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God and the State

Monday, April 21st, 2014

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, government is intent on replacing God, and in doing so they demand equal supplication. This is not a new thing, the ancient empires all did it. The Egyptian Pharaohs were considered the sons of gods, as were many other kings. It was a means back then, when people were ignorant and superstitious, to legitimize arbitrary rule by kings over the people. Today the idea is essentially the same, the elite claim there is no God, and if there is no God, then all of our rights come from the State. If our rights come from the State then the State can revoke them as the politically elite see fit. This circular reasoning is elevated to an actual religion in the case of Communist States where we see mass murderers worshiped like Gods. Lenin and Mao come immediately to mind as does the North Korean demon Kim. The communist manifesto argued that religion is the opium of the people, and by that logic that pernicious religion seeks to replace God with the State. As we slide deeper into the morass of Statism, we will find ourselves in exactly the same position as the ancient peoples, subjects and slaves. If we allow it then we deserve it.


The US Constitution is based on a Judeo Christian definition of God. This cannot be denied unless one is ignorant of the words of the founding fathers or intentionally misleading the public. Moreover the Declaration of Independence clearly states that our Rights come from God. Which means that the founders of the American republic recognized God and that the State is a necessary evil to protect us and our property from those who would take them. They sought the most limited State possible that would have the power to protect us, our children and our things. The US founding documents are unambiguous about this.


That paradigm doesn’t suit the progressive and socialist faction. They seek to unshackle the US government, and indeed all governments, from any limitations whatsoever. They imagine all the good they could do if only they had unlimited power to redistribute the goods of society as they see fit. The State could eliminate all the ills of society and culture by deciding who wins and who looses in various human and economic interactions. They even have the hubris to seek to change our very nature, as in Marx’s Manifesto, he claims that once we live under communism we will loose touch with our individual selves and evolve into our species selves. All of this implies a strong worship of the State and the power of the State.


Of course all the “good” that could be done by government is dependent on eliminating the limitations that Constitutions and a belief in God place on them. Under a system where eternal punishment is taken as a given we are more placid knowing everything is in God’s very capable hands. But the socialist needs people to forget the eternal and dwell in the moment. This makes us jealous of our things, scared of each other, it forces us to be politically active all the time and lowers us to the level of mere animals. All of which works in the favor of those that seek to replace God with the State.


There are very few who have not witnessed a miracle. Perhaps it is the birth of a baby, the spontaneous remission of cancer or an astonishingly unlikely happenstance that benefited us in some way, but most of us have witnessed an act of God. Not to mention the miracles recorded in the Bible… like the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This makes the task of those that seek to replace God with the State much harder, and so they deny any of these things are miracles. Like a shyster they tell us to ignore our lying eyes and believe their honest pleas. Only a fool however will ignore his own eyes, experience and history to believe in a scam being perpetrated on them by a huckster. Unfortunately many do.


It is not reasonable to deny God exists in the face of the miraculous and worship the State given the history of human government. The State is administered by human beings, who are greedy, conniving and fearful, making the State these same things. Only a State administered by saints would be different. Those who consider themselves saints however, are in fact demons, and those who are saints, eschew power, making it impossible for a State to be anything but greedy, conniving and fearful. A self interested people rightly understood, understand these basic facts, but those who remain willfully ignorant do not. A rational maximizer will weigh the cost of turning from God to the State and find the wager absurd, while a fool will not only go along, but will attack the rational maximizer as mean and old fashioned. The results of turning away from God and to the State are there for all of us to see, they are arbitrary rule, if only we open our eyes and look.





John Pepin

We Are Entering a Brave New World Under Obama…

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, this new Consumer Protection Bureau, will be a Constitutional catastrophe. The more I read about it the more my blood runs cold. It is only one of the many ways, our Constitutional rights are being directly challenged, like they have never been challenged before. The new Defense budget gives the President the “right” to detain a US citizen without charge and without legal representation?!! Our negligence is putting our children’s liberties at risk. Look at the child you are raising or have raised. We have already spent, a large portion of their prosperity, due to our allowing the government’s profligate spending. Do you want that little angel, (or little devil), you love, to live under a despotic government?

The Consumer Protection Bureau is amazingly unconstitutional. It’s budget is not overseen by Congress! They are funded by the FED. Another group of Elite with absolutely no oversight. This new Bureau will have the ability to WRITE LAW! Unelected Elite writing laws to benefit the banking system (Themselves). No way that could ever go wrong. Apparently, the way “forward” is with unelected Elite writing law, and the police picking people up without warrant, representation or any hope of getting out. Kind of like Burma, oh, sorry, Myanmar does. Huh, Is Obama, taking advice from the Myanmar Junta?

The really pernicious part, is that it creates a whole web of regulation, that firms will have to navigate through. A web that will, assuredly, eliminate competition, creating the perfect conditions for oligarchal capitalism. The oligarchs will be the ones who have access to the political Elite. If you think about it for even a moment, it should be obvious, that a huge new web of regulation will prevent, or at least hinder, new firms from competing with older established firms. Therefore, old firms will, necessarily, get bigger…. NOT smaller they will get bigger. The whole scheme will result, not only in unelected Elite writing law, with absolutely no check, or balance, by Congressional oversight, or the electoral process… it will make too big to fail a much bigger problem! Exactly the opposite of what is was “supposed” to do. Like, for example, the Energy Department Carter created, which was supposed to, eliminate America’s dependence on foreign oil. Another huge success… oh actually no, we are far more dependant today than then despite finding HUGE national reserves and spending billions of dollars…. Well spent I’m sure.

What hubris of president Obama to acknowledge that he now has the “right” to detain any US citizen he deems a terrorist… But won’t use it? Who is defined as a terrorist? Obama doesn’t think an Islamofascist is a terrorist he has said so. He believes that people who, own guns, have affinity for the US Constitution, are War veterans, anyone (the government) considers “Right Wing,” People concerned with illegal immigration, People wary of a One World Government and anyone expressing strong disagreement with government policies… is who, President Obama, deems a terrorist. So, if you or I fall into one of these groups, in the future, it will be possible for the US government to come into your home in the middle of the night, ala Elia Gonzalas, and abduct you. Take you to an undisclosed location. Hold you for as long as they want allowing you no access to a lawyer. As an American citizen however, you are subject to, water boarding. A torture, if used on a person who kills anyone who doesn’t follow his or her violent ideology, but acceptable to use on US servicemen (citizens), as a training tool. The killing, by executive fiat, of a US citizen precedent has been set, so that impediment to Obama is already out of the way.

Just sit back for a moment and think about what you have just read here. If you doubt any of it, or all of it, ask yourself this one question, “Wouldn’t it be really bad, if only one single thing here, is true… a new bureau without Congressional oversight, unelected officials writing law, evolving the US Constitution so that the Executive branch can arrest anyone it sees fit, without any Constitutional protections… would any of these things make you concerned if they were true?” How bad would it be, if even one of these things were true, let alone all? I have included links so you can see for yourself… They are all true.

If no oversight works, then why not eliminate the police and FBI, letting us police ourselves? Because, it would be stupid, that’s why. The same as, it is stupid, to let the Elite police themselves! If group A need policing, and group B comes from group A, then necessarily, group B need policing too. Logic, it seems, is perspective dependant… I clearly see, the people are reprobates and need to be policed, but I am so perfect in thought and action that I need no policing myself… So say the Elite…

So what do we do with this information? Go back to sleep? I think it is time to put some teeth in the US Constitution. (And all other Constitutions as well). In light of the unrestricted assault on the US Constitution, the Obama administrating is waging, I would like to add a new idea to my NUMA concept. That is, if an elected official is found to have been derelict in his or her duty to protect of the US Constitution, the most important function and duty of any government official, they will be, impeached, personally fined, or jailed, if the Constitutional attack was found to be intentional. The penalty levied by the NUMA and prosecuted by the NUMA, adjudicated by the Judicial Branch, for the people.

But then again… we have never had a problem with the Elite breaking the law… they are not subject to it… We are.






Oh, hold on, Someone’s at the door…