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It seems to me, that if the treaty at Copenhagen is passed and the industrialized world sends climate reparations to third world countries, the best investment in the stock market will be in armaments manufacturers. The money to be made there will be phenomenal!

What is the first thing a tin pot dictator does when he is handed money? He upgrades his army. Eventually building his confidence so he thinks he can tyrannize other people too. So he launches a war. This is the natural state of affairs of tyrants. Read history.

The central theme of the climate talks in Copenhagen are climate reparations. The industrialized world has contributed to “green house warming” in industrializing. So the people of the industrialized nations should pay the tyrants of poor countries to make amends for the climate damage. Damage that will be disproportionately born by those in impoverished countries. The negative externality of industrialization. Assuming global climate change is anthromorphic (man made).

Sending billions of dollars to third world dictators will inevitably lead to war. There is no other outcome possible. As soon as they get their hands on the money they will arm themselves. History is the perfect example. No nation has become wealthy without arming to protect it’s wealth. It is human nature. The problem here is that when billions of dollars are transferred to third world tyrants through the utterly corrupt UN not a single penny will get to the man on the street… Unless a car bomb blows up a convoy of money.

When something is gained with little or no effort little or no value is given it. Another maxim of human nature. When the governments of impoverished countries get money it will be spent on every foolish notion that the dictator’s mistress has. The legislative bodies will squander millions and will further impoverish their people. Instead of building infrastructure they will “go out to eat” with the money. It will be like when a person hit’s the lottery. They usually crash and burn. But don’t count on the UN to help.

The UN will look the other way as millions are stashed. Exactly like the “Oil For Food” scandal. The UN scandal that no one was punished for. A scandal that directly led to the deaths of thousands of innocent people at the hands of Saddam Hussein. Oil for Food was a debacle and showed in no uncertain terms the corruption of the UN when it comes to money. Even Kofi Annon’s son was implicated. But again no one was punished. Not even the appearance of accountability was offered. To expect an utterly mendacious group like the UN to handle money is like expecting Bernie Madoff to hand out the money!

Regardless of the fact that the globe might be heating or cooling, (some of the original data was destroyed by the IPCC so their findings cannot be verified), mankind’s hand in it is diminutive at best. Note that Mars has warmed in lockstep with Earth since 1959. (The year Earth started heating).

Here are a few corroborating links;

Of course Climate scare mongers torture logic to claim that Mars warming is due to albedo and not anything common to Earth and Mars… Like the Sun. They claim it is more likely that Mars has somehow changed colors the very time we evil people are warming the planet by improving the lot of Mankind. Merely a coincidence according to them. One in a billion coincidence.

In this case we must forget the most simple cause and go for the one that will, predictably and certainly, have negative externalities like, Wars, impoverishing the industrialized world, lower standard of living for everyone on the planet and setting up the framework for a world tyranny. This, when Mars negates the possibility, that climate change is man made? Add to it that the IPCC has been caught in the worst sins a scientist can commit, in the name off man made climate change and I ask why?

Industrialists will be further enriched. They have clout and like enrichment no matter the bad effects to society. More importantly, socialists, communists and progressives will get their greatest desire… POWER.

Power to control the heat in our homes, how far and what we drive, what we eat, even our procreation, they will have a valid reason to intrude into every facet of our lives! Between climate change regulation and the government Health care takeover in the US those seeking power over the masses will have the tools at their disposal.

But hey… I‘m sure they are as virtuous as the driven in snow…

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