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Tzu Ssu


    Here Is a copy of a Translation of Confucius Published by E. R. Hughes 1942 J. M. Dent & Sons Ltd.


   Dear Reader,

       Tzu Ssu was a philosopher after Confucius. He must have lived close to the time of Confucius because one of the chapters in this section starts with Tzu Lu posing a question of Tzu Ssu. Tzu Lu was a disiple of Confucius.

       Tzu Ssu's philosophy is called the "Mean in Action." This idea of the "Mean" in my view closely corresponds to Aristotle's "Golden Mean." That a person should strike a center point between righteousness and depravity.

       He had a scientific mind. Tzu Ssu discusses the matter of perspective, three dimensions, and the implications of size and distance.

       As is amplified and inculcated in almost all Confucianist philosopher's writing's, Tzu Ssu believed in the Golden Rule.

       Tzu Ssu believed that one should cultivate him/herself by learning and perusing learning. He was unique in that Tzu Ssu said the sting of shame brings one closer to fortitude. The cultivation of self also involves being real. One who is real is able to foresee trouble and good times ahead and prepare intelligently. 'Realness' as well as 'becoming to be real' is Tzu Ssu's definition of a sage.

       I hope you enjoy reading Tzu Ssu as much as I have!


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