The Age of Arrogance

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the future will call the times we are living in, The Age of Arrogance. Our culture is nothing if not arrogant, our leaders epitomize arrogance and we bow to arrogance rather than reason, morality, or self interest. In short, we have fallen in love with arrogance. Our love affair with arrogance is a facet of post modernism’s fundamental posit that there is no such thing as truth. When one is in the position to disbelieve truth, he or she is living in a fantasy land. Lets face it, what is more conducive to arrogance in the individual than the idea that he or she is so intelligent, they are above even truth! So much of that which generates arrogance in our culture, society, government and business is the natural outgrowth of the post modernist university curriculum. Post modernism, a nihilistic philosophy that seeks to support lies by undermining truth, is one that not only creates an arrogance in the elite that exploit the scam, but that arrogance has now trickled down to the people, and we have become arrogant as well.

One of Confucius’ main tenets was that people follow their leaders into corruption or virtue. When the leaders are corrupt the people will follow and be corrupt. When leaders are virtuous, the people will follow and be virtuous. It makes sense on a rational level as well. We all, to a greater or lesser degree, look up to the leaders of society. We seek to emulate them in every way. Look at the plethora of magazines today that are only about celebrity. Celebrity worship is not a new phenomenon it is as old as the human race. We idolize our leaders with celebrity status. People usually want to be just like their idol don’t we? We pay extra for backpacks with the emblem of our football team on it, we wear the same clothes our peers wear to fit in, and we fix our hair to be in fashion, like our idol. In a myriad of ways we change or actions and even looks to follow our leaders, our idols.

Post modernism is based on the idea that there is no such thing as truth. All truth is subjective and therefore only valid in the context of the individual. It’s adoption has allowed such mental dreams as feminism, 45 or so “genders,” men in women’s rooms, the mantra socialism has never been tried, walls don’t work, etc… even physics is under attack from post modernism. There have recently been scholarly articles detailing how Einstein’s famous equation E=MC^2 is bigoted, because the speed of light is given special consideration! Post modernism questions everything but it’s own assumptions. It allows the adherent to disbelieve anything, and believe anything, no matter how absurd or self destructive. The only reason such nonsense doesn’t immediately result in the deaths of post modernist adherents, is that we live in such a technological age, they are protected from their own insanity by the civilization the market system has built.

Our technology has allowed us to invent and disseminate fantasies because most of us live in fantasy land. Vegans can only be vegans in a technological age like ours. At no other time in human history has it been possible for a person to pretend not to need meat… and survive. It is only where food is brought in from around the globe, and even is available out of season that a vegan can even hope to survive, only slightly malnourished. Lest you think I am picking on vegans, by no means, trans gendered people break my heart. How toxic does a culture need to be that inflicts such physic disease on people? Trans Genderism is the ultimate fantasy. Men believing they can be women and women believing they can be men can only reasonably be described as living in a fantasy. Post modernism has given our leaders the intellectual tools to disconnect from reality and live in fantasy.

Of course post modernist thinking breaks down if you find yourself in a car speeding at a cliff. It becomes very difficult to deny the reality that of you don’t stop, you will go over the cliff, and probably die. Denying the brakes as a means to stop the car might be perfectly acceptable logic under a post modernist mindset, but in the reality we find ourselves in, it fails every time. Take an airplane. If a pilot is a post modernist and denies the validity of his instruments, because the person who made them was a sexist, homophobic, white male oppressor, such a pilot would not fly long before meeting with an untimely fate. Post modernist thinking only works in a fantasy, and believing a fantasy let alone living in a fantasy, is the ultimate in arrogance.

How arrogant does someone need to be… to deny empirical reality for a fantasy? Today we arrogantly deny reality, rewrite history to suit our present political wants, demand our industries produce the impossible, believe in lies while denying the truth and even pretend we can change ourselves into aliens, dogs and the other sex. Our arrogance knows no bounds. We expect that someday we will be immortal, many of us believe we have surpassed even God himself, since we have decoded a tiny portion of his handy work, and we arrogantly strive to change the fundamental nature of humanity itself! In our arrogance, we create fantasies of us killing the planet and demand humanity become slaves to the state, else our fantasies kill us all. Our arrogance is based on the perverted idea that there is no truth in the face of overwhelming evidence there is. Our leaders have gone all in on the fantasy and so we are following them into absurdity. Yes, the future will call our age… The age of arrogance.


John Pepin

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