Poison Ivy in our Gardens

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that all legislation that makes the citizen get services from government are like poison ivy in our economic and legal gardens. It takes up space but produces nothing of value. It is intractable and very hard to eradicate. And whenever anyone brushes against it they sustain injury.

The faction in power in the USA today follow Machiavelli’s maxim that, “The wise Prince makes his people depend on him for everything and in every way, thus he will insure the loyalty of the people.” As the Elite make more and more people dependant on government they make more people dependant on their benefactors in government. The vote of a dependant is assured. The democratic system can and has been, (many times), undermined buy this very tactic. Many people have happily voted in their tyrants.

The legal system is under attack in such a case. Government does not allow itself to be sued unless the Elite have a political agenda and allow it. So if government does not deliver on planned services there is no legal recourse. Moreover if those that need the services that by legislation only government can provide, but government is not providing, have no recourse at all. Unless they find a political patron. Those that run afoul of bureaucracy find it increasingly stubborn as they place more pressure. There is simply no leveraging a bureaucrat. Except with a political patron.

The unwise politician who correctly sees the natural weaknesses in government delivered services, that dares threaten the gravy train, is always wounded… sometimes badly. All government programs set up current flows. Like water current these capital currents form a channel. It forms to the level of the capital and then simply moves funds along it‘s course. Trying to change the course of water… or largess, is difficult and dangerous.

Anytime any legislation that moves government in that direction is dangerous and should be though through very carefully. Stopped if possible. Especially under a government that has no NUMA. As we have mentioned above, when government delivers services, and they are delivered poorly or not at all, there is no recourse. Couple this with the fact that, like poison ivy, this type of legislation is very hard to get rid of, anyone who wants to spread this must be nuts.

The Healthcare legislation is the worst manifestation of this principle possible. It is nothing but two thousand pages of seeds to be planted in everyone’s backyard. They will have ten tears to sprout and grow before we will reap their real fruit.

Trying to get healthcare will be like mowing a lawn infested with poison ivy. The results will be similar. Elevated blood pressure. Elevated temperatures, Elevated pulse rate, a stinging rash and time spent with sticky ointments (bureaucrats).

The Elite keep trying to convince us that it will be great when the government runs our lives. Healthcare is the narrow end of the wedge. Let it in and there is a whole wedding party behind. The mess will be left for our children and grandchildren to clean up.

We need to ask ourselves… How much closer do we want to get to 1984? Or are we already there and just don’t know it?

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