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The Fallacy of Faction

Thursday, August 17th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me… language is such a poor means of communication, it is barely utile. Certainly you can grunt out that you are hungry, follow, look a deer and shoot it, and a few other concepts and philosophies have come into it over the years, but most words are so hard to define, even when consulting a dictionary, they are almost useless. This is never more true than when the words are political in nature. Politics is, by it’s nature mercurial, and the language of politics is mercurial as well. We think we know what terms such as left, right, capitalism, communism, fascism and oligarchy mean, but we don’t. Not you nor I. That is because those words have different meaning to different people. A white horse is not a horse so to speak. Without a stable definition a word means nothing.

Capitalism is just such a word. The word means something different to anyone who speaks it. To some it means cronyism, corporatism, oligarchy, company towns, tyranny and exploitation. To others it means free enterprise, free markets, limited government interference, freedom, industry, industriousness, wealth and opportunity. Yet these are not the only definitions of capitalism, there is every shade in between those two extremes. The word capitalism is so mercurial it is worthless as a means of conveying a thought. Better to grunt “hungry,” You will get the point across.

The left/right political definition has become utterly absurd. A national socialist who believes in the planned economy is on the right, and a communist, who also believes in a planned economy is on the left. Both sides are authoritarian, the definition rests on whether the faction believes in globalism, (one world government), or nationalism, (the nation state), a globalist being a leftist and a nationalist being on the right. The only philosophy not afforded any room in that definition… is for people who believe in freedom, free enterprise and free markets. Which highlights another aspect of political speech, that philosophy you dislike can be marginalized, by drowning it within other negative definitions.

Certainly there are people who believe in free enterprise, that also believe in a one world government, and those who believe in the nation state as well. Both parts of that faction, who believe in free enterprise, are separated by the left right paradigm, rendering that faction less potent than it otherwise would be.

The terms liberal and conservative used to have some utility but have long since lost any use whatsoever. A classic economic liberal is what today in the US is called a libertarian or conservative, and a classic economic conservative, is what today is called progressive or liberal. Meanwhile what used to be a classic social liberal is today a progressive or liberal, as a social conservative classically defined, is what we consider a conservative today. Most people are lost somewhere in between the definitions making those terms to be confusing at best and fraudulent at worse.

Politics doesn’t like hard definitions. Politicians like to have their words mean different things to different people. The best politicians are empty suits the people fill with their imaginations. Like Obama was all things to all people when he ran for office, once he got into office, he became something else altogether. Politicians therefore have an incentive to destroy the meaning of words, muddy their definitions and conceal their implications. That is just the nature of politics. It is in our own best interest however to try to understand what people actually think then.

Understanding what others really think is made nearly impossible by the nature of our language. How many times have you or I argued about capitalism with someone when if we had both defined what we meant by capitalism we would have discovered we agreed on ninety percent? He was arguing against corporatism and I was arguing for freedom. Both of us hate corporatism, and both want freedom, yet we argue past each other over a word we never defined! The only real disagreement was on our definitions. Politicians want us to misunderstand each other, they want the water turbid and the air foggy, to keep us in small factions and thus easier to control. We should endeavor to clear the air, let the water settle and actually take the time to understand each other. We might find to our everlasting horror… we agree on far more than we disagree.


John Pepin


Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the republicans are proving by their actions, that they are no different than the democrats, showing there is no real opposition party. Both parties seek the administrative form of government without oversight or consequence. The leadership of both parties are progressive/Marxist to the core. They stand for the same things, the republicans think they will be better at keeping the trains on time, under the oppression both parties have in store for us. Clearly, republicans have no intention whatsoever of actually implementing the platform, republicans have been running on since Reagan. They have shown themselves to be spineless worms. The American people are onto them however. We know they are no different than the progressive democrats. With a few notable exceptions, most republicans are new class progressives, who would rather the government make all the decisions for us little people who, in their minds, are too stupid to make our own. How poorly both parties see us.

The republicans however are in full suicide mode. They are showing the world just how useless they are. What a joke they have become. While the democrats are brave enough to throw themselves on the sword, to establish tyranny, and pass Obama care regardless of the consequences… blowing up our healthcare system, leading to untold deaths and suffering, to create the conditions for single payer, a major goal of Marxists. Republicans on the other hand, who have been running against Obama care since it’s inception, are too mealy mouthed and conniving to pass anything of substance. In doing so they are relegating themselves to Whig status.

In the absence of a true opposition party, standing against the progressive plan to destroy the US and create a one world tyranny, from which there will be no escape and no path to advancement, outside the political arena, there will be a groundswell of support by the people for anyone that is brave enough to stand against it. People are far more intelligent than the new class credits. We understand what they are doing and they know what they are doing, we can read their books, Rules for Radicals, Cloward and Pivon, UN agenda 21 and now agenda 2030, and read their websites, Socialism means one world, for example. No amount of hiding their intent with the code of the culture of critical discourse can hide their aims. That republicans do nothing to stop the agenda, only slow it, shows they seek the same think as all new class progressives.

What a debacle they have created for themselves. By running as the opposition party, but when in charge of the House, Senate and Presidency, they are unable to move the dial even a notch back to liberty and limited government,they have utterly discredited themselves. In fact republicans are finding common cause with democrats to limit our freedom of speech! It isn’t odd that both parties only find common cause, when limiting our freedoms and expanding the role scope and reach of government, it is what we have come to expect. The republican party is a faux party. It is just a means to fool the American people into believing our vote counts. Like Mark Twain once said… “If voting made a difference they wouldn’t let us do it.” The republican party today is proving that adage to be absolutely true.

It is time for a new party. Not one made up of RINOs jumping ship to hold onto power… but of constitutionalists, freedom loving people and laissez faire capitalists. People who actually seek to crush oppression, allow everyone to get ahead, smash the glass ceilings, stop factionalizing us with racist claims of racism, eliminate crony capitalism and strengthen the US rather then try to destroy it. Sadly however, these things don’t have the support of the progressive new class, who controls our media, judiciary, government, businesses, and hands out the money. It was evident when the much loathed Koch brothers switched their allegiance to Hillary Clinton in the last election. Clearly they only support republicans because they want to run the one world government, not stop it, nor do run of the mill republicans. If a new party could come about that does these things and makes a real stand against the rising oppression, the republican party would disappear like a cloud of smoke. Good riddance.


John Pepin

The Faction that is Above the Law

Monday, March 6th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, it is becoming increasingly obvious, we live in a system where there is a faction that is above the law, and the rest of us are below it’s protections. Under any system where some are above the law, or below its protections, law does not exist but arbitrary rule is instead the character of the nation. Political favor is always the deciding factor in a country where arbitrary rule is the norm. Those with political favor, whether they be the tyrant or the oligarch, will never hold themselves to the laws they themselves make, those are for the little people. Moreover, the elite under such a system have carte blanche to punish those the elite see as a threat, regardless of the supposed limits on the elite’s authority. When it becomes undeniable that there are people who are above the law, like it has today in the US and Europe, unless we the people seek slavery, it is up to us to demand every member of the elite be held accountable. Giving a different faction that same power is self defeating.

No human being is an angel. We all know this but many of us operate like they don’t. Progressives willingly grant people with absolute power, in the misguided idea that if only the “right” person is in charge, the world will be utopia. That is the basis of every progressive argument. They see humanity as so hopelessly defective we simply cannot be trusted to run our own lives, yet they see the very same people, when they have absolute power, as saints who will work for the betterment of mankind. How many times have you heard a professor argue, real socialism has never been tried, or that, the wrong people were in charge then, when discussing the failure of socialism to ever elevate a single person, other than a member of the politburo, from poverty to wealth. Progressives constantly seek an angel to save humanity from itself. Sadly, angels only exist in heaven, and not in the common lot of Mankind.

The Obama administration was the most scandal ridden in US history bar none. Even the maligned Nixon paled in comparison to Obama’s antics while in office. From abusing his self proclaimed “political enemies” with the unlimited power of the IRS, trafficking arms to Mexican drug gangs, through this latest scandal where Obama wiretapped the phones of the other political party for political advantage in an election, not one of his scandals has yet to be investigated. There is not a single republican administration that would have weathered the fast and furious scandal, let alone wielding the IRS as a political weapon against progressives! It is undeniable Obama has openly broken many laws, and violated our Constitution in a myriad of ways, yet doesn’t even face an investigation for any of it… that is the definition of being above the law. Hillary Clinton wiped and destroyed a hard drive under subpoena, then lied under oath about it, even revealing Classified secrets to our mortal enemies! A felony if you or I did it, yet the FBI said no one would indict her for it, then indicted dozens of servicemen for far lesser crimes! Apparently servicemen are not politically favored.

There is not a soul who is the least informed that does not know that members of the government rarely subject themselves to the laws they write for the rest of us. From legal insider trading, to Congress’ exemption from the Affordable Care Act, the elite never hold themselves to the same standard they hold us to. Even the Sarbanes-Oxley Act doesn’t apply to the elite! They can lie without consequence to the American public at will. Get caught lying to the government and rest assured the elite will wield the entire power of the federal government to destroy you. Take the example of the socialist billionaire George Soros, he has used his vast wealth to conduct his own personal foreign policy, in violation of US laws that prohibit such actions from private citizens, yet he faces no penalty for it. Heck the geriatric Soros was even accused of beating his girlfriend, but the NYC police refused even to question him about it when the girlfriend made the accusation! Imagine what would happen to you, if your girlfriend went to the police accusing you of beating her! So, we can see that it is not only government officials that are above the law, but progressive billionaires as well.

Yet you and I are under the protections of law. The IRS scandal is one glaring example where citizens were denied justice and their due rights under the law for political purposes. The film maker who made the internet film, The Innocence of Muslims, which Obama blamed on Benghazi, a lie as it turns out, was jailed to promote the lie! So much for the First amendment’s freedom of speech. Try acting Pro Se in court, the lawyer against you will be held to a drastically lower standard of conduct than you, to the point of making the entire “justice” system absurd. If you run afoul of the bureaucracy, by violating some arcane regulation, you are denied the legal system to adjudicate your case, instead those regulations are made by the bureaucracy, enforced by the bureaucracy and tried by the bureaucracy. In the Federalist Papers Madison argued that if the laws ever became so many that even a trained attorney cannot understand them, then tyranny is in effect, showing that even by Madison’s definition, we live under a tyranny today.

When a faction is above the law that faction is the defacto oligarchy. Aristotle wrote in Nicomachean Ethics that there are three right forms and three wrong forms of government, The wrong forms have in common, they all serve the rulers not the nation state, or in Aristotle’s time, the city state. That faction today that is above the law, and indeed our very Constitution itself, as Nancy Pelosi so famously illustrated by her flippant attitude when asked if Obama care is constitutional, is the progressive faction. If we allow this to continue, or God forbid, give a different faction that same power, we are acting against the interests of our own children. We have to stand and demand, the elite are held to the law, and create a system to punish them when they violate our Constitution. Unless we act, we will be passing a world of suffering to our children. Look into the eyes of your children and grandchildren and ask yourself, do I want him or her to be a slave of some inhuman state? If you love them, maybe it’s time to enact a NUMA amendment, and proclaim to the world and our posterity, that no man is above the law and no man is below it’s protections.


John Pepin

Is Faction Destroying America?

Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the thing most feared by the founders is taking place, our republic is being destroyed from within by political faction. Political faction is the great Achilles tendon of any human government that is not a despotism. Once a faction, and it usually if not always is the faction that favors arbitrary rule, increases the violence of their tactics and so the other side steps into that new level of violence in the political discourse. Each step up in violence by the one is met by the other until actual open violence against people becomes reality. Today in the US the progressive faction is rioting in the streets, beating up conservatives and denying people their right to speak, they have called for the impeachment of Trump before he even took office, they are ratcheting up the level of acceptable political violence to an heretofore unseen level in American politics. Of course the conservative faction will believe it has to utilize the same level of violence when they are out of power, it has been normalized by the progressive faction, and because not to do so would cede too much power to the progressive faction, and could inevitably lead to the extinction of the conservative faction. Never mind which faction is driving the car into the abyss, we are all in it, and they are driving us into a very dark place.

We will not have been the first nor the last republic to be rotted from within by political faction. Rome was reduced from a republic that protected and valued the rights of all citizens to arbitrary despotism. The fall was entirely due to political faction. It started even before the plebeians demanded tribunes be elected to the Senate to represent them, faction is and has always been a problem with any democratic element of government. People, being tribal, will pick a team and back it even when it becomes clear they have chosen poorly. The political violence became overt when Marius ordered many members of Sulla‘s faction executed. That was followed up by Sulla executing thousands of members of Marius” faction in the Forum. Rome’s polity was smashed once and for all, and many of Rome’s best had to flee the city, simply because they backed the wrong guy in the past.

Today we face a similar problem. The factions are different, one prefers arbitrary rule, the other would rather have limited government. Since the faction that seeks arbitrary rule plans on enforcing that rule with violence, they consider it just to initiate violence. Violence in a political arena could take a myriad of forms. It can be mere hostility to the other faction’s ability to get it’s message out, through beating up member of the other faction, to outright murder of the leaders of the other faction. The willingness to use violence is a quality of any faction that seeks arbitrary rule, they are willing to initiate violence, since they are planning on using it anyway to rule. The faction that seeks limited government however, does not believe it or any other faction has the just right to initiate violence for a political end. The result is that the faction that eschews violence will have a decided disadvantage in combating the faction that seeks arbitrary rule.

As the faction that seeks arbitrary rule becomes ever more powerful, and the extermination of their political enemies gets ever more clear, any setback no matter how minor, will set the faction that seeks arbitrary rule to become overtly violent, and we see that today. That overt violence however, no matter how carefully the script is written and how effective the crushing of opposing voices is, that violence is ugly and shows people the reality of what they support. All things good are beautiful just as all things evil are ugly. That ugliness cannot be long hid when a faction has become violent, and so most people will be repulsed by it, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Evil always defeats itself, especially at it’s acme, because once the mask comes off the ugliness underneath is so revolting people abandon it.

Abandoning the faction that is evil is the most important step. They have taken off the mask and their hideous face is in the open. Progressive’s glee at initiating violence cannot be denied, everyone sees it with their own eyes, silenced conservatives need not point it out, it is right in front of us. I wonder however, if this era of political violence will be embraced, as it was in Rome, or rejected. If it is rejected our children will live in a golden age, if embraced, they will live in a dystopian world of our making. Let’s make the right choice, the human hearted one and reject violence and punish those who embrace political violence, creating incentives not to engage in it in the first place. If the faction that initiates violence is sufficiently punished for it, the message will protect the next generation, until progressives re brand themselves again.


John Pepin

The Party of the Ass

Monday, August 8th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems odd to me, the party that has democracy in it’s name, always and everywhere take the side of forces opposing democracy and align themselves with autocrats, and gets away with it so handily, is one for a prodigy psychologist. That party doesn’t even hide the fact, other than protecting a few speeches to Wall ST, so why are people not fed up with the lies, saying one thing then doing another, conniving, corruption and even the undermining of our very sovereignty. The party that has an ass as it’s mascot, it would appear, has a different agenda than it purports, as observed by it’s actions and discounting it’s rhetoric. With the ongoing Wikileaks email deliveries, the party of the people’s conniving is exposed to the very people it is conniving against. Fortunately, with the advent of fully digitized vote counting soon, if not today, they need not soil democracy in the hands of the unwashed masses.

Why do they get away with it? Are people really that vapid? Perhaps, or perhaps not, there are other factors to consider. Like the overwhelming power of the media, coupled with government, protected by the legal system, in bed with banks and corporations, all engaged in an orgy of power. When such forces align under a single faction, as they have in this time and place, it is very hard to buck the “conventional wisdom.” Anyone who has the audacity to disagree with the oligarchy is vilified into submission, by the media, law, government, Wall ST and academia. Such political power this faction now wields allows them to take off the mask.

You see it with the flood of former republicans to the democrat party, you know, the party of the people. The much hated Koch brothers have gone to the ass party along with all their billionaire buddys. Everyone knows, no one is more concerned for the plight of the poor than a billionaire, or knows how to solve the problems of the poor, like a central banker living in undeserved opulence. As the people vote for one candidate, the vote is rigged for the other and the party of democracy openly colludes with the media, to rig the election, because, you know, democracy is far too important to leave to the stupid voters. Proof is released, and the bolshevik turned menshevik by vote fraud, stands on a stage and kisses the pantsuit’s derriere… proving he is either a sellout or very very afraid.

The positions taken by the party of the people would seem absurd… given their supposed favoring of the democratic element of our republic. Voter identification is attacked, with spurious claims it does the opposite of what it has been empirically proven to do, based on an emotional argument. We are told that people who have to have id to live in our society, don’t need them to vote, because getting an id is too difficult? If that is so, then why not outlaw ids altogether? If they are such a burden why not outlaw them, for food stamps, to drive, for heating assistance, social security, etc… because there would be fraud maybe? Fraud in those programs only steals our money, vote fraud steals our individual sovereignty, and destroys the democratic element of our republic.

The fleeing of republicans in name only to the party of the little guy, shows where their true allegiances were to begin with, and so is not a bad thing. Everything is more clear in the light. As more and more information about the conniving, of the party of the most transparent administration comes out, the truth will be ever harder to deny. Even zealots will have to allow a synapse or two to fire. The revolt of the people from the chains on our minds the elite have so carefully forged for us is underway. The elite let us know who they support, every time they refuse to report a story, blow a story out of proportion, criminally charge someone for exposing crime, and fail to charge someone for obvious felonies. We have a selection between the elite’s choice, someone proven to be corrupt, a liar, a conniver, and ambitious beyond measure, or the people’s choice, someone who claims to being corrupt, a liar, a conniver and ambitious beyond measure.


John Pepin

Oligarchy of The Red Tapeworm

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, the legal system is supposed to facilitate market interactions, but in reality the legal system more often than not, is a parasitic drag on the free market. Like a tape worm imparts some resistance to diarrhea when it is small, it eventually outgrows it’s host, and if it isn’t dealt with, the host eventually starves to death no matter how much food they eat. This is not to say that there should be no laws. It is to say that the legal system in most western countries has out grown their hosts, the economies, and is draining those economies the vital sustenance, capital, they need. Many people have pointed this out to no avail. The reason the legal system always overtakes the national good is because Lawyers are a defacto oligarchy. Our economic futures rest on our ability to prune back the parasitic nature of our legal systems, else we and our children will live in an economy that is being starved, by the very legal system that is supposed to protect it.


Market economies need standards, this is a basic fact of any study on market economics. People have to be able to make valid legal contracts, that are binding, we have to be able to sue for redress of economic harm visited on us… among a whole host of other valuable services a functional legal system provides. No economy can do without laws and standards. However, as Madison said in The Federalist Papers, when those laws become so abstruse, even a person knowledgeable in the law cannot possibly understand them all, you have tyranny.


The legal system is essentially a faction. This faction, like all factions, seeks the best interests of it’s members, no differently than a labor union. The legal faction is made up of attorneys. It is not coincidental that all governments have a large portion of their members as attorneys. Modern governments are broken into three branches, Executive, Legislative and Judicial. This was Montesquieu idea, to limit the source of most tyranny that ruins republican government, an overly powerful Executive. Break the authority from the Executive to adjudicate over law, and form it into a new, or third branch, the Judicial, (the lawyer’s exclusive branch). So, since all three branches are largely populated by lawyers, most legislators are attorneys, most Presidents have been lawyers, and with one branch exclusive to lawyers, the legal faction is overly represented in government. This makes the legal faction an oligarchy. They eventually rule, not in the interests of everyone, but in the interests of their faction, the classic definition of an oligarchy, ala Aristotle’s wrong forms of government.


Many learned people have suggested tort reform but it never gets anywhere. That is because the very people who would have to pass it, lawyers, would suffer real harm from it. The legal faction’s power would be diminished and the members of it, attorneys, would suffer economic harm. That is why tort reform is always dead on arrival whenever anyone offers it. Moreover, every time a new regulation is written, a new law is passed, a court finds a business has to pay a litigant for burning herself with hot coffee, or a judge rules a legal contract is null and void, along with many other legal abuses, the demand for lawyers goes up. Economics 101 is supply and demand, as the barrier to entry is raised by more and more stringent testing and pretesting requirements, lowering supply, while at the same time the demand for attorneys is elevated by absurd rulings and tomes of arcane regulations and laws, raising demand, the profit for lawyers must necessarily go up.


That is why the media and lawyers attack oil company profits in the tens of billions but no one decries the profits of law firms that run into the hundreds of billions. Doctors are vilified for charging what they do to save the life of a child but the absurd charges attorneys get away with are ho hummed. The legal faction controls the government and thus the conversation. The fees of lawyers goes up, along with the regulations they pass and society has to follow, in a Fibonacci curve while economic growth dwindles away. No matter to the legal faction however, their fortunes continue to rise. But, like the Roman empire was destroyed, in no small part by the stifling regulation and bureaucracy, their legal system built up, our modern societies are being eaten from within by the red tape worm of the legal faction. Most likely, we will end up like the Roman civilization, because we refuse to learn the lesson history teaches us.





John Pepin

Faction in the Modern World

Monday, August 20th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that faction is a bigger threat to our Constitutional republic today than at any time in our history. That is a pretty big statement, considering that we have fought a Civil War, as atonement for the evil of slavery, and all the other times faction has threatened our liberties. The threat of faction has been known and understood since Madison wrote Federalist Paper #10. That faction is a bigger threat today, speaks more about the characteristic of faction in modern society, than the nature of faction as a whole. If I am correct, and faction poses a greater threat to our freedoms and the liberties of our children than at any other time in American history, we must all wake up and address this threat, else we will leave our children a far worse state of affairs, than our parents did us.

In Federalist paper #10 Madison wrote that faction is the biggest threat to a republic. Faction, being like fire and liberty being like oxygen, the way to control faction is not to starve it of oxygen, (liberty) but to pit faction against faction. I am of course paraphrasing his words but the meaning is correct. By pitting faction against faction his theory, and the theory of the US Constitution, is that if faction is always fighting turf wars, no one faction can grow sufficiently large to take over the apparatus of the State. Madison warned that if some faction gained total control of two of the branches of government then our liberty would be threatened. He was adamant about this.

One of the bulwarks against this happening is the free press enjoyed in the US. The free press being able to point out when any single faction in society is becoming too large. A free press was considered one of the controls on the predilection of the Elite to usurp power. This control has worked sometimes better, sometimes worse, but all in all it has been a moderately sufficient safeguard in the past. Today however, we have a media that calls itself unbiased, yet they have a demonstrable bias toward a single faction, showing absolute contempt for our intelligence. This faction was briefly in charge of all three branches of government and still has hegemony over two. The Executive and the Judicial. Control of the Legislative branch is tenuously limited, by the inclusion of a few that are not in that faction, but they are incessantly vilified by the unbiased press for it.

The two party system was another protection against the vicissitudes of faction. If there are only two parties, then all factions must squeeze into one or the other party, thus limiting their overall power. Various factions would have to commingle within each party in order to have some seat at the table. The two party system worked well throughout most of our history but recently has become an impediment due to the pernicious nature of the one faction. This faction has penetrated both parties. The democrat party is under total control of this faction and the Elite in the republican party are loyal to this faction as well. There is only a small minority, growing to be sure, but nevertheless a small faction within the republican party that resists the advance of these people.

Joesph Schumpeter said that free markets and liberty cannot long last. His dire prediction was based on the fact that, once a person becomes wealthy their first order of business is to close the door behind them, so that no one else can pass through the portal to wealth, they did. This doesn’t make the rich bad… it makes them human. The means to this end being ever increasing regulation. As Milton Friedman said, when a business man is confronted with a superior competitor he has two options, the first is to ramp up his business to effectively compete and the other is to turn to government and regulate the competitor away. It is the responsibility of the electorate to control the avarice of the wealthy by the popular vote.

Now we have one faction that seeks to regulate the people while resisting the most basic controls on their actions. They use populist rhetoric to convince us that they work in our best interests, but even a cursory knowledge of human nature shows, this is mere folly. No one works against their own interests. Those very few that have, are given the attribution… Saints and the Christ. To believe that people who seek to control us with arbitrary power, only seek the interests of society, eschewing their own is blindness. The progressive faction is nearing their complete victory over our Constitutional republic, destroying their mortal enemy, the free market and imposing arbitrary rule on us and our children.

All is not lost however. We still have suffrage and the unconventional media. This blog being an example. We can use that power given to us by the Founding Fathers and turn the tide, for at best a few more years, or we can stand aside and allow the demise of our republic, and with it, our liberty, opportunity and safety. It is up to us to be rational maximizers, to stand in the way of the progressive agenda, for the sake of those we love most, or, we can accept the part of useful idiot. I for one, have no interest in being a useful idiot and ceding our republic to a single faction, no matter how flowery their rhetoric… Do you?


John Pepin

Reciprocal Applicability

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that, when a person seeks to inflict some harm on another, the theory of Reciprocal Applicability is invoked. This concept of Reciprocal Applicability simply means, if one party applies an idea, status or action on or to another, that other has the reciprocal right to apply the same to the first person. This idea has profound implications for a better functioning of society. We live in society and can benefit by it, or at least avoid loss from it.

It is just common sense. If a lion attacks you then you have every right and entitlement to kill that lion. Take it a step further, and if the “Son of Sam” tries to kill you, you have every right and entitlement to kill him. In fact, you have not only a right but a duty, to kill the turd. Society and civilization are relieved of a burden, at his death at the hands, of one of his very own victims. If a bully seeks to beat you up you have the right to beat him up. To the very limit he would have beaten you. The very fact that, a bully might meet up with a righteous man who is only restrained by his ethos to the extent of Reciprocal Applicability, is a restraining factor. Such a man or woman would come as a rare and dangerous surprise to the villain.

This is codified into common law. Most countries recognize that if a person breaks into your home, and tries to kill you, you have the right to use deadly force to stop them. This is simply another way of explaining a facet of the theory of Reciprocal Applicability.

Reciprocal Applicability is the basis for the United States Constitutional Individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms. What good is a gun if a person is barred from using it in self defense. The right to keep and bear arms is the Founding Father’s application of the right of Reciprocal Applicability. This was understood when people lived close to the land. Not as much as farmers, close to the land means, close to reality, as opposed to today, where people are so removed from reality they seek to hug lions, tigers and bears.

The concept goes beyond mere self defense. It extends to interactions within society. It can be said to be the basis for courtesy. We are courteous to others, not as an intrinsic attribute of them or us, but as an extrinsic attribute to the society in which we live, that we be treated with, at least the courtesy we bestow on others. That others do not follow the idea of reciprocity, shows they, not the courteous, are deficient in manners and civilization.

The theory of Reciprocal Applicability gives rise to our loathing of slavery. The person who would enslave another certainly deserves to be enslaved by the very person who is victimized. Since most people who are tied up in the slave trade or in “Human Trafficking” are evil incarnate, no amount of punishment is sufficient, in this corporeal world to make amends, so we must seek to make examples of those who are caught, by making them World recognized slaves, their owners, their victims. The Victim(s) turned owner(s) would be given wide latitude. Not so much for punishment but as a deterrent to other would be slave traders.

The theory of Reciprocal Applicability can be applied to a wide range of human cultural, societal and personal interactions. I can easily think of hundreds of other application than the ones I have mentioned here. These were the examples I thought would most hammer home the idea and it’s implications. The concept may be of use to some future researcher, or it may find the bottom of the dust bin… but that is it. Take it as you want.


John Pepin

Obama the Orator and Romney the Sophist.

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the difference between Obama the orator and Romney the sophist, is nil. They both follow Bastiat’s law, that politicians seek to protect the wealth of their own faction from plunder, while plundering the wealth of the other faction. They simply represent different factions. Like Marius and Gracchus. Neither have any concept that, service to the whole of society… even the hated other faction, is best served, when all are served. They are both progressives and both Elitists, that is why I say, one is wearing a red jersey and the other a blue jersey. It gives us the appearance of difference but in reality they are on the same team. Our team right or wrong, we have something to root for, our own fall.

In these days, I believe it is very critical, that people read some of the classics. They lived the very political tumult we are going through today. The actors are the same they simply have different names. If more people read the life of Phocion it would enlighten people to what is happening today. Couple this with the life of Cato the younger, and people would have a much better understanding, of what is going to happen to our republic. Despite our technology, we are just as human as they, and just as subject to error.

We still have a choice today, but the Elite are rapidly closing any avenue, other than their selections. Gingrich is the subject of tens of millions of dollars of attack ads. Romney, the sophist, makes no argument why he should be the Republican nominee, except that Gingrich must not be. Why? Because Gingrich is the absolute enemy of the entrenched Elite. They will cross any bridge to destroy Gingrich, personally, then turn around and burn it. They despise him with a passion that can only make me admire the man. The Elite loathe nothing more than a threat to their power and wealth. Obama has greatly enhanced the power and wealth of the Elite to the detriment of the masses. But that is why he was elected… by the Elite. for the Elite so no one can rule… but the Elite.

Ron Paul is another the Elite fear. They have an abhorrence of Ron Paul because he represents an awakening of the people from our slumber. He speaks real truth to power, and power only broaches carefully produced and directed, “truth to power.” The Elite are confident Ron Paul is too fringe to win in the primary, let alone the general election, so they only attack his character daily. Not by the second as they do Gingrich. Ron Paul is a real break from the entrenched Elite. They will stop at nothing to stop him were he to get the nomination. I don’t believe the Elite have any compunction about any action that protects their power.

Rick Perry is hard to read. He isn’t a real threat, electrically, so he has been let alone, not to further enrage the Tea party. The Elite marginalize him, by claiming he is so socially conservative, he is unelectable. Of course, that is only a narrative, not reality. The American people always poll 40% conservative. In most general elections no where near 100% vote. So, if in a general election, 70% voted, (a high turnout), then 40% of 100% would represent 60% of the 70% that voted. Showing clearly, the adage that, it is the moderate middle that elects the government, is a myth. It is a myth designed to suppress the vote of the 40% so that a faction, the Elite, can maintain their hegemony.

If we look at a nearer historical example, than ancient Greece and Rome, we can look at the primary between Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford. Ford was the Elite’s guy. The Elite vilified Reagan. They hated him, with a passion similar to their loathing of Nixon… But with added fear of Reagan’s charisma. The siiting President Ford won the primary, Carter won the election. Had Carter won another term, the USSR would have won the cold war, and the World would today be in abject poverty, war and subjugation… 1984 writ large. Reagan inherited a much deeper and more pernicious economy than did Obama the Orator. Reagan didn’t whine about Carter, once he was in office, Reagan fixed the country. That is the difference between a leader and an orator.

When Reagan announced his Strategic Defense Initiative, it was decried as star wars. Yet it has yielded up not only anti missile systems, that can now actually knock out incoming missiles, if they are deployed, but major advancements in satellite, space hardware and radar tracking technologies. The payoff has been a hundredfold. Yet Reagan was called foolish for his forward thinking at the time. Reagan was also a strong advocate of the US Space program. Initiating the International Space Station.

We, as Americans have a choice, we can follow the Elite, to poverty and learned helplessness, or, we can take another road. The wisdom of the classical geniuses is the most helpful insight we can get into what is happening, and what will happen. Ignorance is unforgivable in this age of ready access to their sage advice. The example of Ronald Reagan, the Teflon president, is the closest historical example of the way out. We can always tell who the Elite despise, by the vigor of the personal attacks, (Reagan was divorced you know), both by the Elite’s favorites and the unbiased media. This is an unerring guide, pointing the way out, of the trap the Elite have set for us.


John Pepin

Economic Equalibrium

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that as soon as the real economy kicks in the US will have several problems crop up that will imperil the economic reawakening.

One is the very low interest the government is paying on bonds. Once the economy starts to gain traction the rate of inflation will rapidly rise due to the high level of quantitative easing already in the market. Pulling trillions of dollars back from the economy will be e Herculean task. Doing so without causing the economy to roll over or to inflate will require the wisdom of Solon as well. Inflation being the most likely outcome.

When this tidal wave of inflation hits and banks are caught flat footed with their money tied up in very low yielding treasuries they will panic trying to get out. This will necessitate a loss. The banks will turn to the government to cover the losses and the government will issue new debt to cover the banks losses. As they have come to expect. Non the less the banking industry will take a good knock. Similar to the one that put us in this downturn.

The government will have to sell new treasuries at a much higher rate. Rapidly driving up mandatory government spending. On a six month rotational basis the US government will have to roll trillions of dollars of debt from one half percent interest to perhaps four or more percent. This will dramatically lower the availability of money in the capital markets for plant and equipment upgrades, wage increases, new opportunity investments, etc…

Remember, when economists say that the US consumes too much, part of the equation is government consumption of debt. As government consumes debt the capital must come from somewhere. If the American people are not saving sufficiently to cover the debt it must be imported from abroad. This is factored into the US balance of trade. The elephant in the room is that it presupposes investors in other countries have an appetite for US government debt. If the money is inflating rapidly, debt in US dollars, are much less profitable. If the US government is seen by investors as too debt laden compared to the rate of growth in GDP then US government debt will become even more expensive.

Another shoal in the waters of any economic advance is US energy policy. Which is easy to sum up. It is to drive the cost of energy as high as government policies can. Even at the low rate of demand we see in the US energy price is relatively high. Moratoriums on drilling and permanently closing production facilities have that effect. If government, in their total lack of wisdom, enact Cap and Trade under any name the cost of energy to the US consumer of energy will skyrocket. Imagine how much less spending power a consumer will have when his or her electric bill goes from $90 a month to $500 a month… No way that could hurt the economy.

The one ace we have in the hole is that the government is at present doing it’s best to keep the economy in the doldrums. It’s every action, from threatening the biggest tax increase in US history to constantly increasing levels of regulation, serve to keep the economy off balance. Moratoriums on drilling that cost thousands of good paying jobs ensure the unemployment rate will stay high and increasing regulation will make companies that are too big to fail even bigger. Only the biggest companies can meet extremely intrusive government regulatory rules.

The present faction in power have established equilibrium. An equilibrium of stagnation and lower expectations… But an equilibrium. The faction that will come into power in the Congress will have a tough job ahead. Navigating the shoals I have pointed out and many others the deluge of government intervention in the markets have laid down will be a challenge. With the faction that is now in power attacking with it’s fifth column in the unbiased media propagandizing every move.

The challenge is daunting but the rewards are many. I hope and pray the faction that is in power when the dust settles after the election is up to it…