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Suicide Solution

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me we are living in historic times. We are witnessing the suicide of Western culture and Western values. The human race will find herself thrust into another thousand year dark ages as a result. It is an amazing thing to behold, the most prosperous people the Earth has ever seen, turning their collective backs on the source of their prosperity, and towards systems, that have shown time and time again that they produce nothing but famine and oppression. I guess envy is a stronger emotion than love of one’s children.

Livy witnessed such times and warned his people as well. His warnings didn’t land on deaf ears, as much as they met the scorn, of all those who heard. Rome would never fall it had lasted a thousand years. But fall it did, to the barbarians that surrounded it, and to the amazement of those that were there. The death was complete, of the thousand years culture and system of government, even their language died out. The most prosperous people the Earth had ever produced till then. Such historic times should be acknowledged, when they happen, they are so rare.

There was an economist who lived in the 19th century. His name was Thorstein Veblen. He put forth a theory, of why the American people were so unlikely to rise up and kill the rich, or even so much as resent them. Thorstein said, it is because, in his or her heart, every American knows that some day… he or she may become rich themselves. This was ingrained into the Psyche of every person born and raised in America… until recently. Today the Elite themselves are ginning up hatred for the rich. The Elite are doing everything possible to create envy and vilify anyone who makes money. Prosperity itself is questioned. This is the antithesis of the “American Way.” And is Russian roulette to the American economy.

The entire continent of Europe is on fire. Their economy is disintegrating in front of their eyes. What are they doing about it? They are throwing sand into the few gears that still mesh. France will be absolutely destitute in a few years allowing the socialists to institute famine as a political tool. Germany and the other northern European nations will be sucked under by the down tow. Even those that somehow weather the economic collapse will succumb to the Islamisation of Europe. Sharia law is absolutely incompatible with a productive economy. No where has it worked ever in history. Unless there is a wealthy group to rob nearby. After the economic collapse there will be no wealth nearby to steal. Only starving and destitute people fighting to the death for a crumb of unleavened bread.

China and Russia think they are in the catbird’s seat. They are not blind to what is going on. Russia has all too close memories of this very thing happening to them. They know very well what happens when government spends far outside it’s ability. They are only now climbing out of the fiscal morass visited on them by the USSR. Twenty years later and they didn’t have to be engaged in an existential war. They are laughing now but when the US is taken out the laughing will quickly stop.

Their economies will go into a tailspin. China is absolutely dependent on exports to fuel it’s economy and economic growth. The moment America collapses China will have to shutter its factories. There will be no place to sell the tsunami of goods that flows from China. That tsunami will wash the factory cities of China, like a real one… erasing decades of economic prosperity in a single swipe. Russia is dependent on Europe for most of it’s economy and Europe is racing to oblivion at double the speed of America.

But, to look on the bright side, once there is universal poverty and oppression, there will no longer be a shining city on the hill. People will have no example of a system that works, no prospect of escaping their daily horrors, and will have no ability to achieve greatness, only just survive. Once that state of affairs is the norm, people will labor like ants… never knowing more and so never wanting more. The perfect society for the Elite to rule and a poison pill for our posterity.

Do you think they will call us smart or wise?


John Pepin