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Perpetual Wars

Thursday, June 8th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the war on drugs and the war on terror have been spectacular successes, at destroying our liberty. Both have been amazingly successful in separating us from our rights as enumerated in our Constitution. Today we accept, with aplomb, that which would have brought the masses onto the streets with guns, inciting revolution. Anyone who reads the Federalist Papers, by Madison, Jay and Hamilton, cannot help but recognize in the US today, the very tyranny they warned us about. From the law being so arcane that even lawyers cannot know them, to electing representatives who act above the law, our government has utterly separated itself from it’s foundation. The lever the elite have used to create this situation? The war on drugs and the war on terror.

It is human nature to want power, money, sex, fame, etc… The ancient Greeks had entire philosophies devoted to mankind’s thirst for pleasure and repugnance of pain. We all seek pleasure and avoid pain. The elite have the singular ability to achieve this… if only they can effectively destroy our Constitution, a limiting document specifically designed to control their power and ability to exploit their positions of power to their own ends, at cost to the rest of society. As they are elevated above the law, by undermining our constitution, their ability to meet their wants is elevated as well. Today a politician can get away with breaking almost any law with impunity. The examples are far too many to list but I know you can think of multiple examples yourself.

To fight the war on terrorism we have cheered the limitation of almost every Right enumerated in the Bill of Rights. Our first amendment Right to free speech and freedom of religion has been undermined by the government, to “protect us,” from Islamic terror. We must now pay the Jizya, in the form of welfare to “refugees” and submit to Sharia, by limiting our Right to speak freely as in Charlie Hebdo, else the Muslims will kill a bunch of us. How is that working out in Europe? Moreover isn’t that a slur against Muslims?  We have to accept infringements on our Second Amendment Right to keep and bare arms, so the drug dealers won’t be able to shoot people, how is that working out in Baltimore, Chicago and Detroit, cities in the US with the strongest gun control?

The fourth amendment is now a standing joke. Illegal search and seizure is now as common as the cold. Roe V Wade was based on doctor client privilege, but today doctors are required by law to ask, if you have a gun in your house! Apparently exercising your second amendment rights will get your fourth amendment rights violated by the government. A Right to privacy? Government agents can demand your cell phone, passwords and look through your Facebook, twitter and any other personal information they want. If you refuse you will be jailed.

The fifth Amendment says we have a right to life, liberty and property. The slippery slope of extra judicial killings, as Obama did to terrorists who were American citizens, is now perfectly legal, despite the Constitution’s limitations. The government can seize our homes and property at will in the war on drugs. If you are pulled over and a police officer asks if you have cash, and you stupidly say yes, because it is illegal to lie to the government while it is perfectly acceptable for government to lie to you, that officer will seize the money at gunpoint, like any other highwayman, and good luck trying to get it back. Ever heard of extrajudicial rendition?

The Right of accused persons is now the right of kings to abuse the accused. I have a friend who was sleeping off a drunk night in the back seat of his car… when he awoke to being beaten by billy clubs. He was later charged with DUI and pushed down a flight of stairs with his hands cuffed behind his back. I have another friend who was accused if DUI by the same officers. In court, the police lied under oath, it was proven they lied… but the judge said that didn’t negate the “fact” Jimmy was driving drunk. So much for the Rights of the accused. When Bill Clinton was accused of lying under oath, the media went overboard claiming lying under oath is perfectly acceptable. If that is so, you try it, see how that works out.

War is political action by violence… therefore, war is politics. The war on drugs and the war on terror are the mere political maneuvers of our leaders engaging in political violence against, not another state, but against us. Such a war can never be won in the traditional sense, because a tactic like terror or an action such as taking drugs, will never go away. That is the beauty of it all… it is an unending war. Perpetual war, as we were warned about by the founding fathers, is the surest means to wipe out liberty, and the wars on drugs and terror are as perpetual as possible. Both have resulted in the direct opposite of their stated “intention.” Terrorism has become the new normal, and drug use, especially hard drugs like Heroin and cocaine, have got utterly out of control, justifying the need to take away more of our rights. Proving the axiom… The more government fails the more power it gets. Under such a scenario failure becomes intentional.


John Pepin

Violence tolerated and Violence not tolerated…

Monday, November 7th, 2016

Dear friends,

It seems to me, if Donald Trump doesn’t get a landslide, because that is what it will take to overcome all the vote fraud that is happening, conservatives will fume but will not become violent, although if Hillary Clinton doesn’t have enough fraudulent votes to get her over the top and Trump wins, there will be riots in most of our major cities. Progressives and Marxists have proven over and over again they will gladly use any means at their disposal to push the agenda. There is no bridge a progressive or Marxist will not cross, and then burn, if it takes them closer to their utopia, administrative world government. Conservatives on the other hand are far less idealistic being more pragmatic, understanding that violence at the wrong time will only serve the tyrant’s interests, and so will use the courts, public opinion, calling congresspeople and writing articles. Tyranny needs targets, victims to be exploited to advance the tyrant’s power, and the best targets are people who seek liberty. The ultimate tyranny being that of someone who seeks to change the very nature of humanity for our own good.

Marxists and progressives have never winced at using violence. From the KKK to the NAZI party every progressive organization that could use violence effectively… did. History is unambiguous on that point. The Klu Klux Klan was in fact the democrat party in it’s hay day. A Venn diagram at that time of the two would be a single circle. The NAZI party was the German Progressive party. During the lion of progressivism, Woodrow Wilson administration, the US government rounded up people deemed genetically inferior, and forcibly sterilized them! The famous progressive, FDR rounded up people of Japanese descent and put them in internment camps, little different than a German labor camp. Whenever progressives come into sufficient power, they are more than happy to use violence to reshape the human race, as they see fit.

The Occupy Wall Street movement was uber violent. From the rapes in the camps to the vandalism and assaults, OWS was violent in nature, intent and actions. The Black Lives Matter movement is overtly violent as well. No one sane can argue canting at rallies, “what do we want!” “Dead cops!” “When do we want it?” “NOW!” is not obviously violent rhetoric designed to cause violence. Add to that the very real result of police being ambushed, shot by sniper fire and attacked in other ways by progressives fighting for the BLM movement. When the Tsarnaev brothers bombed the Boston Marathon, that attack, and every terrorist attack, is blamed on conservatives, when it is found to be a Muslim or progressive the news cycle stops. The only conservative attack was by Timothy McVeigh, and unlike any progressive terrorist, like Bill Ayers for example, he has been executed, so it is impossible to question him to understand his real motivation. We only have the word of progressives to rely on.

Remember, progressives are in charge in every Western nation today. Violence by progressives should Clinton loose would be tolerated, as it always is, because that violence can be used to create fear, leading to more laws, which means more power in the hands of progressives to reshape humanity, for our own good. So rioters will be given leeway and even encouraged, their Rights and dignity respected and their freedoms guaranteed. No chess player takes his own pawns off the table. If conservatives were to act up violently however, the gloves would come off, progressives would show their dark nature very quickly. Moreover, the world would applaud the wanton killing of conservative Americans, as righteous retribution for all the evils, progressive Americans have visited on the world.

Governments use full metal jacketed bullets against foreign attackers but use hollow pointed bullets against their own citizens. It is illegal under international law to use chemical weapons against attackers, but not against citizens. Tear gas and pepper spray are non lethal forms of chemical weapons. Don’t think for a moment if conservatives rose up, the US government wouldn’t call in UN troops, to exacerbate the situation. Our 300 million guns wouldn’t stand a chance when the Government carpet bombs small cities that put up resistance, goes house to house searching for “hoarded” food, weapons, ammo, precious metals, basically, anything of value. The rules of engagement would be excessively broad, we wouldn’t be treated like the Viet Cong or Al Qaida, we would be treated worse than German and Japanese soldiers in WWII. We would be shown no mercy.

It took progressives a century to infiltrate our education system, universities, media, law, government and culture sufficiently to have near total control. We have to stop griping and make our feelings known. Stop looking for milk toast in our candidates instead looking for true dyed in the wool constitutionalists, home school our children at least until they have been taught how to think and reason, send our young adults to universities that are conservative and libertarian boycotting progressive universities, write articles and post them on the Internet, make it known to businesses that donating to progressive causes will cost them our business, keep track of how your representatives vote and let them know how you feel, call for government budget cuts then have the backbone to stand up for them, back a voucher system, take back our culture… in short, do what progressives have done, evolve our nation back to our Constitution and away from the administrative state. An administrative state that can only lead to world government. Under world government, progressives and Marxists could breed and brain wash the human race as they see fit, for our own good of course…


John Pepin

Tragedy’s First Cause

Monday, June 13th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, to exploit tragedy for personal gain is callous, to create a tragedy so one can exploit it… is downright evil. Those who are so dead inside they are willing to create the conditions where tragedy is impossible to avoid, know that most people don’t look beyond last cause, certainly not following the chain of causality back to the primary cause. As such they believe their actions can go unreported and unknown. Of course some will point to the primary cause. Those diabolical people who created the tragedy to begin with, have only to claim anyone who is rightly pointing at the primary cause, or first cause, are conspiracy theorists, and the fiction the connivers are peddling can go on, while those who point at their malevolence are marginalized as cooks. Much evil in our world has been implemented in just this manner. As rational maximisers, we have to be aware that such manipulation exists and look beyond last cause to the primary cause, before we lay blame.

Causality is always a chain of events. If a building collapses, we can look at the rotten support that failed, as the last cause, or we can look at what made the member rot in the first place, the first or primary cause. A conniver might claim the primary cause was the building design was faulty to begin with, ignoring the fact it stood decades or perhaps centuries, before the rotten timber gave and the building collapsed. If all we look at is the rotten timber we miss the root cause of the collapse, namely, whatever rotted the timber in the first place. Someone who is intent on manipulating us to their own selfish ends loves this lazy tendency of humanity. They can create the conditions where a structural collapse is inevitable, say poking a hole strategically over a vulnerable timber, then when the collapse happens, demand they be given autocratic power to oversee all buildings or redesign them, “for our own good.” Few will look to the source of the leak and so their conniving will pay dividends.

If we as a people stopped falling for the conniving of evil people, instead punishing them for creating the conditions where human suffering is inevitable, the scheming would stop. Sociopathic individuals operate on a strictly egoistic basis. They care nothing for the suffering of others, and are all too willing to create suffering to benefit themselves, if instead their self interest was severely damaged, they would not engage in it in the first place. In some cases the conniver is a psychopath, and enjoys watching the suffering they inflict on mankind, that they benefit is a bonus to them. In both cases if we look only at where they point we will always be looking in the wrong place and in both cases punishing the conniver would yield benefits for humanity.

Anyone who says or believes, “Never let a tragedy go to waste,” is someone who should never be let anywhere near the reigns of power. By their very admission they are at the least callous individuals and at worst they are evil connivers. If we examine their actions and find that such actions led directly or indirectly to a tragedy, or a host of tragedies, it is clear they are sociopaths or even possibly psychopaths. To allow a psychopath or sociopath access to power is the absolute acme of stupidity. Moreover turning a blind eye to their conniving is not merely stupid but abets the crime. We owe it to our children to root out such nefarious, evil, egoistic people, from government else we and our children must suffer from our indifference, aid and willful ignorance. Always look beyond where the connivers are pointing, instead look to primary causes, did they create conditions where this tragedy is inevitable, if so them why, then act accordingly.

Crime requires a means and motive. If someone tells you they are going to kill you and rape your daughter, you don’t buy them the house next door, in hopes they will see that you are open minded and therefore befriend you, that would be idiotic. If your other neighbor buys them that house and helps them move in… when you are killed and your daughter is raped, it is as much the fault of that malevolent neighbor as the actual murderer and rapist. The conniving neighbor provided the means for the crime knowing the motive was there. When government does the exact same thing, then claims that to “protect you” they need to disarm you, force you to shut up, subject you to intrusive monitoring, while at the same time refusing to identify the criminal, you can be assured those in government are malevolent connivers intent on using human suffering to forward their agenda. The ends do not justify the means, no matter the ends, and especially where the ends and means are evil.


John Pepin

Progressives and Violence

Monday, May 23rd, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, violence by socialists is acceptable, while free market liberals are slandered by it. Socialists have a free pass when it comes to violence, when an act of violence happens the media that calls itself unbiased claims it might be a conservative, until they find out it was another progressive, then they drop the story as old news. Throughout the twentieth Century, by far most of the violence, outright wars, insurgencies and terrorism, was by Marxists to gain power. The Marxists however were never brought to international trial, nor were they the pariahs the “right wing” Juntas were that fought the Marxists, saving their countries from tyrannical Communism of the North Korean variety. The treatment of a “right winger” who does an act of violence is far different than that of a Marxist. The difference in treatment is startling considering how our culture is supposed to value appeals to logic rather than hyperbole. The real threat of this perhaps unconscious pass the new class gives to socialists committing violence, is the pernicious incentive that arises, such actions and attitudes lead inevitably to more and deadlier violence.

No one is surprised at the looming violence at the democratic convention. Bernie is a Soviet style Marxist, as he would say in Vermont in the 1970’s all the time, and his supporters openly support “socializing” anything they can get government’s sticky hands on. Moreover, there is violence at many democratic conventions, the most historic was the 1968 free for all. Violence at democratic conventions is commonplace as it is accepted by the new class. I looked and couldn’t find a single incidence of a republican convention that became violent other than the Taft/Roosevelt, where Roosevelt of course was a progressive, bringing his progressive thugs in with him. Where there has been violence it was from democrats trying to force their way in to sow chaos and violence.

Violence in the cause of enslaving people is cheered while violence in the cause of liberty is booed. How many new class reporters do you think secretly cheer on the Colombian rebels? How often do you suppose that same reporter cheers on the Colombian government? The rebels seek to force by violence, everyone to become a slave of the state, while the government is freely elected and therefore has the patronage of the people. Even the extraordinarily violent and brutal Shining Path Gorillas got better press than Pinochet. Since Marxists usually can’t win an election, they opt for violence and since their violence is accepted by the new class, it becomes a more viable option.

When the Iranian people rose up against the theocracy, a theocracy that dictated to them by violence, what to believe, what to think, what to do in marriage, how to raise children, how to dress… all enforceable by extreme public violence, Obama, the ultimate new class President warned the people against violence, Obama and the rest of the new class then turned a blind eye, when the Iranian zealots would threaten the families of Iranians living in Europe and the US, sometimes even torturing innocent women and children on video feed, to force the people living abroad not to speak out. That uprising received zero international support, zero, and it would have swept a nuclear threat from the world, but the new class only accepts violence by those seeking to enslave, never to throw off the shackles of slavery.

William James in his lectures on pragmatism, said that both the religious and the atheists have explanations for the state of affairs… and how to improve them. The atheists believe it is up to them and them alone, since there is no God, no overriding force pushing mankind to the good, so they must do it, by whatever means. While the religious can push hard but in the end can rest on the faith God will make it all work out in the end. The atheist then, has every incentive to violence, while the believer doesn’t. Let society and culture give a nudge and wink of acceptance to the atheist and violence is even more probable. Marxism, communism and socialism are all at heart atheist/rationalizing ideologies and so those that adhere to those ideologies tend to be more atheistic.

The insidious threat that such an attitude, that of accepting violence from those factions seeking to enslave humanity, while slandering those seeking to unburden humanity from slavery, as violent. In the US take the example of two mad bombers. One, Tim McVeigh was executed, and rightly so, the other, Bill Ayers, who told and FBI informant, he, Bill Ayers, would kill fifty million Americans if and when he came to power, and should have been at least incarcerated… you are now paying that guy better than one hundred grand a year, to teach your children his violent tyrannical Marxist ideology. The difference in treatment is as shocking as it is… well, shocking. Add to the nudge and wink the fact that people who are atheists tend toward socialism, progressivism, communism and Marxism and the conditions become ripe for political violence perpetrated by progressives and blamed on conservatives. With only a few calories spent taking this pernicious incentive to it’s natural outcome… one must shudder at the future our children will have to live in.


John Pepin

The Progressive Reaction to the Attack in Texas Says More About Progressives than Terrorists…

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the recent attack on a free speech rally in Texas and more importantly, the reaction of the progressive unbiased media about it, show the depths progressives are willing to go to forward their agenda of total societal, economic and cultural collapse. Sounds nuts to say progressives seek the collapse of our civilization eh? It might… if you never listen to their rhetoric, observe their actions or understand the historic results of their policies, sadly, most people don’t. As I have written before, most people would rather believe a glittering lie, than an ugly truth, and many will actively try to shut up those who speak an ugly truth. So what we have is a people who are unwilling or perhaps unable, (due to the absurdly indoctrinating school system), to comprehend the very real danger our elite pose not only to us, but to our very civilization.

The progressives in media maintain a constant diatribe vilifying the victims of Islamofascist attacks for a decade now. Britain denies Pamela Geller a visa, because they claim her message is dangerous, but the message of Islamofascists… calling for the violent overthrow of Britain and the West, the subjugation and eventual extermination of Christians, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists, isn’t? Today the call has gone out that those in Garland had it coming, which is essentially the same as claiming a rape victim had it coming, because she wore a short skirt. They demand we must not criticize those who openly avow the slaughter of Christians and the destruction of the West, and call for climate change deniers to be jailed for their opinions, which is clearly a direct assault on free speech, all the while proclaiming their love of free speech! Anyone who claims others cannot criticize a philosophy, by definition, must be allied with that philosophy, and so they too must also want those measures. Their rhetoric tells more about them and their intentions, than all the articles ever written, if only people would actually listen and comprehend their words.

Fabian socialists have as their foundational philosophy, that the world needs to be heated to the point of melting down, so they can reform it in a way that more suits their desires. That is not hyperbole but their own doctrine! I ask you… what would heat the world to the point of melting more than the resulting clash of religion, culture and society, the Islamofascists, (and progressives) advocate? The modern progressive movement is based on the Fabian socialist model. They don’t believe in the revolution to usher in socialism, which is where they break ranks from the Marxists, but a slow progress to socialism. They care nothing that socialism has always resulted in millions of deaths by starvation, death squads, and war. In their minds, the ends justify the means, moreover, most don’t believe that socialism has ever really been tried. The bloody history of the twentieth Century be damned.

The rhetoric from progressives in the media, government and academia are uniform in their condemnation of western values, western economics and western history. They despise our morality and attack it in every way and at every chance. To be ignorant of that requires a person be intentionally blind to what is right in front of them. Progressives hate free speech, but know they cannot openly say it, so they hide their intentions by saying, they love free speech but… you can’t offend certain groups. They love freedom but, it has its limits, they love the poor and hate the wealthy, even though they are the wealthy and their policies create more poor, free republics are run by imperialists and empires are run by freedom loving tyrants… the list of newspeak is endless. Their duplicitous rhetoric would make INGSOC blush.

Most people only want to live their lives in peace and make a buck or two to save for old age. Most are too busy to really observe what is actually happening around them, and so, whenever someone tastes an ugly truth, they spit it out and when someone else offers them glittering lies, they gobble them down. Glittering lies are like lead oxide however, it tastes sweet, but is poison. Moreover, to believe those ugly truths requires action, and who has time for that? What truth could be more ugly, than to hear the elite actually seek the destruction of the western way of life, to be replaced with a world wide socialist tyranny?

Those in the media that calls itself unbiased, and progressives in all political parties, love to claim anyone who listens to their words, comprehends the results of their actions and understands the historical precedents of their policies, is a tin foil hat conspiracy theorist. Yet they make the most absurd conspiracy theories up, like Hillary Clinton’s vast right wing conspiracy, conservatives hate the poor, anyone who disagrees with them are haters, the Koch brothers are evil, aliens started life on Earth, etc… Progressives have the most insane ideas, and if you think of it, wouldn’t the ideas of anyone who seeks to destroy our civilization, the civilization that has resulted in the most prosperity for the most people, unprecedented technological growth, coupled with the most liberty the world has ever known… have to be nuts?


John Pepin

The Air War against ISIS

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, the elite don’t want the air war against ISIS to be effective, because their end game is an everlasting ground war. The air war against Gaddafi was highly effective however, which forces the question, why was that air war effective against Gaddafi and the air war against ISIS is not? We are constantly told we must intervene to stop ISIS but there are ever present news reports of American advisers helping train ISIS fighters, US equipment in ISIS hands, The Toyota Trucks driven by ISIS given to them by the US, The Benghazi weapons network, etc… Perhaps these reports are propaganda or possibly they are true, given the predilection of this administration to lie when the truth would serve them better, anyone with an open mind must at least question the reasoning behind the call for ground troops. Remember, those “troops” are someone’s child, maybe yours, anytime an American soldier is sent to fight in a foreign land, it is incumbent upon us to insure the plan is to win, and not to simply fight a war of attrition.


The US has a recent history of sending American’s children to fight in wars they are not supposed to win. The most glaring example was Vietnam. In that war the greatest enemy of our sons was the government that sent them there. Our fathers and brthers guarded military bases without ammunition for their guns, they were used as test subjects in experiments that would have made Mengele proud, all while under a legal microscope. There was no support for them on American streets, in academia or by the political or cultural elites. Even when they returned home they were vilified as baby killers. Rich Hollywood actors and actresses went to North Vietnam to support the Marxist regime. Jane Fonda even gave aid and comfort to the Marxists! Clearly, they were not sent to Vietnam to win… only to die at the hands of communists.


In Iraq the American people supported our sons and daughters but the cultural and political elite did not. Our children were hamstrung by a steady litany of condemnation that undermined the war effort… by the very people sending them into harms way today! American soldiers have to fight terrorists who have no limitations on the atrocities they can perform, even as our kids have to fight under a legal microscope, manned by teams of lawyers looking for any transgression on the terrorists “rights.” There are American soldiers today who are serving life sentences for returning fire and killing terrorists that were firing on them! Only a fool of the highest order would believe there is any intention of the backstabbers who run the US government today to win any war they send our children to fight.


When Gaddafi had all but won the war against the terrorists the US and Europe went in with only air power and annihilated Gaddafi’s forces. Once the air war started the war was over quick. The effectiveness of the US air force was staggering. All at a cost that is pennies on the dollar of the air war against ISIS today. We are supposed to believe what was so effective against Gaddafi is utterly impotent today? That is absurd on the face of it. The US has spent more money attacking ISIS from the air to no effect than they did utterly obliterating Gaddafi’s forces. In other words we are to believe up is down and down is up.


If the air war was supposed to be effective… why doesn’t the air force target massed ISIS troops? Why don’t they target reinforcements? Why not jdam the hill ISIS is using for artillery attacks into Kobani? Why not provide close air support to the Kurds? Why allow Turkey to attack Kurdish forces with air power? Why not interdict ISIS supplies? Why not eliminate ISIS armored forces? Why are they using multimillion dollar smart munitions to kill a single guy out behind his hut smoking a cigarette? Why are they attacking civilians? These are questions everyone should be asking… but are not.


Then there are those alarming reports of US special forces training ISIS, US government arming and equipping them as well as the Benghazi weapons network. These, let’s call them rumors for now, are not reported by the unbiased media, they are in the alternative press. Since the unbiased media have been caught so many times fabricating stories out of thin air to political ends, only an ignoramus would believe them. The CBS story about Bush’s air guard service coming out a week before the election that were proved to be utterly false is just one egregious example. Couple that with Susan Rice’s lying tour of the Sunday talk shows about Benghazi which they slavishly lapped up is another. The point is, our press that calls itself unbiased cannot be counted on to give us even a hint of actual unbiased truth, so we have to give the alternative press some credibility.


Why would our government do that to our children though? Why would they seek to send our kids, children our wives gave birth to in great pain, we cleaned their skinned knees, wiped their noses, changed their diapers and suffered with them when their boyfriend/girlfriend broke their hearts, why would our government send them to die in a foreign land, with no intention of winning? Many theories have been promoted, from the military industrial complex to outright traitorous action on the part of the elite. Perhaps it is the Cloward and Piven war strategy to destroy America by bleeding her to death, or perhaps it is to deny us our posterity but whatever the reason, it is diabolical. If the air war was supposed to be effective, it would be, clearly it is not, could that be so the political elite can justify sending our kids to fight again? What is possibly the most telling of the heinous intentions of the ruling elite today, is that they refuse to call Islamist terrorists, terrorists, you know, ISIS… people who behead innocents, crush babies, rape and sell women and girls, and commit genocide… but our government does call our returning soldiers, terrorists. Which in and of itself is traitorous.





John Pepin

ISIS and the Real Threat

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, before any problem can be effectively dealt with, first it must be identified. Many times a problem is so horrifying, even glancing at it is too scary, so the victim avoids identifying it until it is too late. Cancer can be like that. Often we don’t identify an issue, because we simply don’t want the problem to be what it is, we prefer to live in a fantasy, even though we know in our hearts what the real issue is. Drug addiction is an example. There are as many excuses for not looking at the core of a problem as there are problems for the human race to deal with. There is not one example however, where avoiding identifying a problem ever led to a solution, except when the willfully blind died from it.

The problem of Islamic fascism is one such difficulty. Governments around the world have turned a blind eye to it. They think if only they don’t mention it, and send European and American soldiers to die at the hands of ISIS, Al Qeda, Boko Haram or any of the other incarnations of Islamic fascism, the problem will go away. Our leaders believe that if they outlaw Christianity in Europe and the Usand ignore the atrocities of Islam the Islamic fascists will like us and stop killing us. Such thinking is wishful blindness at best showing a total lack of understanding of Islamic fascism and is traitorous at worst.

History explains what Islamic fascism is. The history of Islam is one of conquest. Arabia was full of Christians, Jews and pagans when Mohamed was born. When he died there were only Muslims, everyone else had been converted or killed. Even today all other religions other than Islam are outlawed in Saudi Arabia. Those who hold Mass in their own homes are regularly raided, the worshipers jailed and executed. Some allies eh?

North Africa, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, and Turkey were all Christian lands until the Islamic fascists conquered them in their crusades against Christianity. As the Muslims conquered more land they would raise the churches, melt the church bells down and make them into cannons, to use against the Christians. The bodies of the saints were dug up and fed to the dogs. Christian women were taken from their families, forced to convert to Islam, and sold.

Byzantine couldn’t be conquered until a Christian Hungarian Orban sold high power cannon technology to the Muslims. He built giant cannons to decimate the walls of Constantinople. Those cannon, that couldn’t have been built by any Muslim, opened the city to the invaders. Once the walls were down, the Muslims rushed in, taking anyone they came upon as slaves. The Convent was raided, the Nuns raped and sold into sex slavery. The city’s name was changed from Constantinople to Istanbul, the greatest Christian church at the time, Hagia Sophia, was converted to a Mosque and everyone forcibly converted to Islam.

The much feared Turkish Janissaries were Christian boys who had been given to the Muslims as part of the Jizya tax on Christian nations, so the Muslims would leave those Christian nations who gave their own children alone. Those boys who were pretty were sent to pedophilia to be molested, while the others were converted and trained to fight, against their own families and countrymen. The story of Dracula comes from this time.

He and his brother were sent as tribute to the Muslims. Vlad’s brother was pretty and so went to a pedophilia while Vlad was ugly so was to be a Janissary. Vlad refused to convert and so was tortured unmercifully. After years of torture Vlad escaped and went to his native Romania where he seized the throne. Upon getting power Vlad stopped sending boys to be molested or used against their own families. The Muslims immediately invaded. Vlad met them, defeated them and impaled the Muslim army, leaving a forest of impaled men on the boarder as a warning to future invaders. The next wave of invaders met the same fate. It didn’t take long before the invasions stopped and Europe was protected in the East.

The first war the United States ever fought on foreign soil was against Muslims to stop them taking American ships at sea and enslaving the sailors. When the war was over and the US had won, those sailors who had converted to Islam, wanted to return home but were executed, because once you convert to Islam converting out is death. This is just a small portion of the history of the crusades of Islam against Christianity but it shows the intent of the adherents to Mohamed’s religion. Every Muslim ever taught in any Medrassa knows this history well. Very very few Christians know any of it at all, and what we are taught is watered down with all the gory parts left out, so as not to offend Mulsims. ISIS is doing exactly what Mohamed called all good Muslims to do, strike at the necks of the unbelievers, terrorize us and rape our women as punishment for our unbelief. Today it is called sexual Jihad.

This is what we are fighting, what we have been fighting for fifteen hundred years, and will fight until the last days. It is not that individual Muslims are bad or that they should be denigrated, it is that we must open our eyes to the grim reality of what Islam truly is. When a political leader makes the absurd claim that ISIS is not Islamic, it is because they are too afraid to look at the real problem, they are stupidly ignorant or they are complicit, there is no other possibility, all of which in a sane world would disqualify them to do anything other than swing a mop at McDonalds. A cancer must be cut out. Those that seek to expand Islam at the point of a sword must be exterminated, with extreme prejudice as an example, to limit future wars. Anything less is to invite more bloodshed, more rapes, more children’s lives ruined and more terror. To remain ignorant to a potential mortal threat is to invite disaster… so why do you suppose our leaders are intentionally keeping us blind to it?


John Pepin

Evil Always Defeats Itself

Monday, September 1st, 2014


Dear Friends,


It seems to me, the rise of ISIS will result in the deaths of perhaps millions of human beings, but in the end, it will be their own evil that defeats them. Great evil always defeats itself because it confuses human suffering with victory. The suffering of other human beings is always more important to those who serve Lucifer than anything else. Oh, they might lie to themselves and even believe their own lies, but in the end it is not power, righteousness or to serve God that evil people like ISIS do what they do, it is a love of inflicting human suffering that is their primary motivator, and that motivation has it roots in hate. Hatred is so powerful an emotion it can drive people to do the most despicable things without a hint of remorse. In the next few years when our governments do nothing of any real consequence to stop ISIS from their goal of a global Caliphate, where only Muslims are allowed to live, we must keep in mind that even without intervention of government, armies or even God, ISIS will be defeated, due entirely to their evil nature. Evil always has within it the seeds of it’s own destruction.


There is no better example in history than the Second World War. Hitler and the Nazis were evil. Evil fueled by hate was their primary motivator. Hate of the Jews, Gypsies and all non Aryans was the Nazis bread and butter. The Nazis reveled in slaughter. The war was ostensibly a means to power but in reality is was a way to round up more people to feed into the meat grinder. All other purposes came second to the slaughter.


In September 1941 the Nazi war machine was on the verge of victory. They had taken almost all of European Russia and were banging at the doors of Leningrad, Moscow and the Caucuses. When winter fell on the German troops they had plenty of winter gear but it was in Germany. OKW had thought the war would be over before winter and so the winter clothes and gear sat in Berlin. This is where priorities came to the front. The Nazis had enough trains to get the winter gear to their troops in plenty of time, but instead, those trains were used to bring Jews and Gypsies to the death camps. Meanwhile the flower of German youth froze to death in the frozen wastes of Russia.


Later in the war, in 1943 Germany was worried about Hungary flipping and signing a separate peace with Russia, as Romania had a month earlier, so Nazi Germany sponsored a coup. The coup brought loyal Nazis to power in Hungary. The Hungarian government had, until that point, been sheltering the Jews from deportation to the death camps, but the moment loyal Nazis took power they started rounding up Jews for extermination. Meanwhile Army Group Center was facing imminent collapse. They badly needed ammunition and supplies, but the German rail system was diverted from the war effort again to ship Jews who had escaped the campaign of extermination, to the death camps. The result was that Army Group Center collapsed creating a hole the Russian army could simply drive to Berlin through.


The evil empire, the Soviet Union, was also defeated by their own evil. Instead of building up their industry to improve the lot of people, the Soviet Union built a war machine, in the absence of war. Stalin the despot, would sign the execution papers for thousands of people a day, then watch his favorite swashbuckler. Millions were executed, sent to forced reeducation camps, tortured, shipped to Siberia as slave labor, whole races faced ethnic cleansing and suffering was universal among the people, while splendid luxury was the bailiwick of the Communist elite. The whole thing came crashing down because of the economic, social and cultural stresses such a system must build up.


ISIS is no different. The seeds of their destruction lay in their evil. How many have they murdered that otherwise would have helped them like the Nazis did in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia? Eventually they will divert essential war supplies to some evil end or turn on their allies just as the Nazis did. Even if they win and subject the entire world to tyranny their empire will not last a decade. The stresses such a system create will put an end to that perverted structure. Sadly, not until millions or maybe even billions of our fellow human beings have died horribly, will ISIS’ own evil defeat them. That is the cost to good people who allow evil to grow, and that is exactly what we have done. By voting in governments that not only allowed it to grow, but nurtured it for their own evil ends… we have become our own executioners.





John Pepin


Preparedness is Prudence.

Thursday, August 28th, 2014



Dear Friends,


It seems to me, with the steady news of natural disasters and potential super disasters, along with the ever present threat of terrorism, preparedness is mere prudence. No one knows when or what kind of catastrophe will occur, but the one thing we do know, it that there will be some calamity in the future. The hit or miss nature of natural and man made disasters gives us a false sense of security, but when the reality intrudes into our lives, many times all is lost because, we didn’t take the few minutes to get together a bugout bag, we didn’t have a disaster plan or there’s only a day or two’s worth of food in our cupboards. Think about it, what would you do if power was out for a week because a substation blew up? How would your family eat if the city you live in was cut off? Where would you go if your house was destroyed in a disaster? All these questions can be answered by the person who is prepared, but the person who is not, will panic and maybe die.


What is called a bugout bag should be stuffed in a closet somewhere. All it needs to be is some sort of bag or backpack, that has the things you might need if your house was destroyed or you are forced out, for whatever reason. It should have a knife, water bottle, lighter or matches in a waterproof container, a tarp, some food that keeps for a long time, a ball of twine, hand saw, salt, aspirin, First aid kit, extra set of clothes, a book about how to get by in the woods, (topical to the environment you live), along with whatever else you might want to have in it, like a bedroll. This gives you the flexibility to go where it is best for you, like a family or friends house, and avoid the places FEMA tell you to congregate like the Superdome in New Orleans. Such flexibility might mean the difference between life and death of a loved one.


A safe room somewhere in your home is critical. Someplace where you can retreat to if there is a natural disaster coming through. A corner of a cellar with two means of escape is ideal in a tornado or hurricane, but in a flood… It is always best to have decided on where to retreat before you need to, to save valuable moments when they count. Everyone should have three months worth of food. Food is so important and today there are so many possibilities that will keep, like canned food, survival food with a twenty five year lifespan, and dried foods as well. We must remember to utilize First In First Out, or FIFO, unless we have survival food as our emergency backup.


Speaking of a safe room a safe can also be a lifesaver. Some silver or gold coins can be a preserver r wealth if there is another banking collapse or other credit/money disaster. You shouldn’t get carried away and put all your money into silver bullion, that would be insane, but it is definitely prudent to have some on hand just in case they are needed. In my opinion silver is better than gold. If there were to be some money disaster were people couldn’t purchase food and other needs, anyone who shows up with gold coins is going to draw a ton of unwanted attention. Silver bullion will still draw attention but nothing like gold.


The need for a plan for the family in case you get separated is paramount. Where will you meet if there is a disaster? What if the house is destroyed in that disaster? What if the school your children go to is put on lock down, and one of your children escapes, where have you told them to go? Show your family you love them and get them all together, have some snacks available along with some drinks, whiskey might not be appropriate for a toddler, so use discretion… and make a game of it. Have the family brainstorm catastrophes and then plan for them. The time you spend doing this will make the survival of your children in a calamity exponentially better.


It is the duty of every US citizen to have, and know how to shoot, a firearm. It is in our founding documents. That doesn’t mean everyone must have an arsenal, but it does mean that even in these modern times, we should all have a working knowledge of firearms. The national reason for every adult to be proficient in the use of firearms, was and is, so that a smaller standing army can be effective, the population being proficient with guns can be called on in an emergency. On an individual level however, even a .22 caliber long gun and sufficient supply of ammo can effectively feed you and your family, if the need arises.


Plan for the worst and expect the best and you will never be off balance. If the worst happens we needn’t panic, we have a plan and the stuff we have prepared for it, and if the best happens… hey, we expected it all along. We all hate to think of bad things, and whats more, we have very little time to. Our lives are so busy we barely have time to eat with our family let alone set aside a few nights to come up with a survival plan. Omitting taking the time for this is like claiming you are too busy to brush your teeth, then freaking out when you get cavities, it is a pathetic excuse. This is by no means a perfect list, if everything I suggest is done it still does not guarantee the survival of every member of your family in an emergency, but even doing one or two things on this list, makes it much much more likely you and your loved ones live, where others don’t. Let’s face it, would you rather be the guy that begs, or the guy people beg from?




John Pepin