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What is in the self interest of the elite?

Thursday, May 4th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, People, all people, act in our own self interest. It is possible then, to reason from emphatic self interest or in other words, discerning motivations, to predict actions. When confronted with a fire, for example, a self interested person will refrain from touching it. We can predict that any person of reasoned mind, will not touch a fire, from our understanding of self interest. The media and government are both made up of self interested human beings. If we discern their motivations we can predict what they will do. Out of our understanding of self interest.

If government was doing it’s job well, there would be no crime, wars, poverty or oppression. Were that the case, the power of government would necessarily be low, the people would not watch the news as there would be none of any interest, and so both entities would suffer economic, status and political power. Self interested people don’t willingly suffer economic, status and political loss. We can then predict that people in the media and government are motivated to create the conditions where crime, poverty, oppression and wars abound, so bureaucrats and politicians can hold and grab more power prestige and wealth. Meanwhile, the media has plenty of human suffering to display, and nothing sells like blood. It is in the self interest of people in the media and government then… to create wars, crime, poverty and unrest.

Obviously a civilized person would not create suffering in the world just to get rich, laid and powerful. But our world, society and indeed civilization itself, doesn’t value the civilization in a person. In fact we are programmed in a plethora of ways, not to be civilized, but barbarians. Put a ten thousand dollar suit on a barbarian and all you have is a well tailored savage. A savage who will not blink at crossing any bridge then turning around and burning it behind her. People naturally gravitate to the golden mean, the civilizational norm of behavior if you will, so even the most human hearted person is probably going to follow their self interest, before servicing their debt to civilization. Making self interest all the easier to follow.

Since the dross floats to the top, a much higher percentage of people in positions of power are likely to be psychopaths, and studies have proven this to be true. Those who are psychopaths have no brakes. Psychopathy is an emotional disorder. The psychopath has no empathy, no mercy, loves excitement, considers others inferior, loves to manipulate others especially into self harm, and have a natural charisma. Making them particularly drawn to, and suitable for, for the political arena. Which means many people in positions of power are totally controlled by their self interest.

People have an extraordinary way of self justification. We justify our actions, to ourselves, as a means to disassociate ourselves from guilt. From… the woman raped in the bar had it coming for being in that bar in the first place, to destroying the first step on the economic ladder by raising the minimum wage because it helps the poor, we can justify our outrageous actions to ourselves and our partners in crime, by twisting logic into a Gordian knot. When confronted by a strong motivation even the person not psychopathic, outside the effects of the culture, can self justify actions he or she would never otherwise do… when the crowd does it first. Add in the cultural rot in our morality, along with the natural concentration of psychopaths in executive, political and bureaucratic positions, and you have the perfect storm.

The media has an incentive then to report news in a distorted way to foment trouble. It is not only in the interest of the producers and owners but from the news anchor to the camera person, everyone in that industry has an inducement to create suffering in the world. Violence draws viewers, viewers draw advertisers, and advertisers pay money. Viewers also impart the power to effect the culture. If it is in the self interest of people in media, a group with a higher than normal percentage of psychopaths, human beings who’s morals have been rotted by our toxic culture, and have the extraordinary human ability to self justify any action, and you will have a media that is toxic to the moral, civil and political culture.

So, we have the core reason government never works well, it is not in the self interest of those running it to do so. The media will report distorted news to create more war, crime, outrage, civil unrest and corrode our culture itself, to their own ends. Government cannot ever solve a problem because that would mean the laying off of thousands of bureaucrats! The incentives for people to create good government, government that is not in the way, with low crime, no war and civil harmony are not existent. Every inducement is to go the other way. Perhaps that is why so many civilizations have risen in virtue and fallen in vice. How do we know this again? Because it is in the elite’s self interest to do so.


John Pepin

The World is Run By Evil People

Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, we normalize the world we live in, by believing that those who are powerful are good, while those who are evil are weak. Sadly that is exactly opposite of the truth. Those people who are evil control the levers of power while those who are good are subjects of evil. It is hard to face the facts that the planet we live on is ruled by evil people, by evil means, for evil ends. The attributes of people who are evil, selfish, self centered, egoistic, heartless, conniving, charismatic and ruthless, are exactly those that lead to political power. While our prisons are filled with stupid evil men with little power, our halls of congress, presidencies, prime ministers, Judges, etc… are filled with smart evil people. Those same evil people who run the world, love democracy, because we are so easy for them to manipulate. Once in awhile though, people do wake up and vote in someone who is not of that low caliber. When that happens the rest of the evil people will set themselves to destroy that aberration. Like they have Trump.

Why is this so? Why are most of our leaders evil? Because an election is nothing more than an empty beauty contest. It is never the one with merit who wins, it is the one who pleases the electorate the most. Place a man on a podium, give him a lisp, an ugly visage, stooping posture and high pitched voice, and though he speaks the wisdom of the ages, he will be derided a fool. Take another, make him tall, hansom, deep voice and charismatic presence, and though he speak utter nonsense he will be lauded a genius. That is because we judge more by our eyes then our minds and hearts. Instead of listening to the words we look at the speaker, instead of trying to understand the arguments for both sides, we follow the tall hansom man, and because we do we hand the reigns of power, over and over, to evil people.

Even though evil people are suited for politics, does that mean all politicians are evil? Of course not, not all politicians are evil just like not all prisoners in our jails are evil. Having said that, it must be admitted that the temptation of power to an evil person is like heroin to an addict. The desire for it is overwhelming. Power is magnetic to evil people. With power they can exist above the law, while at the same time, lower the rest of us beneath it’s protections. The few politicians who are in it to serve humanity, are very few and far between, and they are universally despised by the political establishment. Those who are not evil represent a mortal threat to those who are. The power evil usurps defines them, anyone who threatens that power must be dealt with. We are witnessing this first hand in the treatment of Trump.

How can we know if a politician is evil? The first method is how is he or she accepted by the political establishment? If they are beloved, held up as the smartest, wisest and most wonderful of people, you can rest assured that person is as evil as Satan himself. He or she will blend right in to the cesspool that is politics. If a politician is loathed, attacked for nothing, constantly ridiculed and we are told he or she is a fool that will bring down our democracy… you know for certain that politician is good. Evil people will treat a good person as a pariah while they will treat an evil person with respect and dignity. The elite who are mostly evil, respect another evil person because they know that person will cross any bridge then turn and burn it into the river, if they are offended. Treated with dignity because all evil people have easily bruised thin skinned egos. If their ego is bruised, an evil person will wax a grudge until they can destroy their tormentor, like they did Nixon for prosecuting Alger Hiss.

Good people usually are not drawn to power over other, they seek peace, equanimity, love and friendship for their own sake, while an evil person will also seek these things, but as a means to an end, not an end in and of themselves. A good person will tend to his or her own life and let others be. An evil person cannot allow others to simply be, the evil person must control everyone else. One facet of being evil, is that evil people hold others as fools to be manipulated into self harm, as the elite are doing in Europe with their policy of self genocide. Where a good person will avoid war an evil person desires it. The evil will eschew deterrence claiming it triggers an aggressor, all the time knowing full well that the weakness will encourage aggression, giving them what they want, war.

It is all important to understand the world we live in in order to make it better for our children. The US founding fathers knew the nature of the world and power, and attempted to control those evil men they knew are drawn to power. Over two hundred years of whittling away at it, the elite have managed to move us totally away from our Constitution, making it a joke. Why else do you think the elite laugh in our faces, like Nancy Pelosi did, when asked if this or that policy, law or regulation is “Constitutional.” They know our Constitution now means what ever the Hell they tell us it does, and that may change tomorrow, depending on the wants of the evil people in charge. Instead of judging with your eyes, judge with your mind, if a politician’s voice makes a shiver go down your leg, you have to understand you are judging with your eyes instead of your mind. Recognize that impossible pie in the sky promises are just means of manipulating you into acting against your own interests. In short… wake up and smell the coffee, our politicians are not good people, they do not work for our interests, they love human suffering and poverty, setting themselves to creating more of it. Judge with your mind instead of your eyes.


John Pepin