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Calling Good Evil and Evil Good

Sunday, June 18th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, Glaucon’s question is pertinent today and is in many ways, the source of the societal convulsions we are presently experiencing. To those unfamiliar with The Republic, Glaucon’s question to Socrates was, “Is it better to be just and thought unjust, or better to be unjust and considered just?” The question went to the heart of the matter they were discussion, is justice really a good or only something we use to trick fools into following the “great men?” He went on to explain that someone who is just, but considered unjust, will be spat upon, ridiculed, attacked and his or her interests destroyed, while he who is unjust but considered just, will be lauded, protected and the road paved before him. Today our media tells us that people who clearly are unjust (evil), are just(good), and those who are just, as unjust. Seemingly to forward injustice as justice, which goes to the heart of The Republic’s premise, what is the nature of justice?

Machiavelli touched on the same question in The Prince. In that book, Machiavelli said that a wise prince must be dishonest (unjust) while appearing at all times to be honest (just). He went on that the way to appear just while being unjust is by several means. One must constantly claim to be honest, even when one is a consummate liar, because people will hear the words and forget the actions. We have the example today of Clinton and Obama, who lied constantly, about significant things, but are still considered by many as honest. Obama’s “you can keep your doctor,” and “Benghazi was due to an internet video,” are two glaring examples of our leaders following Machiavelli’s advice, be dishonest while claiming to be honest. The media backed those two liars, so they would appear to be honest, the media in other words, went to great lengths to make the unjust appear just.

Meanwhile, the media has bent over backwards to claim Trump, and Reagan before him, are/were bad people. The legacy media that calls itself unbiased threw mud at Reagan incessantly. They re branded Reagan’s every initiative, The strategic defense initiative was re branded as Star wars, Reagan’s supply side economics was called trickle down, are but two examples of many. Trump has faced the vitriol of the media since he became a viable candidate. Before that he was used as a tool to discredit republicans. That shenanigan backfired in the faces of the media that calls itself unbiased and helped get Trump in office. Clearly, judging by their actions the media is seeking to paint Trump, who may very well be just, as unjust.

Today, the media dutifully pretend that open calls for violence against republicans, is mere rhetoric. Claiming evil is actually good and thereby making the unjust appear just, while they make the just appear unjust. Knowing the way people treat those they consider evil, the media is complicit in creating “Great Men,” cut from the same cloth as other “great men,” Alexander, Caesar, Napoleon, Tamerlane, Hitler and Lenin… mass murderers every one. One thing they all had in common was that they were considered, at the time and some even today, as just, when they were anything but. The result of the media’s calling injustice, justice, evil good and good evil, is the political violence we are seeing today.

Take a look at what the media calls just, stealing from producers, and redistributing that ill gotten gain to politically favored groups. If an action is wrong (unjust) for me to do, then it is equally wrong for you, and even a group of people, no matter the size of that group. If a mob smashes a store window and steals the merchandise, it is as wrong as if you or I did it, and even if that mob consists of three hundred million rioters, it is still unjust. To claim it is, warps not only logic, but morality as well. The “great men” as Thrasymachus called them, seek to appear just, while they are unjust, as a means to trick the rest of us into believing in justice, so they can engage in injustice without oversight.

The ancient Greeks understood the nature on Man better than we do today. Today we are dazzled by technology and science, blinding us to fundamental truths of humanity. In our hubris at what our fathers have created, we forget the reality of human nature, and imagine we are gods. Yet we are reaping what we have sown, treating injustice as justice, is a sure path to economic collapse, crime, violence and human suffering. No less today that two thousand five hundred years ago. The heft of human history shows the absurdity of allowing the evil to masquerade as good while destroying the good out of ignorance of their goodness. Moreover, today the media calls those who are good, evil, because they are good!

So, we have a situation where the just are attacked, ridiculed and destroyed, for an unjust political end that is portrayed as just, while those who are unjust are lauded, protected and aided in ad for their injustice. Worse, the good today are attacked, for their goodness! To change this paradigm, stop the political violence, economic degradation, rising rates of crime and drug use, economic inequality, as well as the overt corruption in our governments… we must think for ourselves, see with our minds as well as our ears and our hearts, separate the just from the unjust… and refuse to be fooled again. Only then will Glaucon’s question be answered in the affirmative, yes, it is better to be just and considered unjust, than to be unjust and considered just, because humanity’s future depends on it.


John Pepin

The State of the Union

Thursday, January 14th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, among the fictions in Obama’s state of the union address last night, two rise above the rest for their utter absurdity, the 8 million jobs number and his foreign policy successes. Obama is a politician not known for telling the truth, or even a twisted version of the truth, but last night he was in rare form. Most Presidents will massage their records to make themselves look better than they are, that is human nature, but Obama has the advantage of being a psychopath allowing him to lie without remorse. Our economy has seen the worst recovery after a deep recession under his stewardship than any previous President. Obama’s foreign policy catastrophes have been as epic as they have been calamities for humanity. On these two points alone he will go down in history as the most corrupt and inept President in American history. I pray that no one ever comes along who is worse.

When Obama came into office he inherited a deep recession. While most might think that would be a burden it is actually a blessing to an incoming President. The years directly after a deep recession always, (except for this last one) have a rebound effect on the economy. The depth of the recession is typically reflected in the height of the recovery. That is because recessions clear out the way for new innovators to create. Also most Presidents will turn their attention to economic recovery after a recession. Both of which lead to fast economic growth. Obama on the other hand instead of focusing on the economy honed in on destroying the health care sector.

Obama care has led to the destruction of full time employment. The incentives are so pernicious that any marginally profitable company must hire two or three workers, to do the work of one, else run afoul of Obama care’s negative incentives. The list is legion but a few highlights are, companies with more the 50 employees must provide Obama care, any worker with more the 38 hours must get health care, along with thousands of pages of regulations that drive up the cost to astronomical levels. These facts cannot be argued they are obvious for anyone to see. The economic results, despite record low interest rates set by the Federal Reserve, for record time and still, 7 years into the “recovery,” are at absurdly low levels, has been one of bubble fueled misallocation of assets. Evidenced by the fact that 2016 has had the worst start to a new year ever on Wall Street.

What Obama care has done to our economy has resulted in the US becoming a part time work country. Most of the new jobs have gone to immigrants and men are virtually locked out of the workforce. That is why while so many new jobs have been “created,” the labor participation rate, the real unemployment rate, has skyrocketed. Dollar General pays very low wages and only hires part time workers. Instead of hiring three or four full time dedicated workers, (which under normal circumstances would be more efficient), that company hires dozens of part time workers for only a few hours a week, (due to pernicious incentives set by government policies), to avoid Obama care’s ridiculous costs. That is how warped the economic incentives are to businesses under Obama. Of course there are millions of jobs created, and all due to government action… everyone is working part time jobs! By any measure that is not good for workers, the economy or businesses.

Obama’s foreign policy record is even worse however. When Obama came into office the war in Iraq was won, Libya had given up it’s weapons of mass destruction, the Middle East was settling back down, Iran’s nuclear program was contained and Russia was becoming a trading partner. Obama snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in Iraq. Obama’s best friend on the world stage, Erdogan in Turkey, has brought the US and Europe onto a war footing with Russia which could result in a nuclear exchange. Today Russia is active in the Middle East for the first time in decades, our allies there don’t trust us and he has made the US the laughing stock of the world.

Because of Obama’s policies, the Middle East exploded in the Arab spring, which Obama likened to the Islamic golden age. He supported the rise of the malignancy, the Muslim Brotherhood, the cancer that gave rise to every Islamic terrorist organization on the planet, in Egypt. Amazingly, his support led to widespread organized tyranny that was overthrown by the military, saving the Christians in Egypt from certain extermination. Of course Obama’s support of the Arab Spring has resulted in bloodshed on a massive scale, the rise of the Islamic state and genocide of Christians and Yazidis, the spread of terrorism around the world, an invasion of Muslims into Europe and the military and economic destabilization of the world. The only place Obama didn’t support the Arab Spring was in Iran. Under Obama’s watch the world has caught fire and in response Obama is dousing it with kerosene.

As Obama gave his psychotic speech last night 10 of our Navy personnel were in Iranian captivity. They have been released but the Navy ships remain in Iran. Obama has bent over backwards to sidle up to the psychopaths that run that Islamic republic. His “treaty” that is not a treaty, must lead to a nuclear armed Iran. Even the slowest among us knows a nuclear armed Iran will inevitably lead to a nuclear exchange, either with the US, Israel or Saudi Arabia. Obama has guaranteed us a nuclear war on the planet in our lifetimes. His foreign policy has made the world exponentially a more dangerous place.

The real villain last night however wasn’t Obama, but the fawning press that has hidden his failures, lifted him up and covered for his corruption, allowing him to get away with his psychotic lies. Even as they praise Obama’s crocodile tears while he goes after the Constitution they attack those who believe in liberty. Obama is a psychopath, but he couldn’t have achieved the destabilization of the Middle East, nuclear arming Iran, destroying our economy, and spreading terrorism around the world, without their willing help. Obama told them their job was to cover for him and they have taken up that yoke with glee. They fall all over themselves to cheer him on as he upends the world and when the chickens come home to roost they will claim they had nothing to do with it. But we know better.


John Pepin

The Road to Poverty for a Nation

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, if we want to live in a nation of prosperity and liberty, but not one of poverty and tyranny, it is up to us to use our common sense when we vote. We all want to be prosperous that is a natural desire of humanity. The drive for liberty is a heart felt feeling that people have had since the days of Adam and Eve. How unfortunate then that these two mutually compatible wants are almost never met? Instead we always get tyranny and poverty. Our leaders constantly lead us astray, lowering our standard of living and becoming ever more tyrannical, until the nation state, city state or empire becomes so rotted from the inside, it collapses from something that wouldn’t have been a bump in the road a mere generation earlier.

I believe this is because of the fiction of enough. Oh, we can have enough pain, enough hunger or enough sickness, but it is impossible to have enough wealth, power, luxury, food or happiness. We might be sated for a short time after a huge meal, the giant bonus might make us happy for a day, but as soon as the food is digested or the bonus is put in the bank, we want more. There can never be enough of a good – while even a little of a bad is too much. It is in our nature to strive for more good and less bad and only a saint is immune.

This maxim applies to government and it’s officials as much as the common laborer, possibly more. Those in government want more money, sex and power. The seven deadly sins are all the more deadly when exercised by the political elite, because they not only destroy the virtue of the elite, but the nation they lead as well. No matter how much power the elite get they demand more. No matter the problems they created with the power they were already given, they want more, to fix those same problems, which will certainly be used to create more problems… so they can get more power. They can never have enough power over the individual, sex with young interns or wealth at the expense of the people.

History says nothing if not, when government grows beyond simply protecting the people from foreign states, safeguarding our lives and watch over our property… poverty, plague and war result. In fact, the fiction of enough is exactly why there is war in the first place. No nation has enough land, no matter how much land it has, no nation has enough wealth, no matter how rich it is, and no country on Earth is satisfied with the resources it possesses. All countries look upon the wealth, land and resources of their neighbor with a greedy eye. Perpetual war is also the most efficient way to remove our liberty from us, from subjecting us to tyranny, to “protect us” from this or that bogyman. This is made easier, by the fact the new class elite control the media in all nations, including the US. We are so easily deceived.

The covetousness of the political elite is not spent only on the property of other nations it is most hungry when turned on the wealth of their own people. Those in power will think of all kinds of ways to plunder our wealth for their own use. In this, the more power the government has, the easier it is to take what we earned through labor, to line the pockets of the elite. President Harry Truman said, “Anyone who gets rich in politics is a God damned crook…” How many politicians, in any country on Earth, are not rich within a year or two of gaining office? The more socialist the nation’s government is the richer the political elite and the poorer the people. That is because no amount of wealth is enough, even if it costs the nation it’s economy, liberty and happiness.

The only answer is to limit government’s power over us. But power taken is never returned except by a collapse and reset. Of course the elite will scream to the rafters that they need that power to do us good. But as I have pointed out, that power will do us no good, it will enrich the political elite and destroy our culture, society, nation and economy. The political elite know this as well or better than you and I but their greed, lust and hunger, overpowers their patriotism. When a politician tells you that he or she needs to be able to take from someone to give to you, they are really telling you they want to be able to legally steal from others, including you. You will get no benefit but your children will live in poverty and tyranny because of it. They appeal to our greed to satisfy their greed and call it progress. We are as lazy as the elite and seek wealth without work too.

We follow our leaders, we want to get rich in politics as well, even if we are not members of the political elite. They exploit this tendency in us to manipulate our selfish desires, desires they have put in us when we look at their wealth, power and prerogative, and stand in awe of it. We become desirous of those things ourselves. But in no nation or country ever constituted, has wealth been taken from the people and been given back, at no point in time has power been returned to the people, never has an oligarchy ruled for the benefit of all, and no place where the people have fallen for the deceit that they can vote other people’s money into their own pocket… has there been anything but increasing poverty, lowering of liberty, and eventually, catastrophic collapse. Yes, the elite start it because they can never have enough, but we always go along, voting the most corrupt politicians in, because they claim they will “give” us the wealth someone else has piled up… suckers that we are.


John Pepin

The Air War against ISIS

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, the elite don’t want the air war against ISIS to be effective, because their end game is an everlasting ground war. The air war against Gaddafi was highly effective however, which forces the question, why was that air war effective against Gaddafi and the air war against ISIS is not? We are constantly told we must intervene to stop ISIS but there are ever present news reports of American advisers helping train ISIS fighters, US equipment in ISIS hands, The Toyota Trucks driven by ISIS given to them by the US, The Benghazi weapons network, etc… Perhaps these reports are propaganda or possibly they are true, given the predilection of this administration to lie when the truth would serve them better, anyone with an open mind must at least question the reasoning behind the call for ground troops. Remember, those “troops” are someone’s child, maybe yours, anytime an American soldier is sent to fight in a foreign land, it is incumbent upon us to insure the plan is to win, and not to simply fight a war of attrition.


The US has a recent history of sending American’s children to fight in wars they are not supposed to win. The most glaring example was Vietnam. In that war the greatest enemy of our sons was the government that sent them there. Our fathers and brthers guarded military bases without ammunition for their guns, they were used as test subjects in experiments that would have made Mengele proud, all while under a legal microscope. There was no support for them on American streets, in academia or by the political or cultural elites. Even when they returned home they were vilified as baby killers. Rich Hollywood actors and actresses went to North Vietnam to support the Marxist regime. Jane Fonda even gave aid and comfort to the Marxists! Clearly, they were not sent to Vietnam to win… only to die at the hands of communists.


In Iraq the American people supported our sons and daughters but the cultural and political elite did not. Our children were hamstrung by a steady litany of condemnation that undermined the war effort… by the very people sending them into harms way today! American soldiers have to fight terrorists who have no limitations on the atrocities they can perform, even as our kids have to fight under a legal microscope, manned by teams of lawyers looking for any transgression on the terrorists “rights.” There are American soldiers today who are serving life sentences for returning fire and killing terrorists that were firing on them! Only a fool of the highest order would believe there is any intention of the backstabbers who run the US government today to win any war they send our children to fight.


When Gaddafi had all but won the war against the terrorists the US and Europe went in with only air power and annihilated Gaddafi’s forces. Once the air war started the war was over quick. The effectiveness of the US air force was staggering. All at a cost that is pennies on the dollar of the air war against ISIS today. We are supposed to believe what was so effective against Gaddafi is utterly impotent today? That is absurd on the face of it. The US has spent more money attacking ISIS from the air to no effect than they did utterly obliterating Gaddafi’s forces. In other words we are to believe up is down and down is up.


If the air war was supposed to be effective… why doesn’t the air force target massed ISIS troops? Why don’t they target reinforcements? Why not jdam the hill ISIS is using for artillery attacks into Kobani? Why not provide close air support to the Kurds? Why allow Turkey to attack Kurdish forces with air power? Why not interdict ISIS supplies? Why not eliminate ISIS armored forces? Why are they using multimillion dollar smart munitions to kill a single guy out behind his hut smoking a cigarette? Why are they attacking civilians? These are questions everyone should be asking… but are not.


Then there are those alarming reports of US special forces training ISIS, US government arming and equipping them as well as the Benghazi weapons network. These, let’s call them rumors for now, are not reported by the unbiased media, they are in the alternative press. Since the unbiased media have been caught so many times fabricating stories out of thin air to political ends, only an ignoramus would believe them. The CBS story about Bush’s air guard service coming out a week before the election that were proved to be utterly false is just one egregious example. Couple that with Susan Rice’s lying tour of the Sunday talk shows about Benghazi which they slavishly lapped up is another. The point is, our press that calls itself unbiased cannot be counted on to give us even a hint of actual unbiased truth, so we have to give the alternative press some credibility.


Why would our government do that to our children though? Why would they seek to send our kids, children our wives gave birth to in great pain, we cleaned their skinned knees, wiped their noses, changed their diapers and suffered with them when their boyfriend/girlfriend broke their hearts, why would our government send them to die in a foreign land, with no intention of winning? Many theories have been promoted, from the military industrial complex to outright traitorous action on the part of the elite. Perhaps it is the Cloward and Piven war strategy to destroy America by bleeding her to death, or perhaps it is to deny us our posterity but whatever the reason, it is diabolical. If the air war was supposed to be effective, it would be, clearly it is not, could that be so the political elite can justify sending our kids to fight again? What is possibly the most telling of the heinous intentions of the ruling elite today, is that they refuse to call Islamist terrorists, terrorists, you know, ISIS… people who behead innocents, crush babies, rape and sell women and girls, and commit genocide… but our government does call our returning soldiers, terrorists. Which in and of itself is traitorous.





John Pepin

The Fox is Now in Charge of the Hen House.

Monday, September 15th, 2014

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, putting people in charge of protecting something they despise, is not such a good idea if you want that thing to survive. A sane person wouldn’t put Hamas in charge of Israel’s defense, a rational parent wouldn’t put John Wayne Gacy in charge of his or her child’s birthday party and no one in their right mind would make Don Corleone the Attorney General. According to a news story I just read all of the appeals courts in the US are now run by a majority of Democrat appointees. This wouldn’t be bad if the democrat party had not been hijacked by outright socialists, progressives, but it has, and that means people who despise everything our Constitution stands for, are in charge of protecting it.

Control of our Constitution is the reason democrats filibustered Bush appointees. A move that at the time was unheard of. Once the progressives got their man in however they put an end to filibustering appointees. When republicans considered eliminating the filibuster it was called “the Nuclear option” by the unbiased media. When democrats pushed the nuclear button the unbiased new class media cheered them on. Now progressive democrats have filled all the vacancies Bush couldn’t along with those that have opened since Obama came to power.

Progressive philosophy is essentially the same as Marxist, the only real difference is the progressives eschew the violent revolution part of Marxist theory in favor of “progressing” us to full socialism. To achieve their end, a total state where people are the property of the state, the only thing that is off the table is outright revolution. They shun revolution, not because they are peaceful, but because they don’t believe revolution is the best way of getting there. That is why whenever a progressive is asked what is the difference between Marxism and Progressivism, the progressive laughs derisively and refuses to answer.

The difference between national socialism and progressivism/Marxism is the national versus their international nature. The Marxist/progressive believes in world communism, where everyone on the planet lives in their Utopian vision, whereas the national socialist seeks to enslave their own nation to the yoke of communism. The end of both are the same but one wants socialism for their country only and the other seeks it for the entire world. That explains why they hate each other so. They must draw from the same limited pool of people and so are in direct conflict for those potential enlistees.

In order to progress the world to communism the progressive only stops at violent revolution, not at violence. History shows that progressive will lie, cheat, destroy innocent people, undermine societal wealth, and harmony. They will do anything no matter how heinous, that progresses us to their goal. Since they are at heart atheists, and as such have no worry about eternal consequences, there is no limit to their actions. One thing stands in the way of the progressive vision of a united world under communism… the United States. More specifically, the US Constitution. That document is a stumbling block to them.

The US Constitution has provided the United States with the most long lasting republic since Rome, it has resulted in the most prosperous society the world has ever known, most of the industrial revolution’s advances are the direct result of US patent law… that is only possible under the US form of government, people still live in liberty even after over two hundred years of one government, and all of these goods are directly opposed to the progressive agenda.

Progressives learned over a century ago that they need not change the words of our Constitution to undermine it’s effectiveness, all they need do is change the meaning of the words, and it is the court system that interprets the words. Freedom of religion is now separation of church and state, shall not be infringed means limited rights, interstate commerce now means government can regulate anything you do in your own home and on your own land, but their diabolical attacks don’t end there. Progressives now seek to change the freedom of speech to freedom of government approved speech.

Both the Republican and democrat parties are controlled by progressives. The democrat party is totally in the hands of progressives and the republican party’s top echelon are uniformly progressive. That is why Tea party candidates come under the heaviest fire from republicans. The republican elite don’t believe in limited government, their rhetoric is only a means of tricking people into thinking there are two choices, when there is only one… progressive.

The judicial system is the final protector of our Constitution. Most of the heavy lifting is in the Appellate courts. They hear the majority of cases and rule on their constitutionality. Since there are no negative consequences if they actively seek to undermine our Constitution, once a progressive gets that lifetime appointment, he or she can engage in all sorts of mischief. Now that most of the judges on the appeals court are progressive democrats mixed with many progressive republican appointees, the change will come faster and faster. Yup, now that progressives are in charge of protecting Our Constitution, a constitution they despise with every fiber of their being, limited government will soon be history. World communism is the next goal.


John Pepin

Crying Wolf

Thursday, May 15th, 2014


Dear Friends,


It seems to me, the elite should relearn the old fable of the Boy Who Cried Wolf, else they run the risk of falling into that trap. Name calling is such a fall back position of the new class that it has become knee jerk. Anyone who disagrees with those who overtly seek to bring on a Brave new world, or the alternative 1984 George Orwell, are called racists. The term has been so overused it has lost much of the punch it should have. The elite pretend to be above bigotry while they are in fact the biggest racists there are. Their heroes are, to a man and woman, evil people who are the epitome of bigots, while they ignore their own roots and personal feelings, they point their filthy finger at others never thinking that three fingers are pointed back at them. This would be comical except that the world our children will live in is profoundly effected by their socialist policies.


The fable of the Boy Who Cried Wolf is simple. A shepherd boy was watching his flock and was bored. He thought to himself, “If I run into town and cry wolf the townspeople will run here and it will be fun.” So he ran into town crying, “Wolf! There is a wolf after the sheep.” the townspeople ran to the fields and found no wolf but the little boy laughing at the gullibility of the townsfolk. They trudged back to their duties. Awhile later, the boy came back shouting, “Wolf, there really is a wolf now!” The people dropped whatever they were doing, running into the field only to find the boy laughing even harder this time. Exasperated the townspeople walked back to town. Later chuckling to himself the little boy saw a real wolf. The wolf killed a ram. The little boy ran into town yelling, “Wolf! There really is a wolf this time! Please help!” The townspeople laughed and went back to work. No matter how the boy cried and cajoled the people they wouldn’t come help. When the boy returned alone to fight the wolf, his flock they were all dead, and it killed him.


The elite have been crying wolf for so long people barely even look up unless they have a political reason to promote the fiction. This is all well and good but it gives actual racists a pass. Like the New Jersey Representative (a Democrat), who was caught saying her city would become an “N” word town. Even our President, Barack Obama, has made racists remarks when he called his grandmother, “a typical white person,” that statement would have destroyed a conservative had he or she said it. Obama derided White Americans as, “bitter people clinging to their guns and religion.” Imagine if a Tea Party member were caught saying that about African Americans, Muslims or Latinos! The media would claim that proves all Tea Party members are racists… but calling all Tea Party people racists, is itself bigoted. The definition of bigotry is to hold all members of a group as having the same characteristics. By this definition, grouping people is itself bigoted… and what political faction favors grouping people? When the unbiased media are faced with real racism and bigotry by the new class, they turn a blind eye, because it doesn’t forward their agenda.


The heroes of the progressives are uniformly racists of the most despicable order. Woodrow Wilson openly avowed racial and sexist remarks that would make even Adolf Hitler shudder. Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, wanted abortion as a means to exterminate blacks! World depopulation is a theme of the progressives the world over. The Georgia Guide stones openly say it. They want to kill nine tenths of the human population lowering our numbers to five hundred million. Do you suppose they mean to kill themselves or their own children? No, they mean to kill those people who don’t conform, to their vision of the perfect people. Do you suppose that could include races they consider, lesser?


We live in a time where logical debate about facts and outcomes has given weigh to circular reasoning about who is a bigot and who is not. The bigots are the ones who claim victim hood while those of us trying to have a conversation are labeled with epithets more suited to Margret Sanger, Woodrow Wilson and even Barack Obama. The elite cry racist whenever they are met with a question they cannot answer while they drag us into their dark vision of a Brave new world. In the movie or the book by Aldus Huxley, did you notice any Asians, American Indians, or Latinos? No, of course not, they were to be excluded from that nightmarish vision of the new class. Ad homonym attacks and name calling, belong on the playground of ignorant children’s taunting, not in our political debate. Crying wolf only lowers us to the intellectual level of children and is as dangerous today as when that fable was written.





John Pepin


Who to Believe

Monday, September 16th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, lest anyone believe too much what the media or government claims, all one needs to do is open an encyclopedia from the 1930’s, and read what it says about the Soviet Union under Stalin. People have far too much faith in what we are told by the unbiased media and government. We accept the stories as gospel, and are told to disbelieve gospel, thinking and acting wrongly as a result. We should read all that is available on a subject… especially that which we don’t agree with, else our perception becomes narrower and we ourselves become more and more ignorant, regardless of how enlightened we consider ourselves. The times in which we live are too perilous to be willfully ignorant.


Any encyclopedia you open, from the 1930’s, will have a glowing account of the wonders of communism under Stalin. I have a copy from 1940. It goes on and on about the rights of the people living under communism. It claims poverty is eliminated in the USSR. While history shows us, at the same time, the people of the Ukraine were being systematically starved to death. Untold human suffering was brought about by Stalin. In addition to the millions who had food stolen from them, food they had grown, there were purges that resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths by firing squad, hanging, and torture. History shows how very very wrong those encyclopedias were.


Despite the fact that many knew about the atrocities of the communists at the time, these fictions were written in encyclopedias and distributed to the American people as reality. Any librarian will tell you that an encyclopedia is the best of reference material. That they are subject to political ideology is not tragic, it is a statement on the veracity of those, who are the gatekeepers of information. Not a pretty statement either. That such atrocities were glossed over, by the media elite and even the writers of encyclopedias, is damming of those who promoted such fables as truth.


Truth is not subject to perspective. Truth must be objective else it is opinion. Today we are inundated with opinion that masquerades as truth. The tragic part is that real truth is more often than not, derided as opinion or conspiracy. We can see in the example of the encyclopedia that even the most reliable sources of information are subject to political calculation. Opinions that are portrayed as truth, are a fallacy that we must realize as such, or we will be subject to acting on lies… to our own and our children’s detriment.


When we have only lies, opinion and falsification to base our decisions on, we are not really making informed decisions… we are being manipulated. People who manipulate, never do it for the benefit of those who are manipulated, but for their own egoistic self aggrandizement, to garner wealth or to seize power. Not one of those reasons are human hearted. The thoughtful individual has to be very careful of what we believe, and what we disbelieve, but to be a rational maximizer we must not discount information, we are told by the elite media, is conspiracy. They have been caught so many times fabricating lies and portraying them as truth they cannot be believed at all. Look at CBS, creating from whole cloth lies about George Bush’s military record, reporting it days before an election and claiming them as reality, when nothing could be further from the truth.


The wise man and woman believes everything and nothing. It is critical to understand the nature of men and mankind to know truth. When a news story claims that people are behaving in a way that is not consistent with history, human nature or logic, the rational human being has to weigh that information carefully, else he or she is subject to manipulation. We must understand that truth is not perspective dependent it is objective, perspective is subject to personal bias, bigotry and self interest. Our media is never unbiased and those who claim that mantel are lying to our faces… and they know it. To believe a liar is to be willfully ignorant and therefore makes us subject to acting against our self interest. That there is even one example of reference material that promotes a false narrative, shows us that even the most reliable sources must be evaluated and checked against historic norms, the teller’s biases and our own rational self interest. To understand is to be catholic in our reading and critical in our acceptance. To do otherwise makes us a tool of the elite, and human beings are NOT tools, we are ends in and of ourselves.





John Pepin

Syrian Chemical Weapons

Monday, September 2nd, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, the Syrian use of chemical weapons while Obama vacillates issue, highlights a few major underlying problems here in America. Some of those troubles are, our military is gutted under Obama, our economy is still on FED life support four years into the recovery, the deplorable state of the media and the ineptitude of the US government among others. We shouldn’t look at these as reasons to fret however we must look at them as opportunities for positive change. That they are more obvious to the non engaged or party stalwart, brings in the possibility they will see the light, allowing us all to band together, rectifying these problems for good. To go back to sleep would be the surest path to a collapse of our civilization.


The unbiased media have bungled their jobs so bad the American people have to go to foreign sources for any real information. The pernicious group think of the unbiased press is malpractice of the highest order. The unbiased media have ignored the question if it really was Bashar or the rebels, who had more to gain from an American intervention, and the destruction of eighty Coptic Churches in the last few weeks in Egypt alone, the death threats and murders of Copts in Egypt and in Syria (by our allies), and Nigeria where burning Christian places of worship, full of worshipers, is common. Our media and government are complicit in genocide by their silence.


The US and the World’s economies are barely limping along. Despite magnificent amounts of money printing, via Quantitative Easing, TARP, the European Union violating their charter and offering to ease the money supply, Japanese record amount of money printing, etc… the World’s economy sits in Intensive care, with little hope of a full recovery. The media try to minimize the dramatic decline of the economy by calling it the “New normal.” As if this would ever be accepted as normal under any other administration. The profound degeneration of the US economy directly effects the US’ ability to field an army and support that army.


The US military has seen drastic budget cuts. Not just in growth but in actual inflation adjusted numbers. This, along with our commitment to dozens of small gorilla actions around the World, has stretched the US fighting forces very thin. This belies the fact, the US military has a very high ratio of battle hardened non commissioned officers to enlisted men, which is a traditional means of measuring an army’s combat effectiveness. Along with the deep pool of combat trained reservists, the US could be untouchable, it is just weak now. As the old saying goes, “If you want peace, prepare for war.” The US government, in hollowing out the US’ military, has invited war.


The US government under the Obama administration is either incompetent or traitors. This Syrian issue points strongly to incompetence. Remember that the Middle East and North Africa, while never a hotbed for serenity, was largely at peace. The US had won the war in Iraq and Muammar was quiet. The standard of living in Egypt, while not in the top ten percent of the World, was rising in relation to the World. But, when Obama called the fellow who set himself on fire in Tunisia, “Rosa Parks.” He signaled to the World, that the US would not only avoid stopping revolutions, but would actively encourage them, the race was off and the Middle East and North Africa was set on fire.


Several years later, the Coptic Christians in North Africa and the Middle East are being slaughtered, (by our allies}, Iran is getting ever closer to a deliverable nuclear EMP warhead, hundreds of thousands of people are dead, the standard of living in the Middle East and North Africa has plummeted, the fire of war is threatening our allies, Turkey, while Israel sits placidly in the middle of it all. That this President is supporting those who are committing genocide is appalling, but when viewed from higher up, it seems quite in line with this President’s actions. Start a fire, then back away and let someone else deal with it, as Obama adds fuel.


If the US is to be disengage then disengage. This half in half out simply encourages our would be enemies. Our economy cannot really recover until the misty darkness of Obama care is fully revealed, so the damage to the economy can be seen, and entrepreneurs can fully assess the law so they can work within it. We must use the flawed primary process to get smart, patriotic, entrepreneurs to run for president, not the old boy network’s pick this time too. We can let each other know when we come across a good news outlet so the good ones can prosper. We need to write our news people and ask them, in a unified voice, to open up the information spigot and shower us with the truth. We are adult enough to see the plight of the Coptic Christians, we are mature enough to debate the damage a deliverable Iranian EMP would present, and we have the wherewithal to stand the decisions, were they made. But this President is not willing to make them. He seeks to avoid any blame for anything, while using his bull in a china shop policies, to clumsily grab credit for something… anything.





John Pepin





The Frog and the Scorpion

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Dear Friends,

It seems to me… those in the unbiased media should take heed of the old story about the frog and the scorpion. To forget this old adage will result in the painful death of the unbiased press and the drowning of their passenger… If you don’t remember the story I’ll retell it here.

There once was a scorpion who wanted to cross a pond. He couldn’t swim so he asked a passing frog for a ride across. The frog responded, “I cannot take you, you are a scorpion and will sting me.” The scorpion replied, “I cannot swim so if I do, I will drown, so you see, you can safely carry me across and I will be in your debt.” The frog considered this for a bit and thought, “It would be nice to have such a powerful friend.” So the frog accepted the job. The scorpion jumped on the frog’s back and they headed off across the pond. A wave came. This alarmed the scorpion so it stung the frog. In pain and despair the frog turned to the scorpion and said, “Now we are both doomed! Why did you sting me?” The scorpion said, “I am a scorpion it is my nature.”

To parse this story, the unbiased media is the frog, the scorpion is any political leader who seeks arbitrary power, the pond is public opinion and the other side is absolute power. The unbiased media carry the political leader across the water of public opinion so the political leader can have absolute power. The media figure that if they help this leader they will enjoy the favor of a person with arbitrary power. All they have to do is carry that politician over the barrier of public opinion for that political favor. Inevitably the tide of public opinion will create waves that alarm the potential tyrant. The politician will then sting the media with the power he or she has amassed, drowning him or herself in the depths of public opinion, and poisoning the media forever.

We see this daily by those that claim the mantle of unbiased arbiters of information. CBS fabricated documents out of thin air, then reported them as fact, only days before a close election. This is an example of the unbiased media carrying a scorpion across the tide of public opinion. In the case of CBS, it was a blogger who pointed out that the font that CBS used in their fictional account, was not even invented when the document was supposedly created. The journey was stopped before it began.

This same paradox was played out when Newt Gingrich balanced the US budget for the first time in generations. His efforts were roundly criticized by the unbiased media and attacked by Bill Clinton. CNN called Gingrich’s “Contract With America,” the Contract ON America! When the republicans had done the heavy lifting, limiting spending and actually balanced the budget, Bill Clinton got the credit and Newt Gingrich was charged with a crime. (Teaching a conservative biased class in college). The unbiased press to this day only mention Clinton when talking about the balanced budget and omit any reference to Gingrich.

Today the unbiased media continue this folly by misrepresenting the sequester debate. In doing so they carry Obama over the waters of public opinion. Universally among the unbiased press, they claim the cuts will be draconian, and will result in chaos. They tell the story Obama wants told, dutifully blaming republicans for any negative outcomes, while crediting Obama with any positive results. The unbiased media never call Obama out even when his rhetoric is obviously fallacious. Like when Obama claimed that police, firefighters and teachers will be laid off due to the “drastic cuts,” when these public employees are locally paid and not funded by the federal government. The unbiased press go along like lap dogs, as Obama claims he had nothing to do with the sequester, even though it was Obama’s idea. The unbiased media even follow the party line that the sequester is a cut, when in fact, the government will spend 15 billion dollars MORE this year than last! They eschew facts and the truth to carry the politician who openly seeks arbitrary power across the pond of public opinion.

On the surface it would seem that the frog has been ferrying the politician who seeks arbitrary power without worry or fear. This is an illusion however, because the scorpion hasn’t reached the middle of the pond, where waves are the most alarming. As the unbiased media bring Obama ever closer to the shore of absolute power the waves of public opinion will inevitably grow higher. The ego of Obama will grow and eventually he will turn on the very people who made it possible. Just as Stalin, Hitler and every other politician who sought arbitrary power has done. Those in the unbiased media will be arrested and purged for whatever slight the dear leader finds offensive.

The reason this is so is the nature of arbitrary power. Those that seek it are scorpions in the truest sense of the word. The closer they get to the other shore, the more impatient they get, and the more fearful of coming short of their goal they become. It is at that time they are most dangerous. Some wave will alarm Obama and the unbiased media will feel the poison of censorship fill their veins. The would be tyrant should take heed as well. His very nature will undermine his goal. Once his nature does come out, and he stings the foolish unbiased press, he will drown in the tide of public opinion, washing up on the shores of history as flotsam, along with other failed socialist dictators, like Pol Pot. People are loathe to remember history… and another frog will fall victim to another scorpion. It is the nature of frogs.


John Pepin

On the Debt Limit Debate

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the upcoming debt ceiling debate could be won handily by the republicans, if they only use some good old down Eastern shrewdness. The debate has been framed by Obama, the democrats and the unbiased media. They have established a false narrative. The future of the United States is at stake, so to allow a false narrative to not only be established, (republicans have no control over the unbiased media’s narrative), but to allow it to become commonly understood, would be tantamount to stabbing the republican voters in the back. Unfortunately the republican Elite specialize in stabbing their base, conservatives and libertarians, in the back. Not only the future of the United States is at risk from the gamesmanship the Elite in Washington are playing, the very threat of the American government defaulting on it’s debt, the US being the World’s bank, puts the whole of the planet at risk as Obama score points on republicans. We are poorly served by both parties in this, the republicans due to their love of the unbiased media and hatred of their voters, and the democrats who push down the gas peddle of spending even as the ultimate debt cliff looms closer…

The unbiased media are working as hard as they can to insure that Obama and the democrats win the hearts and minds of the American people. To the power structure in Washington, Constitutionalists are the enemy, we the people are cannon fodder, in their war against the Constitution. We are to be cajoled, bullied and forced if need be, to agree that the Constitution of the United States is the real problem. The Elite use every underhanded means to this end. They call anyone who brings up the Constitution an extremist. It is perfectly acceptable for an economist to attack a conservative or libertarian, for fighting that the government live within it’s means, but if they attack the policies of democrats, that are demonstrably damaging our economy, they are attacked, even tenured professors are threatened with loosing their jobs if they speak out. The Elite in both the media and Washington have never seen a Right they didn’t want to take away. The debt limit debate is another manufactured “crisis” they can exploit in their war on liberty.

To counter such powerful propaganda and outright lies, Conservative, libertarian and any politician who shuns the progressive agenda, must be wise as an owl and sly as a fox. No matter what the constitutionalists do or say, in an effort to limit the growth of government taxation, spending and intrusiveness, the unbiased media will misquote, demonize and even doctor video or audio tape, to make their point. Newt Gingrich’s Contract With America was called his Contract On America by the unbiased media. To expect different would be foolish.

In order to counter such powerful political riptides, the US House of Representatives should pass a bill numbering priorities to spending… if the debt ceiling is not raised by the deadline. Such as, making debt payments number one, Social Security payments number two and continuing listing all departments in priority, not only for today’s debt ceiling debate but for all that come in the future. Then send it to the Senate.

Harry Reid would have to allow a vote especially as the debt limit ceiling gets closer. With a bill on his desk, to spare the United States and the rest of the World, from the worst case scenario if the limit is passed, even the unbiased media would have to question it. Pressure would mount on Reid both to suppress the bill and to allow it to come to a vote. Obama would want such a bill suppressed because the lack of it gives Obama the upper hand in the propaganda wars. If such a bill were to land on Obama’s desk he would not sign it. Doing so would let republicans off the hook but not signing it would give Obama the blame. Obama would be faced with a political loose loose.

No matter if Harry Reid suppresses this bill, or President Obama refuses to sign it, all the political shrapnel would squarely hit the democrats and Obama. Even the most unbiased media person will be forced to report the truth… (most likely a distorted version of the truth), that a bill to eliminate the worst effects of a debt ceiling, not only for today’s debate but for future debt ceiling debates, being passed in the House, was suppressed by the Senate or was vetoed by Obama. This would infuriate foreign countries and their news outlets, because Obama would be directly threatening their countries as well, with his brinkmanship. The World’s economy would continue to be put at risk by future debt standoffs, a way out was at hand, but Obama and the Democrats stood in the way.

The answers the Elite are giving are simply laughable. (Or they would be if there wasn’t such import in the question). Bernanke, claiming the US should eliminate all debt ceilings, is just plain stupid. That is telling your wife, “The new gold card is maxed out already honey… what we need is an unlimited platinum card.” Clearly this is stupid writ large. The trillion dollar coin idea is just as ludicrous. If the US minted a trillion dollar coin, and deposited it with the FED, it would be instant hyper inflation. The raising revenues siren call is blatantly self serving for the Elite. That is obvious because there is no amount of revenue, the system the politicians have created out of our Constitutional republic, could ever meet the greed of the Elite. For every dollar in gained revenue these reprobates will spend two. More revenue is like tossing more kindling on a fire. It might suppress the flames for a moment but when the fires poke through they will only get higher.

There are always revenues coming in to government from the various taxes. This revenue is sufficient to pay for the most basic services of government like debt service, social security and scaled back defense, the entirety of the bureaucracy would have to be shut down though. The problem comes in when the President seizes the power of the purse from Congress and uses it for political purposes. Power of the purse was given to Congress, intentionally, by the framers of our Constitution. It is supposed to limit the power of the executive. This executive however, has wrested the power of the purse from Congress, largely due to Harry Reid and the Senate abdicating their responsibility to pass a budget. Obama can simply use his power to spend, or as in this case, not to spend, to strategically punish the American people and institutions, ginning up anger against republicans who the unbiased media will be vilifying for Obama’s choices.

The debt limit debate is perfectly suited for Obama to exploit to his advantage unless the House makes a decisive move. Passing a bill into law, that enumerates the spending priorities by congressional mandate, would not only set the World’s minds at rest, knowing the US will not default on it’s obligations, but would return the power of the purse to it’s rightful owners. The spending could be debated without catastrophe looming, and any political backlash would be a worry of all factions, not just the one who wants our Constitutional republic to endure.


John Pepin