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The Age of Arrogance

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the future will call the times we are living in, The Age of Arrogance. Our culture is nothing if not arrogant, our leaders epitomize arrogance and we bow to arrogance rather than reason, morality, or self interest. In short, we have fallen in love with arrogance. Our love affair with arrogance is a facet of post modernism’s fundamental posit that there is no such thing as truth. When one is in the position to disbelieve truth, he or she is living in a fantasy land. Lets face it, what is more conducive to arrogance in the individual than the idea that he or she is so intelligent, they are above even truth! So much of that which generates arrogance in our culture, society, government and business is the natural outgrowth of the post modernist university curriculum. Post modernism, a nihilistic philosophy that seeks to support lies by undermining truth, is one that not only creates an arrogance in the elite that exploit the scam, but that arrogance has now trickled down to the people, and we have become arrogant as well.

One of Confucius’ main tenets was that people follow their leaders into corruption or virtue. When the leaders are corrupt the people will follow and be corrupt. When leaders are virtuous, the people will follow and be virtuous. It makes sense on a rational level as well. We all, to a greater or lesser degree, look up to the leaders of society. We seek to emulate them in every way. Look at the plethora of magazines today that are only about celebrity. Celebrity worship is not a new phenomenon it is as old as the human race. We idolize our leaders with celebrity status. People usually want to be just like their idol don’t we? We pay extra for backpacks with the emblem of our football team on it, we wear the same clothes our peers wear to fit in, and we fix our hair to be in fashion, like our idol. In a myriad of ways we change or actions and even looks to follow our leaders, our idols.

Post modernism is based on the idea that there is no such thing as truth. All truth is subjective and therefore only valid in the context of the individual. It’s adoption has allowed such mental dreams as feminism, 45 or so “genders,” men in women’s rooms, the mantra socialism has never been tried, walls don’t work, etc… even physics is under attack from post modernism. There have recently been scholarly articles detailing how Einstein’s famous equation E=MC^2 is bigoted, because the speed of light is given special consideration! Post modernism questions everything but it’s own assumptions. It allows the adherent to disbelieve anything, and believe anything, no matter how absurd or self destructive. The only reason such nonsense doesn’t immediately result in the deaths of post modernist adherents, is that we live in such a technological age, they are protected from their own insanity by the civilization the market system has built.

Our technology has allowed us to invent and disseminate fantasies because most of us live in fantasy land. Vegans can only be vegans in a technological age like ours. At no other time in human history has it been possible for a person to pretend not to need meat… and survive. It is only where food is brought in from around the globe, and even is available out of season that a vegan can even hope to survive, only slightly malnourished. Lest you think I am picking on vegans, by no means, trans gendered people break my heart. How toxic does a culture need to be that inflicts such physic disease on people? Trans Genderism is the ultimate fantasy. Men believing they can be women and women believing they can be men can only reasonably be described as living in a fantasy. Post modernism has given our leaders the intellectual tools to disconnect from reality and live in fantasy.

Of course post modernist thinking breaks down if you find yourself in a car speeding at a cliff. It becomes very difficult to deny the reality that of you don’t stop, you will go over the cliff, and probably die. Denying the brakes as a means to stop the car might be perfectly acceptable logic under a post modernist mindset, but in the reality we find ourselves in, it fails every time. Take an airplane. If a pilot is a post modernist and denies the validity of his instruments, because the person who made them was a sexist, homophobic, white male oppressor, such a pilot would not fly long before meeting with an untimely fate. Post modernist thinking only works in a fantasy, and believing a fantasy let alone living in a fantasy, is the ultimate in arrogance.

How arrogant does someone need to be… to deny empirical reality for a fantasy? Today we arrogantly deny reality, rewrite history to suit our present political wants, demand our industries produce the impossible, believe in lies while denying the truth and even pretend we can change ourselves into aliens, dogs and the other sex. Our arrogance knows no bounds. We expect that someday we will be immortal, many of us believe we have surpassed even God himself, since we have decoded a tiny portion of his handy work, and we arrogantly strive to change the fundamental nature of humanity itself! In our arrogance, we create fantasies of us killing the planet and demand humanity become slaves to the state, else our fantasies kill us all. Our arrogance is based on the perverted idea that there is no truth in the face of overwhelming evidence there is. Our leaders have gone all in on the fantasy and so we are following them into absurdity. Yes, the future will call our age… The age of arrogance.


John Pepin

Change as a Political Mantra

Sunday, July 23rd, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, political movements that proclaim change as their universal immortal mantra, must always create suffering, want and drama, in order for their message to sell. Obviously, in a time and place where there is Nirvana, the economy is going gangbusters, government is all but non existent, crime is something read about in books and the kids all have carefree childhoods… no one would want change. Therefore, those who peddle change need the economy to grind along sufficient to keep from collapsing, but poorly enough so that want strides the land. Social unrest and crime sell change better than any ad agency ever could. Place government right at the heart of the problems and change is a winner all around.

Change is especially attractive to the young. Kids in school believe they are the smartest people who ever lived and those who have an inflated sense of self are the easiest marks. You did and I did, we all believed we were the wisest people on the planet when we were young, and many of us still do. It is only through the tempering of the raw knowledge we gained in school by life experience, and most of that, mere propaganda, before someone is able to recognize a scam, especially one packaged so beautifully. The very idea of change is exciting to youth. Young and unwise people romanticize change, dream about how much better everything will be after, imagine themselves as the benevolent autocrat ruling for the betterment of mankind and picture how pristine the planet will be once fossil fuels are forbidden.

That is why change always leads to a worse outcome for everyone but the politicians. Politicians peddling the snake oil, change, will have the starry eyed youth manning their trenches. Loyal soldiers who are immune to any barrage of reason or empirical evidence contradicting their beloved change. Riding the swell of youth acting against their own interests, politicians peddling change then can make the situation such that everyone will want change. The worse they can make everything, the better their message of change will resonate, not just with the youth but with everyone who has lost their job, wife, husband, healthcare and dignity.

It is against the self interest of people selling change then to improve things. I think at this point we can all agree, people act in their own perceived self interest. That is why people are so happy to vote for the politician who will use the power of the state to take from another to give the themselves. They see it in their self interest to receive money for their vote. Outside of any discussion of if it is in one’s self interest, rightly understood, to do so, we can see that people do it because they perceive it to be in their self interest. Politicians who peddle change are acting in their self interest as well. The message sells, once in power it is easy to pretend to try to change things for the better, while working to change things for the worse. Since it is always much easier to change things for the worse, that politician who hawks change will always be able to create the conditions where that message sells. It is in their self interest to make things worse as they pitch change.

When you hear someone selling change, you know the change they are selling is always for the worse. Generally, people peddling change will help their core constituency at the cost to society, since doing so gets both their core constituents paid off for their support, and creates conditions where the message of change resonates. In the long term however, change always makes even the most politically favored group’s fortunes lower. Eventually only the top political echelon have plenty while everyone else has little. People act in their self interest and so those who gain power based on change will always seek to make conditions such that change is a winner.

This paradigm only works as long as the people are ignorant of the game. Once those pitching change have become so brazen people cannot help but to see, even when they seek not to, the message is seen for what it is. Usually far too late to do anything to stop the inevitable destruction. People will become angry once the charade is discovered and some will become violent. This has happened many times in history when the elite have been discovered for who they are, those same great men Thrasymachus so admired in The Republic. Those selling change will have their Marie Antoinette and Benito Mussolini moments, not because it is just or right, but because they have striven so mightily to deserve it.


John Pepin

Scientific Advance is Predicated on Philosophical Advance

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me… you cant have warp drives, until you have the philosophy to invent them. A prerequisite for technological advancement is human hearted philosophical advancement. In other words, before science can advance, there needs to be the philosophical foundation for it first. Just as medicine needed the philosophical advance, that accepted human dissection for medical research is moral, before it could advance beyond leeches and toadstools. Aristotle originally wanted to be a natural philosopher, a scientist perhaps a botanist, but the state of science at the time made such an endeavor useless, so he went into the area that advanced the philosophy, so those pursuits in the sciences could be made. This is a natural mitigating factor in keeping scientific advance behind philosophical advance. It protects us from ourselves. Problems come in however when barbarians conquer more advanced peoples and gain technology which they couldn’t have created, are ill equipped to understand the ramifications of, but are more than willing to use. The higher the level of technology the more dangerous this principle becomes.

Each scientific advance was preceded by a philosophical advance. The creating of the gun and cannon was preceded by Christianity. Others had black powder for centuries before, and many had put it to some use, but hadn’t made guns. It was only after the widespread adoption of Christianity and it’s often ignored doctrines of, love thy neighbor as thyself, Do unto others as you would have others do unto you, let he who is without sin cast the first stone, turn the other cheek, etc… These concepts had been known and indeed some are the foundations of Confucianism and Buddhism, but no one had combined them the way Jesus had, and so, as a combined group they did what they had not individually, giving rise to an emergent philosophy leading to a leap in humanity’s human heartedness. This opened the way for much more than guns, but advances in all the sciences, and even the creation of the market system. Then, people who didn’t follow that philosophy, only the tribal clique, picked up those advances in warfare, navigation and economics and subjugated the world.

Philosophy is like vision. Without it a being can survive by staying close to it’s home. Since a blind animal cannot detect danger as efficiently as a seeing one, it must be more wary. Blind animals also have a limited ability to perceive the world in context. The story of the three blind men, is helpful here, all touching an elephant then describing what an elephant is. Each correct in his own way but incorrect in a macro sense because they could not see the elephant. Exactly the same way people who’s philosophy has not opened their eyes yet cannot see the world in context, cannot understand the meaning of what is going on around them and cannot navigate anywhere near as efficiently. Philosophy is the same way but in a level of conscience sense. The higher the level of philosophy the better we can see… so to speak. Note, I said the higher the level, not the newness of the philosophy. There have been as many steps back as there have been steps forward. It’s just once they are understood the steps backward are rejected while the steps forward are incorporated.

People with a stone age philosophy will never create iron let alone a warp drive. Not because they are too stupid but because their philosophy is too limiting. Before one can create iron, one must be open to the idea of iron. If the idea is rejected out of hand, for whatever reason, the corporeality that comes of the idea cannot come into being. The thing simply cannot be made. If they are given iron, or trade for it, they see it, understand it’s utility and so their minds are expanded to include the idea of iron, but that still doesn’t mean they could have created it. The same applies to the Roman times, the Dark Ages, and even today’s post modernist philosophy, all are blind in one way or another, most if not all in many ways. As a result our science is limited by our vision. This is by no means a bad thing. A caveman with a machine gun is dangerous because he is unpredictable with it. Your brother with a machine gun is not dangerous because he is predictable. The first will use it in fits of anger having not the philosophy to control himself, the second only as a toy for target practice, unless he or his loved ones are threatened. The limiting factor of philosophy is a good thing.

The problem occurs, when people who lack the civilizing influence needed for a technology… get their hands on it. Take nuclear energy for example. Does anyone in their right mind really believe that sooner or later there will not be a horrific nuclear meltdown in North Korea, India, Pakistan or Iran? Even the fastidious Japanese, riddled with obsessive compulsive disorder, had a catastrophic meltdown. Yes, it took a nearly magnitude 10 earthquake and towering tsunami, but the consequences linger to this day and will remain for a very long time. If our philosophy as a human race had advanced sufficiently to be fooling with nuclear energy, we would be building thorium reactors rather than Uranium reactors. That we build uranium reactors, despite their inherent danger, for the plutonium that is handy for building nuclear bombs, while thorium reactors are far safer but do not produce the components for nuclear weapons, shows our present lack of human heartedness, (philosophy).

Since philosophy is both a limiting and forwarding factor in human scientific understanding, it makes sense to try to advance it, as much as possible. The more human hearted the philosophy the greater the level of scientific achievement that is possible. Those philosophy’s that have been dead ends, those that lead to the subjugation of individuals, must be abandoned… while those that have produced the greatest advances on humanity should be embraced. Pragmatically then, no matter if we as a human race embrace Christianity, we must embrace the teachings of Jesus as the philosophical advance they are. We should subscribe to the philosophy of capitalism as it was during the 1920s to reanimate the economy. We need to return to the nuclear family as the answer to the scourges of abortion, drugs, crime and hopelessness. We, as a people, must look at what philosophies has worked in the past and embrace only those, abandoning others that have failed us, only in that way can we be ready to advance to the next level of technological and scientific advancement.


John Pepin

The Chiffon Dress Covering Naked Oppression

Sunday, July 16th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, as a law not enforced becomes meager sophistry, a Constitution unenforced becomes a chiffon dress, to cover naked oppression. One way to undermine a constitution, and therefore establish oppression, is to keep the words the same, but change their meaning. Take the US Constitution. Freedom of religion has become separation of church and state, freedom of speech is under attack in every corner of the globe and even in liberal Canada is lost, while, shall not be infringed, now has added to it “unless it is dangerous,” in the unwritten language of tyrants, and States Rights are whatever scraps fall from the Federal Government’s table. When the police do not enforce a law, over time, everyone becomes a scofflaw, how much more so then, when it is a Constitution that is not enforced, and the people effected are ambitious and unscrupulous to begin with?.

Today we live in extra constitutional times. The US is not alone in this, what nation state or super state like the EU, or empire like China, actually hold everyone to the same standard? The elite in all countries point to their respective constitutions as proof of the legitimacy of their rule, but the moment that same document gets in the way of their avarice or hubris, they ignore it like a smelly cousin at the prom. The elite love to add in more government giveaways, because that increases their power, a government that has by constitutional authority the power and duty to provide for the one, has the power and duty to take from the other, the other always at the discretion of the elite. The more things the elite can glom onto a constitution, like the right to good housing, healthcare and three meals a day, basically three hots and a cot, like a prisoner or factory town worker… the thicker the cloth covering the tyrant’s naked oppression.

Our constitutions, and especially the US Constitution, have been undermined by the post modern philosophy of likening a constitution to a living breathing document, which in practice means the Constitution says whatever the Hell the elite say it does, and if they change it tomorrow to better suit their needs, then so be it. A constitution that’s meaning changes, “with the times,” is not a constitution but a means of legitimizing oppression, just as a law that is never enforced is not a law but a way of allowing a thing, while pretending to not allow it. The changes are not done to the words but to their interpretation. As whole clauses are ignored, irrelevant words are magnified to mean what they obviously don’t, all allowing the self serving elite to change the Constitution, outside the Constitutionally prescribed method.

That is how; “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” Has been used to… establish a state religion of Islam/atheism, license people to talk over the air, and in Sharia compliant nations, talking about Islam will get you imprisoned… like Canada and England, with many elite demanding we in the US adopt those same laws. Meanwhile the US government has established Islam as dominant over all others by their actions. When holy Bibles were found in the possession of a serviceman, the government itself burned them, as trash, but the Koran is by code of conduct supposed to be handled with gloves, with both hands at all times, etc… but NEVER BURNED! Which, judging by actions and indeed rhetoric as well, establishes Islam as a dominant religion to Christianity. Every year the Right to Life marches in DC to condemn the Roe vs Wade decision, that has led to the slaughter of over 60 million babies in the US, those old grandmothers, mothers and young women have to be licensed and by the government and intimidated by snipers and police the whole way.

As long as we allow this post modernist philosophy to reign… our Constitution will be rendered ever more impotent. Common sense will be further crushed under the jackboots of social justice and cultural Marxism. It was only recently that the democrat party denied God three times and booed him after, daily we hear about shrines to Satan going up, in places in the US, Dearborn MI, for example, a Christian no longer has Constitutional protections while certain groups are above the law, those who expose the selling of baby parts are tried as criminals, the government itself exports guns to Mexican drug cartels and then blames gun dealerships along the boarder for the ensuing violence, etc… Our common sense is assaulted daily by these absurdities, and due to the tribal nature of humanity, many of us toss common sense out, for our team, both teams.

The answer is to force our leaders to follow the Constitution as written and originally interpreted. If the elite want to change it, fine, do it by the Constitutionally prescribed means. We have to stop tolerating absurd statements like, “living breathing document,” to describe what should be cast in stone. It is our complacence that allows the elite to get away with it. Our Constitution was never meant to be a cover for oppression… it was to be a protection against oppression! That which we tolerate, like a law that is not enforced,… we will have. Yes, it is hard to stand up, especially when dancing with the stars is on, the recliner is so comfortable and you are half way into a six pack, but if we don’t, our children will have chains holding them fast, rather than bread and circuses. Lets make our Constitution a bulwark against tyranny instead of a concealment for it… be self interested rightly understood human hearted civilized human beings. The type of people that change the world for the better.


John Pepin

Hope, it’s the Christian Thing to Do.

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, in times like these it is hard not to despair, but we are called as Christians to hope. Hope is a self interested act because once hope is lost, the game has ended, but where hope clings to life, there is always a possibility of victory. I see so many of us libertarians and conservatives loosing hope, at the obviously gigantic problems we as a human race face, the coming religious wars, potential nuclear war, the utter disconnection from our Constitution, growing oppression, the undermining of our foundational principles, the loss of free speech, the loss of freedom of religion, coming world tyranny and in many places people are not even allowed to defend themselves from attackers! We are surrounded by absurdity called consensus piled upon insanity labeled reason. Today the elite insist, war is peace, freedom is slavery and false news is real news and real news is false news. The moral ground we trod has been plowed up and frozen, we have to walk across the jagged ankle wrenching ground of, changing morality, immorality called morality and the hegemonic culture… post modernism questions even physics itself. Yes, there is much to despair over, but hope is more powerful than despair, hope seizes victory from the jaws of failure, and it is hope that begets the miracles that Christians still to this day experience.

J RR Tolkien’s books The Lord of the Rings series was based on this aspect of Christian doctrine. No matter that their quest was doomed from the start they persevered on. In the end, it was a villain who was spared, that saved the day. Each laboring as far and long as he could until the next would pick up the burden and carry it as far as they could. The whole story is one of hope in the face of rational despair. This is a basic Christian doctrine. Christians have hope because, God may at any time step in and save us, if he doesn’t then he has called us home to heaven, and what loss is there in that? Hope for a Christian is a win win situation then. If we hope to be saved from certain death, and we are not, we win by going to heaven, if we are saved, then we get to live on, either way a Christian always has hope, because a Christian always wins. What do you suppose happens to the soul of a Christian martyr? What does the Holy Bible say?

Hope is a rational self interested choice. Often, reason will tell us there is no hope and that we might as well give up in the face of overwhelming odds, when in fact that is the least rational action we could take. There is a reason methodical serial killers don’t kill mothers with their children around. A mother who is protecting her children has no thought of loosing, their only thought is of victory, hope. Whether she is a black bear, a feral cat or a human being, no one and nothing wants to go against a mother fighting for her babies. Lions understand this logic, as do wolves and I suppose even T Rexes did, so how much better should we, as self aware rational beings? This seems counter intuitive though doesn’t it? A female is usually much weaker than a male of her own species and how much weaker a female of a prey species then? What is the magic that makes this truth factual? Hope, the female has nothing but hope in her mind and heart when she is fighting for her babies, a hope that cannot be extinguished unless she is, hope is the secret ingredient.

We are surrounded by evil, and people unwilling to lift a finger to help us stop it, we have voted over and over to change direction but those we vote in speed it up, rather than turn the wheel, in our hearts we know the media’s relentless attacks on our President is in truth, attacks on us, our intelligence and our attitudes. The very air we breathe is saturated with despair. We are told daily, in any number of ways to sit down and shut up, else we will be ground under the tires of the New World Order. “You can’t fight city hall so you might as well get used to it,” has become the mantra of our age. Those of us who look forward, at what will likely happen if trends continue the way they are going, see human suffering on a munificent scale coming, and the elite judging by their actions, not their words, they must want it to come. There is plenty to despair about… but so was there in 1941, hope won the day then as it will today, if only we cling to hope and reject despair.

Victory is always possible it only depends on who gives up first. It looks like the majority are progressive globalists, it looks like the Islamists will inevitably win, it looks like our legal systems are against us, it looks like a lot of things, none of them necessarily true, all we need do is hope. God is working behind the scenes. Evil must struggle, all day and all night every day and every night, because it doesn’t have a loving God working behind the scenes for it. Everything evil accomplishes, it must accomplish itself, by the sweat of it’s own brow, while we are able to relax after a day work, in the warm knowledge that, in the end, God has it in hand. Remember, evil is ugly and sooner or later people will turn away from it, it’s only hope is to gain enough power before that happens, then even the consent of it’s own adherents is irrelevant, but in the end that level of power is impossible to maintain for long, so in reality evil can only loose, so it is evil that has no hope.


John Pepin

Pixelization of Law

Sunday, July 9th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, just as the detail of a picture is increased the closer to the subject, the applicability of laws becomes ever more prescient, the closer they are made to the people they effect. As Mandelbrot explained, the number of feet of shoreline around Britain is infinite, the shorter the length of measure, the longer it becomes and the more accurately it is measured. The logic also applies to laws and regulations but not to standards. Just as a single pixel must be a composite of, and analogous to, whatever it represents, a law must apply to everyone in it’s scope of enforcement, even those to which it has no applicability, utility and is even counter productive. If the scope of enforcement is smaller, the “pixel” of law is more accurate, just as it would be of a more fine pixel in a photograph. Laws therefore should be made close to the subject and not far away.

Mandelbrot’s description of the shoreline of Britain was an explanation of the concept, the smaller the measurement a thing is measured by, the longer that measurement of it becomes, and the more accurately it is measured, the opposite also being true, that the larger the measurement the less accurately the measure, and the shorter it will appear to be. How this applies to law and regulation is this, laws are supposed to place a negative incentive on a negative action, since this is the case, we could place a blanket law making every action imaginable, a criminal offense, and no negative thing would ever be done… without being punished at least. Of course, if everyone followed such a law, the economy would grind to a halt, people would starve in their own homes surrounded by food, since it would be illegal to cook it, and the human race would cease to exist. This would be like a single pixel covering the whole picture.

On the other side of the spectrum, laws could theoretically be so minutely applicable they would only target individuals who are at risk of certain actions, only in certain places… down to the foot, which could, if sufficiently accurate, stop all crime as well. This however would be utterly unworkable. The laws would have to be so arcane only super computers could apply them. So the one end of the spectrum, one law applying to everyone outlawing everything, is absurd, as is a myriad of laws so complex and local that one could legally light a cigarette and draw a puff, then take a step, and by taking that step, commit a felony, is also unworkable. This would be analogous to a picture rendered of the tiniest pixels, far more accurate than is necessary. Obviously then, we need to find a balance, one that is just and one that doesn’t destroy our prosperity, liberty or society.

We can all agree however, that the sharper the image the closer to true justice it becomes, and will have the least unforeseen consequences. So, to meet the balance where both justice is served and law doesn’t destroy that which it is supposed to protect, it should be passed and enforced as locally as possible. With the smallest pixelization possible. Basically, the pixels, (locality) should be fine, but certainly not to the inch or foot, but the city, county or State, depending on the local people’s desire. If City A wants to legalize gambling and city B does not, then why should the one be forced to go against their wishes, because gambling is made legal or illegal, statewide or nationwide? Showing the locality of law should be the self interested choice of the local inhabitants… self determination.

This logic explains why federal regulation is so pernicious, in that it is destructive of our society, liberty and prosperity. The federal government is too far away to make effective laws. The pixel is too large to get any detail. The big ones, universals, like initiating violence against another and violating a person’s property rights can, but still should not, be addressed at the federal level. Every State has laws against murder, armed robbery, etc… The only legitimate role for the federal government, visa vie the pixelization of law, is to protect the whole, standardize and defend the Constitution. All other activities of any federal government should be carried out by State and local governments.

We have compared the locality of law to the pixels in a digital picture, with the analogy that the smaller the pixel the smaller the locality that law applies in. Laws made locally and enforced locally will be better policed, more pertinent and effective, than laws made at a national level. The national level should be reserved for the big picture… the Constitution, enforcing the Constitution on themselves and the states, national standards, protection from other nations, coining money and such projects the nation agrees needs to be done by the federal government. Little else should be decided at the national level. If that were the case however, and we went back to following our Constitution’s letter as well as spirit, vast swaths of bureaucrats would be laid off, whole departments would cease to exist, taxes would necessarily drop on a federal level, corporate welfare would be cut off and the economy would shoot to the Moon. People could address laws they thought oppressive at the local level where we have some input. It would be quite a change, to use ideas from the Mandelbrot set, to create more accurate law and by doing so, a more fair society.


John Pepin

The Foolishness of the Fabian Model

Saturday, July 8th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, progressives want to demolish the existing structure, so they are attacking the foundation, our Constitution, but in doing so they risk the structure falling in on them. When we are focused on a goal, the destruction of capitalism and the nation state as a model and establishing a socialist one world government, for example, we can be blind. In other words, when looking at the micro, it is easy to miss the macro. I think progressive globalists are doing just that, so focused on their big picture they are missing the bigger picture.

I had an old friend, God rest his soul, who was salt of the Earth but sometimes missed the forest for the trees… Tim was quite a unit. Decades ago some people were tearing down a house across the street from where I lived. Tim stopped over and sat down at the kitchen table. He leaned heavily on it. Ma asked him if he liked a cup of tea. He said yes. As Ma made him that cup of tea Tim looked at me, rolled his eyes and said, “Those idiots across the street. I could have that house down in ten minutes.”

Ma handed him the cup of tea, and asked, “How would you do that Tim?” He blew over the hot tea and said, “I would simply take a chainsaw, go under the house and cut the support columns. They are just spruce ten by tens!” I burst out laughing, convulsed and slapped my knee. Tim looked at me like I was crazy. I said, “It would take weeks to get your crushed and mutilated body out Tim!” Tim nonchalantly replied, “Nah, I would get out before it collapsed.” So strong was his conviction he would get out, the thought of getting caught in the collapse never occurred to him, as it doesn’t new class Fabian progressives.

If the western structure does break down and billions of people are killed in some catastrophe, rebuilding will not be a few years or decades, it could take generations and depending on what philosophy took hold during the collapse, perhaps never. Rest assured, part of the plan would be to blame capitalism, which would condemn generations to poverty, famine and oppression. That is what the new class globalist progressives don’t comprehend, just like Tim missed it, they will be caught in the collapse and be crushed along with everything else. It would be a huge joke… if so many human lives didn’t hang in the balance.


John Pepin

Trump’s Tweets and Violence

Wednesday, July 5th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, even as the progressive media decry the scorn President trump heaps on them, labeling Trump’s 140 character tweets as a call to violence… there is real violence, ginned up by that very same media’s rhetoric! Talk about hypocrisy! The most notable example is the attack on republican lawmakers at a practice baseball game, following months of hyperbole dressed up as reporting, along with the attacks by progressives on conservatives on our college campuses, any conservative rally and the general violence against anyone wearing Trump memorabilia, cannot be counted. All of which are tacitly supported by the media, by misdirecting the blame for the violence, using life or death anti republican rhetoric to frame conservative policies and ignoring progressive on conservative violence altogether, thus giving it cover. Yes, those people, openly worry Trump’s fighting back will result in violence. Maybe someone should illustrate to the new class media, when you point a finger at someone else, three point back at you.

Lately the legacy media has been lamenting that Trump’s retaliatory attacks might normalize violence against Journalists. They worry that Trump, making retaliatory tweets might gin up violence against them, and they have let us know, they are worried. Despite the fact there has not been one reported incident of an attack on a progressive journalist… because he or she is progressive. There have been some violence directed at conservative journalists, on college campuses, but they are not the journalists who the new class media worries about. Of course, any dissent can generate violence, from the weak minded, only dissent that will result in actual death, slavery or liberty however, is that which strong minded people will engage in.

The progressive media, on the other hand, has drummed up innumerable attacks on conservatives. Progressives, bureaucrats, politicians and those in the media, use life or death rhetoric to frame any and every policy, painting republicans as deserving of violence. “If such and such bill passes/doesn’t pass…” your children will die, republicans want you to die, thousands will die without healthcare, and recently, up to 700 billion could die because they will loose their healthcare… according to Maxine Waters. Any time a question is reduced to life or death, the weak minded will act. They have not the ability to recognize the difference between rhetoric, hyperbole and reality. The strong minded will instantly see such terminology for what it is… mere rhetoric and will simply scoff at it. So it is the weak minded that journalists are worried about being ginned up to act violently.

The media is unable, or unwilling, to look in the mirror and see how their rhetoric is ginning up violence against conservatives. The progressive new class media has led by example. We see the actual violence every day, from our university quads and the riots in the news, to the drip drip of stories about this or that person beaten up, for wearing a Trump hat or Make America Great Tee shirt. Soldiers are discouraged from wearing their dress uniforms to function lest they be attacked and thus the “soldier” would disrupt the function, by “triggering” a weak minded progressive. The weak minded progressives the media doesn’t worry about… but that same media quivers in bed, awake all night, in fear of the conservative weak minded. The new class progressive media claims to be worried about that which they are themselves doing!

Empirical evidence clearly shows that most, if not all political violence, comes from statists. Both statists from the right as well as statists to the left. Of the two, statists to the left, progressives, have the upper hand, controlling the culture, media, legal system, business and government today. They use this command and control to implement, progress the planet to their ultimate goal, a one world socialist government… with the “right people” in charge. Of the tools in their vast toolkit, propaganda is one of their most effective. With Trump fighting back however, which up to now was unheard of by a conservative, the edge of their blade is dulled. Instead of the new class media being able to both attack, speaking directly to the people, and then filtering the response of their victim, Trump has turned the tables and goes around them, speaking directly to the people. His response is not filtered by the people attacking him.

That is why the media is so in an uproar about Trump’s using social media to go around them, their newest complaint that Trump’s speaking directly to the people might cause violence, while they themselves are doing that very thing to drum up violence against conservatives, is another means of misdirecting blame from the perpetrator, the progressive media, to the victim, conservatives in general. The weak minded are the ones progressives, fascists and Islamists always target with their rhetoric. Everything is framed as life or death to their followers and so they engender a zealotry. Then statists ply that zealotry with rhetoric into violence, all the while, decrying the potential future “violence” from the other side. Once libertarian, conservatives and constitutionalists are out of the way however, these weapons will be turned against each other. Next time the Reichstag burns, it might be blamed on the constitutionalists by the progressive media…


John Pepin

Evil Uses Hopelessness to Keep Us from Acting

Monday, July 3rd, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, no matter that evil is repulsive in it’s purest form, disguised it can be very attractive, evil feeds off people’s desire for justice. It directs and feeds a sense of anger and frustration, and therefore a burning desire for justice, at the end of a gun if that is what it takes… ever impelling us towards violence, and when violence erupts, evil hides it by diverting our attention, thus further nurturing a general sense of unease and hopelessness. Once the mixture of oil and ammonium nitrate is exactly right, all it takes is a small pre detonation, an otherwise small event like the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, and the whole thing explodes. History is nothing if not this story recurring over and over. The first most pernicious thing about evil though, is just that, it’s ability to hide it’s hideousness with a porcelain mask.

Today we can see the actions of evil clearly if only we look behind the mask, with an open mind and open hearts. We have a faction that is rioting in the streets, attacking peaceful protesters and disrupting events to shut down speakers they disagree with, another faction that is daily attacking anyone not of their faith and even those of their faith that are not sufficiently correct in the interpretation of that faith, and the elite claim it is the victims they are afraid of not the perpetrators. The elite in other words, cheer on the bullies while lamenting that the kid on the ground with the bleeding lip, who’s lunch money is being stolen every day, might stand back up and punch the bully in the nose… because they get a cut of that lunch money! All done in the name of social justice.

We have the Antifa movement that openly calls for violence, in the name of justice, even against white babies, holding violent demonstrations where they smash anything they get their hands on and leave heaps of garbage behind, as if to show their utter disregard for even their own kitchens. The Black Lives matter movement that openly calls for the murder of police, even as police are shot by snipers in Dallas. As the Tea Party was setting on lawn chairs listening quietly to speakers talk about the US Constitution, and fastidiously cleaning up after themselves out of respect, the media that calls itself unbiased was slandering the Tea Party as violent extremists, and the Occupy Wall Street a grass roots groundswell of peaceful protest, even as the OWS hoodlums spilled garbage and human feces into banks, smashed windows and engaged in a rape culture. We tolerate George Soros funded crypto fascist beating up Conservatives at conservative rallies, then the same media claims it was the Trump protesters, who were beaten up at the Trump rally, that were the instigators! In every case here the media sides with the bully and blames the victims! Could it be more obvious than that?

The globalist elite are, as one mind, in this. There were no terrorist attacks in Europe before the Islamic immigration waves of the late 1980s. The rise in terrorism and terrorist related attacks is directly correlated to the increase in Muslim immigration, yet the more Islamic terror attacks, the more the elite bring in more Muslims. It is almost as if the terror attack at the Olympics in 1972 gave the global elite the idea to destabilize the west, by intentionally creating the civil disaster, daily terrorist attacks, we have in Europe today. It would seem the elite understand, as does everyone, that most Muslims are very nice people, so to get in the few that are not nice, there needs to be hundreds of thousands brought in. Moreover, once war breaks out the elite know even the nice Muslims will side with their not so nice brethren to establish Sharia.

It is a delicate balancing act though. The globalists have to keep us feeling more hopeless than fearful. They have to keep it in balance because if the balance gets too far off we will act. The idea is to ratchet up our feeling of hopelessness along with our fear and disgust at what is going on until we feel we cant take it anymore, the balance of ammonium nitrate to oil has been achieved and some small event will trigger the reaction, say, the rape of Lucretia by Sextus Tarquinius… and we will explode. Eventually we always get there, it is only a matter of how long it will take. The longer it takes, the more violent the explosion and the more human blood will be spilled. Sadly, by talking to people, the feeling of hopelessness in us, has grown so strong that the usurpations will build to a very well balanced oil and ammonium nitrate mixture… before we blow.


John Pepin

Oppression Theory

Saturday, July 1st, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, oppressors have managed to convince many of us that oppression today, is the answer to oppression yesterday. The logic goes something like this, since group A was oppressed in the past, group B who oppressed them are always oppressors, while group A are always the oppressed. The oppression is usually race or economically defined, but oppressors always define a group as permanent oppressors, and other groups as permanently oppressed. This perversion of logic has served to motivate millions of people to help oppressors and would be oppressors, even laying down their lives to establish oppression, the very thing they so loathe! Simple, unambiguous logic dictates that… to eliminate oppression, one must eliminate oppression.

The progressive elite have established white people, no matter what actual race that has white skin one comes from, as the perpetual oppressors. Meanwhile, they have established in the cultural zeitgeist, the idea that people of every other colored skin, are the permanently oppressed. This is why when, even a man of Mixed descent shoots a hood attacking him, is called a “White Hispanic” by the totality of the media, people don’t even blink. No one noticed that the primary attribute the press put on the man defending himself, was the color of his skin, even though his grandfather was of African descent… to put Zimmerman in the oppressor category, and to forward their political slant on the story.

We have swam in the cesspool of oppression theory so long that we don’t even notice our own smell. Of course the logic of defining any group of people into any category, let alone a permanent oppressor class, is not just absurd it is diabolical. The children cannot be held liable for the sins of their parents, let alone the great great grandchildren. To define any human being by an arbitrary attribute, like skin color is in and of itself, the act of an oppressor. That is what oppressors do, they define us into groups then pit us against each other, riding astride us, directing the carnage to their amusement.

Defining one group as a permanent oppressor is very convenient. The definition oozes into the zeitgeist over time and become like Pavlovian reaction. You react without thinking. This makes controlling people much easier. Want the masses to hate A? Make A the oppressor and people will kill and die to destroy it. Enrage people by saying, it is a matter of life and death that A be defeated, and people will pick up guns and shoot congressmen who they see as threatening their very lives. Violence becomes normalized, against the permanent oppressor class, and becomes normal.

Moreover, all human beings are both oppressors and the oppressed, depending on many definitions of who and what is oppressed. There is not one among us who cannot name a time or place they were oppressed, by someone or situation, and if brutally honest, any of us could name a dozen times we oppressed another. Even parents oppress children as children oppress their parents. To define any group that clearly is both oppressed and the oppressor, depending on a multitude of factors, as permanent oppressors is absurd… there can only be an aggregate approximation rather than an empirical determination. I am as guilty as you, if only we admit it to ourselves, like civilized people, we could move beyond oppression theory, and the violence and even oppression served by it, to a more human hearted concept.

First we must learn to recognize when we are being plied with oppression theory… then react against it. We must be utterly intolerant of oppression theory ever sniffing the air for the fetid odor of it. Not everyone has to act but all that need act are a few. Call out oppressors, by writing scathing letters and comments, showing how oppression theory was used in articles that use it, and why it is violent. Do our very best to stop being oppressive to others even as we demand others do not oppress us. Use the term oppression, and define its utility to oppressors, as it is the only word progressives understand. Society and culture is only changed by an intolerant minority, the time for our tolerance of nonsense has passed, the time has come for logic and common sense to take control, we must stop the would be oppressors… who would use oppression theory to attain our oppression!


John Pepin