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At least I don’t do THAT!

Dear Friends, It seems to me that you can break down peoples standards into parts. How we hold others and how we hold ourselves. Another factor involved is the strictness that we actually hold these ’values’. It is common to … Continue reading

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Power and the Balance of Trade

Dear Friends, The Taipei Times reports that the US has frozen arms sales to Taiwan for the next year. . Within the larger picture of World affairs this is curious. The Peoples Congress in China voted unanimously to use … Continue reading

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Media, Biased or unbiased, You Decide!

Dear Friends, Today on the George Step. Show the unbiased media had two democrats discussing the presidential candidates. The next segment had four left leaning reporters discussing strategy for the democrat running for the White House. Sometimes I listen to … Continue reading

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How Citified are You?

Dear Friend, It seems to me that the more removed a person is from the means that keeps him or her alive the more the individual is willing to cede rights to the government. People like hamburger. We cook it … Continue reading

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