when the city state of Rome had a government that followed it’s right role, Rome was prosperous and safe, when it abandoned that right role of government, crime, tyranny and poverty ruled. In republican Rome the people were jealous of their liberty and the elite kept to their place. Once the elite, patricians, realized they had the power to take the wealth and property of the people, plebeians, they began destroying Rome from within. The rot started when those who wielded political power began increasing that power and using it to steal. They must have had some knowledge of what they were doing, but their selfish interests trumped philosophy and patriotism for their country. It has been said that when Rome was a republic, it enjoyed nothing but good fortune, and when it became a tyranny, is suffered nothing but catastrophe. Every nation, country and empire is the same.

One of government’s principle economic downfalls, was the invention of the administrative state, the bureaucracy. A legislative body meets in the open, with every eye of the nation upon it, when an executive signs, vetos or enacts a law there is not one person who doesn’t know who did it and why, but where bureaucracy reigns, every act is hidden by the bureaucracy itself, with no one to hold accountable and no one to who has responsibility. Right government is transparent and accountable while wrong government is opaque and all powerful. By this definition bureaucracy is wrong government. Opaque government is the system most people have had to live under since the dawn of time, and only a very few people in limited periods of time got to enjoy transparent government, before they were destroyed from within, by those very people entrusted with it’s protection. Moreover, bureaucracy needs something to do, and what it does is regulate, and so regulation must grow forever, until the eventual fall.

It is in the interests of those who run governments to make as large a proportion of the population dependent on government, and therefore them, as possible. Doing so increases their power, lowers the chance of their loosing that power and allows them to hand out largess to their cronies. Wealth in such a system flows only to those with political favor. That is how Bernie Sanders, the socialist Senator from Vermont, went from welfare to becoming a multimillionaire simply by holding public office. His case is no different than the Roman statesmen, who connived to take the land from the plebeians, or the elite who took all the land from the citizens of Athens, requiring Solon’s sage innovations. All governments are the same, those with political power live above the law, and those without political power are below it’s protections.

It isn’t me who is saying that limited government creates prosperity, peace and equanimity, it is history, along with the smartest human beings to ever draw a breath, I am just parroting them. Taxes are a drag on the economy, that cannot be denied, and they only go up, regulation is friction to an economy, yet they are never high enough, those in government refuse to hold themselves to any of their own laws or constitutional limits, and there is always some tin pot dictator who wants to subject more people and more land to his despotism. That is the nature of government, we all know this intuitively, but listen when the elite claim limited government would be a catastrophe, and it would be… for them.

The future could be bright, and might be, if only we demand it… but the elite will use every dirty trick in the book to hold onto their usurped power, prerogative and wealth. The internet could be a means to reclaim our sovereignty, but now it is being groped by the greasy hands of the bureaucracy. There are some who say that technology is going to advance so fast, even the most ardent regulator wont be able to reign in our freedom, lets pray and work to that goal. The capacity of humanity to create untold wealth and peace for everyone is unlimited. The only thing standing in the way of humanity’s living in that peace, prosperity and liberty, is government and those who run it.


John Pepin

Our Bright Future

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, I usually warn about potential threats to our liberty and prosperity, but that gives a skewed impression of my true beliefs about the future. I do see many possible dangers facing us, some are from our government(s) running amok and others are foreign in nature, while they have the potential of lowering us and our children to serfs and slaves, the future in the long term, is bright. Mankind has never advanced in a straight line. The progress in human understanding has always been through fits and starts. Sometimes reversing direction for a long time but always eventually getting back on track. The Dark ages were just such an example. Mankind taken as a whole, is a complex system, complex systems have a way of finding equilibrium. This equilibrium of the complex system that is humanity, is generally to improve the standard of living, increase the liberty of individuals and limit the power of political favor as well. In the long, or perhaps short term, this bodes well for the future of humanity.


If we look back at the arc of human history we can see that people’s lives used to be short, violent and brutish, (to use another’s phrase). This is still true in some parts of the World. The evils that humanity has seen are largely a result of our own ignorance and self indulgence. Slavery for example has largely been eliminated from human existence. Unfortunately, there are those who enslave others still, but they are almost universally criminal and not State sanctioned. This is a huge step for mankind. That slavery is becoming more and more detested, by people the World over, is a sure sign there is hope for us.


Thrasymachus said that most people want to live their lives in peace. This is true enough but he went on to say that the great men want power over others. This always manifests itself in the form of political power. The “great men” that he spoke of were and are the political elite. It is human nature to seek power over others. This is the thesis of Freud’s concept of the id. Irrational, lusting after whatever the id wants. Power being at the top. That human governments have put in place checks and balances to limit and minimize this aspect of our nature is another sign that we are able to learn. That the majority of us want to live in peace is another source of hope.


The founding of the United States and the subsequent writing of our Constitution was a seminal event in human history. It was an evolutionary step in limiting the power of the political elite. Rome had limited the elite through the use of the Consular system, which worked well for them for hundreds of years, but eventually failed. Ancient Greece used the Ostracism to limit the power of the elite to some avail, but in the writing of a constitution the power of government was enumerated in a written document, open for all to see, but most importantly… enforceable. The true innovation in the American Constitution was stating overtly, that the power of government comes from the people, not that the people’s liberty comes from the government.


Of course the elite have always sought to free themselves of whatever shackles that are placed on them. This is why there have been so many failures of governmental systems. This is as inevitable as the sun rising in the east. The attempts of the elite to throw off any limitations on their power are the reason humanity has retreated so often. We can expect this to continue as long as there are people. That we have advanced so far is reason for optimism. Perhaps we will loose our liberty to the elite today but it would be foolish to believe future generations will not again win it back. The nature of complex systems are that they have long tailed events. Unlikely happenings, that change the system profoundly, and sometimes in kind.


Capitalism has proven itself to be the most efficient means to advance mankind’s humanity to man, as well as generate prosperity, whenever and wherever it is used. This knowledge is like a genie escaping from a bottle, it cannot be put back in. Limited government through constitutionalism has proven itself to be the best way to insure that the elite don’t misuse the power invested in them. Western Philosophy, while often nonsensical, has brought us the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Enlightenment and constitutionalism as well. Eventually teaching the basic truth that all men are created equal. The future of mankind is bright. Our children, or maybe great great grand children, will inherit the stars. When that happens humanity will have suffered, loved and matured. Isn’t that the way all things grow? To start as an infant, grow to be self indulgent adolescents and eventually to mature into productive adults. Hsun Ching said the congenital nature of man is evil and that the good in us is a learned trait. I expect humanity is no different… we are learning to be good, and good we will eventually be.





John Pepin