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Religion or Atheism

Dear Friends, It seems to me that the modern societal myth is to question all things religious. We are encouraged to question the tenets and the doctrine. We are told in detail the atrocities that our respective religions have visited … Continue reading

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God King

Dear Friends, I recoil at the thought of government having the power to “Take over” any company that it sees as a “threat to the economy”. Who decides what constitutes a threat to the economy? Presumably… the President. It boggles … Continue reading

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Dear Reader, It seems to me that the government is no so much sliding down a slippery slope but is more running down it. As soon as it (government) looses it’s footing for even a second it will start sliding. … Continue reading

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Wise Govenment

Dear Friends, It seems to me that, instead of regulating the markets, Wise government would seek to place incentives for the markets, to be good investments, and smart capitalists, for the people at large. If the government were to do … Continue reading

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Dear Friends, It seems to me that most people agree that Hitler was evil. They also agree that he was evil because of his racial philosophy. That is; “The Aryan race is superior to all others.” Then Hitler put to … Continue reading

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Power Grab

Dear Readers, HOLY MOLY!!! There is a bill apparently in front of the Connecticut Legislature, [“The Lawlor-and-McDonald-controlled Judiciary Committee has introduced Raised Bill 1098, a bill aimed specifically at the Catholic Church, which would remove the authority of the bishop … Continue reading

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Too Big To Fail

Dear Friends, It seems to me that maybe it’s time to take into consideration by the regulators of monopolies, whether or not a company is merging or growing into a behemoth that is, “too big to fail.” When companies merge … Continue reading

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The Elite are Helping Us

Dear Friends, It seems to me that the unbiased media is focusing on Bobby Jindall’s response to the President’s address to Congress. Not on the content of his response but his choice of rhetoric and presentation. The unbiased media have … Continue reading

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