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Mo Ti's Philosophy


    Here Is a copy of a Translation of Confucius Published by E. R. Hughes 1942 J. M. Dent & Sons Ltd.



       What is written here explains Smart Capitalism and the InCapP ideal form of government. Notice in the opening essay about Standard Patterns, Mo Ti talks about the Great Ones [Elite], not having a Standard Pattern, in that way he goes on they are ‘less critically minded than the craftsman.’ Mo Ti then explains why Government should work for the good of all, not one faction only. By starting at ‘All Embracing Love from Heaven.’ Then logically to our end.

       Mo Ti understood the logic of profit. It is spattered throughout his essays. When Mankind profits Heaven is happy and it follows that when mankind does not profit Heaven is angry. Thus Righteousness is the warp and the woof of Heaven. And Righteousness involves Profit.

       I believe that Mo Ti was arguing to a more Socially evolved people than existed in his time, or today for that matter. All embracing love is as logical as it would be utile. Were we able to put it into practice…

                   Here is Mo Ti's Philosophy.


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