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The War on… Small Businesses

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me… small businesses are under attack in the US like never before. The first step to starting a small business is higher than ever, the red tape to running a small business is stickier, anyone owning a small business can be required by force of law to violate their religious principles, minimum wage laws limit the utility of new employees, Obama care constrains the size of a small business as well as increases the cost of compliance, and not one of these hindrances to small business is getting better, in fact, they are getting worse. Since small businesses are the font of innovation in any economy, provide the bulk of jobs, create elasticity in the labor market and are the single biggest source of societal wealth, you would think government would try to improve the environment for small businesses, instead of making it all but impossible to start and run one, but government seems intent on wiping small businesses from the economic landscape.

Starting and running a small business is a gamble in the best of times. Even when there was little regulation and low to no taxes starting a small business required a lot of investment in money and time. Sweat equity was one of the ways people could start a small business in the past. Today, with regulations digging a wide moat around the start up process, that calculation becomes ever more risky, and sweat equity becomes impossible. Gamblers will take risks but no sane person will jump into a loose loose scenario.

Small businesses are where innovation starts in an economy. Monopolies may be able to produce a product at a lower price point than a small business, but monopolies never innovate. It is not in the interests of those that run a monopoly to innovate. Change is painful in a giant corporation. Innovation is always done by small businesses… and innovation is the primary driver of economic growth! The Schumpetarian model of economic growth, the creative destruction cycle, is all about innovation. Stop innovation and economic growth stops. Perhaps that is why central banks inflate so many bubbles today, to give the illusion of economic growth, to hide the fact that government policies have ground our actual economic growth to a halt.

Small businesses employ most of the labor force. Chances are you work or have worked for a small business but not so likely you have worked for a giant corporation. Most people work for a small business. One of the reasons is simply because, there are so many small businesses, another is that huge corporations reach a resonant employee equilibrium. A firm grows organically as it’s market share goes up, demand for it’s product rises or both. Once it has reached it’s potential, it stops hiring more people, the unit labor cost per unit becomes less and less, which is the source of efficiency of a large corporation. That is why they can make products cheaper than small businesses.

Under conditions where starting a business is easy, when someone gets laid off or looses their job, they have the option of starting a business to replace it. In doing so, they pull more people into the labor force, to do labor the owner cannot or doesn’t have time to do. This has the effect in an economy of driving up demand for labor. When the system of small business creation is undermined, for whatever reason, the demand for labor goes down and wages follow it. One sure sign of this paradigm at work, is comparing wages across decades and correcting for inflation, real inflation, not the fiction that we are sold about deflation. If real wages are falling, it is a certain sign small businesses are suffering.

To run a small business in the US today you have to give up your religion. More and more the new class elite are forcing small business owners to violate their deeply held religious faiths. Not just small business owners but all business owners. This is the implementation of the newly established State religion of atheism. We all know dozens of examples of this in action. A person of faith has two choices, running a business in violation of your faith, or giving it up and working for someone else. Look at the firestorm over legislation giving people of faith standing in court, to protect their First Amendment Rights against intrusions by government, in Indiana.

The proof is in the pudding so to speak. Small business start ups in the US are negative for the first time in US history. That means more small businesses are going belly up than are being created! As I have been pointing out in this article, small businesses are the source of innovation and thus growth in an economy, they employ most of the labor force, they create elasticity in the labor market by providing an outlet for people if they are laid off, etc… The destruction of small businesses can only lead to lower wages, negative economic growth and a diminishing standard of living. The answer is to eliminate as much regulations as possible, lower taxes, eliminate minimum wage laws and allow small business owners their right of conscience, but the elite would never allow that to happen… so it is what it is.


John Pepin

Modern Genocide

Monday, November 18th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, there is a systematic genocide going on in the World, without the notice of most of the World’s population. This is truly concerning because a prerequisite for genocide is the ignorance, whether willful or unwitting, of the majority of the human population. The elite of most persuasions have piled on board with this genocide banking on the media to keep their complicity hidden. Then again, isn’t it a precondition for evil to grow that it remain in the darkness? This genocide is not limited to one nation persecuting a minority, it spans the globe with several different groups joining in on the oppression. The genocide I am talking about is the slaughter and oppression of Christians in every corner of the planet.


The story of Christianity is filled with bloodshed. The Romans gleefully slaughtered Christians in the arena, the forum and the streets. Christians were crucified by the thousands. Once Constantine made Christianity a “sanctioned” religion the immediate persecution ceased and Christianity peacefully spread throughout the known world.


The rise of Islam brought in a new wave of persecution. The Islamic armies spread Islam at the point of a sword, throughout the Middle East, (which was entirely Christian at the time and where the Nicene creed was written), East into Persia and the Caucasus, West into North Africa, (The home of Saint Augustine), and into Europe. The Islamic armies melted down church bells and cast them into cannons to be used against the Christians. The Islamic crusaders dug up the bones of saints and fed them to dogs. That is why we know of saint Nicholas today. He was the patron saint of Constantinople, (modern Istanbul), and when that great Christian city was about to fall, to protect his venerated bones, they were dug up and moved to Europe, along with his story.


The reformation was another time of slaughter of Christians, that time at the hands of Christians. The protestant armies clashed with the Catholic armies over minute disagreements on doctrine. Nevertheless the slaughter was horrific and state sponsored. The Christians were merely the pawns of the political elite, Christian blood the lubricant for the tyrannical machinery that rose from those wars. Christians were revolted by the bloodshed however, the Renaissance and later the Enlightenment, rose from these lessons.


The Islamic invasions of Europe were only curtailed by the escape of Vlad the Impaler. He was sent to the Turkish empire as tribute. The Muslims required hundreds of children a year as tribute else the Islamic army would mobilize against the Christian nations. Vlad’s brother was hansom and so was sent to a pedophilia to be raped. Vlad was intransigent and ugly and so was sent to a torture chamber. He eventually escaped back to Romania and ascended to his seat at the throne. Vlad immediately stopped sending children and the Islamic army mobilized to invade Romania. Vlad led his army against the Muslim invaders and defeated them. Using the lessons Vlad learned in the torture chamber, he ordered the Muslim survivors impaled along the boarder, as a warning not to invade again. The Muslims did, they were defeated and impaled, alongside their brothers. This led to an end of the eastern expansion into Europe.


Today history is repeating itself and Christians are under siege the world over. In Egypt Christian churches are burned, girls are abducted, raped and sold. Morsi ordered Christians run over by armored vehicles while peacefully protesting, and Christians huddle in fear for their lives. The Syrian rebels the US is supporting are burning churches, forcing Christians to convert else be beheaded, and the rebels are warning Christians will be exterminated once they win power. Christianity has ceased to exist in Afghanistan. In Nigeria Boko Haram is burning churches with Christians inside! There is no place in the Muslim world were Christians are safe and protected. Even in Saudi Arabia it is illegal to wear a cross or pray in public.


China and the atheist communists countries are no different. In China Christians are sent to forced labor camps, The Nazis called them concentration camps and sent Jews, Gypsies and Slavs to die in there. Christians are persecuted in North Korea, for merely practicing their faith, and even in the United States Christians are under attack! During the government shutdown Christian priests were ordered not to give communion or hold mass. Army chaplains are now ordered not to reference Christian themes or Jesus Christ! In the US, the government has embraced atheistic hostility to the Christian faith, and is now establishing atheism as the State religion.


The blood of Christians runs down the streets of the world and no one seems to notice or care. We are told of the atrocities Christians did, hundreds and thousands of years ago, (in direct violation of the teachings of Christ), without a murmur about the crimes perpetrated against Christians, then and now. Anti Christian propaganda fills the airwaves promulgated by the self proclaimed “enlightened.” This can only happen with the tacit complicity of the World’s elite. Occasionally there is a blurb about a church bombing here or there but the totality of the intentional, systematic and diabolical genocide against the Christian faith is ignored, apologized for and even justified! As human hearted people we must stand up and point at evil. Evil can only grow in darkness, if we shine a light on it, it will wither like a vampire in the sun. It is up to us as considerate human beings to do whatever we can to stop genocide, be it against Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Shinto or Muslims… If we truly deserve the moniker, human being that is.





John Pepin

Un-American Attacks on Our Constitution

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Dear Friends,

It seems quite alarming to me, that so many who serve in the US government, have open antipathy to the US Constitution. Members of the Supreme Court have said they would not use the US Constitution as a template for a new republic, members of the Legislature calling the Constitution antiquated and out of step with the times, and even the President himself calling the Constitution a charter of negative liberties, the Constitution it would seem, is a problem for many if not most who serve in the American government. Every facet of the Constitution is under assault today from the very people who have taken a oath to uphold and protect it. The result of their attacks is to turn mindless, uninformed people and the fawning press, into useful idiots.

There is no facet of the US Constitution, especially the Bill Of Rights, that is not under direct assault today. The First amendment’s prohibition on the establishment of a State religion has been perverted into establishing the State religion of atheism, the other part of the First Amendment, freedom of speech and of the press, is being undermined by the very press it seeks to protect. The Second Amendment is daily undermined by the incessant call for more gun control, and freedom from search and seizure, has been eroded by the drug laws and fish and game laws that allow law enforcement to search your person or property without warrant or probable cause. We are under constant surveillance by the State, as we go about our daily tasks, while the workings of government are hid more and more by a veil of secrecy. The list of incursions grows longer every day. The hubris and boldness of these usurpers is ever more apparent every time they undermine another facet of Our Constitution.

It would seem that the Constitution stands in the way of these people’s desire to mold the government. The reason for the Constitution is to limit the power and scope of government to the minimum possible to function. That is an anathema to those that are in government today. Many have, as their stated goal, to evolve the United States into a socialist country. They openly avow this, until it becomes a political liability, then they change the subject and vilify the person sounding the alarm. History clearly shows the result of unconstitutional rule, oppression, famine, tyranny and war. There are no examples where this is not so.

There is nothing more un American than to be against the Constitution. Someone could take a position that is not in line with limited government and not be un American. It is evidently American to argue against the actions of any and all branches of government, that Right is enshrined in the First Amendment, but today the political elite call those who disagree with the President un American, without repercussion. Our Constitution is the foundation of our government. The function of Constitutional government is not dependent on who are citizens, or what the geographical location, it is entirely dependent on following the Constitution. This makes the very definition of what it is to be American is to agree with and follow the American Constitution. To be otherwise is the very definition of un American.

If we want to stem this dangerous trend in our elected and appointed elite, then we must start calling any attack on Our Constitution un American, do it boldly and without apology. To shrink in the face of a usurper is to accede to eventual tyranny. Acceding to tyranny is to be unworthy of being called American. Our Constitution is all that has ever stood between us and oppression. Make no mistake about it, our liberty is dependent on our Constitution, and our Constitution is dependent on our vigilance.

If we hear an elected or appointed representative attack our Constitution, it is our duty to pillory that politician, justice or bureaucrat. To grumble in silence is to accept, we must openly state we are in absolute support of our Constitution, and that we will broach no disrespect of it… especially from people who have taken an oath to follow and protect it! To attack and undermine our Constitution, after having taken an oath to protect it, is high treason and it must be called so! In the end, it is our silence or our vociferous defense, that will win the day. It is up to everyone who reads this to make up his or her mind, are you for the Constitution or against it? Ask yourself this… am I a useful idiot? If you are not, then take a stand, and remember… the pen is mightier than the sword, and your voice is louder than you think!


John Pepin

Living Breathing Document

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Dear Friends,

I wrote this awhile ago and republished it in March. Given the expansion of government we are seeing it seems relevant.

The basis of Constitutionalism is that, if the maximum limits of a government were written down, adhered to strictly, and difficult to change. The government would be free, fair, stable, and weak. As long as the government was acting in a way that didn’t contradict the constitution, the people had no complaint. If the government acted extra constitutionally, the people did have a legitimate gripe.

History had shown that governments become corrupt, and tyrannical over time. The political innovation of Constitutionalism was to be the fix for this tendency. Livy’s history of Rome is a good example of the rise and decline of a civilization, and the rise of the next. There are many other examples of this tendency. Gilgamesh’s dynasty in Ur, The Spartan civilization, The Warring States Period of Classical China, and the Mongols. It was obvious that some form of muzzle must be placed on government. I am amazed that the politicians willingly applied the muzzle of Constitutionalism to themselves.

The very strength of a constitution is it’s great moment. The amount of force needed to change it. Without this immutability, a constitution is not worth the paper it is/was written on. If the constitution can be changed easily the powerful will change it to suit themselves. It will be changed first to keep the Elite in power. Then in the name of safety it will be paired back to nothing.

To say that the constitution is a ‘living breathing document’ and that it can be ‘reinterpreted’ to ‘grow with the times’ is really to say that “the dammed thing means whatever the hell I say it does.” The first way is more expedient, the second more accurate. The problem with this reasoning, is that, if you agree with the changes made today, you may not agree with the changes made tomorrow. ‘Rights’ and ‘Power to regulate’ that can be read into a constitution, outside it’s original intent, can be just as easily read out, or enlarged.

Saint Augustine said, in the city of man, that “People get the government they deserve.” When people let their rights slip away, and let their constitution be changed by an oligarchy of five, they will deserve the tyranny that they visit upon themselves and unfortunately, their children.

In fact, we are seeing these very gouges taken out of the US Constitution. The First Amendment is there specifically to protect POLITICAL speech. Not pornography. That pornography is also protected is a side effect. We see that political advertising is now illegal. Saying something bad about a person who is in office before an election is now illegal, unless you are a special organization, 527k or some such. This requires reams of paperwork, a roadblock to individual participation at that level.

The government was not to make laws respecting religion and not establish a state religion. It has been twisted so that we do now have an official state religion, Atheism.

The Second Amendment is, we are now told, was put their to protect the government’s right to keep and bear arms. This is absurd, even taken at face value. Why would the framers give the government the right to keep and bear arms in an addendum to the actual constitution. An addendum there specifically to protect the rights of the people. An amendment that is redundant, in that the power of the government to keep a standing army is in the main document. The Federalist Papers, Number 10 Madison mentions that the people regularly have guns in their homes. We shall see what the Lawyer oligarchy says about the Second Amendment pretty soon.

The most ignored Amendment is number 10. Every possible avenue of human endeavor has been interpreted as interstate commerce. Apparently if you pick your nose it can be regulated by the Federal Government, due to the possibly of it’s being sold across state lines.

We are on a slippery slope. Meddling with the constitution as much as has been done in the twentieth century is foolish. The slope is getting steeper, and we are moving faster. I don’t see a bottom in site, do you?