Once Broken…

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that once something is lost, it is much harder to get it back, than to have not lost it in the first place. I cannot think of a single example where this axiom doesn’t hold true. From the smallest thing like a sewing needle misplaced will cost many times it’s value to replace to the family farm lost to foreclosure the simile seems almost universal. Except that there can be no universals or so more than a few Chinese Philosophers, in classical times, would have us believe.

With the World on fire, the President’s lackeys giving Obama the credit, (or blame), we seem to be on the precipice of a great change in the fabric of the World’s governmental structure. If the dominoes continue to fall, Libya, Syria, Algeria, Yemen, Dubai and possibly Iraq the whole region could fall under the influence of an Al Qaeda affiliate.

If this happens Israel would be in mortal danger. The Muslim extremists, including Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, have made no question about their antipathy towards Israel. The ensuing war will bring untold bloodshed and chaos to the region. With all the usual horrors of war that follow, like the children of Ares, Famine and Disease. With his adopted child Fallout. Radiation sufficient to make ten thousand Chernobyl’s.

With the people of the World completely ignorant of the precarious position the US government is in fiscally. The official debt pales in comparison to the implicit debt. When the US government implicitly backs a corporation or entity (like Fannie Mae and Fredi Mac) and that entity then issues debt, the US taxpayer is on the hook for that debt. If the firm or entity cannot pay back the loan then the US government bellies up to the bar and pays the tab.

With the implicit debt, (unaccounted for debt) is tallied, it comes to a shocking fifty to two hundred TRILLION dollars!!! Seriously! Depending on the source and the bias of that source the number can be quite alarming and quite hard to disprove. With this actual overhang where the US government is spending more than the WHOLE WORLD is producing, (around 70 trillion), there may be a problem with the US spending.

I was reading the other day that if the US stopped producing and exporting food, millions of people around the World would starve to death in less than six months. Africa would be especially hard hit with as much as fifty percent of some countries starving to death in a year. The magnitude of this is hard to comprehend. Hundreds of millions perhaps billions of human beings, people just like you and I, starving to death.

Of course Mao thought starvation a tool of politics. He sent the army into the countryside house to house collecting all the rice. Mao then stored the rice in warehouses. After thirty million human beings had starved to death Mao opened the warehouses and the famine was over. Both Mao and Lenin thought starvation a good tool that would turn the people away from God. Such nice people…

One thing the Bolshevik-anti capitalists were famous for, is taking a person (a kulak), tying their hands, cutting a small incision in the victims belly and pull out a piece of intestine. Then the anti capitalist would nail the intestine to a tree then whip and whip the victim until he or she got up and ran around the tree unwinding their intestines around the tree until they ran out, lay down and died in a few hours. This is typical of how anti capitalists behave once they gain power.

We even have anti capitalists, or Protyranists, in the US openly calling to intentionally capsize the US economy. Openly and overtly. He is backed by many people holding great political power and therefore is above the law. So he works in the open, with only a very few people watching. The unbiased media have bigger fish to fry, ripping into the violent and racist Tea party movement, for example.

If only the unbiased media could find something about them to report. So far, no violence at all in any of their rallies. Well there were a few incidents, when the anti Tea party rallies got out of control but, drats, none from the Tea party itself. The overt violence not only threatened by anti capitalists but acted out is not really news. You see if a man bites a dog, that is news, but if a dog bites a man, that is an average mundane event.

Like a beautiful glass vase, finely sculpted and carefully wrought, by the most skilled craftsmen of all time, cannot be replaced and cannot be duplicated, but is today in the hands of an Lich, with nothing but loathing and jealousy in it’s heart. That Lich is the anti capitalist element in the US government.

It’s time to pick a side and stick to it, not choosing is making a choice, because once broken it can never be replaced…. Especially by a fiend with the track record of this Lich!

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