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Justice, Honor and Arbitrary Rule.

Thursday, July 7th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the mask has come off, we in the US now officially live under arbitrary rule and our leaders have no honor whatsoever. The fact Hillary Clinton has not, and will not be indicted for destroying evidence, keeping top secret information on an unsecured server, using a personal email for government business and/or lying under oath to congress, is proof positive we live under arbitrary rule. If anyone with less political power did one of those things they would be in jail and everyone knows it. That is an undeniable fact. The US has become, no longer a constitutional republic, but a banana republic. That a member of the elite can get away with multiple infringements of federal laws, without consequences, consequences that you or I would face, shows there is a double standard at work that is as pernicious as it is destructive. Moreover, recent news articles have shown that the rest of us no longer have the protections of law, or our Constitutional rights. Just as Rome was no longer a republic after Caesar crossed the Rubicon, the US is no longer a republic since the elite have the audacity to rub our noses in the fact they are above the law, and we are below it’s protections.

There is no true rule of law whatsoever the world over. This is not just happening in the US but is a world wide phenomenon. Human history is nothing but a story of the elite holding the people to laws they will not hold themselves to. The US was different, for a speck of time, because the US had the rule of law. True, the elite held themselves to it by their honor… but at least they did. Since FDR broke the unwritten rule that a President only run for two terms, our elite have increasingly lost all honor, and have disgraced themselves in every way possible. It is a quality of a civilized person to hold others to a lower standard then one does him or herself. To hold others to a higher standard then oneself, shows a lack of character, moral indifference and conniving which is on full display in the Hillary Clinton case.

Throughout history the wise have opined about the need for honor among the rulers of a society. When the rulers have no honor they will resort to every evil known to Man. History shows this to be true but goes further. In a society where the elite have no honor the people quickly loose their honor. Confucius said it first, (at least as far as I know), the people follow their leaders into corruption or virtue. In a nation where the leaders have no honor, the people will have no honor, where the people have no honor crime, chaos and beggary are rife. Economies grow in serenity and collapse in chaos, wealth flourishes in the absence of crime but erodes like sand when crime is rampant and where the economy is collapsing and wealth is being destroyed, poverty becomes the norm. All because the leaders have no honor.

The question of whether justice or arbitrary rule is best was considered in Plato’s book, The Republic. In it, Socrates argued for justice, while Thrasymachus the sophist argued for arbitrary rule. Thrasymachus claimed the great men, (those with political power, intelligence, wealth and ambition), should not follow the law, only appear to do so… law is only to make the hoi polloi believe there is justice to facilitate the control of the people and trick them into being obedient. Socrates made the argument justice in and of itself is a good. Justice is both a good that we do because it is good and a useful good as well. By allowing arbitrary rule to come back into fashion we become the dupes of the “great men.” Do you want the elite to exploit law to enrich themselves, amass political power over us and eventually tyrannize us? Or do you agree with Socrates that justice is a good in and of itself, one that is useful in creating a peaceful, wealthy and safe society?

Why would the people follow laws even those who write them don’t? Every one of us is a hypocrisy detector and hypocrisy is the surest way to make people despise the law. As a lack of honor flows from the top down a society will increasingly only follow laws by force and threat. Whenever they believe they can get away with breaking a law they will. Once dishonor reaches the lowest rung of a society no amount of punishment will suffice. People will not be not safe in their own homes, business cannot be conducted, children are at risk, people’s oaths are meaningless and every chance meeting becomes a danger. Clearly, to allow the leaders of a country to become utterly corrupt, dishonorable, conniving and lustful for power, can only lead to human suffering on a national scale.

One way to tell how dishonorable your leaders are is to look around with open eyes. Do people need bars on their windows, are all children safe on the streets, can you look at a passerby in the eye, is poverty rampant? Corrupt leaders will claim all this is due to worthless, lazy and ignorant people, but will never look in a mirror. The Duke of Lu asked Confucius one day, how he could get the people to stop lusting after other men’s wives, stealing and murder. Confucius said, the duke could lead by example and stop doing those things himself. Shortly after that Confucius and his disciples had to flee Lu state in fear of their lives. Let the scales drop from your eyes and really see.

So you see, this is not a matter of hate of an individual or gotcha politics, it is a matter of justice and human suffering. If we allow our noses to be rubbed in the elite’s corruption, we have given our consent to the elite to be even less honorable, in doing so we sentence our children and grand children to a life of poverty, fear and tyranny. Just because you like a politician, is no reason to allow them to get away with blatantly breaking laws, laws you or I would be severely punished for. Such actions are those of children, sycophants and imbeciles. Say nothing, do nothing, and the US will join the ranks of other failed experiments in human governance like Rome, Athens, Sparta, etc… with the same catastrophic results, human suffering on a grand scale. To do nothing is to abet a crime against humanity, to do something, even if it is small and of little consequence, is to make a stand against corruption. The choice is yours, lay down and let the elite walk over you… or stand and push back. It may be too late to have an effect, since we have allowed our leaders to be villains for so long, but maybe not. Regardless, do you want to be hated by your own grandchildren for your lack of back bone, or be a champion for liberty, prosperity and equality?


John Pepin

The Knife In Our Back

Monday, July 6th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, when you seek to stab someone in the back, it is best to get them to focus their attention on something other than you. While the libertarian/conservative movement dwells on policies, their outcomes and reason, progressives hold our attention on character assassination, innuendo and jealousy. Of course, they have to, since their policies are all designed to crush our nation under the jack boot of regulations, taxes and socialism, (stab us in the back). In any debate with a progressive they will immediately go on the offensive against someone’s character. Sometimes defending one conservative, to appear open minded, while attacking another, then turning and attacking that other conservative as well. That means of winning elections has worked very well for Marxists, progressives and socialists for a century, the results have been poverty, famine and tyranny. If we don’t wake up and see a villain for what he or she is, we along with our children will inevitably find the knife of communism in our backs as well.

By our very nature we like to gossip. We talk about this or that bad thing he or she has done, with an eye to mitigating by context the bad things we have done. He runs around on his wife and so my glancing at a pretty skirt now and then is nothing, she is a drunk, and so when I get a bit tipsy in front of my kids it is nothing. Gossip allows us to justify our actions by context. Progressives and Marxists know this and use it against us to gain power over us. They point at how terrible a political enemy is and destroy his character. They move the debate, from what they are bringing our nation to, to what a bad person the other guy is. Since we are gossipers by nature, enough of us fall for it, so the Progressive gets into power.

In The Republic by Plato, Glaucon asked Socrates, is it better to be just and be known as unjust, or is it better to be unjust and be known as just? Thrasymachus, (who favored arbitrary power) argued it is better to be unjust and thought of as just, so the elite can gain more power at the cost of the little people, who put their faith in justice so they can live their lives in peace. While Socrates disagreed and argued justice is a good in and of itself. That question was the whole point of The Republic. We are engaged in the same debate today, we just don’t do it openly and in public. Instead the elite are as unjust as they can be while claiming the mantel of justice. Most of us have never read The Republic, let alone understood the arguments it contains, and so are ignorant of the reality of politics. In short, the elite, and especially the progressive elite who make up the new class, are as unjust as possible while claiming to be pure as the driven snow, and anyone who threatens their drive to despotism is scum.

We have all heard the monikers the progressives, Marxists and socialists throw out, right wing hater, racist, rich, etc… They also condemn by association, she is against this legislation because she wants children to starve, he wants you to loose your healthcare, etc… To ensure there is never a real reasoned debate about the policies and the probable outcomes of those policies. In the last Presidential election, Romney was a deeply flawed candidate, but despite his flaws the unbiased media, run by new class progressives, kept the debate away from Obama’s policies and their results, instead focusing on how rich Romney was, the innuendo Romney didn’t pay taxes, how he put the family dog on the roof of his car and how he murdered a woman because her husband had been laid off a year before she got cancer and so she didn’t have health care. Romney himself participated in the meme, in the debates with Obama, Romney agreed with Obama at every turn, even saying Obama is a nice guy, as Obama was saying Romney is a rat.

It is hard, even impossible to stab someone in the back if they are facing you. It becomes much easier if you can convince them the threat is from the other side. Then they will gladly turn their back to you. Character assassination, exploiting gossip, and innuendo, drive people to focus on a person instead of the policies. The progressives have learned the lesson of The Republic very well, seeking to appear just while being absolutely unjust. Ask anyone if this is so and they will say, I know I know, but are then immediately herded into the trap. This is why we keep voting for “nice” people, and our liberty, republic and economy corrodes away. We focus where we are told to and turn our back. Is it any wonder there is always a knife in it?


John Pepin

Quality of Mercy in a Tyranny

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the quality of mercy of our rulers is hard and sharp, but they expect and demand from us a soft and easy mercy, this is the way of a despot and not a human hearted legislator. The adage, “Ignorance is no excuse under the law…” speaks to this truism, in that those of us who don’t write law and have only a very limited access to knowledge of the law, are held to every word and letter, but those who write law, adjudicate law and enforce law, have as a ready excuse ignorance, as a means to escape the punishments of the law. Moreover, the law grows like a Kudzu vine smothering every human endeavor with strings that bind, so that we need permission from our rulers to do anything, yet they have total freedom of action, even to the point of scoffing at our calling for Constitutional limits. This has become so pervasive, even a blind and deaf man could see and hear there is despotism, while the “learned and wise” claim there is ever greater liberty because in our society today, perversions are rife.

I say “rulers” because those who hold elected office are no longer republican in spirit, polity in action or human hearted in mind, they rule us as Dionysus did Syracuse. When a legislator is above the law, they are no longer a representative but a ruler in definition even if they call themselves a representative. Like in the days of Rome after the republic ceased to exist, the Praetorian guard and emperor called Rome a republic but like today, to call the Roman empire or Western civilization a republic is like calling a fish a bird, calling it so does not make the fish able to fly nor does the name change the nature of the object.

Mercy is no longer in the vernacular of government the term they like to use is justice while justice is the last thing they seek. Thrasymachus said it best that the “great men” in society are not just and should not be just, they should only claim to be just as a means of controlling the “little people” who only seek to live their lives in peace. Thrasymachus’ great men are the equivalent of our senators, Presidents and judges, they seek to appear just but in reality are not just. This is because justice requires as a prerequisite, mercy. Justice without mercy is not justice but injustice. In other words, justice is an objective good, not a subjective one, our rulers have made justice a subjective good.

Our rulers are daily caught in one scandal or another, when they are, a careful examination of their every excuse is ignorance of the law, and their ignorance requires from us mercy. President Obama claims ignorance of scandal, ignorance of the law and ignorance of our Constitution almost every day. Since he is ignorant of the law we are supposed, and many of us do, forgive his transgressions in supplying arms to Mexican drug lords and Islamic terrorists. When he claimed he learned about this or that scandal from the papers as the rest of us did, he is claiming ignorance of what is going on in his administration and when he calls for us to relinquish our Constitutional Rights for political expediency he is claiming ignorance of our founding ethos. His calls to ignorance are met by our mercy.

If you or I were caught breaking whatever arcane regulation however, no matter how esoteric or absurd, we are held to that regulation by the full weight of the government, no mercy and no quarter is given us. Encroach a newly defined wetland and face severe punishment, ignorance is no excuse for us, but it is a perfectly valid excuse for them. When Tim Giethner and Charlie Rangle were caught chiseling on their taxes they claimed ignorance, you or I would have faced penalization for far less. Hillary Clinton claimed ignorance about the Benghazi terrorist attack on the anniversary of 911, having a private e server for her government emails, FBI records in her possession among a host of other crimes you or I would face jail time for, but was given the mercy she denies you and I. Bernie Sanders claimed ignorance when he became embroiled in the House Banking scandal weeks after his election into that office… the list is endless of examples where the elite claimed ignorance of the law and were given the mercy they deny us.

Growing law and our increasing ignorance of it diminishes our liberty wearing it away like water erodes salt. Every day more regulations are written outside the Constitutionally prescribed means in the dark of the bureaucracy and laws are passed without our rulers even reading them. Darkness is rapidly descending on our government and conceals it’s workings more every day. Today it is impossible for anyone to know all the laws, regulations and ordinances we are subject to but we are held to them by an iron fist, and everyone knows and iron fist lacks mercy, it is naked power.

When a people are held to the law, while the lawgivers are not, it is absurd to claim the people live in liberty. Call it what you will but naming a fish a bird does not make it so, their natures are vastly different. Moreover, to call despotism liberty is merely a Machiavellian scheme to create a system of injustice by deceit. The fact is further proven by the fact our rulers demand our mercy for their ignorance without reciprocal mercy given us for ours, despite the fact they pass the law and we are increasingly kept in the dark of it. When a people are subject to laws they not allowed of know, while those that make the laws are not, in a system where mercy is only given the the elite and the people are denied mercy, when justice is for appearances not universal… the darkness of despotism has covered the land, regardless what it is called. It can be said that the quality of mercy is hard and sharp…


John Pepin

Incentives From the Cyprus Banking Bailout

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, everyone knows that you punish that which you don’t want, and reward that which you do want. Even a fool understands this concept. The Elite who make far more money than the average person should understand this as well. When asked, why do they make so much more then the rest of us, they always explain that they are much smarter than us, so they must get more money. Presuming their explanation to be true… we can only conclude that when they reward some behavior, they want more of that behavior, and when they punish some behavior, they want less of it. Nothing else follows logically.

Using this concept we can place the actions of the Elite into context. We don’t have to assume what they want more of… we have empirical proof. We don’t have to assume what they want less of… we also have empirical proof. This allows us to know when they are lying because we know the truth of their actions.

One example of this are the actions of the Elite in Europe and Cyprus. They are taking money from savers to keep the banks solvent. Those on the public dole however will not have any reductions in their welfare. Even a cursory examination of the reward and punishment concept gives us pause. Those that work, save money for retirement and provide investment capital for the market, will be punished by having their money taken directly from their bank accounts. The product of their labor will be stolen from them. The very fact this was considered shows, unequivocally, that the Elite in Europe and Cyprus don’t want people to work, don’t want people to save and otherwise be mature citizens.

Those that do not work, do not save for retirement and plan to live off the public dole the whole of their lives, are a large part of the financial problems of the government in Cyprus and Europe, but will face no reduction in their welfare checks. This amounts to a reward. Therefore, it is clear that the Elite in Europe want people to go on the dole, layabout all day contributing nothing, and demanding more. The old adage, “Idle hands are the devils tools and an idle mind is the devils playground,” is appropriate. Those that have nothing to do all day, because they are on public assistance, are by definition… idle minds and idle hands. This makes them a source of social unrest and criminality. If we consider our concept of punishment and reward, it is obvious, the Elite in Europe want more crime and social unrest.

Now that we have determined what the Elite want, the question that inevitably come up is, why? Why would the Elite want people to be dependent on the State for everything even to the point of encouraging crime and social unrest? It would seem that this is the opposite of their mandate to promote social order, a thriving economy, and an industrious and wealthy populous. To a person who is invested in their country, this is a hard concept to grasp, that the Elite would want these things.

Thrasymachus said, in Plato’s Republic, that most people only want to live their lives, so they readily accept the concept of justice, but those that want to rule must not. Those that seek power over others, must appear to be just, while actually being unjust… We see in the actions of reward and punishment that the modern Elite, those who seek power over others, seek to appear just, ie, saving the banking system, while actually being unjust, ie, seizing money that doesn’t belong to them. Using Thrasymachus’ logic we see that this is a means to enhance the power of the Elite.

People who follow the reward and avoid the punishment, will become dependent on the State for their sustenance, and their indigent lifestyle. Dependents worry they are unable to engage in the market system, and this gives them certain knowledge that their lifestyle will suffer, if the power of the State is eroded in any way. Therefore, as more people become dependent on the State for their livelihoods, the power of the State and of the Elite will grow. The Elite’s power to take that which they have not earned, will be increased commensurately with the number of dependents, and so we see why the Elite want less people to work, less people to save for their retirement and less money available to the market for upgrading plant and equipment. That would diminish their power not enhance it. Social unrest and crime drives a demand for government to pass more laws further increasing the power of the Elite.

The Elite have armed guards protecting them, so they don’t have to worry about crime, they have high paid, cushy government jobs, that are more protected the further society slides into chaos, and their retirements are secured by the power of the State to take the assets of those that still work. We have come full circle. The incentives and intentions of the welfare state, are far from benign, they are diabolical. Until we wake up and put a stop to it, our assets are not safe, our children are not safe and we are not safe. Are the Elite in America any different? The inevitable slide to depravity will consume us all… all but the Elite.


John Pepin

Wisdom in Politics

Monday, March 4th, 2013

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, wisdom is the awareness of the truth around us, ignorance is a lack of such awareness. To listen to our leaders, political and otherwise, without a discerning ear, an ear to fundamental reality instead of crass political correctness, is a sign of wisdom. Those that believe the propaganda of the Elite become more ignorant every day. Most thoughtful people understand that ignorance is not a good position to be in, when making a decision, but many who are otherwise thoughtful embrace ignorance and propaganda when it is their guy. This lack of wisdom has a very corrosive effect on our society and government.

One method of discernment is to believe people’s actions and listen to their rhetoric with disbelief. Actions speak louder than words. When a person who is clearly engaging in some action, claims he is doing the opposite, the wise person discredits the words and takes the actions for the truth. The unwise person will ignore the actions and believe the rhetoric. We see this more and more form our political elite. They say one thing while doing the opposite, and if you or I point this out we are given derisive monikers like extremists, conspiracy theorists and hate mongers. This is an old tactic to quiet those who would point out the glittering lies, and by doing so, shine light on the ugly truth.

Some heinous examples that are happening now, are the Fast and Furious coverup, Benghazi gate, government debt and deficit spending. These are but a few, the Obama administration never tells the truth it always blankets itself in obfuscations and stonewalling. Fast and Furious should be on everyone’s lips, due to the present debate whether we should abandon the Second Amendment… or not. This scandal, that was covered up by both the administration and a complicit media, is not only a national shame but an act of war against a friendly nation.

In Fast and Furious the Obama administration claimed in their rhetoric, that they sought to stymy the flow of guns into Mexico, by sending guns into Mexico. The absurdity of it doesn’t stop there however. The Obama administration sent thousands of guns into Mexico and at the same time were pillorying US gun dealers along the boarder for it. Their actions indicate the real intention, was to vilify gun ownership in the US, and the violence the Obama administration promoted in Mexico, was the means. Their actions were of people who will encourage violence to their own political end, in this case undermining the Second Amendment, while their rhetoric was of people trying to stop that violence. Their actions were the opposite of their words. Thrasymachus would be proud.

Benghazi gate is in some ways even more egregious. The rhetoric of the Obama administration has been proven to be a pack of lies. The Obama administration even put a man into jail on some trumped up charge to give merit to their lie that the attack was the result of a movie that was offensive. They jailed an innocent man for political expediency, who by the way, is still imprisoned. The administration, as we now know from news reports, was asked numerous times for reinforcements at the compound, but were turned down repeatedly… The administration ignored the assassination attempt of the British ambassador, a few weeks before the devastating attack on the US embassy in Benghazi, this administration even provided weapons to the Libyan rebels reminiscent of Fast and Furious, and they even told responding military to stand down. Those who survived the attack are being hidden by the Obama administration, further veiling Obama’s actions… and true intentions. These actions in and of themselves point to ulterior motives, but when coupled with the propaganda and outright lies, the truth behind it becomes ever darker.

Obama’s rhetoric and actions don’t agree on the huge issue of government spending and debt either. They claim they seek a balanced budget, long term financial responsibility and fairness in the tax code, but their actions are one hundred and eighty degrees from their rhetoric. They raised the tax burden on every American who works by two percent while claiming they will only raise taxes on the “rich.” Do you believe Warren Buffett’s taxes went up? Do you think George Soros’ taxes went up? Of course they didn’t! Yours did! Obama bemoans an eighty five billion dollar cut in the rate of growth of government spending while we take a two percent cut in our real income. So much for fairness. The deficit has skyrocketed under Obama, almost two trillion dollars a year and growing, in part due to the lack of a budget in four years. Obama proposes more and more spending while seeking to raise taxes at every turn. More revenue is the one note song coming from this White House. I wonder what will be a sufficient level of taxation for this president? His actions indicate one hundred percent.

A wise man or woman looks at reality instead of rhetoric. The media’s complete lack of curiosity about this president’s actions, and total slavering at his words, shows their absolute lack of wisdom. Those who’s eyes are open, and observe that the Elite in our society say one thing and do another, display wisdom and know the truth. Those that slop up the lies and propaganda are doomed to disappointment, slavery and poverty. The real question in my mind is, “Will wisdom ever become widespread in the World again or are we all doomed by the ignorance of the sheep?”


John Pepin

Net Neutrality

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that the political Elite are always searching for ways to control the flow of information, especially political information. Free flowing political information represents a threat to the power of the political Elite. They, being human, want to defend themselves from any threat, not least of which, to their political power, so it follows that they obey their self interest and seek to control information.

The new bill to come out of the Senate committee, ‘Net Neutrality’ is an thinly veiled attempt to control information on the internet under the guise of a legitimate function of government i.e., protection of property.

As I stated in my last blog, that not only is it important for government to protect the property of It’s citizens… it is an imperative. Because if government does not, the lot of everyone in that society, will go down… Intellectual property being the hardest to protect.

Net Neutrality is supposed to protect intellectual property, by allowing the US government to shut down any website, that violates any copyright protection, no matter how tangential. If a website has a link to another site that has been deemed to have been guilty of copyright infringement, the offending site can be simply turned off, by a government bureaucrat without du process… Simply by erasing the DNS entry.

If a certain political faction, that has a history of propagandizing, had control of that function of the government, for example, they could close a site that reported an inconvenient fact by finding a site several links away that violates copyright law no matter how tangentially, then follow the chain of links to the offending site without any supervision. Even a cashier at Wal-Mart has more oversight than government would under this bill.

The US government, under this bill, would be able to turn off websites that offend the political Elite no matter where the are, in any country or nation, on Earth. Putting the US government in the position of potentially being the gatekeeper of information to the World. No way that could go wrong…

The most interesting thing is the way this bill has been reported in the unbiased media. It has been reported as a technical bill to address bandwidth challenges posed by the carriers of internet traffic. Those carriers, (Verizon, ATT, ETC…), want to continue having the ability to choke off bandwidth hogging applications, if their network begins to bog down. This technical and erudite description totally misses the mark. Perhaps intentionally so.

The bill, as advertised, does seek to address a problem with the internet, the ability of internet users to exchange data, (often copyrighted), between each other. This has dramatically diminished the profit of the people who produce content. “Good!” Some anti capitalists might say. “Why should they get rich from music or from a movie?” Because they made it. Just like if you make a chair. It is your property. If someone wants to have it in their house they must reimburse you for your labor producing it to your satisfaction. To do otherwise is stealing. Intellectual property is no different.

Moreover, if intellectual property becomes impossible to profit from there will be less and less available. No one will spend millions of dollars and hours heaped on hours of time to produce a movie that will be stolen immediately. They will go hungry. No one would do that.

In meeting a truly legitimate function of government, our government is seizing an opportunity. An opportunity to snatch the reigns of the flow of information. Elegant in principle, overtly using an important function of government, to subvertly undermine that very function, certainly making Trasymachus proud!

Great politicians don’t necessarily make acceptable lawmakers…

The General Strike

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that the concept of the general strike, is as pernicious as it is manipulative, of the people and our welfare, it’s like a person’s liver stopping functioning because it wants more time off, and the spleen, stomach, and anus join in.

Anyone can see that if this were to happen the body would soon pass. The economic body of the nation is like the human body… susceptible to shock. To shock a nation’s economy so profoundly over some argument, about a hypothetical metric, devised by the State and the Elite, is self defeating. The more that nation’s markets are disturbed the less ability the market and the State have to meet the demands of the strikers.

Does it make sense to destroy the ability of the market to provide us with employment to get an extra dollar? Or is the principle of worker power so important that workers should be impoverished to prove it? That is the price the Socialist and Communist are willing to pay… for someone else to go hungry for the revolution. Someone else can bleed for the revolution so the leader can have more power. Power he will use to further impoverish his people. Hungry masses are easier to manipulate.

The Communist and Socialist makes it a party for the striker, a day off and permission to despoil, in the name of fairness. Smash a business someone has risked his largess on, disrupting the shopkeeper who barley ekes out a living, overturning the delivery van the small business owner uses to make his deliveries, the general strike is a purely anti capitalist tool.

Why would anyone do it then? Thrasymachus has the answer; Most people have no interest in being unjust but wish to be protected from being subject to injustice and so adhere to some foolish notion of justice hoping the powerful will also adhere to it. (Clearly he agrees with Hsun Ching on the congenital nature of Man). Those that seek power and care nothing for the cost to humanity are free to use injustice as a means to power. Thrasymachus has them nailed they want to appear just while being unjust.

That is why they always make emotional arguments about fairness. Like how “unfair” the US is, applying a measure of 45 or so to us while Europe gets a more favorable 20 or so.. But if you actually look into the metric they use, it is clearly skewed. In Europe they include the redistribution of wealth through the State welfare system in the US they do not. But a much simpler, (and thus less prone to biases but less nuanced) approach is to compare absolute income to absolute income. Average GDP per person in Europe is around $26,000.00 in US dollars, the GDP per person in the US is around $45,000.00 per person. Given that both locals have billionaires the average GDP per person compared to the billionaire makes the US come out much more favorably.

So what is the Fairness the Socialist and Communist seek that they are wiling to visit such calamity on a nation? They claim fairness, in that society has established a floor, below which government will not let a person fall. The definition of that floor, is the metric, that is the font of the general strike. The Communist and Socialist claim to be compassionate, giving to the poor and taking from the rich. Never mind they are always the superrich who never seem to be taxed as they tax others.

Halfwit children of capitalists the Communist and Socialist seeks to control the foolish, money grubbing, dirty little people. Those who smoke and drive around without seatbelts must be reigned in. What the State does best is decide what decisions to make for the people. The premise being, the people, us, we are too stupid to make our own decisions.

The Communist, Socialist and Progressive would shout back, “You prove it every day by smoking, driving around in an SUV, and acting out in general.” All the while smoking a cigarette, jetting to the Riviera for lunch and snorting cocaine the whole way. The main difference being they are the Elite and are not subject to the law while we are not the elite and are.

Not saying George Soros snort’s cocaine…


Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that the Progressive Elite want to force the people of the world to reset our way living. They believe that we must move out of our large homes that require us to have cars and move into high density apartments. Within walking distance to amenities. In that way, even if we are too stupid to do it ourselves, we can just be pushed to it. How do I know this… they are saying it on WSJR today, Sunday July 11, 2010.

By using government to drive up costs for energy, housing, transportation, etc… forces people to move closer together… to cut down on those costs. Taxing carbon is one way to artificially force up the cost of energy. Regulating the economy of cars (CAFE standards) is a way to drive up the cost of basic transportation. Government policies that create high unemployment rates drive people to accept dependence on government. There are many ways government can force society to this “more sustainable” way of living. The key is enough government power and the right people in charge.

The American Constitution forbids such power in the hands of our elected leaders… but today the Constitution is a “living breathing document.” If five people on the Supreme court agree… Voila, the Constitution is re-interpreted. The barn wall probably needed repainted again. The people in charge are critical…

People who are willing to move society away from independence and comfort to discomfort and dependence. People who, if it is needed, would eliminate those that would stand in the way of the revolution (fundamental change). People who have no squeamish qualms about the means. A cabal with only the goal in sight. The progressive Elite.

The progressive Elite constantly remind us that it is not possible for everyone on the planet to live as Americans do… Comfortably. Lower class Americans live better than middle class Europeans. Europeans know it and are resentful. But are not willing to give up dependence on the State. They are willing to give up personal independence and personal comfort for the support of the State. For them it is a good trade. But when they see the positive effects of the other side of the equation they are resentful.

Resentment is a tool to the progressive Elite. They make people resent the wealth of the capitalist. But keep the people ignorant of the avarice of government in both money and power. “After all comrade, would you deny a pig a place for his head?” People who are resentful are in a fog. Overwhelming emotions have that effect on us. People in a fog are easy to herd and then marshal into an army.

Like the Brown Shirts. They were resentful of the wealth of the Jews. (Wealth the Jews earned from being Capitalists).The National Socialist Party turned that resentment into hate and used the hate to herd the whole of Germany into one camp. Then the faction that controlled the camp marshaled the Germen people into a killing machine that visited great sorrow on humanity. Hate and resentment are bread and butter to progressives, communists and socialists.

But today capitalists are called racists, haters, bigots and everything that is an anathema to a capitalist. The progressive Elite tell us we should hate the greedy racist capitalist. While to be a true capitalist is to be the exact opposite of a bigot. Bigotry is bad for business. Bigotry is a luxury that is reserved for progressives, socialists and communists. When you sell a guy a sofa you don’t care about the color of his face… only the color of his money. The market system is the greatest eliminator of racism there has ever been.

The progressive Elite like to use bigotry to “fight” bigotry. After all, isn’t “affirmative action” a form of State sponsored bigotry? The means taints the ends. The progressive Elite don’t care if it does. The ends are so glittering. They are certain they are right… “So personal is their knowledge.“

Isn’t that the definition of a zealot though? Someone who looks at the end and disregards the means. The means being subservient to the end. And the end is total power… Thrasymachus would applaud.

We Judge Others By Ourselves

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that people judge others by themselves. The best template we have to place others in is the one we ourselves have forged… And it is the one we know best.

That is why a thief is the most afraid of being stolen from. A liar always believes everyone is lying to them and an adulterer always is the most afraid of having someone cheat on them. It is in our nature. We all have faults and we project them on others.

That is one of the reasons that the uber rich are progressive if not actually communists. They believe that everyone is as heartless as they are. To them it is impossible to believe that another person would do a virtuous thing. Then turn around and do another. There has to be a catch. They themselves always have a hook. Basically they are the avatar of the man Thrasymachus and Nietzsche believed in.

Like Nietzsche’s book The Will to Power. (A dark book that chills the soul to read). Nietzsche is smart enough to know the tribulations en route and the end of the road that he proposes. Yet he goes ahead and proposes it. The path and the end is chaos. A state of perpetual war… man against man. Victory to the cleverest, strongest or most political. Mankind would very quickly shed the accoutrements that are given to us by our social nature. Like housing, ready access to food, transportation, heated homes, etc…

People of this ilk often become extremely rich. But not all extremely rich people are of this ilk, i.e. sociopaths. The ones that are however have the ability to sow much mischief in the world. Placing all mankind in the same box as themselves they can only see total government to curb mankind’s total greed. They have no concept that others have no desire for riches beyond what makes them comfortable. Beyond that to make one comfortable further riches only serve to gain more security. But at an acceleratingly diminishing rate of return. At some point the wealthy Neitzchian would get a better return, (in improvement in his or her lot in life), by investing it in science research. The security and improvement in the standard of living would accrue to him as well as society. And could possibly lengthen his or her life span.

What about Power? The ultimate goal of the self centered. Power rover others. Power to coerce action at another’s expense simply for the satisfaction of some whim. Like old king Di Xin, he, reportedly, had a pool filled with wine and ruled by his whim… Once Caesar and some friends were riding past a small filthy French town. His friends said to Caesar, “How would you like to live in such a wretched place?” To which Caesar replied, “I would rather rule there that serve in Rome.” Later Caesar overturned the Republican system that had served Rome well for most of a millennium.

If this is the template that you judge others by… Isn’t your view going to be skewed? If I am a self centered despot in waiting… I will think everyone else is too. When I get power I will gear my input on law to reflect my view of humanity. (Based on myself).

These are the Elite. The ten percent of any group that will take control. (The dross floats to the top). Rarely is someone put into power who did not seek it. Numa Pompey is the only one who comes to mind. (And that tale is probably more myth than reality). So When almost everyone who writes law is an utterly self centered, despot in waiting, is it hard to explain why we have law that is always written with an eye to serve some faction?

Lately every law, that is written and passed in the USA, is expressly for a faction against the overall good. Take the “Health Care overhaul”. It has as it’s purpose to redistribute wealth. From those that have health care to those that don’t. The actual reason the people don’t have it is never addressed. Except a background hum that they are poor. (The poor already had healthcare under Medicaid). Reality was never allowed into the debate.

The result will be much higher cost of healthcare for every American. Lower standard of care for normal Americans. A higher rate of structural unemployment… Among other negative effects. The Elite however will have no diminishments in their health care. They have a separate system. The rest of us are forced into the government “choices” by law. The Elite are not.

With Elitist theory, as I have explained, we can clearly see why…

But, I am told, there is no need of a NUMA.


Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that most people are pragmatists. We have to be. To lack pragmatism is to ensure future insanity. Because when you live in an insane world you must either be pragmatic about it or go crazy.

Since most people are pragmatic we seek to get along in the world with as little interference as possible. As Thrasymachus said. Most people do not want to impose on others. But they are afraid of being imposed upon. That is why most people like the idea of justice… So by his measure most people are good. There are others who are bad. (I.e. They want to impose their will on others).

We are pragmatic in many ways. We add up the costs and benefits to most things we engage in. This is a form of pragmatism. We sometimes don’t fight the good fight because we have determined that it would result in diminishing returns.

To be the avatar of pragmatism one would have to be immune to all the pitfalls that await all of us. Like the sunk cost effect, group think, etc… We all vary in our pragmatism. (Or maybe we vary in our assessment of the cost benefit to a certain action).

Pragmatism breeds happiness. People who are pragmatic give up their anger quickly. They are less prone to hopelessness. These are the antithesis to pragmatism. Because to be angry has a very high cost both in health and relationships. The payoff is not as distinct. So pragmatism says, stop that which give us diminishing returns. To be angry for too long has such diminishing returns that the pragmatist eschews it. Hopelessness is the same. To be hopeless has great cost with no benefit. So why do it?

But pragmatism has costs as well. For example, take a good person living among those who are bad. Machiavelli says that a good man must necessarily come to ruin among so many that are bad. To be pragmatic in such a situation is to become bad enough to fit in. Mencius talked about this very thing.

Mencius said that the “Jen” man (gentleman, lord, Brahman, enlightened man, etc…) strikes the golden mean. When the jen man lives among many that are bad he doesn’t go to the extreme of bad. He seeks the middle ground in that bad land. When the jen man finds himself living among saints, again he looks to the mean of the society that he lives in. Mencius said that Mo Ti would run himself into the ground to help anyone. While Sang Yang wouldn’t pull a loose thread from his cloak although it save humanity. They went too far, claimed Mencius. Aristotle was curiously similar in his philosophy of the mean.

Pragmatic people do the same. Seek the mean in the society they live in. Pragmatic people look at their leaders today (and historically), and see people who make law to benefit their friends, making tax law and don’t pay taxes, regulating banks to make bad loans to people they know cannot pay back the loans then blaming the banks for the failures, have illegal aliens for maids, nannies, gardeners to save money but claim to be hard on illegal immigration, To name a very few examples. A pragmatists may not like what he or she sees. We may not want to emulate the behavior. But pragmatism, Machiavelli, Mencius, and Aristotle all say in unison, “follow the mean.” when the rulers are this corrupt society must be corrupt. Like virtue, corruption flows down from the leaders to the led.

Unfortunately the culture that we find ourselves in is a wretched as it can be. Corruption is endemic in the Elite in government, industry, entertainment and in society. They have been so corrupt for so long it has moved deeply into our society. Political corruption oozes out of government and onto everything government touches. Like a child, the grubbier the hands, the more they want to touch. They even have the gall to call evil good and good evil. Simply by changing the language, abortion becomes choice, freedom of religion becomes separation of church and state, freedom of speech is now too much information, the list goes on and on. I am sure you can think of quite a few I have left out… if you try.

This all adds up to an insane society.

How does this apply to the International Capitalist Party? Pragmatism is the cornerstone of our philosophy. Pragmatic in our view of humanity, pragmatic in our opinions about how to best effect positive change in the human condition, but, not pragmatic in our goal. To be pragmatic about a political goal is, not to fall into the status quo, it is to set a new status quo. Progressives, communists and socialists are pragmatic in their goal, total government, but not in their assessments of people… Unless most people do want to live under a tyranny, in poverty, with no voice or ability to change the situation…