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Legal Oligarchy

Dear friends, Today the legislative branch of our government here in the USA is wringing it’s hands over whether to give immunity to some telecommunication companies from class action lawsuits… For helping the government protect us from terrorists that want … Continue reading

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Pointing Fingers

Dear Friends, Commodity prices, like food and Fuel, are on a long term upward trend because; Close to two billion people in China and India, until now, have had to find a stick, sharpen it on a stone. Then use … Continue reading

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Religion or Government

Dear Reader It seems to me that the maxim that, too much blood has been spilled in the name of religion, used as a thesis for then opining that this means organized religion is bad, to me is patently false. … Continue reading

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Russia and the Numa

Dear Reader, I don’t like as a rule to bring up specific cases of governments in this blog… but in this instance I will suspend my rule and make a general statement from a specific example. The example is Russia. … Continue reading

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