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Chaos Is Money

Dear friends, It seems to me that Chaos is money. That is an old saying in the telecommunications industry, many others too, I assume. What it means is that when management creates chaos. (In the methods and practices or in … Continue reading

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Coming Election

Dear Reader, It seems to me that in the present debate about the economy real Capitalist thought has no seat at the table. The Legislative Branch is firmly in the hands of the more socialistic of the two major parties … Continue reading

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Do We Have a Right to Healthcare?

Dear Friends, It seems to me that to say that health care is a right is to say that someone’s right to healthcare supersedes someone else’s right to property. The State lives at cost to the taxpayers. Those that pay … Continue reading

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Regulate Early and Regulate Often ???

Dear Friend, I remember a quote form Confucius, When asked what he would do if put in charge of a province Confucius said he would “rectify terms”. When asked why, he responded, when terms are rectified the measure will be … Continue reading

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Bailout’s Effects

Dear friends, It seems to me that now that we have had a few days for the “bailout‘s” effect to sink into the markets the markets have reacted with a deafening stampede for the door. The “bailout” that we were … Continue reading

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