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Our Daughters Ourselves

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that the Roman Polanski case illustrates point of fact about the Elite.

The guy admitted that he raped a 13 year old girl. Then before he was to be sentenced he fled the country and took refuge in France. The French authorities protected him for 32 years. When Mr. Polanski was to be honored in Switzerland the Swiss authorities arrested him and are extraditing him to the USA to face charges of child rape and skipping bail.

So far I have heard the Elite argue how awful it is, that a man who has given so much to the world, (directed movies), is being treated this way. [The Roman aristocracy said the same thing about Coriolanus.] A man of this stature in the Arts community should be given some latitude… after all his wife and unborn child were murdered by Charles Manson’s gang. Mr. Polanski paid the parents millions of dollars to make amends. Plus it was over 30 years ago… Blah, Blah, Blah…

The only point I want to make, is, that the man must face justice. There is no other alternative. Else we live under the system Aristotle claimed was the worse of all alternatives for governance… Oligarchy that is above the law.

The same reason we need a NUMA Roman Polanski must stand trial or be sentenced for his admitted crime. Exactly the same as if he was fat, lived in a trailer park and was poor. To give Mr. Polanski special treatment because he is a member of the Elite would be tacitly saying the Elite are so much above the law they can rape our daughters at will. All they need to do is give us some money to pay for the pleasure. Making our daughters prostitutes… Whenever the Elite want them.

The Elite must be held to the same standard of personal conduct that we are! As we have considered before in many other blogs, bbs’s, the NUMA, and in the Manifesto To do otherwise is to ask for corruption in government, that will then corrupt the industrialists, then corrupt the people. When the people are thoroughly corrupt we will loose our freedom. Remember Machiavelli’s maxim “A corrupt people can never be free.”

Society benefits if Mr. Polanski is tried for his crime. Society is undermined if he is not. Not because Mr. Polanski’s interests are damaged but because society must know that the Elite are held to the same standard of personal conduct as we are. Damaging Mr. Polanski’s interests are not relevant. That they will be damaged is a side effect of the fact he must be treated the same as any other citizen.

Civilized societies don’t have different standards of personal conduct according to the personal fortune or power wielded by an individual. Civilized societies hold all their members to the same standard of conduct regardless of their fortune, status, breeding, power, personality or any other excellent attribute(s) a person may have.

Most if not all of societies problems are from the Elite being above the law. Take one limited example, laws regarding vice. Prostitution is illegal in most places in the US. Yet many politicians frequent prostitutes. The prostitutes that politicians frequent are very protected. Think about the Heidi Fleiss affair. No politician’s names were released… were they? Yet she had lists of names of big shot politicians at the time. If politicians were held to the same standards as you and I, not only would the names have been released but, prosecutions would have followed.

If this were the state of affairs politicians would be far more judicious about the laws they pass. They know they won’t be held to anything they pass. Only the little people. If the are caught not paying a few tens of thousands of dollars in taxes… oh well. No wonder raising taxes is so attractive. The ones passing the laws won’t have to pay them… You and I do.

So Roman Polanski must be extradited to the US. He must stand trial. If found guilty he must spend as much time in jail as someone who is an unknown would. Anything less and the Elite are telling us in no uncertain terms… Our daughters are theirs to do with as they wish.

ACORN and Ayn Rand

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that, if the Ayn Rand Institute was caught in a sting such as ACORN has been, the response from the unbiased media would be far different.

The Unbiased media have tried mightily to avoid this story. But ACORN keeps getting caught in lies. Over and over. Acorn has claimed that they are a volunteer organization and as such cannot keep close control over it’s employees. The unbiased media have accepted this explanation… unquestioned.

I wonder however if a conservative or libertarian organization that was volunteer driven would be given the same leeway? Take Ayn Rand for example. Were their employees caught in Maryland on secret video abetting some tax crime, let alone abetting child prostitution, I propose the unbiased media wouldn’t accept ACORN’s excuse, applied to Ayn Rand Institute. And rightly so nor should they of ACORN. Especially in that ACORN, is not only tax exempt, but is the recipient of taxpayer money.

To argue that your employees are volunteers, and so some will engage in nefarious conduct, in the name of the organization is absurd. If one branch had fallen for the sting this might have been an acceptable argument. But branches of ACORN all over the country have fallen for the sting. This argues of a corrupt culture within ACORN. The volunteers being a symptom not the disease.

ACORN has issued a press release that the undercover video tapers were “thrown out of the Philadelphia office and the police were called.” Mr. Breitbart, (the maker of the videos), will release the Philadelphia tape this week. The unbiased media have reported the ACORN press release as fact. I am curious what the documentation says really happened in Philadelphia branch.

Maryland is seeking to prosecute Mr. Breitbart for illegally taping people unawares. But has no stomach for taking on ACORN. Apparently in Maryland, abetting child enslavement for the purposes of child prostitution is a small offense and pales in comparison to, the illegal documenting employees of a national tax exempt organization that has access to potentially billions of taxpayer dollars, engaging in systematic corruption.

If it was Ayn Rand that was caught up in this type of controversy, the unbiased media and the Congress would call for a special investigation to look into the senior leadership of the Institute and their ties to government officials. Cultures of corruption, especially of this magnitude, come from the top. When they are so well documented and the leadership seems so willing to lie and lie, even after being caught in them over and over, red flags should be go up about the leadership. Especially their connections to government should be investigated. To do otherwise is to use the machinery of government for the benefit of one political faction. Not the benefit of society in general or the people in particular.

I wonder that 60 Minutes has never done an undercover sting in Maryland. I know that they have not… because the State Prosecutor is zealous about prosecuting offenders and I have never heard about 60 Minutes being prosecuted in Maryland. Otherwise the law in Maryland is a tool of one political faction… not a means for government to protect the people and their property. Like in Massachusetts.

That the machinery of government has been mobilized to protect ACORN is chilling. ACORN is also accused of voter fraud and some employees of ACORN have been tried and convicted. These new allegations give more merit to the outstanding questions about voter fraud.

As we have argued here before. There is no greater threat to Democracy than rampant vote fraud. Look at Afghanistan. The very people, that are saying that vote rigging in Afghanistan is the reason we cannot win the war, are the ones protecting ACORN. Hypocrisy at it’s best… All the while keeping a strait face. Now these are quality politicians!


Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that a parasite that does it’s host harm cannot be successful. Take a parasite that kills it’s host after a short time.

This type must quickly produce prodigious young. They will escape the dieing host and try to infect some other hapless victim. Necessarily most will die. Some times only one in a million young will actually infect another host. The life of the lucky parasite of this kind will be short and uncomfortable as the life of it’s host.

Parasites that kill their hosts are vulnerable to being too successful. If they infect most of the hosts available to them the hosts may go extinct. If that happens the parasite must jump to another host else it goes extinct. So, no matter how effective a parasite is at infecting it’s hosts, if it kills it’s host, it must necessarily not be too successful.

Take another parasite, one that imparts some advantage to it’s host, (establishes a symbiotic relationship). They take nourishment from the host and give the host some advantage in return. Many types of stomach bacteria are of this type. In the aggregate, hosts that are infected with this type of parasite, live longer and/or have a better life. Parasites that live in this host will have long comfortable lives. They will have more opportunities to reproduce and infect other hosts.

There is no danger of being too successful and infecting too many hosts. Infection with this type of parasite benefits their hosts. There is no danger of the host going extinct because of infection with this type of parasite. In fact if a population of hosts become uniformly infected they are more likely to sustain a larger population and therefore have more hosts for their parasites. One even could argue that this type of parasite enjoys a better standard of living than the first type of parasite.

Of course the reality of parasite host relationships vary and change. Some being benign and going to virulent. Others being virulent and becoming benign. But the most successful of parasites are the ones that impart some benefit to their hosts and are beneficial. If any parasite becomes virulent and start killing their hosts they run the risk of extinction if they are too successful.

It is economics. If a business or firm benefit the economy and society it is like the beneficial parasite. It takes sustenance from the economy and it imparts some benefit to the economy. Overmatching that which it takes. A business or firm that ruins it’s markets, the environment, workers, etc… must go from market to market, (location to location, etc…) ahead of it’s ruination. (But not it’s reputation). The first can be said to be successful, the second, unsuccessful. The only thing the second can do, is survive, but the first can thrive.

The logic can be taken further. Life should try, in as much as it can, to benefit life. Take a person walking down the road. He notices a worm, not yet desiccated, on the sidewalk. He bends over, picks up the worm, and throws it into the grass and walks on. The man was not harmed in any way. His interests were not damaged in any way. But the worm’s interests were advanced.

Outside of any environmental argument, about invasive worm species and their impact to the local ecosystem, life is also benefited. Life wants more life. Life is, in many ways, wasteful. That is the nature of life. Millions of krill are born… only to feed whales. (on the surface of it). But in the end, life seeks more life, and to fill every niche it can. This is empirically true.

So our worm, that we have invested so much time and effort in, is now enjoying the lawn. It has some young and most of them are consumed by song birds. Now our effort has not only helped the worm population… song birds have benefited. Song birds in the aggregate are benefited so there are more of them for hawks to eat… The list of those helped goes on.

Capitalism is the same way. When we benefit someone else, in a productive way, (alms for example). The benefit is passed on and magnified in every transaction there after. Just like the virtuous act, in tossing a worm to the lawn, the good is not only for the one helped but to society.

Not to mention the good to the who tosses the worm… A good that outweighs all the other goods combined.

Tyrants are now Our Friends

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that the Obama administration’s decision to redeploy the European missile defense shield is another example of a growing and dangerous trend.

Namely, the US caving in to tyrannical governments, to appease them and establish better trade relations. In this latest flap, the US has sold out Poland and Czechoslovakia’s interests, to those of Russia. Poland wasn’t that into having missile defense installations… until the Russian Georgian war over South Ossetia. That conflict was a neon light that Russia is becoming aggressive. Poland and the other former vassal states are rightly frightened. The Obama administration has made the triangulation that the interests of Poland and the rest of the Eastern European states don’t matter as much as those of Russia.

The same thing is being done on the other side of the world. The interests of Taiwan are being sold out by the USA to those of China. With almost a billion potential consumers, the Obama, as well as the Bush administrations, have decided to condemn Democratic Taiwan for cheap Chinese hammers and sickles. Junk from China outweighs the interests of a democratic ally once again.

Around the world the US is turning on allies to help tyrants. This is a very disturbing trend. Allies are hard to get when you have a reputation of turning on them. Enemies are easy to get under this scenario. In the past the USA has been a friend of governments that protect the liberty of their citizens. Today the US is changing it’s tactics. The US government is selling it’s soul to those that want the US gone.

The message is clear, democratic republics beware, the government of the US is no longer your friend. Ally yourself with some tyranny and you may be allowed back into the fold. Keep on the newly frowned upon course of action, however, (protecting the liberty of your citizens) and the US will be greatly displeased.

The future will tell if this proscription works in the best interests of mankind. Hard to see where this could go wrong… Helping tyrants and harming democratic republics.

Feigned Outrage

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that, to be amazed that the people who visited the financial crisis upon us are being given fat bonuses again, is foolish. I mean come on. Most Fifth graders know that you reward that which you want more of and punish that which you want less of. (They might not say it in the same way).

The same people who were on the board of directors and senior management of Leman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, Citicorp, etc… are on the board of directors and are senior management of the modern incarnations of these companies. They have not only, not been punished, for their corruption and/or foolishness, they are being rewarded handsomely. No group more than the politically connected. They have been slid into government jobs… Despite tax problems.

The people who are being punished are stockholders, bond holders, IRAs, pensions and workers who have lost their jobs. Not to mention tax payers and businessmen. Everyone BUT the people who are responsible. Retirees savings have been savaged. People who are getting ready to retire need to start over. The list of innocent people who are being burned by this politically generated, government sponsored, financial fiasco goes on and on. You and I are the ones being punished.

The most glaring example of the wrong people being rewarded is the SEC is being given more power? They were totally inept at everything regarding the meltdown! Inept is the most generous term to use. Their ineptitude was grandiose and shone like a billboard on Madison Avenue in the Madoff case. They did nothing leading up to the meltdown to protect banks, lenders, investors, taxpayers or anyone else they are charged with protecting. Instead they protected the people they were tasked to regulate. Market capture to the nth degree.

But as usual government ineptitude is being rewarded with more power. Another fiefdom is born. More bureaucracy to help support the foundation. Ironic in that it is usually the foundation that supports the roof. The SEC is supposed to get all kinds of new powers and more money. No way that could go wrong… Give more power and money to people who have proven themselves to be totally inept. Government is nothing but the Peter Principle.

So what are the lessons? To invest in markets is foolish because it‘s a rigged game, and only the politically adept are insured, (no matter how corrupt). And, to act in a way that could possibly bring down the financial system, as we know it, is still no big deal… The government and paid for politicians will protect them. The incentives are obvious. I would think they speak for themselves.

Apparently, We, through our politicians want more corruption in business. We want government deciding who wins and who looses in business. We want the government to protect the rich and powerful at our expense. And we are willing to turn a blind eye to ineptitude and outright corruption in our government. I am certain that our politicians will deliver on those promises!

But back to how can anyone be amazed. So how is it possible that the president of the United States is offended that his friends are being themselves? He was instrumental in setting up the incentives. I am sure he is as smart as a Fifth Grader… Or could it be politics?

September 11, 2001

Friday, September 11th, 2009

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that we should remember September 11, 2001 for the day it was. The events of that day defied the minds ability to conceptualize the reality of it all. Not that it was out of the blue but the suddenness of the terrorist attack on Western civilization was shocking.

Many people have tried to stop mankind’s progress. Today some of them even call themselves “Progressives” as a sophist way to misdirect their true aims. No matter what they call themselves they are anti progressive. To be progressive a civilization must be the archetype of three ideas. They must be progressing in science, philosophy, morality and economically. To think that throwing out thousands of years of religious thought is “progress” is to think that forgetting classic Grecian algebra is “progress” because it’s old fashioned, (did you know that Pythagoras lived more than two thousand years ago). Progress requires foundational material to build on… dynamiting the foundation is not progress. The people who lived thousands of years ago were just as smart, wise and hard working as we are. Truth is, they were probably smarter, wiser and harder working. They didn’t have the advantage of two thousand years of Scientific, Philosophical, Moral or Economic progress we have… They provide our foundation.

The radical Muslim terrorist is the modern barbarians at the gates. Like Attila the Hun they don’t seek to build they seek to subjugate. Like the Mongols that didn’t build anything, they lived on horses, drank horse milk, and swept through Asia to Egypt where the Crusaders tacitly helped the Egyptian army stop the Mongols. The Radical Muslim terrorist has no intention to build a civilization… he intends to destroy one. He has no concept that the person tricking him and his children into killing themselves while committing a mortal sin, will turn on him as soon as it fits his needs. He is a mere dupe. His children are cannon fodder to the tyrant. On some level he must know this…Yet he soldiers on.

September 11, 2001 is a tragedy for the people who cheered as it is a tragedy for the people who cried. The people who cheered have suffered greatly. They cheered for their oppressors. Dionysus was the tyrant of Syracuse. Hated by all he held power until Dion overthrew him. But Dion was outdone by the people’s fickleness. They, having only just regained their liberty, were jealous of Dion and let Dion’s enemies revile him politically. Then fell for the libelous spin and were rewarded by the return Dionysus’s tyranny. I fear the people in the Islamic world might follow in Syracuse’s footsteps.

The people who cried have forgotten. Forget the Alamo is the modern war cry. Hard to imagine how that could go bad. People the world over came together for the tragedy that would be the portent of many more to come. But the Elite decided that it was in their personal best interest for society to forget. To that end the unbiased media have been as helpful as the town criers of Syracuse.


Sunday, September 6th, 2009

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that Mexico is having a real problem with violent crime. Everywhere you look there is some report or news article about heads being rolled into a disco, the bodies of policemen found mutilated, etc… We are told it is largely due to organized crime that is funded by drug money.

The more I think of it the less credibility this theory has. The level of crime that is attributed to organized crime is off the chart. Presumably the crime bosses have huge haciendas that they live in. It wouldn’t be terribly hard to surround the one one of the bosses is staying in with police. Then ask to talk to the boss. With the level of crime and violence they are involved with shooting will almost certainly start. Then the government has criminal acts committed in front of the police, IE, shooting at police. That there are no arrests made of the bosses cries out that the government is involved.

How much of the government? Quite a bit I would speculate. With the violence and atrocious acts committed and so little effective action taken on the part of the government the involvement must be pretty high. The US has sent millions and millions of dollars to fight crime in Mexico. The Mexican army has been fielded to carry out operations against the crime bosses… but there is no movement. The crime bosses seem to be winning. This would only be possible if elements of the government are involved with the crime bosses.

This level of corruption bodes poorly for the people of Mexico. They have seen their real wealth drop since 1900 dramatically. (Along with the rest of Latin America). People in the US should be buying things from Mexico… not from China. Not because China is bad but because of the proximity to Mexico. Why is the stuff that requires a lot of man hours of labor, thus requiring low wages, made in China not Mexico?

Two main reasons. Corruption in government and ease of doing business. What business man in his or her right mind would open a factory in Mexico now? When traveling to the plant you would have to have an corps of security guards to keep you from being kidnapped. Your workers would be subject to violence and kidnappings lowering their productivity. Lastly you never know in Latin America if another Hugo Chavez will come to power and nationalize, steal, your new factory before it has paid for itself.

So, despite it’s proximity to the largest market on Earth and a free trade pact with the US, Mexico is faltering. The government has too many corrupt elements. Like a wasp with nematodes crawling from it before it dies we are watching the death of a country.

It doesn’t need happen. Mexico could enact the NUMA. Mexico is teeming with good people. They could be tapped to start a NUMA. Stomp out corruption in government in Mexico and see how fast violent crime from organized crime disappears. Clean up the government and watch the economy ignite. Allow the people of Mexico to be free of terror and be startled at the productivity gains. In short Mexico has but one real problem… The rest stem from it.

Misplaced Compassion without Compassionate Action

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that one thing we have too much of in this world is misplaced compassion and not enough compassionate actions.

We constantly hear about the “plight” of this or that group. They have no chance… the cards are stacked against them. If only the world was more this or that. Which always turns out to be, a poorly thought out group of laws, thought up by some foolishly altruistic, egoistic and pollyannish committee. The imposition that is supposed to reverse the negative stereotypes and some actual stumbling hazards when enacted make them worse. Everything government seeks to help… it hurts.

The reality is that if government want to help people in various groups to succeed all it need do is get out of the way. No group of people are inferior to others. How hubristic to think otherwise. I would venture to say that ALL people who hold that there are some that are superior, better, have breeding. caste or whatever… classify themselves in the superior group. So to codify in law that a group certain is in some way in need of government assistance is to say in so many words that group is inferior. Thinking of incentives, what are the incentives to people who do and do not find themselves in this or that group?

Yet those that advocate the most governmental intervention are personally the least generous… statistically speaking. People judge others by themselves. We are all guilty of this little sin. When we feel a certain way about something we expect that others will feel the same way. So when people are not personally giving by nature they believe that others are as close as they are. Yet the plight of the needy is personal to them. Their greed makes their want and need for money paramount. So they identify with the group that they are told has none, (nothing is as scary to them). Seeing others as willfully ignorant of the plight of “the needy” they demand government action.,, To act themselves would be abhorrent.

Combine the two and the outcome is to keep some people poor while feeling good about it… The government is helping.