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Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the republicans are proving by their actions, that they are no different than the democrats, showing there is no real opposition party. Both parties seek the administrative form of government without oversight or consequence. The leadership of both parties are progressive/Marxist to the core. They stand for the same things, the republicans think they will be better at keeping the trains on time, under the oppression both parties have in store for us. Clearly, republicans have no intention whatsoever of actually implementing the platform, republicans have been running on since Reagan. They have shown themselves to be spineless worms. The American people are onto them however. We know they are no different than the progressive democrats. With a few notable exceptions, most republicans are new class progressives, who would rather the government make all the decisions for us little people who, in their minds, are too stupid to make our own. How poorly both parties see us.

The republicans however are in full suicide mode. They are showing the world just how useless they are. What a joke they have become. While the democrats are brave enough to throw themselves on the sword, to establish tyranny, and pass Obama care regardless of the consequences… blowing up our healthcare system, leading to untold deaths and suffering, to create the conditions for single payer, a major goal of Marxists. Republicans on the other hand, who have been running against Obama care since it’s inception, are too mealy mouthed and conniving to pass anything of substance. In doing so they are relegating themselves to Whig status.

In the absence of a true opposition party, standing against the progressive plan to destroy the US and create a one world tyranny, from which there will be no escape and no path to advancement, outside the political arena, there will be a groundswell of support by the people for anyone that is brave enough to stand against it. People are far more intelligent than the new class credits. We understand what they are doing and they know what they are doing, we can read their books, Rules for Radicals, Cloward and Pivon, UN agenda 21 and now agenda 2030, and read their websites, Socialism means one world, for example. No amount of hiding their intent with the code of the culture of critical discourse can hide their aims. That republicans do nothing to stop the agenda, only slow it, shows they seek the same think as all new class progressives.

What a debacle they have created for themselves. By running as the opposition party, but when in charge of the House, Senate and Presidency, they are unable to move the dial even a notch back to liberty and limited government,they have utterly discredited themselves. In fact republicans are finding common cause with democrats to limit our freedom of speech! It isn’t odd that both parties only find common cause, when limiting our freedoms and expanding the role scope and reach of government, it is what we have come to expect. The republican party is a faux party. It is just a means to fool the American people into believing our vote counts. Like Mark Twain once said… “If voting made a difference they wouldn’t let us do it.” The republican party today is proving that adage to be absolutely true.

It is time for a new party. Not one made up of RINOs jumping ship to hold onto power… but of constitutionalists, freedom loving people and laissez faire capitalists. People who actually seek to crush oppression, allow everyone to get ahead, smash the glass ceilings, stop factionalizing us with racist claims of racism, eliminate crony capitalism and strengthen the US rather then try to destroy it. Sadly however, these things don’t have the support of the progressive new class, who controls our media, judiciary, government, businesses, and hands out the money. It was evident when the much loathed Koch brothers switched their allegiance to Hillary Clinton in the last election. Clearly they only support republicans because they want to run the one world government, not stop it, nor do run of the mill republicans. If a new party could come about that does these things and makes a real stand against the rising oppression, the republican party would disappear like a cloud of smoke. Good riddance.


John Pepin

How to Fix Healthcare

Thursday, February 16th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, if car insurance was done like health insurance, no one could afford a car. Imagine if your car insurance covered oil changes, tire rotations and headlight replacements, but if you got in a collision it only covered 80%? Would that make any sense? The cost would be astronomical and the utility would be minuscule. Car insurance would cost far more per month than the car itself perhaps exceeding the cost of the car by more than double. This is because the insurance company would have to cover all their potential claims and expenses plus make a profit. The economic incentives would mutate so that the cost of an oil change would skyrocket from under $100.00 today to $200.00-$500.00 or maybe more. That extra cost would feed back into the system raising the cost of insurance sufficient to cover the added cost. The cost of body repair would also skyrocket because there would be no incentive to cut costs, only to raise them, and so that would again feed back into the system again, raising the cost of insurance. Add into the mix a government law that forced everyone to get the most expensive form of car insurance, for our own good of course, and the insurance companies would be given carte blanch to gouge the public as they saw fit, even as a bureaucrat decided how many oil changes you could get a year. Eventually the cost of insurance would be so high even a millionaire couldn’t afford it!

I recently had occasion to visit the veterinarian and a doctor in the same week. The difference was shocking. At the Vet I made an appointment and saw the vet that same day, there was no wait in a waiting room, filled with flu germs and MERSA, for close to an hour after the appointed time, the cost was half and I got to talk to the vet about my dog’s condition, getting useful answers!!! Even as a veterinarian has to undergo equal schooling as a doctor, and they probably make as much if not more, the quality of care my dog gets at the vet in all ways far exceeds that which I get, for double or triple the money at the doctor! That is because the market system has been allowed to work in the field of veterinary medicine and the government hasn’t shoved it’s way between my dog and his Vet.

I would far prefer to pay for my own wellness visits, prescription drugs and medical supplies and have catastrophic coverage 100%. If, God forbid, I had to get a stent put in my heart, that procedure could cost as much as $41,000.00, per stent! If I have to cover 1 stent at 20% of $41,000.00, that is $8,200.00, not counting my $5000.00 deductible! Imagine how many office visits I could get for that money! Not only would that expense be crushing during a time of intense stress, but that extra stress would hinder mine or anyone else’s recovery, increasing the cost even more. The cost for other catastrophic procedures is even higher. In short, we are insured for that which is no burden to pay for, but not covered for that which we cannot.

Anyone can see how ludicrous such a system for car insurance would be but most fail to see the absurdity of our healthcare system. Perhaps that is because we are like the proverbial boiled frog, year after year, regulation after regulation, our health insurance system has become ever more bizarre, until the Affordable Care act highlighted for all to see, just how utterly ridiculous it has become… and it has become ridiculous. Today a man in his 50s has to buy insurance that covers abortions and birth control but only covers 80% for catastrophic care! How many men in their 50’s need birth control to prevent pregnancy, zero… before gender fluidity, yet how many will need a stent put in their hearts? That is only one of the absurdities we have to deal with in our government mandated insurance schemes. We and our employers pay insurance for stuff we will never use, stuff we physically cannot use, but only partially for those things we will probably need.

The failed European systems are no model to follow regardless of the spurious arguments about longevity. The argument that people in Europe live longer appears logical at the outset but even a little thinking shows it is meant in fact to deceive. In Europe the populations were, up until the invasion, fairly homogeneous. French people lived in France and Italians lived in Italy. Although each nation had government monopoly healthcare, they all have different rates of longevity. That is due to cultural and demographic considerations, not the healthcare system. Moreover, the demographics in the US is extremely varied. People of European descent, Latinos, Asians, native Americans, African descent, and every other race, creed on our planet… live in the US. The culture varies from state to state as well, from the Creole diet of Louisiana to the comfort food based diet of the Northeast the diet of Americans is every bit as varied as our demographics, confounding any attempt to quantify our longevity against another nation’s. The real way to decide the merit of the US system against that of Europe, is where to rich people who can go anywhere for their healthcare, go? Does George Soros go to Britain for his healthcare? No, of course not, he uses US doctors. What about Canadians who are wealthy? They also use the US system paying for it out of their own pockets. So we see that the real test of the utility is not some arcane statistic, but where do people who can, go.

It’s time to rethink healthcare in the US. The absurd system of insurance that has been built has to be changed. Of that there is no debate. Yet what system are we as a people to embrace? I would argue that the best system we could hope to attain is a lassaize faire one, where we pay for our own prescription drugs, which in the end would drive down their cost, and our own doctor visits, but have catastrophic coverage 100%. What parent with a child with cancer wouldn’t want such a system? That system would be the end to those cans, covered with a picture of some child suffering with cancer, looking for change to help pay for that innocent’s cancer treatments, it would stop the bankrupting of people because they have a heart attack at a young age, and would create incentives, like those of veterinarians, to control costs while improving quality, as is done in every other sector of our economy when government is kept at bay. Get the government out of our health care system once and for all and use the car insurance model. Sadly, bureaucrats will never allow that to happen…


John Pepin

Jobs, Wages and Government Intervention

Thursday, August 25th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, take the most horrible, filthiest and degrading job that must be done, pay enough and people will climb over each other to do it for you. On the other hand, one could use the power of government to coerce someone to do it, for nothing. Clearly, the one is human hearted the other hard hearted, the first generous the second greedy, and to pay a wage befitting the job shows respect while using violence to coerce shows disrespect. I am amazed then, that those who follow the second philosophy are seen as more compassionate and humane, and those who follow the first are viewed as selfish and oppressive? Perhaps that warping of logic is a means to an end?

Since the first cave man hired another to help clean hides there has been a give and take relationship between employees and employers. Both seeking to get the most for the least. The employee wants the highest wages for the least work she can get and the employer wants the most work for the least pay. At various times both have exploited government power to force the other into a less desirable position. That strategy however depends on the political faction in power. Without government intercession the wage to labor rate would always eventually be fair. Not fair only to workers, or fair only to the bourgeois, but fair to everyone. Government cannot keep out of the relationship between labor and employer however.

Politician’s interests are harmed when there is a level playing field. The people, either as employer or employee, will not have need for the services of government when there is equilibrium, and as everyone who has grown up in a market system knows, where there are no customers there is no business. Fortunately for politicians, their predecessors have put in place a myriad of rules and regulations altering the balance of power. Those past intercessions have so warped the relationship for so long everyone has got used to it. All a politician need do is pander to one of the two factions and a steady flow of campaign revenue and political backing come with that choice. That is why illegal immigration is encouraged, it drives down wages for Americans, while at the same time labor unions get special laws passed to help their cause, to drive up wages. Both policies backed by both factions.

Marx wrote passionately about the alienation of work. That some jobs are terrible and so people shouldn’t be forced to do them by their ever gnawing stomachs. He called it unfair that people had to do work that alienated themselves from themselves or their higher selves. All sounding, of course, humane and compassionate. What Marx didn’t address however was the fact someone has to do those jobs that are alienating. Septic systems have to be maintained, barns need to be cleaned and dishes need to be done, there are far worse jobs that need doing as well, if no one does them they will not get done. The answer from communists is to force those who have no political favor to do those alienating jobs by use of violence. Which makes perfect sense to a sociopath or psychopath who seeks to appear to have empathy.

Were government to stay out of the relationship between labor and employer, the wage rate would settle to a fair rate, and working conditions would steadily improve. Dirty jobs would be paid at a rate sufficient to get people to do them, there would be more jobs due to lessening of the drag effect regulation has on job creation, which would drive up the cost of labor due to the removal of slack from the labor force, the cost of labor would be more in line with the strata of… difficulty, education required and supply/demand for each job. Why should a lawyer make one hundred times more than a sewer repairman? Especially when there is a glut of people wanting, able and educated sufficiently to be a lawyer, and there is a dearth of people sufficiently able, knowledgeable and willing to repair sewers? Government intervention in the employee employer relationship warps the wage rate, otherwise both political faction’s would suffer a loss in power, that’s what drives it. The same faction in control of the media sets the societal norm. They decide what is called tolerance, kind and compassionate and what is called intolerance, hate, bigotry and fascist, regardless of reality. That is why the tolerant are called intolerant, the intolerant called misunderstood, the fair called unfair, the violent called peaceful, victims called occupiers and the kind called haters, it serves the faction in control’s… interests.


John Pepin

What is Wrong With the Republicans?

Sunday, March 8th, 2015

Dear friends,

It seems to me… you have to wonder what is wrong with the Republican party. They were elected in a landslide to counter Obama’s extra constitutional actions, especially on immigration, they have control of the House and Senate, yet they go along with everything Obama is doing to the country in direct violation of their mandate! Take illegal immigration for example, a policy in which the vast majority of the electorate agree needs to be addressed, but the republicans have become accomplices in amnesty! They could have defunded Obama care, but didn’t, and so have saddled the US economy with at least another year of that economic train wreck. It makes one wonder what the republicans actually will do? They were happy to attack Ted Cruise, when he stood up for our Constitution, but are unwilling to attack Obama for violating that Constitution. It would seem, the republican elite agree with Obama in moving the country from Constitutional rule, to arbitrary power, they just want to be the ones to run it. However, as opposed to Obama who is doing it out in the open, the republicans are backing Obama’s power grab in secret. As I always say, look at someone’s actions, not their rhetoric, actions speak the truth where rhetoric is mostly lies.

Amnesty for illegal immigrants is a home run for the republicans. The vast majority of Americans want to put an end to illegal immigration. Secure the boarders is a winner in poll after poll. The average guy and gal know, illegal immigration drives down wages, is an incentive for crime, unbalances the demographics, creates a class that is above the law as well as a permanent underclass, etc… the American people want the boarder secure and don’t want more incentives for people to come here illegally. Amnesty, the dream act, releasing alien criminals out on the streets, not enforcing drunk driving laws on illegals, allowing identity theft, etc… sends exactly the wrong message! Yet the Republicans will not fight Obama even on that issue! Despite the backing of the vast majority of the electorate!

In Silicon Valley, American programmers are teaching immigrants to do their jobs, then are laid off! So those new class run, billion dollar highly profitable companies, can lower wages in the high tech sector! In every sector of the economy the new class are using immigrants as a hammer to pound the wages of Americans lower. Americans are becoming very angry at our government for encouraging the destruction of jobs, lowering of our wages and changing the demographics of our nation. Clearly the government is not working in the best interests of citizens. The new class doesn’t like how we vote, and so since they can’t change how we vote and think, they will change us. Such actions are sinister.

Everyone who is honest with him or herself knows Obama care has been a catastrophe for the American economy. It limits the size of business, it limits the amount of full time work firms can have, it has driven up costs dramatically, while lowering the quality of service, it has nationalized a huge portion of the economy and it is creating a two tiered healthcare system, one for the haves and the other for everyone else. Poll after poll show the American people do not like Obama care, we don’t like it in our lives, we don’t like it for our wives, we don’t like it at our jobs, we don’t like it’s huge cost. We don’t like it in the mall, we don’t like Obama care at all. But the republicans can’t even bring themselves to defund that widely hated power grab to undermine individual sovereignty.

Who are we to vote for then? If we vote for the democrats we know what we are getting, new class progressives who despise our Constitution and the Rights it guarantees. If we vote for republicans, they will do the exact same things as democrats, just claiming they disagree. At least the democrats are honest that they hate God, our Rights and our Constitution. Republicans are connivers who claim to love those things, but go along with everything the democrats do to undermine them. Is it any wonder the percentage of the American population that doesn’t vote is getting ever larger? Obama was elected both times with less than twenty eight percent of the American people’s votes! Less then forty percent of Americans eligible to vote are so offended by the lack of real choices they don’t even bother to participate in the rigged system the new class has devised.

Our two party system has been perverted. The new class took the soviet example to heart. You have a choice… a choice between this Marxist, or that Marxist. Both options are exactly the same they differ in name only. The new class has engineered a means by which they can move the US away from Constitutional rule… with it’s hated limits on government power, Judeo Christian moral structure, and market system, to one where no matter who you vote for, it moves the ball down the road to serfdom. Today, our Constitution means whatever they say it does, just like the barn in Orwell’s Animal Farm. All animals are equal, but some animals are MORE equal than others… Perhaps we should vote for and back the Tea party as a real alternative to serfdom? Or, do more of the same and expect different results.


John Pepin

The Progressive’s War on Prosperity

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, the progressive and democratic parties in the United States are waging a war on prosperity. The reason is irrelevant but their actions demonstrate the war is being waged. The consequences of this war on prosperity are monumental. They apply not only to today’s generation, but because economic growth is cumulative, the loss in economic activity today translates in to a lower standard of living for future generations. Such a remarkable thing as a war being waged on our prosperity, is important for people to know and understand, so we can do something about it. If we don’t act, the results will diminish our standard of living to that of a third world hell hole, eventually. There are very few people anywhere who want less for their children, and thus, no one in their right mind wants a war waged on prosperity.


I don’t need to be told a man is fishing to understand that a man is fishing. If I see someone putting a worm on a hook, the hook tied to a string, the string tied to a pole, and when the man has finished putting the worm on a hook, he tosses the baited hook into a stream likely to contain fish. I don’t need to know why he is fishing to know that he is fishing. He might want food, he might want recreation or he might like the sport of fishing, but when I see someone engaging in these actions, I know that person is fishing… even if they deny it. The same is true of the democrats war on prosperity.


Lets examine the actions of the democrat party over the last few years. The Keystone XL pipeline has been vetoed, pilloried and protested by democrats and progressives. They make the spurious argument that the building of it will lead to more carbon in the atmosphere. Leaving alone the absurdity of the Climate Change argument, that oil will be burned regardless of the pipeline’s creation. The Canadian government has said, if the US doesn’t buy that oil it will be sent to China. Everyone knows the Chinese will burn that oil happily. Not only will it be burned whether or not the pipeline is built, but the oil will then have to be shipped to China via oil tankers, opening up the possibility of oil spills, the transportation will consume more energy, thus emitting more carbon into the atmosphere, and the Chinese economy is far less efficient with energy than the US economy, so less will be produced at greater cost to the carbon load. So clearly their rhetoric doesn’t agree with their actions.


The keystone pipeline would however generate high paying jobs in the US. Not only from it’s construction but from the personnel that will be required for it’s maintenance, the resulting lower energy cost, allowing for more manufacturing jobs in the US, and the jobs that will be needed to refine, ship and sell that oil. The oil is still coming to the US, but far less efficiently on trains that consume oil to haul it to the Texas refineries, and as recent news stories have shown, shipping oil by train can be very hazardous, Ala Lac-Megantic. The only possible result of the delay and ultimate stopping of the pipeline, will be to reduce economic output in the US and lower the number of jobs, and thus diminish wages. This is only one of the fronts of the democrat and progressive war on prosperity however.


Obama care has demolished economic output as efficiently as the fire bombing of Dresden during the Second World War razed that city. I have written extensively about the economic consequences of that flawed law. One that I might add, is that the law has been delayed, to after the next election, specifically because of it’s negative impact on small businesses. The heavy handed regulation of such a large and economically vital portion of the US economy has made it very difficult for new small businesses to start and be profitable. Every economist will tell you that it is new businesses that generate the majority of new jobs in any economy.


The rhetoric of the Obama administration has been aimed directly at job creators. His incessant attacks on “The Rich,” his ever increasing tax load poured on businesses, and his dozens of job killing tzars, specifically tasked with regulating every aspect of our lives, has had a dramatic effect on our economy. The actions of the democrats and progressives say, far louder than words, that they are waging a war on prosperity.


The results are as clear to discern as the fish in a fisherman’s basket. The economic rebound after the 2008 recession has been the most dismal since FDR did the same thing in the 1930’s… there are no V shaper’s today, the labor participation rate has fallen off the table, food stamps are at an all time high, GDP growth has been predicted to be 3-4% but has come in around 1-2%, the term economists are using to describe the pathetic economic numbers is “The New Normal,” the Federal Reserve has had an unprecedented ZERO interest rate for 5 years to no avail, plus they have been printing money to the tune of over a trillion dollars to prop up the economy every year since Obama took office… I could go on and on but space limits me.


The actions of the democrat and progressive left are plain to see for anyone with their eyes open as well as the results. Why they are waging a war on our prosperity is irrelevant, but that they ARE waging a war on prosperity, is critical. If we take our role in democratic society seriously, we must stand and speak out, or else our children will pay a heavy burden for our silence. It is far better to be vilified as racist, mean spirited, hate monger, teabagger, un-American, seditious or any of the other spurious ad homonym attacks designed to silence us, than to bequeath to our children and their children, poverty, want and famine. Which is exactly what we will be doing if we don’t fight against, and win, this war on our prosperity.





John Pepin

Obama’s Kraken

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, the catastrophe that is Obama care is showing the deep level of incompetence and duplicity of the Obama administration, in reality, Obama care is a modern Kraken, released to destroy our healthcare system and level the ground for single payer. The fiasco of the web site is only the smallest problem. The roll out gets worse every day and the administration along with democrats are determined to get the Kraken out onto our streets. The damage it will wreak on our economy, jobs, and personal health is astounding, let along the profound damage it is and will do to our Constitutional rights.


The web site is the most simple type of HTML code to write. It is nothing more than a self populating database that emails the data to an insurer! This type of web application is available free over the internet for web site sign up and news letters. To have failed so very badly having taken so much money, between 100 million and 600 million, depending on the source, and time… 2 years, shows a level of incompetence that boggles the mind. The excuses the White House are coming up with would be laughable, if the money didn’t come from you and I. They didn’t expect a lot of people would sign on? Seriously? They mandated we all sign on! I suppose they were hampered by the web being so new, the sun was in their eyes and their shoe laces came untied…


As I said before, the web site is the smallest part of the problems with Obama care, a far more serious issue is that so many people are getting cancellation notices from their insurance providers because of the mandates in the law. This could be mitigated if other similar policies were available at the same or lower cost but the costs are skyrocketing! In many if not most cases the monthly premium is double what people were paying before the Kraken was released. Moreover the co pay and deductibles are getting insanely high. It was foretold by the market that this would happen. The prices of health insurance stocks rose dramatically when Obama care was deemed passed. The costs, deductibles and co pays are so high that the policies are basically useless. Expensive useless policies we are forced by law to buy!


Meanwhile, as our insurance premiums are going into orbit on a ticking ICBM the hours for those with jobs are being cut! I am agog that this isn’t the story of the day. Obama care creates the incentives for firms to cut the hours of employees so they don’t fall into the most expensive mandates of Obama care. Job growth, due to Obama Care, is almost non existent… which has the effect of lowering wages. As demand for labor goes down and the amount of labor from new graduates and illegal aliens made legal go up, wages MUST go down! This is economic 101. Even a simpleton should understand this… so why doesn’t Obama. Is he less than a simpleton?


Roe v Wade was based on doctor patient privilege. A doctor cannot be forced to disclose a client’s personal information to government due to Constitutional limits on the government’s ability to seize our personal data. Obama care turns the whole idea on it’s head, with doctors being mandated to ask if their patients have guns in the house, then reporting the answer to the government! That is the tip of the iceberg poking into the hull. Every single aspect of our lives will be open for any government bureaucrat to see… and law enforcement officer as well.


Imagine, someone goes to the doctor, the doctor asks if they are taking drugs. They must answer no, else it will be reported to the government, so the doctor performs surgery based on this wrongful information. The patient then dies because she is taking Ecstacy and it reacts with the doctor’s medicine. Human lives will certainly be lost due to the pernicious incentives of Obama care.


Now that the Kraken has been released we are at it’s mercy. Those intrepid would be Perseus that fought valiantly to stop the opening of the monster’s cage were vilified and denigrated… it continues today even with all the horror stories coming out. The victims litter the beach, human liberty, Constitutional rule, our economic well being, our children’s futures and our very lives. It looks increasingly like the problem is not so much incompetence but duplicity by this administration. Government is the only human institution that the more it fails the more powerful it gets. Until we have single payer, or in other words, Nazi health care… As the Kraken wanders through our cities and towns it will be as Godzilla stomping through Tokyo… except we will be the helpless people on subway trains scream bug eyed as he looks in on us...





John Pepin

The Republican Party is Dead… Long Live the Tea Party

Monday, November 4th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me… the republican party is in a death spiral of it’s own making. No political party can stab it’s base in the back, over and over, and survive as a viable party for long. That the republican party has gotten away with it for so long, and not succumbed to extinction, is testament to the hope of the American people for limited government. This trend has been happening for a long time but has accelerated of late. This bodes ill for American democratic representation and Constitutional rule unless the trend can be stopped. The means are at hand however.


In the last Presidential election only a paltry 40% of the electorate cast a ballot. This historically low turnout means that Obama won the election with only 20-25% of the American people voting for him. A pathetic quarter of the people voted the president into office. If you think about it, 20% of the people also believe in aliens, ghosts and vampires! (I would argue they are the same people who voted for Obama). Low voter turnout has been a mainstay in American elections for decades. The thing that is pitiful however is that politicians blame the voters and not themselves.


No one blames themselves for their own problems. It is a function of human nature. We all prefer to point the finger of blame at someone else. That this goes on in political circles is not hard to understand. Politicians however have paid consultants that get huge sums of money to explain to politicians why they loose elections. These highly paid eggheads should have the ability to see beyond their own noses and mine the data as to why so few people turn out. In this they fall into a thought trap, or in other words, group think.


This group think permeates the highest echelons of the republican party. They believe the only way to win elections is to go after a smaller and smaller faction of the electorate. Romney won the highly touted “undecided” but lost the election. This is clearly because he was a fatally flawed candidate. Obama’s biggest weakness, Obama care, was taken off the table by Romney’s presidential bid. Obama care is only a symptom and not the disease however. Romney never went after the republican base. He instead ignored and even vilified them. As a result, they didn’t vote for him.


This is typical of republican politics. They despise their base as upstarts, who want more liberty and less government, when the “enlightened” republican elite want more government and less liberty. The only difference between the republicans and democrats is… who controls the tyrant’s power. Neither wants to limit the power, scope and role of government, both want to increase it. Republicans believe their base is so stupid they will fall into line even when the republican elite spit in our faces.


This is proven by the Bush presidency. The republican party controlled a plurality of seats in both houses of congress and the presidency. Did we see a diminishing of the scope of government? No. Did we see balanced budgets? No. Did we even see a walking back of entitlements? No! What we did see, was a new entitlement, prescription drug coverage. We got higher deficit spending and thousands more pages of regulation. The republican base is not blind, they are not stupid, they know a liar when they see one, and refuse to participate in the destruction of the United States, by giving these liars and frauds legitimacy by their vote.


This is why the Tea Party faction has grown so powerful, despite the vilification of us. The Tea Party, teabaggers as the elite call us, are a truly grass roots movement. Those who understand that the republicans, as well as the democrats, want unrestricted illegal immigration, ever increasing government, taxes and regulation, regardless of the consequences to the American people, want to change course, but we all know, to a man, that neither the republican old guard, nor the democrat party, will give us what we demand and OUR Constitution requires.


That is why the republican party is in a death spiral and the democrat party is joining them. They both stand against the will of the people, the dictates of our Constitution, and both lie to our faces. They go after an increasingly small lunatic fringe of the public for votes. We are standing up however, wiping republican and democrat spit from our faces, and making ourselves heard. Obama care is only the latest in a series of slaps of our faces and knives in our backs, we refuse to sit any longer. Once Tea Party people get more seats at the table, we will see more turnout of an electorate, that today, increasingly feels disenfranchised. Until then, the republican elite should be on warning, the jig is up.





John Pepin

Things that Work and Things that Don’t Work

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, no matter how much someone wants a thing to be true, if it is not, it is not, and never will be. The desire of a person bears not a whit on reality. We might want to fly without the use of wings, and many have died trying, but the simple truth is, we need the use of machinery to fly. Moreover, no matter how many times a thing that will not work is tried, it will not work. The average man and woman understands this very basic concept, because we are subject to the results of our actions, and we bear the costs of those that do not work, but the elite have no such training in reality. The road is paved for them so they need not stumble. This makes them appear deft but in reality it hobbles them, and profoundly distorts their ability to discern truth from fiction and right from wrong.


Take economics. The elite love and worship at the feet of John Menard Keynes. This economist gave the elite not just permission to deficit spend but he made it a duty. The elite in every country on Earth believe in Keynesian economics. Because Keynes gave them an excuse to do what they really want… tax and spend. There is no thought required to open a checkbook and write a check, especially if the money is earned by someone else.


The elite don’t have to suffer for their bad decisions, the rest of us do. The elite destroy the economy through high taxes and regulation, and they get richer, while the rest of us get poorer. Notice how under Obama, the supposed champion of the poor and middle class, the world economy is muddling along, but the wealthy’s fortunes are sailing? Is it a coincidence, while the wages of Americans have taken a historic hit under this Keynesian, the stock market is breaking records weekly? The answer is simple, money printing has allowed the elite to escape the negative effects of their own policies. You and I on the other hand are stuck in the mire of the Keynesian swamp.


Every time Keynesian economic theory has been used it has resulted in failure of the economy. There is not one example where Keynesian theory has gotten a country out of recession, while every example where this fellow’s theory has been used, has resulted in economic malaise. Some notable examples are, Woodrow Wilson’s magnificent recession, Franklin Roosevelt’s Great Depression, Carter’s stagflation and now Obama’s great recession. Is it coincidental, that the economic times under Keynesians are so unique in their poverty generation, they are named?


The elite so want Keynesianism to work they will never stop trying. They cough up excuses like phloem, “we didn’t spend enough,” or “we didn’t spend long enough.” The answer is never that the policy is flawed. The elite do the same thing over and over, always getting the same result, economic stagnation, but they never tire of it. Largely because they don’t suffer the negative effects, we do. They want Keynesian economics to work so badly they cannot imagine it wont… someday. Since they don’t feel the effects of low wages, except in lower employee cost, they have no problem enacting a flawed economic policy, over and over.


There is an interview of Frederik Hayek on Youtube in which that great economist laments being right. He wrote the book, The Road to Serfdom. In which he extols the virtue of laissez faire economics and the palliative effect of low taxes and regulation on an economy. While Keynes told the elite to print, tax, regulate and spend. Keynes was, and still is a hero to the elite, while Hayek is a villain. The few times Hayek’s policies have been implemented the results were quick and decisive. Under Coolidge the economy surged and we got the Roaring Twenties. Ronald Reagan did it again with similar results, but Reagan was hobbled by a democratic congress that was intransigent, they so loved Keynesian policies they fought Reagan at every turn. Despite the push back, the fact is, Reagan’s policies pulled the US out from Carter’s stagflation and ushered in the boom of the eighties. Obama’s Keynesian policies have eliminated all the economic gains since then.


In the halls of power, the elite sit with their backs to us. They suffer no ill effects of their policies, and to insure that fact, they exempt themselves from their own laws. Like Obama care. Since they never suffer for their own policies they have no incentive to learn. Why would they go about it any differently in the future? Their power is assured by the unbiased media, who dutifully pillory any other point of view, than that of the progressive elite. Listen to what the unbiased media call the Tea Party. For the elite, to do something that has never worked, over and over, is genius, for the rest of us… it is insanity.





John Pepin

The Economic Argument Why Obama Care Must be Defunded

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me… Obama care is an economic train wreck. The devastation it’s already done, has lowered the standard of living of the World’s people for generations, let alone the future damage it will do. Since the growth of an economy is an aggregate thing, it piles upon itself, slow economic growth, for whatever reason, lowers the pile that is being piled on as well as the amount that is added… The effect is not only immediate but cumulative and everlasting. This is very bad, if you consider that we have been under this economic malaise, since the recession was claimed to have ended. So, not only are your economic outlooks lowered the well being of your children and grandchildren will be effected… negatively.


Think of this, the Federal Reserve has been printing 85 billion dollars a month for a year. In 12 months that accumulates to a bit over a trillion dollars. Now compare that trillion of printing to our actual GDP growth. The US is an economy that is about 15.7 trillion dollars, (according to the BEA)… at a growth rate of 2% yields annual growth of about 320 billion dollars. In other words, to get 310 billion in annual growth the Federal Reserve is printing, from whole cloth and adding into the economy, over a trillion! That implies a recession loosing 680 billion annually if the printing went away! Moreover, it’s a pathetic return at 1/3 of the money put in! Instead of getting more money out, due to the ability of banks to magnify the money supply, the FED is seeing negative return on their printed money! So… what is happening to that 680 billion? Is there so little business activity the money is setting in the banking system’s reserves, or is it going overseas? Now the question must become, why is it not spent here?


Businesses need to know what their cost structure will be to project future profit or loss. Obama care throws a huge monkey wrench in firm’s ability to predict. The law is thousands of pages long, it’s impossible to know how the bureaucrats will interpret and apply them, heck, they haven’t even written all of them yet, and they have already written tens of thousands of pages of regulation! Therefore, no one knows what they really are, or will be, and obviously how they will effect businesses. Moreover, Obama care is costing firms real money today to hire experts to answer these very unanswerable questions, money that could be better spent investing in labor or productive machinery. The sad part is, until Obama care is implemented, or not, the uncertainty of it will continue to corrode the economy, like acid. If it is implemented the continuing damage to economic growth will be immortalized in entitlement.


The lack of investment in machinery and labor will accumulate. As the demand for labor goes down the price of labor must go down. Meanwhile, Obama care is driving up the cost of doing business so prices must rise else firms will have to lay off or go out of business, further driving down the demand for labor. As people’s wages are driven down by Obama care, and the prices we all have to pay for the goods of society go up, our standard of living must necessarily go down… profoundly. In Complexity Theory this is called a feedback loop. The negative input into the system, is fed back into the system, by the system, in a self sustaining way, thus exaggerating the initial input.


Experts are telling businesses large to small that Obama care is going to hobble them. That is why so many firms and groups, using political favor, have escaped Obama care. The associated paperwork, taxes, and regulations will drive up their costs and lower their efficiency dramatically. No one knows how much… but everyone knows it will be impressive. Since the first responsibility of a business owner is to keep the doors open they will try mightily to do just that. Unfortunately, due to Obama care, they have to limit the hours their employees can work, else they get hit with the most draconian parts of the law, simply to keep the doors open. Small businesses, who have much more limited ability to hire lawyers and experts than large firms, are effected far more than big ones.


Small business is the engine of any economy. Real growth in an economy is organically driven by small startups not giant ones. Entrepreneurs get an idea and they start a business. If that new idea revolutionizes some aspect of business, a new economic cycle is started. Ford did that with the Model T, Gates did that with MSDOS… hydro-fracking and 3D printing are just the newest incarnations of this paradigm. When the environment for small business becomes toxic, as Obama care makes it, the cycle is shut down. Banks won’t loan money to a fly by night who has no useful projections of his or her cost structure. That would be an irresponsible thing to do with depositor’s money. The leviathan bureaucracy of today’s government, a Godzilla that has been expanded dramatically by Obama care, now has the ability to regulate in real time. Thousands of little bureaucrats in their cubicles, dutifully regulating anything they can get their hands on, especially new ideas… undermining economic growth in the process.


The main reason our economy is so wounded is Obama Care, pure and simple. This tragically flawed law stops the entrepreneurial process in it’s tracks. Small businesses are hurt the most… magnifying the effect on real economic growth. Diminished growth, that will be exaggerated over time, as future growth has a smaller base to expand upon. Nothing I have said here is astounding or out of left field, it is economics 101. Any economist will tell you that incentives count. This is a basic law of economics. But, due to the willingness of this administration to use the mechanism of government, for political ends, economists are cowed… one only need look at the way Nial Ferguson was treated. Obama and the democrats have silenced most opposition, and set regulatory incentives against the capitalist mode of production. That is why the republicans must not blink, they must defund Obama care… Not as much for ours, but our children and grandchildren’s economic future depends on it.





John Pepin

The Solution to Obama Care

Monday, August 12th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, the solution to our health care dilemma, within the framework we are given, is to create a new standard for providers and insurers while standardizing policy choices. This would be coupled with elimination of as much regulation of the industry as possible. The goal is to create system where the feedback of the market is restored, the granularity of information is smoothed out and most of all, the quality of health care will continue to make leaps and bounds. If the republicans were to offer such a system to replace the pending train wreck that is Obama care they would find the people behind them. Since we will all need health care at some time in our lives this is a critical question for all of us.


The feedback mechanism of the health care industry is broken. That is obvious. The cost of services is not a factor in a patient’s decision where to go for treatment, or what course of treatment to follow and as a result, the cost benefit of various plans. Couple this elimination of the normal cost benefit feedback of the market system and costs must rise at a rate that exceeds the rate of inflation. This is as evident as gravity when we drop a hammer on our toe.


The system where by people find a doctor, with very little knowledge of how good that doctor is compared to others he is competing against for patients, and what he charges compared to his competition. This information is important if a patient is to rationally decide on a doctor or other provider. Today we decide by anecdote not empirical information. Clearly anecdote is a far less reliable means for answering any question than cold hard facts.


To replace the feedback mechanism and asynchronous information a simple set of standards will do. Have each provider of health care services offere a cost performance sheet, of their charges for various treatments along with their results, charted against the industry average and the local average, against the results for that provider. There would be several standard health care options for every insurer but they could at their own discretion offer plans with greater or lesser levels of service. This cost performance sheet would be available in the offices and on their web page. Another measure would be, all insurance companies would have to agree on a standard form for treatment providers, that all insurers would use and accept. Lastly, the transmission of market feedback would be, insurers would give patients a small percentage of the savings, if patient’s choose a lower cost treatment and/or provider.


If patient’s were rewarded, in cash, say… 10% of the savings between options, we would choose the lower cost option more often, lowering the ultimate costs to insurers. The synchronous knowledge provided by the cost performance sheets, would allow patients to logically decide options such as treatment and provider, as well as to choose to get the bonus cash, if we choose a lower cost option. The feedback mechanism would be restored driving down costs and pushing up quality. Research and development would be channeled more efficiently and might yield results faster due to the efficiency market forces bring to an industry.


The giant catastrophe that is Obama care must be done away with, else we will kill the goose that laid the golden egg. Government interference has always yielded disaster. Never has any government brought rationality to anything it has ever taken over. Political favor becomes the top motivating factor in every decision, pushing logic and reason further and farther back in priority, until all decisions have no connection with reality at all, and are insane as a result. History is as adamant on this subject, as it is on the opposite being true, regarding the market system. Pragmatically, we have to take the logical path, especially when the consequences are so dire for us and our children if we choose poorly.





John Pepin