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A Platform of Liberty is Unthinkable to the Elite

Monday, March 23rd, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, if a political party actually seeks liberty, campaigning on a platform of slavery is probably not a good idea. Of course they don’t call it slavery overtly. Those who, like Philistus, favor arbitrary rule, always couch their rhetoric in flowery phrases and spurious arguments. None of us knowingly seeks to be a slave, but many if not most, seek to be cared for, like children… or slaves. Yet a large percent of the population know the strings that are attached to government largess and refuse to be fooled. Those egoists who favor arbitrary power, their arbitrary power, pervert all political systems so there is no real choice. They claim the choice is between Marxism and Fascism, liberty is never a option. They play on the selfish wants of ignorant people to trick them into voting for their oppressors. In that way, the political elite have moved nations from liberty to tyranny, helped and aided by the very people to be subjugated!

Those who seek to be fed, clothed and housed at another’s expense, understand on some level they are giving up sovereignty for it. In wanting to be treated as a child by government one becomes childlike. A child is fed, clothed, and housed, but has no say in their lives. A child is told, and forced if necessary, to do what the parent, or government elite, tell them to. But, while a parent loves and nurtures their own child, holding the child’s interests above their own, government sees their children, the people, as mere tools to their ends, the welfare of any one person is irrelevant because there are plenty more if a few die or are broken.

A part of the population, rational maximizers,  understand the reality that liberty is incompatible with government coddling. Since we are given a false choice, either Marxism or Fascism, those who understand that it is a false choice will drop out of a corrupt system, and stop voting. If there is only the choice of this dictator or that despot, there is no real choice. To vote for the one because they will manage the leviathan better is no choice if one wants liberty. Only a politician who stands for liberty will be honored with the vote of an adult. A child however, will vote for the mommy or daddy who offers the most comfort, for the least effort.

In the United States this has been the paradigm for generations. The democrats offer more government largess, and the republicans offer better management of the tyranny the democrats create. Romney care for example, worked better than Obama care, but they are both a means to slavery! That the one tyrant is better at managing the tyranny than the one who builds it, is an anathema to those of us who seek liberty, not slavery. This is why such a pathetically small percentage of the population actually cast ballots. In the 2010 US election a paltry 37% of the eligible population voted! That means, Obama was elected by less than 20% of the people! 63% of the people didn’t think they had any real choice.

Yet the republicans continue to go for the 2-8% of people in the so called “middle.” They see that as a more viable strategy, than seeking the vote of the 63%, that are so disgusted with the false choice, they sit out elections. Even someone schooled by Common Core understands, 63% of a population is nearly 8 times larger than 8%, an order of magnitude larger. Yet republicans don’t seem to be able to do the math. That 60% of people who don’t vote, aren’t seeking more slavery, to be surveilled more or to be coddled, those individuals seek liberty. It is only by offering liberty, like Ronald Reagan did, that any politician can get their vote. By eschewing those votes, the actions of the republicans as well as the democrats, belie their intentions. Democrats want arbitrary power and the republicans think they can manage that arbitrary power better.

This same paradigm works in every nation on Earth. Why do you suppose Greece is in the predicament it is? Is it because the evil big banks have stolen from the Greek people? Of course not. The Greek government has willingly taken money from those evil big banks to feed, clothe and house children, who just happen to be over 18 years old. Do you suppose Italy’s problem is the mammoth debt… or the policies that led to that debt? Those children, who have been fed, clothed and housed, when faced with the removal of that largess, like children throw a temper tantrum and riot. Those who have got the benefit of crony capitalism, will not budge, as those who play Bacci ball on the beach are irate their sugar daddy might not be able to perpetually fund their “way of life.”

The real economy of those states that coddle the people is inevitably ruined. Crony capitalism is as corrosive of an economy as sulfuric acid is to aluminum. Welfare burns the work ethic from a people as effectively as water does lithium. Both together utterly destroy a country’s economy. Since there are no jobs for those children who have been coddled by government to go to, and they have been rendered unable to participate in the economy anyway, they have no choice but to riot in the streets. When the party comes crashing down, as it must eventually, there is only one choice, outright tyranny, to quell popular distemper. Which is the ultimate goal anyway showing why political parties don’t run on a platform of liberty in the first place.


John Pepin

Stumbling Into a World War

Monday, February 23rd, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the tides of hate and division are rising on our planet today, husbanded and encouraged by those in power. That is quite a disturbing allegation, really. Those who wield political power are tasked with ensuring Equality under Law, prosperity, and peace, but as in all things, those in power seek their own egoistic interests, instead of the interests of humanity. By forwarding absurdities and crushing dissent those in power around the globe are sowing the seeds of inequality, hate and war. To assume their what their reasoning is, is counter productive and irrelevant, to gauge their intent by their actions however, is eminently reasonable. That those in power are steering the Earth into another bloody world war, is proof of the malevolence, perhaps their sociopathic/psychopathic nature, would be a better term for our leaders. The facts cannot be denied, around the planet, wars of genocide and territorial expansion are becoming more common, while voices of reason are being squashed by political correctness, bullying and outright tyranny. The future looks pretty dim if this trend is not stopped, maybe it is too late already, but we as self interested rational maximizers have a duty to intercede, else the planet we leave for our children will be much diminished from what we were given as children.

Hatred for the Jews is on the rise again like it hasn’t been since the fall of Nazi Germany. Today in Europe and the US, Synagogues are being desecrated, and attacked. Jewish people are being targeted by crazed murderers ever more often, even as our leaders tell us they will protect the Jews this time. What they do however, is the opposite of protecting the Jews, instead, politicians empower those factions that seek to exterminate the Jewish people from the planet. Our leaders meet with those who openly call for the slaughter of Jews and Christians, while disinviting Benjamin Netanyahu from speaking to the US congress. How many times has Obama met with Islamofascists but wouldn’t even consider meeting with the Tea Party?

There is a Christian genocide going on but our leaders tell us it is mere random violence. That fact cannot be denied. In Nigeria, Boko Haram openly slaughters whole villages of Christians, enslaving the women and little girls for sex, while the international community does nothing but create impotent hashtags. In fact, the US has intervened in arms shipments to Nigeria, keeping the government of Nigeria from getting the weapons they need, to actually fight the genocide. Boko Haram has burned churches with all the parishioners locked inside, with no condemnation from the UN or any other nation, they have taken girls from their schools and sold them into slavery and using some of them as human bombs, the crimes against humanity of Boko Haram make the blood run cold at the very thought.

ISIS, or as the US government prefers ISIL, (Because ISIL implies that Israel will be subjugated too), was an outgrowth of US supplying arms to “moderate” rebels in Syria. Those arms came from Benghazi. ISIS burns Christian children to death, buries them alive and crucifies children, because of their religion, but there is no condemnation by the US government. They slaughter women for not having sufficient headgear on, they throw Gays from buildings, they perform female genital mutilation along with a host of other crimes against humanity. ISIS has an end times philosophy, where they will conquer the planet, and subject everyone to their twisted philosophy, bringing on the Mahdi. ISIS receives it’s funding from Qatar among other US allies. When ISIS in Libya sawed the heads off 21 Christians, for being Christians, the Egyptian government bombed ISIS for that atrocity, to the condemnation of the US government! Meanwhile the US government claims ISIS is not Islamic!

When the Charlie Hebdo attacks happened, the US government didn’t even send a representative to the peace march, a clear message to the Islamofascists, such attacks are accepted by the US government. When the Synagogue was attacked and a Jewish security guard murdered the US government claimed that was random violence too. The attack on the Jewish deli was “shooting some folks,” according to Obama… despite the obvious terrorist connection. Meanwhile, the US has a summit on violent extremism, where the Israelis are barred, Christian groups are banned and the Muslim brotherhood, a vehemently anti Jewish, anti Christian group that burned Churches and murdered Christians when in power, (before Sisi took over Egypt and protected those minorities), was in attendance in force.

The US and Europe unseated the only despot on the planet who gave up his weapons of mass destruction, who was then tortured to death and dragged through the streets by those very people who man the armies of ISIS and murdered Ambassador Stevens, sending a loud and clear message to every despot on the planet… “GET WMD now, else the US and Europe will unseat you too, to be tortured and dragged through the streets of your capital city.” Don’t think the world’s despots missed that message.

Now the US is negotiating with Iran over their nuclear program. Iran is ruled by an insane end of world theocracy, who believes it is their duty to wash the world in blood to bring on the 12th imam, and thus the end times. Since negotiating with North Korea got them nuclear weapons, that failed strategy is unlikely to work this time either, especially with the message the US and Europe sent with Qaddafi’s murder. Nuclear weapons in the hands of suicidal end times lunatics, is a sure recipe for a nuclear war, but the US pushes ahead with the “negotiations” while barring Israel from them. Iran spins uranium into fissionable material even as the streets of Tehran are filled with people chanting, “Death to America!” After the example the US and Europe made of Qaddafi, Iran would be stupid to actually give up on nuclear weapons, and while insane, they are not stupid.

The war in Ukraine is largely a result of US blundering, or conniving. After denying the anti missile systems to Poland and the Baltic Republics the US government poked Russia in the eye. Despite the fact that Russia is a paranoid expansionist empire, as is China, the US government backed a coup to unseat the elected leader of Ukraine, and replace him with one who would give Russia the political cover they needed to invade Crimea and the Eastern provinces. Now the US is trying to escalate the conflict, instead of doing what it can to bring the war to a close, by sending weapons to Ukraine and arming the entire region. Which can do nothing but make the paranoid Russians even more paranoid.

The absurd stance of political leaders the world over is pushing the planet to war. As Christians become more and more enraged, the likelihood of a violent backlash against innocent Muslims becomes almost inevitable. By stoking the flames of the Russian Ukrainian war, placing an arms embargo on anyone fighting an Islamic insurgency, unseating the only despot to give up his WMD thus encouraging despots around the world to get nuclear weapons, backing the Islamofascist Muslim Brotherhood, denying the reality of the Iranian theocracy, ignoring the genocide of Christians, and even persecuting Christians in the US… the US government as well as Europe and Russia are bringing the world ever closer to a world war. This time, world war means the genocide of Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and atheists as well as Jews, along with the use of Nuclear weapons. China is taking advantage of the world’s leaders stupidity, if it is that, to expand their empire into the South China sea, Philippines, Vietnam, the Senkaku Islands, India and elsewhere, which heats up our planet even more. Unless the Obama administration is full of fools, simpletons and retards, and the European union is staffed with drooling imbeciles, one has to wonder why they seek a world war. But one thing is clear, by their actions, they do seek a world war.


John Pepin

Economic Cancer

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the economy has cancer, sectors that are supposed to facilitate business creation and operation are now the ones supported and the real economic actors, (firms that build things and provide services) are now facilitators. I am of course talking about the legal profession and the financial sector. Turning the economic incentives against the creation of businesses and capital expansion of their production. This has had the effect of decoupling wages from productivity, drying up capital available to expand production and start new firms, adding extraordinary costs to doing business and lowering profits for firms the create things. An economy reacts organically to inputs from the actions of it’s various sectors, as such, when incentives become perverted firms need to use more and more creative measures to stay competitive, and are forced to do creative accounting to appear more profitable than they really are. All these negative incentives in an economy result in lower economic outcomes for everyone… except those in the financial and legal services sectors.

The financial services sector of the economy is there to be a conduit from people’s savings to firms looking for capital to start or expand their businesses. The way economists traditionally see banks is that they take in the savings of individuals and firms, paying reasonable interest, amass that capital and make it available to businesses to start new ventures, or expand profitable ones. In this scenario both savers and firms win, a win win. However, today the financial services sector has become the be all end all of the elite. Politicians kowtow to the too big to fail banks, giving them special privileges denied to other sectors of the economy, they have out sized power over the policies of government, there is even a shadow pseudo government agency that explicitly protects them… the Federal Reserve. Instead of being a facilitator of business the financial services sector has become the focus of our economic policy. Wall street versus Main street if you will.

The legal services sector is there to allow self interested people to come to agreements that benefit both parties. It is imperative that when people do business they trust each other. That is impossible without verifiable contracts and standards holding all participants to their word. These important factors in facilitating business cannot be overstated. Sadly, the legal system has bent over backwards to undermine this very noble calling and pervert it to serving lawyers, at the expense of everyone else. Today, contracts are only as good as the lawyers who break them on some absurd technicality, the primary role of attorneys is to bankrupt businesses for huge profits, drive up the cost of doing business by a continual threat of frivolous lawsuits, and keep new possibly disruptive products from the marketplace to protect older less efficient ones who have political favor.

The liver is supposed to filter toxins from the blood. As long as it does it’s work the body is healthy, but when the liver becomes distended and cancerous, it ceases to filter toxins. Instead it adds to the toxin load in the body. In that case the liver has ceased being a facilitator of bodily health and instead has become a drag on the body’s ability to function. The financial services and legal service sectors have become like a cancerous liver and kidney. They don’t perform their function in our economy, like a cancerous liver and kidney cease to filter blood, they only serve themselves. In both cases, a cancerous liver/kidney and perverted financial/legal sector, the body eventually dies… and so does the economy. Until the cancer is removed, allowing them to return to their correct function, the body becomes more and more diseased, and the same is true with the economy.

The proof is in the out sized compensation of those in the legal and financial sectors. The wages of the lawyer far exceeds that of the entrepreneur. The bonuses of the “banksters” is exponentially more than the those who create wealth. From this small example we can see that the lion’s share of profits today, flows to those who are supposed to facilitate business, from those who actually do business. The huge percentage of the total economy of these two sectors, that are supposed to be facilitators, is proof they have outgrown their place and, like cancer, have become a threat to the very existence of our economy. Since everyone wants the most profit possible for their actions, it is clear that the extraordinary wages in the financial sector and legal profession, come at cost to the rest of the economy, imply that those sectors have more than their fair share of power, political and economic, because if they didn’t those profits would be instead kept by those who create things and provide other services.

The result is that our economy, the world over, has become dysfunctional. The financial services sector now only serves itself, at cost to the rest of the economy, it doesn’t fund small business start ups or CAPEX, because taking printed fiat money and investing that money in government bonds is more profitable, moreover, it earns the favor of the political elite. This drives up the cost, and pushes down the return, on those bonds. Lawyers get rich by finding ways to break contracts, drive up legal expenses, suing firms and individuals and otherwise undermining the economy. These two sectors have become cancer in the most alarming sense. Most people understand this, at least subconsciously, and hope it will solve itself, but cancer never spontaneously heals, it only grows. If we don’t cut the cancer out with legal and financial reforms, and prevent it’s recurrence… the cancer will eventually kill our economy.


John Pepin

The Family Unit

Monday, January 5th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the family predates capitalism, and so the family can get along fine without the market system, I don’t believe however, the market system, (and therefore our civilization), can get along at all without the family. The traditional family unit has served the human race for eons. Through famine, plague and ice ages, the basic family unit has kept human beings alive on this inhospitable planet, since Adam gave up a rib. Because the market system tempers people to make all decisions rationally, weighing the advantages versus the disadvantages of a given action, any pragmatically rational maximizer will understand the utility of the family, in civilizing our children and providing a strong thread upon which to weave the fabric of our civilization. To the Fabian/Frankfurt school, new class progressive however, the family stands in the way of progress, and so must be destroyed by whatever means necessary.

The traditional family unit is a cord that is interconnected with the cords of other families to create the fabric of society and culture in which we live. The stronger and longer those threads the stronger and more useful the fabric that can be woven from them. Break up the family and those threads become weak and short. As long as there are sufficient long and strong threads the fabric of society will hold together, but once too many short weak threads get woven in, the fabric easily rips apart.

New class progressivism is based on the philosophies of Marx, Nietzsche, and Freud, both the Fabian and Frankfurt school have as their stated goal, to progress the world to a planetary Marxist government. To that end, the Fabians believe in destroying the system so they can recreate it in a way more becoming to them, while the Frankfurt school is more agreeable to a “rationally guided” evolution from within. They both hold the family in great disregard, understanding that the family stands in their way, as it is the primary source of the societal and economic strength of any society, if fundamental change is sought, then this foundational asset needs to be wiped out.

The new class love to use spurious statistics to forward their diabolical goals, like the fact the prison population in the US is 40% African American males, while they only make up 12-13% of the total population. This is offered as proof of the racist nature of the American judicial system. What they refuse to allow spoken, is the fact that the African American population has largely succumbed to the Fabian and Frankfurt school propaganda and policies, replacing the father with the state.

Today very few young black men know who their fathers are. They don’t come from traditional families they come from broken homes. Those who are born into traditional families with a father, mother, brothers and sisters, have incarceration rates that are in line with general demographics. So the fact is, the high incarceration rate among black men, is due to the policies, plan and goals of the new class, not in any inherent socialization problem of people of African descent or racism from the society as a whole.

For a market system to be efficient it needs civilized people who can be trusted. The ancient Chinese philosopher, Hsun Ching said, “The congenital nature of Man is evil, the civilization in us is a learned trait…” In that we are born barbarians and are civilized by our families. A civilized person can be trusted at his or her word while a barbarian will seek any means to get out of honoring their word. The increasing demand for attorneys is proof we are becoming less civilized and more barbaric. Driven by the continued corrosion of the family.

A market interaction is favorable in some way to both parties engaging in it, unless one doesn’t follow through, or is untruthful about the product or the payment. The more people that have been civilized the more efficiently a market can work, but as the family is corroded and people become less and less civilized, the markets become ever more labored until they freeze up and cease to work. The failure will be blamed on the market itself instead of the loss of the family and Marxism will be the “only logical solution…”

Strongly civilized people create a sinewy thread that can be woven into a robust society, able to withstand anything God or mankind throws at us and our economy requires civilized people, our families provide those civilized people. So if we want a stable prosperous society, able to deftly manage catastrophes and war, we must do everything in our power to protect the family unit. Socialists however, believe so strongly in their goal they are willing to risk any danger, even cutting the very thread of our civilization, to get their one world Marxist government. If only they could evolve us there, by destroying the family unit if need be, then we would live in utopia, which in Greek means… nowhere.


John Pepin

Ideal Government

Monday, December 29th, 2014

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, ideal government would be invisible to those “governed.” Imagine bringing up your children in a place where politics doesn’t matter because the government is limited the way the founders intended? Under such a system you and I would go about our lives not having to interact with government at all. No bribes, no political favor, no licenses, no taxes, very limited legal code, well, you get the picture. If we lived in that way, with only the most limited amount of government possible to provide for common defense, and standards to facilitate commerce, our interactions with government would be few and far between. Moreover the ability of a faction to seize control of government and drive their agenda down our throats would be eliminated. Prosperity would be the norm and the wealth gap would naturally contract under such a system, but then again, that is exactly why it would never be allowed, and anything like it is so hated and vilified by the elite.

Under such a system, where government is strictly limited to national defense, protecting the property rights of the people and providing standards, (not regulations), to facilitate commerce, people would have little need to engage government. Most people wouldn’t even know where the town clerk’s office was because there would be no need. But that is exactly the rub, isn’t it? If that were the case, government officials would not be able to make such large amounts of money, their ability to enrich themselves through crony capitalism, graft, bribes, and outright theft would be eliminated, if we didn’t need government permission for everything.

Every time you have to go to the town clerk’s office to get the government’s authorization to engage in some activity, the role of government is enlarged and power of government is enhanced, with a commensurate increase in the status and wealth of those in government. The cronies of government officials would have to work for their wealth instead of having it bestowed to them. Regulations create the conditions where some people, those with the right connections, can become immensely rich while those without the connections must stay in the station they were born into, regardless of their abilities and virtues.

The ability of potential despots to seize power would be eliminated. If government is limited so it is not allowed to monitor it’s citizens, pass reams of laws and regulations that empower the state over the individual, control the people with military power, seize the property of individuals, or practice arbitrary power, a would be oppressor could not oppress. There is not one case in human history where a power given to government has not been abused, no matter how much the people agreed when that power was given, that power has always been abused. That is because giving power to government is stepping out onto a slippery slope.

Without the friction that regulations, licenses, fees, taxes, and political favor create, the economy of a nation would operate at maximum efficiency. Without the elite controlling who can get ahead by rewarding their friends with favors, the ability of people to become uber rich would be lessened, and the wages of the bottom rung of the economic ladder would be increased… such that the gap would naturally become narrowed. The resulting rise in demand for labor would drive up the wages for that labor. The supply demand curve would swing to the advantage of workers, instead of management, because rapid economic expansion that such a system would encourage would keep the demand for labor high.

The power and prerogative of the elite would be limited as well. Which of course would be unacceptable to them. Those who wield power are always loathe to relinquish that power. They take, they never give, that is why the natural progression of every government, political system and republic that has ever been constituted, has been eventual tyranny. The elite convince us that if only they had a little bit more power… oh, the good they would do for us. Conversely they claim that any small taking of their power would result in calamity. Anyone trying to limit the power and role of government therefore becomes a de facto enemy of the state.

The goal of limited government is not a pipe dream, it has been achieved in the past, it is the limiting of government absent violence and revolution, that eludes humanity. People vote with their feet whenever they are allowed to. No one flees to Cuba, people flee from Cuba to the US, Canada and Europe. No one is migrating to North Korea, people risk their lives escaping that tyranny. Venezuela doesn’t have a problem with people from other South American nations rushing their border, people are trying to get out. Yet the elite in the media, government and academia fill the airwaves with propaganda that if only we could become like North Korea, Venezuela, or Cuba, life would be a utopia.

Every human being yearns to be free, prosperous and moral. That is why people vote with their feet, fleeing despotism to places that are only marginally more free. Despite that reality, anyone who seeks to limit the power of the elite are enemies of the state, and are treated harshly while those who seek to unshackle the power of government are hailed as heroes… like Che Guevara. We could achieve near universal prosperity, if only the friction to the economy was removed, by limiting the ability of government officials to decide who gets what. Limited government creates the conditions where a despot cannot amass the governmental might he or she would need to usurp power, by eradicating arbitrary power itself. Yes, limited government would be a boon to humanity, that boon would come at cost to the elite however, and as such, will be fought at every turn, but the gain by winning the battle, even engaging in it… ideal government, is well worth the effort.


John Pepin


Thursday, December 25th, 2014

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, of all the things Christians are called to do, hope is one of the hardest but the most rewarding. Some of us live in the past, where all our failures and misfortunes drag us down. Others live in the future, a future that promises great things that always seem to be just out of reach, but to actually have hope one must live in the present. The past tells us where we have been, and the future shows us where we can go, but it is in the present that we have the power to make the future. That power is based on hope. It is human nature to see a looming problem, like war, famine or tyranny, and to loose hope. We are overwhelmed by the magnitude of our problems, and to hang onto hope seems childish in the face of such overwhelming odds, but it only through hope that we have a chance at a better future. We as Christians, are called to have hope against all odds, put our problems in God’s hands and work in the present to save the future.

Our pasts have a great deal to teach us about what works and what doesn’t. It is the past that allows us to enjoy today and succeed tomorrow. Our past is full of lessons on how to have relationships, how to navigate the world, what gives us happiness and what takes that happiness away. The past is a terrific resource for us, but it can also be a bog that we get caught in, holding us fast and dragging us down. If we dwell on our past mistakes, instead of learning from them, we get stuck in a morass of self pity. Those who are stuck in their past mistakes or misfortunes cannot get past them and stagnate. Hope allows us to move beyond our failures to a better future where we can use those lessons to improve our lives.

Those who live in the future are never happy today. Their minds are filled with all the good things that will happen tomorrow and as such they miss all the good in their lives today. Often the future is a place to escape those things we find overwhelming today. We retreat into our Utopian vision of a future where we are smarter, richer, wiser and more attractive. But in doing that we undermine our ability to get wiser, smarter, richer and more attractive, because to get those things tomorrow, we must work for them today. The future is a great place to plan for but living there undermines that future. It is only in living today that we can effect our futures in a positive way.

Today, we may not be the the smartest man or the richest woman, but if we work to improve ourselves we can get there… powered by hope. It is the lack of hope that discourages us and stymies our efforts. Why struggle if there is no hope? The reality however, bolstered by the entire history of the human race, is that there is always hope. People miraculously go into remission from deadly cancers, tyrants fall at unexpected times and our loved ones get off drugs. There was no possible way Timoleon could have singlehandedly overthrown the tyrant of Syracuse, but he did. The problems facing Athens when Solon was elected were insurmountable, threatening the very existence of Athens, but Solon solved them. When Rome itself was burned to the ground and occupied by the Gauls, there was no possibility Rome could be retaken, but it was. The history of the human race is a story of hope against all odds. Even our very existence is a story of hope.

Those who don’t believe must do everything themselves. As the quintessential American Philosopher, William James taught, the philosophy of Christianity allows people to be calm in the knowledge that in the end God will sort it all out, but the atheist has no such hope. The poor atheist must take all the responsibility upon him or herself while a Christian can rely on God. To the atheist there is no hope, only struggle and pain, then a dirt bath. To choose hope over despair is not a cop out, it is the definition of wisdom. It is pragmatic to choose hope, and impractical to choose hopelessness, because it is hope that improves our lives and hopelessness that diminishes them. Regardless, God gave us free will, to choose hope or hopelessness.

The Christmas season is the time for hope. Christ came to save us from our own sins giving every one of us hope we can transcend them. He didn’t hang out with the Pharisees, he hung out with Prostitutes, Tax collectors and laborers. His message of hope was for everyone, not just the wealthy and powerful. Those with temporal power usually don’t lack hope what they lack is humility. Those of us who make up the mass of humanity however need hope. We are humbled every day by our demons. There is not a soul among us without some demon or two hounding him or her. It is through hope and the diligence that hope allows that we escape them and move to a better place. To a Christian there is even hope in death, the hope that we are saved by the actions of Jesus, hope that his life, death and resurrection brought into the world.

On Christmas eve, it is essential that we understand the message of hope that Jesus taught, accept the gift of hope he gave and live in that hope. Of course we fall now and then, what child has learned to walk without a bruised knee? It isn’t in giving up that we succeed, it is in giving in, to the hope Jesus gave us, and using that hope by working to make our lives and the world a better place, while relying on God to get the details we can’t, that is how we advance as human beings. The message of the Christmas season is one of hope, not every problem we face will be solved, nor that every tyrant will be overthrown, but that in our personal lives, even in death, Christians have hope. It is the legacy of our Savior.


John Pepin

What is a Well Educated Human Being?

Thursday, December 4th, 2014

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, our children’s education is the most important factor in sustaining our civilization as a highly efficient, prosperous, healthy and free society, with a growing standard of living. We all agree that these are the attributes of the civilization we want to live in and want for our children. The only way to have and to maintain such a place is by keeping people moral, hard working and informed. Ignorant people can be easily tricked into giving up their liberty, immoral people will rot their culture from within, and lazy people will let society crumble for lack of the energy to speak up. This suggests that education has more facets than merely reading, writing and arithmetic, a truly educated person is self interested rightly understood. Sadly we have ignored this monumental responsibility and allowed our schools to become absurd caricatures of what they are supposed to be. The proof is in the results.

Youths who graduate College and high school have no work ethic. Ask any employer and they will tell you it is much easier to get a foreigner to work than an American kid. Something in our culture and education must have ruined our children’s work ethic. Our parents had a very good work ethic, which shows the destruction of the American work ethic is recent, and throughout US history there has been a strong Protestant work ethic, showing the problem is not native to the American culture. That is the dirty little secret of why the Chamber of commerce wants immigration at all costs – to get some hard workers.

Any and every market system requires a measure of trustworthiness in the people that engage in it. This is not taught in our schools but is perhaps the most critical factor in a functioning market system. Moral people are easier to do business with, so it can be said that virtue facilitates economics, since education is to allow people to engage in the market system, part of a well rounded education has to include ethics. It can be said, the more moral a people are the better their economy will do, and it also follows, the more prosperity there will be. That should be pretty obvious. With every generation people become less trustworthy which is proven by the need for lawyers in every human interaction possible.

Logic is something that is critically absent in our culture today. The whole foundation of the Enlightenment, is the eschewing of authority for logical argument, but today logical argument has given way to emotional rhetoric and calls to authority, more than ever! Everyone who graduates high school should have at least an understanding of logical thinking. Teaching how to think is inculcating logic; teaching what to think is indoctrination.

A society’s likely prosperity could be measured by the percentage of people who are moral, knowledgeable and hard working, against those who are lazy, vile and ignorant. I would also argue the longevity of that civilization, level of crime and violence, as well as the basic well being of a society… could be similarly measured. Therefore, it is in all of our best interests to insure young people get a good education, so they become well rounded, moral, hard working and learned citizens.

To be self interested, rightly understood, is to understand that one’s own interests are tangled up in the interests of the State, their employer, their employer’s customers, the grocer, the street sweeper etc… The interests of all of us are entangled in such a way, that a bad done to someone we don’t even know could do harm to our way of life, and so it is in our interests to protect other people’s interests. Part of being educated is teaching children to become self interested rightly understood, ie, moral, hard working and well read as well as wise.

Education is more than being able to count, read and put down a comprehensible sentence, it is to grow a child into a moral, hard working and knowledgeable adult, who can engage in the market system and bring value to any endeavor they set themselves to. The advancement of humanity would be much faster and scientific progress would proceed quicker if our schools were turning out well educated students. Sadly, the quality of the education in the State monopoly school system is dropping even faster than the cost is rising.


John Pepin

On The Riots In Ferguson

Monday, December 1st, 2014

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the fundamental reason there are riots on the streets of Ferguson is the deficiency of clear knowledge of what really happened, magnified by the lack of a fair process for the redress of grievances. That lack of redress could be effectively addressed by the Fourth Branch’s Consumer Protection Bureau, and the lack of transparency, which was the first cause of this unrest, would have been solved by the Executive Ombudsman’s office. All the lives that have been lost, the businesses destroyed and future profits erased, money spent by government to police the uprisings, repair the damage and heal broken bodies, all of it would have been avoided had we had a NUMA. So much of what is wrong with our world today would be resolved, if we only could spread the news about the potential of a Fourth Branch, and then actually succeed in enacting one. Our standard of living would increase every year regardless of the political winds.

The spark of the conflict in Ferguson is the lack of knowledge of what actually happened that night between that officer and that unarmed man. Even the fuel of anger in the air, well above the lower explosive limit, came about because of the lack of transparency magnified by a lack of redress. Everything beyond that point in time is dependent on that lack of clear knowledge. If the police shot the unarmed man, (regardless of his skin color), while the man was pliant and not aggressive, the officer who pulled the trigger must be charged with, at the least manslaughter, and potentially murder one, if the crime was premeditated and so forth. If however, as the grand Jury found, the police officer shot in self defense, there should be no charges and the officer should be reinstated with all benefits and back pay without prejudice. Anyone who disagrees with either of these two possibilities is unreasonable, their opinion is based on prejudice and not on reason, to them there is no conciliatory logic.

So the basic problem is the lack of clear, unambiguous knowledge of what really happened, that everyone can agree on. If Darren Wilson was wearing a camera that night, recording everything that went on, and the video was available for anyone to see, there would be no reason for the protests, except as a violent means of sedition. One of the basic tenants of a Fourth Branch, or NUMA, would be that everyone in government would be monitored at all times, (like the checkout girl at Walmart). Internal Affairs in police departments would be handled by the state NUMA. More specifically, the Ombudsman of the Executive’s office, would monitor the Executive branch and all it’s employees. The police would be equipped with body cameras, turned on at all times when they are on duty, to protect them and the public. National police like the FBI would be similarly equipped using the same practices. Every interaction with the public would be available immediately upon request of any person involved or at the request of the Consumer Protection Bureau of the NUMA.

If someone had a disagreeable interaction with the police, or their son or daughter was, God forbid, killed, in an interaction with the police, or any other agency of government, that grieved or even an involved person could file a complaint against that officer, department, or agency, and the complaint would be looked into by the Consumer Protection Bureau. The complaint would get sent to an adjuster who would make the initial investigation within a month. After the initial investigation, if cause was found, the case would be assigned to an investigator, otherwise the results would be posted on a government website set up for that purpose. A case that gets appointed to an investigator would be exhaustively investigated, all the findings would become public record available on a government website, free of charge. If the investigator found cause for criminal proceedings the offender would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Since the fundamental reason for the riots was a lack of clear knowledge, and a NUMA would have provided that clear knowledge, as well as a fair mechanism for redress of the grievances of family and friends, we can safely reason that if there was a NUMA in place in Missouri, this whole violent, expensive and bloody affair would have been averted. The lives that have been lost would not have been lost, the human beings wounded need not have suffered nor lost the use of limbs, the property destroyed would be available to enhance someone’s life, the businesses razed would still be providing paychecks to hard working people and the money not spent could be used to cut taxes, harden our electrical grid against solar flairs and EMP, provide incentives to entrepreneurs, or a whole host of other things to improve the lot of humanity, instead of on trying to get back some of what was lost. This is just one example of how a Fourth Branch, or NUMA, would make our lives better. How many more can you think of?


John Pepin

You Cannot Control or Plan an Economy, It Can Only Be Ridden…

Thursday, November 27th, 2014

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, an economy is an organic thing, like a horse or a flock of birds, as such it cannot be controlled it can only be ridden. Control is a science and riding is an art. Science can only be applied in a scientific, (controlled) setting. An art can be plied in the real world, where everything is messy, and where “control” is a relative term. This is one of the fundamental reasons communism and socialism cannot work with human beings. Socialism and communism require an economy to be controlled. An economy cannot be controlled. Whenever someone tries, the economy explodes, destroying lives, fortunes and families.

The economy of even a tiny nation or city state, is far too complex to be tightly controlled, and if control is attempted, a long tailed event always occurs, destroying the economy. The random inputs to even a small fruit business are too many to be controlled. A small business person will tell you that he or she does everything possible to control costs, monitor employees and maintain quality, while satisfying the customer, but that it is impossible to control everything. That is where intuition and experience come in, a business cannot be controlled it must be managed, or in other terms, ridden.

Riding a horse is an art, as is, managing a business, herding cattle, painting a picture and running a government. What do arts have in common? All these endeavors seek only a portion of control. They take elements that are disparate, and keep just enough dominance over them that those elements work together, but not so much it breaks the system. If a cowboy tried to control every single cow, the herd would immediately scatter, if the rider tried to control the placement of the horse’s feet, the horse would quickly fall, if a manager tried to micro manage every action of every employee, the business would rapidly fail, an art requires domination of that which can be mastered and accepting that those elements that cannot be mastered will look after themselves. Only those things that can be completely manipulated with absolute mastery over every input and reaction can be controlled, everything else must be ridden.

To control something one must have a way to control any unforeseen exigency. In a complex system control is impossible because there is no way to have a mechanism in place to deal with any possible emergency. The universe of potential emergencies are too vast to be thought of let alone controlled for. Only when someone has total power over every facet of a system, process or reaction, can he or she be said to control it, and even that level of control is subject to God’s laws. In fact that is the scientific method. It is the way scientists have gleaned out the nuances of God’s laws in Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry… Economics, sociology, psychology and even history are pseudo sciences and while subject to God’s laws they escape humanity’s grasp due to their complexity.

A pseudo science is a field of study that approximates a science but in fact is an art. History for example is written by the victors and as such cannot be a perfect illustration of the facts. A Periodic Table of the Elements would not be science if large portions of it said, “Dragons be made of this…” It would not be chemistry it would be alchemy. Chemistry is a science where alchemy is mere pseudo science. Economics cannot be a science in the true sense until sociology, psychology and a whole slew of other pseudo sciences become real sciences, because economics depends on them for many of it’s theories and assumptions, if an assumption is that “dragons be made of this,” then it is not scientific. Someday, economics may become a science but until then, it is only a pseudo science approximating science.

And so, if all the inputs, the wants, reactions, fears, hopes, desires, knowledge, work ethic, illness, cheating husbands and wives, etc… for every human being in existence cannot be controlled, an economy cannot be controlled. What is the next best thing then, if we don’t want a chaotic economy that doesn’t do what we want it to? To ride it, control what we can and accept that which we cannot, set the parameters and incentives such that most of the economic actors stay in the herd, go after the strays and bring them back into the fold, establish standards, eliminate micro managing regulations, and accept the truth that total control of the economy or in other words, the planned economy, is impossible. Only when we give up trying to control our economies and instead ride them, can we have better functioning economies that do what we all want them to do, create widespread prosperity, keep our nation’s militarily strong, (to protect that wealth), and provide a rising standard of living to our children and their children.


John Pepin

Illegal Immigration, Amnesty and Fairness

Monday, November 24th, 2014

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, one possible solution to the illegal immigration problem Obama’s policies have visited on us, would be to import one legal immigrant who is on the waiting list, for every illegal that is deported, and if the deported person returns illegally it would be a year in prison, then permanent deportation. All problems in human society exist because of negative incentives. Replace those negative incentives with positive incentives and many of the most intractable problems can be turned from a bad into a good. Change the incentive and you change the behavior. Our standard of living, our children’s welfare and even our very republic are in jeopardy if we don’t do something about illegal immigration.

Everyone agrees legal immigration is one of the factors that has made America great. Just think of how much Tesla brought to the US when he immigrated. Immigrants who take the time to come here legally, bring new ideas, new ways of thinking, they have persistence and have a strong work ethic. The US benefits greatly by legal immigration, illegal immigration however, brings with it many negative consequences. Some of these negative consequences are, an underclass, lowered wages, diminished economic outcomes for everyone, all forms of abuse, human suffering at every stage of the process, etc…

All policies, especially ones that directly impact human lives, must be fair. As I have said before Justice is the golden rule and the golden rule is fairness. The moment a person is treated differently by governmental edict than another – there has been an injustice done. That is self evident. So when someone files the paperwork, jumps through all the hoops and gets in line to enter the US, and another jumps the fence and is caught but allowed to remain, an injustice has been done to the person who is going the legal route. That injustice is magnified if the person who jumped the fence gets amnesty, the person waiting in line’s life is on hold, as they grow old, meanwhile guy who jumped ahead gets rewarded with amnesty.

Our market system, such as it is, requires honest people to function efficiently, therefore we should encourage honest people to come here. If no one could be trusted there could be no commerce. How could you trust a check if it was almost certainly bad? How could you work for someone if it was most likely you wouldn’t get paid? The economy requires, as a prerequisite, a basically honest people. Those who try to enter the US by the legal route, their very actions prove, they are more honest than someone who jumps the fence, who by their actions show, that law and morality are lower on their list of priorities than naked chaotic self interest.

The problem with illegal immigration is that it creates an underclass. The entire American experiment as well as the Western world view is based on all human beings being created equal, in the eyes of God and in the eyes of government. An underclass, especially a tacitly accepted underclass, is the antithesis of that moral foundation. An underclass in a society create a whole host of negative incentives to abuse those in the underclass. Why pay the going wage when you can get what amounts to a slave… to mow your lawn, tend your baby or vacuum your floors? The only ones who benefit by an underclass are those who plan on exploiting them.

Incentives always work, whenever human beings are the actors, incentives are the answers, here is how the incentives of replacing illegal immigrants with legal ones will function. When someone is caught in the US for any reason illegally, they would be immediately deported and someone who is on the waiting list would be given a green card. If someone who has been deported is found in the US again they would go to jail for a year and then be deported without being replaced. If anyone is caught a third time they would go on a permanent banishment list. They wouldn’t even be allowed to come here legally. Lastly, the teeth of Reagan’s amnesty program would be replaced, businesses that are caught hiring illegal aliens would face jail and huge fines. As the list of people waiting to come here legally gets shorter, and the list of those sent home gets longer, the incentives will become clear. People are smart and will take the path of least resistance.

The US needs immigrants, immigration policy must be fair, it needs to encourage honest people to come here, and one of the problems with illegal immigration is that it creates an underclass with all the negative effects on human beings of an underclass. Today, with Obama waiving his magic dictator’s pen, claiming he will give anyone who jumps the fence a free pass, the US has become a giant magnet to millions of iron filings. It has become foolish to try to follow the law to come here legally, all one needs do is get here by whatever means and Obama will grant you amnesty, and so, the US is being flooded by illegal immigrants. The elite that encourage illegal immigration must know the negative consequences to it, and therefore, they must also be accepting of those consequences. Imagine, destroying a nation’s economy, impoverishing working people by driving down their wages, creating an underclass to be exploited and abused, encouraging people to risk their lives and the lives of their children, to be that underclass… all so some multimillionaire new class progressive elite, can get their lawn mowed for a few dollars less.


John Pepin