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Our Bright Future is in Our Hands.

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, if governments did only their core responsibilities, the world’s economy would expand rapidly, wars would become a thing of the past and crime would become rare. People who run the governments around the world, have created a system where their power and wealth is protected and enhanced by regulation, taxes, usurpations and war. To that end the bureaucracy is their most powerful tool. It is in actuality arbitrary rule with an administrative face. The role of government is, and always has been, warped. Since the first tyrant usurped power and attacked his neighbor to expand the tyrant’s domain, government was set up by and for the powerful. That dark paradigm has existed up to today with only a very few bright stars. We remember them in our history books, lore and our imaginations. The future could be bright instead of dark, if governments followed the examples of those singular places and times, where government took it’s rightful role, instead of being the means for evil people to meet their wants at cost to humanity.

When Rome threw off the yoke of the tyranny of kings and became a republic, protecting the rights and property of all the people, it started down a path that would lead it to become the longest lasting empire the world has ever seen. At it’s apex Rome covered most of the then known world. It’s economy was second to none and the military might it wielded couldn’t be matched. Contrary to popular opinion, Rome didn’t invade any of it’s neighbors, it only fought defensive wars, and if a neighbor kept attacking it, Rome would conquer it, leave the government intact, only placing a governor to make sure it didn’t attack Rome again. Every city state that Rome conquered in that way was better off than before in every measurable way. That is how Rome expanded during the republican years.

From this example, we see that when the city state of Rome had a government that followed it’s right role, Rome was prosperous and safe, when it abandoned that right role of government, crime, tyranny and poverty ruled. In republican Rome the people were jealous of their liberty and the elite kept to their place. Once the elite, patricians, realized they had the power to take the wealth and property of the people, plebeians, they began destroying Rome from within. The rot started when those who wielded political power began increasing that power and using it to steal. They must have had some knowledge of what they were doing, but their selfish interests trumped philosophy and patriotism for their country. It has been said that when Rome was a republic, it enjoyed nothing but good fortune, and when it became a tyranny, is suffered nothing but catastrophe. Every nation, country and empire is the same.

One of government’s principle economic downfalls, was the invention of the administrative state, the bureaucracy. A legislative body meets in the open, with every eye of the nation upon it, when an executive signs, vetos or enacts a law there is not one person who doesn’t know who did it and why, but where bureaucracy reigns, every act is hidden by the bureaucracy itself, with no one to hold accountable and no one to who has responsibility. Right government is transparent and accountable while wrong government is opaque and all powerful. By this definition bureaucracy is wrong government. Opaque government is the system most people have had to live under since the dawn of time, and only a very few people in limited periods of time got to enjoy transparent government, before they were destroyed from within, by those very people entrusted with it’s protection. Moreover, bureaucracy needs something to do, and what it does is regulate, and so regulation must grow forever, until the eventual fall.

It is in the interests of those who run governments to make as large a proportion of the population dependent on government, and therefore them, as possible. Doing so increases their power, lowers the chance of their loosing that power and allows them to hand out largess to their cronies. Wealth in such a system flows only to those with political favor. That is how Bernie Sanders, the socialist Senator from Vermont, went from welfare to becoming a multimillionaire simply by holding public office. His case is no different than the Roman statesmen, who connived to take the land from the plebeians, or the elite who took all the land from the citizens of Athens, requiring Solon’s sage innovations. All governments are the same, those with political power live above the law, and those without political power are below it’s protections.

It isn’t me who is saying that limited government creates prosperity, peace and equanimity, it is history, along with the smartest human beings to ever draw a breath, I am just parroting them. Taxes are a drag on the economy, that cannot be denied, and they only go up, regulation is friction to an economy, yet they are never high enough, those in government refuse to hold themselves to any of their own laws or constitutional limits, and there is always some tin pot dictator who wants to subject more people and more land to his despotism. That is the nature of government, we all know this intuitively, but listen when the elite claim limited government would be a catastrophe, and it would be… for them.

The future could be bright, and might be, if only we demand it… but the elite will use every dirty trick in the book to hold onto their usurped power, prerogative and wealth. The internet could be a means to reclaim our sovereignty, but now it is being groped by the greasy hands of the bureaucracy. There are some who say that technology is going to advance so fast, even the most ardent regulator wont be able to reign in our freedom, lets pray and work to that goal. The capacity of humanity to create untold wealth and peace for everyone is unlimited. The only thing standing in the way of humanity’s living in that peace, prosperity and liberty, is government and those who run it.


John Pepin

Banghazi and the Fall of America

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, if my government lies to me it is called politics, but if I lie to my government, it is a felony. I am held to a higher standard of action than government officials. When officials who can lie to the public with no repercussions, they have no incentive to tell the truth, especially when the truth is embarrassing or politically inconvenient. We, on the other hand, must tell the whole truth whenever we are questioned by our government, else we face heavy sanctions including jail, no matter how embarrassing, inconvenient or self incriminating. Citizens have a relationship with the government. Whenever one party to a relationship abuses the other, without consequence, the relationship is degrading. Lying is a form of abuse. When the relationship is a marital one, we have a case of spousal abuse, when the relationship is economic, we have a case of fraud or slavery, when the relationship is political, we have a case of oppression.

Thomas Jefferson said, “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” This simply means when government can do anything it pleases, because it has no fear of the reaction of the people, that government has no limit on it’s actions. When government fears the reaction of the people those actions are limited by the will of the people. Government that has no limit on it’s actions is the definition of despotic. The explanation of liberty is the limit on the actions of the government by the will of the people. Government that can lie to the people, about the most important debates of the day without consequence, is showing it has no fear of the people, but when the people are jailed for far less, we clearly have reason to fear our government… This, by Jefferson’s own statement, is tyranny.

Benghazi is a perfect example of this. As it has become clear, the lying tour of the media by Susan Rice was total fiction, told without consequence to the American people, to protect the President’s reelection. The President was derelict in his duty, not only to protect those in his staff, but when they came under attack he told the military to stand down. The attack went on for nine hours, and we are lied to again, that the military could not get assets into the area soon enough to make a difference. Now it has come to light that there were military assets available but were told to stand down. Had the few brave Navy Seals followed that order by the President’s staff, every man and woman in that CIA house, would have died in the attack. Abusing whistle blowers is only icing on the cake. The Congressional hearing will turn out to be mere window dressing, furthering the cover up and giving it legitimacy, the President will again get away with something, that if you or I did we would go to jail for.

The Fast and Furious cover up is another egregious example. Eric Holder has been proven to have lied to Congress about it, with no real repercussion, other than a toothless contempt citation. President Obama claimed he had no knowledge of the operation, that intentionally put guns in the hands of Mexican drug lords, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of Mexican citizens and at least one American. Which the president then exploited to undermine the Second Amendment until the truth came out. When Congress tried to get documents on it the President used executive privilege. Since Executive privilege can only be used in cases of the president’s personal interactions with his staff, it’s use proves Obama had knowledge of the operation, else the use of executive privilege is itself a lie without consequence.

The complete disconnect began when Al Gore was caught blatantly violating Campaign finance laws, and his reply was, “There is no over riding legal authority…” Bill Clinton was praised by the unbiased media for lying. We were told that everyone lies about sex and that lies are a helpful social mechanism to protect hurt feelings. This puts the beginning of the down fall around 1992. So, what we have, is a government in America that is abusive, lies without consequence and is therefore, by Thomas Jefferson’s definition, tyrannical. Our government seeks to further water down the ability of the American citizenry to force our will on our government, by making millions of people, who have no real stake in the country… voters, by amnesty. The American people are lulled to sleep by the media that engage in the old sophist tactic, of changing the subject, whenever their guy gets in trouble. We are at the same place that Rome was during the reign of August Caesar. The department of Homeland security is the praetorian guard in all but name, and we pile on, pillorying anyone who rings the alarm bell.

Rome was a republic for 900 years before it became a tyranny, and was a tyranny for 150 years. Therefore, we can estimate Rome’s fall to be 17% of the republican era. America was a republic for 200 years. Using the same number, 17%, we can estimate America’s total collapse to be 34 years or so from 1992, which puts it around 2026… Time is running short and the trend is accelerating. Unless we do something about it. Demand from you representative a special prosecutor to look into Benghazi and Fast and Furious… Else, participate in the destruction of liberty in the World, perhaps for generations, what kind of villain does that make us for allowing it to happen?


John Pepin

Neo Nero

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that the best analogy to Roman leaders, as related by Plutarch, to Barack Obama is Nero, so much so that we could call Barack Neo Nero. He composes a play while the World burns. We shall have to wait to see how the play ends, unfortunately, our fates are caught up in the outcome, be it good or bad. Like the original Nero, Obama chooses to play, instead of organizing a bucket brigade.

As I recall, from my reading of Plutarch’s biography of the life of Nero, when Nero came to power he was heralded as a wise man to replace a corrupt Caesar. Initially he was a reformer but soon sank into madness, (possibly brought on by the lead put in the wine by elements of the Praetorian Guard to sweeten it and make the drinker insane). There were even rumors that Nero himself had started the blaze that engulfed Rome so he could rebuild it the way he wanted it to be.

This time around Neo Nero has indeed set the blaze. By his unwise rhetoric. When Obama called the original protester in Tunisia, you remember, the guy who set himself on fire, Rosa Parks. When he called for Hosni to step down but not Ahmadinejad and called for a youthful rebellion in the Middle East, Obama set the blaze, no less than if Nero himself had run naked through Rome, torch in hand, lighting every livery he came to.

The economic breakdown started before Obama came into office. What was Obama’s reaction to the fire he inherited? He tried to smother it with hay. Ratcheting up government spending to unprecedented levels, piled regulation upon regulation, creating a web of red tape only the most skilled, determined and politically connected lawyer could navigate. These piles of hay initially smothered the fire back to a smolder, but now, the fire is catching up to the added fuel.

So, what is Neo Nero doing, now the World is ablaze? He composes a sonnet. He plays the class warfare instrument instead of organizing a bucket brigade. Not a bucket brigade to heap more hay on the pyre but actual water. In this case, water would be to get deficit spending under control, to tamp down the fires in the Middle East and to clear the mounds of regulation from the books.

The Republicans in the House have passed a bill that meets all the needs of the US in regards to disaster relief and PAYGO. It was sent to the Senate and immediately rejected, no compromise, no negotiation. Then the Democrats in the Senate claimed the Republicans are being the party of NO. While never actually passing anything themselves…Yet. Every speech that proposes anything is simply more tax increases to keep us down, more regulation to make sure no one can effectively compete in the marketplace against the new oligarchs like GE, and increased deficit spending that will, sooner rather than later, bankrupt the US and lead to a total collapse.

Meanwhile, back at Radio Ranch, Dale is trying to balance her books. Her mother hasn’t had a social security cost of living increase since Neo Nero came into office. Her husband, Buck, is laid off. Neo Nero has befriended Ming and invited him to give a speech at the UN. Dale is working two jobs while Buck looks for anything that will pay the bills. Neo Nero tells them “Don’t worry, I’ll just extend Buck’s unemployment check a few more months.” Keeping the eventual cliff in the haze for our plucky couple to step off, into the abyss…

As the lot of the people goes down and down Neo Nero thinks Class Warfare is the way to go. He has burned down our economy, created millions of vehement enemies and equipped them with both nuclear weapons, (in the case of Iran) and is helping them aggregate a large geological presence for their Caliphate. The only possible result is a total collapse of the system as we know it along with a good bloody protracted war.

It seems to me that it is impossible that people educated in Harvard have no idea what they are doing. It seems equally implausible that they would want to collapse the system and have such a war. Yet here we have their actions speaking louder than their rhetoric. Actions that seen to imply, at the very least, that our leaders want the World to burn to the ground… So they can rebuild it anew.

In the form they find most pleasing to themselves.

But not the rest of us…

Notable exeption

Monday, January 21st, 2008

Dear Reader,It seems to me that a good case in point of a person putting the interest of the State and Society above his own, is from the story of Tarquinious Superbus by Livy. This example comes from the back end of the story.

After being dethroned, essentially by Lucricia’s sacrifice. Tarquinious Superbus, the last Etruscan king of Rome, made a last effort at regaining his seat. In this effort he enlisted the aid of two Roman Patrician brothers, along with several co-conspirators. The plan went awry, and the conspiracy was discovered. The father of the two brothers, (a Senator), personally ordered the immediate execution of his sons for their part in trying to bring back a tyrant to Rome, and overthrowing the new Roman Republic.

After watching his sons executed and overcome with grief, he went home to prepare the funeral. Then the other conspirators were brought up before the people. Trembling at what they had just seen, the conspirators, (who would have certainly murdered hundreds of people with no compunction whatsoever, had Tarquinious returned), pleaded for their lives. The people were so moved they almost gave them exile instead of execution. Some of the more stalwart plebeians and Patricians ran to the father and told him what was transpiring. The Father gathered himself up, went back to the Forum and talked sense into the masses. The conspirators were executed, and the resulting Republic lasted for nine hundred years. The people of Rome were granted nine hundred years of Liberty for this virtuous act. (A virtuous act that is clearly outside of my capability).

What does this teach us about the quality of mercy that should be shown to the Aristocracy?