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Libyan WMD

Monday, December 19th, 2011

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the reason Bush got a coalition of countries together to overthrow the tyrant Hussein, was to ensure that the Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), that Iraq presumably had in stockpile, would not fall into the hands of Islamo fascists. We have since discovered, that the presumed WMD were either destroyed, or moved to an interim country for storage. No matter, the Iraq war served to keep WMD such as chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, out of the hands of Islamo fascists, protecting the World from the devastating potential. Now, however, Obama, by the overthrowing of Moammar, has allowed WMD to fall into the hands of Islamo fascists. International news such as The Telegraph, have reported that huge stockpiles of chemical weapons have been found in the Libyan desert. Chemicals such as Sarin, a nerve gas used in the Tokyo subway attack, have been found.

We must remember that these WMD were safely kept away from Islamo fascists while the tyrant Moammar was in power. Moammar got the message when Iraq was invaded and put his WMD under UN supervision. The UN, performing up to their established level of excellence, apparently immediately dropped the ball. There have been reports, that are very alarming, about what is now available to the Islamo fascists out of Libya. The truth is, no one knows how much WMD has already disappeared, except the terrorists.

Today, Libya is ruled by a coalition of armed factions, that range the spectrum of political thought, from liberal pro capitalists to radical Islamo fascists. The Liberals have already given up a great deal of their arms while the Islamo fascists have not. Regardless, any upcoming elections will be dominated by Islamist parties, just as every previous Arab Spring election that has that has preceded it. We can rest assured, however, that no matter the elections, the armed Islamo fascists will rule at the end of the day.

Remember the “missing” shoulder fired anti aircraft missiles? They immediately went “missing” as soon as they were reported found. They too slipped into the hands of Islamo fascists. Their path away from Libya and into the hands of terrorists blazed the way for a new commodity to hit the Jihad scene… WMD. It can now flow down the same supply route established by the “missing” shoulder fired AA missiles. Right into the hands of some anti capitalist terrorist group bent on World domination.

Imagine, if instead of a shoe bomber, the terrorists had a canister of Sarin ready to detonate, in an aircraft luggage bay, coming in for a landing at, say, Heathrow, De Gaul, JFK, Moscow or Hong Kong? Imagine the horror, if it detonated and spread it’s deadly cargo, over such crowded cities. The terror effect would be devastating. People would do almost anything to avoid another such attack. How many more of our liberties would we cede to government to make us safe against such a threat?

So, it seems that Obama, in one swift stroke, has undone what Bush did, over a decade of spilling blood and expending treasure. Obama has given to the Islamo fascists what Bush denied them… WMD. The Obama administration, by backing a disorganized coup against Moammar, has delivered WMD into the hands, of the very people, we were fighting in Iraq and are still engaged with in Afghanistan. You would think that such a “gifted,” articulate, “intelligent,” “thoughtful,” and… ahem… “wise man” like Obama, would have thought the results of his actions out… a bit more?

Obama is not the only World leader who carries blame, Sarkozy, and Merkel must shoulder their share. The three make up the modern incarnation of the Triumvirate. Sarkozy, Merkel and Obama, as Pompeii the Great, Crassus and Caesar. They look to their own good above the good of the whole. No matter the European debt crisis is growing more dire, daily, or that US employment is actually dropping, due to people giving up hope to find a job, and you have a Pompeii, Crassus and Caesar. If used effectively, will any of them accept the well deserved blame… or pass the buck? Who do you suppose considers himself Caesar?

There is one conclusion that can be drawn by these events, that is, the power of the Islamo fascist element in the World has been greatly enhanced. Even not used, the threat will be a lever that will be used, to pry liberty from the clutch of humanity. A little at a time is enough. Liberty lost is never regained unless by bloodshed. Liberty, by it’s nature, is slippery and unbalanced. People born to it often drop it from not holding it tight. But once lost, it takes generations and buckets of blood, to get it back.




Trading Hostages for Terrorists

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that when it comes to trading hostages for criminals, doing it is a bad practice, but doing it with terrorists is suicidal insanity. The Poor Israeli soldier who was kidnapped is one such example. We all want to see hostages returned safely, and we all want to see people reunited with their families, but if the cost is too great for society then it cannot be done. Because the cost, we can be assured, will go up exponentially.

The first argument always made is that trading hostages for criminals is a way to insure plenty of hostages will be taken. Society will be put at greater and greater risk from the hostage takers. Anytime a risky experiment goes well, (is profitable), it causes a vacuum that sucks everyone nearby into it. One example is the Mexican situation with kidnappers.

In Mexico kidnapping is rampant. You just kidnap someone then demand a terrific ransom. Cut off a finger or two, (to show you mean business), and bank the cash. No muss on fuss. Easy peezy. The government looks the other way and you find some other shmuk to kidnap. As more people get paid off more people go into the business. It is economics 101. If a business model is too lucrative, others enter it, raising competition, thus lowering profits. But not in the Mexican kidnapping business…

Now, negotiating with terrorists, on how much they will be paid for their evil actions, is a Faustian bargain at best. Terrorists see any negotiation as a sign of weakness. Terrorists only keep a bargain as long as they want and terrorists have only malevolence in their hearts. It is like negotiating with the devil over your soul when you are sinless. He has everything to gain and nothing to loose while you have everything to loose but nothing to gain.

Not to mention the slippery slope, that once a government is cutting deals with criminals, paying them for criminal acts, where does it stop? Would the government then pay a different criminals not to engage in graffiti? What if that was commonplace and now they paid another criminal, who was engaging in serial rape, to go to prostitutes, how far down that slope do you think society would slide? Remember, if you told the average American in 1970, abortion would not only be legal but would be available on demand, in less than 10 years, in the US, they would have laughed at you. Slippery slopes have a way of being very slimy.

It is precisely that I want to see people united with their families that I don’t want to see governments trading criminals for hostages. As I pointed out before, it is economics 101, that any business model that pays is imitated. That this kidnapping worked, will cause, unquestionably, more kidnappings. Other families will suffer the loss and bereavement of a loved one being taken hostage by a fiend. Inevitably, more and more, as the business model shows it’s profitability. How long before the terrorists are taking people from the streets, torturing them on camera, and trading them back for some terrorist or another? How many more innocent will suffer for one, seemingly virtuous, action?

But it is the nature of modern liberal democracies, to do great harm to their own self interests and the interests of their citizens, for political expediency. Perhaps the terrorists are right, that the West has become weak. Not in military strength but in resolve. The terrorists best friend is the complacent politician who is engaged in teaching helplessness to their constituents. Maybe we have learned helplessness so well we will lay back and watch survivor season XII while we are being eaten, like lions eat a paralyzed wildebeest, stomach first.

So unless we are a paralyzed wildebeest then trading hostages for criminals is bad practice. This will encourage the terrorists to take more hostages, is bargaining with diabolical forces, creates a loose loose for society, is a slippery slope and assure that others will suffer. Perhaps instead, a non suicidal society, would; execute any criminals asked for by the terrorists, that have been convicted of murder, and double the sentences of those who have not. Then ask if the terrorists had any more requests. The hostage would certainly be killed but there would be no other hostages taken. The problem would be solved and society could have another few years of peace. Instead government has decided to reward hostage taking. But maybe it will turn out better this time, with the terrorists in Israel, than it did with the gangs in Mexico…