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The Administrative State

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me… the administrative state has seized almost absolute power. What is the administrative state you ask? It is, in essence, the bureaucracy. A bunch of highly paid bureaucrats setting in a dark cubicle regulating every aspect of our lives, in anonymity, without skin in the game and without consequence. The administrative state has long been the goal of progressives since at least Woodrow Wilson. His favorite book was Philip Dru Administrator. Basically a 1984 dystopian novel where the autocrat is portrayed as the hero. What makes the administrative state so dangerous is not it’s absolute power, which in and of itself is a dire threat to liberty, not the saturation of it’s regulations, but the administrative state is the embodiment of what CS Lewis warned us of, autocrats tyrannizing us for “our own good.” The end result of the administrative state is a super government, where the people are mere pawns of the bureaucracy, and subject to the whims and ideas of unaccountable, unknowable and unhinged bureaucrats.

CS Lewis, the author of The Chronicles of Narnia, one of my favorite book series when I was a kid, once said, “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” Most bureaucrats sincerely believe he or she is doing us a favor by limiting our options and by extension… our futures. They have absolute confidence in their ideas, and since there is no feedback mechanism, they can remain in ignorance of the damage they do forever. By the urging of their conscience they will make Hell on Earth, and every bad decision will lead to the requirement for more bad decisions.

The further anyone is from the results of their actions those actions must naturally become ever more absurd. Think about it, if everything you said was lauded, no matter how insane, anything you did was praised, no matter how dangerous and nothing you thought was ever questioned, you or I, could go off the rails of reality very quickly. The reason we act sanely is because there is feedback. Jump off a cliff because you think you can fly and reality gives you rapid feedback, poke a large men in the nose and he will show you the foolishness of that action, and feed your child purple nightshade because it is pretty, and the result cannot be denied. Yet, if someone you don’t know and will never see gets smashed on the rocks at the foot of the cliff, a stranger gets the return pop in the face or someone else child dies of alkaloid poisoning, one can convince oneself that any of these things is a good. Moreover, by the same mechanism, a good hidden, can easily be called an evil.

The UN is the epitome of the administrative state and is the model that progressive seek to use for their utopian vision of a one world government, where we all hold hands and sing kumbaya. In their hubris driven self delusion, they honestly believe we are mere lab rats, to be run through mazes, implanted with every sort of device and tested to discern the limits of our constitution. The goal of one world government by administrative state is total government that will make 1984 look like anarchy. Imagine a world where there is no escape from the tyranny? People even in North Korea today have some hope, they or their children could get out, and eat a full meal now and then, breathe without the stifling weight of a government agent’s watchful eye, and teach their children the religion they choose rather than have the state religion of atheism foisted on them, like a uniform everyone must wear. The goal is no escape from their benevolent despotism.

The administrative state is a sure path to despotism the like of which the human race has never seen. Bureaucrats, urged on by their conscience, and without feedback, cannot but help creating Hell on Earth. Not that that is their goal or that they would ever seek such horror, it will be a natural result. Today many people talk about the deep state, which is another word for the administrative state. Trump has chaffed against the administrative state and they seek to remove him from office. Should they succeed, their usurpation of political power will be complete. Beware what you cheer for, for it may be your own slavery that you applaud. Then again, our subservient ignorance is the means the administrative state uses to ooze into our lives, governments and cultures.

Today the administrative state exists outside oversight, they have taken over the role of legislator and the legislative branch has been reduced to grandstanding and holding mock trials. The Executive power is undermined by the administrative state, to the point of reducing our Constitution to a mere table cloth, hiding the hideously marred reality of what our government has become. Like a kudzu vine, the administrative state has overgrown the garden and has ventured out into the wild, where it will eventually choke to death, every human liberty, emotion, religion, and even goodness itself… In the name of goodness.


John Pepin

The US, the Modern Surveillance State…

Monday, January 11th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the surveillance that the US now does, would make the Stazi blush and the Gestapo swoon. Revelations by Edward Snowden about the NSA spying programs on American citizens, was as shocking as it was unconstitutional, and the reaction of the elite to those revelations is telling. There is a camera on almost every street corner recording us in case we might inadvertently break some law. Cameras record our vehicles as we go through intersections, automatically ticketing us if we run a red light, all without the need of a human being at all. Roe v Wade was won on doctor client privilege, yet the other day Obama unilaterally and by edict, ordered doctors to spy on their clients. Our emails are scanned by a computer program that checks to see if we use certain words, if those words are found then the email is pulled and read by government officials. Cab drivers are told to spy on children, teachers are told to spy on parents, and children themselves are told to spy on their parents! The list of incursions into our lives would fill volumes, and it all goes by without a whimper, yet even the most ordinary oversight of the elite, is met with screams of privilege and scourging that we should trust them more. The dichotomy shows just where we have fallen… a police state in all but name.

Crime, immorality and corruption flows from the elite to the people. This was one of Confucius’ main tenets. If the leaders are corrupt the people will be corrupt and if the leaders are virtuous the people will be virtuous. Our leaders however, are as corrupt as they can be, even using ignorance of the law as an excuse for breaking the law. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama use that defense all the time and are never called for it. You and I however, we have no such defense, for us, ignorance of the law is no excuse, so if we inadvertently break some arcane regulation, by filling a barrel with water for our garden for example, we are prosecuted to the full extent of the law. So basically, there are two standards, one where if you make the law you can claim ignorance of it, but if you are a citizen then ignorance is no excuse. Where there are two standards, it isn’t a standard, but a regulation.

We know they are corrupt that knowledge permeates the zeitgeist like wax permeates wax paper. The open and obvious corruption can only flow down to the people making the people more corrupt, self serving and vile. A large part of the elite are progressives and thus follow the Frankfurt school, they see chaos, crime, economic collapse and despotic government as good things, since those things lead us to evolve into the superman. Nietzsche’s ideal man, immoral, self serving, violent and stoic. Yet they all want to enjoy the fruits of their corruption, their ill gotten riches and their political power. So, they must counter that corruption that flows from them to us, the police state is that means. It also puts in place the slavish mindset, that we are mere slaves to the state and anything we are allowed to have, be it our fundamental human rights, to the bread we put in our mouths. The surveillance state is the logical outcome of a corrupt elite.

The Geheime Staatspolizei, the Gestapo would have loved to have a machine that read every piece of mail, scanning them for words the state found obnoxious, instead they had to have a office building full of agents, opening and reading mail, a far less efficient way of monitoring the people. The Stazi was famous for enrolling everyone as a spy against everyone else. Teachers spied on students, students spied on their parents, brothers spied on sisters and neighbors spied on neighbors. The US police state has followed that example especially under the Obama administration. Even doctor client privilege, the foundation for making abortion legal, has been upturned by Obama in his quest to rid the law abiding of self defense weapons. The Red Guard couldn’t have gone from house to house seizing all the food, leading to the famine that killed millions of Chinese, if the people had guns… and we know Obama and his administration have great respect and admiration for Mao.

We are being messaged into accepting a police state by the elite. Their importing hundreds of thousands of potential terrorists, outright corruption, fear mongering and misdirection all serve the state’s desire to become despotic. By ignorantly following, refusing to look at alternate news sources and thinking for ourselves, we are being groomed for slavery. The fascist police state is here, intrusive monitoring of the people, unending push for socialism, corrupt unaccountable leaders, unending wars on actions instead of states and the diminishing of the value of human life. We are in 1984 George Orwell in all except they haven’t outlawed love, but they are well on the way to destroying the family unit, and there isn’t a dour looking man with malevolent eyes on every street, watching us as we pass… he is hidden behind a monitor. Until we return to our Constitutional limited government the slide from here on will only get faster and harder to return from.


John Pepin

The Future is up to Us…

Monday, April 20th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, we are well on our way to world socialism. Socialists, Progressives and Marxists believe there are two possibilities for the evolution of the socialist world state. The first, and the one they openly avow, is the Brave New World, the second, the one they know in their hearts will happen, is 1984. Of course neither scenario is rosy, both involve coercion of individuals for the benefit of the “society.” The new class worship at the alter of Marx, whether they are progressives, socialists or outright Marxists. They cannot imagine a future where people are free, prosperous and peaceful. Such a future is far too boring for them. The new class shows their presumption of a dark future in their dystopian science fiction movies, books and articles. Even as they seek an interesting future, it is up to us to fight that exciting future, and instead replace it with a boring one, for the sake of our children and their children.

The reason progressives, socialists and Marxists pay lip service to the brave new world is the assumed economic prosperity of that system. The brave new world is one where consumption is a sacrament. Society is broken up into several classes, where most are intentionally retarded as babies to ensure they stay in their place. Others, the alphas, run the show but are controlled by use of physical pleasure and the constant threat of exile, keeping them in line. In the brave new world, all thought is reduced to absurdly simple jingles, love is against the law, consumption is a religion, the family is a historic oddity, and instead of being for procreation… sex is merely for recreation.

The new class claims the brave new world is the most likely, because at first glance it appears to be the least scary, while 1984 is so dark even the most ardent Marxist shudders at the thought. In 1984, love is outlawed, thought is controlled, the state is in perpetual war, the family is illegal, people are monitored in their own homes and philosophy is reduced to newspeak. In one version of the the movie 1984, when the hero and heroin are caught in a love affair, a disembodied voice commands them to stand back to back, and as a helicopter approaches, the voice says, “Here comes a candle to light up your bed, here comes a chopper to chop off your head,” as storm troopers break in and arrest them. All reason has been reduced to ridiculous newspeak, where opposites are connected like, war is peace, and freedom is slavery.

Every time socialism has been tried it has followed the 1984 path instead of the brave new world. Even if the brave new world paradigm could happen it is every bit as dark as 1984. They both have a great deal of commonality. We see the seeds of both being planted today. The surveillance state is growing around the world, to the point where you are even monitored in your own home if you have a smart television, the family is under attack by the state, our education system dumbs down our children to the point they only respond to five second jingles, the world is in perpetual war, we are manipulated by our emotions, sex is held up as the ultimate recreation, newspeak is more and more common from our leaders, and the new class are defacto alphas.

As we watch our world descend into a darkness there is something we can do. We can fight the mind control that tells us that only a new class progressive can win an election, vote our principles instead of our pocketbooks, argue against the need for a surveillance state, refuse to fall for the trap of hate even as those who’s hearts are full of hate claim to be inclusive, protect our constitution at all costs and remain true to liberty… which is the penicillin for the brave new world and 1984. Most of all, we must think with our minds and not with our hearts. Our hearts can be manipulated easily by jingles, calls to emotion and five second sound bites, but our minds require information not mere rimes.

Yes, even a cursory glance at the state of the world today, shows that we are well on our way to 1984. The brave new world might be the goal for our new class alphas but the difference is so small it is insignificant. Humanity, in both scenarios is gone, and people are reduced to expendable automatons, that are as thoughtless as they are vile. To achieve the goal of 1984, or the brave new world would be a catastrophe for the human race, and would usher in a new dark age, far darker and more violent than anything you or I could imagine. The test for us, is if the new class has so perverted us, we are now incapable of withstanding the dystopian future they have in mind for the human race, or do we stand up and push back. Our children’s fate is in our hands. Please God, may we not let them down!


John Pepin

The Dystopian Future is the Present.

Thursday, February 19th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the surveillance state that is being built, is no more or less than a prison, where everyone is a criminal, except the elite. While the government implements systems that are able to see through the walls of our homes, monitors the speed we are traveling ticketing us if we exceed the speed limit by a single mile an hour, listen in on our phone conversations, record our text messages, use license plate readers and facial recognition to keep track of where we go and when, etc… We have lost our fourth amendment Right… “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.” Government has overstepped it’s authority granted by our Constitution in a big way. But why is there so little outcry?

We have been groomed to fear our fellows. Every news story is about how some person was abused by another. The pages of our newspapers are filled with stories of random violence. This or that person was robbed, someone broke into a house and beat the owners, we are treated to videos of the “Knockout Game,” drive by shootings are described in vivid detail… and college rape is the latest bogyman the media shills. All of these stories have one thing in common, the underlying message is that our fellow human beings are vile, violent and vicious. But reality tells a different story, the incidence of random violent crime has been going down for decades! We are actually less likely to be targeted for a robbery today than in the 1970s. Not because of the constant monitoring, no, the trend has been going down long before the surveillance state came along.

We have been trained to trust government. At the same time as we are told what reprobates our neighbors are, we are shown how virtuous our government is. Government only wants us to be safe, well fed, equal, and empowered. The media constantly tells us that unless this or that law or regulation is passed we will starve, be beaten up in our own homes, we might have to work for our money, some big corporation is going to steal from us, etc… it is only through the benevolence of government that we survive! History however teaches a far different story. The greatest atrocities ever inflicted on humanity has always, and will always be, by governments. Sometimes against it’s own people, a hated minority, foreigners who have something government covets… or political dissidents.

In 1755 Benjamin Franklin said, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” He was basically saying that if power is given to government, to keep us safe, that power will be abused, and those who are so foolish not to see that, are too foolish to have liberty or safety. He was a student of history, but since then, we have many more examples of governments doing far worse things than had occurred before his time. The bloody history of the 20th Century is as horrifying as it is illustrative of the diabolical evil those with arbitrary power are capable of.

Governments always want more power, that is the nature of government, moreover, those that seek political office have as their stated, or unstated goal, to use that political power. If someone doesn’t want to wield political power over the people, they don’t seek political office. Human beings are incapable of having enough good while a little bad is more than enough. So, it is self evident, that those who seek power over the people always want more power. Since our Constitution limits their power, it must be circumvented. To that end the political elite have enacted the bureaucracy. An unelected, unoverseen and unanswerable government entity, that regulates our every action, requires us to get permission for any economic activity, passes laws in the form of regulation outside the system laid down by our Constitution, and enforces those regulations outside the judicial system. In short a shadow government within government.

Confucius said “People follow their leaders…” what he meant is that we follow our leaders into virtue or into vice. Since our leaders are unwilling to give up their vices they must monitor us to the nth degree to keep us from following them into decadence. Our leaders are human beings, with all the foibles of human beings. They are, lustful, covetous, prideful, quick to anger, lazy, envious and most of all, greedy. They understand however that if we followed them, the system they abuse to their own ends would collapse, and they cannot allow that to happen, so they regulate and monitor our every action. The Elite regulate us to the point where no one, even the very best trained lawyer could ever know the laws, regulations and ordinances. So we cannot possibly follow them.

Human beings are not, and cannot be, perfect. Where our every action is categorized, scrutinized and memorized, everyone is a criminal. Especially when no one knows all the laws, regulations and ordinances. Where everyone is a criminal, and government has record of it, anyone can be blackmailed by government. No one can stand up to the government, because the elite have dirt on everyone, except a saint, and there is always an available open elevator shaft for that rarest of human beings. If you or I argue against a usurpation, the government need merely scrutinize our lives to find some misstep, and ruin us for it. Even to the point of jailing us, ostensibly for a violation of law, even as the real reason is for dissension. There is only one place that road can lead… arbitrary rule, or in other words, tyranny.

Our modern technology has allowed government to become a leviathan in the truest sense of the word. The tentacles of government monitoring reach to every corner of our lives. We are forced by the threat of violence, to divulge our economic situation, donate to political causes we find detestable, accept governments intrusions, give up our personal papers, have our communications monitored, etc… even as the actions of government become ever more opaque to us. While our leaders are above their own law, we are below the very basic protections that our Constitution reserves for us. The power of government over us, our actions and our lives, has become total and complete. In fact, what our government has become, is 1984 George Orwell in all but name. We have been blindly led into the Dystopian future so many have warned us of… and many of us have no concept of it.


John Pepin

The Irony Of Progressivism

Sunday, March 23rd, 2014

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, “liberals” not only demand we approve of everything they do and think, but we must even support and pay for it, while they are entitled to decree to the rest of us what to do, and even what to think. Reminiscent of 1984 George Orwell, the thought police are here under the guise of “social justice,” “inclusiveness” and “fairness.” Progressives themselves seem blind to the chilling effect their beliefs have on open and honest debate. (Or are they)? The people who follow leftist reasoning constantly sing the praises of democracy, but true democracy requires as a precondition open debate, lacking that free debate, democracy is nothing more than a tyranny of the loudmouths. Moreover, lacking freedom of thought, conscience and action, a society quickly devolves into poverty, stagnation and oppression. Lest we follow many other great civilizations into deprivation, we have to open our eyes to this most pernicious form of thought control, highlighting it for the rest of society to see.


Like the inquisitor of old, modern “liberals” demand conformity with their way of thinking, else they are happy to use the power of the State to compel agreement. Today we are forced, through thought laws and political correctness, to support the political line no matter how absurd it is, or becomes. Christians are forced to pay for “art” that depicts Mary decorated in feces, (the sign of Baal), we are forced to pay for abortions, we must cater gay weddings else loose our businesses, etc… There is no level of oppressive action that is out of limits for the political and cultural elite to foist on Christians. In our “modern” society Christianity has negative political favor.


Christians and Jews are not the only victims of the thought police. Gun owners are regularly called vitriolic names by the political elite, and the Right to keep and bear arms is increasingly being infringed. Progressives don’t like cigarettes, so they outlaw smoking in public, and even in one’s own home, in some places. The nanny state is fueled by the leftist mindset where everything they think we should do is enshrined in regulation. From economically destructive regulations against hydro fracturing, to how many days a store can have a sign out, are common in states that have a high proportion of progressives. They regulate every aspect of what it is to be human, but cannot stand anyone else finding what they do, immoral. Anyone who disagrees with the progressive political establishment is under attack today.


Hate crime is the definition of a thought crime. If someone kills or harms another, based on a thought, IE hate, they are punished especially fervently. This kind of law is based on what a person thinks and not what a person does. Therefore, when a hate crime is charged, thought police are active. There are already laws against murder, assault and theft, and so if someone commits those crimes, they can be punished for what they do, and not what they think. This wrong is magnified by the fact that certain politically favored groups cannot be charged with hate crimes, only a disfavored race can, which is racist in and of itself. Illustrating the pernicious nature of thought laws.


Freedom doesn’t only apply to those who we agree with though. I find many things detestable, but I don’t try to outlaw the idea, I argue against them in open debate. If something is wrong society will eventually recognize it and grow beyond it. Only if there is free debate however. Lacking debate, absurdity can become entrenched, growing to undermine economic prosperity, and liberty itself. We all want to be thought open minded, no one wants people to be discriminated against, but thought laws make us closed minded and force us to discriminate, in the name of social justice and fairness, when nothing could be further from the truth.


Most people are not really engaged in the workings of politics, especially when society is moderately wealthy, they only want to work, have a family and go on vacation now and then. They don’t want to be called racists, haters or other vitriolic names and so they keep quiet and go along. Since these negative monickers are poured on certain segments of society, those people who remain silent fall into a trap set for them, believing that those segments are evil, and that disagreement with the cultural and political elite is actually hateful. So they vote, act and agree with what they know in their hearts is wrong. This is the way societies crumble, economies collapse, tyrannies rise and a new normal of economic depression is formed. Open, honest and free debate is the solution, thought laws are the problem, if we continue to embrace the problem and eschew the solution, we can kiss our liberty, and prosperity goodbye, forever.





John Pepin