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911 The Real Goal and the Real Enemy

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that before a person can fight he or she must know what they are fighting. To flail at a thing haphazardly is useless and opens the flailer to attack in his distraction. Once the true foe and his intention is understood flailing can turn into deadly blows. This is especially important when the barbarous threaten another dark age. A dark age that descends over the entire World, and may last another thousand years, or maybe lower humanity back to the level of the apes.

Today is the anniversary of the 911 attack on the United States. But really, was it an attack on the United States, or was it an attack on something else? Lets examine what was attacked. The first plane hit the World Trade Center. In other words; the center of World trade. The first attack was on something that had world trade in it’s very name… a symbol of what, do you think?

The attackers could have targeted the White House, they could have targeted air ports, they could have targeted a nuclear reactor or any of a number of terrifying things, but, they attacked specifically, twice, the World Trade Center, the focus of global Barter. What could have been their point? Is it possible the real target was, and remains, capitalism and the liberal democracy that capitalism and the free market system make possible?

The second target was the US Pentagon. The center of capitalism’s military power. Again, why target the Pentagon, if terror and humiliation is your goal? Perhaps a better target would have been the Washington monument, the Lincoln memorial or maybe the Capitol building. Rest assured, the Man burning in hell for eternity, thought of all those possibilities, and finally decided on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center. We will never know where the last plane, taken down by the patriots over Pennsylvania, was headed, probably, given the modus operandi of the attackers it was the Pentagon again.

So, it seems apparent, that World Capitalism was and remains the target, not freedom. Freedom was only a tertiary target. Now that we have determined what the actual target is we can look at the attackers. They made videos before they committed the mortal sin of suicide and compounded it with the mortal sins of mass murder… What do you suppose they said when Jesus Christ came to them in their deaths and in profound mercy offered salvation?

The ethos that they espoused is, expansionistic, tyrannical, theocratic, monopolistic and an overtly violent philosophy. It has all the same characteristics of Nazism. Even to the oligarchal view of the market system and the vehement anti Semitism. The Islamo Fascists who perpetrated the crime were and remain a dire threat to the market system today.

They believe, that the fact that God put oil in the ground under their feet impels them to export their twisted fascist ideals on the World, funded by the wealth oil gives them. Instead of industrializing their societies and ensuring work for generations of their people, the Islamo Fascist goads the people into having many children, to grease the gears of the new Fascist War machine.

Now the US and NATO have provided Libya and Egypt as ground for the Islamo Fascists to till. Syria is tilting as are other powerful oil rich countries. Their fall will further encourage the Islamo Fascists to step up the War effort. Even while the US president calls for the ceding of power to the Islamo Fascists, he eschews calling for the primary Islamo Fascist, to step down, Ahmajinedad, amid cries for mercy from his people and rapidly expanding nuclear arms program.

So the enemy is an ideology that wants to destroy the World capitalist system. Very similar to another ideology that is bent on World domination and seeks to destroy the World’s capitalist system. The two have this one thing in common, they seek to destroy the World capitalist system… and are vocal about it. They both understand the consequences of this, if they were to succeed… The deaths of millions of people around the World through famine, war, and outright executions of those that fail to obey. This is a price the Islamo Fascists and the Communists are willing, for others, to pay.

As we have experienced from the struggle with the Marxist anti capitalist philosophy, bent on World domination, an ideology is very hard to fight. Especially one that is based in a perverted religious view, (atheism in the case of the Communists), and has such a powerful emotion impelling it, jealousy. This both ideologies share as well. It is jealousy that drives them to hate, jealousy that makes reason impossible and the hate generated makes them dangerous.

Now that we have a basic understanding what is at stake and who we are fighting it should be much easier to envision methods to fight. Stop the flailing, (enabling the Islamo Fascists through multi culturalism) and start landing some deadly blows. It took total war and the total destruction of Europe to wipe out the original manifestation of Fascism, lets hope and pray, that this crowd of Beelzebub sycophants will be defeated, at far less cost.

Why, do you suppose, the immediate call from the Elite was and remains, “Forget the Alamo!” er… 911.