Evil will eventually defeat itself.

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, evil always eventually defeats itself, sadly, never before the cost in human suffering becomes so great… even zealots have second thoughts. This is because evil is repulsive and good is attractive. The advantage evil has is it’s absolute lack of morality, there is not a bridge evil will not cross, then burn to the ground behind itself. Initially, evil always couches itself as good. It claims to represent the downtrodden, the disenfranchised and the poor. Those people are, of course, dupes, mere cannon fodder for evil. Once evil believes it’s position is unassailable the mask comes off and we see just what it is and who they are. Until that time, evil will use every trick in the book to hide, misdirect and accuse whenever it’s true nature is shown. Today we are at the point where the mask is about to come off.

The NAZI party, the German progressive party, came to power “representing” the Volk, the forgotten German people. Initially the NAZI party stood for gay rights, a minimum standard of living for all, nationalized health care, privately owned means of production that was publicly controlled for the good of the volk, a reestablishment of German pride and a future where the German people would never have to suffer through anything like Wiemar again. The head of the Brown shirts was even a gay man. Once Hitler felt he had amassed sufficient power, he ordered the slaughter of the Brown shirts, and their leader. Once that was done he ordered that all the gays who had supported him, sent to concentration camps, forcing gay men to wear upside down pink triangles denoting their homosexuality.

The same paradigm works every time. Evil people know their message of slaughter, suffering and economic catastrophe just will not sell. So they pretend to care more and by extension, anyone who doesn’t agree one hundred percent, clearly, is against progress. Evil normalizes violence against those that stand in the way. The NAZI party normalized violence against the Jews, Gypsies and Slavs. Silencing critics is a sure way to insure their true motives will not be known until it is too late. Even a cursory knowledge of the history of the NAZI party, shows all this to be true, and anyone with that cursory knowledge cannot help but see those same forces at work in the world today.

You can see evil at work in the world if only you open your eyes to the fact it never goes away. Evil is never defeated it only goes underground. Once the conditions are ripe for it’s return, evil rises from the ground, like so many locusts, hatching from pupae to wreak havoc in the world. The machinations of evil are always the same, silence critics by force, initiate violence against their political opponents, normalize violence against politically disfavored segments of the population, and hiding it’s real intentions with censorship. One only need look at the actions of our leaders to see all this happening today.

From the murder of Seth Rich for disclosing DNC emails to the normalization of violence against conservatives, evil is at work in the world today. One of the biggest advantages evil has, is not their willingness to do harm, immorality, ability to lie convincingly or the charisma they exude in their snazzy black uniforms, pajamas, hoods or robes, no, the true power of evil is that people are happy to believe their glittering lies, and turn their heads from the ugly truth. We ourselves are evil’s best friend. It is because of our capacity to embrace a glittering lie that fills the army of evil with people willing to lay down their lives for the lowering of Mankind. How many NAZIs, Jihadists, Klu Klux Clan members, Marxists, Ancient Carthaginians, Philistines, Romans, and other willing dupes have laid down their lives so evil men can have absolute power? The number is uncountable.

The real point here is not that evil is a thing of the past, or of the modern age, but evil is a thing of all time. The future will have to deal with a resurgence of evil as well. Eventually, after millions perhaps billions of deaths, untold human suffering, the destruction of economic prosperity and carnage to make Lucifer blush, the evil rising today will eventually be crushed underfoot. Once that happens, evil will go underground again… until the conditions are ripe for it’s return. We as a human race must learn from our past mistakes. Today we struggle against great evil, in our own governments, institutions, corporations and even religions. Evil is an equal opportunity perverter. It fills anyone, institution or system with putrescence, rotting even the most honorable from the inside out. Yes, we must fight against today’s evil with all our might, to save our children from the agonizing suffering in their future, but future generations will face the same evils. Perhaps we can pass down the means to understand the machinations of evil, so that next time, future generations will be able to snuff it out… before future Seth Rich’s are murdered for showing evil for what it is.


John Pepin

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