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Change as a Political Mantra

Sunday, July 23rd, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, political movements that proclaim change as their universal immortal mantra, must always create suffering, want and drama, in order for their message to sell. Obviously, in a time and place where there is Nirvana, the economy is going gangbusters, government is all but non existent, crime is something read about in books and the kids all have carefree childhoods… no one would want change. Therefore, those who peddle change need the economy to grind along sufficient to keep from collapsing, but poorly enough so that want strides the land. Social unrest and crime sell change better than any ad agency ever could. Place government right at the heart of the problems and change is a winner all around.

Change is especially attractive to the young. Kids in school believe they are the smartest people who ever lived and those who have an inflated sense of self are the easiest marks. You did and I did, we all believed we were the wisest people on the planet when we were young, and many of us still do. It is only through the tempering of the raw knowledge we gained in school by life experience, and most of that, mere propaganda, before someone is able to recognize a scam, especially one packaged so beautifully. The very idea of change is exciting to youth. Young and unwise people romanticize change, dream about how much better everything will be after, imagine themselves as the benevolent autocrat ruling for the betterment of mankind and picture how pristine the planet will be once fossil fuels are forbidden.

That is why change always leads to a worse outcome for everyone but the politicians. Politicians peddling the snake oil, change, will have the starry eyed youth manning their trenches. Loyal soldiers who are immune to any barrage of reason or empirical evidence contradicting their beloved change. Riding the swell of youth acting against their own interests, politicians peddling change then can make the situation such that everyone will want change. The worse they can make everything, the better their message of change will resonate, not just with the youth but with everyone who has lost their job, wife, husband, healthcare and dignity.

It is against the self interest of people selling change then to improve things. I think at this point we can all agree, people act in their own perceived self interest. That is why people are so happy to vote for the politician who will use the power of the state to take from another to give the themselves. They see it in their self interest to receive money for their vote. Outside of any discussion of if it is in one’s self interest, rightly understood, to do so, we can see that people do it because they perceive it to be in their self interest. Politicians who peddle change are acting in their self interest as well. The message sells, once in power it is easy to pretend to try to change things for the better, while working to change things for the worse. Since it is always much easier to change things for the worse, that politician who hawks change will always be able to create the conditions where that message sells. It is in their self interest to make things worse as they pitch change.

When you hear someone selling change, you know the change they are selling is always for the worse. Generally, people peddling change will help their core constituency at the cost to society, since doing so gets both their core constituents paid off for their support, and creates conditions where the message of change resonates. In the long term however, change always makes even the most politically favored group’s fortunes lower. Eventually only the top political echelon have plenty while everyone else has little. People act in their self interest and so those who gain power based on change will always seek to make conditions such that change is a winner.

This paradigm only works as long as the people are ignorant of the game. Once those pitching change have become so brazen people cannot help but to see, even when they seek not to, the message is seen for what it is. Usually far too late to do anything to stop the inevitable destruction. People will become angry once the charade is discovered and some will become violent. This has happened many times in history when the elite have been discovered for who they are, those same great men Thrasymachus so admired in The Republic. Those selling change will have their Marie Antoinette and Benito Mussolini moments, not because it is just or right, but because they have striven so mightily to deserve it.


John Pepin

Exploiting the Suffering of Children for Political Ends…

Monday, April 27th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, everyone’s goal should be… to have every child brought into this life, loved unconditionally, nurtured to reach his or her full potential and have their material needs met to present US standards, no matter the situation one is born into or where they are raised. All human hearted people want this to be a universal paradigm. Those who argue, as a matter of course, anyone who doesn’t agree with the path they call for to meet this laudable end, is against children, is being ignorant at best and conniving at worse. This should be obvious to everyone, but the lie propagated by the media that calls itself unbiased, that if you disagree with new class socialists you want children to suffer, is as much in vogue today as it was when Marx made it. Such a viciously underhanded argument is simply a means to shut down debate, and in fact creates the conditions where children will be born into poverty, lack opportunities and grow up unloved.

It is patently evil to want any child born into poverty, unloved and without opportunity. Only the most vile human being possible would want that, yet progressives use that argument in a myriad of ways, to discredit those who honestly seek to improve the lot of children across the planet, showing progressives, socialists and Marxists to be people who are willing to exploit the suffering of children, to meet their political goals. If you exploit the suffering of someone to meet your own ends, by definition, you cannot care about those you exploit, you only care about the suffering you are exploiting. I would think anyone with the reasoning ability of a house fly could figure that out for themselves but such spurious arguments have worked wonders for decades.

This fallacious argument, that libertarians and conservatives seek the suffering of children, is everywhere. False analogies fill the press, Facebook and Twitter. The convention is simple, point to some sad statistic about children then draw a false analogy to some action the new class wants to stop. “Childhood homelessness has increased X percent in the last five years and the republicans are doing Y…” where X and Y have no logical correlation, only an emotional connection, is a perfect example. If you think about it even for a moment it should become obvious… the person making that argument is exploiting the suffering of children for a political end.

The argument works though. Even though it is clearly exploiting the suffering of children for political ends, and therefore shows the arguer to be vile, hateful and power hungry, it works wonders to shut off debate, allowing the vile, hateful and deceitful to have their way. For this to work however, the lot of the children must never get better, only deteriorate. If we glance at the results of those who have made this argument, that libertarians and conservatives must hate children because they don’t support the usurpation of Constitutional rule, you see that the longer progressive policies are in place the more children are born into poverty, suffer little or no opportunity and live unloved. But then again, those who exploit the suffering of children for political ends, don’t care at all about children, only power and wealth, and the more the children suffer the stronger their spurious argument.

The evil of socialists, Marxists and progressives, is shown clearly for anyone with their eyes open. Variations on the theme are used to justify a plethora of evil policies, abortion for example… because would you want to be born into a life where you are unloved, abused and have no opportunities? If you are against the evil of abortion then you must want children to suffer… and the lot of humanity is lowered another notch, while the socialist amasses more power. Those who lower the standard of living of children, then claim anyone who stands against their policies hate children, are a special kind of evil. Heartless, greedy, lustful and gluttonous people, they prove it every day, by their policies and their arguments. To fall for such scams is not only ignorant and shows a lazy mind, but since the sophistry is so obvious, it also takes a sort of complicity that blackens the faces of those who accept it. Do you?


John Pepin

Mandela’s Passing and South Africa’s Future

Monday, December 9th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, with the death of Nelson Mandela, the future of South Africa is in jeopardy. This was of course inevitable when that great man died, but now that his mortality is manifest, it is incumbent upon the forward looking to foresee what the results of his passing will be on the nation he loved. His Christian faith tempered his actions and thereby the actions of the African National Congress (ANC). Without his humanity at the helm, or at least mitigating the various political factions vying for power there, I am afraid South Africa will now start down the well trod path of oppression and violence.


It is interesting that South Africa went a different way than did it’s neighbors. When Rhodesia gained it’s independence it fell under the spell of socialism and retaliation. The white farmers were attacked in their homes, their land seized by the government and redistributed to poor blacks. The result of these policies of retribution and redistribution were universally bad. The country splintered and what had been the bread basket of Africa descended into world renowned poverty. To this day Zimbabwe, and Zambia are poster children of how to destroy a country and it’s economy.


That South Africa didn’t follow the path of it’s neighbors is a testament to Nelson Mandela. He mitigated the natural human instinct for revenge and instead channeled it to peace and reconciliation. The results speak for themselves. South Africa has the highest GDP of any sub Saharan African nation and continues to grow, albeit at a limited pace, due to structural problems related to regulation, taxation and political favor. As long as Mandela lived his cult of personality kept South Africa on the path of peace and prosperity. His demand for reconciliation further enhanced the wealth of South Africans.


The death of Nelson Mandela will result in a power vacuum. All the heretofore limited political players in South Africa will struggle for supremacy. Without Mandela’s Christian moderation I believe South Africa will descend to the atrocities that characterized it’s neighbors. The communist party is strong there and will now start to exert it’s political power. Power that was kept in check by Mandela. Communists brooch no sharing of power and will happily use violence to gain total supremacy. If the history of communism shows us nothing else it shows us this. It may take a year or two but political upheaval will result in violence.


Political violence never comes without cost. The fragile economy of South Africa, that was largely held together by Mandela, will collapse under the weight of the coming political upheaval. While the poorest have not gain much under the ANC’s rule they have at least not starved. When civil war breaks out famine will rear it’s ugly head. Communists care nothing for the predicament of the poor or workers. Communists, (the New Class), care only about their own political power. So the plight of the people will not effect their calculations one iota. Except to exploit that suffering for political leverage.


I pray I am wrong and that clear heads will prevail but history is adamant. The death of Nelson Mandela will show the World the weakness of the South African constitution, you know, the one Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the US Supreme Court Judge… said would be a better example to follow for a new Republic, than the US model. The nation that great man worked so hard for, will be torn asunder by the same political forces that destroyed Rhodesia, Angola, and Mozambique, with the same results… poverty, oppression, civil war and famine. Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s comments not withstanding.





John Pepin

The Commodification of Human Suffering

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, human suffering has become a commodity, to be traded and exploited for political power. If someone’s suffering can be misused to that end, it is displayed in neon lights, but if it serves no political purpose, or works against the elite’s design, it is ignored. In this truly diabolical scheme, the media are the major players, acting at the behest of the political elite. Both of which are members of the “New Class.” Our innate repulsion at suffering is being played upon, to steer us into a course that is profoundly against our own interests, but in the presumed interests of the elite… or in other words, the New Class.


We have an innate revulsion to suffering be it human or animal. It is a human thing, that when we see someone in pain we are made uncomfortable, (except for the sadist). When something makes us uncomfortable we try to make it go away. In the case of human suffering we turn our eyes from it or we do something about it. The political elite know and understand this vulnerability of human nature and use it to manipulate us as best they can. It is up to us then, to be rational in our assessment of what we are shown, judging what is real and what is being used for political purposes and act accordingly.


The commodification of suffering is why we are reminded of certain misery constantly, often fictitious ills, like the tragedy of a lack of unlimited access to birth control paid for by someone else, but true human suffering, like the deprivations of Mao, are ignored. The “war on women” is an example of fictitious human suffering, while the genocide against Christianity, that is happening around the World right now, is ignored. The first serves the new class’ objectives while the second undermines it. The fact of illegal immigration is abraded like a perpetual cold sore, so the elite can lower our wages and water down our vote, while the evil of abortion and the suffering it causes, is not only ignored but anyone who points it out is vilified. Our compassion for the uninsured was the tool the elite used to jamb Obama care down our throats. These are only a very few examples of human suffering that the new class uses to promote a political agenda, and that which they keep us ignorant of.


Yet the political elite constantly use the suffering of others, to guide us to making decisions that are not only against our interests, but will actually create more suffering of the type they propose to stop! The war on poverty, was ostensibly a means to eliminate poverty, but the results are the opposite. Despite spending trillions of other people’s money the war on poverty has created more poverty than has ever existed in the US before. This misguided program, where the State took the place of the father in the familial relationship, has led to an explosion of out of wedlock births. Out of wedlock births are the biggest source of poverty there is! This malicious program has made millions of people incapable of engaging in the market system, and thus escaping their poverty, locking generations into a cycle of dependency and want. Yet our society was guided to making this terrible decision by the elite playing on our compassion for the impoverished.


It seems reasonable that those in the new class, who have had the benefit of the very best education, should have known the logical outcome of disrupting the nuclear family. Otherwise they are stupid and shouldn’t be allowed in charge of a MacDonalds. If they did know, and used our compassion as a tool to get us not only to damage our own interests, but to damage the interests of the very people they purported to help, then it is clear evidence they have malevolence in their hearts. If we look into this one example further, we can see that the only people to really benefit from the war on poverty, are the elite and their minions…. the bureaucracy.


To exploit human suffering as a political tool is evil. Human suffering is not a tool like a hammer or wedge, it is a wrong that good people should try to stop. Those that exploit the pain of others to forward an agenda are psychopathic. To do so requires a certain level of malevolence and enjoyment of that suffering. Moreover, to purposefully ignore true human suffering because it is damaging to a political agenda, is sociopathic. To lack a conscience. I think we can all agree that sociopaths and psychopaths should be barred from holding any power over the lives of other human beings at all.


I am sure you can easily think of many other examples, where human suffering has been exploited for political advantage, and where human suffering that works against an agenda has been ignored. The pain of another human being is never a tool and to make it such is diabolical. To make suffering a commodity, like oil, gold or lumber, is the very definition of evil. Those that exploit human suffering for their own narrow objectives, should be thrown out of office and barred from holding any power over our lives ever again, and in a sane World… they would be.





John Pepin


Managed Decline vs. Universal Prosperity

Monday, December 10th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, there is no reason why every man woman and child on the planet, cannot live a lifestyle equal to Americans. People like Barak Obama, George Soros and others believe in their hearts that it is not possible, and trying to do so would lead to environmental catastrophe. They understand that folks in America, even the poor, are the one percent in the World. People who hold this opinion, feel that it is unfair that Americans live the high standard of living we do, and therefore seek to lower the US standard of living… as a matter of fairness. With this understanding, crippled as it is, they set themselves to create a situation where there is a managed decline in America and Europe. This leadership will never raise anyone’s standard of living, it can only result in a diminished way of life, not only for Americans, but people the World over.

The standard of living in the US exceeds Europe in any metric you care to use. Americans almost universally have access to personal transportation in the form of a family car. This allows US citizens the unlimited ability to freely move about. Unlimited in the sense that Americans need not watch a train schedule, we don’t have to submit to screenings to get to work, and work can start at anytime it makes economic sense to do so. Americans, even the poor, have more living space than any other people on the planet, food is so available that obesity is a problem of the poor in the US, and our access to healthcare is unmatched in the World, despite the many single payer systems that attempt to give better access to everyone. Think of it this way, where do the uber rich go to have their operations? Where does George Soros go to get his prostate reamed out?, not Cuban, North Korean, nor Argentinian or even European hospitals… they go to American hospitals. The same ones destitute Americans are treated at.

The notion that the environment would be degraded, if everyone on the planet’s standard of living were raised to America’s, is pure sophistry. China today is industrializing at a rapid rate. They are using the flawed model of Japan but the standard of living of the Chinese citizen has undergone a paradigm shift. The Chinese middle class is growing by eating the ranks of the poor. The imbalances in their society have less to do with environmental degradation than they are generated by government policy. It is true that China is experiencing pollution similar to what America experienced at the height of the industrial revolution, but it is not from the capitalist expansion, it is due to an all powerful government ordering by fiat what will be built, without regard to anything other than the Party’s wishes. That is why, as Joe Biden said, China has state of the art Airports and cities. There is no public input to their construction and so the monetary cost is much lower while the environmental cost is much higher.

The market system is based on revolutions in manufacturing, organization and data. These revolutions, that create the business cycles economists are so scared of, and politicians are fond of, because they “justify” political meddling in the economy, allow the needs of human beings to be produced at ever cheaper rates, opening them to more and more of the World’s people. Obviously, the ability of the market to create these things, is effected by government policies. It is government policies that diminish the ability of entrepreneurs to make the next cotton gin… through taxation, regulation and cronyism. Governments around the World love to decide who gets what, in the name of fairness, while nothing could be further from the truth. This propensity of government to meddle in the market to change outcomes, is always used to benefit their political cronies, and is largely why so many people live in abject poverty around the World… while the people who advocate more government influence, like Soros and Obama, live in the lap of luxury. They create the conditions that immiserate the people of the World by their egoistic notions of fairness.

The answer then, is not to lower the standard of living of anyone on the planet, but to allow the market system to raise the World’s poor to equal America’s middle class. It is self evident that people who have no access to the market system have lowered expectations of prosperity. To claim that it is impossible, or that the planet couldn’t take it, is simply evil. Every man woman and child on Earth deserves better. That will only happen however, when the egoists that seek distributive justice by political favor, are denuded of their power to meddle in the economy. Until that time we will labor under the heavy jack boot of the Obama’s and the Soros’ of the World…. to everyone’s detriment. In the end, what could be less fair than trapping billions of people in unending misery, by lowering the top one percent in the name of fairness, and protecting the top one thousandth of one percent’s perpetual prosperity?


John Pepin