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Moderate Extremists

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, what is called moderate today is actually extreme, and what is called extreme is actually moderate, that most people don’t intrinsically understand this is cause for concern. That progressives claim their stances on every issue no matter how out of the mainstream, moderate and the libertarian argument as extreme, is their modus operandi and has been since their inception. It is the monopoly on the flow of information that progressives have that makes their perversion of the terms moderate and extreme so dangerous, especially since so few in our society recognize it. The results for our republic is that it will inevitably rot into a despotism. To be sure, it is our duty and responsibility, to protect the republic and point our united fingers at threats to it’s very existence, in this case overt, to enlighten our fellow citizens to the threat.


Language is the transmitter of information. Language has it’s flaws however. Kung Sung Lung wrote his famous treatise on, a white horse is not really a horse, to prove the weakness of language as a transmitter of truth. This has been known for millennia among the learned of society but the people have remained ignorant of it. We rely on language every day and in every possible way. Therefore the truth that language has fundamental flaws is lost on most of us. This ignorance is used against us by the elite.


Those who control the language therefore control the transmission of all information. Since language has inherent flaws it can be manipulated to change meanings, and the main reason for transmitting information is to convey meaning, this power can be exploited to control everything. The elite don’t have to change the wording of our Constitution, they simply change the meaning of the words. In the case of moderate verses extreme, the elite don’t change the meaning of the words, but the context of them.


Take the debate between conservatives/libertarians and progressives regarding “Death Panels.” Sara Palin was excoriated in the unbiased press for her characterization, of what are now widely recognized as… death panels. She was called extreme for her opinion. There was no corner of the unbiased media that didn’t pillory her for it. Yet today, only a few years later, everyone knows that those panels will decide who lives and who dies… and progressives even admit it. But Sara Palin was labeled an extremist for her stance, while those that disemboweled her for it, were, and still are, called moderate. History clearly shows that she was the moderate and her detractors were the extremists… and the theater goes on.


Now President Obama claims republicans are out of touch and extreme in their positions. His rhetoric is as vicious as it is prevarication. One example is that Obama maintains he has the power to arbitrarily enforce the laws as he sees fit. While some in the republican party, (the non progressives), disagree. They claim Obama must follow the Constitution, enforcing every law Congress passes, to the best of his ability. The position that the President has the arbitrary power to enforce law as he sees fit, is called, but more importantly considered, moderate, while the Constitutional argument is called extreme.


We are not quibbling about the meaning of a few words here, we are discussing the future of liberty in our country, and the World. If we allow the language to be controlled by a single faction in our society, we already have tyranny, in fact if not in name. Absurdity, like the switching of moderate and extreme, needs to be pointed out, else those who are lazy thinkers will accept the false label and act accordingly. Once that happens, we have no one to blame but ourselves, we are condemned by our silence.





John Pepin


Sunday, August 15th, 2010

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that the term, “nuanced view” is most often synonymous with dialectic defeating logic.

There once was an ancient Chinese sage, who made the argument that, a white horse is not a horse but a yellow or black horse is. Using dialectic Kung Sung Lung effectively proved that a white horse is not really a horse. (Knowing himself that a white horse is of course a horse). What he was really pointing out was that the deficiencies in language make it possible to prove that a white horse is not a horse. I.e. Prove the empirically impossible.

We all know that a white horse is a horse as is any other color horse. Because color is a subservient attribute to species. But in the language that Kung Sung Lung spoke it was possible to prove otherwise. He used language (dialectic) to defeat logic (or empirical reality).

It is taking advantage of these deficiencies in language that allow people to act, speak and think anti-Semitically but not be anti Semites. They have nuanced views on the subject. But people who have no opinion at all about Jews are anti Semitic, (There is no nuance in their view). Nuance allows a politician to claim that he didn’t realize doing personal business using company property, and premises, during working hours, is a bad thing. (Soliciting campaign contributions on government phones in his government office during working hours). Nuance is why an unborn baby is not a human being but in a matter of seconds it becomes a person. Nuance gives cover when a politician lobbies for a bank teetering on bankruptcy that her husband is a large stockholder in…

Twisting language to make the absurd seem plausible is the bailiwick of lawyers. (the modern incarnation of the ancient Greek sophists). That is why a sneak thief who cuts himself on a window, he broke, getting into a hose to rob it, gets millions of dollars from the lawsuit. But the guy’s legal bills, who invents delayed wipers, outweighs the settlement. Nuance is the side of the toast the butter is on… for lawyers. That butter is rendered from human flesh however.

For the rest of us it is a source of friction. A few examples include, higher taxes, more red tape, higher unemployment, lower wages, more off shoring of jobs and a generally higher stress level in society than would otherwise be. The extra costs associated with protecting a business, person or organization from lawyers is astounding. Much of the insurance industry is simply legal costs.

But to argue that this is a positive externality is spurious. As Bastiat said about the broken window. The economic stimulus from the broken window comes at a price. That price is, whatever other use that capital would have been put to, say… a new pair of shoes. So the window maker gets a windfall at the expense of the cobbler.

What incentive does the lawyers butter set up in society? The incentive to rob homes. If you get trapped in the garage and have to subsist on Gatorade, for a week, until you are rescued by your victims, they owe you millions. Legally… How about the incentive to improve the lot of Mankind?

This butter for lawyers is a pernicious incentive to inventors and entrepreneurs. The rise of the legal oligarchy coincides with the fall of the entrepreneurial ethos. Using nuance lawyers undermine the ability of entrepreneurs to bring dynamism to markets. Stability benefit’s the wealthy Elite. (Old money).

The very dynamism that has led to the largest increase in the standard of living of the human race ever. In only four hundred years, since the invention, of the market system Humanity has gone from a state of perpetual want to a state of constant surplus. The industrial revolution itself would not have been possible if not for the market system.

So while it is nice to have a segment of society that has means. It is not in societies best interest to have that segment’s means come at the cost to dynamism in our markets. That insures we go from growth to contraction. No matter to lawyers… They make money in growth or contraction. People can be induced to fight over an ever smaller pie easier than an ever growing pie.

Nuance, it has it’s place… in History.