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Corruption and Poverty

Thursday, May 29th, 2014


Dear Friends,


It seems to me, there is nothing more destructive of a nation’s economy and standard of living, than corruption in government. This is obvious but also can be proven simply through observation. Corrupt public officials corrode the foundation of an economy in a myriad of ways just like acid corrodes metal. That so many countries have such profound corruption, is a statement to the corruptibility of those with power, who are essentially unsupervised. We allow this to go on out of a sense of powerlessness, but if we want a better life for our children and their children, we must act against corruption.


Simple observation shows the truth that corruption is destructive of a nation’s economy. One example should suffice to make the example, but examples exist the world over and throughout time, in this Mexico is not the most corrupt nor the only corrupt nation today, it is merely the example I am using. Despite many advantages most other nations don’t have, Mexico is the poster child for poverty… and corruption. Pharmacists are often in cahoots with the police. When an old couple from the US go to Mexico to buy cheap prescription drugs, many Mexican pharmacists call the police, who then arrest the old couple and hold them for ransom. The pharmacists gets his kickback and the drugs back to continue the scam on another unsuspecting old American couple.


If someone is pulled over in Mexico it is insulting to the officer not to be offered a bribe. If the bribe is too low the victim can be jailed. The court system is known for its corruption, where a person with power gets a get out of jail free card, while everyone else gets severe punishment. Permits and licenses must be purchased with bribes. Even the jails are crooked. There are stories of drug cartel members allowed to go out at night to commit murders, even with the guard’s own guns! Today there are Americans who accidentally got to the Mexican boarder, who wanted to simply turn around, but were arrested and sent to jail! The list of the debasement of the Mexican authorities is endless.


All the corruption in Mexico results in poverty and want. In a system where justice is arbitrary and dependent on political favor the market cannot function efficiently. In a place where anyone who gets ahead is subject to kidnapping, any where and anytime, with the police turning a blind eye, producers are driven away to places safe for their families. In Mexico and anywhere government can be counted on to do the wrong thing the incentives are all pernicious.


Those who operate virtuously are punished while those who are despicable are rewarded. All the incentives drive more corruption. Judges who punish purchasable police are murdered and politicians who speak up are killed. Anyone who tries to stop the corruption is slaughtered and their heads rolled into a dance as an example to anyone else who would speak up. The results speak for themselves… Mexico and all other profoundly corrupt nations nurture poverty.


The constant threat of murder, kidnappings and worse subjugate the people to a sense of powerlessness. This is magnified when the people are disarmed so the corrupt have superiority of firepower. The tainted have no fear their next victim will shoot back, the police have seen to it they can’t, while providing weapons to the despicable. Just like Obama did in Fast and Furious. The people must simply try to hunker down and stay off the radar. This includes not getting ahead because that would put you in the sights of the criminals.


The level of corruption we see in Mexico often leads to a socialist government taking control. Typically resulting in more corruption but at a higher level and less susceptible to scrutiny. This is the case in Venezuela. The lot of the people goes down even more because the corruption becomes sanctified by the State. In such a system revolution is out, because the State will use whatever force it needs to stay in power, and the elite around the world will turn a blind eye to it… as they have done in Venezuela.


I have outlined a means to stymie government corruption, a Fourth Branch, or in other words, a Constitutional police of government. If one were set up in such a corrupt country as Mexico, there would be a civil war between the entrenched criminals and the new branch, but with the backing of the people a Fourth Branch could get the corruption under control. The only other option is total collapse of the government and system resulting in societal upheaval and eventually revolution. The people are caught in a trap of the criminal governor’s making. They can die by drive by shooting or die by firing squad. Not good options, a Fourth Branch is at least a possible way out… if they were to take it.





John Pepin


Fast and Furious; a Despicable Act of War.

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that the US Constitutional Right to keep and bear Arms is under insidious assault along with the entire suite of Constitutional controls on the government. Take Fast and Furious, the US Justice department program to put guns in the hands of Mexican drug gangs. While the US government was arming the Mexican drug gangs, an existential threat to Mexico, an ally, Obama was accusing innocent Americans of it, and calling question to the Second Amendment because of the flow of guns into Mexico. Anytime a Constitutional Right is under assault, let alone the whole Constitution, we as Americans and as interested observers, should pay close attention to the reasons, the tactics and the logical outcome… If we are indeed self interested rightly understood.

Eric Holder, under oath in Congressional testimony, claimed no knowledge of Fast and Furious; but there were records of his getting memos regarding it prior to his acknowledging… his knowledge. In last Friday’s document dump. In his defense he has claimed the Bush administration did it too. However, records indicate the Bush administration’s program tracked the guns from the place of purchase, locating way points and eventually picking almost all the guns back up… before they reached the hands of the drug lords. Fast and Furious intentionally sent the guns, into the dark, and only tracked them when they showed up at crime scenes.

Eric Holder also claimed; that the Congressmen who is pushing the issue was briefed. Which the Congressmen admits. But records indicate that the person sent to brief the oversight committee didn’t know about the guns being let “walk.” So in fact the Congressman was not fully briefed. The problem with the “He does (did) it too” defense, is that it channels valuable time and resources into investigating something other than the crime at hand. Giving the alleged criminal time to hide, destroy and change evidence. This is a form of sophist attempt to focus attention elsewhere, like a magician, so the criminal can escape justice. As such it should be unacceptable. Unfortunately it is one that the democrat party uses all too much.

I would remind the reader that Skooter Libby was sentenced to jail for lying under oath where no crime was actually committed (The person who actually did the alleged crime had already admitted it to the prosecutor but was not prosecuted). Roger Clemons is being bankrupted by legal fees for allegedly lying to Congress. I am very curious if Eric Holder, who came into office wanting to prosecute every Bush administration official, will be prosecuted himself, for lying to Congress under Oath. The likelihood seems remote.

The Obama administration is in favor of the UN treaty on small arms. This treaty would bypass the normal Constitutional process, because in the US Constitution, treaties supersede Amendments. (Treaties were never meant to pertain to the US government’s internal law only to foreign relations, thus the term, treaty). But the UN small arms “treaty” would, at the stroke of a pen, outlaw gun ownership in the US. Bypassing Constitutional restrains. Does anyone think that the assault on Constitutional rights would stop there? Of course not! Banning guns would be only the small edge of the wedge. In short order the US Constitution would cease to exist as a viable document. Treaties superseding every restriction on governmental power. With programs like Fast and Furious providing the rhetorical fodder.

The death of US citizens and the death of a US Boarder Patrol agent, by criminals armed by the US government, is a crime of the highest order. The Government is tasked with ensuring the security and safety of it’s citizens… Not fomenting discord, providing weaponry to criminals destabilizing our neighboring country and using the results to undermine Constitutional rights! Mexico is a friendly country. Why would the Obama administration provide weaponry to Mexico’s drug cartels? Seems to me this is an act of war. I am amazed that the peaceful Obama administration would commit an act of war, against an ally, who is fighting an existential conflict with the drug cartels, by arming those drug cartels? This is not the way the US has historically acted to an ally.

But what if there was a working NUMA in place? There would already be a power in place that would look into it. A properly functioning NUMA would investigate not only Eric holder but the entire Obama administration as well. The Obama administration has apparently been caught, arming the Mexican drug cartels, essentially committing an act of war against Mexico, then using the violence the guns enabled, to justify and all out assault on the US Citizen’s right to keep and bear arms, while senior officials were denying it under oath. If senior Obama administration officials did indeed send thousands of powerful weapons into the hands of Mexican drug cartels then at least those officials should face jail time. But if Obama knew, covered it up and condoned it, while he was vilifying gun ownership… covering up potentially criminal acts was what Nixon was impeached for. A NUMA would see it done.

Calderon’s Hubris

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that Felipe Calderon should be deeply embarrassed. To be the head of a government that has done such a poor job that people want to leave in droves. Fleeing the violence, poverty and government corruption. A human hearted man would be ashamed…

But Calderon is not. He is unabashed. In fact, he even has the gall to go to the nation that is feeding, clothing, housing and otherwise providing for his citizens, and chastising it. Chastising it for not being friendly enough. This guy is the stereotypical hypocrite.

The laws against illegal immigration in Mexico are draconian. The laws regarding legal immigration are draconian as well. Add to this the utter corruption in the Mexican police force. Immigrants cannot receive welfare in Mexico. Especially illegal immigrants. Immigrants in Mexico have to have outside income or be employed by the Mexican state. They are not allowed to have jobs in Mexico.

The US media have been rife with stories about older people going into Mexico to buy prescription drugs. (That were prescribed to them). After the pharmacist sells the US citizen the drugs the pharmacist then calls the police. The police intercept the old folks. Arrest them. Then ransom them back to their children.

The total lack of opportunity in Mexico is directly related to the utterly corrupt and (fortunately less) socialistically inclined government. One example of the foolishness is that the Mexican government has nationalized all it’s oil. The Government run extraction company is extraordinarily inefficient. The ready access to oil money funds more corruption in the Mexican government.

Had the Mexican government went the capitalist route a (possibly Mexican) company would lease the land from the government to extract the oil. The company would be held responsible for environmental problems. The company would be responsible for cleaning up after the oil has been extracted and the company would be responsible to keep the infrastructure up to date. Another advantage of the capitalistic approach would have been better and more thorough geological research. More importantly… less money would be underground to contribute to governmental corruption.

The violence in Mexico is the result of the utter corruption in the Mexican government. Even as Calderon pointed his finger at the US for problems his government has created he disregarded the three fingers pointing back at him.

Put it this way… If the easy access to weapons in the US leads to violence in it’s neighbors… why is Canada so quiet? If keeping drugs illegal creates violence in neighboring countries… Why is Canada so quiet? Huge amounts of Marijuana come into the US from Canada.

So is the problem really somewhere else Mr. Caldron? Or is it closer to home?


Sunday, September 6th, 2009

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that Mexico is having a real problem with violent crime. Everywhere you look there is some report or news article about heads being rolled into a disco, the bodies of policemen found mutilated, etc… We are told it is largely due to organized crime that is funded by drug money.

The more I think of it the less credibility this theory has. The level of crime that is attributed to organized crime is off the chart. Presumably the crime bosses have huge haciendas that they live in. It wouldn’t be terribly hard to surround the one one of the bosses is staying in with police. Then ask to talk to the boss. With the level of crime and violence they are involved with shooting will almost certainly start. Then the government has criminal acts committed in front of the police, IE, shooting at police. That there are no arrests made of the bosses cries out that the government is involved.

How much of the government? Quite a bit I would speculate. With the violence and atrocious acts committed and so little effective action taken on the part of the government the involvement must be pretty high. The US has sent millions and millions of dollars to fight crime in Mexico. The Mexican army has been fielded to carry out operations against the crime bosses… but there is no movement. The crime bosses seem to be winning. This would only be possible if elements of the government are involved with the crime bosses.

This level of corruption bodes poorly for the people of Mexico. They have seen their real wealth drop since 1900 dramatically. (Along with the rest of Latin America). People in the US should be buying things from Mexico… not from China. Not because China is bad but because of the proximity to Mexico. Why is the stuff that requires a lot of man hours of labor, thus requiring low wages, made in China not Mexico?

Two main reasons. Corruption in government and ease of doing business. What business man in his or her right mind would open a factory in Mexico now? When traveling to the plant you would have to have an corps of security guards to keep you from being kidnapped. Your workers would be subject to violence and kidnappings lowering their productivity. Lastly you never know in Latin America if another Hugo Chavez will come to power and nationalize, steal, your new factory before it has paid for itself.

So, despite it’s proximity to the largest market on Earth and a free trade pact with the US, Mexico is faltering. The government has too many corrupt elements. Like a wasp with nematodes crawling from it before it dies we are watching the death of a country.

It doesn’t need happen. Mexico could enact the NUMA. Mexico is teeming with good people. They could be tapped to start a NUMA. Stomp out corruption in government in Mexico and see how fast violent crime from organized crime disappears. Clean up the government and watch the economy ignite. Allow the people of Mexico to be free of terror and be startled at the productivity gains. In short Mexico has but one real problem… The rest stem from it.