Psychopaths Ply Glittering Lies

March 19th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, most people would rather believe a glittering lie than an ugly truth, even when they know it is a lie! That is why tyranny will never go away. Those who seek tyranny, Thrasymachus’ “Great Men,” intelligent psychopaths, know that a glittering lie will gather the majority of people, even after it is proven a lie, so their mouths are full of glittering lies, lying to whomever they need to manipulate at the moment. When I was young I often fell for glittering lies. The less life a person has under their belt, the easier it is to convince them a glittering lie is truth, so much so that they will gladly lay down their life for it. There is noting a psychopath likes any better than manipulating someone into doing themselves and their interests great harm. Combine the two, people so deluded they willingly lay down their lives for some glittering lie, with people who get off on manipulating people into harming themselves, and you have the State.

It is just human nature to prefer a glittering lie. How many untold number of people have been caught by a glittering lie? Just those who bought into the glittering lie that you can run up your credit card account an live like a king number in the millions. We are awash with glittering lies, con men use them all the time. Whenever we are told something we want to believe, that a house’s roof can hold it’s foundation off the ground for instance, our minds say no, but we may so fervently want it to be true we will believe it with all out heart, as if by some magic that will make it so. Every snake oil salesman plied that trade.

It is undeniable that the men throughout history that are remembered as “Great Men” were universally psychopaths. From Alexander the great and Tamerlane to Hitler and Stalin, great men have been only too happy to slaughter countless human beings to get what they want. Cyrus the great was discovered to be the grandson of the king, rather than a sheep herder’s son, by the fact he was a psychopath. Coriolanus leading a Volscian army stopped to slaughter every man woman a child in a Latin town, while on his way to attack Rome, for no other reason than they were long time friends of Rome. The quality of the people Thrasymachus describes as the Great Men, are just psychopaths… manipulative, murdering and heartless. These are the people who are con men, killers, thieves, bureaucrats, prime ministers and Presidents.

History is replete with stories of people killing not only themselves, for a glittering lie, but even their own family as well! The killing fields of Cambodia is such an obvious example I have to mention it. Those children, and make no mistake that is what they were, children, fell for the glittering lie of a socialist utopia, all they had to do was eliminate the bad genes and human nature would transform into the Marxist ideal of one for all. Of course the grand experiment killed so many people the Marxists had to stop shooting people, reserving their bullets for escapees, and instead use clubs and bread bags to kill those with bad genes and ideas. Thirteen year old boys would go down a line of bound men in their forties and fifties, clubbing each in the back of the head, while thirteen year old girls would go down a different row of tied and helpless people, putting bread bags over their heads, one at a time until they stopped flinching, then move to the next.

The dross rises to the top. Since it is in the nature of psychopaths to love manipulating others, feeling themselves utterly superior to the lot of Mankind they naturally gravitate to government, either the hidden cave of bureaucracy where they can ply their machinations under the anonymity of the bureaucracy, or to pull the levers of power themselves. The most dangerous are the ones who will become the “Great Men.” They are the ones who seek to be the tyrant, to that end they will use any power at hand to achieve that goal. Morality has no meaning to a psychopath and so they will manipulate everyone around them until they have that power, then they will use it, visiting death, famine and suffering on humanity, in measure to their, “Greatness.”

Without changing human nature itself or coming up with a way to control that quality of humanity, tyranny will never go away. Psychopaths will always exist and the qualities of being a psychopath will not change, people will rather follow a glittering lie than an ugly truth, so unless our education system teaches our kids to recognize a glittering lie and ugly truth, and act accordingly, else change the role of government itself. Both are daunting because psychopaths are already well entrenched in government and have been since the first king. The only thing that has changed the nature of humanity, to follow an ugly truth and turn away from a glittering lie, is the capitalist mindset, which is why the elite so despise capitalism. It is not in their interests to change the way children are taught, unless it is to dumb them down further, nor is it in their interests to change the role of government, it is in their interests to keep us believing in glittering lies and turning away from ugly truths… and so, tyranny will always be with us.


John Pepin

Blow Up the Education System!

March 15th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the education system in the US is broken top to bottom, turning out good little debt slaves, rather than fully educated human beings ready to take on the world. Smashing the US education system was a long process. It took progressives a century to fully break the beast into submission, yet it was the government’s guaranteeing student loans that has been the death knell of education, once and for all. Students graduating today have sometimes over one hundred thousand dollars in loan debt, debt that cannot be expunged by bankruptcy, going into a job market that is at best a dancing landscape. Instead of preparing our children to engage the world, our kids are leaving those expensive universities with crushing debt and dubious educations. In what universe does it make any sense that today, in the Twenty First century, with the absurd amounts of money we throw at education, that our children don’t emerge from college ready to take on the world, little philosophers able to adapt and dance with whatever landscape appears before them?

The primary education system has been so exploited by progressives, as a jobs program for teachers, an indoctrination system for students, and a cash cow for democrats by teachers unions. They know and openly admit, that if given a choice, most people would choose a better school for their children. Every time they say, a voucher system will be the end of public education, that is exactly what they are saying, the public education system gives a poor product for and exorbitant price. If given freedom of choice in education systems, via a voucher system because as a society we have made the decision to publicly fund primary education, being rational maximizers we will make the self interested choice and send our children to the school that best fits our desires. The diversity in education such a system would provide, along with the inevitable increase in aggregate quality, would allow our children to be more adaptable, and more able to profit from disruptions. Of course if you agree with the progressives that the real aim of our education system is a jobs program, that indoctrinates children into a certain political mindset, and funnels money from the government tax system to a favored political faction via teachers unions, then you want to keep the system as it is.

It is in the arena of higher education that our system has got way out of whack. Every professor will tell you, not all professors are progressives, Marxists and/or socialists, but they will admit most are. At the higher echelons of higher education, they are almost universally Marxists and anarchists. That is not my assessment but that of Alvin Gouldner. As we all know, people follow their leaders, and so as the top believes that philosophy will be transmitted down to the students. One quality that glues progressives, Marxists and socialists together is the love of censorship. They idealize the world where anything they like can be said freely and without hesitation, but that which they dislike is not tolerated, and that mindset is transmitted down to the students, manifesting itself in the attacks on conservative speakers and indeed anyone the progressives disagree with. Why debate someone with a better argument when you can shut them down altogether? Reverse racism has become the norm with the curriculum openly teaching “White Privilege.” That which can be said on those extremely expensive facilities of higher learning becomes ever more narrow, based on politics, every day.

The government taking over the student loan system was pure genius, right out of Cloward and Pivon playbook, from a progressive point of view. What a magnificent transfer of wealth from the productive segment of the economy to the unproductive segment. In one fell swoop, the progressives enabled every student going into college or university to strangle themselves with debt, to pay for an education that has little help other than as an entry card at the door of the club. Let’s say your server at TGI Fridays has a PHD in physics and student loan debt of thirty thousand dollars. That debt cannot be eliminated by bankruptcy, if not paid off, it simply grows as does all compounded interest financial instruments. Meanwhile all that extra money allowed colleges and universities to raise the price and therefore their profit, of “non profit” institutions… which translates to higher wages for staff and especially professors and the executives of those universities. Which is basically transferring wealth from the students in the future, to college personnel today. Financially rewarding progressives for their diligent effort to destroy the education system.

The future only holds change on a munificent scale for our children. Everything is poised to change… one way or another. It is an old adage that it isn’t the strong, brave, intelligent or witty that survive… but the adaptable. We spend as a society over ten thousand dollars a year per student, and in some places far more, to give our children a pathetic education, where they cannot even make change for a dollar, find the US on a globe or understand what they are reading. It is not that our children are more stupid than us, but our education system, and culture stunts their intellectual, moral and spiritual growth. Dumbing down the test to scale for the poor performance of the education system is no longer the answer, it is time to change it, fundamentally, with the goal of, educating people to be self interested rightly understood, rational maximizers who are able to profit from economic disruptions. Our children are able, it is we that hold them back by bowing to progressives. It is past time to force a voucher system in primary education, while eliminating the government’s hand in student loans, college accreditation and handouts to local universities, foster real competition in education. Only real competition will return us a dividend of graduates who are adaptable enough to be able to profit from the disruptions ahead.


John Pepin

The New Space Race

March 13th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, we could very well be at the cusp of a real space age, you know, like the one we were supposed to live in when we were kids. This time the new space race is not from competition due to a cold war between super powers, but led and indeed driven, by free enterprise. Trump, it seems at this point, understands the fundamental limitation to any space program, that it be doable in that President who initiated its term. In that way the US government is finally perhaps going to reengage with space. China is also working on a legitimate space program. Theirs has a series of long term strategic goals that outlive any administration, in that way the Chinese totalitarian structure has an advantage in long term planning, but as with any autocratic system, in the long run it is stultifying, economically, culturally and scientifically. The European Union has neither the will, nor the vision to go into space, they are too intent on self genocide to give the future any never mind. Russia has a very capable space program being the single nation able to put a human in orbit, but they are squandering their lead, by only renting out orbital seats. In the end, all the nations on Earth now have to put up or shut up, because, whether they like it or not, private enterprise is going there.

Poor government, it has such a hard time competing with free enterprise, so much so it is unfair. Government is hobbled with cronyism, lack of consequences for failure, lack of incentives to contain costs, pernicious incentives to never finish a project, political interference, etc… Unless government shuts down the free market, it cannot compete at all. Space exploration is the same way. In the decades the US and the Soviet Union competed in space exploration, the US advantage was the private enterprise system, that the government relied on to make it happen. The USSR had no such private enterprise system and so had to run it’s entire space program through the bureaucracy. As a result the USSR couldn’t compete, bureaucracy can never out compete free enterprise, even when the government is infatuated with an idea.

Today, the glass ceiling has been broken and private enterprise is able to put material into orbit, and soon their rockets will be human rated, once that happens a universe of opportunities will open up to mankind. If the cost for both solar electric and orbiting a pound of payload becomes cheap enough, geostationary solar satellites could be built. The servicing of which would jump start human exploration of the solar system due to the infrastructure such a system would require. A hotel on the Moon would initially be only for the uber rich, like flat screen televisions were at one time, but like everything capitalism touches, the cost will be inexorably driven down until the common person can afford it. Once the common man can afford to vacation on the Moon; space travel will be common.

By the end of 2018 both NASA and Space X, (the private company) are planning to send a crewed ship around the Moon. NASA, at this point, is planning on using off the shelf space shuttle parts to build the heavy lift booster they need. Since most if not all the parts are already human rated the cost could be extremely low to get it off the ground. Government however is seldom rational like that, so I expect NASA to scrap the off the shelf plan, and instead buy a piece of expensive land, build a factory, use it to make five parts, then scrap the plant, When they need more parts, just buy more land… like they do their boosters. Meanwhile Space X has shown itself able to land it’s spent boosters to be used in the future, a huge cost savings and improvement in reliability, since the reliability of a machine is highest between the first ten percent and final eighty percent of it’s lifespan. The limiting factor for Space X is it’s ability to get government to sign off on it’s human rating.

China plans on setting up a Moon base in the next decade. You can bet, if and when they get to the Moon, their people will be armed and they will land on the South Pole. Claiming that land will ensure a monopoly on water on the Moon unless a reserve is found at the north pole. Water is conjectured to be at the north pole but is known to be at the south pole. China still has to thread their space program through the inefficiencies of bureaucracy however. That is why it has taken China decades to make a tiny amount of progress, even though their space capsule is a knock off of an old Soyuz design. Russia is still using the same orbital technology they were using during the original space race. Their plans to build yet another booster, like Energia, have been put on hold due to their desire to expand horizontally. Europe is in the throes of self genocide, so cannot be bothered with future plans, while nations like India and Japan that have ostensibly the ability to place a human in orbit, but are so underfunded they are merely a national trophy.

It is the entrance of private space ventures that has opened up the possibility, and at this point it is only a possibility, for human beings to become a space faring civilization. Governments could wreck this opportunity, as they have in the past, this time by regulating the private space industries out of business or collapsing the economy. If that doesn’t happen however, private space is poised to start a new era in human space exploration, one that will make our dreams of humanity in space come true. People living and working on the Moon, mining asteroids for precious metals, exploring Mars, Europa and Titan, learning about the origin of our solar system, and in doing so understand the mind of God a little bit better. Ideally the pragmatic capitalist mindset will become the norm off planet. Expansionist countries like China, now have to either vastly step up their plans for space exploration, else permanently fall behind. Nation states can come along, or be relegated to the dustbins of history, where quite frankly, I believe most governments belong.


John Pepin

Mexico Should Embrace Trump’s Immigration Policy

March 9th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, if Trump does indeed crackdown and deport a large percentage of illegal aliens to their home countries, Mexico stands to gain the most. It is a matter of basic economics. The importation of thousands of highly trained carpenters, bricklayers, steel workers, stucco, plumbing, electrical, concrete, etc… laborers, that know the language, understand the culture and therefore don’t have to acclimate, is an instant increase in the quality and knowledge base of the labor stock. The biggest benefit however is the capitalist mindset they will bring back with them from the US. With their connections to the US, they will have access to capital no one else in Mexico does, which will enable them to start businesses, build infrastructure, etc…. To put it in Keynesian fashion, the returning citizens will increase aggregate demand as well as aggregate supply, leading to a large increase in the economic output, productivity and therefore the lot of the average Mexican. The fly in the ointment is the epidemic of corruption infesting all of Mexican government.

If the Mexican government can manage to allow the returning citizens to start businesses and create jobs, there will be an economic boom, the likes of which Mexico has never seen. Sadly, the government of Mexico is corrupt from top to bottom. From the Bureaucrats in Mexico City to the local cops in Tijuana, graft is rampant. Regulations in Mexico are designed to be cash cows for the elite, and only the elite or the violent, are allowed to get ahead. That is the fundamental problem with the Mexican economy. In fact corruption is the primary reason any nation is impoverished. Since corruption flows from the top down, as does virtue, the answer is to clean up corruption at the top. A NUMA would work to clean up the corruption if it were implemented.

Keynesian economics is demand based thinking. Basically, if the total demand for goods and services in a country, (aggregate demand), exceeds the total supply of goods and services in that country, (aggregate supply) the economy will be in a growth period. If the total demand for goods and services falls short of the total supply of goods and services, the country will be in recession. With the incoming relatively wealthy Mexican citizens returning they will both increase demand and supply. Since much of what they got used to in the US will be missing, they will set themselves to replicating it in Mexico. The resulting increase in aggregate supply and aggregate demand will, in Keynesian fashion, drive economic growth.

Keynesian economics however, while simple to understand, falls far short of actually explaining the subtleties of why an economy grows or shrinks. To Austrians it is capital stock and labor stock. In both categories we see that returning Mexicans will improve both to a huge extent. The returning knowledge alone is worth trillions in economic aid. Couple the magnificent increase in the quality of labor with the money and access to capital the returnees will have, is an Austrian economist’s dream. The increase in capital will allow people to start businesses, which will both employ people and add to the supply of goods and services that are available in Mexico. Many goods and services that will become available hasn’t been available before, which Says law says leads to more consumption, because some people will demand the new products, which is in fact new demand.

Returning Mexican citizens will also be more entrepreneurial as well. Schumpeter’s “creative destruction,” explained that the boom bust cycle of any and all economies, as a function of the entrepreneurial ethos. Someone comes up with an idea for a disrupting product or service, creates that product, way of doing business or service, capital is pulled in to expand and facilitate that new idea, making the economy grows at a rapid pace. Once that new idea is in place the economy sheds it’s now redundant infrastructure and goes into recession. The recession triggers the opportunity for a new entrepreneur to implement his or her idea and the cycle starts anew. In Mexico this paradigm would be on steroids for all the reasons I have pointed out above. Returning Mexicans wouldn’t have to come up with ideas on their own, they will be returning with them already fleshed out, having seen them in the US.

Under every theory of economic growth the returning Mexicans will drive huge economic expansion in Mexico. That economic expansion will lift all boats, by driving up demand for labor, and thus wages as well. The Mexican government will be forced to clean up, at least a little, since the thousands of returnees will be used to far less government corruption and will demand it be reduced. If they are successful, and government corruption in Mexico is reduced, the economic boom similar to the US in the Roaring Twenties, will be just as historical. Yes indeed, Mexico has a great deal to gain from Trump’s immigration policies… if they embrace their returning citizens as the resource they are.


John Pepin

The Faction that is Above the Law

March 6th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, it is becoming increasingly obvious, we live in a system where there is a faction that is above the law, and the rest of us are below it’s protections. Under any system where some are above the law, or below its protections, law does not exist but arbitrary rule is instead the character of the nation. Political favor is always the deciding factor in a country where arbitrary rule is the norm. Those with political favor, whether they be the tyrant or the oligarch, will never hold themselves to the laws they themselves make, those are for the little people. Moreover, the elite under such a system have carte blanche to punish those the elite see as a threat, regardless of the supposed limits on the elite’s authority. When it becomes undeniable that there are people who are above the law, like it has today in the US and Europe, unless we the people seek slavery, it is up to us to demand every member of the elite be held accountable. Giving a different faction that same power is self defeating.

No human being is an angel. We all know this but many of us operate like they don’t. Progressives willingly grant people with absolute power, in the misguided idea that if only the “right” person is in charge, the world will be utopia. That is the basis of every progressive argument. They see humanity as so hopelessly defective we simply cannot be trusted to run our own lives, yet they see the very same people, when they have absolute power, as saints who will work for the betterment of mankind. How many times have you heard a professor argue, real socialism has never been tried, or that, the wrong people were in charge then, when discussing the failure of socialism to ever elevate a single person, other than a member of the politburo, from poverty to wealth. Progressives constantly seek an angel to save humanity from itself. Sadly, angels only exist in heaven, and not in the common lot of Mankind.

The Obama administration was the most scandal ridden in US history bar none. Even the maligned Nixon paled in comparison to Obama’s antics while in office. From abusing his self proclaimed “political enemies” with the unlimited power of the IRS, trafficking arms to Mexican drug gangs, through this latest scandal where Obama wiretapped the phones of the other political party for political advantage in an election, not one of his scandals has yet to be investigated. There is not a single republican administration that would have weathered the fast and furious scandal, let alone wielding the IRS as a political weapon against progressives! It is undeniable Obama has openly broken many laws, and violated our Constitution in a myriad of ways, yet doesn’t even face an investigation for any of it… that is the definition of being above the law. Hillary Clinton wiped and destroyed a hard drive under subpoena, then lied under oath about it, even revealing Classified secrets to our mortal enemies! A felony if you or I did it, yet the FBI said no one would indict her for it, then indicted dozens of servicemen for far lesser crimes! Apparently servicemen are not politically favored.

There is not a soul who is the least informed that does not know that members of the government rarely subject themselves to the laws they write for the rest of us. From legal insider trading, to Congress’ exemption from the Affordable Care Act, the elite never hold themselves to the same standard they hold us to. Even the Sarbanes-Oxley Act doesn’t apply to the elite! They can lie without consequence to the American public at will. Get caught lying to the government and rest assured the elite will wield the entire power of the federal government to destroy you. Take the example of the socialist billionaire George Soros, he has used his vast wealth to conduct his own personal foreign policy, in violation of US laws that prohibit such actions from private citizens, yet he faces no penalty for it. Heck the geriatric Soros was even accused of beating his girlfriend, but the NYC police refused even to question him about it when the girlfriend made the accusation! Imagine what would happen to you, if your girlfriend went to the police accusing you of beating her! So, we can see that it is not only government officials that are above the law, but progressive billionaires as well.

Yet you and I are under the protections of law. The IRS scandal is one glaring example where citizens were denied justice and their due rights under the law for political purposes. The film maker who made the internet film, The Innocence of Muslims, which Obama blamed on Benghazi, a lie as it turns out, was jailed to promote the lie! So much for the First amendment’s freedom of speech. Try acting Pro Se in court, the lawyer against you will be held to a drastically lower standard of conduct than you, to the point of making the entire “justice” system absurd. If you run afoul of the bureaucracy, by violating some arcane regulation, you are denied the legal system to adjudicate your case, instead those regulations are made by the bureaucracy, enforced by the bureaucracy and tried by the bureaucracy. In the Federalist Papers Madison argued that if the laws ever became so many that even a trained attorney cannot understand them, then tyranny is in effect, showing that even by Madison’s definition, we live under a tyranny today.

When a faction is above the law that faction is the defacto oligarchy. Aristotle wrote in Nicomachean Ethics that there are three right forms and three wrong forms of government, The wrong forms have in common, they all serve the rulers not the nation state, or in Aristotle’s time, the city state. That faction today that is above the law, and indeed our very Constitution itself, as Nancy Pelosi so famously illustrated by her flippant attitude when asked if Obama care is constitutional, is the progressive faction. If we allow this to continue, or God forbid, give a different faction that same power, we are acting against the interests of our own children. We have to stand and demand, the elite are held to the law, and create a system to punish them when they violate our Constitution. Unless we act, we will be passing a world of suffering to our children. Look into the eyes of your children and grandchildren and ask yourself, do I want him or her to be a slave of some inhuman state? If you love them, maybe it’s time to enact a NUMA amendment, and proclaim to the world and our posterity, that no man is above the law and no man is below it’s protections.


John Pepin

Distribution of the Goods of Society

March 1st, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, society functions best when the fruits of the economy are distributed by merit, as in capitalism, rather than force, as in anarchy and corruptocracy, or political favor, as in socialism, communism, feudalism, cronyism and corporatism. While the distribution of the goods of society have been a hot topic for well over a century, the functionality and utility of the economy under each system isn’t actually debated. Those who are connivers prefer arbitrary rule, they fall in the camp of the political distribution of the goods of society, while those with a propensity for violence would rather force be the measure of who gets what, and while each has his or her own natural tendencies, the best for everyone is free enterprise, or in other words… Meritocracy.

Take the example of three mansions. The first is owned by the CEO of a fortune 500 company, the second is owned by a US Senator, the third by the founder of a company. Which mansion is justly got? The politician realized the fortune that paid for his mansion by selling the interests of the nation to special interest and delivering on those sales with regulations. Perhaps the CEO, who did nothing of any notoriety, other than have the good fortune to be born into the clique that sends it’s youth to Harvard and Yale, to be groomed for that position. Certainly not the founder of a company, who by founding a company… created jobs for people, delivered some value to the lives of people and created wealth not only for him or herself but for society as a whole, and did all that by thinking of an idea, taking a chance to make it happen. In the case of the senator, the mansion was won by political favor, the second was also political favor but the third, the founder of a company, was won by improving the lot of Man.

Many arguments have been made as to the superiority of the planned economy… by those who seek to plan the economy. They all expect us to think they are angels, or saints who are above the common lot of Man, calculating, self interested, untrustworthy, undependable and backstabbing. They, who are the angels, want to plan the economy for “our” good, they will subsist on the scraps, like Kim Un. His people pick their own feces for corn while he scrapes by on caviar and champagne. While there are no examples of a planned economy that created wealth, rather than destroyed it, devout socialists and progressives will lament… real socialism has never been tried! One thing you will not hear a progressive avow, is that the economy be planned by an AI, unless they are the ones to program that AI. What good is a planned an economy if someone else is the one planning it?

Societal cohesion is negatively effected when the goods of society are distributed by either force or politics. Everyone of us has a little hypocrisy detector in our brains. There was a recent study done on dogs to gauge their morality, and it was found in that study that dogs have a similar sense of morality as human beings. Quite interesting that only dogs and some monkeys tested so close to human reactions when presented with a moral question. In the case of the dogs, one human participant was stingy giving out treats to most but favored some dogs, the other human participants gave treats equally to all the dogs. The dogs then reacted, supposedly as a human would, by preferring the human participant who was more fair. We know in our hearts when someone’s wealth is ill got. Even as we are told to despise the founder of a company for her wealth we are told to ignore the riches of the politician, lawyer and the corporate executive.

The productivity of an economy is directly related to how close to meritocracy an economy is. When talking about a macro economic effect it is the small things that count. Small actions done by many people equate to large changes in macro economic outcomes. People are naturally at rest. It takes a force to move and inanimate object, as it does a human being, that force to move a person is an incentive. Where there is an incentive to come up with a better way, invent a new product, create value, help someone in their daily routine or any other way of improving the lot of Man, there will be a commensurate reward, people will act. Where there is a disincentive, the idea will be stolen, the bureaucracy will crush you for even trying, only certain people are allowed to do that, etc… the small things people do in our daily lives will, in the aggregate, change the macro growth of an economy.

In a more productive economy one’s piece of the pie need not get bigger since the pie itself is expanding. This is especially true when the growth rate of the “pie” exceeds the inflation rate by a large margin. Each sector in a fast growing economy will experience some growth, even if tangential or even competing with, the present central driver of that growth. Demand for employees will grow as will as opportunity’s to make an honest living. Why be a criminal when legitimate sources of money are available? The easier it is to make an honest living the fewer people will be motivated to crime. It is human nature to go the easiest route just as electricity will follow the easiest route to ground. Even more like electricity that follows every route to ground even when there is a large shunt, there will be those who follow crime as a means to wealth, but where the means is easier only the sadly deranged will follow the harder path.

All this is why society operates best that is closest to a meritocracy. The small effects of rewarding merit, rather than political favor or propensity to violence makes the economy on a large scale, (the macro economy), grow faster. The obviously more fair distribution of the goods of society, to those who do the most good for everyone and remains open for anyone to become rich, simply by meriting it, creates far less stress in society and gives everyone a stake in society. That growing economy draws in people who otherwise would be unemployable, giving them incentive to become employable, so they too can gather some of that ever expanding pie. While the crime rate of a meritocracy will naturally be lower due to it being easier to get money from legal activities rather than illegal ones. The trouble is, those who are at the top today, like the way it is, political favor being the arbiter of who gets what, that is why the senator’s mansion is twice the size of the CEO’s, while the founder of a company, the hated bourgeoisie, lives in a nice house in a suburban development, not much different than his employees.


John Pepin

Government of Psychopaths

February 27th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the hypocrisy of progressives knows no bounds and they daily prove they have no ethics whatsoever, to progressives, all that counts is power over the rest of us… the classic signs of a psychopath or sociopath. They can’t help themselves, the RINO Larry Darrel and Deryl Issa has called for a special prosecutor to look into Trump’s “Russian connection.” Ignoring the fact that if he is so incensed by a President having unseemly connections, why was he so happy with Obama’s unseemly connections with the Muslim brotherhood, bowing to foreign dictators and attack America first tour. If Issa is as he claims to be now, a patriot only looking for the truth, why was he so willfully ignorant of the truth only a few years ago? How many other democrats will prove themselves psychopaths or sociopaths, and therefore their absolute lack of ability to lead this nation by jumping on the bandwagon? The truth is, no government can long stand such conniving, immoral and evil people long, no matter how well constituted. Lying, hypocrisy, acting against the national interest, manipulating others, these are all signs of a sociopath and psychopath, the exact opposite of what we want in government! They pose an existential threat to any government, culture and people, and when we allow them power… we have been manipulated into being the instruments of our own destruction.

The reasons to appoint a special prosecutor for Obama’s illegal actions are countless. Had Issa considered unseemly connections a reason for a special prosecutor, why is it when Obama attended a church that is extremely radical in it’s anti White, anti American and pro Marxist views, didn’t Issa call for a special prosecutor? The case of fast and Furious where thousands of innocent people died as a result of US policy, even as the President was using the problem created by that government policy, to create a reaction to it, the solution would result in the erosion of the second Amendment, isn’t that uncomfortably close to Diocletian’s “Problem, Reaction, Solution” used by schemers, (psychopaths and sociopaths), throughout the ages to trick the people into giving up Rights. Perhaps Benghazi should get a long overdue investigation, the list of unanswered questions go on and on. Obama was the first President since Carter not to have a special prosecutor tail him, yet was in many ways, the most corrupt we have ever had in the US.

Which shows the unlimited hypocrisy of progressive democrats and republicans in name only, (RINOs). Trump has got elected, that is the only rule he has broken, yet, and to progressives that is a big one. Progressives are such children at heart they cannot stand when the other side has the ball. Sociopaths never really grow up. Oh it’s okay if the other side is a republican progressive like Bush, who will move the ball up the field, albeit a bit more slowly, but to let an actual conservative move the ball down the field, back toward liberty, is enraging to them. Lack of ability to control emotions is a trait of sociopaths and psychopaths. If McCain had been elected this cycle instead of Trump, the democrats would be complaining, but not rioting in the streets, that is because they know McCain is a reliable progressive, who will lead the country into whatever war the deep state wants, smiling with those yellow teeth the whole time. Progressives on both sides of the isle are absolutely incapable of being the leaders of a country yet have the uncontrollable desire to control others. That is why so many people in politics, and especially progressives, are sociopaths and even outright psychopaths.

A sociopath has no conscience at all. They will do anything to get what they want, are often very intelligent and charismatic. A psychopath has all the same characteristics but adds to his or her lack of conscience, intelligence and charisma, a love of manipulating people, often to get innocent people to harm themselves. Sociopaths and psychopaths who are not intelligent nor charismatic end up in prison. Such people are ideally suited to take control under a democratic government however. Any election is merely a beauty contest, to pretend it is not is to be willfully ignorant. Let two people get behind a podium, give one a hansom face, winning smile, deep voice and charismatic presence, while he spouts nonsense, and that man will be called a genius. Give another a pale complexion, grating nasally voice and stooping posture, and though he speak the wisdom of the angels themselves, he will be called a fool and ridiculed. Human beings are easily fooled by appearances, connivers like sociopaths and psychopaths know it and are good at it, that is why they love democratic government.

So, even as we have an over representation of sociopaths and psychopaths in government, they are the last people we want leading us. Of course, the rank and file progressive is just a bleeding heart, who puts emotions above logic and therefore is being led by cold hearted and calculating monsters. Allowing people without conscience to lead a nation is a sure path to disaster. Progressives have become so unhinged they have even commissioned a mass Wiccan curse to be cast on Trump! When it become undeniable who they are, exposing themselves through their hypocrisy, arrogance and overt evil, like Darrell Issa has, along with all the democrats and republicans that jump on the bandwagon calling for a special prosecutor, we have to act. The mask has come off and the psychopaths and sociopaths are showing themselves for who they are, progressives, and who they serve, darkness. It is up to us to highlight this fact, show others that progressives in government are almost universally psychopaths and sociopaths, then explain why we cannot allow psychopaths and sociopaths to lead a nation. Unless you are okay with living in a nation controlled by a psychopath as cold as Freddy Kruger, but hansom, intelligent and charismatic.


John Pepin

Is Faction Destroying America?

February 23rd, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the thing most feared by the founders is taking place, our republic is being destroyed from within by political faction. Political faction is the great Achilles tendon of any human government that is not a despotism. Once a faction, and it usually if not always is the faction that favors arbitrary rule, increases the violence of their tactics and so the other side steps into that new level of violence in the political discourse. Each step up in violence by the one is met by the other until actual open violence against people becomes reality. Today in the US the progressive faction is rioting in the streets, beating up conservatives and denying people their right to speak, they have called for the impeachment of Trump before he even took office, they are ratcheting up the level of acceptable political violence to an heretofore unseen level in American politics. Of course the conservative faction will believe it has to utilize the same level of violence when they are out of power, it has been normalized by the progressive faction, and because not to do so would cede too much power to the progressive faction, and could inevitably lead to the extinction of the conservative faction. Never mind which faction is driving the car into the abyss, we are all in it, and they are driving us into a very dark place.

We will not have been the first nor the last republic to be rotted from within by political faction. Rome was reduced from a republic that protected and valued the rights of all citizens to arbitrary despotism. The fall was entirely due to political faction. It started even before the plebeians demanded tribunes be elected to the Senate to represent them, faction is and has always been a problem with any democratic element of government. People, being tribal, will pick a team and back it even when it becomes clear they have chosen poorly. The political violence became overt when Marius ordered many members of Sulla‘s faction executed. That was followed up by Sulla executing thousands of members of Marius” faction in the Forum. Rome’s polity was smashed once and for all, and many of Rome’s best had to flee the city, simply because they backed the wrong guy in the past.

Today we face a similar problem. The factions are different, one prefers arbitrary rule, the other would rather have limited government. Since the faction that seeks arbitrary rule plans on enforcing that rule with violence, they consider it just to initiate violence. Violence in a political arena could take a myriad of forms. It can be mere hostility to the other faction’s ability to get it’s message out, through beating up member of the other faction, to outright murder of the leaders of the other faction. The willingness to use violence is a quality of any faction that seeks arbitrary rule, they are willing to initiate violence, since they are planning on using it anyway to rule. The faction that seeks limited government however, does not believe it or any other faction has the just right to initiate violence for a political end. The result is that the faction that eschews violence will have a decided disadvantage in combating the faction that seeks arbitrary rule.

As the faction that seeks arbitrary rule becomes ever more powerful, and the extermination of their political enemies gets ever more clear, any setback no matter how minor, will set the faction that seeks arbitrary rule to become overtly violent, and we see that today. That overt violence however, no matter how carefully the script is written and how effective the crushing of opposing voices is, that violence is ugly and shows people the reality of what they support. All things good are beautiful just as all things evil are ugly. That ugliness cannot be long hid when a faction has become violent, and so most people will be repulsed by it, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Evil always defeats itself, especially at it’s acme, because once the mask comes off the ugliness underneath is so revolting people abandon it.

Abandoning the faction that is evil is the most important step. They have taken off the mask and their hideous face is in the open. Progressive’s glee at initiating violence cannot be denied, everyone sees it with their own eyes, silenced conservatives need not point it out, it is right in front of us. I wonder however, if this era of political violence will be embraced, as it was in Rome, or rejected. If it is rejected our children will live in a golden age, if embraced, they will live in a dystopian world of our making. Let’s make the right choice, the human hearted one and reject violence and punish those who embrace political violence, creating incentives not to engage in it in the first place. If the faction that initiates violence is sufficiently punished for it, the message will protect the next generation, until progressives re brand themselves again.


John Pepin

Human Heartedness

February 20th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, human heartedness is truly a path to both wisdom, wealth and health. The old sayings of Confucius have been so bastardized over the years, most people only have a half comedic view of him and his philosophy, the philosophy of human heartedness. In fact, the reason he has been so revered for over two millenia, is that his voice rings truth across the ages. To me the philosophy of human heartedness sounds like a small rivulet running down a cliff side, pure and clear, promising succor from life’s heat. Human heartedness is not to be soft hearted, not at all, to be human hearted one must practice many traits, reciprocity, generosity, moral judgment, conscientious, trustworthy and be devoted to learning. Confucius was also adamant that to be human hearted one must also eliminate in oneself, obstinacy, bias, self-centeredness and arbitrary judgments. Imagine for one moment what a society would be like, if the majority of people followed this example, our economy would hum along, crime would be rare and government would be hardly noticeable, in short, it is self interested rightly understood to be human hearted.

Carneades argued that true justice is impossible because for a man to be just he must do violence to his own self interest. The very next day he argued the opposite just as eloquently, to show that pure reasoning is insufficient to decide moral questions, centuries before Kant. If pure reason is insufficient then is there a means by which we can decide the moral right? There are two that have stood the test of time, the first are the inspired morals of God, like the Ten Commandments, the teachings of Jesus, etc… the second is pragmatism. Every time the teachings of God have been ignored things go quickly awry. Even the most mundane, the seven day work week, is empirically tested, the ideal for the human body and when changed people perform worse. Pragmatically the word of God matches with empirical evidence of morality. To practice good moral judgment then is to follow the teachings of Jesus… follow the golden rule, look to your own sins before pointing at the sins of another, let he who is without sin cast the first stone, love thy neighbor as thyself, judge not lest ye shall be judged and in the same manner, etc… all educated people on our planet know the teachings of Jesus, the practice of good moral judgment.

Reciprocity is doing to others as they have to you, it doesn’t mean exacting revenge for harm, that would be violating practicing moral judgment, but returning good works for good works. Someone who returns evil for good is not practicing reciprocity and is violating both practicing good moral judgment and reciprocity. To be generous is to help those around us, within our means, so we are a benefit to humanity and not a burden. That benefit can be in any form that helps people, donating money is obvious but picking up trash next to the road also is a help, or simply holding the door to someone with their hands full, also makes a person generous. Conscientiousness and trustworthiness are qualities every employer looks for in an employee. Once an employer recognizes them in someone that employee becomes invaluable. Even if they lack other attributes, their conscientiousness and trustworthiness will always win out. That is because those are such a rare qualities today.

To be devoted to learning is to be open minded, curious and investigative. The person who is devoted to learning never takes the word of someone what a book says, they read it themselves, then laughs at how others had tried to manipulate the knowledge in the book. Confucius loved learning and so had plenty to teach, many today hate to learn but love to teach, as a result, they have little to teach and much to learn. Learning itself is a good done for itself, as well as a good we do to get another good, ie, knowledge. The very act of learning forces the brain to rewire itself, and in rewiring itself the brain becomes ever more malleable, more able to adapt, and it is the ability to adapt, more so than strength or agility, that is often the difference between life and death. Learning gives us both knowledge and the ability to adapt.

Of course there are those things the human hearted person must avoid. The obstinate are unable to learn, as are the biased. Self-centeredness is an attribute that undermines the ability to be reciprocal, be generous, trustworthy or even practice good moral judgment. The self-centered, egoists, are closed off from evolving into a higher form, like the proverbial camel must be fully unburdened before it can enter the eye of a needle, the egoist must shed his or her self-centeredness before any form of wisdom can be attained. Arbitrary judgment is jumping to conclusions based on something other than considered conclusions. An arbitrary judgment can be due to emotion, bias as in tribalism, race etc…

Human heartedness has been translated in other ways, ritual and righteousness, music and ritual among others. Human heartedness clicks with me though, because after reading most of the existent quotes by Confucius, it is obvious he was a deeply caring man who wanted to change his kingdom for the better, not by forcing people to do what he deemed right, but by leading by example, showing people the good that comes of being human hearted, the good that would befall a kingdom if it’s rulers were human hearted and shining a light down a better way. To be human hearted is to be civilized, not to be human hearted is to be a barbarian. History is unambiguous, when people have been civilized, there has always been more liberty, leading to prosperity and good health, leading to low crime. If we want to live in a free society with low crime, that is prosperous, it becomes a self interested thing to do, rightly understood… to be human hearted.


John Pepin

How to Fix Healthcare

February 16th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, if car insurance was done like health insurance, no one could afford a car. Imagine if your car insurance covered oil changes, tire rotations and headlight replacements, but if you got in a collision it only covered 80%? Would that make any sense? The cost would be astronomical and the utility would be minuscule. Car insurance would cost far more per month than the car itself perhaps exceeding the cost of the car by more than double. This is because the insurance company would have to cover all their potential claims and expenses plus make a profit. The economic incentives would mutate so that the cost of an oil change would skyrocket from under $100.00 today to $200.00-$500.00 or maybe more. That extra cost would feed back into the system raising the cost of insurance sufficient to cover the added cost. The cost of body repair would also skyrocket because there would be no incentive to cut costs, only to raise them, and so that would again feed back into the system again, raising the cost of insurance. Add into the mix a government law that forced everyone to get the most expensive form of car insurance, for our own good of course, and the insurance companies would be given carte blanch to gouge the public as they saw fit, even as a bureaucrat decided how many oil changes you could get a year. Eventually the cost of insurance would be so high even a millionaire couldn’t afford it!

I recently had occasion to visit the veterinarian and a doctor in the same week. The difference was shocking. At the Vet I made an appointment and saw the vet that same day, there was no wait in a waiting room, filled with flu germs and MERSA, for close to an hour after the appointed time, the cost was half and I got to talk to the vet about my dog’s condition, getting useful answers!!! Even as a veterinarian has to undergo equal schooling as a doctor, and they probably make as much if not more, the quality of care my dog gets at the vet in all ways far exceeds that which I get, for double or triple the money at the doctor! That is because the market system has been allowed to work in the field of veterinary medicine and the government hasn’t shoved it’s way between my dog and his Vet.

I would far prefer to pay for my own wellness visits, prescription drugs and medical supplies and have catastrophic coverage 100%. If, God forbid, I had to get a stent put in my heart, that procedure could cost as much as $41,000.00, per stent! If I have to cover 1 stent at 20% of $41,000.00, that is $8,200.00, not counting my $5000.00 deductible! Imagine how many office visits I could get for that money! Not only would that expense be crushing during a time of intense stress, but that extra stress would hinder mine or anyone else’s recovery, increasing the cost even more. The cost for other catastrophic procedures is even higher. In short, we are insured for that which is no burden to pay for, but not covered for that which we cannot.

Anyone can see how ludicrous such a system for car insurance would be but most fail to see the absurdity of our healthcare system. Perhaps that is because we are like the proverbial boiled frog, year after year, regulation after regulation, our health insurance system has become ever more bizarre, until the Affordable Care act highlighted for all to see, just how utterly ridiculous it has become… and it has become ridiculous. Today a man in his 50s has to buy insurance that covers abortions and birth control but only covers 80% for catastrophic care! How many men in their 50’s need birth control to prevent pregnancy, zero… before gender fluidity, yet how many will need a stent put in their hearts? That is only one of the absurdities we have to deal with in our government mandated insurance schemes. We and our employers pay insurance for stuff we will never use, stuff we physically cannot use, but only partially for those things we will probably need.

The failed European systems are no model to follow regardless of the spurious arguments about longevity. The argument that people in Europe live longer appears logical at the outset but even a little thinking shows it is meant in fact to deceive. In Europe the populations were, up until the invasion, fairly homogeneous. French people lived in France and Italians lived in Italy. Although each nation had government monopoly healthcare, they all have different rates of longevity. That is due to cultural and demographic considerations, not the healthcare system. Moreover, the demographics in the US is extremely varied. People of European descent, Latinos, Asians, native Americans, African descent, and every other race, creed on our planet… live in the US. The culture varies from state to state as well, from the Creole diet of Louisiana to the comfort food based diet of the Northeast the diet of Americans is every bit as varied as our demographics, confounding any attempt to quantify our longevity against another nation’s. The real way to decide the merit of the US system against that of Europe, is where to rich people who can go anywhere for their healthcare, go? Does George Soros go to Britain for his healthcare? No, of course not, he uses US doctors. What about Canadians who are wealthy? They also use the US system paying for it out of their own pockets. So we see that the real test of the utility is not some arcane statistic, but where do people who can, go.

It’s time to rethink healthcare in the US. The absurd system of insurance that has been built has to be changed. Of that there is no debate. Yet what system are we as a people to embrace? I would argue that the best system we could hope to attain is a lassaize faire one, where we pay for our own prescription drugs, which in the end would drive down their cost, and our own doctor visits, but have catastrophic coverage 100%. What parent with a child with cancer wouldn’t want such a system? That system would be the end to those cans, covered with a picture of some child suffering with cancer, looking for change to help pay for that innocent’s cancer treatments, it would stop the bankrupting of people because they have a heart attack at a young age, and would create incentives, like those of veterinarians, to control costs while improving quality, as is done in every other sector of our economy when government is kept at bay. Get the government out of our health care system once and for all and use the car insurance model. Sadly, bureaucrats will never allow that to happen…


John Pepin