The Fallacy of Faction

August 17th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me… language is such a poor means of communication, it is barely utile. Certainly you can grunt out that you are hungry, follow, look a deer and shoot it, and a few other concepts and philosophies have come into it over the years, but most words are so hard to define, even when consulting a dictionary, they are almost useless. This is never more true than when the words are political in nature. Politics is, by it’s nature mercurial, and the language of politics is mercurial as well. We think we know what terms such as left, right, capitalism, communism, fascism and oligarchy mean, but we don’t. Not you nor I. That is because those words have different meaning to different people. A white horse is not a horse so to speak. Without a stable definition a word means nothing.

Capitalism is just such a word. The word means something different to anyone who speaks it. To some it means cronyism, corporatism, oligarchy, company towns, tyranny and exploitation. To others it means free enterprise, free markets, limited government interference, freedom, industry, industriousness, wealth and opportunity. Yet these are not the only definitions of capitalism, there is every shade in between those two extremes. The word capitalism is so mercurial it is worthless as a means of conveying a thought. Better to grunt “hungry,” You will get the point across.

The left/right political definition has become utterly absurd. A national socialist who believes in the planned economy is on the right, and a communist, who also believes in a planned economy is on the left. Both sides are authoritarian, the definition rests on whether the faction believes in globalism, (one world government), or nationalism, (the nation state), a globalist being a leftist and a nationalist being on the right. The only philosophy not afforded any room in that definition… is for people who believe in freedom, free enterprise and free markets. Which highlights another aspect of political speech, that philosophy you dislike can be marginalized, by drowning it within other negative definitions.

Certainly there are people who believe in free enterprise, that also believe in a one world government, and those who believe in the nation state as well. Both parts of that faction, who believe in free enterprise, are separated by the left right paradigm, rendering that faction less potent than it otherwise would be.

The terms liberal and conservative used to have some utility but have long since lost any use whatsoever. A classic economic liberal is what today in the US is called a libertarian or conservative, and a classic economic conservative, is what today is called progressive or liberal. Meanwhile what used to be a classic social liberal is today a progressive or liberal, as a social conservative classically defined, is what we consider a conservative today. Most people are lost somewhere in between the definitions making those terms to be confusing at best and fraudulent at worse.

Politics doesn’t like hard definitions. Politicians like to have their words mean different things to different people. The best politicians are empty suits the people fill with their imaginations. Like Obama was all things to all people when he ran for office, once he got into office, he became something else altogether. Politicians therefore have an incentive to destroy the meaning of words, muddy their definitions and conceal their implications. That is just the nature of politics. It is in our own best interest however to try to understand what people actually think then.

Understanding what others really think is made nearly impossible by the nature of our language. How many times have you or I argued about capitalism with someone when if we had both defined what we meant by capitalism we would have discovered we agreed on ninety percent? He was arguing against corporatism and I was arguing for freedom. Both of us hate corporatism, and both want freedom, yet we argue past each other over a word we never defined! The only real disagreement was on our definitions. Politicians want us to misunderstand each other, they want the water turbid and the air foggy, to keep us in small factions and thus easier to control. We should endeavor to clear the air, let the water settle and actually take the time to understand each other. We might find to our everlasting horror… we agree on far more than we disagree.


John Pepin

The Willfully Blind

August 13th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the ability of people to deny what is right in front of their eyes, is nothing short of extraordinary. It goes back to my glittering lies versus ugly truths article. People would rather believe a glittering lie than recognize an ugly truth, but in this case, it is far more diabolical. Hate is blinding. Those who’s hearts are empty must fill them with something, and hate is tangible, it fills a person and gives purpose. It allows a person to pick and choose what to believe, don’t like the ugly truth of the Holocaust, deny it, don’t want to follow Jesus, deny he existed, want to abort babies at will, deny they are human beings, seek to oppress those that disagree with you, deny their humanity, etc… To deny that which is in front of your own face, is a form of blindness, and only the blind are able to deny what is in front of them.

I recently watched a video about the Second World War, and upon reading the comments, I was flabbergasted at the number of people convinced the Holocaust never happened! Those that claim not to believe in the Holocaust, despite the ample historical evidence, testimony of witnesses and even the stories of the survivors, are people that would allow such a thing to happen again. The only way someone could deny such a crime against humanity is if their hearts are filled with hate. Hate that blinds them to reality, hate of people they have never met and hate of humanity itself. I don’t bandy the word hate around like progressives, as a catchall for anything they disagree with, but as a means to point out the quality that makes such evil possible. To willfully blind oneself can only lead to severe consequences.

Another video about disproving the resurrection of Jesus had similar comments. Most of the comments denied Jesus even existed at all. I find it saddening that so many would blind themselves to truth. Some claimed the morality Jesus taught only came about during the Enlightenment! Talk about ignorance! Such people cannot be reasoned with. How can you have a conversation with someone who gaslights you? It is impossible. Their hearts are so filled with hate for Christianity, over perceived slights, done in many cases centuries ago, by people born in Christendom but were barbarians. A person can claim to be anything they want… but if my cat had kittens in the oven, I wouldn’t call them biscuits.

Abortionists have to deny that their victims are human beings… because otherwise they are murderers. It must make it easier to slaughter innocents by the millions if you deny their humanity. Even the Totenkopf Schutzstaffel, had to be transferred back to Germany, because of the toll it took on them to murder so many innocent Jews and Slavs. Yet Abortionists slaughter babies with glee. They don’t seem to have any human hearted sympathy whatsoever for their victims. They have the uncanny ability to deny that which is right in front of them. The Nazis murdered around six million Jews, abortionists in the US alone have murdered over sixty million human beings, an order of magnitude worse.

The singular lesson of the Twentieth Century was that socialism doesn’t work. From Stalin’s purges and mass murder that killed between thirty and sixty million people, through Mao’s Cultural Revolution that claimed the lives of nearly one hundred million, to Pol Pot who killed so many so fast he ran out of bullets, so he had little girls using plastic bags to suffocate people all day long, and little boys clubbing people to death, socialism has proven itself to be a humanitarian disaster. Only the willfully blind are able to overlook such atrocities. Today zealots for socialism control our schools, government, legal firms and media. They have blinded themselves because it makes it easier to believe a glittering lie than admit an ugly truth.

We can only advance morally, philosophically and scientifically if we stride into the future with our eyes open. Today our culture and society is running blind with scissors. Many have put out their own eyes to feel better about who they serve and what they do. In their minds they fancy themselves Zatoichi, blind to what is in front of them but have a superhuman ability to fight, which means they are fooling themselves as well. Those who see, are denigrated today by the blind, because it is much easier to remain blind and ignorant than to admit the ugly truths they create. Reality cannot be long denied however, and those that deny it, sooner or later will pay the price. There is an old saying, “In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king…” but in the land of the willfully blind, the sighted are hated for their vision.


John Pepin


August 9th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the single most important trait to have… is gratitude. Be grateful for everything, for without gratitude one becomes bitter, angry, envious and hate filled. No matter how much someone has, how many amazing qualities, or their intelligence, without gratitude, anyone will be self destructive. Perhaps the single biggest factor creating our society’s toxicity is our ingratitude. To be grateful is to attract blessings while ingratitude draws burdens. Those who are grateful live longer, are happier, have less stress and stress related problems, making gratitude a self interested quality. We are not grateful for the benefit of whomever has done us a good turn, we are thankful for our own sake, it is the ability to recognize our own human frailty. Clearly then, to be grateful is a self interested act, one that makes us happier, better people…

Thankfulness allows us to count our blessings rather than our burdens. There is not one among us without burdens, or blessings. Even slaves have blessings, and just as importantly, the uber rich have burdens. To live in gratitude is to count blessings rather than burdens, to live in ingratitude is to count burdens, rather than blessings. We all do the math in our heads, counting our blessings, or our burdens. It is the nature of being human. We calculate the ratio, as we see it with our myopic vision, to decide if we should be happy or sad. Happiness though is a quality that exists outside our burdens or our blessings, it is subjective, not objective. To allow some algorithm to decide if we should be happy or sad, is giving away our innate power to be happy, and makes us powerless, which in and of itself is depressing.

Counting our burdens leads to anger, hate, envy and depression. If one dwells on his burdens, it matters not how few they are or how light they bare down, burdens are all that person sees. The calculation is all burden and no blessing. So to count burdens can only make us angry that we have them, hate those we think have none, envy those we imagine are better able to carry… all of which leads inevitably to depression. A deep depression that requires prescription drugs to lift. To those who count burdens, no amount of blessings will change their attitude. They will scoff at their blessings, good health, good friends, loving family, a modicum of prosperity, plenty to eat, life itself, heck, even winning the lottery will only lead to more depression, because it is not our burdens that make us angry, it is our dwelling on them that does.

Counting our blessings leads to love, fulfillment, happiness and humility. Rather than dwell on our burdens, we should make an effort to think only of our blessings and be thankful for them. If we look at the gifts God has given us we can only be grateful. That gratitude can only lead to happiness at our great good fortune, fulfillment because the more we count blessings the more we will find to count, thankfulness is humbling since to be grateful is to acknowledge our weaknesses as well as our strengths, and we are filled with love at a universe and God that has granted us so very much. To count blessings and be thankful for them then, is the path that will lead us to more blessings.

It is human nature to dwell on that which we do on to have, because we have been fooled into believing that is the way to eliminate burdens, and gain blessings. Yet the opposite is true. Counting burdens only results in more burdens because it is stultifying. Angry, bitter people filled with hate accumulate burdens like a stray dog does fleas. Meanwhile, counting blessings leads to more blessings, because thankfulness is attractive, it pulls in more of that which we are thankful for. Our lives are a reflection of our attitudes. To have a positive attitude draws positive things to us just as a negative attitude draws negative things to us.

To be thankful then is to be wise and the wise are thankful for everything. Gratitude is a self interested act. It creates in us all the good emotions and attitudes that lead to happiness, humility, fulfillment and love, while ingratitude, counting our burdens rather than our blessings, can only lead to the negative emotions like, anger, bitterness and envy. Why would anyone choose to be unhappy when happiness is as easy as choosing to count our blessings, no matter how few, and be grateful for them. In that way we accumulate blessings leading us to be even more grateful for them. A self sustaining loop that improves our lives at zero cost! So be wise, count your blessings and amass more blessings… or count your burdens and amass more of them, it is your choice and yours alone… please choose wisely.


John Pepin

The Tragedy of Transsexuals.

August 6th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, progressive hubris has reached the acme of absurdity, even pretending they can change that which God himself has ordained! I am of course talking about the ongoing human tragedy of sex change operations. While there have always been, and always will be, people with mental illness that fills their own lives and the lives of others with heavy burdens, now the state has taken it upon itself to promote mental illness as something that can be fixed, with the surgeon’s knife. The continuing human tragedy destroys lives, rips apart families and even negatively effects people with no connection. The hatred of progressive atheists for God and the world we live in is so palpable, they care nothing of the magnitude of suffering they inflict on the world, all that counts is their assault on sanity, the universe and even God himself.

Every study about the effect of sex change operations shows, those who have mutilated themselves initially feel euphoria, but soon descend into a morass of depression culminating almost half the time, in suicide. If we use a little common sense… theoretically, if “gender dysphoria” is true, the percentage of the population with the malady would have been stable throughout history. Reasoning that they would have been, at least equally as depressed as they are now and probably more, the suicide rate among those with this mental illness should be at least equal. Yet empirically, we find that the rates of suicide for all reasons today, is far in access of anything we have ever seen in human history. Even when Gays faced real persecution rather than today’s faux persecution.

One cannot argue it is persecution that causes the suicides then. In our modern age, the gay lifestyle is not only accepted by the majority of people, but homosexuals can marry, and get all the benefits that previously were given to people for the express purpose of propagating the species. Almost every television show promotes homosexuality, the schools encourage our children to try it, our culture lionizes it and our government provides funds for people to cut off their private bits. Persecution today is defined, as not wanting to make a wedding cake, while tossing gays from rooftops is ignored. Which tells me, and anyone with an operational mind, that it is not about stopping persecution but undermining reason and attacking the foundations of human society.

Hubris is very destructive, not just to those filled with it, but to everyone. The arrogance to think one can change that which God has ordained is the most destructive kind of hubris. Some parents are even chemically castrating their prepubescent children! What is next, changing dogs to cats, converting goats to humans or lions to sheep? Are we really comfortable living on a planet that has become the island of doctor Moreau? Remember that story? Moreau had the arrogance to surgically transform animals to humans… to the subject’s terrific suffering. Today we have an entire political movement with arrogance that makes Moreau look like an eagle scout! Such arrogance is always based in pride.

Pride goes before the fall, and our culture is filled with false pride, pride built upon the backs and hard work, of our fathers, mothers and grandparents. We had nothing whatsoever to do with the technology we live in, nor the prosperity we enjoy or even the liberty, fleeting as it is, that allows us to be so prideful. We are like the heir who inherits a fortune and believes she deserves it. False pride and arrogance go together like peanut butter and chocolate. It allows the person to believe their own fantasies, yet when those fantasies are challenged, the arrogant pride filled person becomes livid. How can anyone have the audacity to challenge their fantasy?!?

Most of us today live in a total fantasy. Few, other than farmers, truly understand what it takes to keep a single person alive, let alone seven billion. It is that fantasy that we live in that allows us to have such absurd notions. For it is only one far removed from reality that can consider themselves to be greater than God himself. In their fantasy world, the suffering they foist on the human race is the result of anything but their own actions. Only someone living a fantasy life could ignore real persecution while fighting faux persecution with all the gusto of a zealot. My heart breaks for those people who have been sold that bill of goods. I pray for them and my heart goes out to them. They are victims, not of God but of our toxic, godless, arrogant culture. A culture perpetuated to destroy the foundation of our economy, liberty and society in favor of a fantasy. May God heal all people who have fallen for the scam and have mutilated themselves, please Lord, heal them… in body, mind, soul and spirit.


John Pepin


August 2nd, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the republicans are proving by their actions, that they are no different than the democrats, showing there is no real opposition party. Both parties seek the administrative form of government without oversight or consequence. The leadership of both parties are progressive/Marxist to the core. They stand for the same things, the republicans think they will be better at keeping the trains on time, under the oppression both parties have in store for us. Clearly, republicans have no intention whatsoever of actually implementing the platform, republicans have been running on since Reagan. They have shown themselves to be spineless worms. The American people are onto them however. We know they are no different than the progressive democrats. With a few notable exceptions, most republicans are new class progressives, who would rather the government make all the decisions for us little people who, in their minds, are too stupid to make our own. How poorly both parties see us.

The republicans however are in full suicide mode. They are showing the world just how useless they are. What a joke they have become. While the democrats are brave enough to throw themselves on the sword, to establish tyranny, and pass Obama care regardless of the consequences… blowing up our healthcare system, leading to untold deaths and suffering, to create the conditions for single payer, a major goal of Marxists. Republicans on the other hand, who have been running against Obama care since it’s inception, are too mealy mouthed and conniving to pass anything of substance. In doing so they are relegating themselves to Whig status.

In the absence of a true opposition party, standing against the progressive plan to destroy the US and create a one world tyranny, from which there will be no escape and no path to advancement, outside the political arena, there will be a groundswell of support by the people for anyone that is brave enough to stand against it. People are far more intelligent than the new class credits. We understand what they are doing and they know what they are doing, we can read their books, Rules for Radicals, Cloward and Pivon, UN agenda 21 and now agenda 2030, and read their websites, Socialism means one world, for example. No amount of hiding their intent with the code of the culture of critical discourse can hide their aims. That republicans do nothing to stop the agenda, only slow it, shows they seek the same think as all new class progressives.

What a debacle they have created for themselves. By running as the opposition party, but when in charge of the House, Senate and Presidency, they are unable to move the dial even a notch back to liberty and limited government,they have utterly discredited themselves. In fact republicans are finding common cause with democrats to limit our freedom of speech! It isn’t odd that both parties only find common cause, when limiting our freedoms and expanding the role scope and reach of government, it is what we have come to expect. The republican party is a faux party. It is just a means to fool the American people into believing our vote counts. Like Mark Twain once said… “If voting made a difference they wouldn’t let us do it.” The republican party today is proving that adage to be absolutely true.

It is time for a new party. Not one made up of RINOs jumping ship to hold onto power… but of constitutionalists, freedom loving people and laissez faire capitalists. People who actually seek to crush oppression, allow everyone to get ahead, smash the glass ceilings, stop factionalizing us with racist claims of racism, eliminate crony capitalism and strengthen the US rather then try to destroy it. Sadly however, these things don’t have the support of the progressive new class, who controls our media, judiciary, government, businesses, and hands out the money. It was evident when the much loathed Koch brothers switched their allegiance to Hillary Clinton in the last election. Clearly they only support republicans because they want to run the one world government, not stop it, nor do run of the mill republicans. If a new party could come about that does these things and makes a real stand against the rising oppression, the republican party would disappear like a cloud of smoke. Good riddance.


John Pepin

Our Subhuman Elite

July 31st, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, even a cursory glance at the news, highlights the terrible situation we are in and that it is getting worse by the day. Not just Americans or Europeans, not the riots and runaway hyperinflation of Venezuela, nor the threat of nuclear war with North Korea, or even the genocide of Christians… but all of us, every man woman and child on the planet, we are in deep trouble. So… why is it that our leaders, who are undeniably the reason the world is in the horrible shape it is in, distract, lie, steal from us, connive against us, vilify each other and make the situation worse, rather than try to improve it? The tired old adage they have differing views on how to solve the problems they created is too shopworn to take seriously. The elite act like children. If you or I did a tenth of what the elite do, and get away with, we would be fired, prosecuted and jailed. Make no mistake, those who run the world are basically, subhuman. A subspecies that lacks the morality of the herd, don’t have the intellect of a jack rabbit nor the backbone of a snake, they destroy everything they touch, and like a child who’s fingers are covered with sugary goo, they touch everything.

You really couldn’t make this stuff up. Had a writer written a century ago… that in 2017 in the US, babies would be slaughtered faster than the Nazis did Jews in the extermination camps, then sell their parts, the people who exposed them are tried and may go to jail, the government would establish atheism as the state religion, monuments to Jesus would be replaced by monuments to Satan, pedophilia would have an advocacy group, the government would sell guns to Mexican drug cartels then blame gun shops in an attempt to undermine the second amendment, the attorney general would lie to Congress without consequence, we would be taking in tens of thousands of people who openly despise us and our constitution, illegal immigrants would be above the law even allowed to rape and murder with only a temporary ostracism as punishment, our politicians would be above the law and care not who knows it, our money would be fiat, we would have to get used to terrorism to prove how inclusive we are, our children would graduate high school unable to read, write or make change for a dollar but know everything there is to know about how to have gay sex, even as we are facing dozens of potentially existential threats the government spends billions to prove a hoax, etc… the story would have been called too absurd to print!

To the elite, what is theirs is theirs, and what is our is theirs too. They have set up dozens of scams to steal from working people. From the monthly fines of the politically connected big banks to the tune of billions of dollars, where no one goes to jail but the shareholders are fleeced, by the executives as well as the government, where our earnings are stealthily whisked away by inflation due to the printed fiat currency, where our jobs are undermined and sent overseas by regulations designed to prop up politically favored derelict firms to the detriment of growing entrepreneurial firms, while our children’s money is stolen by deficit spending before they even get to grade school, as the elite cast a greedy eye on our bank accounts and 401Ks to “balance the budget,” and our real property is subject to forceful seizure for whatever reason the elite want it for. The elite, around the world, are criminals who in a sane world would be cooling their heels in prison, continue to destroy all that is good and prop up all that is bad.

The deep state war on Trump is only a symptom of the underlying problem not the cause. Trump derangement syndrome is a very real thing and can be seen in real time by watching any major news outlet. It is obvious they have gone completely insane. Those who have created this dire situation, are intent on pointing the finger at someone else, anyone else. The elite have shown themselves to be untermensch in the worst sense of the word. They are the underlying problem. The elite today are the epitome of every bad trait humanity has ever created. The problems we face today are mere symptoms of the evil of our leaders. It is past time for us to recognize our leaders only have their own narrow interests in mind as they rule. If we don’t act now, and demand the elite follow the law and especially our Constitutions, all will be lost. To borrow a phrase… You don’t have to be a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing, especially when it is a typhoon wind.


John Pepin

The Age of Arrogance

July 26th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the future will call the times we are living in, The Age of Arrogance. Our culture is nothing if not arrogant, our leaders epitomize arrogance and we bow to arrogance rather than reason, morality, or self interest. In short, we have fallen in love with arrogance. Our love affair with arrogance is a facet of post modernism’s fundamental posit that there is no such thing as truth. When one is in the position to disbelieve truth, he or she is living in a fantasy land. Lets face it, what is more conducive to arrogance in the individual than the idea that he or she is so intelligent, they are above even truth! So much of that which generates arrogance in our culture, society, government and business is the natural outgrowth of the post modernist university curriculum. Post modernism, a nihilistic philosophy that seeks to support lies by undermining truth, is one that not only creates an arrogance in the elite that exploit the scam, but that arrogance has now trickled down to the people, and we have become arrogant as well.

One of Confucius’ main tenets was that people follow their leaders into corruption or virtue. When the leaders are corrupt the people will follow and be corrupt. When leaders are virtuous, the people will follow and be virtuous. It makes sense on a rational level as well. We all, to a greater or lesser degree, look up to the leaders of society. We seek to emulate them in every way. Look at the plethora of magazines today that are only about celebrity. Celebrity worship is not a new phenomenon it is as old as the human race. We idolize our leaders with celebrity status. People usually want to be just like their idol don’t we? We pay extra for backpacks with the emblem of our football team on it, we wear the same clothes our peers wear to fit in, and we fix our hair to be in fashion, like our idol. In a myriad of ways we change or actions and even looks to follow our leaders, our idols.

Post modernism is based on the idea that there is no such thing as truth. All truth is subjective and therefore only valid in the context of the individual. It’s adoption has allowed such mental dreams as feminism, 45 or so “genders,” men in women’s rooms, the mantra socialism has never been tried, walls don’t work, etc… even physics is under attack from post modernism. There have recently been scholarly articles detailing how Einstein’s famous equation E=MC^2 is bigoted, because the speed of light is given special consideration! Post modernism questions everything but it’s own assumptions. It allows the adherent to disbelieve anything, and believe anything, no matter how absurd or self destructive. The only reason such nonsense doesn’t immediately result in the deaths of post modernist adherents, is that we live in such a technological age, they are protected from their own insanity by the civilization the market system has built.

Our technology has allowed us to invent and disseminate fantasies because most of us live in fantasy land. Vegans can only be vegans in a technological age like ours. At no other time in human history has it been possible for a person to pretend not to need meat… and survive. It is only where food is brought in from around the globe, and even is available out of season that a vegan can even hope to survive, only slightly malnourished. Lest you think I am picking on vegans, by no means, trans gendered people break my heart. How toxic does a culture need to be that inflicts such physic disease on people? Trans Genderism is the ultimate fantasy. Men believing they can be women and women believing they can be men can only reasonably be described as living in a fantasy. Post modernism has given our leaders the intellectual tools to disconnect from reality and live in fantasy.

Of course post modernist thinking breaks down if you find yourself in a car speeding at a cliff. It becomes very difficult to deny the reality that of you don’t stop, you will go over the cliff, and probably die. Denying the brakes as a means to stop the car might be perfectly acceptable logic under a post modernist mindset, but in the reality we find ourselves in, it fails every time. Take an airplane. If a pilot is a post modernist and denies the validity of his instruments, because the person who made them was a sexist, homophobic, white male oppressor, such a pilot would not fly long before meeting with an untimely fate. Post modernist thinking only works in a fantasy, and believing a fantasy let alone living in a fantasy, is the ultimate in arrogance.

How arrogant does someone need to be… to deny empirical reality for a fantasy? Today we arrogantly deny reality, rewrite history to suit our present political wants, demand our industries produce the impossible, believe in lies while denying the truth and even pretend we can change ourselves into aliens, dogs and the other sex. Our arrogance knows no bounds. We expect that someday we will be immortal, many of us believe we have surpassed even God himself, since we have decoded a tiny portion of his handy work, and we arrogantly strive to change the fundamental nature of humanity itself! In our arrogance, we create fantasies of us killing the planet and demand humanity become slaves to the state, else our fantasies kill us all. Our arrogance is based on the perverted idea that there is no truth in the face of overwhelming evidence there is. Our leaders have gone all in on the fantasy and so we are following them into absurdity. Yes, the future will call our age… The age of arrogance.


John Pepin

Change as a Political Mantra

July 23rd, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, political movements that proclaim change as their universal immortal mantra, must always create suffering, want and drama, in order for their message to sell. Obviously, in a time and place where there is Nirvana, the economy is going gangbusters, government is all but non existent, crime is something read about in books and the kids all have carefree childhoods… no one would want change. Therefore, those who peddle change need the economy to grind along sufficient to keep from collapsing, but poorly enough so that want strides the land. Social unrest and crime sell change better than any ad agency ever could. Place government right at the heart of the problems and change is a winner all around.

Change is especially attractive to the young. Kids in school believe they are the smartest people who ever lived and those who have an inflated sense of self are the easiest marks. You did and I did, we all believed we were the wisest people on the planet when we were young, and many of us still do. It is only through the tempering of the raw knowledge we gained in school by life experience, and most of that, mere propaganda, before someone is able to recognize a scam, especially one packaged so beautifully. The very idea of change is exciting to youth. Young and unwise people romanticize change, dream about how much better everything will be after, imagine themselves as the benevolent autocrat ruling for the betterment of mankind and picture how pristine the planet will be once fossil fuels are forbidden.

That is why change always leads to a worse outcome for everyone but the politicians. Politicians peddling the snake oil, change, will have the starry eyed youth manning their trenches. Loyal soldiers who are immune to any barrage of reason or empirical evidence contradicting their beloved change. Riding the swell of youth acting against their own interests, politicians peddling change then can make the situation such that everyone will want change. The worse they can make everything, the better their message of change will resonate, not just with the youth but with everyone who has lost their job, wife, husband, healthcare and dignity.

It is against the self interest of people selling change then to improve things. I think at this point we can all agree, people act in their own perceived self interest. That is why people are so happy to vote for the politician who will use the power of the state to take from another to give the themselves. They see it in their self interest to receive money for their vote. Outside of any discussion of if it is in one’s self interest, rightly understood, to do so, we can see that people do it because they perceive it to be in their self interest. Politicians who peddle change are acting in their self interest as well. The message sells, once in power it is easy to pretend to try to change things for the better, while working to change things for the worse. Since it is always much easier to change things for the worse, that politician who hawks change will always be able to create the conditions where that message sells. It is in their self interest to make things worse as they pitch change.

When you hear someone selling change, you know the change they are selling is always for the worse. Generally, people peddling change will help their core constituency at the cost to society, since doing so gets both their core constituents paid off for their support, and creates conditions where the message of change resonates. In the long term however, change always makes even the most politically favored group’s fortunes lower. Eventually only the top political echelon have plenty while everyone else has little. People act in their self interest and so those who gain power based on change will always seek to make conditions such that change is a winner.

This paradigm only works as long as the people are ignorant of the game. Once those pitching change have become so brazen people cannot help but to see, even when they seek not to, the message is seen for what it is. Usually far too late to do anything to stop the inevitable destruction. People will become angry once the charade is discovered and some will become violent. This has happened many times in history when the elite have been discovered for who they are, those same great men Thrasymachus so admired in The Republic. Those selling change will have their Marie Antoinette and Benito Mussolini moments, not because it is just or right, but because they have striven so mightily to deserve it.


John Pepin

Scientific Advance is Predicated on Philosophical Advance

July 19th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me… you cant have warp drives, until you have the philosophy to invent them. A prerequisite for technological advancement is human hearted philosophical advancement. In other words, before science can advance, there needs to be the philosophical foundation for it first. Just as medicine needed the philosophical advance, that accepted human dissection for medical research is moral, before it could advance beyond leeches and toadstools. Aristotle originally wanted to be a natural philosopher, a scientist perhaps a botanist, but the state of science at the time made such an endeavor useless, so he went into the area that advanced the philosophy, so those pursuits in the sciences could be made. This is a natural mitigating factor in keeping scientific advance behind philosophical advance. It protects us from ourselves. Problems come in however when barbarians conquer more advanced peoples and gain technology which they couldn’t have created, are ill equipped to understand the ramifications of, but are more than willing to use. The higher the level of technology the more dangerous this principle becomes.

Each scientific advance was preceded by a philosophical advance. The creating of the gun and cannon was preceded by Christianity. Others had black powder for centuries before, and many had put it to some use, but hadn’t made guns. It was only after the widespread adoption of Christianity and it’s often ignored doctrines of, love thy neighbor as thyself, Do unto others as you would have others do unto you, let he who is without sin cast the first stone, turn the other cheek, etc… These concepts had been known and indeed some are the foundations of Confucianism and Buddhism, but no one had combined them the way Jesus had, and so, as a combined group they did what they had not individually, giving rise to an emergent philosophy leading to a leap in humanity’s human heartedness. This opened the way for much more than guns, but advances in all the sciences, and even the creation of the market system. Then, people who didn’t follow that philosophy, only the tribal clique, picked up those advances in warfare, navigation and economics and subjugated the world.

Philosophy is like vision. Without it a being can survive by staying close to it’s home. Since a blind animal cannot detect danger as efficiently as a seeing one, it must be more wary. Blind animals also have a limited ability to perceive the world in context. The story of the three blind men, is helpful here, all touching an elephant then describing what an elephant is. Each correct in his own way but incorrect in a macro sense because they could not see the elephant. Exactly the same way people who’s philosophy has not opened their eyes yet cannot see the world in context, cannot understand the meaning of what is going on around them and cannot navigate anywhere near as efficiently. Philosophy is the same way but in a level of conscience sense. The higher the level of philosophy the better we can see… so to speak. Note, I said the higher the level, not the newness of the philosophy. There have been as many steps back as there have been steps forward. It’s just once they are understood the steps backward are rejected while the steps forward are incorporated.

People with a stone age philosophy will never create iron let alone a warp drive. Not because they are too stupid but because their philosophy is too limiting. Before one can create iron, one must be open to the idea of iron. If the idea is rejected out of hand, for whatever reason, the corporeality that comes of the idea cannot come into being. The thing simply cannot be made. If they are given iron, or trade for it, they see it, understand it’s utility and so their minds are expanded to include the idea of iron, but that still doesn’t mean they could have created it. The same applies to the Roman times, the Dark Ages, and even today’s post modernist philosophy, all are blind in one way or another, most if not all in many ways. As a result our science is limited by our vision. This is by no means a bad thing. A caveman with a machine gun is dangerous because he is unpredictable with it. Your brother with a machine gun is not dangerous because he is predictable. The first will use it in fits of anger having not the philosophy to control himself, the second only as a toy for target practice, unless he or his loved ones are threatened. The limiting factor of philosophy is a good thing.

The problem occurs, when people who lack the civilizing influence needed for a technology… get their hands on it. Take nuclear energy for example. Does anyone in their right mind really believe that sooner or later there will not be a horrific nuclear meltdown in North Korea, India, Pakistan or Iran? Even the fastidious Japanese, riddled with obsessive compulsive disorder, had a catastrophic meltdown. Yes, it took a nearly magnitude 10 earthquake and towering tsunami, but the consequences linger to this day and will remain for a very long time. If our philosophy as a human race had advanced sufficiently to be fooling with nuclear energy, we would be building thorium reactors rather than Uranium reactors. That we build uranium reactors, despite their inherent danger, for the plutonium that is handy for building nuclear bombs, while thorium reactors are far safer but do not produce the components for nuclear weapons, shows our present lack of human heartedness, (philosophy).

Since philosophy is both a limiting and forwarding factor in human scientific understanding, it makes sense to try to advance it, as much as possible. The more human hearted the philosophy the greater the level of scientific achievement that is possible. Those philosophy’s that have been dead ends, those that lead to the subjugation of individuals, must be abandoned… while those that have produced the greatest advances on humanity should be embraced. Pragmatically then, no matter if we as a human race embrace Christianity, we must embrace the teachings of Jesus as the philosophical advance they are. We should subscribe to the philosophy of capitalism as it was during the 1920s to reanimate the economy. We need to return to the nuclear family as the answer to the scourges of abortion, drugs, crime and hopelessness. We, as a people, must look at what philosophies has worked in the past and embrace only those, abandoning others that have failed us, only in that way can we be ready to advance to the next level of technological and scientific advancement.


John Pepin

The Chiffon Dress Covering Naked Oppression

July 16th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, as a law not enforced becomes meager sophistry, a Constitution unenforced becomes a chiffon dress, to cover naked oppression. One way to undermine a constitution, and therefore establish oppression, is to keep the words the same, but change their meaning. Take the US Constitution. Freedom of religion has become separation of church and state, freedom of speech is under attack in every corner of the globe and even in liberal Canada is lost, while, shall not be infringed, now has added to it “unless it is dangerous,” in the unwritten language of tyrants, and States Rights are whatever scraps fall from the Federal Government’s table. When the police do not enforce a law, over time, everyone becomes a scofflaw, how much more so then, when it is a Constitution that is not enforced, and the people effected are ambitious and unscrupulous to begin with?.

Today we live in extra constitutional times. The US is not alone in this, what nation state or super state like the EU, or empire like China, actually hold everyone to the same standard? The elite in all countries point to their respective constitutions as proof of the legitimacy of their rule, but the moment that same document gets in the way of their avarice or hubris, they ignore it like a smelly cousin at the prom. The elite love to add in more government giveaways, because that increases their power, a government that has by constitutional authority the power and duty to provide for the one, has the power and duty to take from the other, the other always at the discretion of the elite. The more things the elite can glom onto a constitution, like the right to good housing, healthcare and three meals a day, basically three hots and a cot, like a prisoner or factory town worker… the thicker the cloth covering the tyrant’s naked oppression.

Our constitutions, and especially the US Constitution, have been undermined by the post modern philosophy of likening a constitution to a living breathing document, which in practice means the Constitution says whatever the Hell the elite say it does, and if they change it tomorrow to better suit their needs, then so be it. A constitution that’s meaning changes, “with the times,” is not a constitution but a means of legitimizing oppression, just as a law that is never enforced is not a law but a way of allowing a thing, while pretending to not allow it. The changes are not done to the words but to their interpretation. As whole clauses are ignored, irrelevant words are magnified to mean what they obviously don’t, all allowing the self serving elite to change the Constitution, outside the Constitutionally prescribed method.

That is how; “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” Has been used to… establish a state religion of Islam/atheism, license people to talk over the air, and in Sharia compliant nations, talking about Islam will get you imprisoned… like Canada and England, with many elite demanding we in the US adopt those same laws. Meanwhile the US government has established Islam as dominant over all others by their actions. When holy Bibles were found in the possession of a serviceman, the government itself burned them, as trash, but the Koran is by code of conduct supposed to be handled with gloves, with both hands at all times, etc… but NEVER BURNED! Which, judging by actions and indeed rhetoric as well, establishes Islam as a dominant religion to Christianity. Every year the Right to Life marches in DC to condemn the Roe vs Wade decision, that has led to the slaughter of over 60 million babies in the US, those old grandmothers, mothers and young women have to be licensed and by the government and intimidated by snipers and police the whole way.

As long as we allow this post modernist philosophy to reign… our Constitution will be rendered ever more impotent. Common sense will be further crushed under the jackboots of social justice and cultural Marxism. It was only recently that the democrat party denied God three times and booed him after, daily we hear about shrines to Satan going up, in places in the US, Dearborn MI, for example, a Christian no longer has Constitutional protections while certain groups are above the law, those who expose the selling of baby parts are tried as criminals, the government itself exports guns to Mexican drug cartels and then blames gun dealerships along the boarder for the ensuing violence, etc… Our common sense is assaulted daily by these absurdities, and due to the tribal nature of humanity, many of us toss common sense out, for our team, both teams.

The answer is to force our leaders to follow the Constitution as written and originally interpreted. If the elite want to change it, fine, do it by the Constitutionally prescribed means. We have to stop tolerating absurd statements like, “living breathing document,” to describe what should be cast in stone. It is our complacence that allows the elite to get away with it. Our Constitution was never meant to be a cover for oppression… it was to be a protection against oppression! That which we tolerate, like a law that is not enforced,… we will have. Yes, it is hard to stand up, especially when dancing with the stars is on, the recliner is so comfortable and you are half way into a six pack, but if we don’t, our children will have chains holding them fast, rather than bread and circuses. Lets make our Constitution a bulwark against tyranny instead of a concealment for it… be self interested rightly understood human hearted civilized human beings. The type of people that change the world for the better.


John Pepin