Constitutions, Government and Arbitrary Rule.

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that many people are confused when it comes to the the Constitution and the government. Some believe that the government is the Constitution and have no understanding of the role of each in our Constitutional republic. Ignorance is idiocy when it comes to our liberty, those who are witless, stumble into tyranny. I can not stress enough how important our Constitution is to our well being. If you are not willing to lower your cup, in every measurable way, so he Elite’s can go up, then close attention you’ll pay.

The Constitution is supposed to set the boundaries of government. Those boundaries are to be inviolate unless the Constitution is amended. The amendment process was intended to be difficult to keep people from changing it willy-nilly. Making a Constitution that is changeable as the wind is a sure path to oppression. The Founding Fathers knew this.

The Founders understood, that passion sweeps through humanity occasionally, and it is imperative that basic rights and protections be maintained. They knew the siren call of equal distribution and shuddered at the thought. They were well versed in human nature and the history of Mankind. Knowledge that is utterly lacking in society today. This led them to create the Constitutional republic We live under.

The Constitutional republic is the form of government our Constitution requires of the Elite. In a Constitutional Republic the government is under the direct limitation of the Constitution. No power not expressly given to government by that Constitution is forbidden from government. This is the most basic concept of a Constitution and it’s role in governance.

Today the Elite have found a way around the Constitution, that is simply, place people on the Supreme Court who despise the Constitution. As in the case of Ruth Bader Ginsburg who doesn’t even think our Constitution is a well crafted system. She tells newly forming Republics to follow the socialist model. Her statements and findings, show that she seeks to change the US Constitution arbitrarily, by fiat, to whatever she deems it should be, regardless of the original intent.

Modern politicians want to change Constitutional governance, from a thing that forbids arbitrary rule, to one that requires arbitrary rule. Of course the Elite will argue, it is not arbitrary rule they seek, only that we do whatever they tell us to. Not so much order us to… as forbid us not to. Yet they want to maintain an appearance of Constitutional rule to keep a facade of legitimacy on their absolute power.

Obama openly avowed, he doesn’t like our Constitution, because it is a charter of negative liberties, and he would like it better if it had positive ones. Like government required to provide this and that need. How can anyone logically argue that a constitution that calls for “Positive liberties” is a Constitution in any real sense? The difference between negative liberties and positive ones are, the negative ones limit the power, scope and role of government, positive ones empower government to regulate every aspect of human existence. The one ensures liberty for us while the other enshrines tyranny over us.

So, the difference is that government is not the Constitution, it is limited by the Constitution. The Constitution is a charter of negative liberties as they pertain to the State. The Elite seek to change the role, scope and nature of government to allow them arbitrary rule. As proponents of arbitrary rule today’s politicians are in historic company… Thrasymachus, Alcibiades, Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, The Tzars, The Caliphs, Hitler, Stalin, the list is endless and very historic.


John Pepin

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