The Shocking Nature of Reality.

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, considering the results of the double slit experiment, one can only conclude that human consciousness has a direct effect on reality, thus negating the materialistic view of the universe. In the double slit experiment, the experiment that opened up quantum physics, it was discovered and reproduced many times, that a human being knowing a thing changes the very nature of reality. Shocking really, that the simple fact that a conscious mind knowing a thing changes or sets the nature of reality itself. Basically, the experiment proved that until a human being actually observed where a photon landed, it only exists as a probability! Physicists know this, it is not a secret, just look up the double slit experiment anywhere. Not only is everything is only a probability until it is observed by a person, if all knowledge of that measurement is forgot, it returns to a probability!!!! The next time it is measured it might take a different probable existence!

While this is not that hard to understand, it is not taught in schools, I wonder if that isn’t because of the implications. If, as the physicists say, the entire universe only exists as a probability wave function unless observed, only taking form once observed, then human consciousness is intricate to the workings of reality itself, in some ways it causes reality to become real, take form, emerge from probability to reality, etc… Of course consciousness therefore cannot be an emergent phenomenon, since it is a causal one. One implication is that God must in fact exist, maybe that ability of ours to change reality itself just by measuring it, knowing it and thus fixing it, for a time, can only descend from God. On the other hand it disproves the existence of God, because if we can change the fabric of reality itself, doesn’t that imply we ourselves are gods, perhaps with a little g?

Moreover, that human consciousness is able to fix and unfix reality itself, proves unambiguously that the universe, reality, is not materialistic, having always existed exactly as we measure it and will always exist as we have measured it, forever. The double slit experiment proves the unexamined universe is actually a sea of probability. Since it takes a mind, a human mind, to form reality from probability, the nature of the universe cannot be materialistic, ie, unchanging, it must be multi layered, material probability, conscious probability combining to make a spiritual probability. All three interwoven on some deep level of the universe, but once one takes form, the others are forced into reality fully formed, as if they had existed forever.

It solves the question of whether we are machines, angels riding machines or angels. It would seem we are angels riding machines of our own making, even if subconsciously. That our very knowledge of a thing effects that thing’s reality proves, experimentally, our consciousness is in some ways epi universal. Obviously the causal agent is superior to the agent acted upon, ie. only the unmoved can move, Tao De Ching. There is a factor to us then, that is outside and above the reality that we reside, in fact the reality in which we reside is largely a construct of our own making. It is possible that that underlying the waveform of potential, Morphic field as Sheldrake puts it, the Force in Star Wars parlance, Che or perhaps our souls, exists outside and above the physical universe,or is perhaps the structure that the universe molds to?

Some intellectuals are trying to make the case the are living inside a simulation because of the implications of the double slit experiment. This is only materialists trying to justify their blind faith in materialism, in the face of overwhelming experimental empirical and reproducible proof, the universe bends at least to some degree to human consciousness. Since they are zealots in their thinking they claim the universe is a simulation and that we are only programs in that simulation, in other words, our consciousness is an illusion. Yet, if our consciousness is mere illusion, how can it possibly effect reality itself? To answer that the materialist will say, it is part of the simulation, which is begging the question.

The only way to prove beyond any doubt the epi universal quality of consciousness would be to encounter an alien species from another solar system, who had measured reality differently from us. If that turns out to be the case, then what significance would that be, and what implications? One thing is sure, the nature of the universe is far more complex and multi layered than any human being could begin to grasp. While it is too complex to to understand, our very understanding, such as it is, changes reality itself. From the point in time of our measuring reality, it is changed from potential to existance, simply by our thought. So, we, each of us is far more important than we ever realized before, isn’t it time for us to mold reality more to our liking, by being good people, charitable, courteous and hard working, we change reality itself.


John Pepin

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