When someone is above the law… there is no law.

June 28th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, one result of corruption in government, is that corruption will drive an ever growing crime rate, violence, and lower economic outcomes. The two go hand in hand. The more overt and visible the corruption the greater it impels societal corruption. This happens for two reasons… culture and aping behavior. We adapt to the culture, young people especially so, and we copy the behaviors of our leaders. Young people are especially effected by both culture and politics, which acts as a capacitive effect, storing the culture and ethos of government to dampen swings away from it in the future, good or bad. Which makes corruption and it’s consequences dynamic. All of which shows how important it is to protect government especially, but all our institutions from corruption.

People like to follow the culture, culture makes us secure in our societal role, economic condition and status, it gives us structure. As a result of the good we get from culture we bend ourselves to it. If the culture has the ethos that cheating on a spouse is acceptable, then more people will cheat on their spouses than otherwise would. If the cultural sensibility is that making money is paramount, even at cost of future earnings, the economy will diminish over time, and if the culture is corrosive to the family, there will be less functional families, and all those things imply. The culture can be a force for evil or it can be a force for good. Keeping culture free from corruption then, is extremely important for people who seek societal wealth, security and stability.

We all look to the leaders of our governments, and religions, they provide us with the model to follow in our personal lives. We ape our leaders in other words. If our leaders model virtuous behavior we will follow them, and be virtuous, because that will become the norm. When our leaders break their own laws, lie constantly to us, machinate to undermine elections and otherwise rule in a corrupt manor, the leaders are holding those institutions in contempt, and thus, the people will also hold those institutions in contempt, and will lie, steal, and cheat their neighbors in every way possible. Why would a self interested human being follow laws not followed even by those that made them? That wouldn’t be self interested.

When governmental or any other institution becomes undeniably corrupt the effect on society is magnified by that obviousness. Of course overt corruption is far more destructive than subvert corruption. When it becomes undeniable that a faction is above the law, law looses all meaning and become the evil construct Thrasymachus described in The Republic. Even the most dull recognize the absurdity of following a law no one else does. In this paradigm, most pretend to follow the law to avoid punishment, but all will violate it every chance they get. Creating the need for ever more draconian punishments and surveillance to force the people to follow laws made against their best interest, that those who made the laws don’t even bother to pretend to follow.

Young people coming of age are especially susceptible to the warping effects of corruption in the culture and government. When we are young we are forming our attitude to justice, greed, honesty, envy, humility, egoism, egalitarianism, luxury and sloth. We don’t form those understandings from a vacuum we get them from our environment. People who grow up in a field of lavender will smell of it, their entire life, just as those raised in a cesspool will always have that odor around them. This gives corruption or virtue, and lasting effect on society. Those raised in corruption will carry that corrupt mindset with them their entire lives, those raised in virtue will carry that virtue with them as well. This gives society elasticity. Keeping the swings from corruption to virtue less extreme, but sadly, it also makes ridding our government, culture and society of corruption, a much harder task.

Those who tolerate corruption in government will have a corrupt government. The trick then is to forge a culture that is resistant to corruption and police the elite by draconian measures. By doing these two things we can dramatically lower the crime rate, abortion rate, divorce rate and drug use, while improving our economy and thus our very lot in life would be increased. If those in power are held to every single law, enforced to the letter… on them first, our society would follow and become more virtuous, with less need t monitor us. Corruption is as caustic to civilization as it is toxic to economies. Past time to address it, rationally, by discourse and logic, and abandon the glittering lies that the elite can police themselves.


John Pepin

Are We At A Nexus?

June 26th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the corruption in every molecule of our governments, simply cannot be denied any longer. Even where there is not corruption there is the taint of corruption, if by nothing else than, proximity. We see the result of corrupt leaders, the upward bound crime rates, drug epidemic, falling real wages, the war on savers, and all manner of economic and societal upheaval… that is corruption oozing down and into the people. Ooze, being heavier than air, will always seek a lower level. All factions, smothering in ooze, are forced to recognize the out of control corruption and are willing to entertain the thought of addressing it, making this time a nexus, a point in time when the dominant paradigm can be shifted.

When Obama was lying about Benghazi, fast and furious, the IRS scandal, etc… the progressives in the media cheered it. Now that there is a member of the Bourgeoisie in the White house, something the new class had thought it would never see again, they are in full panic, that he will wield the power Obama did, and now are willing to address government corruption. Corruption is all well and good when they are the ones wielding it, but once it slips from their hands… they panic, because they know what they did, and would do with it again. So we have even the new class progressives willing to at least curtail government’s ability to exploit it’s extra constitutional authorities… until they get back in power.

The state of Illinois and territory of Puerto Rico are effectively bankrupt. They will not be the last either. Many other states are in dire financial dilemmas due to a myriad of factors. Pensions are the one most mentioned but other more intractable economic issues lurk in the dark. The actual level of unfunded liabilities of the states is unknowable, which amounts to a potential sinkhole, directly under your economic bed. The soon to explode cost of medicare and social security, never mind the perpetually expanding welfare state can only bankrupt even the most well taxed state. The higher the demand of progressives for the hard earned money of producers, to burn at the alter of the Keynesian economic welfare state, the lower the availability of money to everyone, making the ooze that fuels that money burn… offensive.

Small businesses have been on the get the corruption out of government for a long time. Small businesses are the targets of regulations designed to benefit politically favored factions. Usually large corporations but often smaller factions due to their vote getting ability, or some other reason that makes them favored of the political class. Small businesses pay the majority of business taxes, employ the majority of workers and create the majority of innovations, all of which are much more difficult when regulations get in the way, taxes drain capital, and bureaucrats demand the entrepreneur’s valuable time. Any lessening of corruption can only benefit small businesses.

Even large corporations might consider some backing off the rampant corruption. Of course it is large corporations that largely drive much government corruption, by rent seeking and government granted monopolies through regulations, taxation and tariffs, but if they see even their own fortunes slipping, due to the threat of the corruption benefiting another, they will get on board with anti corruption measures. Today all is pretty hunky dory for corporate elites, they break the law, the shareholders are drained of some money, no one goes to jail and the elite can continue to enrich themselves and the government at the same time, at cost to everyone else. If that paradigm were upended, by a loud outcry from the people and swept up in an anti corruption drive, the corporate elite could face punishment. That in and of itself might lead them to go all in to protect themselves.

The only faction who’s interests don’t align with the anti corruption theme is the legal oligarchy. Nothing enriches lawyers more than litigation and nothing creates more need of litigation than corruption. Ooze not only oils the wheels of the legal system it fuels the fire that drives it as well. Every form of corruption benefits attorneys, especially corruption in their own ranks. Corrupt judges create more need for lawyers just as corrupt lawyers drive need for more judges. Every time a judge finds a legal contract is null and void… due to an absurd unwritten clause implied by Santa Clause, every time a judge awards someone who spilled coffee in her lap a million dollars, every time a judge sentences someone to jail for following their conscience they create the need for more lawyers. So… we don’t have the legal system on our side.

When you have so many factions that wield real power in most countries, having aligned interests to limit government corruption, you have a nexus. What is needed is a plan. The Convention of states have a point. Their innovations would, if applied, drive down much of the corruption by limiting the incentive to it. Sadly, like all innovations in government, even constitutions themselves, is that the elite have to hold themselves to it. No group of human beings is capable of such a feat. To expect the elite to is the height of absurdity. I would argue, the convention of states should include a NUMA. Police the elite, force them to follow the Constitution, and the elite will follow the Constitution. Only an outside force, Constitutionally empowered, can limit the power of the all powerful.


John Pepin

The Administrative State

June 21st, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me… the administrative state has seized almost absolute power. What is the administrative state you ask? It is, in essence, the bureaucracy. A bunch of highly paid bureaucrats setting in a dark cubicle regulating every aspect of our lives, in anonymity, without skin in the game and without consequence. The administrative state has long been the goal of progressives since at least Woodrow Wilson. His favorite book was Philip Dru Administrator. Basically a 1984 dystopian novel where the autocrat is portrayed as the hero. What makes the administrative state so dangerous is not it’s absolute power, which in and of itself is a dire threat to liberty, not the saturation of it’s regulations, but the administrative state is the embodiment of what CS Lewis warned us of, autocrats tyrannizing us for “our own good.” The end result of the administrative state is a super government, where the people are mere pawns of the bureaucracy, and subject to the whims and ideas of unaccountable, unknowable and unhinged bureaucrats.

CS Lewis, the author of The Chronicles of Narnia, one of my favorite book series when I was a kid, once said, “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” Most bureaucrats sincerely believe he or she is doing us a favor by limiting our options and by extension… our futures. They have absolute confidence in their ideas, and since there is no feedback mechanism, they can remain in ignorance of the damage they do forever. By the urging of their conscience they will make Hell on Earth, and every bad decision will lead to the requirement for more bad decisions.

The further anyone is from the results of their actions those actions must naturally become ever more absurd. Think about it, if everything you said was lauded, no matter how insane, anything you did was praised, no matter how dangerous and nothing you thought was ever questioned, you or I, could go off the rails of reality very quickly. The reason we act sanely is because there is feedback. Jump off a cliff because you think you can fly and reality gives you rapid feedback, poke a large men in the nose and he will show you the foolishness of that action, and feed your child purple nightshade because it is pretty, and the result cannot be denied. Yet, if someone you don’t know and will never see gets smashed on the rocks at the foot of the cliff, a stranger gets the return pop in the face or someone else child dies of alkaloid poisoning, one can convince oneself that any of these things is a good. Moreover, by the same mechanism, a good hidden, can easily be called an evil.

The UN is the epitome of the administrative state and is the model that progressive seek to use for their utopian vision of a one world government, where we all hold hands and sing kumbaya. In their hubris driven self delusion, they honestly believe we are mere lab rats, to be run through mazes, implanted with every sort of device and tested to discern the limits of our constitution. The goal of one world government by administrative state is total government that will make 1984 look like anarchy. Imagine a world where there is no escape from the tyranny? People even in North Korea today have some hope, they or their children could get out, and eat a full meal now and then, breathe without the stifling weight of a government agent’s watchful eye, and teach their children the religion they choose rather than have the state religion of atheism foisted on them, like a uniform everyone must wear. The goal is no escape from their benevolent despotism.

The administrative state is a sure path to despotism the like of which the human race has never seen. Bureaucrats, urged on by their conscience, and without feedback, cannot but help creating Hell on Earth. Not that that is their goal or that they would ever seek such horror, it will be a natural result. Today many people talk about the deep state, which is another word for the administrative state. Trump has chaffed against the administrative state and they seek to remove him from office. Should they succeed, their usurpation of political power will be complete. Beware what you cheer for, for it may be your own slavery that you applaud. Then again, our subservient ignorance is the means the administrative state uses to ooze into our lives, governments and cultures.

Today the administrative state exists outside oversight, they have taken over the role of legislator and the legislative branch has been reduced to grandstanding and holding mock trials. The Executive power is undermined by the administrative state, to the point of reducing our Constitution to a mere table cloth, hiding the hideously marred reality of what our government has become. Like a kudzu vine, the administrative state has overgrown the garden and has ventured out into the wild, where it will eventually choke to death, every human liberty, emotion, religion, and even goodness itself… In the name of goodness.


John Pepin

Calling Good Evil and Evil Good

June 18th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, Glaucon’s question is pertinent today and is in many ways, the source of the societal convulsions we are presently experiencing. To those unfamiliar with The Republic, Glaucon’s question to Socrates was, “Is it better to be just and thought unjust, or better to be unjust and considered just?” The question went to the heart of the matter they were discussion, is justice really a good or only something we use to trick fools into following the “great men?” He went on to explain that someone who is just, but considered unjust, will be spat upon, ridiculed, attacked and his or her interests destroyed, while he who is unjust but considered just, will be lauded, protected and the road paved before him. Today our media tells us that people who clearly are unjust (evil), are just(good), and those who are just, as unjust. Seemingly to forward injustice as justice, which goes to the heart of The Republic’s premise, what is the nature of justice?

Machiavelli touched on the same question in The Prince. In that book, Machiavelli said that a wise prince must be dishonest (unjust) while appearing at all times to be honest (just). He went on that the way to appear just while being unjust is by several means. One must constantly claim to be honest, even when one is a consummate liar, because people will hear the words and forget the actions. We have the example today of Clinton and Obama, who lied constantly, about significant things, but are still considered by many as honest. Obama’s “you can keep your doctor,” and “Benghazi was due to an internet video,” are two glaring examples of our leaders following Machiavelli’s advice, be dishonest while claiming to be honest. The media backed those two liars, so they would appear to be honest, the media in other words, went to great lengths to make the unjust appear just.

Meanwhile, the media has bent over backwards to claim Trump, and Reagan before him, are/were bad people. The legacy media that calls itself unbiased threw mud at Reagan incessantly. They re branded Reagan’s every initiative, The strategic defense initiative was re branded as Star wars, Reagan’s supply side economics was called trickle down, are but two examples of many. Trump has faced the vitriol of the media since he became a viable candidate. Before that he was used as a tool to discredit republicans. That shenanigan backfired in the faces of the media that calls itself unbiased and helped get Trump in office. Clearly, judging by their actions the media is seeking to paint Trump, who may very well be just, as unjust.

Today, the media dutifully pretend that open calls for violence against republicans, is mere rhetoric. Claiming evil is actually good and thereby making the unjust appear just, while they make the just appear unjust. Knowing the way people treat those they consider evil, the media is complicit in creating “Great Men,” cut from the same cloth as other “great men,” Alexander, Caesar, Napoleon, Tamerlane, Hitler and Lenin… mass murderers every one. One thing they all had in common was that they were considered, at the time and some even today, as just, when they were anything but. The result of the media’s calling injustice, justice, evil good and good evil, is the political violence we are seeing today.

Take a look at what the media calls just, stealing from producers, and redistributing that ill gotten gain to politically favored groups. If an action is wrong (unjust) for me to do, then it is equally wrong for you, and even a group of people, no matter the size of that group. If a mob smashes a store window and steals the merchandise, it is as wrong as if you or I did it, and even if that mob consists of three hundred million rioters, it is still unjust. To claim it is, warps not only logic, but morality as well. The “great men” as Thrasymachus called them, seek to appear just, while they are unjust, as a means to trick the rest of us into believing in justice, so they can engage in injustice without oversight.

The ancient Greeks understood the nature on Man better than we do today. Today we are dazzled by technology and science, blinding us to fundamental truths of humanity. In our hubris at what our fathers have created, we forget the reality of human nature, and imagine we are gods. Yet we are reaping what we have sown, treating injustice as justice, is a sure path to economic collapse, crime, violence and human suffering. No less today that two thousand five hundred years ago. The heft of human history shows the absurdity of allowing the evil to masquerade as good while destroying the good out of ignorance of their goodness. Moreover, today the media calls those who are good, evil, because they are good!

So, we have a situation where the just are attacked, ridiculed and destroyed, for an unjust political end that is portrayed as just, while those who are unjust are lauded, protected and aided in ad for their injustice. Worse, the good today are attacked, for their goodness! To change this paradigm, stop the political violence, economic degradation, rising rates of crime and drug use, economic inequality, as well as the overt corruption in our governments… we must think for ourselves, see with our minds as well as our ears and our hearts, separate the just from the unjust… and refuse to be fooled again. Only then will Glaucon’s question be answered in the affirmative, yes, it is better to be just and considered unjust, than to be unjust and considered just, because humanity’s future depends on it.


John Pepin

Evil will eventually defeat itself.

June 14th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, evil always eventually defeats itself, sadly, never before the cost in human suffering becomes so great… even zealots have second thoughts. This is because evil is repulsive and good is attractive. The advantage evil has is it’s absolute lack of morality, there is not a bridge evil will not cross, then burn to the ground behind itself. Initially, evil always couches itself as good. It claims to represent the downtrodden, the disenfranchised and the poor. Those people are, of course, dupes, mere cannon fodder for evil. Once evil believes it’s position is unassailable the mask comes off and we see just what it is and who they are. Until that time, evil will use every trick in the book to hide, misdirect and accuse whenever it’s true nature is shown. Today we are at the point where the mask is about to come off.

The NAZI party, the German progressive party, came to power “representing” the Volk, the forgotten German people. Initially the NAZI party stood for gay rights, a minimum standard of living for all, nationalized health care, privately owned means of production that was publicly controlled for the good of the volk, a reestablishment of German pride and a future where the German people would never have to suffer through anything like Wiemar again. The head of the Brown shirts was even a gay man. Once Hitler felt he had amassed sufficient power, he ordered the slaughter of the Brown shirts, and their leader. Once that was done he ordered that all the gays who had supported him, sent to concentration camps, forcing gay men to wear upside down pink triangles denoting their homosexuality.

The same paradigm works every time. Evil people know their message of slaughter, suffering and economic catastrophe just will not sell. So they pretend to care more and by extension, anyone who doesn’t agree one hundred percent, clearly, is against progress. Evil normalizes violence against those that stand in the way. The NAZI party normalized violence against the Jews, Gypsies and Slavs. Silencing critics is a sure way to insure their true motives will not be known until it is too late. Even a cursory knowledge of the history of the NAZI party, shows all this to be true, and anyone with that cursory knowledge cannot help but see those same forces at work in the world today.

You can see evil at work in the world if only you open your eyes to the fact it never goes away. Evil is never defeated it only goes underground. Once the conditions are ripe for it’s return, evil rises from the ground, like so many locusts, hatching from pupae to wreak havoc in the world. The machinations of evil are always the same, silence critics by force, initiate violence against their political opponents, normalize violence against politically disfavored segments of the population, and hiding it’s real intentions with censorship. One only need look at the actions of our leaders to see all this happening today.

From the murder of Seth Rich for disclosing DNC emails to the normalization of violence against conservatives, evil is at work in the world today. One of the biggest advantages evil has, is not their willingness to do harm, immorality, ability to lie convincingly or the charisma they exude in their snazzy black uniforms, pajamas, hoods or robes, no, the true power of evil is that people are happy to believe their glittering lies, and turn their heads from the ugly truth. We ourselves are evil’s best friend. It is because of our capacity to embrace a glittering lie that fills the army of evil with people willing to lay down their lives for the lowering of Mankind. How many NAZIs, Jihadists, Klu Klux Clan members, Marxists, Ancient Carthaginians, Philistines, Romans, and other willing dupes have laid down their lives so evil men can have absolute power? The number is uncountable.

The real point here is not that evil is a thing of the past, or of the modern age, but evil is a thing of all time. The future will have to deal with a resurgence of evil as well. Eventually, after millions perhaps billions of deaths, untold human suffering, the destruction of economic prosperity and carnage to make Lucifer blush, the evil rising today will eventually be crushed underfoot. Once that happens, evil will go underground again… until the conditions are ripe for it’s return. We as a human race must learn from our past mistakes. Today we struggle against great evil, in our own governments, institutions, corporations and even religions. Evil is an equal opportunity perverter. It fills anyone, institution or system with putrescence, rotting even the most honorable from the inside out. Yes, we must fight against today’s evil with all our might, to save our children from the agonizing suffering in their future, but future generations will face the same evils. Perhaps we can pass down the means to understand the machinations of evil, so that next time, future generations will be able to snuff it out… before future Seth Rich’s are murdered for showing evil for what it is.


John Pepin

Liars, Bold Faced Liars and The Media

June 11th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, any news outlet that doesn’t allow commentary on it’s site, has something to hide. Moreover, their reputation is the capital the media transacts business on, as they corrode their reputational capital, their viewership and therefore their profits, must also corrode, making them ever more angry and disconnected from reality, and thus destructive of their own capital. I have also noticed those outlets that disallow the voices of the people they are preaching to… always have a progressive bent? Why do you suppose that is? I would argue that those selling a lie, cannot allow the truth to be told, because a lie, like an ugly house, is highlighted as ugly by a well maintained house next to it, the lie becomes obvious when the truth is available. As they keep peddling lies their reputations will continue to diminish until they are nothing but a laughing stock.

Of course there are dozens of way to lie. Outright lies, lies by omission, lies mixed with truth and lies disguised as truth. Some of the ways people and entities can lie are by, omission, misdirection, statistics, facades, deflection, calls to authority rather than debate, groupthink, dismissal of facts, fabrication, and out and out lies. One can even lie to oneself by delusion. All lies, to be believed, must not be scrutinized. Some lies can stand up to a fair amount of scrutiny before falling and others collapse the moment the reader burns a calorie thinking about it. The media uses every type of lie to forward their agenda and especially self delusion.

When someone is caught in a lie, their reputation becomes that of a liar. A person or entity that has a position of authority, as does the media, can shrug off the reputational damage being caught in a lie brings, but no one’s reputation can withstand multiple bouts of being caught in obvious, politically based lies. That is why a liar cannot abide a comment section on their news site! Their lies are scrutinized by their readership when there is a comment section and a liar can never allow that! Their reputation would be destroyed, as we see today with the legacy media. They have so despoiled their own names an ever growing segment of the population hold the media in utter disdain. They have destroyed their own reputations.

Today the media has become the propaganda arm of the globalist new class. Every story they “report” is mere propaganda designed to lull the people into a false sense of security, and blind us to their globalist agenda. Remember Walter Cronkite? He was called the most trusted man in America. As it turns out… he was an admitted new class globalist! He was slanting the news for decades to progress the globalist, anti American agenda his whole career, and was enabled by our perception of his “honesty!” That perception, of being the most trusted man in America, would have been wiped out, had people had been able to comment on his reporting. That is one reason why the media reminisces at their heyday when they were trusted and thus able to spread propaganda without commentary.

Every news story is slanted, attacking anything that would stand in the way of their utopia, which in Greek, means nowhere. The stories about the anti sharia protests were nothing but absurd propaganda. Calling those who don’t want female genital mutilation to be performed on little girls, rejecting forcing anyone not Muslim into dhiminitude, standing against wife beating, slavery, killing apostates (standing for freedom of religion), allowing free speech, etc… calling sane people haters, is propaganda that boarders on the insane. Every time a nut case shoots someone, the media go all in, calling for an end to our second amendment rights, as we are told to tolerate daily terrorist attacks and beheading on our streets… as part of the new normal. The utter human catastrophe in Venezuela is ignored because it goes against everything the media believes. They have gone completely insane.

The media has utterly ruined it’s reputation but are too blinded by self delusion to know. Despite every historical proof to the contrary… the new class progressive media has deluded itself into believing in socialism and global government. I have no doubt they actually do believe that if only the US was gone, and the UN took over the world implementing administrative government… wars would cease, hunger would vanish, no one would have to do dirty jobs, racism would go the way of the dodo, poverty would disappear, the seas would drop, the sun would always shine and we would all live as world citizens singing kumbaya all day long. They have convinced themselves of a glittering lie and seek to convince us as well, that is why they cannot allow ugly truths, those ugly truths merely get in the way of their fantastical dreams. The future will look back and tsk tsk at today’s media wondering how they could have been so crazy. Self delusion however is immune to reason and will not abide commentary on it’s foolishness. That is why I don’t believe a word on any new site that does not allow commentary.


John Pepin

Perpetual Wars

June 8th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the war on drugs and the war on terror have been spectacular successes, at destroying our liberty. Both have been amazingly successful in separating us from our rights as enumerated in our Constitution. Today we accept, with aplomb, that which would have brought the masses onto the streets with guns, inciting revolution. Anyone who reads the Federalist Papers, by Madison, Jay and Hamilton, cannot help but recognize in the US today, the very tyranny they warned us about. From the law being so arcane that even lawyers cannot know them, to electing representatives who act above the law, our government has utterly separated itself from it’s foundation. The lever the elite have used to create this situation? The war on drugs and the war on terror.

It is human nature to want power, money, sex, fame, etc… The ancient Greeks had entire philosophies devoted to mankind’s thirst for pleasure and repugnance of pain. We all seek pleasure and avoid pain. The elite have the singular ability to achieve this… if only they can effectively destroy our Constitution, a limiting document specifically designed to control their power and ability to exploit their positions of power to their own ends, at cost to the rest of society. As they are elevated above the law, by undermining our constitution, their ability to meet their wants is elevated as well. Today a politician can get away with breaking almost any law with impunity. The examples are far too many to list but I know you can think of multiple examples yourself.

To fight the war on terrorism we have cheered the limitation of almost every Right enumerated in the Bill of Rights. Our first amendment Right to free speech and freedom of religion has been undermined by the government, to “protect us,” from Islamic terror. We must now pay the Jizya, in the form of welfare to “refugees” and submit to Sharia, by limiting our Right to speak freely as in Charlie Hebdo, else the Muslims will kill a bunch of us. How is that working out in Europe? Moreover isn’t that a slur against Muslims?  We have to accept infringements on our Second Amendment Right to keep and bare arms, so the drug dealers won’t be able to shoot people, how is that working out in Baltimore, Chicago and Detroit, cities in the US with the strongest gun control?

The fourth amendment is now a standing joke. Illegal search and seizure is now as common as the cold. Roe V Wade was based on doctor client privilege, but today doctors are required by law to ask, if you have a gun in your house! Apparently exercising your second amendment rights will get your fourth amendment rights violated by the government. A Right to privacy? Government agents can demand your cell phone, passwords and look through your Facebook, twitter and any other personal information they want. If you refuse you will be jailed.

The fifth Amendment says we have a right to life, liberty and property. The slippery slope of extra judicial killings, as Obama did to terrorists who were American citizens, is now perfectly legal, despite the Constitution’s limitations. The government can seize our homes and property at will in the war on drugs. If you are pulled over and a police officer asks if you have cash, and you stupidly say yes, because it is illegal to lie to the government while it is perfectly acceptable for government to lie to you, that officer will seize the money at gunpoint, like any other highwayman, and good luck trying to get it back. Ever heard of extrajudicial rendition?

The Right of accused persons is now the right of kings to abuse the accused. I have a friend who was sleeping off a drunk night in the back seat of his car… when he awoke to being beaten by billy clubs. He was later charged with DUI and pushed down a flight of stairs with his hands cuffed behind his back. I have another friend who was accused if DUI by the same officers. In court, the police lied under oath, it was proven they lied… but the judge said that didn’t negate the “fact” Jimmy was driving drunk. So much for the Rights of the accused. When Bill Clinton was accused of lying under oath, the media went overboard claiming lying under oath is perfectly acceptable. If that is so, you try it, see how that works out.

War is political action by violence… therefore, war is politics. The war on drugs and the war on terror are the mere political maneuvers of our leaders engaging in political violence against, not another state, but against us. Such a war can never be won in the traditional sense, because a tactic like terror or an action such as taking drugs, will never go away. That is the beauty of it all… it is an unending war. Perpetual war, as we were warned about by the founding fathers, is the surest means to wipe out liberty, and the wars on drugs and terror are as perpetual as possible. Both have resulted in the direct opposite of their stated “intention.” Terrorism has become the new normal, and drug use, especially hard drugs like Heroin and cocaine, have got utterly out of control, justifying the need to take away more of our rights. Proving the axiom… The more government fails the more power it gets. Under such a scenario failure becomes intentional.


John Pepin

The Climate Accords

June 5th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, science is not done by consensus, in fact, it is almost always the guy who goes against consensus, that moves science forward. Politics on the other hand, is done by consensus, and no one in their right mind would say politics is science, or visa versa. Confusing politics with science is a function of a weak mind. Decisions in politics are reached by the consensus of those in power, while science progresses by ground breaking paradigm shifts in thinking, by individuals with genius. So when someone tells you global warming is a fact, because the consensus of scientists claims it is so, you could remind them that consensus among scientists at one time, was that the world is flat. When a politician tells you that it is the consensus of scientists that such and such is true,what he or she is really telling you, is to set down and shut up, scientists have reached a political decision about what we should think… rather than any intelligent answer to a scientific question.

Science and politics are fundamentally different pursuits. The scientists looks for provable, reproducible results while the politician cares nothing for empirical reality, all they care about is power and amassing more of it. If reality gets in the way it is to be ignored, ridiculed and rejected. That is why politicians and economists “believe,” as a religious zealot does, in their favorite fiction. Politicians worship socialism, as the be all end all to advance their political power, while economists bow down at the alter of Keynes. Both are self serving. To the politician socialism wins them autocracy and costs everyone else everything. Economists love Keynes because his theory gives them ultimate power to decide what and how much government spends. To both science and reality is a mere inconvenience.

Scientific advancement never comes by consensus, it always comes by some loner coming up with a new theory, that is initially ignored, then ridiculed, and finally accepted as truth. Scientific advance is always a paradigm shift. The consensus of scientists study the world within the boundaries of their schooling, polishing and looking for white swans to prove their paradigm correct, and rejecting any black swans they may come across as one offs. No advance in human understanding of the universe has come from a consensus, every advance has come from a nutty professor, bucking the trend. Copernicus was considered insane, Newton was called crazy and Einstein found even his own theory of special relativity to have fundamental flaws, most notably the inevitable result that if his equations were correct, there could be a place in the universe that would have such gravity that even light couldn’t escape. He found it absurd, today we call them black holes and they are ubiquitous throughout the universe.

The Enlightenment was all about using debate, empirical evidence and logic to come to a rational conclusion. It was overtly a rejection of authority as the final arbiter of all questions. To accept the argument that a consensus of scientists believe anything… is to return to pre Enlightenment thinking. It is a rejection of the scientific principle and embracing the rights of kings. All people are self interested. Those scientists who “believe” in global warming always have a dog in the race. Billions of dollars of political funding is available if they go along with the hoax, and the utter destruction of their careers, is the consequence of disagreement. The incentives to agree with the consensus are overwhelming while there are only pernicious incentives to follow the scientific method. How many of us wouldn’t go along if we stood to gain millions of dollars for agreeing and our careers would be destroyed if we don’t?

The inconvenient facts against global warming being man made are overwhelming, but are either ridiculed, ignored or outright rejected by politicians and “scientists” that promote global warming. In normal science, when evidence shows a theory has a flaw, that theory is discarded, but today, when global warming faces evidence proving it is false, the evidence is discarded. That Mars has warmed in virtual lockstep with Earth in the period between 1959 and 2000, or that Ceres has also warmed as well as several Jovian moons, such provable evidence is ignored, attacked and rejected by the global warming zealots.

Now Trump has pulled the US from the hoax accord. Notice the people who are the most upset are the politicians who stand to gain undue power from it. Rightly so, since billions of dollars, the enslavement of mankind and perpetual power are all at stake, if people realize man made global warming is a hoax. Therefore anyone who gets in the way is to be personally destroyed. Lets face it, if you stood to loose a billion dollars and absolute power over the rest of mankind, you wouldn’t take kindly to anyone who tossed a monkey wrench into it, would you? Trump has got in the way of the global enslavement scheme and so will be attacked mercilessly. He did it for us, and so we must stand with him, on this point at least. Else the power hungry politicians and lap dog “scientists” will subdue the rest of us, in perpetuity, and the scientific principle that has so well served us for several centuries will be destroyed. I pray most of us do not have weak minds.


John Pepin

Freedom of speech and the intolerant faction

June 1st, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, for free speech to function everyone must allow it, if one intolerant faction doesn’t, that intolerant faction’s free speech will be allowed, while they smother everyone else’s. Of course the answer is when the vast majority reject any faction, out of hand, that rejects free speech. Sadly that is much easier to accomplish as a thought experiment than in real life. It is free speech however that gave and continues to give, the Enlightenment it’s reach and power. Return to a pre Enlightenment philosophy and we return to the horse and buggy, the Rights of Kings and human slavery. A true educator would keep one truth, above all, in the minds of their students, “Resolution of any question should always be decided upon the merits of the argument, rather than the authority of the speaker, and the best means to do this is free speech.”

Intolerant factions are and will always be the greatest threat to freedom. An intolerant faction is any group of people, no matter how small, that will not tolerate something, in the context of this article, the free speech of those they disagree with. Usually, it is not because they consider their peers so stupid as to fall for a fallacious argument, but because they themselves are peddling a fallacious argument, one that can be easily discredited by reasoned argument, and so, reasoned argument cannot be tolerated. The intolerant faction is always made up of people who are perpetuating a lie, know they are hawking a lie, and so use violence to silence anyone who would call it a lie. Yet, it is tolerance of their violence, in the face of their intolerance of our opinion, that gives them so much power.

The best answer to an intolerant faction is not to tolerate their intolerance. When a group shuts down a speaker at a college campus, the faculty has an obligation to blare that speaker’s words throughout the campus, so everyone must then hear it, to stop shutting down free speech by creating incentives. Lead by example, allow others to speak, then demand the same right for yourself that you gave them. Every time you or I bow to the violence of an intolerant faction, we empower that faction to smother more free speech… until only their intolerant ignorant version of truth can be heard, all other voices are silenced.

The Enlightenment was a watershed moment in the philosophy of Mankind. It allowed humanity to ascend above the narrow mindedness that always accompanies authority. Whenever someone becomes an authority on any subject they have an incentive not to change the paradigm. If it does, someone else becomes the authority, and that is unacceptable to an authority. For this reason humanity’s advancement in every field is hindered by the very people in authority… always has been and always will be. The thinkers that rejected bowing to authority and embraced, truth by reason, were geniuses. They lifted the lot of Man from perpetual toil to the comforts we have today. All of it rests on their shoulders, but they couldn’t have done it under any other religious doctrine than Christianity and Judaism.

It is free speech that empowers the Enlightenment. Without the ability to make a point, there can be no reasoned argument. If any voice is silenced then all voices cannot be heard, that should be common sense, but common sense is as dead as a door nail… killed by an intolerant faction. When someone claims there can be no argument, the authorities have spoken, they are trying to return to a pre Enlightenment philosophy. They are saying the only truth is what they say is truth and no other. Which is the very definition of pre Enlightenment thinking. Such sophistry is used all the time today, to promote global warming they spout, “the vast majority of scientists say…” or in the realm of economics you often hear, “Economists agree that…” both are examples of a return to pre enlightenment thinking, and as such, are by their very definition, unscientific!

Without the advances of the Enlightenment, humanity will revert to its natural state, the same state our ancestors existed in from times before ancient Greece to the industrial revolution. All the new scientific advances, technological marvels and comforts we take for granted, are founded on the pragmatic enlightened mindset. Take away that mindset, smash the foundation if you will, and the structure comes crashing down, in this case our technological civilization. It would be like the movie Idiocracy, people would have the machines, but when those machines broke down they would not be able to fix them, or build new more advanced ones. Eventually all the machines would break down, and horses would become the normal mode of transportation again, as they were for thousands of years, slaves would be needed to pick the cotton and gin it as well, tyranny would rule the land again without recourse, and the lot of Mankind would be set back centuries.

The answer is education, our children must be inculcated with the knowledge that there is truth, and the way to truth is by reasoned argument based on empirical evidence, not and never, by some snake oil salesman peddling some magical remedy that heals everything. They must understand that authority has something to say, but cannot ever be taken as the final say, reasoned argument must always and everywhere take place, else we become stilted and cease growing, because while authority has valuable knowledge, they are bound to the current paradigm… and growth always leads to paradigm shift. We may never get to the perfect truth of human existence, but as long as we sharpen our understanding of it through the honing reasoned argument imparts, based on empirical evidence, with all voices getting a chance to be heard… we can get pretty close.


John Pepin

Our Enslavement is Nigh…

May 28th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, we have become so lethargic today, our own enslavement is happening right out in front of us, and we do nothing about it! In a myriad of ways, our liberty is under assault but the very institutions that are tasked with protecting them, under our Constitutional system. Our government is importing people that have embedded within them that are violent. Once that violence has manifested, the same government tell us the only way to keep us safe from violence is for us to accept another loss of liberty. The war on drugs, as it turns out, is really a war on liberty. How many liberties have we given up to government in the war on drugs? How has that worked out for us? Our children are dying by the droves from Fentanil, Meth and synthetics. The saddest part is that we don’t have to pick up guns and spill blood, to force our government to do what is right… all we have to do is pick up a pen or a phone… and tell our congressperson and Senator what we want.

We have adopted the slave mindset. Like a dog that has been beaten too much we lay down on an electric fence and barely winch as we are shocked by it. Without even the gumption to stand we accept the shocks as our lot in life. We watch as politicians get away with exponentially more damaging crimes against our culture, civilization, society and governance, and do nothing about it. Other than gripe in private, when we know we will not be overheard, we are like the dog laying on the fence. Agencies that regulate our “vital” banking system, regularly find wrongdoing that generate billion dollar fines… yet no one goes to jail. We stand by and barely wince as the government takes money directly from our retirement accounts, as punishment for the wrongdoing of executives, while they get bonuses for it! We do nothing, but hemorrhage our hard earned savings, and cheer that those evil corporations are getting it.

Every day another liberty is pried from our ever weakening grip. The war on drugs convinced us that anyone who carries cash is a drug lord, and so if a government agent finds you have a large amount of cash, they take it at gunpoint, like any other highwayman. It is up to you to prove you are not a drug kingpin. Because of the war on drugs government can kick in your door in the middle of the night, and if you react wrong, they will kill you… because you have been charged with a non violent victim less crime, or because they have the wrong house. We accept this as the price to pay for the war on drugs, which we are loosing badly. As government takes our liberties to fight the war, they champion the corrosive progressive culture, that makes our kids turn to drugs in the first place. Today, children are dying in the streets of drug overdoses and gunshot wounds in the gang wars, over lucrative turfs.

Immigration is a good thing and has led to huge advancements in both American culture, economic efficiency and craft, when the people coming in have skills, talents and want to be Americans. That used to be the case before the 1960s. After Ted Kennedy’s immigration reform, which was explicitly designed to change the demographic of the nation, an explicitly racist action by government against it’s own citizens, which we accepted with the same groggy nod as we do everything else. Since then, immigration has been used to bring in people who will cause conflict, strife, spread disease and create violence. The resuscitation of dread diseases that had been eradicated from the US is one example of the new immigration system at work, terrorism is another. Both serve to give government reason to further erode our liberties. Terrorism justifies the surveillance state, that as we recently found out, was used by Obama more for domestic political spying, than to protect us from terrorism.

Unlike nearly every other civilization that has existed before us, we don’t have to grab our pitchforks and face off with government troops, we only need pick up the phone and call our representative. Email her or set down and pen a letter to him. We have the power, if we act, to change the direction of our nation. If enough of us call, write and email, we can force them to control who comes in, if we demand it, they will have to stop funding the promotion of propaganda, if we don’t sit down and shut up, we can drive them to return our liberties. We have that power today, but if we remain silent much longer, that power will have been taken from us, then we will have no choice but to face off against the military we have so lucratively maintained, with nothing but pitchforks, because our guns too will have been taken, by dribs and drabs, to protect us from a problem government created.


John Pepin