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Why are the Elite Stirring up Violence?

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that the Elite in society are trying mightily to stir up racial animosity. The Elite in the unbiased media selectively report the news. Promoting their program to the public. The Elite in our government selectively apply the law creating more anger than is warranted. The question is not that they are trying to stir up racial tensions, it is self evident they are, but why are they trying to stir up racial tensions?

Presumably, the Elite in the unbiased media and the Elite in government, know that someone somewhere will die, because of the emotions that they have lit and are gently encouraging, from a mere spark into a bonfire. It would seem that the reason they seek to create anger, where there should be cooperation, is so important that it trumps human life and economic prosperity. Therefore, what ever reason they are stirring up racial tensions in society for, it must be very important indeed! To be more important then someone’s child.

I call the main stream media, the unbiased media, because they call themselves unbiased, while having a demonstrable bias. As the Elite in the unbiased media decry those that admit they have a bias, and so their listeners and watchers have the foreknowledge to filter what they hear, while listening to the unbiased press wide eyed. I am simply using their own appellation. The unbiased media are regularly caught doctoring recordings, and actually fabricating documents to forward their agenda, in the face of evidence to the contrary. But the unbiased media never let the truth get in the way of a good story. By good they mean one that forwards their agenda.

The Elite in government and the Elite in the media are both doing this. We must be open to the fact they could have different reasons for their actions. The unbiased media may simply be acting out of greed. Like the yellow journalist of old they may be acting out of egoism. Create violence in society and get rich reporting on it. If anyone in the unbiased press are upset or offended by this insinuation, I wonder if they were as incensed, by Obama’s accusation that doctors are cutting off people’s legs to make a buck?

That might be the actuating factor in the unbiased media but what about the Elite in our government? Eric holder will go down in history as, not only the most corrupt Attorney General ever, but as someone who stirred up violence in society, and using the power of his office to do so. His actions in the Fast and Furious case are telling, he was using the violence the unrestricted access to guns he gave the Mexican drug cartels, as rhetoric to vilify gun ownership in the US. When he was discovered, Obama and Holder backed off on the rhetoric then, but this is another chance to vilify, not only gun ownership, but place into question the very idea of the absolute Right of Self Protection.

This must be the all important reason, the Elite in our government are ginning up tensions, they know will result in human deaths. This is what they consider so important, your child can be killed in the street, to make their point… it is so important. The unbiased media are willing to sacrifice our children, and us, to make a buck… Or, perhaps the unbiased media’s reasons are more “altruistic”. Perhaps they are willing for some of our children to die, in random violence they stirred up, so that guns can be taken from society… like the motivation of the Elite in our government.

If this is true, we can only conclude that the unbiased media seek to place themselves and us, under a tyranny. If they and the Elite in government, seek to remove that most basic precept of human moral understanding, the absolute Right of Self Protection, and replace it with a right to a foot massage every Tuesday night at ten, done by some guy the Elite in government don’t like so much, then we are living in state of arbitrary rule. Because, If we don’t have the Right to life, we have no Rights at all…


John Pepin