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Progressivism, Marxism and Socalism Explained

Thursday, December 8th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, a sense of superiority leads to jealousy and envy, all three of which are primary attributes of progressives. Another aspect of a superiority complex is disdain for another’s opinion and indeed other people in general. That disdain is manifested by a lack of self awareness, personal attacks rather then logical debate, an inability to see another person’s point of view, poverty of empathy, refusal to admit defeat, boorish behavior, cheating, and a need to control others. The person who believes him or herself to be better than others, will favor arbitrary rule, as they see others as subhumans to be controlled and limited. Since everyone else is untermensch to the progressive, all cultures are equal, equally loathsome, since the progressive believes themselves so much better than the rest of us. If we look at progressives in this light, it becomes obvious why they support the things they do, and why the are so righteous in their attitude.

When someone believes themselves superior to another, if that lesser person has more money, a bigger car, nicer house or prettier wife, that superior man is incensed at the injustice of it. How can someone who is less smart, less wise, uglier and more ignorant get that money, car, wife, etc… unless it has been got unjustly or by sheer luck. When someone lesser gets recognized for a contribution, the superior woman knows it cannot be because the lesser person is smarter, it is because the world doesn’t recognize their personal greatness. All of which inevitably leads to jealousy and envy. Envy being the primary emotion of progressives and jealousy being the primary motivating factor in their opinions.

If you believe yourself smarter than everyone else why would you listen to their foolish opinions? Such haughtiness doesn’t lend itself to self examination instead it leads to self aggrandizement. No matter if something the progressive believes is proven, over and over to be false, that empirical evidence is irrelevant, the progressive knows he or she is right no matter what. It is the world that is wrong. That is why no amount of logic or evidence will sway them. When they are inevitably proven wrong they refuse to admit it, instead attack the messenger, and continue believing blindly in whatever their superiority lead them.

Emotion is their wheelhouse. People who are consumed with self importance cannot be swayed by logic, they believe themselves to be far too insightful to accept mere logic, which is of course based on emotion. The progressive believes his wisdom to be far greater than everyone else as is their morality. That is why a progressive will argue all day long you can’t legislate morality, while at the very same time scream this or that is unconscionable, which means it offends their superior sense of morality. A morality based on their personal feelings rather than an overriding morality all of us must bow to. That superior woman cannot be asked to bow to any morality that is not of her own making since that other morality is of a lesser quality.

Cultural relativism makes perfect sense to the contemptuous progressive. Since everyone and everything is to be held in disdain they are all equally contemptible. One idiotic religion is the same as another and one stupid culture is just as imbecilic as any other. Why should someone who believes himself a god, bow to God, who clearly has made a flawed world. Flaws the progressive is far too intelligent to have made. Moreover, free will is scorned, since so many lesser people don’t do what the progressive knows in her absolute wisdom is best, that is just another of God’s mistakes. The imperious know they must right the wrongs of all us lesser beings, and even God himself, creating a utopia that after we submit to, we will thank and finally recognize them for their superiority.

Since the rest of us are so much less in every way to the progressive even our thoughts should be controlled. After all, thought is the means to action, and since our actions show we should be scorned, the best way to stop our stupidity is to control our thoughts, Moreover, since we are so stupid we don’t instantly recognize their superiority submitting ourselves to their enlightened rule, their only option is to force us to think as they see fit. Which is why vote fraud is acceptable to progressives. If we only had the intellect to think as they would have us think, the world would be a so much better place. If they have to kill a few million of us subhumans, oh well, if you want to make an omelet you have to break some eggs. Perhaps if enough of us lesser people are killed the human genome could be improved. Which leads us to eugenics.

Eugenics is a way our betters can improve the rest of us, of course we will never be as smart, wise or all knowing as the haughty, we can be improved by breeding, violence and thought control. Like a farmer breeds his cows to produce more milk or more loin, the progressive who is so much smarter than us mere cows, is perfectly in the right to choose who should breed and who should be forcibly sterilized. Which makes bigotry just common sense. The bigot believe herself in every way superior to all others. Especially those who have received more than their just due, should be lowered, and elevating some above others is a great way to do just that. Bigotry is more than just a mindset to a progressive it is a means to punish those who have more than their betters.

All progressive ideals, actions and thoughts can be explained this way. That the rest of us who believe ourselves equal to others, have the humility to recognize that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and feel empathy for the less fortunate, simply proves our inferiority to the progressive. How can someone who is so superior to the rest of humanity have empathy for the less fortunate? That misfortune is merely a result of their inferiority. Our thoughts must be controlled, our lives must be dictated and our very choice of husbands and wives have to be selected for us, else we make a terrible decision leading to even more stupid people. Those of us lesser beings who have the great fortune to be wealthier, have better careers, bigger houses and faster cars need to be put in our places. All cultures need to be destroyed, so the wiser can fix God’s mistakes, and free will is to be held in disdain as another of God’s flaws. The superhuman progressives may be envious and jealous of us idiots but that is because we just don’t deserve what we have received in life, and those goods should be denied us, in the name of justice, the justice of the contemptuous.


John Pepin

The Absurdity of the Absolute Right of the State

Monday, December 5th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, to believe that our Rights come from the State, is to believe in the absolute right of the State. The implication being, that we are merely the slaves of the state to be exploited and tossed away at the suffrage of our rulers, like any other inanimate object. Of course, if all human beings have no innate human Rights, is it logical that no human being can be a ruler, because if a human being is subservient to the state, then how can a human being rule the state? Making the idea that all human beings have no innate rights antithetical to the concept of government. Since government must be run by human beings, and if human beings are mere cogs, government cannot exist. A cog is unable to rule the piston, a ring is not justified in telling a cam what to do and a hose has no power to order a carburetor. Therefore, if the State is all powerful, then it cannot be run by human beings, to do so would be to elevate a sprocket to a god. The only philosophy that logically allows human government is that human beings have innate rights. Rights that emanate from nature or God but never the State.

The state is a mere fabrication of human beings, it does not exist outside of our minds, because nowhere in nature is there a state. Rocks don’t organize themselves into a hierarchy nor do cattle. To argue a wolf pack is essentially a state is as absurd as claiming a thug who takes a life is God. The concept of a state is purely a human idea. Many things are mere fabrications of human beings. Fiction for entertainment is one. Is it possible for an idea to have temporal power over a reality? How can a mere concept, a fantasy, be the progenitor of that which is real, like humanity or our rights? That is impossible. That would be like someone putting a rock on a pedestal and “interpreting” the stone’s will. Clearly a rock cannot have a will. Fantasies are not animate nor are they self aware. The state being a concept and not a real entity it cannot have a will, it cannot have compassion or self awareness. An idea is not alive as the state is not alive, only something that is real and preexists the real, can be the font of that which is real.

There is a long standing philosophical discussion whether our Rights come from God, natural law or the State. The implication of each argument is profound. If our Rights come from something that is not omnipotent but is a fantasy can they really exist? Rights with a capital R, are a superior attribute, a superior quality cannot be derived from mere imagination. Our Rights supersede laws, customs and moors, which in themselves are rules of a very high order, so to supersede rules of such importance, a Right must be superior, as far as respect for them goes. Therefore, for something as superior as Rights to be born of, that thing must be superior, omnipotent, else it cannot bestow such a superior thing as a Right, and if that is the State, then those rights come from fantasy. In other words, a cog who believes there is no such thing as innate rights, bestows rights upon other cogs, because they say they can. Obviously this begs the question and therefore is circular logic.

If you believe our Rights come from God, then God has Rights, and he has lent them to mankind. Only a thing that humanity, and indeed all things living and inanimate, derive from… can be the propagator of our Rights. He who created us is the only being that can bestow rights. If you don’t believe in God then our Rights must come from nature. If that is the case, all living creatures have Rights, moreover, those rights can be observed in the natural order. For example, every animal in existence has the Right to self defense, if that were not so, there would be animals that willingly feed themselves to their predators. We must have the Right to that which we create, else it would be observed in nature those things created by animals being magically whisked away, to another being. Since nature and God are adamant that the individual must have free will, as observed in nature, then free will must be an natural Right. All natural Rights can be described so.

If you believe our Rights come from government, and therefore in the absolute Right of the State, you believe in fairy tales. That a phantasm is the creator of the real. It is astounding that those who claim to be atheists would argue a fantasy is where their human Rights come from. No matter if you believe in God or not, you must believe in nature, else you are insane. Sadly, the circular logic that our Rights come from the state, a cog bestows rights to other cogs because it claims it can, seems to have great hold on a large portion of mankind. Such absurdity is the reason so much of human history is filled with violence, tyranny, suffering and disease. The ignorant belief in a fantasy, especially to claim such a superior thing as our innate Rights come from an illusion, is a sure path to catastrophe. To believe in the all powerful state is the same thing as believing in the all powerful and mighty Oz. Clearly, our Rights come from God and/or nature, and not the fantasy of the state.


John Pepin

The Rising Tide of Censorship

Thursday, November 24th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the desire to censor is inherent in all who would be tyrants, while those who seek to limit government care little what fools may say. To want to be a tyrant is as human as wanting a significant other, human history proves nothing if not that there are those people who seek to tyrannize others, moreover, those who seek to tyrannize others don’t go for janitor jobs, they seek power, government appeals to them and they never seek to leave it’s comfy bosom. The few who seek to limit the power of government usually come from outside government, planning on returning to private life after government, and so they have a goal and an end in sight. When someone plans to spend their life at the teat of government, they are very afraid someone might force them off it and into the harsh reality of life, while those who plan on leaving the government’s warm embrace have nothing to fear. Clearly those who fear will go to extremes where someone without that fear is heedless. So it follows, those who desire political power over the lives of others will resort to the extreme measure of censorship while those who seek to limit the power of evil men over us will not.

A glance at world leaders is pretty enlightening in this context. The European Union is a wealth of examples proving the theory that tyrants prefer to censor while libertarians prefer open communication. Take Angela Merkel, she has glomed onto politics, like tar to road, there is no getting her out of it. Since she is running for a fourth term, or is it her fifth term? Hard to keep it straight since she has been in power in Germany for a whole generation. Clearly Angela Merkel has no plans on ever voluntarily leaving the safety of the government’s nourishing breast. She cannot possibly be so stupid she doesn’t know what she is doing to the German people, which only leaves us to conclude she is intentionally committing genocide against the German people. With the world she, Obama, Putin, Holland and other world leaders have created, ablaze all around us. Christian and Yazidi genocide under their watch, along with violence spreading across the Middle East and North Africa, like a wild fire. Now her top priority is to shut up what she defines as “fake news?!” Could there be a better possible definition of the person I am talking about here than her? Perhaps Obama, Hillary, Holland, etc…

Today I read the Hillary people are claiming she should challenge the vote count because they have found statistical possibility of vote fraud! Really, you couldn’t make this up no one would ever, ever believe you. With all the effort Obama and the democrat party did to ensure a strong dead turnout, busing voters precinct to precinct as well as an overwhelming amount of illegal alien ballots, to put Hillary over the edge. So far Hillary has declined to file any lawsuits… because they would find her side had done the vote fraud! Meanwhile, her surrogates in the bought and paid for unbiased media, are calling for outright censorship of everyone but themselves. No matter that wikileaks released dozens of emails showing collusion between individual reporters as well as editorial staffs of major media outlets, that call themselves unbiased. In truth, the major media that is calling for the banning of “fake” news sites are the very ones who have been caught red handed, passing yellow journalism as unbiased!

Let’s face it, censorship is a beautiful thing, if you are the censor. You can shut up even the most common sense argument by force of law, convention or shaming, leaving your message the only one anyone can hear. At it’s most diabolical it is a means to change people’s very thoughts. Thought control being a long sought goal of tyrants throughout the ages. Because that is exactly what censorship is all about, thought control. If the censor can control what you “know” then they control the parameters of what you can think. If you have never heard of a wheel… how many of us would think about them? Action follows thought. If a tyrant wants to control our actions then control of our very private thought is the best way, censorship is that means, as are hate crimes and any other law that is based on a thought rather than an action.

Since the desire to censor is inherent in the desire to control others, while that need is absent in those who seek less government power, we can say that those who seek censorship are the ones who want to be tyrants, while those who don’t care what others say don’t. From this we can say that political leaders, like Angela Merkel, who seek to censor others also seek tyranny. Tyrants never seek tyranny to improve the lot of Man but to lower it, as the example of Angela Merkel shows. Those who covet political power will cross any bridge, and if denied that power will burn it, as Hillary Clinton has and is. The most magnetic quality of censorship to the tyrant is it’s ability to control thought. Such control is the Eldorado of all tyrants everywhere and at all times. If we then want less government power over us, we have to recognize those who seek to be tyrants and do everything in our power to deny them that power, it is in our self interest rightly understood.


John Pepin

The Trump Victory

Thursday, November 10th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, President elect Trump has been elected with a mandate, a mandate to enact his contract with the American voter. That was the singular policy platform under which Trump won the electoral college with such strong support. There can be no question that Trump’s victory was not eked out, but a resounding up vote, for a return to constitutionalism and an end to cronyism. This election was a referendum on Obama’s corruption, foreign policy disasters, traitorous actions and creeping Marxism, and Obama’s legacy was soundly rejected. Now it is time to roll back the unconstitutional regulations, Obama care, eliminate all the bureaucracy, return the US to Constitutional rule. Now is not the time for nibbling at the edges, we have gone too far away from our founding principles, if Trump doesn’t act now, it may be too late for the US, at least as we know it. The people have spoken, we want liberty, justice and free enterprise. Trump is at the beginning, will he be a great president, or will he preside over the further destruction of the United States? I hope and pray his ego will not allow him to preside over our great nation’s ruin but follow through with his campaign pledge, his contract with the American voter.

In every state Trump was supposed to take according to the polls, Trump took handily, by large margins. In those states Hillary was supposed to take, if she did keep them it was by the narrowest of margins. Even with all the naked election fraud, of which much has been written and the empirical evidence keeps stacking up, Hillary could only barely get over the top in almost all of her states. Only in the most insane progressive states did Hillary do well in. The fact the popular vote was so close, with Hillary possibly even edging it out, is a testament to where this nation is, with the mega cities looking for someone to give them tyranny, poverty and arbitrary rule, versus the rural and urban people who seek liberty, prosperity and justice. By every empirical measure, states won, the margin of victory in states won, the margin in states held and lost, the overt vote rigging that took place, by every criterion Trump was elected in a landslide, which is the definition of a mandate.

The American people rejected every policy of the Obama administration and voted loudly to do away with them. Obama’s policies have resulted in stagnation of the US economy, even though it has been bolstered by the twin Keynesian stimuli of zero interest rates, and mind boggling deficit spending. Both of which have only resulted in a hundred trillion dollar bond bubble and Obama running up the deficit more than all other Presidents before him combined! Not a penny of monetized debt has trickled from the hands of the politically favored into the grubby hands of the masses. The world is on fire because of Obama’s policies, Iran has a clear path to nuclear weapons, Europe is teetering under the weight of refugees, people who despise the folks, culture and customs of Europe, like cockroaches forced out of a burning house, a fire Obama and Merkel set. Overt corruption has become the norm under Obama just like under every socialist, the scandals of the Obama administration all have the same thing in common, a disdain for the US constitution, the rule of law and limited government. From the Fast and Furious scandal, which was a broadside against the Second Amendment, to the IRS targeting conservative groups during an election season, which was a naked abuse of power, Obama and Hillary have shown themselves to be the enemies of liberty, prosperity and justice.

Trump’s contract with the American voter is what the American people voted for. Yes we rejected Obama and all his policies, but we voted for something as well, limited government instead of unlimited government (for our own good), justice instead of arbitrary rule (to protect jobs), and free enterprise rather than socialism (in the name of fairness). We voted to get control of our boarders, stop those from coming here, who are coming here to do us harm, to do what is needed to stay a sovereign nation. We voted for a 100 day growth agenda. We voted to take back our great nation from those who seek to sacrifice the United States and limited government at the alter of global government. We voted for a return to Constitutional government, with it’s separations of powers and away from the administrative state with it’s centralizing of all powers.

Just to have surmounted the vote fraud shows how much the American people want change. Change to constitutional government. We want to be rid of Obama care and the tsunami of regulations Obama enacted, most of all, I think people are sick and tired of the obvious corruption. When a politician can get away with multiple obvious felonies, and not even be charged with them, while at the same time citizens are punished severely for far less serious crimes of the same nature, there can be no question arbitrary rule has become the norm. The United States stands at the beginning and the end, will Trump infuriate the media, that calls itself unbiased by following his contract with the American voter, or will he cave and nibble around the edges, like a good little progressive RINO? I pray Trump follows his contract and is the greatest President of all time because of it.


John Pepin

The Struggle Between Liberty and Tyranny…

Thursday, November 3rd, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, all of human history can be described, not as class warfare… but between those that seek tyranny and those that prefer liberty. There have been times when the proletariat have sought liberty, and others where the masses have preferred tyranny, the same holds true of the Bourgeoisie and the elite. Both sides are self serving, those that seek liberty however, serve the needs and wants of all of society, while those who favor tyranny only serve their own narrow self interests. Once we understand that history is actually a struggle between the forces of autocracy and freedom much of human history comes into focus. Allegiances, wars, economic policies, socialism, free enterprise, and every other policy governments have come up with, are merely battles in the greater war between liberty and tyranny. Each seeking to hold mankind in it’s sway forever.

Class conflict is always based on the struggle between liberty and tyranny, the factions may change seats, but the conflict is always the same. The hoi polloi have great power in their numbers but are like a herd of cats, dangerous, sweeping but uncontrolled. The elite are fewer in numbers and have political as well as economic might, but to keep those attributes, the elite must constantly be wary of the people. Most often the people seek liberty but usually live in tyranny, while the elite almost always enjoy liberty but usually seek tyranny. Occasionally, the people have sought tyranny while the elite have hoped for liberty, as in the case of the founding of the US. The people wanted a king but the elite wanted limited government.

If we examine history through the lens of a struggle between tyranny and liberty much of human history is made less opaque. The various wars are obviously a struggle between tyranny and liberty, but other historical events can be described as the struggle as well. Economic policies for example, socialism is all about promoting tyranny while free enterprise is all about forwarding liberty. The French Revolution was ostensibly about restoring liberty to France but resulted in tyranny. How did that happen? Because the people who overthrew the aristocracy and king never had liberty as their goal, the revolutionaries never sought freedom, instead they wanted to be the tyrant themselves. The struggle between liberty and tyranny can be applied to every time and place, while Marx’s dialectic only describes the European feudal state, and then not very well.

With the insight that the struggle between liberty and tyranny gives us we can examine the roles of the various players in human history. We can place them in which faction they go and in doing so we can understand the arc of human history. Like the French Revolution the players usually don’t let their actual positions known, because those positions would undermine their effort to succeed, in establishing tyranny. Robespierre wrote about liberty as a means to fool the people into following his form of tyranny. While those who sought tyranny backed the French revolution, others who understood the struggle wasn’t between classes, castes or other social station, but between those who sought tyranny and those who prefer liberty, like Burke, correctly predicted the outcome. Not based on a supernatural understanding of human nature, but of the fundamental nature of the struggle, and that most of the participants wanted to replace the tyranny of the king, with tyranny of the proletariat.

Those few occasions where and when liberty won, ushered in the heights of human philosophy, science and human heartedness, plus, they have raised the lot of mankind, socially, economically, politically and culturally. The results of the few victories liberty has tasted, show it to be exponentially better for the human race and indeed individuals themselves, than tyranny. Yet the pull of tyranny is uncontrollable for some people. Some might trick themselves into believing they will be benevolent tyrants, others know just what it is they seek, but to them tyranny is a siren call, unavoidable, inevitable and too powerful to resist. The people who prefer tyranny usually understand that liberty is better for humanity but the pull of unlimited power over others cannot be resisted.

If we as a race start to understand that we live in a constant struggle between the forces of tyranny and liberty, we can start to get more liberty, and less tyranny. To do so however requires an understanding that most who claim to stand for liberty actually seek tyranny. The way to tell the difference is to look at the policies they propose. The cause of liberty is never helped by more regulations, more laws or more control, just as tyranny is never promoted by more freedom, more autonomy from the state or limited government. Those that claim their form of “liberty” demands more control of our actions, thoughts and even how we worship, are those who seek tyranny, while people who promote less government, less control, freedom of thought, and religion, are those who fight on the side of liberty. Human history is one long fight between the forces of tyranny and those of liberty, if we want a better life for our children then it is time to take sides, side with liberty.


John Pepin

Meritocracy and Corruptocracy

Monday, October 31st, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, once government corruption has reached such levels the corpus political bursts open revealing all the corruption inside, and the people are not revolted, that is when we have become a “Corruptocracy.” The utterly and openly corrupt in power, ruling by corruption to satisfy their own corrupt wants and pay their corrupt cronies, to keep them in power. A Corruptocracy can exist under any system of government, it’s primary attribute is the widespread acceptance of corruption, and so it is not a system of government but a environmental factor. The environment in which government exists could be meritocracy, (the rule by those who merit it), but those occasions are rare, because there is no incentive for meritocracy to start and meritocracy corrodes itself. When you look at our government, the vote rigging, the double standard, arbitrary application of law, open antipathy for our Constitution and outright corruption, would you characterize our government as a Meritocracy or Corruptocracy?

There is a story about an African king who was under Roman rule. His people hated him, he so abused his people he brought them near to riot, until the Roman governor had to step in and arrest the African king, sending him to Rome for trial. Upon reaching Rome the African king started paying bribes to all the people in power. When his trial came he was immediately acquitted. When he returned to rule his home country he abused his people all the more and was arrested again. The cycle happened several times until the African king, shaking off the dust of Rome from his sandals for the fifth time said, If only one were rich enough the Romans would sell their very city… Rome had become a Corruptocracy. So you see, there have been Corruptocracies throughout human history and under many systems of government.

Think about various ecologic systems for a moment. Some are rife with vegetation, a plethora of plants and an abundance of animals. The well being of which depends on the environmental factors. As a desert gets less rain than a rain forest, an arctic tundra is colder than a jungle and so produce different types of flora and fauna, and verdancy (environmental prosperity), economic environments are different producing different type of enterprises as well as different levels of prosperity. Economies have different levels of taxation, regulation, culture, infrastructure, population, demographics, work ethic, rate of natural disasters, access to sea ports… and corruption. Corruption, especially when it has reached the point where the economic and political systems have become corruptocracies, stifles new growth in favor of old rotten existing growth. It is like sacrificing babies so old people can live longer. Forfeiting vitality for infirmity.

Meritocracy is an economic and political environment where people get what they merit. To put it another way, people get what they deserve, those who are smart, hard working and creative get ahead, generating incentives for everyone to be smart, creative and hard working because that will get them ahead. Unfortunately, the congenital nature of man is evil, the good in us a learned trait, which is why, to put it as Schumpeter did… once someone get to the top the first thing they try to do is close the door behind them. If there is no penalty for it, as in government, the door will be closed creating conditions for corruption to grow and stratifying society into haves and have nots, but if there is a penalty, as in the business world absent of cronyism, or in some military services, excellence becomes the norm. So Meritocracy, while a means for rapid rise in the standard of living, has within it the means and incentive for it’s own destruction.

Corruptocracy is the result of Aristotle’s wrong forms of government, tyranny, oligarchy and democracy, gone too far, and has been with us since time immemorial. Since it is in our nature to become corrupt in the absence of penalty for bad behavior, and the greater the stakes the more the incentive to push the boundaries, there is always a tug towards corruption. Meritocracy, while an excellent environment for economies and government to flourish, has within it the seeds of it’s own destruction. So the question remains, looking at the political and economical landscape which we find ourselves today, our political candidates, the incentives around us, our culture, the media, crime rates, racial harmony, the whittling away of liberty, etc… would you say we live in a Corruptocracy?


John Pepin


Thursday, October 27th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, to argue national defense is sufficient cause for a secret, is to argue suicide is necessary for cancer prevention. After all, there is not one secret the US or any other government has, that is not known by other governments, so in reality, when government classifies something secret, they are merely keeping it from citizens, not foreign governments, so, to claim a thing needs to be secret for national security is absurd. The only people who are unable to know what our governments are doing are the people themselves. Look at the “secrets” wikileaks has released, none of them put a single American in jeopardy, the only things threatened are the elite’s machinations. Snowden’s release of information shows how our government violates our Constitution and that is why he is under indictment. In a limited republic that guarantees liberty for it’s citizens, everything government does would be available for any citizen to see. The only thing that grows in darkness is corruption and we have more than a sufficient supply of that.

If government only did what it is supposed to, protect people and property from those who would abuse or abscond, is the only legitimate role of government…. In other words, the police and army. Other things that can be argued are right roles of government are, printing money, building roads and infrastructure, settling disputes between citizens, setting standards and defining governmental boarders. These other roles however, have often been done by citizens themselves, usually better and cheaper. When government sticks to it’s legitimate role it need not maintain thousands of bureaucrats administering government. The more illegitimate roles government takes up… the more things it decides need to be secret. It is the pervasive and ever growing secret state that is a sign that government has breached it’s banks and is flooding the country with red tape and taxes.

When government takes on clearly illegitimate roles like “helping” American industry, the need for secrets grows. As our government gets in bed with tyrants the need for secrets grows, the more illegal activities our government engages in, the more they need to keep secrets, the more powerful government grows the more need for secrets, the more controlling it becomes the more it needs its secrets and the more government monitors the people the more it needs to hide what it is doing. All from the people, not other governments, who have spies to insure they know all there is to know about our government’s secrets, but the citizens whom the government is supposed to serve live in darkness. So the people government is keeping secrets from are the people themselves.

Why keep secrets from citizens? Because government knows what it is doing is wrong. Instead of protecting people’s Rights, lives and property, government has become the biggest threat to our lives, Rights and property. The modern government has as it’s core philosophy, everything within it’s boundaries are the government’s property, the land, houses, cars, factories, and even the people themselves. That which we are allowed to keep is out of government’s beneficence. This is made clear whenever taxes are brought up. The argument is based on the premise all income belongs to government. When that is your mindset, you have to keep it secret from the people you consider your slaves, else they might get uppity.

Of course there will always need to be spies. They are an arm of the army and as such help government meet it’s core role of protecting the people. The amount of secrets however exceeds mere spy craft by orders of magnitude. Plus, why keep the findings of spies on our enemies, secret? Shaming enemy nations should be a legitimate role of spies. Sadly, governments are far more concerned about spying on their own citizens than on potential invading armies. The need for secrets is a sure sign government is grown beyond it’s legitimate role. Everything government does should be freely available to any citizen that asks for it. The Freedom of Information act is a first step but falls short. Every legislators office should have a camera and microphone installed that stream to the internet, the President’s office should be monitored the same way, judges chambers should be recorded and the recording released to the public the day that judge casts his or her decision. Every trade deal should be open to anyone to see, every regulation should be read by the people, every document created by government using tax dollars should be available to the people who paid those taxes, not one aspect of government should be hidden from the people who government is supposed to serve. The more secrets a government has, the more it needs them, because that government is doing something it is not supposed to.


John Pepin

When Life is Fantasy, Comeuppance is a Reality.

Monday, October 24th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, we have, and are, building a world where no one need come in contact with reality at all. Fantasy is an imagined idea. Virtually all of the highest paid professions today are based on fantasy. Lawyers, bureaucrats, university professors, even accountants and business are based on fantasy. The reason I say they are based in fantasy is because they are all founded by ideas, and, (although I detest the term), in A Priori fashion. Therefore, those professions are fantasy, the imagined ideas of those who invented them. Moreover, we are ever further removed from that which keeps us alive. By removed from reality I mean, slaughtering an animal if you want mutton, digging in the ground if you want peas, weaving cloth for your clothes from the thread you wove from flax, starting a fire to stay warm, building a shelter and all the other things that must happen for a human being to live… the reality of life. The farther away from reality one lives the more one lives and works in a fantasy. So, we work in fantasy, live in fantasy, and those who most live in fantasy, are the ones who rule the world.

The law could be anything and it would be called just, indeed it has been radically different in other places and times, and is always called the height of justice by those who practice it, there and then. Meaning, law is only based on ideas, those ideas could be anything, they are therefore fantasies of what the founders believed justice. As in law the ways of structuring a government are as numerous as stars in the sky, all of them ideas of what right government were by their founders, but very few have ever produced the good fruit… of liberty, prosperity and equanimity. Since every form of government is merely an idea, or was one at sometime, they are all fantasies, the imagined ideas of the founders. While they are all fantasies… only a select few are good. The same argument goes for journalism, academics, culture, etc… All these professionals work in a fantasy.

Living in a fantasy is as easy as going to the supermarket to shop, riding down to the Cape on a day trip, turning on a light, reading a book, sleeping in a bed, flying to Paris in spring, turning on the heat on a cold winter night, flushing the toilet, turning on the bathroom fan, watching television, playing golf, riding around the course in a cart, whiling away time on a computer, etc… All of which remove us from the reality of what it takes to physically meet those needs ourselves. The less we understand about what it takes to keep us alive, reality, and the more we mindlessly rely on modernity to meet them, the more we live in fantasy. At the supermarket you can get fruit from across the planet, out of season or grown organically so as to be more in touch with the food. Flushing a toilet is far preferable to the alternative, as is the use of toilet paper, a bidet removes the user even further from the reality of what he or she is doing, enhancing the fantasy.

Living in a fantasy, distant from reality, allows foolish ideas to get merit where, when looked at in the cold light of reality are absurd, a reality most of our leaders are as far from reality as the stars are from us. It isn’t their fault, if everything you live in, work at and spend free time in becomes who you are. Ignorance of reality allows someone to believe things possible that are not, it fosters a holier than thou attitude and living in a fantasy allows one to live in a way impossible, if not for the fantasy world they live in. Sadly, those who are the least in touch with reality are the ones who rule. Bureaucrats, who’s only touch with reality, is when their daughter scrapes her knee and the nanny cleans it up, and reading about it in her report, they are the ones who decide exactly how you and I should do… everything. Lawyers, judges, professors, teachers, journalists, they all work and live in total fantasy. Their lives have no more relation to reality than pulp fiction. Add to that, every day, fewer and fewer people are in touch with reality, or grounded if you will.

Before mathematicians had quantified the physical world people believed in magic. Since they had no idea of what makes a thing fall, that electricity exists, etc… they believed in mystical forces that could be exploited to make the world as they wished it to be. They mixed potions, chanted to various deities and carried all manner of talismans upon them, but to no avail, why, because they were living in a fantasy. Their disconnection from reality created for them, a fantasy, it allowed them to believe the absurd, belief in magic. Their fantasy was based on their ignorance leading to superstition, magic, today the fantasy we live in is based on our ignorance, leading to superstition, progressivism. Only farmers, hunters, people who build things and engineer things, people who have more than a passing knowledge of what it takes to keep a human being alive, are actually grounded in reality. Like a physicist understands why a talisman will not work, a grounded person knows why a policy will not as well. The more our world moves away from reality, I fear the ever greater outcome, because we have become so mesmerized by the fantasy world we live in… is that we as a people will step off a cliff into cultural, societal and economic oblivion.


John Pepin

Liars, Propaganda, and Free Speech

Monday, October 17th, 2016


Dear Friends,

It seems to me, those who peddle lies, cannot abide free speech. The first thing a liar will tell you is how truthful he or she is. Exclaiming from the rooftops how honest and how trustworthy they are. The consummate liar will never admit she lied even when caught in it. Since there is such coercive power in government… liars naturally gravitate to it. Government’s ability to tell a lie and claim it is truth, by fiat and legislation, is very attractive to a liar and is both a means for government, and the liars within it, to amass more power and defend it’s ill gotten rule. One thing that allows a liar to get away with his lies is a willing and complicit media. When there is the convergence of a complicit media and bold faced liars in government, all within the same faction, free speech becomes detestable to them, and is under great threat of extermination.

The single faction that controls all three branches of government, the media, businesses and set our civilizational norms, is the new class. The new class is our modern version of aristocracy. Instead of birthright, yet, the modern aristocracy, new class, is based on education. University professors are the intellectuals of the new class, and lawyers, journalists, doctors, business executives and most politicians are the intelligentsia. The professors, intellectuals, set the agenda and the rest, intelligentsia, bring it about. The new class has wrested the means of production from the bourgeoisie, overwhelmed the culture with their version of reality, undermined our limited government by conniving and warped our culture with perversion. They are mostly progressives who cling to the Frankfurt schools ideology, and apply Herbert Marcuse’s theories how to implement Marxism without the revolution, ie, by hook and by crook. The new class, as a faction, has as it’s main philosophy critical theory, where truth is to be subverted, families are to be destroyed, religion is to be ridiculed and hedonism is to be embraced, as a means to destroy everything western free enterprise has created… all based on lies.

There was a show on NBR, (National Public Radio), called On the Media. On that show the new class overlords of the media, discuss their power to effect culture, society and policy. I used to listen to it. When I listened, the theme of every show invariably was, the media should claim to be unbiased, that even if they are biased they must hide it, to “protect journalism.” In other words, lying to protect their reputations and lies. Have you noticed how the media always claims it is unbiased? How they tell the unvarnished truth and exclaim from the rooftops how honest and righteous they are? All of which, claiming to be unbiased, shouting down their detractors with ad homonym attacks, loudly claiming to be truthful and never admitting when they are caught in a lie, are how liars operate.

Free speech is corrosive to lies. Wherever there is freedom of speech, liars have to compete with truth tellers, for the eyes, ears and minds of the people they are trying to round up and capture. Freedom of speech allows people to dispel the lies. Remember when Dan Rather conjured up a story out of whole cloth describing how George Bush was AWOL constantly during his time in the National Guard? It was a blogger who pointed out the document, Rather and CBS was peddling couldn’t have been typed in a 1967 typewriter, since the font hadn’t been invented until the 1980s. Dan Rather to this day claims he wasn’t lying! The New York Times has been caught so many times creating outright fiction and publishing it as true that it should be considered in the same vein as Arthur C Clark, Henry James and Ernest Hemingway… interesting reading but pure fiction.

Propaganda is government lying to forward a political agenda. Today propaganda has been made legal by the US Congress and signed into law by Obama. In other words, the US government has openly avowed they will lie to us to get us to act against our best interests. The idealized new class President, Barak Obama, shows open loathing for free speech, instead preferring propaganda. Remember Fast and Furious? Obama used naked propaganda to undermine the second amendment… by claiming gun dealers along the US Mexico boarder were supplying weapons to Mexican drug cartels. When he was caught in supplying those weapons himself, the propaganda putsch to outlaw guns along the US Mexico boarder was hushed up, and the lie he peddled was insistently forgotten… proving Machiavelli right. Hillary Clinton has learned well from her husband Bill that lies, no matter how absurd, will be believed if told with a straight face and a tear running down one cheek. Propaganda is a tool of liars and cannot tolerate free speech.

Those who peddle lies shrivel and wither in the light of truth… like a worm on hot pavement. To them, lies are a means to fool the masses into acting against our best interests, and forwarding their diabolical agenda. Happily using the tool of Goebbels, propaganda, to the same ends. One can reliably tell a liar by how loudly and adamantly they claim to be honest. Today the new class, the heirs of national socialism, Marxist ideology, atheistic hedonism and Nietzsche, have as their only real enemy the truth, and they will use deceit at every turn to undermine that enemy. They will do anything to progress the human race to their vision of utopia… a place without the love and nurturing of families, the stark hopelessness of atheism, the emptiness of hedonism and the self absorption of Nietzsche’s super man. All based on lies.


John Pepin

Banks and Government Stealing Our Savings

Thursday, October 6th, 2016


Dear Friends,

It seems to me, government and Too Big to Fail banks, (TBTF) are colluding to steal from retirees. Now that is quite an allegation isn’t it! Imagine how bad it would be if it is true? That would mean government officials are so corrupt they are so corrupt they steal from hard working people, who have gone without so they could have some savings for their retirement, not only that but that government officials are so bereft of any decency at all they would rob those who live on a fixed income, indeed stealing that very income itself! If a private citizen were even accused of such a thing, the cost in legal expenses alone would be astronomical, so much so it would probably devastate their savings as well as future earnings. What about the executives at the TBTF banks? Imagine how evil they are if this is true? They make millions of dollars a year as the agents of the stockholders, the principles, specifically to protect the agent’s interests. Such malfeasance by a plumber would land the criminal in jail for decades. So, let’s look at the evidence, open and available for all to see, and judge for ourselves if this allegation is true.

First a little history. During the 2007-2008 financial meltdown, the banks that were considered too big to fail were given billions of taxpayer dollars, to bail them out of the catastrophic decisions they made, leading up to the financial calamity. Those same banks had lobbied congress to eliminate the Glass Steagall act, that forbade banks from using customer deposits to bet on risky ventures, the very same risky ventures that caused the crisis, several years earlier. When the risky bets went bust, taxpayers, in other words, hard working people living paycheck to paycheck, had to pay higher taxes to save people making millions of dollars a year as the executives of those banks. Look at how those executives have paid us back…

Of course, government had a hand in the crisis as well, the democrat controlled congress forced banks to make loans to people who had no means of paying the loans back, because not doing so would be racist. The big banks had to protect themselves so they grouped good loans with bad ones, chopped them up into pieces parts and sold them as derivatives. (A part of a financial product sold as an investment). They were called mortgage backed securities, (MBOs), or put another way… collateralized loan obligations. Since a bunch of loans were bailed together, the bankers and government overseers thought the good loans would keep the securities from failing, and the banks could make a tidy profit as well. When the housing market collapsed, no one could tell which MBOs were sound and which were worthless, and so the value of those securities could not be measured, since so many banks had them listed as assets, and those assets could not be quantified, the banks went bankrupt.

Since the “great recession” the security and exchange commission has found numerous acts of wrongdoing by the TBTF banks. Each time, no one was criminally charged but the bank was charged billions of dollars in fines. Those banks would then engage in further fraudulent activities, get caught, and fined again. Deutsche bank is facing a $ fine, thats fourteen billion dollars, as I write this, Wells Fargo is under investigation for opening fraudulent accounts and charging their customers hundreds of millions of dollars in fraudulent overdraft fees and other fees, once again, no one is facing jail, only a huge fine by regulators, the same regulators who allowed MBOs and forced the banks to give loans to people because of race, to prevent racism. Every year the TBTF banks pay the government billions of dollars in fines for fraud, price manipulation, etc… Moreover, The economy requires zero interest rates else it would collapse instantly, as evidenced by the Federal Reserve’s reticence to raise interest rates even a point, which is another form of theft from savers, who don’t get interest for their hard earned savings, while banks loan that money back to us at 3-10 percent.

The executives at those banks however never face criminal charges for even the most heinous crimes, MF Global stealing money directly from customers segregated accounts, for example. Since it is obvious that if a criminal is not charged and allowed to skate, he or she will do it again, that is simply human nature. If you are allowed to rob a bank with impunity no matter if you are caught, what is the incentive not to? It is obvious that if government wants the criminal actions to stop they would charge, try and jail the wrongdoers, since the government always, and I mean always, give the criminals a pass, it is only common sense the government wants the criminal actions to go on. If your child draws on the wall with crayons, and you don’t punish her telling her she is an artist, she will continue to draw on the wall, because you have encouraged her.

So who is actually punished when the TBTF banks get fined billions of dollars? The executives still get their fat bonuses, in fact the executive in charge of the division the was caught fraudulently opening accounts in customers names, then charging the customers hundreds of millions of dollars in fraudulent fees, just retired with a fat bonus of $125,000,000, yes, that is one hundred twenty five million dollars, so no sane person could argue the executives, the people doing the crimes, are punished, in fact they are rewarded handsomely for their criminal acts. To understand who gets punished, one has to look at the result of the fine. The investigation lowers the stock value of the company, as when Goldman Sacks was fined recently, and they lower the amount of money the bank can pay shareholders as dividends. The people who hold the stock are the ones punished, by a diminishment of their investment, and lowering of the return on that investment. Who holds stocks in TBTF banks? Retirees. Probably you too if you have a 401K or do business with one of those banks.

What we have then, is a government that encourages criminal acts, overtly and subvertly, then profits from those criminal acts, which is the definition of collusion. We also have the executives at the TBTF banks, who get rewarded by those criminal acts, in increased bonuses for the “enhanced profits,” and when the charges are filed their bonuses don’t go down. Those crimes steal, not only from shareholders, but from customers as well. Since not one red cent of the fines is ever returned to the victims of the crimes, the customers, nor the indirect victims of the crimes, the shareholders, it follows that the government is not fining the wrongdoers to protect or recompense the victims, but for profit. Therefore… it is a great con game being played on the American public, to defraud us of our hard earned money several ways, by directly stealing by fraud from our savings accounts, eliminating interest on our savings, lowering the value of our investments and taking directly from our dividends, transferring that money to uber rich new class executives and government. Ever wonder why the new class always wants government to have more power? Crony crime pays, very very well…


John Pepin