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The Coming of the Brave New World

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, we have entered a time when up is down, good is bad and right is wrong. Today we have people who wield political power who believe… only some lives matter, they deny God, they allow lunatics who hate the US and the West to get nuclear weapons while disarming their own people, being pro abortion is a litmus test for holding office, government keeps track of every man woman and child’s race, historic monuments are being threatened with destruction, politically incorrect thoughts are outlawed, a certain flag is under threat of a ban, the two million year old institution of marriage has been redefined, the only nation in the Middle East that is free and democratic is the bad guy while those autocratic nations who stone women to death and sponsor terrorism are the good guys, every segment of the US government is buying ammo like the end times are here, our history is being changed, our traditions are being dismantled, politicians don’t even give lip service to our Constitution, children are taught sodomy instead of reading in the government monopoly school system, those who start businesses and hire people are vilified while those who are villains are glorified, a retired US general wants to intern people who the government considers “disloyal” to the government, even as five service members are murdered in a terrorist attack the President congratulates that religion, the President refuses to lower flags to half mast for those slain service members, even as the economy of the world gets closer to total bankruptcy and money printing has become the norm the price of gold and silver is manipulated down, politicians who are caught in direct violation of the law face no punishment while citizens who are caught in violation of the very same laws only to a much lesser extent are forced into psychotherapy, returning veterans and constitutionalists are considered terrorists and those who’s religion tells them to commit terror are not, banks create money out of thin air and charge interest on it while paying you nothing for your deposits on money you had to work for, veterans cannot get healthcare while the US gives immediate total healthcare for illegal immigrants, small business creation is negative for the first time in US history, the government doesn’t trust the military with guns… I could go on and on but I would like to address the issue somewhat.

There is only one possible outcome from all this lunacy, war, as well as a collapse of our economy, civilization and society. Such an outcome would/will be horrific in that it will usher in human suffering on a scale never before experienced, even at the depths of the Second World War. That result becomes more likely every day the craziness continues. Such a catastrophe would be a reset of human civilization. The new class, who are the repository of our economy, civilization and society, are the people who implement these things.

It is possible that the new class elite who run everything from the board rooms to the highest echelons of government are so stupid they do not understand good from evil or right from wrong. While we have to keep that as a possibility, the new class, by definition, are the intelligentsia, those with advanced college degrees. They have the benefit of the best education, the best standard of living, the best access to information and are the most powerful segment of society. The benefits of being in the new class are too numerous to tick off. They are the lawyers, judges, politicians, bureaucrats, professors, deans of our colleges, teachers, our Chief Executive Officers, bankers, reporters, editors of our news outlets, Hollywood executives, writers, Wall street traders, etc… The new class wields power over every aspect of our civilization, economy and society.

Since they have so much education, wealth and power it does seem odd they could be so imbecilic that they do not understand the natural outcomes of their own policies, policies that are so absurd as to make Don Quixote blush. So what other possibility could there be that they support and have implemented such folly? Could it be that they are not stupid at all? Is it possible that they know exactly what they are doing?

Since all people in the new class is educated in our colleges and universities, and those colleges and universities are run by people who subscribe to the Frankfurt school or are Fabian socialists, it is only logical they indoctrinate the students, the future members of the new class, into their philosophy. The Frankfurt school is based on the writings of Marx, Freud, and Nietzsche. The Fabian socialists believe that society needs to be heated up to the point of melting so they can reform it into a civilization closer to their hearts desire. Both are Marxist at their core. Moreover the Georgia Guide stones are a monument to the philosophical goals of those two philosophies.

In this context the actions of the new class become clear, they are not stupid in the classical sense, they know where their policies will take the human race. If that is true then they seek to destroy civilization so they can remake it closer to their hearts desire. The absurdity we see all around us is not meant to improve the lot of Mankind, at least not in the short term, they are to lower the lot of man to poverty, want and war. That way, people will scream for a new order, one they seek to foist on us without our acceptance or permission. They consider themselves to be much smarter than us hoi polloi and so our input is not wanted or needed. The new class is willing to create suffering and misery, to progress society to a new utopia, where everyone is a slave to the world government. They want to forge a Brave New World, complete with Alphas, Betas, Gammas and Epsilons, with their heirs being the alphas. They are willing to do what it takes to get what they want. As Lenin said, “You must break some eggs if you want to make an omelet.”


John Pepin

Solving Ukraine’s Problems

Thursday, December 18th, 2014

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, Ukraine’s situation is rapidly deteriorating, impoverishing it’s citizens and pushing the breakaway areas with war and the threat of war. What a sad state of affairs for people who, because of their geologic location, have taken it on the chin over and over. The political system is broken beyond repair with whomever is in power crushing any opposition at will. There is no effective protections for freedom of speech, assembly or conscience. The people of Ukraine deserve much better. Every nation on the planet could learn a thing or two, how not to run a country, from Ukraine’s example. There are answers to the thorny problems Ukraine faces, but unfortunately, real solution are being ignored for war and arbitrary power.

Ukraine’s history is one of invasion, violence and tyranny. From the dawn of history Ukraine has been invaded by empire makers. The Mongol invasions were particularly hard on the people, with whole cities raised to the ground, every man woman and child killed, even the dogs, cats and livestock! Tamerlane slaughtered the Ukrainian people with the glee of a demon. When the Soviet union controlled Ukraine, Stalin stole the food the Ukrainians had grown themselves, selling it on the world market, starving to death millions of human beings! The poor Ukrainian people have suffered for centuries under the heavy hand of sadistic invaders and despots. It is past time for those sturdy people to have a measure of freedom and prosperity.

President Petro Pososhenco continues in the footsteps of the man he deposed. Instead of ushering in an era of peace and prosperity he has turned to war and autocracy. While it is only human to want revenge for grievances suffered, when a politician does it, the lot of the whole people is lowered. Today the Ukrainian central bank is broke with all of Ukraine’s gold stolen. The war with separatists sporadically flaring up, and now with US lethal aid going to Ukraine, the likelihood of a shooting war with Russia becomes a real possibility. Crimea is lost to Russia, for now, and the Eastern cities are in the hands of separatists, which would be a blow to any sovereign nation. Sadly, Ukraine is used to blows, and is likely punch drunk.

A better option, in my humble opinion, would be to sign a peace accord granting the breakaway areas autonomy, as long as they don’t formally become part of Russia. This would stop the bleeding, both of human blood and economic red ink. War is never a good option especially when there is an alternative. Of course it take two for peace and only one for war, with the Russian Ruble in free fall, the Russian people looking at hyper inflation and the Russian economy collapsing, war becomes more probable, since war is a traditional way to make patriots of starving people. Nothing rallies a people like a rip snorting war. Granting the breakaway areas autonomy would take the possibility of outright war off the table.

The next thing Ukraine should do is get their political house in order. To that end, I have advocated for all nations, including Ukraine, a NUMA or Fourth Branch. It would chain the lawmakers to their own laws and Constitutional limits. Of course the Fourth Branch option would require a Constitutional rewrite. If done right such a rewrite would have many beneficial effects. The US Constitution should be the basis of any new Ukrainian Constitution… with the addition of a NUMA. A Constitution that strictly limits the role, scope and power of government, would allow the free market to do it’s thing. For a better explanation see an excerpt from my last blog here.

If these two things were done Ukraine’s economy would start flourishing. The Ukrainian people are smart, hard working and risk takers, all of which are essential to a rapidly growing economy. Until the war is ended, and the government retreats to it’s rightful role, the Ukrainian economy cannot possibly get on solid footing. If the economy of Ukraine becomes dynamic, the gross domestic product per person would skyrocket, or in other words, the Ukrainian people would see prosperity they could have only dreamed of before. Once that happens the breakaway areas will almost certainly petition the Ukrainian government to allow them back in. Self interest trumps all other considerations. Ukraine could slowly rebuild itself without the exigencies and ruin that protracted wars always bring on. This would be a peace and prosperity based solution to the fundamental problems of Ukraine. Wise leaders would take the path of peace and prosperity, while foolish ones, war and poverty… Let’s pray the leaders of Ukraine are wise and not foolish.


John Pepin

Pseudo Wars

Monday, November 10th, 2014

No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.”
? James Madison

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, all the “wars” the US has engaged in as of late, are nothing but pseudo wars, not wars at all but a way to take away the liberty of the people. I am of course talking about the war on drugs, the war on poverty, the war on terror, the war on obesity, and so forth. These cannot be termed wars anymore than any other policy a government enters into to meet a non corporeal problem. War is violent, terrifying and expensive way to defeat a corporeal threat. Moreover, calling such things wars, lowers the brutal reality of what war is, and creates a situation where the elite can keep a nation in a state of perpetual war. The appointing of “Czars” to oversee these “wars” is more proof they are overtly a means to evolve us to tyranny, war has generals, Czars are despots. If we want to stop the slide to tyranny we must examine the ways the elite evolve a nation to despotism and demand they be stopped.

Let’s face facts, a war on fatty food is an unwinnable war, like a war on terror or a war on poverty, by their very definitions they cannot be won. It is impossible to eliminate fat from foods. Fat is an essential nutrient that provides the calories we need to live. Like anything that is good, when overused, like the term war, it leads to all sorts of bad consequences. To fight a war on the strategy of an enemy, so as to avoid naming that enemy, is as certain a way to loose the war with the unnamed enemy, as it is to loose the war on their strategy. Imagine how the Second World War would have turned out of the allies fought a war on Blitzkrieg instead of the Nazis. Poverty will always be with us it is a human condition. The definition shows how absurd it is to fight a war on poverty, poverty is the lowest ten percentile of a people, economically, it is a relevant statistic. Even if a government were to execute the poorest ten percent there would still be a poorest ten percent. Even if ninety nine percent of the population were executed there would still be relative poor!

Embarking on fictitious wars has the propaganda value of claiming the government is doing something about a perceived problem. The term war focuses the mind and implies all a nation’s might will be brought to bear on the problem. The leader who coins the war will be thought of as really caring, to be so adamant about fighting such and such a problem, that they go to war with it. The value is only to the politician who names it… not the people, government, society or culture, they are damaged by the “war” effort. Everyone but the politicians must give up some sovereignty, money and liberty to the politicians during times of war, and so a fictitious war is a way of prying our liberty’s and largess from us, not to achieve some excellent goal.

War cannot be fought against an idea, tactic, class or food, it can only be fought against an enemy nation by killing and maiming real human beings, and destroying the infrastructure that supports their war effort. Von Clausewitz said that war is politics by violence. No one wants our government to do violence to the poor, we already do violence to our food simply by eating it, and ideas cannot be suppressed by violence. Look at the Second World war again, it was supposed to be against fascism, but how many fascists nations did the US and Europe support during the Cold War? WWII was against the Axis powers of Germany, Japan, Hungary, Romania, Finland and Italy. Four of which were not fascists at all! The war was against those nations, not the tactics they used, not the food they ate and not the political systems of their various governments… the war was against those states, period.

War against an idea, tactic or some other nebulous “enemy” is an absurd distraction from solving a real problem. It gives the people the idea something substantial is being done, but in fact what is really being done is, the liberty of the people is being stolen. The propaganda of a war against a non corporeal enemy is effective at reducing a country to despotism through the costs of continual warfare and a war mindset. It does nothing to solve the problem the elite are ostensibly waging war against, but through a constant chipping away it destroys the wherewithal of a people, saps our resolve to meet actual existential threats, and the lack of any possible victory corrodes our self esteem. War can only be fought against corporeal enemies that can be killed, maimed, impoverished and thereby forced to knuckle under. Further, to wage war against an enemy’s tactic, to avoid naming that enemy, is a sure way to loose the war with that enemy. It is time to complain loudly and forcefully whenever our leaders claim we should launch into another war against a non corporeal enemy and stop the ones our leaders have pulled us into already. Else our lot and the lot of our children will be despotism and poverty.


John Pepin

ISIS and the Real Threat

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, before any problem can be effectively dealt with, first it must be identified. Many times a problem is so horrifying, even glancing at it is too scary, so the victim avoids identifying it until it is too late. Cancer can be like that. Often we don’t identify an issue, because we simply don’t want the problem to be what it is, we prefer to live in a fantasy, even though we know in our hearts what the real issue is. Drug addiction is an example. There are as many excuses for not looking at the core of a problem as there are problems for the human race to deal with. There is not one example however, where avoiding identifying a problem ever led to a solution, except when the willfully blind died from it.

The problem of Islamic fascism is one such difficulty. Governments around the world have turned a blind eye to it. They think if only they don’t mention it, and send European and American soldiers to die at the hands of ISIS, Al Qeda, Boko Haram or any of the other incarnations of Islamic fascism, the problem will go away. Our leaders believe that if they outlaw Christianity in Europe and the Usand ignore the atrocities of Islam the Islamic fascists will like us and stop killing us. Such thinking is wishful blindness at best showing a total lack of understanding of Islamic fascism and is traitorous at worst.

History explains what Islamic fascism is. The history of Islam is one of conquest. Arabia was full of Christians, Jews and pagans when Mohamed was born. When he died there were only Muslims, everyone else had been converted or killed. Even today all other religions other than Islam are outlawed in Saudi Arabia. Those who hold Mass in their own homes are regularly raided, the worshipers jailed and executed. Some allies eh?

North Africa, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, and Turkey were all Christian lands until the Islamic fascists conquered them in their crusades against Christianity. As the Muslims conquered more land they would raise the churches, melt the church bells down and make them into cannons, to use against the Christians. The bodies of the saints were dug up and fed to the dogs. Christian women were taken from their families, forced to convert to Islam, and sold.

Byzantine couldn’t be conquered until a Christian Hungarian Orban sold high power cannon technology to the Muslims. He built giant cannons to decimate the walls of Constantinople. Those cannon, that couldn’t have been built by any Muslim, opened the city to the invaders. Once the walls were down, the Muslims rushed in, taking anyone they came upon as slaves. The Convent was raided, the Nuns raped and sold into sex slavery. The city’s name was changed from Constantinople to Istanbul, the greatest Christian church at the time, Hagia Sophia, was converted to a Mosque and everyone forcibly converted to Islam.

The much feared Turkish Janissaries were Christian boys who had been given to the Muslims as part of the Jizya tax on Christian nations, so the Muslims would leave those Christian nations who gave their own children alone. Those boys who were pretty were sent to pedophilia to be molested, while the others were converted and trained to fight, against their own families and countrymen. The story of Dracula comes from this time.

He and his brother were sent as tribute to the Muslims. Vlad’s brother was pretty and so went to a pedophilia while Vlad was ugly so was to be a Janissary. Vlad refused to convert and so was tortured unmercifully. After years of torture Vlad escaped and went to his native Romania where he seized the throne. Upon getting power Vlad stopped sending boys to be molested or used against their own families. The Muslims immediately invaded. Vlad met them, defeated them and impaled the Muslim army, leaving a forest of impaled men on the boarder as a warning to future invaders. The next wave of invaders met the same fate. It didn’t take long before the invasions stopped and Europe was protected in the East.

The first war the United States ever fought on foreign soil was against Muslims to stop them taking American ships at sea and enslaving the sailors. When the war was over and the US had won, those sailors who had converted to Islam, wanted to return home but were executed, because once you convert to Islam converting out is death. This is just a small portion of the history of the crusades of Islam against Christianity but it shows the intent of the adherents to Mohamed’s religion. Every Muslim ever taught in any Medrassa knows this history well. Very very few Christians know any of it at all, and what we are taught is watered down with all the gory parts left out, so as not to offend Mulsims. ISIS is doing exactly what Mohamed called all good Muslims to do, strike at the necks of the unbelievers, terrorize us and rape our women as punishment for our unbelief. Today it is called sexual Jihad.

This is what we are fighting, what we have been fighting for fifteen hundred years, and will fight until the last days. It is not that individual Muslims are bad or that they should be denigrated, it is that we must open our eyes to the grim reality of what Islam truly is. When a political leader makes the absurd claim that ISIS is not Islamic, it is because they are too afraid to look at the real problem, they are stupidly ignorant or they are complicit, there is no other possibility, all of which in a sane world would disqualify them to do anything other than swing a mop at McDonalds. A cancer must be cut out. Those that seek to expand Islam at the point of a sword must be exterminated, with extreme prejudice as an example, to limit future wars. Anything less is to invite more bloodshed, more rapes, more children’s lives ruined and more terror. To remain ignorant to a potential mortal threat is to invite disaster… so why do you suppose our leaders are intentionally keeping us blind to it?


John Pepin

Evil Always Defeats Itself

Monday, September 1st, 2014


Dear Friends,


It seems to me, the rise of ISIS will result in the deaths of perhaps millions of human beings, but in the end, it will be their own evil that defeats them. Great evil always defeats itself because it confuses human suffering with victory. The suffering of other human beings is always more important to those who serve Lucifer than anything else. Oh, they might lie to themselves and even believe their own lies, but in the end it is not power, righteousness or to serve God that evil people like ISIS do what they do, it is a love of inflicting human suffering that is their primary motivator, and that motivation has it roots in hate. Hatred is so powerful an emotion it can drive people to do the most despicable things without a hint of remorse. In the next few years when our governments do nothing of any real consequence to stop ISIS from their goal of a global Caliphate, where only Muslims are allowed to live, we must keep in mind that even without intervention of government, armies or even God, ISIS will be defeated, due entirely to their evil nature. Evil always has within it the seeds of it’s own destruction.


There is no better example in history than the Second World War. Hitler and the Nazis were evil. Evil fueled by hate was their primary motivator. Hate of the Jews, Gypsies and all non Aryans was the Nazis bread and butter. The Nazis reveled in slaughter. The war was ostensibly a means to power but in reality is was a way to round up more people to feed into the meat grinder. All other purposes came second to the slaughter.


In September 1941 the Nazi war machine was on the verge of victory. They had taken almost all of European Russia and were banging at the doors of Leningrad, Moscow and the Caucuses. When winter fell on the German troops they had plenty of winter gear but it was in Germany. OKW had thought the war would be over before winter and so the winter clothes and gear sat in Berlin. This is where priorities came to the front. The Nazis had enough trains to get the winter gear to their troops in plenty of time, but instead, those trains were used to bring Jews and Gypsies to the death camps. Meanwhile the flower of German youth froze to death in the frozen wastes of Russia.


Later in the war, in 1943 Germany was worried about Hungary flipping and signing a separate peace with Russia, as Romania had a month earlier, so Nazi Germany sponsored a coup. The coup brought loyal Nazis to power in Hungary. The Hungarian government had, until that point, been sheltering the Jews from deportation to the death camps, but the moment loyal Nazis took power they started rounding up Jews for extermination. Meanwhile Army Group Center was facing imminent collapse. They badly needed ammunition and supplies, but the German rail system was diverted from the war effort again to ship Jews who had escaped the campaign of extermination, to the death camps. The result was that Army Group Center collapsed creating a hole the Russian army could simply drive to Berlin through.


The evil empire, the Soviet Union, was also defeated by their own evil. Instead of building up their industry to improve the lot of people, the Soviet Union built a war machine, in the absence of war. Stalin the despot, would sign the execution papers for thousands of people a day, then watch his favorite swashbuckler. Millions were executed, sent to forced reeducation camps, tortured, shipped to Siberia as slave labor, whole races faced ethnic cleansing and suffering was universal among the people, while splendid luxury was the bailiwick of the Communist elite. The whole thing came crashing down because of the economic, social and cultural stresses such a system must build up.


ISIS is no different. The seeds of their destruction lay in their evil. How many have they murdered that otherwise would have helped them like the Nazis did in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia? Eventually they will divert essential war supplies to some evil end or turn on their allies just as the Nazis did. Even if they win and subject the entire world to tyranny their empire will not last a decade. The stresses such a system create will put an end to that perverted structure. Sadly, not until millions or maybe even billions of our fellow human beings have died horribly, will ISIS’ own evil defeat them. That is the cost to good people who allow evil to grow, and that is exactly what we have done. By voting in governments that not only allowed it to grow, but nurtured it for their own evil ends… we have become our own executioners.





John Pepin


Obama’s Deal With the Ayatollah

Thursday, November 28th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me Obama’s deal with Iran over it’s nuclear program is the absolute height of stupidity and will usher in human suffering like the World has never seen before. The Iranian regime is not made up of sane people. To abet insane people to get a nuclear bomb is insane at best diabolically evil at worst. No good can come of this deal. The unbiased media are claiming it is a historic agreement… and yes, I agree. It will be historic in that it will be the end of history unless someone who is sane intervenes.


The Ayatollah who runs Iran’s theology is not shared by the majority of Muslims or even Iranians. It is called Twelver theology. In it they believe there is the twelfth Imam who is at the bottom of a well. He will remain there until the Earth is washed with blood, chaos and violence. Once this happens he will come out of the well and usher in the end times. It is the duty of those who follow this sect within the Shiite community to bring these things about. It is no matter if they die in the process, because it will be the end times and they will be richly rewarded for their part… washing the world with blood.


The Ayatollah may be insane, and following a theology that is on the face of it insane, but insanity does not require stupidity. In fact often the insane are geniuses. The Iranian regime is following in the footsteps laid out by North Korea. The “Dear Leader” of North Korea did exactly the same thing. He played Clinton for a fool. Clinton would sign a deal with North Korea, (to distract from some scandal), supposedly to stop the weapons program, it would appear to stop, and the North Koreans would get billions of dollars of aid. Aid that would flow into the Army and the nuclear weapons program. This continued until North Korea detonated a bomb.


George Bush then tried to get North Korea to relinquish the A bomb. They played him for a fool too. They would shut down a plutonium plant, for a few billion in aid, then turn it back on when it suited them. This game went on for the entire term of Bush’s Presidency. Today North Korea is a nuclear state that abuses it’s people with famine, oppression, forced labor, dissidents are punished for three generations, while North Korea acts defiantly, by sinking South Korean ships, shelling South Korean cities and threatening all out war every few years.


Every dictator on the planet saw and learned the lesson of the North Korean nuclear program… including the insane theocrats who run Iran. They have learned the lesson well, but to our mutual detriment, Obama and the unbiased press haven’t. The USA Today reported that Iran has “only” enriched five hundred pounds of uranium to within eighty percent of what would be needed to produce bombs. They claimed this would only be enough for one bomb. That is amazing because Little Boy only had fifty six kilograms of uranium, (about 140 pounds) but obliterated Nagasaki. The bomb design the Iranians got from A Q Khan is far more efficient. This implies that Iran has the nuclear pile to create at least three or four bombs.


It would only take one bomb fashioned into an Electro Magnetic Pulse Weapon, (EMP), to wipe the US from the map. Detonated in the center of the US at sufficient altitude it would burn out every electronic device in the country and most of Canada and Mexico. Two could be used, Launched in International Waters off each coast, it would accomplish the same thing and would be far easier to accomplish. We wouldn’t even hear a bang. Our cars would stall in the middle of the road, every transformer would fail causing a national blackout, water pumps would stop, farm machinery would stop, pharmaceuticals would rot in warehouses, and we would instantly be thrust into the preindustrial era. The Department of Defense has estimated that if this were done a third of the population of the US would be dead in six months! Over a billion people World wide would be dead within a year from starvation. (the US produces such a large portion of the World’s food supplies). This would indeed wash the World in blood and cause world wide chaos and suffering… sufficient to bring the Imam out of the well.


When the Iranians were testing their delivery system, the missiles would go up to the altitude an EMP would work best at, and explode. The media decried these tests as failures but Ahmadinejad laughed and said they were successes. The path Iran is on was trod and mapped by North Korea and it only takes one or two EMP bombs to wipe the US out, and five to end all civilization. Now Obama has basically given Iran the green light to enrich uranium and soon enough, create plutonium, then build the bombs they need to wash the World in blood. Unless Israel, Saudi Arabia or some sane actor intervenes. So, yes, Obama’s Iranian nuclear deal will in deed be historic… like Neville Chamberlain’s deal with Hitler. Millions will die for Obama’s stupidity… if it is in fact stupidity.





John Pepin

Appeasement Begets War

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, it takes two for peace, and only one for war. Where one party to a conflict is intent upon war, war is inevitable, usually on the aggressor’s terms. No matter how much the pacifist party may want peace, war will be thrust upon them, especially if they display sufficient weakness to give the aggressor a good chance at winning. This is a universal truth about humanity. History is clear on this subject, if a political union wants war, no matter how much the other side doesn’t… there will be war. It seems our politicians have forgotten this basic truth.


History is full of examples where this has happened. The Greeks didn’t want war with Darius, but Darius made war on them, the Persians didn’t want war with Alexander, but they became his subjects, the Russians didn’t want war with Tamerlane, but millions of Russian Christians were slaughtered and enslaved by his invading army, and the French didn’t want war with Nazi Germany, but they were invaded and conquered within a month. History is rife with thousands of examples of people who wanted only to live in peace, but were forced to fight a war.


History is so absolute on this subject it must be understood as a fundamental rule of state interaction. The only cases where war has been avoided, is where the aggressor couldn’t get a tactical or strategic advantage, and so all out war was avoided. The Cold War is an example of this. An understanding of this basic human attribute is where the phrase, “if a nation wants peace, it must prepare for war,” came from. Those who wield political power have the best educations but have a blind spot for this truism. They try to pacify the war monger with concessions of land, subjects and money.


The Turkish empire demanded money and children from Europe in the dark ages. Many children were sent to the Ottomans, who were then forcibly converted to Islam, and made into Janissaries. They became shock troops for future invasions of Europe. Millions of dollars of ransom was paid to the Barbary Pirates to protect shipping, and to get back captured people who were enslaved, even in the modern era, Chamberlain signed a “peace” treaty with Hitler, and we all know how that turned out. History shows that appeasement is the surest way of being subjected to war.


Millions upon millions of human beings have died at the hands of those who sought war. The suffering that appeasement has brought into the world is as heartbreaking as it is mind boggling. No amount of supplication will change the minds of evil men who seek power, glory and wealth, it only encourages them. To encourage evil is to be evil. Those that claim, if we enrich those who openly call for our destruction, it will make them like us… are either stupid or treasonous. If they understand history and the ramifications of it, they are traitors, and if they are so profoundly stupid they don’t understand this attribute of human nature, they have no business anywhere near the reigns of power.


That is why Ronald Reagan sought peace through strength. His policies headed off a nuclear war that could have wiped mankind and most of the ecosystem from the face of the planet. He understood history and the lessons that it teaches. Moreover, he was a patriot, wanting to see the US avoid all out war. Our leaders today, on the other hand, give billions of dollars to those who openly call for our destruction. They bend over backward appeasing those that chant “Death to America” and call the US “The Great Satan.” Our mortal enemies are given total access to our defense department’s top secret documents, and our politicians even allow people with ties to Islamofascists, to edit our policies how to fight the war on terror! Our government calls Christians, patriots and constitutionalists, terrorists but not Muslims who detonate bombs in marathons. Shooting our troops in our own base while chanting alou akbar is called “workplace violence!” So I ask you, is the President an absolute fool, or is he a traitor? Because there are no other possibilities.





John Pepin

World Verging on Crisis

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the World is melting down, but instead of trying to cool it off our leaders are adding uranium. There is not a corner of the World that is not in some kind of turmoil today. Governments are toppling way too often lately with more teetering. Traditionally stable areas are becoming sources of derision and violence. We see the rise of fascism again… this time with two ugly heads. Economies are failing, a suicidal theocratic regime is on the verge of nuclear capability, and even the US government is embroiled with scandals, a new one breaking daily. The list is as scary as it is long. All these things are being escalated by our political leader’s, incompetence or malevolence, either of which is a malignancy in the tissue of government. Unless we do something to head off this train wreck the cost will be in the millions.

Anger is the result of needs not being met. When a person’s needs are not met anger is the usual result. It can manifest itself as depression when it is turned inward, it can manifest itself as physical pain or even disease, and it is often manifested in anti social behaviors as well. Well aimed propaganda can pick up on societal anger, marshaling these antisocial behaviors into a political tool, one that is advantageous only to the political elite who wield it. Sometimes the manipulators are local, sometimes foreign, but anger is always and everywhere too easy a control button to push, for everyone to keep their greasy finger from it.

Weapons added to the mix brings in the possibility of overthrow of the standing institutions. Any foreign power that is not friendly to the native government, even if they had no hand in the anger to begin with, can simply ship in weapons raising the likely hood of all out rebellion. If sufficient anger along with sufficient weapons exist in a country revolution is assured. More violence always results after revolution, as the rebels disunite becoming armed factions, who then vie for power. Those that seek peace don’t ship arms to a conflict. To do so, is to do the opposite of what they say, making the person a hypocrite or liar.

Violence becomes custom under these circumstances. Old governments are washed away and new regimes often usher in new wars from old animosities. Local chaos destabilizes neighboring countries, regional chaos then easily becomes a war. War is a self feeding phenomenon. Like fire provides the heat needed to maintain combustion, war generates hate sufficient to keep it well fed, until the thirst for blood is quenched, or everything is smashed. There are so many simmering grievances in this World that could touch off a regional conflict they couldn’t be counted. From the Kurds, who admittedly got a really bad deal, to the Ryukyu islands, there are plenty of old grudges to start a regional war anytime anyplace.

This is why I am so amazed, our political leaders are fanning the flames of anger, adding the kindling of weaponry and they stand there astonished at the bonfire they have produced! In the Middle East the World’s elite are unanimous that war needs to break out there. If not in speech, in action, they prove it daily. Nothing meaningful is being done about Iran’s nuclear program, while riots in the Muslim sections of every country in Europe are encouraged by placating the rioters, increasingly with a state within a state. How long before that goes terribly wrong? Turkey is in full fledged rebellion and the Islamofascist leader there threatens a brutal crackdown. Will the World’s elite accept his violence where they didn’t Qaddafi’s or even the “ally” of the US, Mubarak’s?

Syria is increasingly becoming the focus of a potential World conflict, with their armed rebellion, chemical weapon stockpile, which lets be real, is most likely Saddam Hussein’s, coupled with the Muslim Brotherhood’s stated goal of a Caliphate, Israel on the southern boarder, Russia offering troops, (setting up a Gog Magog scenario), The Obama administration covering up the weapons shipments from Libya to Syria through Turkey, and Chinese interest in the region’s oil, too much political currency is being anted up for anyone to fold early in the game.

Basically, we have an angry World, that the elite in politics and the media are making madder, these unwashed raging masses are now being armed by the World powers, next Americans will be told we must intervene else things will get really bad, we do, and it does… what do you have? Some call it World War, others might say Arma-something…


John Pepin

Weapons of Mass Destruction and Western Leaders’ Stupidity

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, unseating Muammar Gaddafi,was as stupid a thing as has been done in a generation. We are seeing the foolishness of this action, by the European and American governments, play out before our very eyes. Not that the present government of Libya is as diabolic as the government of Egypt, (that we also brought into power), but the precedent is so pernicious and the incentives it set up so negative, the future will be full of treatises about the folly of our leaders. This idiotic action will visit many evils on the people of the World. No person is safe from the ramifications of this singularly moronic action. You and yours, and me and mine, will experience tragedy first hand as a result.

The Islamist government in Libya was as predictable as spring after winter. To believe that there would be any other result was wishful thinking at best and intentionally damaging the West at worst. The people of Libya had lived under a tyrant for many years. This renders people incomprehensible to liberty. They become used to a despot and will be uncomfortable in liberty. Therefore, it is obvious that they will turn to the autocrat they believe will have the lightest hand, when given liberty to do so.

The outcome was predictable but the pernicious incentives the ouster of Muammar were equally certain. Muammar had publicly given up his weapons of mass destruction. The moment he did he drew the attention of every dictator on the planet. They watched his fortune as they did their own. His outcome would be theirs if they gave up their weapons of mass destruction. Despots are not stupid people. If they were, they would be quickly murdered, and replaced with intelligent tyrants. As soon as the Western powers turned on Muammar it sent a chill through the spines of every oppressor around the World. They understood that the only thing protecting them from the same fate as Muammar was, is, their weapons of mass destruction.

The Islamic regime in Iran watched events unfold in Libya with bated breath. The fate of their nuclear program was, is, intricately tied with Muammar’s destiny. They saw, and understood, as soon as they relinquish their nuke program, they would come under the same threat as Gaddafi. The massing of the western powers, against the single dictator who gave up his weapons of mass destruction, publicly and permanently, ensured that the Islamist regime in Iran would not make the same mistake. In short, Muammar’s ouster, insured the completion of Iran’s nuclear program.

Compare the horrible end of Muammar with the treatment of North Korea as soon as they tested a nuclear bomb. Kim Jong Il was as evil a dictator as Muammar ever was yet he had a nuke at his disposal. The Nuclear bomb he had, insured his fair treatment, and respect, at the hands of the West. Iran watched this side of the World too. They have the ability to comprehend the actions of the West and apply them to their own situation. Iran saw, as did every tyrant on the planet, that the West will do nothing to stop them from getting weapons of mass destruction. BUT, if they ever gave them up, a terrible end would await them as well. This is a strong incentive to speed up development of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons… or to start one.

As soon as Muammar gave up his weapons of mass destruction, a sane West, would have given him a get out of jail free card. He should have been held up, as a benevolent dictator, to other oppressors. The example of a tyrant giving up his weapons should have been a opportunity to pry these fearsome things from the hands of insane people. But instead, European leaders and Obama made the ultimate mistake, sending a different message to the despots around the World. In this, there is nothing they could have done that was more stupid, or more destructive of World peace.

Unless we believe them to be drooling idiots their actions are irreconcilable with common sense. Their protection of Al Queda and ouster of Muammar has made the World an exponentially more dangerous place, and indeed, has set up the conditions for a new world war. They have insured that despots the World over will seek nuclear weapons, at all costs, making the world war they apparently want, a nuclear affair. Raining down radioactive evil on every person on the Planet… and it all could have been avoided, had our leaders not been so imprudent. Well, as I have said before, the dross floats to the top. In the case of Europe and America this couldn’t have been more true!


John Pepin

Clausewitz on War… My Take.

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

Dear Friends,

It seems to me the opening page of Von Clausewitz book- War, Politics and Power, he states a maxim that has applications not only to war but to many other areas of politics. The quote is; “War is thus an act to compel our adversary to do our will… The use of force is theoretically without limits. Philanthropic souls may imagine that there is a way to disarm or overthrow our adversary without much bloodshed, and that this is what the art of war should seek to achieve. Agreeable as this may sound, this is a false idea which must be demolished. As the greatest use of force does not exclude the cooperation of intelligence, the ruthless user of force who shrinks from no amount of bloodshed must gain an advantage if his opponent does not do the same. Thus each drives the other to extremes which are limited only by the adversary’s strength of resistance.” The quote says more than it at first appears. But, since war seems to be coming, from many anti capitalist factions around the World, it is wise to examine some of them.

The more one side limits it’s scope of actions the more advantage it gives the adversary. The historical example is the Vietnam conflict. In Vietnam the US limited it’s scope of action in some cases not equipping the US forces with ammunition until they were fired upon. The generals making the judgment that violating some self imposed philanthropic regulation had greater import than the life of a human being, someone woke up in the middle of the night to breast feed, cleaned up his skinned knees and wiped up vomit from his first time drinking. No, that human life had less gravity, than a self imposed philanthropic regulation.

When engaged in an existential war, philanthropy should be given it’s due, but philanthropy, or civilization, is not a suicide pact. Lets take another historical example, that of WWII. If the allies had not used every weapon at hand, for philanthropic reasons, the World would have been plunged into a dark age of tyranny, warfare and socialism. The standard of living of the entire World would be much lower than it is today… with all the implications for famine and pestilence. If self imposed philanthropy results in the destruction of civilization and philanthropy’s elimination from the marketplace of ideas, then there will be no more philanthropy and no more civilization.

An adversary’s strength of resistance should be taken into account before the scope of action required can be logically contemplated. When attacked by an adversary, we must look at what level of discomfort he must be placed in, to get his capitulation. Once we have ascertained this, we can then consider the scope of action required to achieve the needed result. To begin action without taking these things into regard is largely why the US always needs to “escalate” some conflict or another. Escalating a conflict is what Stalin liked to do, feed the flames of the battle. The tinder for the flames of battle, are people, of course.

These maxims have their analogies in the political arena as well. When one political side limits it’s scope of rhetoric, but the other does not, the side that puts no limit has an advantage. Take political ad homonym attacks. We see the anti capitalists call the pro capitalists, terrorists, hostage takers, bombers of the economy, and every other vitriolic name imaginable to ensure the anti capitalists don’t have to engage in any real debate. The pro capitalists however call the anti capitalists, our friends on the other side of the aisle. Whenever the policies of the anti capitalist faction are called anti capitalist, (as they are in actuality), the speaker is vilified and such vitriol is heaped on him or her the term politics of personal destruction are made manifest.

Karl Von Clausewitz went on to reveal many more gems of wisdom in his book. It is a bit heavy the first read but it comes more clear as one ponders the text. We can learn a great deal from those that came many years before us. Their wisdom and knowledge of the nature of humanity and our foibles, I believe, were greater than our own. They lived closer to nature and in a world that produced the worst and best in humanity every day. It is best not to forget what they have set down for us lest we be forced to relearn the lessons…