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The Numa


The Numa amendment to the Constitution would read;

     Constitutional Police of Government

The Numa is to have the power to enforce all laws on members of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government. All laws that the Legislative branch pass will be enforced on the entire government by the Numa. The Numa would be the police and the prosecutor of government officials. The normal established method of making law will be the same.

The Executive will still have the civilian police, FBI, Military, etc… The FBI will have police powers over the Numa. All laws that are forced on the citizens of a country must be enforced on all members of government… Including the Numa. Legislation that renders the Numa powerless however would be unconstitutional, as would legislation pertaining only to the Numa. Any and all legislation that applies to any citizen must be applied to all elected and appointed members of government.

The Numa’s funding will be passed by the Legislature and signed by the Executive.

The Numa will be headed up by the “Phocon”. He or She will have three officers reporting to him or her, one for each of the three other branches. These top members would be elected for four (4) year terms. With no more than two consecutive terms.

The Numa will have the power to wire tap any official phone line, e mail, or any other means of communication. Video surveillance of all offices, halls, meeting rooms etc… will be constant and the actions in them are to be taped and released to the public via the internet. If deemed to be detrimental to the national security they will be held until they are no longer pertinent to national security or twenty (20) years whichever comes first.

The Numa will have the power to drug test or otherwise compel a member of the government to the extent that any citizen could possibly be compelled to do by law. Random drug testing for CDL truck drivers for example, forces random drug testing on all elected and appointed officials.

When a citizen has reason to think that he or she has been treated unfairly by the government he or she can resort to the Numa. There will be a department within the Numa to deal with government “consumer” complaints.

The impeachment process will be abolished and replaced by the Numa. If the Executive is found to be in conflict with the law the Numa will investigate, and prosecute if necessary. The Judicial will provide a court of law and the Supreme Court will be the deciders in the matter.

The powers defined herein are the only ones granted to the Numa.

















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