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Our Sick Economy

Thursday, September 15th, 2016


Dear Friends,

It seems to me, when someone is coming down with an illness, initially the signs are slight and not too bad, later when the symptoms become worse they can be alleviated by aspirin and other medications, the worse the symptoms the stronger the medications needed to mitigate them, but when the illness hits with full force it can no longer be mitigated by medication and the body dies. Today the world economy is sick, the initial signs were ignored, so it has got to the point the strongest medication available is being used. Up to now, the symptoms have been mitigated by Keynesian principles, stupendous amounts of money printing, government debt spending, monetizing government debt, negative interest rates and central banks are even buying corporate bonds and stocks! From our own experience we can tell how bad a disease is, by the drugs used to treat it and when the morphine drip of monetizing the debt is used, pretty much all hope is lost. The chemotherapy of QE, Twist, negative interest rates etc… have lost their effectiveness and the illness has spread.

Using the right drugs to treat any disease is critical. Penicillin is wholly ineffective against malaria and quinine has no effect on strep throat. The Keynesian prescription is always spending, add to that the monetarist prescription of money printing, and you have the “universal” cure for every economic ailment. Of course not all ailments are the same. Just as strep throat is different than malaria the reasons economies falter are different. Moreover, if a single drug is used too much it looses it’s effectiveness and becomes inert, like the Keynesian prescription. Keynesian economics is the fall back position of every government since John Maynard Keynes described it. Like penicillin however, it has been used too much and for illnesses that it is unfit to cure, and so the overuse of Keynesian economics deficit spending has made our economies immune to the effects.

Some drugs only mask the symptoms of disease. Pain killers are an example of this type of drug. They mask the pain but have no effect on what is causing it. In fact, new studies have come out that show opiates actually enhance a person’s feeling of pain, if they are used too much. Monetary stimulus is this type of medication for an economy. It masks the underlying problems. Money printing makes the stock market and bond market appear to sail. That rise in stock valuation however only hides the problems. People understand the disconnect, like when an injured person looks down at his broken arm, but feels no pain because he has been given morphine. He sees the arm is broken, he knows it should hurt but the lack of pain confuses him. If another person isn’t there to render first aid, the victim will likely damage himself far more, from using it due to his lack of pain. Masking a problem only makes it worse especially if what caused the problem in the first place is not addressed.

To argue someone is doing well, even as they are on Keynesian life support and the morphine drip of money printing is being used, is to argue up is down. The media that calls itself unbiased knows if the true state of our economy were widely known, the faction they prefer would loose in a landslide, since they cannot allow that, they are pulling out all the stops to argue up is down. The media cherry pick data, and polish it before they deliver it to us, protecting their favored faction. The more they get caught manipulating data the more they do it. Like a witch doctor, his dancing and waiving a chicken leg over someone with cancer might be entertaining and have a placebo effect, in the end it will have no effect on the outcome, only possibly the duration.

Regulation is like poison, in small enough amounts it has no great harm and can even be beneficial in some cases, too much and it becomes toxic and perhaps even deadly. Our governments have been introducing regulatory poison into our economy since time immemorial. Since the effect of poison is to create illness where there otherwise would be none, the elite need to mask the symptoms of the illness they have created by regulation, crony capitalism, and corruption, even as they inject ever larger doses and more deadly poisons into our economy. The way to save a person who has been poisoned is first to stop poisoning her and then get the poison out her system, by chelation or by introducing an antivenin.

What we have is a sick economy… it has been sick for many decades and the illness has been metastasized by Obama’s policies. We have witch doctors, the media that calls itself unbiased dancing and waiving a dismembered chicken leg giving false hope, there are “doctors” who have only read one book and their only tool is a butter knife, performing open heart surgery, as we are being plied with heroine to mitigate the pain, and the patient dies a slow and lingering death. Our economy has been poisoned by government actions and so cannot recover until the right medications are used in the right amounts. Just as heroine will not heal a broken leg and can lead to the worsening of it by continuing to use it, masking our economic problems with money printing only makes them worse, because there is no incentive to stop poisoning our economy. We have progressed beyond the initial stages where lethargy, slight pain and muscle aches… through the open sores, crushing pain and high fever to being hospitalized in intensive care. Isn’t it time to stop poisoning our economy and use different medications?


John Pepin

Input Plus Reaction Equal Outcome

Thursday, September 8th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me… outcome is always the result of an input plus a reaction. This can be applied to many situations, violence for example, more particularly, when violence is warned of by the elite. The elite, by definition, are those willing to visit violence on another, to force their will on that other. Today the elite couch their threats by the sophist claim the people will become violent. Notice that lately, and in increasing amounts, the elite are warning of violence coming from the people, citizens, when the policies of the elite have become so onerous, they can no longer be stood by just right minded human hearted beings. It is the will of the people, to stop the globalization of government, that is diametrically opposed to the will of the elite, and that insult must be met with violence. As is always the case, violence is perpetrated by those who seek more government power and avoided by those who seek less. That is the rub, the elite input absurdity upon absurdity on the people, then waiting for the backlash so they can slam down and impose their will… to insure “security.”

The elite today have realized the people are catching on. The internet has democratized the flow of information, so that everyone has at their fingers information about everything that is going on, both filtered and unfiltered. Added to that the ability to disseminate that information via social media has castrated the gate keepers. The actions of the elite are available for everyone to see, and knowledge is power in that it tempers the indignation, leading to better judgment. The media that calls itself unbiased used to have as it’s chief worry that people would see them as biased, today that fear has been realized and only those willingly deluded believe a word of them. So the elite have lost their ability to control public opinion by the control of the media

Have you ever noticed, virtually all the political violence perpetrated on humanity since Adam ate the apple, has been by those seeking more government power? No time in history has this been more true than today. Islamists use violence to impose Sharia on non Muslims, Marxists use violence to impose socialism on those who don’t want it and governments use violence to impose laws that benefit a politically favored faction, at the cost to the rest of society. The first people charged by the progressive controlled media, is a right winger, like the Boston Marathon Bombing. That was initially blamed on an anti tax movement because it fell on tax day, but in fact it was an Islamist who sought to impose Sharia on non Muslims.

Now that the elite have created a mess in the Middle East and North Africa with their Arab Spring, the flood of immigrants who loathe Christians and Christianity are inundating Europe. The natural uptick in crime and rape is as predictable as it was planned. The reaction of people who have been forced to tolerate such violence, abuse and outright loathing in their own homes, is just as predictable. Even when the media that calls itself unbiased sell a narrative counter to reality, reality gets out, via the internet. The radical influx of people antithetical to the culture of Europe is abetted by their prodigious birth rates. Even the slowest European must be able to see the future for their children, and so they either react or go quietly into the night.

The idiotic unheard of money printing, and monetizing anything they can see central banks, have created a situation that can only end in an epic economic bubble burst during a recession. Adding trillions to their balance sheets for what has amounted to zero actual economic growth, punishing savers with zero percent interest on their savings thus disincentivizing saving, has put central banks the world over in a dilemma. When the bubble they knowingly inflated, to protect their progressive president from the results of his flagship policy, the affordable care act, pops, they will not be able to lower interest rate much below zero without causing a run on banks so they will be stuck, their own policies feeding back into a recessionary cycle, driving it ever lower. There is not a person among us who doesn’t feel this, even if they are not able to put it into words.

We have an input, the social and economic upheaval we are at the cusp of experiencing due to the corruption of the elite, and we have our reaction… that will decide the outcome. Should we react, as the elite want, with violence? No, that would be playing into the hands of the elite. They desire a violent reaction from us more than a husband his new wife. We know we are being pushed and many feel it is near time to push back, but I tell you, push with letters to your “representatives” and newspapers, stop voting for the establishment candidate, look at the truth rather than the propaganda, even create a political party that stands for less government. Our reaction to the provocations of the elite have to be counter to what they seek else we are pawns in the game of our own demise.


John Pepin

The Immoral Deciding What is Moral…

Thursday, July 21st, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, we live at a time where degenerates, liars and connivers have such undeserved moral superiority, they have the hubris and audacity to tell the rest of us what to think, how to act and who to vote for. Our society has moved so far from truth and reality it has become a house of cards in a gale. Those who dismiss all that is good have seized the education system, using it to inculcate our children into their twisted hateful destructive philosophy, teaching them theirs is true morality and God’s laws are immoral. How many children graduating from high school today dismiss out of hand traditional values and moors for progressive “values.” I bet far more than you or I would be comfortable with. The results can only be terrible for future generations.

Today common sense is considered hate by those who control what we see, hear and learn. They tell us that belief in God’s laws, like thou shall not kill, is outdated because unborn babies can be killed at any time for any reason. They protest that if we disagree with them, we hate, even as they vomit the most vitriolic rhetoric, calling Christians and Jews hate mongers for believing in our faith. The commandment thou shall honor thy father and mother is undermined every day in our media with fathers being attacked as stupid, lazy and drunk. Thou shall not steal is now old fashioned, in that the State is allowed to steal whatever and however much they want, to fund anti Christian and antisemitic policies and rhetoric, like feces covered pictures of the Virgin Mary, funding anti Semitic groups and piss Christ. We are convinced that Thou shall not covet they neighbor’s wife is crazy by every critically acclaimed television show, book and movie while television shows that honor family values have been eradicated from the air. In every way, every day true morality is destroyed by degenerates who impose their perverted values on us by law, regulation and political correctness.

Listen to the hypocrisy and rhetoric of progressives. They hardly ever complete a paragraph where they don’t say this or that is unconscionable. In fact Bernie Sanders cannot get through a sentence without saying it. Profit is unconscionable unless it is stolen from those who produce. They deplore cigarettes yet glorify drug use, they hate the police yet are up armoring the police and militarizing them as fast as they can. Guns are vilified, and the right to keep and bear weapons of self defense is under constant attack, yet powerful progressives always have personal armed guards. White people are called to admit innate racism and atone for slavery, that was banished with an ocean of American blood, yet call those who favor slavery and have sex slaves today as peaceful. Every time there is a mass shooting the first people blamed are liberty loving people until the real perpetrator, almost always a progressive is found to be the villain, yet their captured media call themselves unbiased. Morals like teaching your children to be self sufficient, work hard and be courteous, are under attack by those who think people should be dependent on government, lazy and rude, like progressives.

One has to wonder at how such a state of affairs came to be but the result is all too obvious. To be so certain in one’s morality that, the least moral feel an obligation to force everyone else to follow their perverted morality, whatever it is today, is diabolical. While progressives claim Christians impose morality on the rest of us… that is nothing but sophistry. While a christian might tell someone they are sinning, no true Christian would impose fines or jail to someone for homosexuality, producing blasphemous pictures or adultery, but Christians will help sinners when the consequences of their sins become manifest. In fact, Christianity teaches everyone is able to get to heaven, all that is required is a belief in Jesus Christ. Sins can be forgiven. Progressives believe that before they can go to heaven, they must force everyone to follow their morals, as Barack Obama said, Salvation is collective, as opposed to Christ who said salvation is personal. Anyone who teaches salvation depends on forcing another to submit, worships Lucifer rather than God. Perhaps that is why our world is going to hell…


John Pepin

The Pendulum Between Socialism and Capitalism

Thursday, June 16th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, there is a political pendulum that swings continually back and forth between socialism and capitalism, that pendulum is shown most clearly in the third world but is also apparent in the West as well. That political pendulum is driven by public opinion on the merits of both. Once a nation becomes relatively wealthy via capitalism there is always a movement to change to a socialist economy. Once the cancer of spreads sufficient, socialists are elected and begin to enact socialist policies. Once those policies are implemented… graft, corruption, poverty and outright famine take hold in a once wealthy country. The socialists however will not allow capitalists to get elected and wield power, so to change back to a market system there requires either a revolution, or criminal trials for the socialist elite. Once the government is under the control of capitalist, or to be more precise, politicians who favor the free market and liberty it provides, the economy becomes healthy again and the standard of living rebounds. The economy never achieves it’s former highs but the rampant corruption is dealt with, the suppression of economic activity subsides and some level of liberty is restored. Once the people become comfortable again, they vote socialists back in, and the cycle starts again.

Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Zimbabwe among others are perfect examples of this in action. In Argentina the profoundly corrupt socialists are facing criminal trials for their naked corruption. Politicians who favor free markets and liberty are back in charge, but only until they fix the economy and government, once they are fixed the people will again vote in socialists, as has happened over and over in Argentina. Venezuela is almost to the point of tossing out the socialists because they are at the bottom of the economic cycle. Basic needs cannot be met and poverty is as crushing as it is rampant. All in a nation setting on an ocean of oil. Hugo Chavez and his Bolivarian revolution has taken a relatively wealthy south American nation to absolute destitution. If he were still alive there would be executions in the streets of pro free market politicians. Rest assured however, the moment the free market repairs the economy and the corruption is rooted out of government, the people will again turn to socialism.

The US has just embarked on the socialist experiment. So far under Barak Obama it has been an utter failure. The media that calls itself unbiased is doing it’s job, as ordered by Obama, to protect him and forward the agenda. They have been good little toadies. Reporting on the economy is always rosy, despite the fact that interest rates have been held at an absurd level the entire span of Obama’s regime, US standing in the world has collapsed, terrorism has gone from an inconvenience to an existential threat and our debt to GDP ratio has never been higher, even during WWII. US manufacturing has seen 9 straight months of decline, a result not seen in over 100 years, (since Woodrow Wilson). Without recession. In fact by many metrics we have been in recession for years… but recession only happens when we are told by the elite we are in recession. The US is being overrun by people who come here illegally, have no intention of assimilating and pose a perpetual threat to the citizens. By every measure the US has dramatically declined under Obama’s march to socialism. Like an alcoholic however, the decline is ignored until we hit rock bottom, like one of Argentina’s many bouts with hyper inflation that gutted the middle class over and over.

This cycle is driven by human nature. People want to be comfortable and we want that comfort easy. It is all too easy to see the shortcomings of socialism when it has obliterated wealth, created famine and steeped the government in corruption, but once the government is free of corruption, there is economic prosperity and people have their needs met, the siren song of socialism tickles the ears of the people. Socialists will claim there is so much wealth it should be redistributed to those who need from those who have. The idea sounds great to those who want, but believe they need, so they will throw the gates open for the Trojan horse. Socialists appeal to our envy, feed our greed and fill our bellies with hate. The call for a more equitable distribution of the goods of society grows in volume and intensity until socialists get elected. The claim is that it will work this time because we have the “right” leaders. Socialists rely on the lazy, ignorant and foolish to gain power. Since free market politicians have as their core value, liberty, they allow free and fair elections, and so another experiment in socialism is started. One that will fail, like all the others, resulting in a diminished standard of living for everyone but the elite.

The cycle of socialism/capitalism is as destructive as cancer, unfortunately, human nature prevents us from treating the disease, as well as the constant drumbeat of propaganda from the media, that calls itself unbiased. Such a cycle is impossible to break as long as those who are in love with socialism control the government monopoly school system, the media, our universities, media, the legal sector and big business. That is why the new class so stridently oppose any reform of education like the voucher system, such reform would take thousands of children away from their indoctrinating centers, give them good educations and enable children educated in such a system, to engage in the market system. The results would undermine the cycle and therefore cannot be allowed. The results would feed back, and more people would seek economic improvement within the free market framework, laughing at the lies of the socialists. In short, the power of the new class must be reduced, and since that is nearly impossible, the cycle will go on. I call dibs on that slice of half eaten moldy bread, maybe I can even find some rancid butter to put on it…


John Pepin

Pandora’s Box

Monday, February 8th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, North Korea has become the example for despots the world over to emulate, with their in your face nuclear and missile programs. Unlike Bashar Assad, Kim Jong Un is untouchable, unassaulted, unassailable and undamaged by the UN and West. Unlike Gaddafi Kim Jong Un sets safe in his slave nation. Unlike Bashar Assad Kim Jong Un faces no rebels armed and financed by the world powers. By developing nuclear capabilities his father has made North Korea impregnable. Now by developing the capability to deliver his nuclear weapons world wide, and make no mistake, that is exactly what the latest rocket launch did, he threatens the world with nuclear war. While the world played at name calling, Un’s father Il created a nuclear weapons capability that has established his posterity unquestioned supremacy in North Korea. The world dared not stand against him and now his son. No matter the crimes against humanity they commit against their people the world will stand aside and allow it because North Korea is nuclear armed. Such is the incentive the UN, Clinton, Bush, Obama and the European Union have created in the world. Rest assured, the lesson is not lost on the world’s despots.

Despite the name calling, North Korea forged ahead with it’s nuclear program because in the end the autocrat understood that Clinton, then Bush would do nothing of real consequence to stop them, and history has proven him right. Gaddafi however gave up his Weapons of mass destruction (WMD) program and was tortured to death by the European Union and Obama for it. Assad has no WMDs other than some outdated sarin gas and the European union and Obama are at his throat. Understand this if you get nothing else from this article, if Assad had nuclear weapons or even an effective nuclear program, like Iran does, there would be no American financed, European backed rebels threatening him, he would be safe to commit any crimes he wanted, because of the nuclear program, and every other despot on the planet knows it.

Despite what the media that calls itself unbiased is reporting about the rocket launch, inserting a satellite in circumpolar orbit doesn’t just give North Korea the capability of delivering a nuclear bomb to the US, but anywhere on the planet. A satellite in circumpolar orbit passes over every spot on the Earth every day. In other words that North Korean satellite passes over your child’s school at least once a day. If that satellite was, for example, a nuclear weapon, perhaps an electro magnetic pulse weapon (EMP). An EMP detonated in low Earth orbit over Europe would be the end of Europe. Detonated over the continental it US would result in the deaths of up to 90% of the population of the US in a year with over a billion deaths world wide from famine due to the US stopping food delivery to the rest of the world. North Korea has just become a far more dangerous potential foe then before.

Other despotic governments have watched and learned. Iran is driving full tilt to get nuclear arms to get the benefits that North Korea has gained from them, and defend against the negative results of not having nuclear capability, that Libya and Syria have shown. Iran already has launched satellites into orbit giving them the capability to deliver a nuclear warhead world wide. The psychopaths who run Iran understand, because of the historical precedent, that the European Union will not really stand in their way and now Obama has actually funded and legitimized Iran’s nuclear program. I would think it common sense, that someone who will happily strap a bomb to their own child and detonate that child in a crowded bus, is not someone who should have nuclear capability… but apparently Obama and the elite disagree.

The precedent of North Korea, Pakistan and now Iran has sent the message to dictators the world over that the door is wide open to get nuclear weapons. Not only the door is open but they better go through that door, else they might end up tortured to death by rebels, funded and backed by the US and Europe. Now the race is on. Expect psychopaths around the world to strive for nuclear capability because of the incentives the US and Europe have set up. Actions have consequences. Our leaders know this and therefore must know what the incentives their actions are creating on the planet. It is truly absurd that the only world power that is bucking the trend, forcing lunatics to get nuclear weapons, is Putin, who is a despot in his own right. Once the world’s despots have nuclear capability, how long do you think it will be before there is at least a limited nuclear exchange… or outright world wide destruction?


John Pepin

The State of the Union

Thursday, January 14th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, among the fictions in Obama’s state of the union address last night, two rise above the rest for their utter absurdity, the 8 million jobs number and his foreign policy successes. Obama is a politician not known for telling the truth, or even a twisted version of the truth, but last night he was in rare form. Most Presidents will massage their records to make themselves look better than they are, that is human nature, but Obama has the advantage of being a psychopath allowing him to lie without remorse. Our economy has seen the worst recovery after a deep recession under his stewardship than any previous President. Obama’s foreign policy catastrophes have been as epic as they have been calamities for humanity. On these two points alone he will go down in history as the most corrupt and inept President in American history. I pray that no one ever comes along who is worse.

When Obama came into office he inherited a deep recession. While most might think that would be a burden it is actually a blessing to an incoming President. The years directly after a deep recession always, (except for this last one) have a rebound effect on the economy. The depth of the recession is typically reflected in the height of the recovery. That is because recessions clear out the way for new innovators to create. Also most Presidents will turn their attention to economic recovery after a recession. Both of which lead to fast economic growth. Obama on the other hand instead of focusing on the economy honed in on destroying the health care sector.

Obama care has led to the destruction of full time employment. The incentives are so pernicious that any marginally profitable company must hire two or three workers, to do the work of one, else run afoul of Obama care’s negative incentives. The list is legion but a few highlights are, companies with more the 50 employees must provide Obama care, any worker with more the 38 hours must get health care, along with thousands of pages of regulations that drive up the cost to astronomical levels. These facts cannot be argued they are obvious for anyone to see. The economic results, despite record low interest rates set by the Federal Reserve, for record time and still, 7 years into the “recovery,” are at absurdly low levels, has been one of bubble fueled misallocation of assets. Evidenced by the fact that 2016 has had the worst start to a new year ever on Wall Street.

What Obama care has done to our economy has resulted in the US becoming a part time work country. Most of the new jobs have gone to immigrants and men are virtually locked out of the workforce. That is why while so many new jobs have been “created,” the labor participation rate, the real unemployment rate, has skyrocketed. Dollar General pays very low wages and only hires part time workers. Instead of hiring three or four full time dedicated workers, (which under normal circumstances would be more efficient), that company hires dozens of part time workers for only a few hours a week, (due to pernicious incentives set by government policies), to avoid Obama care’s ridiculous costs. That is how warped the economic incentives are to businesses under Obama. Of course there are millions of jobs created, and all due to government action… everyone is working part time jobs! By any measure that is not good for workers, the economy or businesses.

Obama’s foreign policy record is even worse however. When Obama came into office the war in Iraq was won, Libya had given up it’s weapons of mass destruction, the Middle East was settling back down, Iran’s nuclear program was contained and Russia was becoming a trading partner. Obama snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in Iraq. Obama’s best friend on the world stage, Erdogan in Turkey, has brought the US and Europe onto a war footing with Russia which could result in a nuclear exchange. Today Russia is active in the Middle East for the first time in decades, our allies there don’t trust us and he has made the US the laughing stock of the world.

Because of Obama’s policies, the Middle East exploded in the Arab spring, which Obama likened to the Islamic golden age. He supported the rise of the malignancy, the Muslim Brotherhood, the cancer that gave rise to every Islamic terrorist organization on the planet, in Egypt. Amazingly, his support led to widespread organized tyranny that was overthrown by the military, saving the Christians in Egypt from certain extermination. Of course Obama’s support of the Arab Spring has resulted in bloodshed on a massive scale, the rise of the Islamic state and genocide of Christians and Yazidis, the spread of terrorism around the world, an invasion of Muslims into Europe and the military and economic destabilization of the world. The only place Obama didn’t support the Arab Spring was in Iran. Under Obama’s watch the world has caught fire and in response Obama is dousing it with kerosene.

As Obama gave his psychotic speech last night 10 of our Navy personnel were in Iranian captivity. They have been released but the Navy ships remain in Iran. Obama has bent over backwards to sidle up to the psychopaths that run that Islamic republic. His “treaty” that is not a treaty, must lead to a nuclear armed Iran. Even the slowest among us knows a nuclear armed Iran will inevitably lead to a nuclear exchange, either with the US, Israel or Saudi Arabia. Obama has guaranteed us a nuclear war on the planet in our lifetimes. His foreign policy has made the world exponentially a more dangerous place.

The real villain last night however wasn’t Obama, but the fawning press that has hidden his failures, lifted him up and covered for his corruption, allowing him to get away with his psychotic lies. Even as they praise Obama’s crocodile tears while he goes after the Constitution they attack those who believe in liberty. Obama is a psychopath, but he couldn’t have achieved the destabilization of the Middle East, nuclear arming Iran, destroying our economy, and spreading terrorism around the world, without their willing help. Obama told them their job was to cover for him and they have taken up that yoke with glee. They fall all over themselves to cheer him on as he upends the world and when the chickens come home to roost they will claim they had nothing to do with it. But we know better.


John Pepin

The US, the Modern Surveillance State…

Monday, January 11th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the surveillance that the US now does, would make the Stazi blush and the Gestapo swoon. Revelations by Edward Snowden about the NSA spying programs on American citizens, was as shocking as it was unconstitutional, and the reaction of the elite to those revelations is telling. There is a camera on almost every street corner recording us in case we might inadvertently break some law. Cameras record our vehicles as we go through intersections, automatically ticketing us if we run a red light, all without the need of a human being at all. Roe v Wade was won on doctor client privilege, yet the other day Obama unilaterally and by edict, ordered doctors to spy on their clients. Our emails are scanned by a computer program that checks to see if we use certain words, if those words are found then the email is pulled and read by government officials. Cab drivers are told to spy on children, teachers are told to spy on parents, and children themselves are told to spy on their parents! The list of incursions into our lives would fill volumes, and it all goes by without a whimper, yet even the most ordinary oversight of the elite, is met with screams of privilege and scourging that we should trust them more. The dichotomy shows just where we have fallen… a police state in all but name.

Crime, immorality and corruption flows from the elite to the people. This was one of Confucius’ main tenets. If the leaders are corrupt the people will be corrupt and if the leaders are virtuous the people will be virtuous. Our leaders however, are as corrupt as they can be, even using ignorance of the law as an excuse for breaking the law. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama use that defense all the time and are never called for it. You and I however, we have no such defense, for us, ignorance of the law is no excuse, so if we inadvertently break some arcane regulation, by filling a barrel with water for our garden for example, we are prosecuted to the full extent of the law. So basically, there are two standards, one where if you make the law you can claim ignorance of it, but if you are a citizen then ignorance is no excuse. Where there are two standards, it isn’t a standard, but a regulation.

We know they are corrupt that knowledge permeates the zeitgeist like wax permeates wax paper. The open and obvious corruption can only flow down to the people making the people more corrupt, self serving and vile. A large part of the elite are progressives and thus follow the Frankfurt school, they see chaos, crime, economic collapse and despotic government as good things, since those things lead us to evolve into the superman. Nietzsche’s ideal man, immoral, self serving, violent and stoic. Yet they all want to enjoy the fruits of their corruption, their ill gotten riches and their political power. So, they must counter that corruption that flows from them to us, the police state is that means. It also puts in place the slavish mindset, that we are mere slaves to the state and anything we are allowed to have, be it our fundamental human rights, to the bread we put in our mouths. The surveillance state is the logical outcome of a corrupt elite.

The Geheime Staatspolizei, the Gestapo would have loved to have a machine that read every piece of mail, scanning them for words the state found obnoxious, instead they had to have a office building full of agents, opening and reading mail, a far less efficient way of monitoring the people. The Stazi was famous for enrolling everyone as a spy against everyone else. Teachers spied on students, students spied on their parents, brothers spied on sisters and neighbors spied on neighbors. The US police state has followed that example especially under the Obama administration. Even doctor client privilege, the foundation for making abortion legal, has been upturned by Obama in his quest to rid the law abiding of self defense weapons. The Red Guard couldn’t have gone from house to house seizing all the food, leading to the famine that killed millions of Chinese, if the people had guns… and we know Obama and his administration have great respect and admiration for Mao.

We are being messaged into accepting a police state by the elite. Their importing hundreds of thousands of potential terrorists, outright corruption, fear mongering and misdirection all serve the state’s desire to become despotic. By ignorantly following, refusing to look at alternate news sources and thinking for ourselves, we are being groomed for slavery. The fascist police state is here, intrusive monitoring of the people, unending push for socialism, corrupt unaccountable leaders, unending wars on actions instead of states and the diminishing of the value of human life. We are in 1984 George Orwell in all except they haven’t outlawed love, but they are well on the way to destroying the family unit, and there isn’t a dour looking man with malevolent eyes on every street, watching us as we pass… he is hidden behind a monitor. Until we return to our Constitutional limited government the slide from here on will only get faster and harder to return from.


John Pepin

Obama’s Policies Against Islamofascism

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the Obama policy of making friends with Islamofascist terrorists has been an utter failure, in every way and in every sense. Say what you will about Bush, and I have plenty, but after 911 he did keep the nation safe from terrorist attacks by Islamofascists. Obama on the other hand has overseen dozens of Islamic terrorist attacks on American soil. Obama’s only cogent policy for preventing terror attacks on American soil… is to call them something else. The classic example, and you have to admit, it was classic Obama, was to call Major Nadal Hassan’s terrorist attack, workplace violence. It really is hard to get your head around that one. The difference between the results of Bush and Obama is startling. Without making judgments about the intention, and giving Obama the benefit of the doubt, the results of his policies have made the US and the world far more dangerous. It would appear that coddling Islamofascists, arming them, overturning national governments then supporting their rise to power and refusing to name the enemy, shockingly, hasn’t hindered the spread of that violent version of Islam but emboldened it.

Before Obama was elected talk about a new caliphate was considered absurd. Glenn Beck said there were people who wanted to start a new caliphate and was lambasted for it. The media, on all sides, was aflutter explaining how insane Beck was for saying the Islamofascists want a caliphate. Everyone attacked Beck rather than debated him, because, unspoken everyone understood a caliphate would lead to slaughter. Since the idea was so scary it had to be wrong. Obama supported the Muslim Brotherhood who have in their charter the demand for a caliphate! When Obama unilaterally pulled out of Iraq, all generals and policy experts said a vacuum would be created that would lead to chaos, he did it anyway. Well folks, there is a caliphate and it is called Islamic State. The Islamofascists who run the caliphate have wiped Christianity from that part of the world. Every dark fear of what a caliphate would be has come true.

Obama’s obvious weakness has not disarmed our enemies but heartened them. The media that calls itself unbiased has maintained that fighting Islamofascists only makes more of them, while Bush and others argued that killing them, made it seem like a dead end career choice to be a terrorist. Moreover, in every foreign policy question Obama has chosen weakness instead of strength, in Syria when he made the red line a chemical weapon attack, leading from behind in the Libyan debacle, puling the anti ballistic missiles from Poland unilaterally, bowing to every despot he could find on the planet, etc… I could go on and on. By his weakness in the face of aggression, Obama has again proven the old maxim true, “If you want peace prepare for war.”

Despite his utter failure to stem attacks on US citizens in our own nation Obama is importing tens of thousands of potential terrorists. Now he is doubling down on his failure to protect Americans, his number one job, by uprooting whole Somali villages and planting them in the US, allowing thousand upon thousands of Muslim refugees while denying any Christian refugees entry. Obama continues to put Americans in jeopardy by his failed policies. Some people have the capacity to learn it is clear Obama lacks that most basic quality of most human beings.

Obama has bent over backwards to make Muslims feel good about themselves. Remember when Obama ordered NASA to change it’s goal from human space flight to making Muslims feel good about their contribution to space flight? The White House and it’s apparatchiks refuse to call Islamic terror, Islamic! He claims the Caliphate, Islamic State, isn’t Islamic! Obama didn’t stand with Paris after the Charlie Hebdo attacks, he supported the Muslim Brotherhood’s usurpation of power in Egypt and then turned a blind eye to their attacks on Christians and churches. Obama has bent over backwards to avoid angering Muslims but what has it brought us? More terrorism than ever before! More terrorist attacks, more recruitment for the caliphate, more demands for sharia law and more of everything he said would go away when he kissed their derrieres.

In contrast to Bush’s ability to prevent terrorist attacks on American soil Obama’s policies have met with total, utter and complete failure, getting more of what we don’t want and less of what we do want. Islamofascists are marching across Africa and the Middle East because of Obama’s failures. Giving Obama the benefit of the doubt, and for the sake of argument, say he wanted to stop Islamic terrorist attacks, by any measure, his policies should go down in history as epic bungling on a magnificent scale. So, Obama is either a fumbling fool, or to deny him the benefit of the doubt, he is a villain of the highest order.


John Pepin

The Federal Reserve System

Thursday, November 5th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, once you have thrown a rock into the sky over and over, each time it falls to the ground failing to fly, a sane person would reconsider his attempts to orbit a rock by throwing it, the elite however only redouble their efforts. The Federal Reserve was implemented for the express purpose of stopping economic recessions and stabilizing the monetary supply, it’s every effort has led to the exact opposite of what it is supposed to do. In fact, the Federal Reserve is responsible for every recession, bubble and depression we have experienced since it’s inception. The results have shown, beyond any doubt, that the Federal Reserve does far more harm than good, it’s history being a string of spectacular failures, but the elite redouble their efforts at monetary control through rational policies. A sane person would stop throwing the rock into the sky, but the elite, clearly, lack sanity.

The Great Depression, according to Milton Friedman, was entirely the fault of the Federal Reserve. His argument was that the Federal Reserve allowed the Bank of the United States to fail, because it was owned by Jews, and that failure set off a cascade of events culminating in the Great Depression. The Federal Reserve then doubled down on it’s stupidity by destroying money and hoarding gold. That policy destroyed businesses around the country. As other nations sent their gold to the US to pay for their negative balance of trade, the Federal Reserve locked it away, not using it to create more money and so, even as the supply of gold to back more currency came in, the amount of currency in circulation diminished.

Since then the Federal Reserve has practiced exactly the opposite strategy. When the US fully disconnected from the gold standard in 1973, and US currency became totally fiat, the Federal Reserve was given carte blanche to print money. Like every other central bank with fiat money it did so with gusto. The stagflation of the 1970s was the result. While most people today don’t remember the situation then, to buy a house the interest rate was upwards of 14%! Imagine trying to buy a house, car or start a business with a loan today at 14% interest rate? It would be impossible. The Federal Reserve had flooded the system with too much money, the exact opposite mistake as they had made in the 1930’s.

The creation of the Federal Reserve was supposed to reign in the boom bust cycle of the economy. During the 19th century, there were many booms followed by busts, economists argue to this day what caused them. I am of the opinion that each was caused by the situational exigencies of the day. Monetarists however believe all economic problems are related to the currency. One boom might have been stimulated by the gold rush a bust by the playing out of easy to reach gold, to a monetarist every economic event is a money event. So they decided to invent a US central bank. They understood that Americans were wary of a central bank and so named it the Federal Reserve. It was supposed to fix the problems of the market by rationally planning the money supply.

Since it’s creation however the boom bust cycle hasn’t gone away, far from it, the cycle has got far worse. The cycle is a boom that typically lasts 4-8 years followed by a bust that lasts a year or so, with a few notable exceptions. Within the cycle there is a super cycle of huge busts that cycle about every 30-40 years and lasting about 10 years. While one could argue such a cycle in and of itself is not such a bad thing, it allows for creative destruction, the super cycle booms have become more reliant on money printing and the busts have become bigger and more dangerous. Today everyone knows if the Federal Reserve raised the interest rate above 0, (zero) the economy would collapse. In other words, the economy is on life support.

One of the pernicious effects of the Federal Reserve’s planning is that they hide the results of the rapidly growing bureaucratic state. By 1933 the Federal Reserve had done it’s damage to the US economy and it was FDR’s turn to continue the destruction. He implemented innovations in regulations that would have far ranging effects on the ability of people to do business in the US. From regulating the price of underwear to how many acres a farmer could plant, FDR brought the US economy under the command and control of central planning. Upon his death many of his draconian regulations were overturned, allowing the US economy some breathing room, but the march of bureaucracy goes on, until today every aspect of our lives are regulated by the Federal government. To protect the bureaucracy and the elite from the consequences of their actions, the Federal Reserve has had to lower interest rates, (expanding the money supply), to counter the negative effects of the increasing regulation and taxes, the pernicious effects of the welfare state and crony capitalism.

The 2008 housing bubble was entirely inflated by the Federal Reserve. By keeping interest rates very low the Federal Reserve allowed the prices of houses to inflate well beyond the American people’s ability to pay. That bubble pulled in resources that otherwise would have been used elsewhere. The legislators passed laws that prevented banks from using reasonable diligence in giving loans, in the name of racial equality, and the term liar loan came about. As more people brought homes, even homes they couldn’t afford, they could refinance them every year because the price continued to go up. This created a feedback loop where demand could be fueled by the increase in house prices which was increased by the low interest rate of the Federal Reserve. Of course the whole house of cards came crashing down in 2008 and the entire banking system was put in peril.

Obama came in an instead of fixing the underlying problems, he doubled down, and instituted a host of new regulations further diminishing the ability of the economy to recover and so the Federal Reserve had to monetize the debt, to make it seem like the economy was recovering. During QE3 the Federal Reserve was printing enough money to make 85,000 people millionaires a month! Just to keep the whole thing afloat and protect Obama from the fallout of his policies. Every year since the stopping of QE3 the Federal Reserve has hinted it would start to “normalize” rates, and every time it does the stock market throws a hissy fit. Even today the fiction that the Federal Reserve can normalize rates is bandied about like it could happen. Far more likely the federal Reserve will be forced into another round of innovative quantitative easing to prop up the economy.

The Federal Reserve has failed in it’s core mission, spectacularly, in every way. It’s policies have ushered in far worse economic events than could have been imagined by a 19th century economist. It’s policies, rationally considered central planning of the money supply, has created more human suffering in the 20th century than any time in US history. It has been a tool of the socialist elements, to hide the effects of their disastrous economic policies and has inflated bubbles that threaten, and continue to threaten, our banking system indeed our economy as a whole. It’s failures are legendary, yet the elite cannot even consider it’s dismantling. Yes, you or I would tire of throwing a rock into the air and hoping it will achieve orbit, but the elite never fatigue of it, in fact, they double down on their efforts… well, until our economy totally collapses.


John Pepin

Peace In Our Time

Thursday, July 16th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the deal to let Iran enrich uranium and acquire nuclear technology, can only result in a nuclear war. The idea you can allow a psychopathic theocratic regime, that believes it’s duty is to bring on the end times, to have the ability to enrich uranium without any real oversight, is itself psychopathic. Make no mistake, the Iranian regime has shown itself to be as bloodthirsty as Hitler or Stalin. This deal is like allowing a psychopathic murderer to go free, and have a knife collection, as long as he doesn’t use it on women. This deal shows that either the Obama regime is utterly stupid else they are traitors, not only to the US but to the world, since everyone will be breathing radioactive air, and watching their crops freeze in a nuclear winter, after the bombs fall.

Now, there are those who subscribe to the Nevil Chamberlain theory of foreign policy, that war is to be avoided at all costs, they will disagree strongly and argue, “then what should we do… attack them?” As if that is the only option available. Those who are myopic have trouble seeing into the distance. The Obama administration has missed several opportunities to stop the Iranian nutcases from forwarding their nuclear program and even regime change without a single shot fired. Unfortunately, now this “treaty” has been signed and unilaterally implemented by the Obama administration, without Senate approval, those opportunities have evaporated. Now war is inevitable, as it became when Nevil Chamberlain waived his worthless paper in the air, proclaiming “Peace in our time…”

Others will argue, “Who cares if the Zionists and the Jew bankers are wiped from the Earth.” Disregarding how ignorant, hate filled and despicable that argument is, further allowing it, how can anyone be so ignorant that they don’t understand we all breathe the same air? Do they think the radioactivity will remain forever over the Holy Land? Is their hate so all consuming, they are willing for their own children to suffer the effects of radioactivity poisoning, just to get back at a people that have always been the most persecuted people in history, and have provided humanity with the polio vaccine, most of the Nobel awards and the basis of our civilization in the form of the Ten Commandments?

The policy of the Obama administration has been to give incentive to despots to get weapons of mass destruction (WMD). The overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya was a perfect example. Gaddafi had publicly given up WMD and had stopped funding world wide terror. Yes he was a bad guy who tyrannized his own people, but those tyrants who have WMD did too, the Obama administration along with European fools, overthrew his dictatorship and replaced it with Islamic terrorists. The message was clear, get rid of your WMD and the Americans will kill you! Believe you me, that message was not lost on the world’s despots, especially Iran.

Remember Clinton’s treaty with North Korea to stop them from getting nuclear weapons? It didn’t stop them… but it did give them room and money to complete their program. Of course, that regime is as tyrannical as any that have despoiled the face of our planet, but is safe from being overthrown from outside, they have WMD. When their underground tests produced lower than expected yield the brainiacs said their bombs were duds. Yet the North Koreans said they were smashing successes. The answer might be they are not building conventional nuclear warheads, but super electro magnetic pulse weapons, (EMP). Instead of trying to build hundreds of nuclear bombs to decimate the US, all they need is one EMP to wipe our infrastructure away.

The US government did a study about the effects of a super EMP detonated miles above the US. That study came to the conclusion that up to eighty percent of the American population would be dead within a year! Far more effective at wiping out the “Great Satan” than pummeling the US with hundreds of nukes, and without the pesky fallout. In fact, I wrote an article a few years ago where I laid out a simple plan where Iran could reset the world with a mere five EMPs, all launched from international waters! When the Iranian missile tests went up and detonated at the apex of their flight, the brainiacs again said they were failures, but the Ayatollahs laughed and said they were successes. An EMP weapon goes up and detonates at the apex of it’s flight trajectory.

This deal with Iran will end up killing a huge percent of the human population on the planet. It will almost certainly result in the extinction of the Persian people when the US and or Europe retaliate. The suffering this will bring upon the human race will be unprecedented in the annuls of human history. Then again, don’t the Georgia Guide Stones say the human race should be lowered by ninety percent? Yup, allowing a psychopathic theocratic regime who believes it’s duty is to bring on the end times should do it. Either Obama is so stupid he can barely keep his heart beating, else a villain of the highest order… There is no other possibility. Prepare for the results my friends…


John Pepin