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Religion or Atheism

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that the modern societal myth is to question all things religious. We are encouraged to question the tenets and the doctrine. We are told in detail the atrocities that our respective religions have visited upon the world. We are expected to believe that it is the religion that promulgates the atrocities. Not the men who actually perpetrated them.

All the worlds great religions have in common the human hearted belief that we must be good neighbors. That we must act righteously. (Which is simply that we must not hurt other people). We must be mindful of God, no matter his name.

What religions also have in common is the denunciation of war and violence. While Jesus was making the second covenant he said to a murderous mob “ Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” I think what he meant was, we all sin, yet hold others to a higher level of personal conduct than we hold ourselves. We are willing to stone to death someone whom we are no better than. Yet do it with no remorse. After all she was a harlot…

Mencius denounced war and chastised Barons that engaged in it. Buddha was a pacifist and in the Bagavaad Gita Arjuna laments the spilling of blood. An overriding theme of organized religion is that we must be as good a people as we can. That is a helpful message.

All people have an innate need for spirituality. We all have that need whether we acknowledge it or not. If that need is suppressed it manifests itself as something we make up. That is often a way to some negative outcome for ourselves and society. Wise people know and acknowledge this innate need and express it in some organized religion. Foolish people disregard this innate need and claim that they are enlightened. Then use Prozac and all manner of pharmaceuticals, hypnotists, physiologists, faith healers, and all other means to fill the hole that is within them.

Problems arise when someone from one religion believes that he or she must change the world to his or her religion. That if force is necessary then force will be used. When this happens, people, not religions are the bad actors. That bad people twist doctrine to fit their personal ambitions is not new or out of character for human beings. Especially those that crave power over others.

That these people exist is not in question but that innocent people are led astray by them is extremely disturbing. Innocent people that are convinced that the way to heaven is to commit some heinous crime are as much victims as those that are the aim of the crime. But most appalling to me is that the people who pull the trigger put their immortal soul at risk. In hopes of going to heaven. So that some evil person can then lower the lot of humanity to satiate his lust for power over others. That is true evil. To put someone’s ambition to improve the lot of man and serve the will of God to nefarious use.

I wonder why we are never asked to question the outcome or the atrocities that have been perpetrated by the unreligious. Communists and Socialists by name. They are atheists. Atheism is one of their tenets. It is written clearly in the Communist Manifesto. So when we are told in detail about some atrocity that was done by Catholics to Protestants four hundred years ago it might be interesting to point out that Communist atheists killed one hundred million people in the twentieth century. And that National Socialist atheists killed around sixty million people. Not all that long ago. So who is the real threat to the well being of Man? Those that wish to do good in the world or those that wish to do evil in the world, religious or not…

God King

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Dear Friends,

I recoil at the thought of government having the power to “Take over” any company that it sees as a “threat to the economy”. Who decides what constitutes a threat to the economy? Presumably… the President.

It boggles my mind that people who hold their fellow man in such low regard, (that we the people are so inept that we need the government to “help” us), they would invest such power in the hands of one man. If we need the government to decide what temperature to keep our homes. We must be pretty inept. But, if we are all such buffoons, who is capable of running all of our lives? Only a god could be so omnipotent to competently run all of our lives…

That is power that will no sooner be given then it will be abused. People are people. Any man or woman given too much power with too little oversight will abuse the power. In this case, a cabal of three men, can control any firm they want? The real power is in the threat of using this power.

Say some firm was adamantly supporting a political question against the President. All the President would have to say is that the company is engaged in some fictitious nefarious affair… The firm would have to give in. Companies that answer to shareholders must be pragmatic.

To say that some person is above such use of such power is to call him or her inhuman. I think I, wouldn’t abuse such power… I am sure most people consciously think the same. But you know in your heart that someday, under the right circumstances, you and I and everyone else, would abuse the power… So what is the real argument?

If even this short treatise shows the utter insanity of the notion of this power being given to the President, pragmatically, why even debate it? Because the President is a cult of personality. He has the charisma and the political clout to get the power… To hope that he or any other president wouldn’t in some way abuse such power is to hope he is inhuman. To hope he is inhuman is to think him a god. That is the path to the god king…


Monday, March 23rd, 2009

Dear Reader,

It seems to me that the government is no so much sliding down a slippery slope but is more running down it. As soon as it (government) looses it’s footing for even a second it will start sliding. Where we will end up is to be know to those who are still here when we stop.

The government is now committed to it’s strategy to keep pouring money into the black hole that is opening up. They are Keynesian in heart and soul. They seem to believe, (judging by their actions to date), that government can simply step in and fill the spending vacuumed when the private sector is breathing in. Without rehashing my doubts about Keynesian economics, this is a path to slavery. Slavery to; inflation, foreign debt, and/or taxation. No matter the path or paths, the destination is the same, Slavery.

The US government is being overly Pollyannaish in it’s dealings with tyrannies. It appears that President Obama believes that tyrants are more reliable to other Heads of State than they are to their own people…

The Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) is at the point of possibly being a last ditch chance at stopping an incoming nuclear missile from impacting Europe, Western Russia, and/or North America. Judging by President Obama’s rhetoric, that last ditch chance will be squandered in some Faustian bargain that only the US will live up to. I wonder the eventual cost in human lives if that were to happen…

To recap, we have a spiraling debt and much slower economic rebound then there otherwise would be, possible even stopping one in it’s tracks. Thus weakening ourselves. We are empowering tyrants to arm themselves with nuclear weapons. And we are frittering away the only defense we would have, given a rogue State, making a insane attack…

Sounds like the lead up to a hell of a war movie…

Wise Govenment

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that, instead of regulating the markets, Wise government would seek to place incentives for the markets, to be good investments, and smart capitalists, for the people at large.

If the government were to do away with all taxes on dividends for example. The markets would have incentive to pay more profits to dividends. Because the stockholders would be far more adamant about it. Plus firms would have an incentive to pay dividends. If more firms paid dividends then the markets would be more stable. Also a company that pays dividends is less likely to upend the lives of it’s workers.

Take the corporate tax rate of the top 50% of nations add them together divide them by their number and take that average as the highest corporate tax rate a nation should have if it wants to grow as an international host to those companies. (Along with the addition to national GDP).

Smooth the application and review for new projects. Too stringent and detail oriented oversight by government is friction to getting critical infrastructure in place for growth.

Most importantly of all if a nation wants to have it’s economy expand it must not have corruption in it’s government. Especially at the highest level. Corruption is the reason Afghanistan is poor. (Where was formerly Nazi Germany 6 years after the war). Corruption sows the seeds of poverty around the world like dandelions. Those that scoff at me now and say “ Fool! There will always be corruption in government, There was when Glaucon asked Socrates if Justice was indeed the highest good. And there always will be.” Or so says some such Machiavelli. History written today will be read with eyes that have perspective. They will shudder at those words… the hopelessness…

I’m sure that most of you reading this are much more astute than I. If I have come to these few ideas as to how government can create incentives for firms to be smart…


Sunday, March 15th, 2009

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that most people agree that Hitler was evil. They also agree that he was evil because of his racial philosophy. That is; “The Aryan race is superior to all others.” Then Hitler put to death those that did not fit his idea of a perfect human, (as defined by race). Practicing a form of eugenics.

The lowest common denominator of Hitler’s philosophy is that one group of people is superior to all others. Francis Bacon’s Idols of the tribe. Hitler classified people by race. What difference the way that potential Loki’s choose to classify the groups. Whether by race, class, caste, wealth, etc… Or the rhetoric Aryan, Jew, Slav, Bolshevik, bourgeoisie, proletariat, wet back, downtrodden, etc… the means are the same. To despise the one and practice the other is the definition of hypocrisy.

The irony is that those that decry Hitler’s evil the loudest are the very ones that we should fear most. They are the ones that are most likely to visit those same evils on us, war, revolution etc… They feel righteousness in their anger at the injustice, and cast an ever vigilant eye at their neighbor, lest he have a mote in his. All the while the watcher ignores the plank in his own.

It is human nature to be this way. Hsun Ching said that the congenital nature of man is evil. For the same reason Carnadaes said that law is only an expediency. And poor Glaucon wanted justice to be a good of the best kind, but thought it only a useful good. We seek the easiest way. That is how we can be evil and good at the same time. We look to the easiest path, but ignore the briars a few feet ahead.

The path of grouping people and pitting them, us, against each other, is evil no matter who does it. No matter how well it works. Whenever you hear someone saying you should dislike a group of people because they are, whatever, the person is really telling you he is. Pay attention!

Power Grab

Monday, March 9th, 2009

Dear Readers,

HOLY MOLY!!! There is a bill apparently in front of the Connecticut Legislature, [“The Lawlor-and-McDonald-controlled Judiciary Committee has introduced Raised Bill 1098, a bill aimed specifically at the Catholic Church, which would remove the authority of the bishop and pastor over individual parishes and put a board of laymen in their place.”-from] to wrest control of the inner workings of the Roman Catholic church away from the Diocese (Bishop, Monsignor, Pastors and Deacons). I thought I was living in crazy times but this takes the cake.

Here are some links to info about it;

This blatant power grab of government is very disquieting. The Elite must feel very comfortable in their positions, to even speak of a coup like this aloud, let alone attempt it! It would appear that they have no fear of a backlash. If they think that we are so pacified, that they can take over a religion, like a bank…

The natural flow of government is to become ever more powerful until blood must be spilled to overthrow it. All governments, eventually, the test of a constitution is the amount of time it can withstand this tendency. Like water seeks lower ground government seeks more power. But wise government resists this predilection. Foolish government skips down the icy slope.

Madison wasn’t sure that there should be amendments to the Constitution. He argued that if the Constitution doesn’t give the Federal government the power to regulate the playing of jumping jacks the government has not power to regulate jumping jacks. But if the government is prohibited from regulating kick ball, does that then mean that, because the government isn’t forbidden from regulating jumping jacks, now can it? But, what we have here, is an example of the Elite’s first ham handed attempt, to control religion. Once the Roman Catholic church falls maybe the Methodists will be next? The Mormons cannot be far behind. Remember, this is only the first such blatant attempt. There will be more…

The First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States says that the “government shall make no law respecting religion, or an establishment thereof.” That has been redefined as “the separation of church and state.” Which is now evolving into an establishment of a state religion of atheism. With the widespread adoption of atheism the people will loose hope. Needing a religious outlet we will turn to all manner of negative witchcraft.

People have three parts. A physical nature, an intellectual nature, and a spiritual nature. All three must be exercised else the one that is not atrophies. A person who has so atrophied his intellect is a shell. The person who atrophies his body is a wisp. And the person who atrophies his soul is without hope. The Elite want to control us in all three parts. They want our minds, to that end they have the public schools. They want our bodies, to that end they will soon have the draft, again. And they want our souls, to that end they are establishing a state religion, and now, trying to wrest control of the Roman Catholic church…

The hubris of the Elite is only matched by their greed.

Too Big To Fail

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that maybe it’s time to take into consideration by the regulators of monopolies, whether or not a company is merging or growing into a behemoth that is, “too big to fail.”

When companies merge and there is a threat of monopoly or limited competition in a given market it is routine for them to have to undergo a process of the government looking into its markets. It’s competitors often have a say in whether or not the two companies can merge.

AT&T was broken up in the 1984 by Judge Green and the firm became the “Baby Bells.” Imagine what a total collapse of AT&T would have done to the telecommunications infrastructure and the result to the economy, (had it happened) before the breakup. I think it is time for the government to take another calculation into consideration … If the growing or resulting firm would be too big to fail.

If a merger would in theory not be a competitive monopoly or impinge on fair competition too much, then it should be determined if the potential new firm would be too big to fail. If it were the merger would be stopped.

We are seeing the results of having companies in critical sectors of our economy too big to fail. The government is taxing through printing, and spending us and our children to oblivion, to keep these corrupt firms afloat. They should never have been allowed to grow to be too big to fail.

It is too late to stop the present meltdown. We can foresee and stem the predilection of companies to become too big to fail. I am reminded of Marx, one of his tenets was that firms would grow larger and larger, (due to many factors) and eventually become defacto despots. We see to our dismay the folly of this reasoning. They merge and grow to be too big to fail, then we the people, have to bankrupt ourselves to prop them up when things go south. Else they topple from their great height and crush us all…

The Elite are Helping Us

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that the unbiased media is focusing on Bobby Jindall’s response to the President’s address to Congress. Not on the content of his response but his choice of rhetoric and presentation. The unbiased media have completely glossed over the content. That is an underhanded means to avoid responding to an argument that you don’t have a good answer to.

The elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about is the precipitous fall of the markets in sync with Obama’s signing of the Stimulus. Except for one day when the markets closed higher the markets have fallen off the table. The low is now predicted to be 6100 on the DOW. Another thousand point drop. On one show this morning the unemployment rate is projected to be 9 – 11% next year. That was from people who are politically with the government. Everyone is predicting the economy to slow more until next year at the soonest.

This is the prediction because of the policies the government has chosen to take. The trail we have been put on is due to the newly elected government’s placing us on the path to a truly socialist state. The budget is just another vehicle. The Elite know what the result will be. Mass scale back of the standard of living for the people of the world. But that is the price the Elite are willing to pay. The payoff for them will be power. Power and assurance that power will be theirs and their children’s for as long as can be projected. It will be your children and mine that have to suffer a lower standard of living.

But the Elite have thought for a long time that our standard of living was far too high. We had it too good. It is for our own good that they are ratcheting our standard of living down. To save the planet. If we continued to live this well, and (heaven forbid), the rest of the little people were to join us. The whole planet would explode into a trillion little bits! The solar system would implode and our sun would turn into a neutron star….

No, the real reason the Elite want our standard of living low, is to make and keep us powerless. If we are scraping for every penny and rely on the Elite for our food. We will have to be compliant slaves. They will take our productivity at gunpoint and give us back the least they can get away with. They will have the rest to live like kings. And they will be kings. Just not in name.

The reality is that the economy could be turned around by this summer. The American people are not used to going without. Demand is building. We are being kept on the sidelines due to the government’s mishandling of the economy. (If it is mishandling). The government is driving down our assets and putting us out of work with their policies. If the government would just back off cut taxes and stop threatening more regulation, the economy would turn around on a dime. In a year or so we may be so afraid of the economy we will get used to going without. Then the Elite will have us driving down the road to Progressive Socialism.

The Progressives in the early part of the twentieth century liked to dabble in eugenics. Now we have so much better science…