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The Willfully Blind

Sunday, August 13th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the ability of people to deny what is right in front of their eyes, is nothing short of extraordinary. It goes back to my glittering lies versus ugly truths article. People would rather believe a glittering lie than recognize an ugly truth, but in this case, it is far more diabolical. Hate is blinding. Those who’s hearts are empty must fill them with something, and hate is tangible, it fills a person and gives purpose. It allows a person to pick and choose what to believe, don’t like the ugly truth of the Holocaust, deny it, don’t want to follow Jesus, deny he existed, want to abort babies at will, deny they are human beings, seek to oppress those that disagree with you, deny their humanity, etc… To deny that which is in front of your own face, is a form of blindness, and only the blind are able to deny what is in front of them.

I recently watched a video about the Second World War, and upon reading the comments, I was flabbergasted at the number of people convinced the Holocaust never happened! Those that claim not to believe in the Holocaust, despite the ample historical evidence, testimony of witnesses and even the stories of the survivors, are people that would allow such a thing to happen again. The only way someone could deny such a crime against humanity is if their hearts are filled with hate. Hate that blinds them to reality, hate of people they have never met and hate of humanity itself. I don’t bandy the word hate around like progressives, as a catchall for anything they disagree with, but as a means to point out the quality that makes such evil possible. To willfully blind oneself can only lead to severe consequences.

Another video about disproving the resurrection of Jesus had similar comments. Most of the comments denied Jesus even existed at all. I find it saddening that so many would blind themselves to truth. Some claimed the morality Jesus taught only came about during the Enlightenment! Talk about ignorance! Such people cannot be reasoned with. How can you have a conversation with someone who gaslights you? It is impossible. Their hearts are so filled with hate for Christianity, over perceived slights, done in many cases centuries ago, by people born in Christendom but were barbarians. A person can claim to be anything they want… but if my cat had kittens in the oven, I wouldn’t call them biscuits.

Abortionists have to deny that their victims are human beings… because otherwise they are murderers. It must make it easier to slaughter innocents by the millions if you deny their humanity. Even the Totenkopf Schutzstaffel, had to be transferred back to Germany, because of the toll it took on them to murder so many innocent Jews and Slavs. Yet Abortionists slaughter babies with glee. They don’t seem to have any human hearted sympathy whatsoever for their victims. They have the uncanny ability to deny that which is right in front of them. The Nazis murdered around six million Jews, abortionists in the US alone have murdered over sixty million human beings, an order of magnitude worse.

The singular lesson of the Twentieth Century was that socialism doesn’t work. From Stalin’s purges and mass murder that killed between thirty and sixty million people, through Mao’s Cultural Revolution that claimed the lives of nearly one hundred million, to Pol Pot who killed so many so fast he ran out of bullets, so he had little girls using plastic bags to suffocate people all day long, and little boys clubbing people to death, socialism has proven itself to be a humanitarian disaster. Only the willfully blind are able to overlook such atrocities. Today zealots for socialism control our schools, government, legal firms and media. They have blinded themselves because it makes it easier to believe a glittering lie than admit an ugly truth.

We can only advance morally, philosophically and scientifically if we stride into the future with our eyes open. Today our culture and society is running blind with scissors. Many have put out their own eyes to feel better about who they serve and what they do. In their minds they fancy themselves Zatoichi, blind to what is in front of them but have a superhuman ability to fight, which means they are fooling themselves as well. Those who see, are denigrated today by the blind, because it is much easier to remain blind and ignorant than to admit the ugly truths they create. Reality cannot be long denied however, and those that deny it, sooner or later will pay the price. There is an old saying, “In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king…” but in the land of the willfully blind, the sighted are hated for their vision.


John Pepin

Christian Genocide in the Middle East

Wednesday, September 16th, 2015

Dear friends,

It seems to me, as I peruse the media that calls itself unbiased, there is a dearth of news about the Christian genocide in the Middle East. Where there are reports the reaction of those who write comments is horrifying. Those who would act are vilified and those who speak out are condemned, which has a chilling effect on those who are righteously offended, act or speak out. The policy of the US, European countries and most of the world is to let the Christians in the Middle East be slaughtered. Few care, less act speak out and even less act… and everyone who doesn’t at least speak out is guilty as a result. History will not hold us innocent, the atrocities are on the internet for all to see, no one reading this article doesn’t know that little girls as young as 9 years old are repeatedly raped every day, no one can claim ignorance, in fact, even at the mention of saving some of the persecuted Christians brings howls of hatred and vitriol. Meanwhile, the US government as well as European governments are importing the very people committing the genocide. Your lack of compassion will be very expensive indeed.

The genocide of Christians in the Middle East is the most widely known and least reported events going on today. When the Muslim Brotherhood gained power in Egypt the Copts were in the crosshairs. The world couldn’t be bothered with mere Christian churches being burned to the ground and the treasures looted. In fact Obama was a big supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood even as they began a crusade to exterminate Christianity from Egypt. When El Sisi seized power and ousted the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama was furious, history has shown El Sisi has protected the Christians, and now Egypt is one of the few Muslim countries that Christians are safe, and Obama still waxes a grudge towards El Sisi.

The US invasion of Afghanistan was a death knell to the Christian population there. The Christians were a sizable percent of the population there, now there are none. The military was told not to intercede in the extermination of Christianity there because it would send the wrong message. The rise of ISIS began a whole new chapter in the persecution of Christians for simply being Christian. ISIS got weapons from Benghazi in Libya and ride in brand new Toyota trucks. They travel in huge columns yet are seemingly safe from air interdiction, even as they mass to conquer Christian cities, to enslave the women and girls, while they slaughter the men and boys with glee. Showing off American made weaponry, humvees and ammunition, they boast they will soon be killing Christians in Europe and the US.

Meanwhile, the media that calls itself unbiased is silent. They bend over backwards to aviod telling the truth that it is our government’s policy to exclude Christians from asylum. They paint the plight of the Muslim refugees as pitiful, even though mot of them are fleeing economic hardship. They utterly ignore the Christian genocide, as if not speaking of that evil indemnifies them for it. The unbiased media tells us constantly how evil Christians are and how wonderful the Muslims are, even as the rich Muslim countries refuse to take in a single Muslim or Christian refugee. No one has fled to a Muslim country without being herded into a refugee camp for generations. The Palestinians come immediately to mind.

When an article does slip out t is always an attack on someone who is acting. The unbiased media always leaves out that it is US and European policy to exclude Christians, then goes on to rip apart the human hearted man, the empathetic woman and the compassionate person. The comments are even more frightful. Comment after comment bashes compassion, human heartedness and empathy, tacitly supporting genocide. The hate in the hearts of so many is saddening. Some of the comments are utterly absurd, yet they are written with the ardor of a zealot. All of which speaks loudly of where we are as a human race… Do those who lack compassion deserve it, and will those who lack empathy, get any?

The atrocities ISIS and others are committing are some of the most heinous ever committed, not only are the wicked they are televised. The Animals in ISIS gleefully video tape their atrocities in a professional manner and post them on the internet. Drowning Christians, cutting their heads off, blowing their heads off, raping little girls after praying, the list would make Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot blush. ISIS wants people to know what they are doing. Perhaps for the first time in human history, evil is openly slaughtering people, openly committing atrocities and openly bragging about them, and the world ho hums. Never before would atrocities such as these have been ignored, those who came before us, even those who owned slaves, would have spoken, would have been outraged and would have acted, but today, nothing, there is a total lack of empathy, human heartedness is dead. Look around you, those who you see walking past are dead inside, they have no soul, they lack even the most basic human compassion, that which they do show is mere window dressing.

Traditionally, in law as in judgment, ignorance has been an excuse. If someone throws a rock over a hedge, and it hits someone killing them, their claim of ignorance was sufficient to save them. Today there can be no claim to ignorance. The atrocities are in your face, you have full knowledge, you know exactly what is happening, any claim of ignorance will be met with the scorn it rightly deserves. Those committing the atrocities have more of a claim to ignorance then you do. History will hold our generation as the most vile of any that have come before us… and we will deserve it. Bonhoeffer said, “Not to speak is to speak, not to act is to act…” Your lack of speaking, and acting, shows who’s side you are really on, and his is the path to Tartarus.


John Pepin

Basic Human Worth

Monday, April 29th, 2013

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, every human being has intrinsic worth, no matter his or her mental status, race, age, religion or any other arbitrary definition. We are more than a sophisticated explosive delivery device, more than a machine that deludes itself with a notion of self awareness, and we are far more than animals to be herded by someone who thinks he is farmer to the rest. To attribute to others, less than person hood, is to deny one’s own person hood. Therefore, anyone who considers other human beings to be less than spiritual beings with intrinsic worth, is subhuman. Unless we learn this and hold it tight we risk becoming cows for someone to milk and slaughter.

Justice is a concept that can be hard to define. As a result most people have a distorted idea of what justice is. Many people’s concept of justice is subjective not objective. A subjective notion of justice is dependent on the perspective of the observer, objective justice is unchanging, no matter the observer’s perspective. Those who espouse different levels of justice, dependent on the person, are using subjective justice and thereby are being unjust themselves. Those that apply the same attributes, worth and rights to all, are just. It follows then, that to be unjust is to forfeit justice, while to be just is to deserve justice, this is the basis of criminal law. Those that forfeit justice deserve none while those that espouse and attribute justice to all deserve justice themselves. Any other consideration is sophistry.

Many times in the past have human beings been designated as less than human. Everyone knows of the Nazi atrocities. These crimes against humanity were only made possible by the philosophy that human beings are no more than animals. That it is in our best interest to cull the herd occasionally and the enlightened must be hard hearted enough to do it. Every crime against humanity has it’s roots in this twisted philosophy. The mass starvation of millions of people by Mao’s Red Guard, were justified in this way, the Nazi slaughter of Gypsies, Jews and Slavs were justified by this philosophy, China’s one child policy is contingent on this spurious notion, and the eugenics movement is based in this perverted misunderstanding of the nature of humanity.

Eugenics has as storied history in the United States as it does England and Germany. Many people in these countries were sterilized against their will by the edict of bureaucrats and judges. Human beings were denied their basic humanity by government officials, who believed that they have the God like ability, to decide who should breed and who should not. The evil of the eugenics movement led directly to the evil of abortion and population control. The same people who funded and shilled for the eugenics movement, Rockefeller, Margret Sanger, HG Wells, Dr. Mengele, President Wilson, Charles Darwin, President Hoover, and other well known notables, would breed us into Eloi and Morlocks.

A person who denies humanity to another for whatever reason also denies his or her own humanity. If the congenital nature of man is evil then all man are evil, if human beings are nothing more than machines that evolved to have the delusion of self awareness, then everyone, even those that propose this perverted philosophy, are as well. I cannot claim everyone else is less than human and claim I am human. That is an impossibility. So, we can safely say that those who deny humanity to others are in their own way subhuman, even if the philosophy they promote is incorrect, they are subject to it. They have self identified as subhuman by their own philosophy.

Slavery, abortion, population control, eugenics, and even redistribution are all forms of injustice called justice, and require as a prerequisite, the denial of someone else’s basic human worth. Denial of the value of every human being is the slippery slope that leads to these evils and more. We are human beings and all of us have individual worth outside our value to any collective or group. To maintain that personal humanity, we must accept the individual value of every other human being, rejecting the spurious notion of collective this or that, for the evil it is and the injustice it creates. If we are rational maximisers we will accept the basic worth of humanity in general and the individual in particular. To do otherwise, is to deny our very own humanity, subjecting us to our own injustice. In other words… We have accepted that we are merely cows, and the implications.


John Pepin

Iranian Nuclear Program and Our Demise

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, a winning tactic in chess is to look ahead a few moves. When players are in the middle game, focusing on the next few moves will assure good results, for the player that does, especially when the opponent focuses on past moves. This holds for any struggle, even between men’s ideologies… and never more so than in war. It is a sign of a foreword looking general, to keep his opponent focused on the past, to win in the future. Today, we are engaged in an existential struggle, between barbarians and civilization, (the normal state of affairs in human history at this point in civilization‘s rise and fall curve). The barbarians are looking to the future, while the Elite in the media and politics, keep us focused on the past. In this mortal clash between cultures we are presently engaged in, whether we want to be or not, it is in our interests that our Elite play to win. Else the barbarians win.

Iran is rapidly reaching the capability to build nuclear weapons. That is just the simple facts. There is no political will to stop them. They know it, we know it, Israel knows it. The fact is not much of a secret. The Elite vomit platitudes that they will not allow it while undermining an organic democratic uprising in Iran. The Elite in Iran are running centrifuges twenty four seven enriching uranium. There are reports in the Israeli press that the Iranians have sufficient enriched uranium for two to three Nagasaki strength bombs. Now there has been a radioactive leak from one of their enrichment facilities. Poisoning not only their own children but ours as well.

Our Elite keep us focused on sanctions and the myth that sanctions will in any way slow the suicidal apocalyptic theocracy that rules Iran. They are not subject to the same morality the Russians were. They joyfully strap bombs to their own children’s backs and send them into buses loaded with civilians. Someone that has such a twisted sense of right and wrong cannot be reasoned with logically or morally. They know only power and weakness. Sanctions work on logical and moral levels, to a barbarian they only show weakness.

What we need to really be looking at is how we will respond when Iran uses their nukes on Israel, Europe, Saudi Arabia and or the US. As I have pointed out, there is no will to stop Iran, therefore it is only logical to look to the next play. When they attack the US mainland what will be the response of our Elite? They will be safely ensconced in protective bunkers when the bombs turn our children into smudges in the pavement. What can we expect them to do, to exact some kind of revenge or suppression of Iran, once millions of us and our children are dead?

I bet the Elite will whine how bad we were to so offend the Iranians they had to kill us. To appease the Iranians they will immediately send economic, famine, and military aid to Iran. Perhaps they will round up some prominent Christian evangelists and send them in chains to Iran as tribute. The hostages will be carrying clay pots. One filled with earth, the other filled with water, and the last filled with blood. The pots will show the suicidal apocalyptic theocracy we accept our Dhimmi status. Europe will follow and the Iranians can turn their attention to Russia and China. Or do you expect any other response from this bunch? The people who knowingly let it happen.

The Iranians are thinking beyond this move even farther. While our Elite focus on strip searching old women, to prove they are not racists, Iran is enriching uranium at an ever increasing pace. If only they could show how weak we are, they believe, the Evil actors in the World will leave us alone. But, I ask you, are they really that stupid? Have they become the Elite because they are ignorant and foolish? The Elite are as selfish as can be, and they always look after themselves, no matter the cost to others. So we can expect they are looking to protect themselves and their families. Ours are expendable.

Of course Saudi Arabia will not lay back and be nuked. The moment Iran tests a nuke Saudi Arabia will begin a nuclear program of it’s own. The race will be on. Fueled by fear and ambition the World will race to a fiery finish. This age will end and the next one might start. That is not what I call a good outcome of the “game.” Unfortunately the Elite have rigged the game. They have set it up so we can only elect a patrician. Not only just a patrician but a patrician from a certain faction. They put one in a red jersey and the other in a blue jersey, and we can root for the jersey, the men wearing them are the same. The modern Chamberlain will both stand by while Iran prepares then uses their arsenal. Those that would stop the madness are vilified by the Elite as crazy war mongers. As they did Ronald Reagan.

Remember when Obama said, “America is the greatest Nation Earth, Let’s change it!” It was a rare moment of honesty from this President. By focusing us on the past and the latest fad he is a long way to accomplishing that goal. Those that are smart look at future moves not past moves. The Elite want us to focus on past moves so to keep us separated and befuddled. Lets start looking to future moves else our children will pay a heavy price.


John Pepin