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Pacifism in the Face of Evil

Monday, January 12th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, pacifism in the face of violent evil, guarantees evil wins. The pacifist may believe in his or her heart that they have the moral high ground, and would rather die than fight, but once they have enabled evil to win, they could very well be forced to fight against those very people the pacifist agrees with! This makes pacifism an important way to increase violence and empower evil. The violent usurper convinces his victims that pacifism is Godly even as he plans on slaughtering the pacifist herself. Civilization is not based on placidly allowing evil people to do whatever they want, that is barbarism, civilization is allowing those who mean us no harm full latitude, and stepping on those who seek to install themselves as despots, like bugs. Today in our world, we see those who seek to violently overthrow our civilization and replace it with a barbaric iron age philosophy… are placated, given welfare, protected and their violence is apologized for and even justified. That is a sure way to progress the world to a form of world wide barbarism like our planet has never seen before.

In Western civilization pacifism is a vice that seems to have no downside. The pacifist can convince him or herself that they are enlightened and on a higher plane than the hoi polloi. Just as the vegan can be a vegan in the west, to do so any other place, at any other time, is impossible. It is the market system of Western civilization that makes it possible. The vegan has at her fingertips anything grown anywhere on the planet regardless of season. The pacifist can sleep warm, well fed and safe in his house, because there are people willing to do violence to keep her safe. The moment Western civilization is overthrown however, pacifism becomes absurd, as does vegetarianism and a whole host of other Utopian ideas.

The first thing any self defense course will teach you, is that when someone says they are going to kill you, take them seriously! There is almost a quarter of the human population that openly avows they will take over the world and cut the heads off anyone who doesn’t convert to their ideology. They openly call for the overthrow of western civilization and to replace it with their fascist philosophy. They are telling us to our faces they are going to kill us, and enslave us and our children, yet our leaders tell us not to take it seriously. Every time they murder people, we are told not to judge, and that we should accompany one of our future oppressors home, to protect them from the non violent people they plan on killing, raping and enslaving. The first thing we need to do, if we are still sane, is take them seriously!

To fight a war on a tactic is a certain way to loose. Had the Second World War been about stomping out Blitzkrieg, the thousand year Reich would still be in existence. To win a war you have to identify the adversary and kill them before they kill you. That is war, politics by violent means. If one side is willing to use violence but the other refuses, the first will enslave the second, since slaves have no say the master could force them into the army if the he wants. Many have been pressed into military service against their will, and fought against their own families, because they were pacifists in the face of evil. What good is it to be a pacifist, if one merely empowers the very forces of violence he is against, by doing so?

Once you are in the hands of those who have no compunction about torture, killing, slavery and rape, you either die at their hands, possibly horribly, or you fight for them. Some pacifists would rather die, until the time comes to die, then life becomes a better option, even life serving the evil you refused to fight before. The Janissaries were Christian children forced to convert and fight for their oppressors. Once they became inured, those former Christians fought to enslave, kill and rape other Christians. The history of the Janissaries is one of violence and perversion on a grand scale. Once they have won, you and your children will be their slaves, to do with as they choose.

It can be said that it is only the pacifist who chooses their own master. They willingly become the slaves of those who are willing to use violence to seize power, since they were unwilling to use violence to keep those evil men from that power, and in doing so they choose who their torturer will be, because through their inaction, they help their slaver get power over them. Moreover, by their inaction they choose the most violent and evil faction available. In a real war, the pacifist is an enemy of the good, even though they believe in their hearts they are above the fray… and they are, until those protecting them have been vanquished, then those evil men who seek power over others will exercise that power over the pacifist. Then the pacifist will be forced to fight for their master or be beheaded. That is why I say, pacifism in the face of evil, is evil itself.


John Pepin

Constitutional Usurpation

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, if I am not held to the Law, I will not follow the law. Moreover, if our elected leaders are not held to the Constitution, they will not follow it either. This not only applies to the US, where the Constitution has been bastardized by the New Class to their own purpose, but around the World. Human nature is unyielding. We do what we can get away with due to our egoistic self interest. No one among us is immune we are all subject to the demands of our egos. It is said that our emotions are like an elephant and our reason is merely a rider. Since politicians are human beings, they are as subject to this weakness in human nature as anyone, perhaps more, since they seek egoistic power over others. If we are to leave our children and their children, a World where people are free and prosperous, we must realize a means to counter this predilection in our leaders.


Think about it this way, if the laws against speeding are not enforced, people will speed more and more. As a result accidents will become more and more frequent and deadly. If the laws against drunk driving are not enforced as well the trend of more deadly accidents will accelerate. This is incontestable, we all know that we will do what we can get away with, and we all understand the repercussions. What we fail to realize however, is the same holds true for our elected leaders, but with far greater negative consequences.


The elite, like everyone, seek to exceed limits on their actions. In the case of the elected leaders, they want more freedom, to limit the freedom of others. Like the guy late for work, if he believes he will get away with exceeding the limit, he will do it. The repercussion to the society and culture from the elite exceeding their authority, as limited by the Constitution, are far more dangerous than merely allowing drunks to careen down the road fast as bullets. If we allow our leaders to surpass constitutional limits, the results include but are not limited to, famine, oppression, poverty, social strife, and hopelessness.


The predilection of the elite is only exacerbated, when those that are empowered with limiting the power and scope of government by their Constitutions, cheer and applaud when a would be usurper publicly announces he fully intends to practice arbitrary power. In this case the Constitution is nothing more than a cloak that gives the new tyrant’s usurpations a veil of legitimacy. When this happens the people have two options. Rise up and demand the Constitution be followed to the letter as intended or fall into line like lambs to the slaughter house. In such a society, where the people rise up immediately, the change back to Constitutional rule can be done with little or no blood shed, but where the people fall into line, whether it is for free stuff or fear of being called a name, eventually they will be led to slaughter and terror. Once that happens, if the people become enraged at the usurpations and rise up, we will be put down by deadly force and much blood will be shed, like in Tienanmen Square or Iran.


The right thing to do is never the easy thing to do. Most of the time we know the right thing to do but withhold action because it is seen as too difficult. Mo Ti wrote volumes about this facet of human nature, that we will do the hard thing to avoid the easy thing… In the case of a blatant usurper the right thing to do is to immediately write letters and articles, demonstrate, demand the Constitution be followed as written and intended, and otherwise act out. This is not easy, especially when the elite in the media, government and culture, back the usurper. But if it is not done and we fall into line like lambs the slaughter house cannot be far away.


In the US today we have a President who is so blatant about his usurpations he announces them to standing ovations like Adolph Hitler did. He is so confident that the American people will fall into line like lambs he openly avows he will practice arbitrary rule, like following laws as he sees fit, changing laws to suit his moods, bypasses other Constitutionally empowered branches of government and otherwise acts the dictator.


Using the spurious logic of “living breathing document” wasn’t undermining the Constitution fast enough, and we have become such sheep, he can do all these things without complaint from the very people he is avowing he will oppress. He knows the media will not hold him to any standard, the cultural elite back his incursions, and all other political factions behold his usurpations with admiration, drooling at the possibility they will get the same power if and when they come into office. The last hope to such a society, are the people who are awake and aware, we must demand our Constitution be followed. A NUMA is only a means to maintain Constitutional limits once they are reestablished. Like I said, if we do not hold the elite to the Constitution, they will not follow it, with all the consequences that will ensue. Lambs don’t write letters and don’t fight, they cry as their throat is slit, but to no avail… they have entered the slaughterhouse of their own free will.





John Pepin

Exploiting the Tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, to exploit a tragedy to raise money is heartless, but to exploit it to overturn Constitutional rights, is criminal. In this we have the example of Barack Obama. He has crassly used the tragedy at Sandy Hook to raise campaign money, and since he is Constitutionally barred from running again, it raises some prickly questions. The pressing and more pernicious use he has made of the tragedy is to undermine American’s Second Amendment rights. This has been an ongoing problem with this president. When a politician exploits the emotional reaction to a tragedy in these ways, a bright light should illuminate it, because our Constitutional liberties are at stake… and darkness serves only darkness.

The Constitution was put in place by the American Founding Fathers, to protect the American people from the natural urges of politicians, to usurp power to their own ends. This has been the paradigm since the dawn of human existence. Over the ages many things have been tried to stem this predilection of people with power over others. The Romans used a system where power was broken up between two Consuls, like the Spartans, and Solon created the ostracism. All methods tried up until the Enlightenment have failed. Constitutionalism was the Enlightenment’s attempt.

The Second Amendment was to be the final resort for the people against a government that had become extra Constitutional. The ability of the people, under the auspices of the States, to overthrow the Federal government was reasoned out in the Federalist papers… the right to revolution. The last resort when politicians had become drunk with power. This is the real reason Americans have the Second Amendment, not to protect hunting, or for fun at the range, it was to be the final check on the power of usurpers to the Constitution.

This is one of the primary reasons modern politicians have held the Second Amendment in such antipathy. They know in their hearts that since Wickard v. Filburn the Federal government has been overtly extra Constitutional. The legal oligarchy in the US understands this, but have allowed it because of the power it has given them, to amass wealth at the expense of the citizenry. This case was only the first step in undermining the US Constitution however. Assaults on the Constitution, to limit the power of men over the citizenry, have continued at an ever increasing pace.

The irony of Obama… who sent Mexican drug lords thousands of assault weapons, as well as communist gorillas in South America, and Al Qaeda heavy arms in Syria, have resulted in thousands of deaths, (and the rape and murder of an ambassador)… calling to outlaw guns in the US, is totally lost on the unbiased media. They dutifully fall in line with this usurper calling for the banning of guns of an arbitrary description. Did Obama wring his hands, when Univision reported that a massacre of teenagers at a birthday party was carried out, with weapons he provided the drug lords? No. Yet, until the details of Fast and Furious were discovered with the death of a US border patrol agent were made public, Obama was vilifying gun dealers for distributing guns to drug lords, as it turned out… it was Obama himself. Where is the Special prosecutor to look into this? Nowhere to be found.

The real reason we have so much gun violence in our society is because of the debasing of our culture. Unlimited abortion on demand, government policies that undermine the nuclear family, establishing atheism as the State religion, sexualizing our children, schools not teaching reading writing and arithmetic… and instead indoctrinating them into a political ideology, are only a very few examples of how our culture has been debased. Possibly the most pernicious is the lowering of human beings to animals by abortion and euthanasia. The CDC even has a paper out calling for “after birth abortions of children up to a year old!” This is the path Nazi Germany took and anyone who knows history, our children certainly haven’t been taught it, understands where that leads.

Politicians claim that gun rights are dangerous and so they must be limited. By this logic the first amendment should be banned as well. The right to free speech is far more dangerous and has led to far more human deaths and suffering than any lone gunman. A few examples are, Mein Kampf, the Communist Manifesto, Jim Jones and Mao’s Little Red Book. Clearly, the right to free speech is far more dangerous than the freedom to keep and bear arms, to be consistent, it should be outlawed too, and we are hearing the radical left calling for this very thing. Some powerful voices in the entertainment industry have called for jailing of anyone who criticizes Obama. I find this Chilling…

So, what we have, is a political establishment that arms evil murderous subhumans, calling for the seizing of law abiding citizens guns. The original reason for the right is clouded by the rhetoric of the usurpers. The irony is ignored and outright law breaking by politicians is laughed at. Anyone who calls attention to this, is now subversively threatened with imprisonment, even as the Federal government of the United States continues to exceed it’s Constitutional limits. Obama even said he doesn’t like the US Constitution, which he has made an oath to uphold, as a charter of negative liberties. The last question that this episode brings up is, why is Obama raising campaign funds when he is Constitutionally barred from running again? Could it be that the charter of negative liberties isn’t an impediment to another term? The unsinkable Titanic is moving ever faster to the iceberg of despotism, the unbiased media sing along, and the American people’s emotions are expertly played like a fiddle… as Saint Augustine warned, “People get the government they deserve…” May we deserve better.


John Pepin