The Inevitability of Oppression

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, if bank robbers were treated like politicians… bank robbery would be as ubiquitous as grass on a lawn. Since bank robbery is not treated like attacks on our Constitution, if a bank robber is caught, he or she would just have to give back the money they haven’t already spent, no fine, no jail and no problem. That is exactly the way politicians and bureaucrats are treated when they steal power from our Constitution. If a court finds their power grab unconstitutional, they give back the power that they haven’t already abused, no fine, no jail and no problem. No wonder there is a constant grinding away of our Constitutional rights and limited government. It is like the pawl on a winch… only allowing one way of travel, in this case, only allowing the loss of Constitutional rights and a steady erosion of limited government.

According to Madison, our Constitution granted the federal government few and defined powers. Those which were to remain to the state governments are numerous and indefinite. Today the powers of the states are strictly limited while those of the federal government are unlimited. Virtually every part of our Constitution has been perverted by this means. The framers of our Constitution would revolt at the thought of the federal government being able to order by fiat, what crops and in what amount a farmer can plant on his or her own land, they would shriek at a judiciary that finds that certain people are not people, as defined by age, so they can be legally tortured to death, they would take up arms at the notion the federal government infringing on the right to keep and bear arms, and their heads would explode if told the federal government would establish atheism as the state religion. Virtually every aspect of our Constitution has been perverted to the opposite of what it says and was intended.

Our lawmakers, judges and Presidents are not held to Constitutional limits by the threat of punishment, like a bank robber, but by their own conscience. Unlike a bank robber, who is punished for his transgressions, a usurper is rewarded by hers. If some judge still has sufficient conscience and honor to uphold our Constitutional limited government, all the usurper need do is, move the court to another jurisdiction or wait out his or her life, and appoint one who is more pliant. Our leaders pledge to follow the Constitution… then do whatever the hell they want once in office. Since it is nearly impossible to oust an incumbent, they have little to fear from the electorate and nothing to fear from fellow lawmakers or law enforcement. Unlike the average citizen, who is held to every dotted I and crossed T in the legal code, they are above both our Constitution and their own laws.

The upshot is, given enough time, those that seek to abolish limited government will win, and there is nothing we can do to stop them. Each time they move us further from Constitutionally limited government, and their cronies let it stand, the pawl engages and the rights stolen are never returned. If their usurpations are overturned, those who were oppressed are never made whole, the unconstitutional law is only set back for a bit. Eventually, the government under such a system, must become tyrannical. Which should be obvious to anyone with both an open and curious mind. This is the classic slippery slope paradox. Once on the slope, there is no way back up… only down, to the abyss of oppression, slavery and famine. Human history is rife with examples of this paradox at work. Every government that has ever existed has stepped onto the slippery slope, and every government that has ever existed has descended into oppression, slavery and famine.

Sadly, so many benefit from the present system of unlimited government they happily turn a blind eye to their, our own… subjugation. Why demand the government follow our Constitution if we are given free stuff? The politicians buy the votes of the foolish with money they have stolen from them. They take our money and bribe us with it and many of us are too stupid to realize it! They claim they take from the rich, and give to the poor, when in fact they take the poor’s futures and give them immediate sustenance for it. What good is it to be fed for a day when the cost is your future? Yet we become complicit in the growth and scope of tyranny, to the delight of villains, who’s word is as worthless as a tire fire. Today the scoundrels have become so emboldened they overtly seek the to undermine even the democratic process itself, to accelerate their usurpations, by registering aliens to vote! So, here we are, Our congressmen detest our Constitution, our judges have no conscience nor honor and the people have been bribed with their own money… to forward the diabolical agenda. May God help our children.


John Pepin

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