Why Our Immigration Policy Is What It Is…

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, immigration policy for any nation should seek immigrants who will benefit the host nation, and reject those who would lower it. Law abiding people should be preferred over law breakers, hard workers over the lazy, the agreeable over the disagreeable, the honest over the dishonest, good over evil and those who seek to integrate over revolutionaries, no matter their stripe. It would seem to me that this is common sense but apparently the leaders of the world have the exact opposite view. One must wonder as to the logic behind seeking immigrants that will go directly on welfare, break our laws, be dishonest, foment revolution and those who are patently evil? Why would our leaders seek such people to be new members of our societies, while rejecting those who seek to integrate, are good, hard working, agreeable law abiders? Clearly the elite are not stupid, they must know what they are doing, so why?

The elite claim to be our betters. They tell us constantly how stupid we are, and that we need to be told what to think, how to act, what should make us happy, how many children to have, how many windows to put in our homes, how hot or cold we should keep those homes, how many hours to work, who should be able to do what, what kind of car we should drive, the gas mileage of that car, what to eat, etc… all the while doing the exact opposite themselves of what they force us to do. Anyone who has such over the top arrogance, clearly, is someone who considers themselves superior to the common run of man. Since they consider themselves to be so much better than us, they must have a reason for importing so many people who will not fit in, will break our laws, will never be employed, come from a rape culture, who believe lying is a sacrament, many of which are provably evil?

The elite have always wanted permanent power, not just for them but for their half witted offspring as well. The elite are human beings, self interested, selfish, egotistical and bereft of morals. Not like the common run of man, but to a far greater extent since their avarice, abuse and actions go unpunished and most of the time… are rewarded. As egoists the elite seek their own benefit regardless of the negative consequences to the rest of humanity. The egoist connivers we have today as our leaders then seek power, sex, money and fame above all else, the lot of Mankind is of little importance to them, so they grab with gusto everything they can, and use whatever means is at their disposal to meet their selfish wants and desires. So it cannot be argued that the elite do not have a plan why they are importing chaos.

Marx said, when the people reject the revolution, change the people. The people of the West have repeatedly rejected socialism. WWII was a rejection of national socialism and the Cold War was a slap in the face to international socialism. Yet socialism is perfect for the elite. Under the socialist system, the leaders get all the goods of the economy, without having to produce a single good for anyone else. In Cuba for example, everyone is a slave to Castro and he owns everything, every building, every car, even every spoon. The people of Cuba have no say in anything. They are told what to think, do and say. Any deviation from political correctness is punished severely. Having wealth is not sufficient for a hog, nor is mere limited power, the truly greedy seek everything and to make slaves of the rest of us. In that, Socialism is the perfect system, and the elite lust for it.

So it seem clear the elite want to change the west to socialism or at least some form of autocracy. To do that they must the conditions for it. The best way to achieve this is to introduce chaos. Machiavelli said that tyranny is better for the people than chaos, because in chaos people cannot do business and therefore many starve. When the leaders have created chaos in society, the people will demand order, and when a large part of the population are out of control, the only way to reign them in is by draconian surveillance, regulations and punishments. Perhaps that is why the elite are intent on swamping Christian nations with Muslims, democratic nations with revolutionaries, prosperous countries with welfare seekers, good lands with evil people and safe places with law breakers… to change the people and cause the rest of us to demand tyranny. The new imports are used to tyranny and will accept it as the norm, and the rest of us will demand to be oppressed… to stop the chaos. Of course, only a conniving turd would do such a thing, but that is exactly who we have as leaders today, scheming fiends.


John Pepin

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