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By John M Pepin


I believe that any Form of government and subsequent economic principals thus implemented, must provide the large majority of its people the best standard of living possible, while insuring that there is no underclass and no one starve. Without loosing the fundamental attribute’s of the Absolute Right of Self Protection, Liberty, and Self Determination. This is the fundamental vision of Incapp. We believe, the best means to this end, is a market economy. Socialist thinking, that all people must have the same economic outcome, has the characteristic of lowering, not elevating people. Smart Capitalism elevates people and creates a framework in which the individual can reach his/her highest possible potential. With the least bureaucratic friction possible. Socialism is nothing but bureaucratic friction, to the rise of the individual, and the good ordering of society. Incapp’s creed, if you will is the “Protection of the individual from the oppression of society.” Socialism’s creed, if you will, is, “the protection of society from the oppressive individual.” We believe the former, not the latter, is the more human hearted system. Since the greatest evils ever visited upon mankind to date, were from and by governments and societies, not companies or individuals. Remember, if a company or individual screws you over, you get a rabid lawyer, and settle out of court for hundreds of thousands of dollars. If the government screws you over, you have to say "Thank you, may I have another," or they will send you to jail. Unless you are a member of the Elite and are above the law, (but not societal mores).

We understand however that with a lasses faire government, it is incumbent, nay imperative, that the people be civilized and the free market utilize Smart Capitalism. The proper role of government is to encourage Smart Capitalism and get out of the way to allow the growth of society and the individual.

A virtuous People, or "Civilized People" are only possible if the elected officials are virtuous, or civilized themselves. “The will [virtue] of the Emperor is like the wind, the people are like the grass, when the wind encounters the grass, the grass never fails to bend.” Translation of Confucius, from Liki, and Analects. [The (actions, motivations, aims, attitude, etc…) of the Emperor or Nobility are reflected in the (actions, motivations, aims, attitude, etc…) of the people.] Corruption flows from the governors to the governed, was what Machiavelli postulated in Discourses on Livy. Therefore, virtue also flows from the governors, to the governed.

Market economies work best when the whole of society is virtuous. As we have shown, it is not possible for the elite to be corrupt, and not have reverberations throughout the society. Corruption and Faction, being the greatest threat to the long term well being of any civilization. The point being that keeping the government free of Corruption and Faction, keeps the populace free of Corruption and Faction, thus to live in liberty. Lessening the need for onerous law.

I also believe that in an expanding economy, with ample opportunities for advancement, a well schooled people, proper rewards for proper actions, and well raised children, the ground will be fertile for nurturing a virtuous people.

I use the term Human heartedness throughout this article. It is a term translated from the Analects. The translator I believe, got it pretty close to what Confucius meant. The term also serves my reasoning well. It’s connotations and direct meaning gives the reader the sense of what I am trying to get at. Think Human Heartedness.

I have written this manifesto to create a truly human hearted society, through the use of the political systems of the world, and by bridling capitalism to that end. I am sure that all that is contained herein has been written elsewhere, with more eloquence and aplomb than in my hand, and I thank the others who have come before me to the ideas contained herein. Please try to see past my ineloquent way of putting my ideas, and read on with an open mind.

In this treatise I rely heavily on the teachings of Confucius and Menicus for the right ordering of society. I have also drawn on Elitist, Legalist, Utilitarianism, Social myth and Humanistic as well as many other political theories. To a Realist my aim is to appear to be an Idealist, to an Idealist my aim is to appear to be a Realist.

Under the umbrella party of Incapp, we like minded individuals can and should band together, to improve the lot of all mankind.

The ideas that I have written speak loud and clear in any language, tongue or dialect. That is because these ideas speak to human aspirations. The negative inclinations of human nature, we believe is most efficaciously bridled and driven, by Capitalism. These two themes are paramount to my vision of Incapp philosophy. That Capitalism’s ability to bridle and channel greed, coupled with its ability to speak to human aspirations make capitalism the most clever means ever devised to create a human hearted society. Thus under Incapp, we can unite to bring our vision of a more uniformly prosperous world society, to fruition.

The popular opinion among intellectual circles when I grew up, in the 1970’s, was that Communism/ Socialism would eventually win out. The planned economy versus the market economy. As we know from history, Capitalism won the argument. Not just because Capitalism is more human hearted, or that Socialism was necessarily evil. The reason that Communism/ Socialism lost, was that Socialism leaves out the Human element, Human nature. Like it or not, human nature is what it is. People will take advantage if they can. If the government will clothe, house, and feed you. With no potential for advancement, regardless of how hard, or even whether or not, you work, why would you work? Less and less people will be willing to work. Inevitably leading to a lower and lower standard of living. Depressing and lowering the peoples self esteem and wear with all. Eventually no one will work. When no one works, who will provide the food to be politically distributed? Look at the history of the great famines in the Ukraine, North Korea and China, before China embraced totalitarian Capitalism.

Carnaedes said that “For reasons of expediency mankind imposed upon himself laws, which vary according to customs, and among the same people often undergo changes as times change; moreover that there is no law of nature, because all creatures, man as well as animals, are impelled by nature toward ends advantageous to themselves; that consequently, there is no justice, or if such there be, it is supreme folly, since one does violence to his own interest if he consults the interests of others.”

I believe any framework that takes human nature out of the mix, or more audaciously, tries to change human nature to fit someone’s idea of the ideal, is bound to fail. Human nature is what it is. People seek their own best interest. We are not ants and we can’t be changed into ants, we have free will. God gave man free will, who are Communists, Socialist, or any other ’ist to take it away? Make it in our immediate best interest to benefit all, and it is only human nature to do, what is in our immediate best interest. Also, keep the benefits of doing what is right, as direct as possible. We all have the tendency to value immediate gratification over delayed gratification.

I believe that redistribution of wealth cheats the poor as well as the so called wealthy. The self esteem and work ethic of the poor are insidiously undermined. By having the societal myth that it is better to draw welfare than to flip burgers, society guarantees a large and dependant lower class. One that has no vision of a way out of poverty. They are angry but don‘t know why. Meanwhile the proletariat are told by the socialist who is holding the Proletariat’s head underwater with his foot. Look at the Capitalist, he wouldn’t let your head up for air. That is of course true, because the Capitalist wouldn’t be holding the Proletariats head under water, in the first place. By keeping us dependant, depressed, and unmotivated to better ourselves, the Socialist controls us and so keeps our head under water.

I say so called wealthy, because the truly wealthy never pay taxes, and are uniformly Socialist/Communist. The truly wealthy set up trusts, and foundations. They never pay a penny of inheritance tax. Yet Rockefeller, Kennedy, Vanderbilt and their ilk claim they will stick it to the wealthy? Right… when is it in human nature to hurt oneself? No, they seek to keep others from becoming wealthy as well. The inheritance tax falls on farmers and business men, Not tycoons! When the Socialists claim to stick it to the wealthy, they mean those who are providing jobs, innovation, or are working eighty hours a week to support their families and set some money aside for retirement! People who are trying to become wealthy. They mean you!

People who espouse Communism seem always to deplore violence. They wring their hands at any American involvement in war. Even, and especially, when the United States is on the side of self determination and human rights. Therefore how are we to rectify in our minds the fact that.

Communism is and has been the most overtly violent movement in the last thousand years. Possibly in the history of man. Look at the chronicles of the twentieth century, read communist literature. Mao’s red book, The Manifesto, the writings inciting violence by Lenin, Fidel Castro, and Guevara’s writings glorifying the willingness of youth to murder for a cause, Stalin’s reign of blood etc … It is too obvious to be missed. Communist/Socialist governments spill the blood of the people, in their birth, life, and eventual death.

During the Second World War Stalin called STAVKA into his office. When they arrived, Stalin had in his arms a chicken. Stalin then held the chicken firmly with one hand, and with the other, began ripping handfuls of feathers out of the chicken. The chicken was terrified and blind with pain. Flapping its wings and trying to flee its torturer. Stalin then reached into his pocket and brought out a hand full of feed. He fed the terrified chicken until it calmed down. When Stalin finally put the terrorized chicken down, the chicken clung to Stalin’s leg… and couldn’t be pried loose. “That is how you rule the people.” said Stalin.

And that is how you can expect to be treated by the Communists and Socialists if they get total power. Look at Mao, Stalin, Khmer Rouge, Hitler, Fidel Castro, Shining Path, along with hundreds of other brutal violent Socialist and Communist movements. [Adolph Hitler was the leader of the National Socialist Party of Germany.] Hitler also introduced Socialized medicine to Europe, and nationalized critical industry. Heroic to the Socialist; horrifying to the Capitalist.

The very precept that is the foundation of Communism and Socialism is wrong. That government should work for the interest of one segment of society, (proletariat, masses, labor, bourgeoisie, landed, elite, etc…) is so limiting. The interest of that segment would be better served if government worked for all segments of society.

I have tied to inculcate these main idea’s. It is my hope that by arguing ad absurdum, that peoples minds will be engaged and they will come to the inescapable conclusion that the world needs to advance into a new paradigm, one that elevates the lot of all mankind. Not one segment over the rest. Truly eliminating poverty, crime, war and hopelessness, mankind’s longtime antagonists. Made possible by the Fourth Branch!


Capitalists Unite!

It is high time for like minded people to unite and be heard! We need to start using the political process to fight Socialism/Communism, and establish a superior future, for us, and our children, and our children‘s children! We have sat back for too long. Watching innocent people being murdered in the name of Justice! Some justice! By reasonable reckoning (The Black Book On Communism) between 80-100 MILLION people were murdered. deliberately, starved to death, impaled and left to rot, shot, hung, buried alive, and burned to death, by Communist during the Twentieth Century! Imagine, One million people dieing these horrible ways, simply to make a political statement! Now multiply that revulsion, 80 to 100 fold! I ask you personally, In what universe does it make sense to murder one single human being, to make a political statement? How despicably audacious to think that you have the moral authority to choose who should die for your cause! Is that simply the price the victims will have to pay to better society? The self serving bastards! Supposedly for the betterment of humanity? and equality? Some Humanity, some equality! We are preached to be pacifist in the face of the Socialist/Communist revolution. And told to do violence to “Right Wing Death Squads.” The murders committed by Socialist are glossed over, or not even given the light of day. Have you ever heard of the “Shining Path?” or have you only heard of Pinochet? I ask you. If Socialism/Communism is so human hearted, why does it need to murder so many people who disagree with it? Why also have so many people died trying to escape from Communist countries? Why are they not allowed to? Why also are Socialist/Communist governments so unfriendly to free speech, human rights, and economic freedom? It is because Socialist/Communist’s only real goal is unbridled power, over every facet of our lives! We of the Human Race must stand up and shout ENOUGH!

Why, I ask, is it so intolerable for there to be a Capitalist country anywhere on the planet, to the Socialist/Communist? Why must they make every country Socialist/Communist, using any means even violence, if that is what it takes. There are many Communist countries to move to, North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam and now Venezuela and Bolivia. If people want to live in a Communist society they can simply move there. If you are a Socialist, move to one of the Socialist utopia’s in Europe. Capitalists don’t restrain movement out of their countries.

The answer is, Socialist/Communist know, that were there a really free Capitalist country, like the United States has been, it would be a beacon of prosperity to the dispirited people in the Communist/Socialist countries. They would see the despair that their system foists on them and realize there is something better. Then, sin of sins to a Socialist/Communist, there might be hope in the land.

Communist/Socialist know that to keep the people pacified, they need to keep them dispirited, depressed, dependant, ignorant and angry at some straw man for it. Life is a tragedy for he who feels, and a comedy for he who thinks. Socialists only want you to feel.

You have to admit though, it is elegant how Communist/Socialists point at Capitalists as the ones who are keeping the people poor. Somehow the Capitalist is getting rich by the Poor’s not working, and staying poor? As an emotional argument it works. However, if you think about it, which party really benefits if there is a large and dependant underclass?

Bullet Points About our Ethos:

Capitalist become rich when there are people who want and can afford to buy the goods produced by the market. It is self evident that the poor do not have the largess to buy much.

On the other hand, a large and hungry underclass plays right into the hands of the Communist/Socialist. The poor can be marshaled into mindless mobs, and turned on the opponents of the Communist/Socialist. Mobs are easily turned violent, and have been played like an instrument of carnage in the hands of the Communist/Socialist revolutionary.

We of the International Capitalist Party believe that it is only through Capitalism can true social and economic Justice ever be attained! The argument that the measure of a just society is the difference between the rich and the poor is absurd. Take a hypothetical society, call it socialism, in which there is no difference between the rich and the poor. Both are equally starving. Take another hypothetical society call it Capitalism, where there is a great difference between the rich and the poor. Both are Fat! Real Capitalism can, and will, deliver an ever increasing standard of living. It is the self evident truth of Capitalism and the history of the market system‘s “Invisible hand.”

One of the greatest ills we face in American society today, (especially the poor), we are told by the media, is rampant obesity! In what society in the history of the world has obesity ever been a problem of the poor? It seems obviously self evident that Capitalism wins out, even in its present diluted form in the USA in 2007.

The most elegant aspect of Capitalism, in our mind, is its ability to turn mankind’s selfish, greedy, and inhuman hearted propensities, to the betterment of all mankind. A man sees a need of society. Being greedy, selfish, and has a want for fame, he develops a vaccine that saves untold billions of people through the ages, untold suffering, or develops a device that provides cheaper and more environmentally friendly power. He/She has provided the means to fulfill human needs and wants. Human Heartedness is served by it’s greatest enemy! There can be nothing more elegant in the service of human heartedness than that!

No one argues that there is any better method devised by man to Capitalize on a new opportunity than the Free Market System. The free market allows mankind’s creative spirit to truly focus on an opportunity.

Opportunities will start coming up faster and faster as new technologies and new frontiers are opened up. Smart Capitalism will open the opportunities to all mankind. Space, being potentially unlimited in resources, and we live on the very cusp of its utilization. Giving humanity another opportunity to grow in understanding and potential.

On Tyranny:

There should be a great diversity of countries, governments and societies. It has always been the nature of societies to grow in virtue and fall in decadence. All great societies have eventually become decadent. On a planet that has a diversity of societies, as one society falls into decadence another is rising in virtue. Real social progress is only possible if there is a great variety of ideas being implemented. Some moving the ball forward and some backward. Thus we find the notion of one world government to be the height of folly. Inescapably leading to a new dark age.

Incapp believes that any form of government thrust on a people is wrong. And further one that discourages liberty, free movement, free association, free choice of religion, free speech, free press, free ownership of land, or most importantly, self determination are fundamentally unjust, regardless of whether or not the “trains run on time."

When a government does violence to any person in it’s care in order to maintain or add to it’s power, it is proof that the government is not human hearted, and is despotic. Thus should be actively assaulted using the political process.

Incapp further believes that all men are equals. Every person that you meet is on some level (ability, attribute, position, etc.) is your superior, and on some other level your inferior. Equal in the eyes of the law. Equal in the eyes of society. Regardless of ethnicity, gender, or other contrived grouping. - But not equal in outcomes.

Since Incapp believes that all people should be given free choice, equal outcomes are impossible. Some will opt for riches, some for fame, some for altruistic goals and some only want a nine to five. Some will fail and some will succeed. If the populace is taught to be, human hearted entrepreneurs from infancy on, we will be naturally inclined to succeed!

How do you see your fellow man? Is he/she another mouth to feed? More weight for the planet to carry? An ignorant fool incapable of self control? A tool to be exploited? A greedy, selfish, guy who wants to take advantage of you? A mechanism that envisions free will, but indeed has no free will at all? Or as a fellow human being?

The only correct answer, of course, is as a fellow traveler in this life, a human being. Since fundamentally, Incapp envisions a human hearted civilization. If your answer was anything other than a human being then you are not a good candidate for Incapp. We are only looking for candidates who want to improve the lot of all humanity. Persons who see their fellow man differently than we do, are welcome to vote for our candidates (it is in their personal best interest‘s). But, they are patently unqualified, to serve as candidates.

Confucius and Menicus were right, the true measure of man is man. And it follows that the true measure of nations are nations. Measure the man by his nation, and nations by their men. “When hewing an ax handle, hew an ax handle, the pattern is close at hand.“ You are holding an ax handle when hewing an ax handle, if the elite are civilized they need only look to themselves when ordering society. Fostering civilized men, and civilized nations, this end is Incapp‘s vision of a Human Hearted Civilization.

Smart Capitalism:

Thinks long term. Looks at markets and trends long term. It is only in this way a steady rise in the overall standard of living can be sustainable achieved. Especially for the poor, who gain the most in a steady rise.

Discourages Monopolies, Monopolies inevitably quash invention, and ratchet down quality of life.

Demands openness, Markets, Business, Society, Lobbyists, Lobbied and Government need to be open with a constant light shining on them. Hidden decision making is a bellows to the fire of corruption.

Except for a very few brand secrets, Patents, Copyrights and the personal information of the people, Societal information should be as open as possible. And even Patents will be divulged to society at large at some given time. To encourage the ongoing technological development of mankind.

Doesn’t invite government oversight. How stupid is it, to knowingly defraud, bilk, sell deadly flawed merchandise, or otherwise harm your market. With a vigorous media information is obligated to get out. Hurting or destroying a company or person’s reputation, business, and lively hood. As well as inviting future government oversight.

Good corporate governance is of the highest import. Top executives that make inordinate pay and perks, scream of corruption. This corruption is seen by the stockholders, workers, and public. The resulting outrage, (justified), will result in more and more government oversight, poorer productivity and diminished economic outcomes.

Government oversight builds in friction to every possess that it touches. The friction costs jobs, productivity, profits, and free time of the employees. Smart Capitalists avoid government oversight.

Pays a livable wage. Incapp demands a livable wage for the locality of the job. When workers are not paid fairly, discord is not only certain but morally correct.

A more crass argument is the fact that if the worker is squeezed financially, he cannot buy the output of the market. Without a market for our goods we go bankrupt, bankrupts foster discord, and discord is the enemy of human heartedness.

Smart Capitalists become rich by risk taking and ideas, not by being an employee. We want risk takers to see opportunities to better their position in life. People who are naturally inclined to risk taking, put in a position with no foreseeable potential of advancement, will naturally be inclined to crime. However they are exponentially less likely to rob someone or some business, if there is a very real potential that they could start a business and become entrepreneurs. Hopelessness begets crime. Hopefulness is the remedy. Once there is hope, and opportunity, rife in the land, the supply of wealthy and middle class will increase until there are no more poor from which to draw.

Holds the highest corporate leaders to the highest standards. When good corporate governance is the rule, productivity is increased, employee turnover is minimized, theft is less a problem, and a higher percentage of companies will succeed. Peoples needs are being been met. Our ends are being achieved.

Is diametrically opposed to slavery in any of it’s insidious forms. Slavery undermines the free market system, and is it’s antithesis. The greatest trials the Roman Empire had were factional infighting between the Plebeians and the Patricians. The lack of jobs kept the Plebeians angry and poor. The reason there were no jobs was slavery. Why would anyone pay to have a job done when a slave will do it for free? The first right of the individual per Incapp, is the absolute right of self defense. The next is The absolute right of self determination, slavery is diametrically opposed to self determination.

When a human being is born, his/her parents have dominion over him/her. It is understood that no person, or entity, or government loves or has the best interest of the child more than the parents. With that in mind, not even the parents, under whatever dire circumstances, are ever given dominion to do violence to the best interest of the child. Selling a child into slavery is doing extreme violence to the interest of the child.

Incapp proscribes, and is in the best interests of Smart Capitalists, the harshest of treatment for anyone engaged in the trafficking of human beings. A slave has no purchasing power, and his/her potential has been stolen. Denying the entire human race that potential forever.

Is always wary of over utilization of the legal system. The legal system of a nation is like a weed that cannot be cut back. Whenever it is given nourishment it grows. When it is starved, it simply stops growing, until it is nourished again. In this way it will always, eventually, overgrow the garden. (The legal system can always count on fools willing to nourish the weed).

Discourages discord, which is the enemy of Capitalism. Machiavelli said that a stable tyranny is preferable, to the middle class, than an unstable democracy. In a stable tyranny, it is usually only the aristocracy that is oppressed, and there is general safety. Business can proceed with relative ease. In an unstable democracy, crime is rife, safety and necessities are rare. Business is poor.

Stability helps the poor most of all. The poor have more opportunities to rise into the working class, then, into the wealthy class. Keep opportunity and their potential directly in the eye’s of the poor. They are not stupid, given a safe opportunity they will take it and move into the upper class. Eventually emptying the lower classes of people! Only then will there be no poor. Good riddance!

Encourages quality education of all people as a basic necessity of any truly free and prosperous society. Smart Capitalists encourage quality education.

Quality education includes human hearted themes. Love of ones fellow man, entrepreneurial spirit, expedient risk taking, and an understanding of human nature, good and bad.

Quality education however doesn’t mean unlimited funding, or nanny state schools. We believe that a quality education involves the traditional Math, Science, Reading, Grammar, and History. But also includes, Industrial arts, Homemaking, Aesthetic Arts, Interpersonal Discourse, and most importantly fosters the entrepreneurial spirit. The writings of the ancient Greeks, Chinese and any other pertinent historical texts should be common knowledge among 11-12 graders and younger. Knowledge like that gained from Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Zeno, Plutarch, Livy, Herodotus, Confucius, Menicus, Hsun Tzu, Hsun Chin, Bagavaad Gita, the Bible etc… are the foundation of a real understanding of the human condition. Their seed’s of wisdom should be sprinkled throughout any quality educational system. These ideas on the nature of man, have the universal moral themes, even if they are not carried out in practice elevate the minds of those exposed to them. These should be common topics of conversation among our youth… the question of universals, of doubt, are we machines, spirits, or spirits riding machines, these questions, among the other greats, raise the intellect of all that engage in them.

Other reading should serve to elevate the spirit and moral of our children. Novels like those by Dickens, Horatio Alger, and stories like Nancy Drew Mysteries, and Hardy Boys, that have the theme of overcoming adversity, and succeeding against the odds should be read, along with books that give a sense of hope.

Books that teach children that something about them is bad, or that they don’t deserve what they have, should be purged from children’s libraries. Children must be civilized and elevated, not discouraged and demoralized, if we want a civilized, forward moving society. If however, we want an ignorant, pliant, discouraged and demoralized people…

While we recognize that a society without philosophers is a society lost at sea, a society of only philosophers, wouldn’t live long enough to starve. Industrial arts should be given a prominent role in any educational system. The populace should be as mechanically and technically apt as to the technical level of a civilization we live.

Team building exercises like Sports should necessarily come behind these much more important things. The preparation of the youth to step in and propel society forward is the tantamount task of the educational system. Not free daycare, Social engineering, communal fun center or to undermine the religion of the youth.

Produces quality goods, and doesn’t take it’s markets for granted. When Stupid Capitalist’s make inferior products, goods with built in failures, or safety defects they will be forced out of business. When there are smart capitalist on the scene. Smart Consumers will quickly notice the quality difference and opt for the product that most economically meets his/her need. We are all rational maximisers.

Recognizes the importance of whiners and complainers. Had the Romans had effective sky is falling whiners, they might have stopped sweetening their wine with lead oxide.

The question is, of course, balance. Whiners should be considered, but not allowed to stop the machine of civilization. The power of upper middle class youth, (the most dangerous people in the world), to create friction is stupendous. They have time and treasure to spend on whatever idea they get lost in. Whenever they en masse start to move, no matter how well intentioned, it almost always ends up ushering in an un-human hearted government, like the National Socialist’s, and Communist’s, two nuts from the same burr. Both need a villain to point at, a straw man, the Nazi’s were race, the Communist/Socialist class.

Incapp on Good Government:

All government is simply a framework. An ideal government would provide a framework that was invisible to the governed. Living their lives without ever rubbing against it.

Part of this "framework" can be summed up in the idea of the social contract. The idea that we give up some sovereign rights to society, for protection, and a frame work, that allows us to live out our lives. This idea is predicated on the concept of individual sovereignty. We at Incapp believe that individual sovereignty is paramount. The question is, how much sovereignty and how tenuous the "safety"? Thence the "mode" of living that that particular "framework" provides.

For example, living under Lycurgian laws of Sparta. Were a society to decide to live those ancient laws again, their "mode" of life would be, as the ancient Spartans were. Living in gender defined barracks, coining iron for money, molesting little boys and perpetually training for war. Along with the necessary wars and Helot slave class that would entail.

Government can provide total security in this modern age of tiny cameras and copious data storage. This level of security comes with a price that price is zero freedom. This method of controlling the populace relies on fear. The fear that one cannot sin against the state without certain punishment. Draco of Athens said that the smallest infraction was worthy of death, but death being the highest punishment would have to do for the greater infractions as well. Fear being a great motivator of humanity. Governments that utilize fear as a means of regulating the people eventually misuse the power and turn Despotic.

Incapp believes that the less rights given up, the greater the actual safety. That liberty and Smart Capitalism are the best means to enable the individual to reach his/her highest potential, and is the most human hearted.

The social contract lays out the framework, laws, and regulations. Along with the Societal Myth that lays out social moors and custom. This framework gives the populace a means to live their lives and climb or descend the social ladder. With minimal friction from the government or society.

Aristotle said that there are right and wrong forms of government. He claimed the right forms are; Monarchy, Aristocracy, and Polity. The wrong forms are Tyranny, Oligarchy, and Democracy. The difference between the right and wrong forms is that the right forms work for the betterment of all segments of society. The wrong forms work for one segment only. Tyranny, the tyrant, Oligarchy, the oligarch’s, and Democracy, the proletariat or masses. He also argued that Democracy is defined as the tyranny of the majority over the minority. A Republic blends two or more of these forms.

Socialism/Communism blends tyranny, oligarchy, and puts lipstick on the pig, with faux democracy. Incapp looks to blend Monarchy, Aristocracy, and most importantly Polity. Parliamentary government, as has been instituted lately, (Twentieth Century), leads to a fundamentally unstable government. When you vote for a faction (party) only, it empowers faction, factions destabilize government and society, so they naturally create friction in the form of chaos. When there are fewer political parties, but they have real political power, the power of faction is lessened. That state of affairs forces Faction to contort into the mainstream. In order to have any political power at all. Factions always seek their own good over the good of society. Government should be stable and unobtrusive… with factions weak, not empowered.

Discourages the lumping of people into groups. We in Incapp encourage the individual to be him/her self. Focusing people on their dissimilarities with the mass of humanity also encourages discord. It also encourages racism, sexism, and all the other malism’s socialism likes to keep roiling.

Incapp believes that people should keep in mind their similarities with the body of man. We are all Human.

Is not corrupt at all. Good government cannot be at all dishonest, but most importantly, it must not hold the people to a higher standard than it holds itself. The people will see the corruption above them, resent it, and have a great motivation to be corrupt themselves. No amount of laws or penalties will counter such motivation.

We resent when we see those that are supposed to be our servants in government, serving themselves and their sycophants, and getting away, scot-free, with extreme behavior that we know we would spend a long time in jail for. Even those that don’t consciously resent it are subconsciously affected.

Moreover the lives of all of us are put at risk. When government doesn’t serve a segment of society, that segment is motivated, to change the government. This inevitably leads to turmoil. If they succeed in gaining power, seldom does a group come to power and not meet its needs and wants, before the needs and wants of the others. Creating a cycle, never ending bloodshed and tumult. Bastiat’s Law writ large.

Powerful men are very dangerous when their ego’s are damaged and they are not sufficiently punished for transgressions to the corpus societal. One need only look at an example in Plutarch, the life of Gaius Marius aka Coriolanus.

By not dealing with Coriolanus, the People and the Aristocracy of Rome put the country in great jeopardy, and almost all the adults in the allied Latin town of Bola were murdered, by the Volscians led by Coriolanus. They died for a Roman mistake.

Encourages Class Mobility. The true sign of a healthy Capitalist society is Class Mobility. Whether a society claims or not, to have class mobility, but in practice has none. We say that is an unfair society, people are stuck in the circumstances in which they were born. When a society, in practice has Class Mobility, we say that is a fair society. Someone born poor can become rich, one born rich can become poor, with minimal governmental or societal friction. Depending upon his/her merits and virtue. It is a human right to allow a person, no matter what his/her start, to rise to their full potential. Thus Incapp encourages true Meritocracy. Menicus said the heart of a man who has a stake in the country is fixed, the heart of a man with no stake in the country is not. Class mobility helps to give everyone a stake in the country.

Government must be accountable. As was said before me much more eloquently in the Federalist Papers, a government that doesn’t hold itself to the same standards to which it holds society, are tyrannical. And I would add, virtually assures a corrupt people.

Incapp however, believes, Government must hold itself to a much higher standard than it holds the people.

Prior to the late 1800’s the law from the start of the USA was that the people could send letters to their Senators or congressmen free of postage. And the House and Senate could mail to their constituents likewise. The privilege was so abused by the Congressmen and Senators that the privilege was taken away from everyone. In the early 1900’s the House and Senate gave themselves back the privilege. Yet denied it to the people who hadn’t abused it. Claiming that it could be abused by the people… again holding the people to a higher standard than themselves.

Encourages healthy family life. Family being shown throughout the ages to be the foundation of any successful society, the nuclear family unit should be supported by any government with a plurality of Incapp politicians.

Lycurgus the lawgiver of Sparta recognized the importance of family. Even in his own tortured way.

Fosters the growth and raising of children, and the nuclear family. No society can ever continue if not for the nurturing of children. The Romans knew that.

The story of the Romans and the Sabine women, is sufficient to explain the point. After the Romans stole the Sabine women, they married them and were by Livy’s account good fathers and husbands.

Ten years later, after many bloody wars of retribution between the Sabines and the Romans, the Sabines decided to put the matter to a rest and wipe out the Romans once and for all. The now wives and children of the Romans and the daughters and grand children of the Sabine’s, ran between the armies lined up for battle, and girded for no mercy. The valiant, formerly Sabine daughters, shouted to the Romans, “will you kill the fathers and brothers of your wives, and the grand fathers and uncles of your children!?” Then to the Sabine army, “Will you kill the husbands of your daughters and sisters, and the fathers of your grand children!? For without our husbands we are lost, without our fathers and brothers we have no family ties! Then you will have to kill us too! For we would rather die in honor at the hands of our loved ones than live without them!”

With that the hearts of the two armies melted. Men who moments before would kill each other, without mercy, fell to their knees and wept! Wept for the truth of what the women had said and for love of their families. The armies came together in tears of filial joy, instead of murderous hatred, and a powerful alliance was formed. An alliance of family! The Sabine women spoke, not only to their husbands and fathers, that filial service is among the highest goods, but to all of history! Lets open our eyes and hearts to these brave women. Therefore, it is self evident that, it is in society’s interest to foster the nurturing of children and the health of the family unit.

Recognizes that it can be wrong sometimes, and adjusts accordingly. No system is always perfect in every thing and in every way. That is the beauty of the free market. Good ideas succeed, bad ideas fail.

Understand the people are not merely a reflection of the civilization in which they reside. The civilization is also the reflection of the people. The end goal of Incapp is to establish “Civilization,” in the individual, thus human hearted civilization.

To be Civilized is to be open to new ideas, polite, reasonably non-judgmental, tolerant of minor annoyances, moral and proactive in ensuring the safety of our neighbors and of civilization. A civilized person does not look for or need perfect safety, whether from the government or God. Because we know perfect safety is impossible. We at Incapp recognize that law doesn’t make people civilized, custom and upbringing makes people civilized. Law controls the uncivilized.

On Law:

A Political philosopher once said that "true freedom is the ability to do anything that is legal in his country." That is an interesting postulation. Anything, that is legal? An assembly of men could theoretically make breathing illegal. Making everyone a criminal. There can be some of the most inhuman acts possible that are legal, because they haven‘t been thought of, yet. No assembly of men could discern all the potentials and make laws accordingly. In order to protect our rights, and insure our safety, we must be, and raise our children to be Civilized people. Because only truly Civilized people need no laws. Civilized people comport themselves in a way that is moral and polite. To lessen the need for law let us try to make ourselves at least a little more civilized.

[In ancient China] the emperor ordered an obelisk erected outside his palace, upon the obelisk the king had inscribed all the laws that they would be adhered to uniformly and applied uniformly. When asked of one of Confucius disciples what he thought… Confucius disciple replied, he thought it a very bad idea. Aghast, the questioner followed up with, why? Men will argue to the head of a pin that the law doesn’t apply to them, Was his answer. The truth in this story is that men want the stability that law can provide but don’t want to be subjected to it themselves. With this thought in mind here are some basic tenets of Incapp on Law as it pertains to government.

Good government discourages the wanton use of the legal system. Lawyers contribute nothing to the advancement of society. They are merely friction. Worse, like a leach they suckle from the jugular of the corpus economic. They insidiously ooze into the fabric of government and, as a selfish oligarchal faction, gain control of all branches and levers of government. The stain never stops growing. Then lawyers (legalists) convince us that we need them. Just as the heroin dealer tells his addict that the addict needs him!

No amount of laws or punishments will suffice if there is incentive to commit crime. It is obvious, take away the incentive to commit crime, and there will be no crime. Low unemployment is helpful, but to really destroy the incentive to commit crime, make it possible within the framework of society, to easily meet one’s needs, and wants, whatever the persons attributes. With a minimum of governmental and societal friction.

If children are educated, raised, and given a good religious background, and government is virtuous, they will be human hearted, and they will be good citizens. Crime will be a minor problem. Especially that an economy that employs Smart Capitalism. This economy will have longer periods of growth, and shorter periods of recession. Thus resulting in very low unemployment. People who are on the rise tend not to commit crime. Unless it is to further their climb. White collar crime is just as wanton as armed robbery, but more dangerous to the market, and society. So should be punished more severely than blue collar crime.

Less laws also mean less crime. Remember that law is the application of State violence against the individual. When a society controls its population extensively through the use of law, it is almost impossible to avoid breaking at least some laws in the course of life. This is extremely corrosive to the general attitude to the law. Resulting in a general disdain for the law, especially if there is a reasonable chance of avoiding detection. Add to that, a corrupt state is incompatible with, civilization, and civilized people. If one wants a crime ridden society, I can’t think of a better means than a corrupt Elite. “A corrupt people can never be free.” Machiavelli.

Lawyers and Legalists are fond of saying that the USA is a nation of laws. What about the people? Are we superfluous? A nation of laws is a nation of cold legislation, not a nation of civilized human beings. And therefore is fundamentally an inhuman hearted system. If the USA is truly a nation of law, the people could all die and society would go on indefinitely, unimpeded and operating as laid out by dictate.

This is of course insane! Law is only a small part of the framework of society. Societal Myth (custom and mores) are even more important to the framework. The part of the framework that leads a nation where it will, to a human hearted legacy, or an inhuman hearted legacy. Law certainly is not nation.

A better method might be to utilize an arbitration system for the resolution of disputes. And make as few laws as possible. Utilizing a combination of a courteous people, Religious people, and Smart Capitalism, human nature can be tamed, and aimed. Law is superfluous to the civilized citizen, and is available for the occasional sociopath. If it is hard to break the law, there will be few laws broken. The need for jails and related cost to society could be spent on uplifting purposes.

On Fundamental Rights:

Government does not make it’s people dependant on it. In Machiavelli’s The Prince, Niccollio claims that a "wise prince think of a way by which the people depend on him for everything and in every way, in that way he will insure a loyal populace." Machiavelli’s idea of a prince was a despot that would rule with an iron fist, conquer and unite Italy under the Medici banner. He thought the despot could then be dealt with by latter generations. He was another Garibaldi, willing to serve a despot, to unite Italy. Are you willing to serve a despot to serve some mightier end? That my friend is the dead end path that too many societies have taken, and is the proverbial road to hell. Ben Franklin said he who would trade liberty for security would get neither. As has been testified to throughout history. Read history, it is filled with examples of despots, and the results.

A dependant people have little or no voice in the running of the government. Because they are dependant on the government’s largess. How much say does a dependant child have on the economic lives of their parents, or a beggar to society? Moreover a dependant people have to vote for the party that will feed them. They have no vision of a better way. This guarantee’s the Socialist/Communist’s power.

We at Incapp are tired of despots. Too many human beings have perished at their hands. To us, it is a sign of a government that is turning despotic, to make its citizens dependant on it. People have a right not to be dependent on government.

The people must have the freedom to keep and bear arms. What is the absolute worst that an individual could do? Maybe detonate a series of bombs that kills 10,000 people? Even that is a stretch. One movement, started by a man, in the 1930’s set in motion the deaths of essentially all the Gypsies in Europe, then six million Jews, twenty million Russians… etc. That actually happened, and is orders of magnitude worse then anything an individual could do by him/her self. Many other such atrocities litter human history. Read the history of Tamerlane. It has never been the individual to really fear, it has always been, and always will be, the government under a tyrant.

One can arm oneself against an individual but not the government. Since government has a monopoly on violence.

Does not use the death penalty. Any rights given over to government have always eventually been misused. The death penalty is the ultimate power to misuse.

Encourages the free exercise of religion, within reason. We recognize that a religious person is usually a virtuous person. Virtuous people live happier lives, their needs are met and they have less discord in their lives, and raise virtuous children. They also are better citizens and employees. The proverbial win-win.

Within reason means;

Not forcing anyone else to adhere to a religious tenet not held by him/her.

Not in any significant way infringing on someone else’s free practice of their religion.

Not refusing to do normal business with someone of another religion.

Not harming another person or animal in the practice, (animal or human sacrifice).

As presently practiced.

It is self evident that these acts will raise discord, and above all, are not in keeping with the tenets of all human hearted religions. One can’t help but notice, all human hearted religions, have at their core… the golden rule, do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Of all religions, Moism (Mo Ti) and Christianity (Jesus Christ), stand out with their tenet of indiscriminate love, (even if it is not universally practiced by the adherents).

On Government Funding:

Good Government also does not run deficits. A better way would be to determine the long term cost of a program. Then charge a special levy, tax the populace sufficient to put monies away at interest. That some percentage of the interest (80%?) pays for the program indefinitely. The rest of the interest would be fed back into the trust to grow the trust revenue for inflation. The account would be called the “X Trust.” “X” for the name of the program. When the program is retired, the money would be moved to some other trust or the “General Fund Trust.”

Instead of sopping up capital by borrowing, thus shrinking jobs, wages, and standard of living. Government trust money would be available at interest to expand jobs, wages, and standard of living. The resulting glut of capital, along with minimal regulation that would be available to entrepreneurs, would generate a booming economy.

Unless government is grown, taxes should be negligible. Since ongoing programs would be provided for by Trust income, their ongoing cost would not be a burden for the citizen.

This would also have the effect of giving politicians more than a tangential interest in the economy. The government would be fully engaged in the economy to grow the peoples assets, and thus the power of the politicians, (what all politicians want).

The propensity towards avarice and rapine that all governments inevitably exhibit could be curtailed by this means. If sufficient monies were to be taxed from the populace to fund any government program. Said program would have to have the vast support of the citizenry. Else the special levy would meet wide spread criticism, and be defeated.

Good government is miserly with the public purse. It is not, however, in the nature of public officials to be frugal with the taxpayers money. Most of the time they see it as being in their interest to spend other peoples money generously, to insure their continued grip on power, and for the service of their ego. This practice is corrosive to the corpus politic. A means to stem this negative tendency is a Fourth Branch.

Recognizes the efficacy of term limits. A permanent political ruling “class" is obnoxious to Incapp. They are the aristocratic Elite, who protect their power by whatever means are necessary. They must eventually become oligarchic regardless of their start. Society is poorly served by this archetype.

On Economic Growth:

Works for the good of all society. All are served when government serves all. It is the nature of faction to seek to expose itself and other factions in stark relief, to fragment the people into warring camps. Then faction’s power is enhanced. The media foments this penchant of faction because it sells (Stupid Capitalism).

As was stated far more eloquently in the Federalist papers Number Ten, pitting factions against each other is the only historically tried and effective method of minimizing the power of faction to fragment society. Weakening the resiliency of the people to be vigilant against encroaching tyranny. Good government never works for one faction over the good of the whole nation. That is Aristotle’s wrong form of government. Therefore good government seeks to keep faction small and watered down. So it can get on with good governance. Governing for the interest of all, equally.

Insures that there is excellent infrastructure in the country. Especially the rural areas of the country, where entrepreneurship is rife. Infrastructure is the backbone of a stable prosperous society. Incapp believes that it is of the utmost importance to build an effective road network, telecommunication network, water, sewage and electrical grid. As much as possible should be contracted out or owned by publicly traded companies. Insuring efficient distribution of infrastructure and the efficient use of public funds. This should be the first order of business for an Incapp government.

Fosters scientific progress. A steady influx of scientific breakthroughs, along with new opportunities, to entrepreneurs are like fuel to the engine of the economy. Open scientific research is vital to the advancement of the human race. We at Incapp fervently insist on scientific advancement.

People must have basic training in the scientific method and have access to the latest scientific research. This is a terrific way to empower the risk taking individual with an idea to start a business. Potentially fulfilling his/her potential.

Patents having a track record, of fostering scientific progress, they should be utilized. The caveat however with patents is that they have been used in the past to stifle advancement that would hurt a company or sector of the economy. This practice must be discouraged. Maybe by a “must utilize” clause in some cases.

The continuous advancement of science is the best insurance against unforeseen catastrophe. As well as their efficient utilization by Capitalism, raising the standard of living of every human being on the planet, at least to the level of prosperity as lived by an average American today (2007).

Protects the right of personal bankruptcy. Without a high degree of protection to the individual through the use of strong bankruptcy protection, and Limited Liability Companies, entrepreneurial spirit would be quashed. The risk to profit equation for starting a business would be skewed against starting one. The cumulative long term reduction in economic output would be massive, and outweighs any short term negative impact to lenders.

Would insure access to a database of as much information known to the human race as possible, open and free to the public domain. Accessible through the Internet and in libraries, and public buildings. This would allow entrepreneurs access to food for their dreams. (Rungs in the framework).

Takes on the big projects that individuals, or companies can’t. History is filled with the success of human ingenuity. From Stone Henge, the Egyptian Pyramids, Mayan and Incan architecture, and the Great Wall Of China to the Apollo Project, mankind has achieved most when unified and marshaled to a single end, other than war. We at InCapP wish mankind to fill the universe with good works, architectural, dramatic, philosophical, technological, and Human. Enough blood, treasure and infrastructure has been squandered on war, of conquest and of suppression.

Fosters a courteous society. Courtesy is the grease that allows society to operate. When people are polite to each other every action, communication, transaction, or other human interaction takes place more smoothly. Everyone wins, the essence of human heartedness, and what makes life easy to live.

On The Media and Openness:

Provides for a free media. A free and open media, with as little as possible government oversight is critical to the openness and success of a society. Nothing that darkens the workings of government or corporations should be stood for.

It is the nature of powerful men to resent the glair of the unbridled media. They will always seek to bridle their critics with law. The most insidious way is to mischaracterize their censorship by calling it fairness, or reasonableness, or justice, or declare the debate closed, etc…

A well informed populace is the best bulwark against the avarice and rapine of the ruling class or Elite. The media should be wide and deep in its scope. Covering not only human interest but more importantly World affairs.

It is important for the media to be mature in their actions as well. While media should not be censured, it must have a sense of what it should and should not air.

During times of war, or great threat of war, the media must not undermine the will of the people to conduct the war, after the war has begun. To do so is to actively work for the enemy of your country, in time of war, potentially killing or enslaving every person in the country, and is treason.

The media is the opium of the people. The media can parade an endless string of mind numbing and depressing foolishness, to keep the people misdirected, depressed and asleep. A sleep that is difficult to arise from. If a sufficient jolt stirs the populace, like 911. The media simply puts some straw man in front of the people to misdirect the people’s anger, and lull them back to sleep again, it took less than seven years in the case of 911 and the USA.

Media that actively works for the betterment of humanity would elevate and hearten the populace. Never demoralize them. Smart Media would also post all information about their personal bias and interests.

All media has bias. The reporters that tell us that they report the news impartially are either lying to us, themselves or both. It is human nature to be biased. Darkness is always dangerous. Especially when the purveyors of the public record are hiding their biases. Reporters should post their voting records for the public.

Monopolies in the media are to be avoided. They limit the availability of information, whether or not they intend to. But, the government must not step in and control the media in any way, to insure “fairness.”

Wise governors will seek to keep information open and available to all. It is a tall task to avoid the pitfalls mentioned. But a free media is absolutely necessary to a free society.

The Fourth Branch, the NUMA:

Perhaps it is time to add a fourth branch of government to Montenesque’s three others. The NUMA after Numa Pompilus the lawgiver of Rome. This hypothetical branch would have no Legislative, Judicial, or War Making powers. All it would be tasked to do, is be the police of the government. The overriding legal authority, if you will, to enforce the laws that government sees fit to saddle themselves and the rest of us with. Incapp believes that government must not pass laws that apply to the populace but not the Elite.

Similar to the Roman Censors. They would strictly enforce the laws the government has passed, only on government officials, DIRECT employees, and elected office holders. Only the governors, not the governed would come under the purview of the NUMA. They would have broad ranging police powers to investigate, apprehend, enforce and prosecute the Elite. This could, if properly applied, stifle the predilection of the rulers to misuse their power.

The NUMA would have the power to hold the elite to the same set of laws that the elite hold us to. A person holding a CDL [commercial drivers license], is subject to random drug testing. Yet a member of the Legislative branch of government, that subjects them to it, is not? Are we to believe that no one in government takes drugs? Or that a truck driver on drugs, is more dangerous to society than a government official on drugs, who is subject to blackmail, and holds the future of the country in his/her hands?

A lowly truck driver is held to a higher standard than the legislator. (It is in human nature to condemn the sins of others while making excuses for ones own. Then hold the other to a standard that one doesn’t see fit to hold oneself to). The NUMA would enforce random drug testing, or any other form of testing, or control, on government officials. If the government sees fit to test some other segment of society, no matter how small or despised that segment… Especially if the segment is small and despised, all of government must be tested or controlled as well!

Also it would mitigate the tendency of the Elite to exclude those of great virtue to protect their oligarchic power. Creating an Elite that recognizes and elevates the person of lesser station but superior merit and allow them into the ruling "class". Forwarding the goal of a "class" mobile society. We could also expect a better caliber of official were this idea to be implemented.

The leaders of the NUMA would be directly elected by the people. To serve a short term of office, to minimize the potential of abuse of such great powers. Alternatively there could be long terms with imposed term limits to constrain the seemliness of incessant elections and the corruption that flows from the constant need for money to fund them.

Or finally the NUMA could have a board of directors appointed by all the political parties. (Hopefully no more than three). Each getting votes according to their representation in the populous. However, no one party would ever get more than forty 40% percent of the votes on the board.

A blending of these ideas would probably be the best method of enacting the NUMA.

Very careful precautions must be taken to insure that this new branch indeed does not influence the workings of the other three branches. Abuse of police powers to influence the others would be despotic and could not be tolerated. This would be the greatest danger in setting up the NUMA seconded by a complicit NUMA.

In Closing:

We are calling you, the thinking man or woman, to join us! Start a local chapter of Incapp in your neighborhood. Join with others near you. Translate this document into your native language! Disseminate it among the people. Run for political office under the Incapp banner. Explain it to your family. We want, need and must to be heard. Together, we can grow into a great political, non-violent, international movement. Potentially, with the power to improve the lives of untold billions of people! And potentially usher in a new age of Civilized governments that actually provide liberty, and an ever increasing standard of living. Thus, allowing every person to achieve his/her highest potential… Isn’t that what Smart Capitalism is all about, potential?