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The “Greater Good…”

Monday, October 6th, 2014

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, whenever someone claims something is for the “”greater good”.” it is always for their personal good and against the best interest of the rest of us. Connivers always use such deceptions to get us to act against the interests of humanity, by appealing to our humanity. When humanity is used to lower the lot of Man it is patently evil. This type of falsehood is evident in much of the propaganda we see and hear every day. Politicians calling for banning guns, separation of church and state, censorship, more redistribution, etc… The meme is always that it is for the “”greater good”,” while nothing could be further from the truth. Those of us who are human hearted must always be on the lookout for connivers, who appeal to our humanity, to lower the lot of Man, else we become unwitting pawns of evil.


Most people want to do the right thing. We often get caught up in bad things from our impetuosity however. Those who scheme for power know this and exploit those qualities to manipulate us. When they do, and we go along, we become unwitting accomplices in the lowering of our own standard of living, while ceding arbitrary power to evil people. Our desire to help others, coupled with our innate impetuosity and laziness, combine to make us very susceptible to this type of manipulation.


Calls for banning guns is one such example. Those who seek to disarm the general populace always arm themselves and their cronies to the teeth. This leaves the rest of us at the mercy of those without mercy. The more we are maneuvered into giving up our guns for self protection the easier it is for a usurper to seize power by the violent use of force. The US Constitution guarantees the Right to keep and bear arms as a bulwark against potential tyranny. The framers of the Constitution understood all too well the propensity of the elite to abuse any power that is given them, and the people’s Right to self defense was to apply equally to an out of control government, as to a murderer. The violent despots however argue it is for the “greater good”… peace.


Separation of church and state is another spurious argument that calls for the “greater good”, while actually separating us and our children from the font of goodness, and brings us closer to the pit of despair. Why would someone who is an atheist do good works if there is no God, punishment or afterlife? There is no reason to, why not just live for today? Moreover, why do good at all since the very concept of goodness is based in religious philosophy? Abolish Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism and the source for any incentive to do good works is gone. Now that the pernicious intolerant meme of separation of church and state has become ingrained in the zeitgeist, the diabolical elite are moving it a step further, of freedom from religion. The elite are systematically banning Christianity, the philosophical foundation of the US Constitution, our Rights and the reason we are essentially good people. In their intolerance of religion and goodness, they pervert right into wrong, and wrong into right, all by appealing to the “greater good”… tolerance.


The Internet has been a boon for free speech. The monopoly of information that the new class progressives once had has been demolished. We are awash in information, information that would never have seen the light of day when the exclusive control of all information, was from the new class progressives at ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS. The new class is fighting back with subtle, (and some not so subtle) demands for censorship. The British government has openly called for the silencing of “nonviolent extremist speech.” But notice who is called extremist today. Tea party conservatives are called extreme by the new class elite not violent Islamic terrorists. We are supposed to believe, those who follow the law and want government follow our Constitution are extreme, and those who wish to overthrow it by force, if necessary, are mainstream. The elite’s desire to exclude anyone who is not on board with the Fabian socialist/progressive agenda from the marketplace of ideas, is just another call to the “greater good”… inclusiveness.


This is why when someone appeals to the “greater good” our radar should go off. Those who actually seek the “greater good” never demand from others, they do it themselves, connivers demand from others that which they refuse to give up. Hypocrisy is the bailiwick of such people. They call for the rest of us to give up our sovereignty while they demand arbitrary power, they look teary eyed into a camera and argue it is for our own good to give up guns while they surround themselves with well armed bodyguards, they claim we are too demanding if we ask them to follow their own laws because their laws are too hard to follow… for them. They argue Christianity should be removed from the public square, while imposing a diabolical agenda that calls evil good and good evil. All the while, they seek exclusive control of information, to render us incapable of mounting effective arguments against their perverted agenda. Done by calls for us to destroy ourselves, our children and our society… all for the “greater good”.





John Pepin

Two Years more for Evil to Flourish…

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the tyrants, despots, evil doers and general bad guys, know they have two years to do whatever it is they want, after that the strong likely hood is that Obama will no longer be President and a pro American President will probably hold that office. Unless of course Obama gets a third term. If that were to happen those who seek to expand their empires would have another six years. I am not being facetious I am being realistic. The weakness Obama has shown to the enemies of peace and harmony coupled with the backstabbing he has done to our allies, has made the world less safe for everyone, except for evildoers.

Will Obama go for a third term? Can he go for a third term? The US Constitution bars any President from running for a third term. A Constitutional amendment was put in place after Franklin Roosevelt became President for life. While a Constitutional amendment barring a third term seems like a major impediment for any President, Obama has shown a remarkable ability to ignore Constitutional restraint, his own laws and even basic common sense. Just a few of the scandals that would have been the end for any other President have been, Fast and Furious, IRS scandal, Benghazi, and far too many others to fit in this column. The real question as to whether he can run again is what would the opposition do in that event?

Republicans have shown no backbone whatsoever when it comes to standing up against the unconstitutional and illegal actions of Obama. When Tea party republicans have tried to stand up they have been attacked most heinously by republicans. The unbiased media has a meme going, that the Tea party is evil because they stand for Constitutional restraint and the rule of Law, which keeps the only faction standing in the way of Obama, off balance and marginalized. Since the history of the Obama administration is one of overstepping Constitutional authority without consequence, and with the overt backing of democrats, elite republicans and the unbiased media, the outcry would be vilified and not reported, except in alternative media outlets. So the Constitution’s ban on a third term is very surmountable, making the only real question, does he want a third term?

America’s allies have been attacked, undermined and vilified by the Obama administration. Israel’s best interests have been set aside for the demands of Hamas. Instead of condemning the rocket attacks by Hamas against Israeli schools, a nuclear plant and the civilian population, Obama attacked the Israelis for defending themselves. Remember Obama’s off the cuff remark to Medvedev? That he would have “more flexibility after the election…” Poland still has a bad taste in their mouth over Obama’s unilaterally canceling a treaty with them, to supply Poland with anti ballistic missiles, that decision has come back to haunt them with Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, and naked threat against Poland in his statement, “I could be in Poland in two days…” the list of allies with knives in their backs, put there by Obama, is as long as the enemies of freedom have carnations given them by Obama.

The empires of China and Russia have expansionist aspirations. There is not one neighbor of China that China doesn’t want land from. There was a recent article that over fifty percent of Chinese citizens believe there will be war with Japan within a decade. China has the largest standing army in the world and has a skewed demographic of three men to every woman, which is ideal for starting a war to bring the demographic distortion back into line. Russia’s Putin has aspirations of reclaiming the old Soviet empire. His invasion of Ukraine, an invasion that wouldn’t have happened if Obama hadn’t shown so much weakness, is but the first step in that plan. Every nation that was under the Soviet yoke is quaking at the thought.

The hard core Islamist have began recreating the Caliphate under Obama’s feckless leadership. They have erased the boarder between Syria and Iraq and intend, (if their literature and propaganda are to be believed) on conquering the entire world and placing every human being on it under Sharia law. Obama armed them, has tried mightily to avoid damaging their interests, even as they have religiously cleansed all the areas they have under control. Not only exterminating Christians but Shia and Yazidis. All of which Obama turned a blind eye to, until they sawed off the head of a few new class journalists, and generated outrage in the new class. Obama’s plan to eradicate them is to arm their allies and use a one hundred thousand dollar smart bomb to kill each one individually.

Obama has set the world on fire and is dousing it with gasoline to put it out. He has been the best friend of those who would expand their empires, commit genocide, ethnically and religiously cleanse large swaths of the planet, and at the same time has undermined our allies ability to withstand the onslaught. Obama’s actions have incentivised every despot to get nuclear weapons as fast as possible. Every dictator on the planet knows this and is acting accordingly. Our allies are in retreat regardless of the unbiased media’s propaganda to the contrary. Europe’s economy is collapsing, the European natives are being marginalized and are facing religious persecution, if not extermination, all while Obama cheers it on. That is why I say that the evil doers on our planet understand they have two years to grab whatever they can. Looks like the old Chinese curse will be coming true in the next two years, “May you live in interesting times.” Unless of course, he gets a third term… then it will last longer.


John Pepin

Abuse of Power…

Monday, September 8th, 2014


Dear Friends,

It seems to me, changing our Constitution for naked political advantage, is not only corrupt but it actually endangers our republic. This week the Democratically controlled senate is taking the initial Machiavellian steps to amend our Constitution, so they can decide who can give and how much money that can be spent on political and public service campaigns. This is so clearly a dishonest political move, the unbiased media has given it a good leaving alone, so as not to awaken the American people. Since our government prefers to work in the dark of night, passing bills to regulate every aspect of our lives and enrich themselves, I am not at all shocked. They have been playing the despotism game for a century , while we play tiddlywinks. I do wonder however, who in their right minds would think this power would not be abused immediately?

Our government has derailed from our Constitution. That cannot be debated. With the absurd postulation of the New Class progressives that run the DNC and the RNC, that our Constitution is a “living breathing document,” our only real bulwark against tyranny has been mutated into a chimera, designed to do the opposite of what it was intended. Progressives have doubled down on their scheme to wrest power from the Constitution and place it firmly and forever in their greasy hands. Even when the New Class controlled Supreme Court doesn’t pervert the Constitution, to give the statists a leg up, the New Class will take matters into their own hands by amending our Constitution. Since arbitrary power is the end goal of New Class Progressives, and to them the end justifies the means, changing the Constitution for political power is merely par for the course.

To argue that the political elite will not misuse the new power to control political thought through legislation is to argue fish don’t swim and birds don’t fly. The scandals of the past few years have been as breathtaking in their scope as they were in their audacity. The IRS targeting politically disfavored groups, like the Tea Party, pro Israeli groups and conservative republicans, is so corrupt… in a sane world people would already be in jail. The intentional destruction of government property and erasing of emails by the IRS is a clear sign to all but the most willfully blind, that our government has disconnected from any Constitutional, legal or moral restraint.

When someone has proven, over and over, they cannot be trusted, to trust them is just plain stupid. Our political elite have been caught in so many lies only the most imbecilic among us believe them. The cover up of the botched kidnapping of Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi is but one terrifically egregious example. The Obama administration sent Susan Rice on a lying tour of the Sunday talk shows. The story they peddled was such obvious fiction, I was flabbergasted that they thought so little of our intelligence they would come up with such a lame excuse for a terrorist attack on a US embassy, on the anniversary of 911. In a blog that I wrote that day I said as much. Now that the lie has been exposed for what it is there are no consequences for it. This shows the lengths our government will do to cover up their misdeeds and is indicative of how low in esteem they hold us.

In the last election, where Obama won his second term, government pulled out all the stops to convince the American people up is down and right is left. The Benghazi cover up was only one example. The Federal reserve enacted QE3 just prior to the election of 2012, to gin the stock markets and give the American people a false sense of economic growth. Even the Census bureau got in on the act. A year before the election a famous CEO, Jack Welch, said the unemployment rate would be below 8%, an unemployment number requisite for a sitting President to be reelected. The unbiased media turned on him like a pack of rabid dogs. Then, like clockwork, as the election neared amazingly enough the unemployment figures dropped exactly as he had said they would. The numbers were later shown to be as false as a Chinese government GDP figure, but Obama had won… the election and the ruses had worked.

The political elite have proven over and over they cannot be trusted. Our founding fathers as much as told us this would happen, but we have been so stupefied many of us don’t even care, as long as we get their welfare check, food stamps, hack job or crony capitalism kickbacks. Let me ask you this, answer it honestly, (if only to yourself), would you believe your husband or wife if they had been caught cheating on you over and over, when you caught them posting an ad on the internet for a hooker… that they were actually looking for a maid? Only a fool believes someone who is incapable of telling the truth, and those who do believe a known liar, deserve what they get. Changing our Constitution so the political elite can have more power to lie, control the narrative and shut down debate, is so obviously corrupting to any political system the American people should roar in anger, but instead, so many of us dilute our righteous indignation with their complacence, the roar will be quieted to a low hum, and the political elite will move the ball of tyranny further down the field. We have no one but ourselves to blame though… for allowing it.


John Pepin

Hate Filled Progressives

Thursday, September 4th, 2014



Dear Friends,


It seems to me, progressives are the very people they purport to hate, which points to the reason for their self loathing. Any time a conservative brings up the lack of school shootings, the lower crime rate, the better work ethic of the past, progressives claim the conservative really wants to return to slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, robber barons and rolling back woman’s suffrage. Of course that is the old tried and true method of spurious argumentation, by putting words in someone’s mouth they didn’t utter or believe, and argue against those words. It also points out that what the progressives claim to hate, bigotry, intolerance, the wealthy, the US and racism, is just part of a meme. Let’s call it the progressive hate meme. This meme plays out in the minds of progressives constantly and spreads like influenza. Hate however, is the most counter productive means to solve any problem, it is corrosive to the humanity of the hater and the person hated.


Bigotry is one of the things progressives rail about the most. They really hate bigots. A progressive will scream red faced all day about how bigoted everyone in the Tea Party is. Progressives love to go on and on how terrible it is that law enforcement would profile people, anyone who puts people in a box, they argue, is a bigot and therefore a bad person. Yet progressives put everyone in a box! They separate us into groups and factions then pit us against each other. Claiming everyone in an arbitrary grouping has the exact same qualities is the very definition of a bigot.


Progressives cannot tolerate intolerance. They are quick to point out that someone who they disagree with is an intolerant hater, and so the “hater” should have their free speech curtailed, so they don’t lead others astray. Progressives love to use epithets like intolerance to shut down debate they cannot win. They will go to the utmost extreme to get a Koresh removed from a park or a cross taken down from a hill, because it is so intolerable to them, they simply cannot tolerate Christian symbols in the open. A progressive will move heaven and Earth to get a CEO who made a donation to a charity or political campaign they disagree with fired, because any other perspective than the progressive’s, cannot be tolerated.


Oh boy do progressive hate the rich! Well, not the already rich, but people trying to get rich. The propaganda against the “rich” is as hostile as it is sophist. Those uber rich who support progressive causes are considered the “good” rich and those very few who support our Constitution are the “bad” rich. What is always lost on the progressive, is that they are mostly members of the New Class and as such, make up 90% the top 10% on the wealth scale. George Soros gives billions to the Tides foundation and the Center for American Progress, among many others, he has bankrupted whole nations resulting in famine, economic collapse and want, and never gets attacked for his donations in the unbiased media… but the Koch brothers are demonized, even in the halls of power, for favoring our Constitution.


Progressives constantly rail about inequality. They demand everyone be equal, well, not equal so much as have the same stuff, except for them. Like, Obama eats the best food but begrudges it for our children and us, they spend millions of our tax dollars on vacations but tell us to cut back, the hypocrisy they show is astounding. A progressive sees nothing wrong with going to a $10,000.00 a plate dinner, to raise funds for another progressive who will stomp down inequality with regulation, while never donating a single cent to charity.


Racism is one of the progressive’s biggest bug bears. They hate Tea party members, ostensibly because all Tea party members are racists, which is of course a bigoted way of thinking. Even a cursory examination of progressive rhetoric shows who the real racists are. Progressives claim all white people are racists. You know, those bitter clingers, clinging to “their” guns and religion, in other words, typical white people.


If we look back at history and the progressive heroes the loop closes. Margaret Sanger so hated African Americans she started Planned Parenthood to exterminate them. The first ever showing of “The Rise of a Nation” was played in Woodrow Wilson’s white house! Speaking of the progressive Wilson, he also penned many letters and articles explaining why women are inferior to men, the attributes of the “lesser races” among other topics modern progressives claim to hate. But they love him. Eugenics, as practiced by Hitler, was based on the progressive eugenics movement in the US. The progressive movement metastasizes every few decades and destroys our economy, standard of living, gins up hatred and civil unrest, the results of their policies are always so bad they destroy the progressive name, so the movement goes underground, rebranding themselves as “liberals,” until people who remember what the progressives stand for are all dead. Then they come back, hating everything they stand, (stood) for, and tricking another generation into thinking they are human hearted, when nothing could be further from the truth. Progressives truly are the very people they claim to hate and have always been. The really scary thing is… both political parties in the US are run by self loathing progressives.





John Pepin




Bestowing the Power of Life and Death to Obama

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, in the modern discussion of whether the US President can unilaterally order an American citizen killed by drone strike, the slippery slope is intentionally forgotten. While this or that terrorist who has renounced his or her citizenship is killed, and we cheer at the removal of a supposed demon, we are also cheering the demise of our own rights. This government we have elected has shown a propensity to misuse power and spit on our Constitution. We all know it even the most ardent fans of Obama. It becomes a slippery slope, because once a power is given to government it never stops there, but more is always taken. There are ways of meeting the challenge of terrorism without burning our Constitution, the only real power we have to limit the power of the elite over us, but we are given a false narrative… That the government must act now else more Americans will die at the hands of terrorists. This is not true and is an example of spurious argumentation. Unless we wake up to this fact we will loose all of our rights, cheering as it happens, because what good are all the rights in the World, if we can be killed at will?


Lately there is a debate about some new American Muslim terrorist who is at large in Yemen or some other hell hole. The media are all agog at the thought of Obama ordering the execution of that man by drone strike. They claim it would put American lives needlessly at risk if we tried to capture the supposed terrorist. They argue if we allow him to escape “justice” then Americans are put at risk from further terrorist attacks. Like Anwar Al Awlaki they claim Al Qaida will be further empowered by our not acting. This is all sophistry.


Instead of empowering the President with the ability to simply order an American citizen killed by drone strike, why not try the purported terrorist in absentia? What would be the harm of appointing the accused terrorist an attorney and give him a fair trial? Yes, the accused terrorist will not be able to make as good an argument for himself as he otherwise could, if he were at the trial, but when he or she went to a foreign country to wage war on the United States they gave up that right, and could easily get it back by volunteering to return. If the court found the accused guilty, then he or she could be legally and Constitutionally killed by drone strike, or by whatever means is most efficient. But to give an imperial President that ability is the height of stupidity.


This President, along with a very few others, Franklin Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson come to mind, have shown a complete disregard for Our Constitution, the rule of law and limited government. They use(d) the power of government like a dictator. Obama has exploited the taxing authority of the IRS to target his political opponents… with total impunity, he has sent high power guns into the hands of Mexican drug cartels, to undermine our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, again without consequence, and he announced in the last State of the Union address, he plans on usurping the power of Congress, to standing ovations! Since Obama has shown he will overstep his authority and do it with impunity, to give that man, or any human being such power, is idiotic! How long will it be after Obama is given the power of life and death, before he follows his heroes examples, Mao, Bill Ayers and Frank Marshal Davis, and orders the execution of Tea Party members?


Ben Franklin said, those who would trade liberty for safety will get neither. That great man was of course correct. What good is any other “right” if one is dead? Those who would give arbitrary power to any President, be that a communist like Obama or a Tea Party member, are willingly putting their own head in the noose. Only a fool does that, but even a wise man can be tricked into it, and many have. All that is needed to meet the immediate necessity is a trial in absentia… but have you noticed not one in the unbiased media has mentioned it? This is not unheard of, it is not extraordinary, certainly not as extraordinary as bestowing arbitrary power to execute Americans at will. The exigencies of the situation cannot be so great they require us to become slaves and worse. Remember this; No matter how much you agree with what they are doing today, beware what they do with that power tomorrow, because you have given them the authority to do it.





John Pepin

The Republican Party is Dead… Long Live the Tea Party

Monday, November 4th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me… the republican party is in a death spiral of it’s own making. No political party can stab it’s base in the back, over and over, and survive as a viable party for long. That the republican party has gotten away with it for so long, and not succumbed to extinction, is testament to the hope of the American people for limited government. This trend has been happening for a long time but has accelerated of late. This bodes ill for American democratic representation and Constitutional rule unless the trend can be stopped. The means are at hand however.


In the last Presidential election only a paltry 40% of the electorate cast a ballot. This historically low turnout means that Obama won the election with only 20-25% of the American people voting for him. A pathetic quarter of the people voted the president into office. If you think about it, 20% of the people also believe in aliens, ghosts and vampires! (I would argue they are the same people who voted for Obama). Low voter turnout has been a mainstay in American elections for decades. The thing that is pitiful however is that politicians blame the voters and not themselves.


No one blames themselves for their own problems. It is a function of human nature. We all prefer to point the finger of blame at someone else. That this goes on in political circles is not hard to understand. Politicians however have paid consultants that get huge sums of money to explain to politicians why they loose elections. These highly paid eggheads should have the ability to see beyond their own noses and mine the data as to why so few people turn out. In this they fall into a thought trap, or in other words, group think.


This group think permeates the highest echelons of the republican party. They believe the only way to win elections is to go after a smaller and smaller faction of the electorate. Romney won the highly touted “undecided” but lost the election. This is clearly because he was a fatally flawed candidate. Obama’s biggest weakness, Obama care, was taken off the table by Romney’s presidential bid. Obama care is only a symptom and not the disease however. Romney never went after the republican base. He instead ignored and even vilified them. As a result, they didn’t vote for him.


This is typical of republican politics. They despise their base as upstarts, who want more liberty and less government, when the “enlightened” republican elite want more government and less liberty. The only difference between the republicans and democrats is… who controls the tyrant’s power. Neither wants to limit the power, scope and role of government, both want to increase it. Republicans believe their base is so stupid they will fall into line even when the republican elite spit in our faces.


This is proven by the Bush presidency. The republican party controlled a plurality of seats in both houses of congress and the presidency. Did we see a diminishing of the scope of government? No. Did we see balanced budgets? No. Did we even see a walking back of entitlements? No! What we did see, was a new entitlement, prescription drug coverage. We got higher deficit spending and thousands more pages of regulation. The republican base is not blind, they are not stupid, they know a liar when they see one, and refuse to participate in the destruction of the United States, by giving these liars and frauds legitimacy by their vote.


This is why the Tea Party faction has grown so powerful, despite the vilification of us. The Tea Party, teabaggers as the elite call us, are a truly grass roots movement. Those who understand that the republicans, as well as the democrats, want unrestricted illegal immigration, ever increasing government, taxes and regulation, regardless of the consequences to the American people, want to change course, but we all know, to a man, that neither the republican old guard, nor the democrat party, will give us what we demand and OUR Constitution requires.


That is why the republican party is in a death spiral and the democrat party is joining them. They both stand against the will of the people, the dictates of our Constitution, and both lie to our faces. They go after an increasingly small lunatic fringe of the public for votes. We are standing up however, wiping republican and democrat spit from our faces, and making ourselves heard. Obama care is only the latest in a series of slaps of our faces and knives in our backs, we refuse to sit any longer. Once Tea Party people get more seats at the table, we will see more turnout of an electorate, that today, increasingly feels disenfranchised. Until then, the republican elite should be on warning, the jig is up.





John Pepin

The Rise of the Proletariat

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, the two parties in the US don’t represent the people, they represent two factions of the elite. The democrat party represents the so called “New Class” while the republican party represents the bourgeois. In this struggle they both have as their primary adversary, and pawns to the game, the American people. In this they are united, that is why the Tea Party, a grass roots organization that actually does represent the needs and wants of the vast majority of the American Electorate, must be destroyed. The two old parties exploit the people to their own ends… not ours. This is a paradigm that must be overturned else we will become serfs in all but name.


The “New Class” as it has been termed are the intelligentsia. Those with advanced degrees. If we examine who has led every socialist revolution in the past, they have never been led by the proletariat, (as Marxists doctrine claims they would be), they have always been started, funded and the ideologically fueled by the academics, and professional revolutionaries, who exploited the peasantry to do the dirty work. In all cases the working people have been the victims of socialist revolutions. This new class becomes more Marxist the higher you go in academia, wealth and political power. If we examine the top echelons of Harvard, Yale and the other Ivy league schools, we will find a plurality of revolutionary Marxists and anarchists. Neither of which have the best interest of the workers at heart. The unbiased media are also members of this new class.


What I mean by the bourgeois, is the owners of the means of production, as Marx did. The definition of the owners of the means of production however are not what you might think. If you have an IRA or 401K, you are the bourgeois, if you own stocks or bonds or if you have a well stocked tool kit, you are the owner of the means of production. Entrepreneurs are a faction of the bourgeois as are family run business men. The CEO and the board of directors of a company are not the bourgeois however, those people, (who control the means of production as opposed to own it), are members of the new class.


Unfortunately it is not quite that simple. Both parties have at the top members of the new class. They run both parties. That is why they fight over trivialities, like the magnitude of a tax hike, when what we the people want are lower taxes. They agree that they should control everything… but each wants the power for themselves. They consider themselves superior to us because of their academic achievements. They hold us in disdain, believing us incapable of running our own lives, and so we are in need of their enlightened guidance. Both parties have this as their fundamental ethos.


The Tea party however was formed by the people. We sought a seat at the table of power. But the elite hold us in even greater contempt for it. They see the Tea party as upstarts who should bow to the great wisdom of the elite, in moving our society to a socialist one, where the State is the arbiter of everything and the goods of society are distributed by political favor. Since they have the political favor, this paradigm that they espouse, is a nakedly self serving one. The Tea Party is just as guilty of this as are the elite. We seek to meet our self interests by having a seat at the table too.


The primary difference is that we don’t seek to wrest the power of the State for our own aggrandizement or personal enrichment, we seek to limit the power of the State, so we won’t have to labor under the yoke of tyranny. As Thrasymachus said in The Republic, Most people only want to live their lives in peace, but great men want power… We seek a society where we can get ahead if we earn it, and where political favor is less of a factor in where we end up in society, than our personal merits. In short we seek a meritocracy. This entire thought process is an anathema to the elite in both parties.


This is why both the Republican old guard and the entirety of the Democrat party are so vicious in their attacks on politicians who back the Tea Party. There is no limit to the vitriol they will dump on the Tea Party, and by extension, us. The Constitution is a road block and so must be changed, by hook or by crook, but changed it must be. Remember, you don’t have to change the words in a Constitution to change it’s meaning… only the meaning of the words.


To the person with his or her eyes open, the new class is in fact a very old class… the aristocracy, seeking to reestablish their old privileges. So, the Tea party is in fact the true proletariat uprising, struggling against the chains the old powers are trying to bind us with… as Marx envisioned. We don’t want violent revolution, or blood in the streets, we just want peace, prosperity and liberty. To the wannabe dictator however there is nothing as distasteful as a pawn that has an opinion. Pawns are to be sacrificed for the greater good… the good of the elite, or in other words, the new aristocracy.





John Pepin

Our Constitutional Crisis

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, the debt ceiling and government shutdown is not about spending, and it is not about winning or loosing a mere political battle, it is a Constitutional crisis. The needless rhetoric that has been thrown around during this debate has been a way to change the subject to mere name calling and fear mongering. The malpractice of the media that calls itself unbiased has been even more pathetic than usual and is a large part of why the real issue has been overlooked. Our republic is jeopardized by this type of emotional manipulation of us, by the political elite, the media and intellectuals.


The Constitutional principle in question is separation of powers and the power of Congress to control spending. This is the only fundamental power left to the neutered legislative branch of our government. In this debate, as it now appears, the Executive branch has seized almost all of the powers the Constitution bestowed on the Legislative branch. The power of the purse, as it is called, has now fallen to the Executive as has the power to legislate via the Bureaucracy. Once this episode is over the Legislative branch will have no power whatsoever. Even the power of oversight has been taken from the impotent Legislature by Executive privilege, stonewalling and outright lying under oath.


The rhetoric that has been used by Obama, the media and the democrats has been over the top. They have called the Tea Party wing of the republican party, bomb throwers, terrorists, and hostage takers among other detestable things. The toadies in the media have backed the progressive elite up even to the point of agreeing with them. Elenore Clift is one such example Sunday on the McLaughlin Group. To draw a moral equivalence between people who engage in such evil acts as killing innocents, with people who are making a principled stand for Constitutional rule, shows one of two things. Either those who draw the equivalence are horribly broken inside or they are liars. Both disqualify them from holding any power over anyone.


I hadn’t written The Frog and the Scorpion a month before the AP phone scandal broke. We later found out FOX news reporters phones were being tapped as well. The press feigned outrage but in fact quivered in their boots. Terrified of the power they had bestowed upon the new imperial President. Today news reporters have few sources and those they do meet them in dark alleys and fear they are being followed. Story after story has come out describing the fear the press holds of this president. In this latest struggle between the imperial president and the legislature, the media has uniformly followed the the talking points of their oppressor. Perhaps they have Stockholm Syndrome? Regardless, if it was out of fear, cognitive dissonance or blind obedience, they have done themselves and our country a great disservice.


The separation of powers was supposed to be a bulwark against an executive becoming imperial. Our republic was founded on the knowledge, historically tyranny has risen from the executive branch, in a republic. Montesquieu made the argument that the Judiciary should be separated from the Executive Branch to further weaken it and prevent this outcome. Our founding fathers agreed and placed the Judicial Branch into our Constitution. The provision for a free press was an idea incorporated into our Constitution as another means to prevent tyranny. As this sad episode has shown us, this president has effectively neutered the Legislative Branch, he has whipped the unbiased media into line, he disregards Judicial rulings, he enforces the law arbitrarily and he is caught lying to the American people without consequence. In the Federalist Papers Madison, Jay and Hamilton warn this would be the end of our republic and limited government. I fear that unless drastic measures are not taken, like impeachment or installing a NUMA, to reign in this president, WE will be the generation that lost liberty… to our eternal shame.





John Pepin

This Scandal Ridden Administration

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, President Obama has presided over the most scandal ridden administration since the founding of the United States. His scandals are not only regular but they are profoundly perverse. No other president in my lifetime has had such critical lapses of judgment, if they are lapses of judgment. Nixon had Watergate, Reagan had Iran Contra, Clinton had Lewinsky, Bush had Valery Plame, none of them rising to the least of Obama’s scandals. Our republic is put in greater and greater danger every time a new one comes to light and there are no consequences. If we want to continue to live in a free country, it is up to us to force our government to follow the law, else our grandchildren will consider us villains.

Fast and Furious has been forgotten by the complicit media. In my blog, Fast and Furious a Despicable act of War, I point out that while the administration was shipping hundreds of high powered guns into Mexico, so they would show up at crime scenes, Obama was vilifying the Second Amendment… because US guns were showing up at Mexican crime scenes! This immoral tactic to undermine a Right enumerated in the Bill of Rights directly led to the deaths of at least 300 Mexicans! The only media to do even a cursory examination was Univision. When the Congress asked for records, Obama claimed Executive privilege, which is only applicable for direct communications between the President himself and his staff. This either proves he had knowledge of the program or he is fraudulently using Executive Privilege.

Billions of dollars of graft were handed out to Obama’s political backers in the stimulus bill. Remember Solyndra? Or any of the other boondoggles of the stimulus bill? Literally billions of dollars of taxpayer money was shoveled out to political backers of this President. Had there been a truly unbiased media, this would have been bigger than Watergate, but it was ignored and covered up by the complicit press.

Benghazi is being swept under the rug as you read this. The newest scandals have put Benghazi on the back burner and the press won’t even mention it now. The media have forgotten it in favor of the latest scandals. One point to make here is that Obama claims there wasn’t enough time to send troops. This presupposes he had foreknowledge of the attack and it’s intended duration. The only way he could have had that knowledge is if he were in on planning the attack. Otherwise, he couldn’t have known if there was time or not. Ordering the military to stand down, and not immediately sending relief troops in, is, at the very least, dereliction of duty. So what was it, was Obama in on the planning of the attack, or simply derelict in his duty?

Now we have the IRS using the power of the taxing authority to attack Obama’s political foes. Could there be a more pernicious use of a Federal agency than to use the power of bureaucracy to hobble your political enemies? We are being told that it was a low level staffer. If that is true then why has there never been an example of a progressive organization targeted? If low level staffers are so poorly supervised they can use their power to target a political faction they personally disagree with, surely some low level staffer is conservative, and would have targeted a liberal organization. The very fact none have ever been targeted, shows the orders to target conservatives and then leak the information to Obama’s political allies, came from the top.

As I wrote in my blog, The Frog and the Scorpion, the unbiased media that has been carrying Obama across the pond of public opinion, is feeling the first sting of the scorpion’s tail, now that it has been reviled that the Obama administration has been looking into the phone records of the Associated Press. Holder is claiming the Associated Press is under scrutiny because of a dangerous leak of classified information, but has recused himself of any involvement, (for plausible deniability no doubt). The unbiased media have been claiming lately, who cares if you or I are surveilled as long as you are doing nothing wrong, so I ask, what has the AP to worry about?

There are far more scandals but my space is limited, while the Obama administration’s penchant for abusing power for crass political gain is unlimited. Obama’s main defense is the incompetence defense. He could not have known about these things because the government is too big and Obama is too inept. Yet this faction wants to manage every aspect of every American’s life? Really! Who really believes this President is so bungling he is unaware of anything going on in his administration? Only a fool would believe that. Obama makes sure he has plausible deniability whenever he is undermining a basic Right, enumerated in Our Bill of Rights, he is totally oblivious when his stimulus grants billions of dollars to his backers, he was too tired to stay abreast when one of our Ambassadors was under siege, he only learned about the IRS scandal when he read the papers that morning, despite earlier briefings on the issue, moreover he claims he is outraged by it! Our republic is disintegrating around our head and ears under this President. To not see it is to be blind, deaf and stupid. Boy… do we need a Fourth Branch!


John Pepin

Why Republicans and Romney Lost the Last Election

Monday, November 19th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the reason the republicans have lost in the last few elections, is as simple as it is obvious. The powers that be in the republican party, the Elite, will steadfastly refuse to see the obvious as they have election after election. The Elite in the republican party today have the same macro viewpoint as the democrats. The difference between them is so slight you can’t fit a newly printed dollar bill between them. The base of the republican party is far more libertarian, and at the same time more conservative, than the republican Elite are. This creates a tension within the party. The Elite in the republican party jealously guard their power and prestige against all comers. The reality that there is no difference, between the republican Elite and the democrats, is not lost on the American people. When confronted with a democrat, and a democrat, the people will reliably choose the democrat every time. This has critical importance to the American republic, and the standard of living not only in the US, but the World over.

The republican Elite are universally progressive. They agree with the progressive democrats all the time. They disagree with the conservative democrats as much as they disagree with their own base. They feel they can run a bloated, overly bureaucratic system, better than the democrats, and they have the hubris to believe, they know better than everyone else about everything else… like I said before, they are progressives with an R after their name instead of a D. As such they look only in a certain direction. That direction is not based on truth or reality it is based on politics and perspective. That is why they cannot see the obvious so often.

The republican base is far more libertarian, in that the people that make it up, who are independent minded and self reliant people. They have the mindset, it is from the people that all innovation and good comes, and that government, more often than not, is the font of evil. Ron Reagan said as much and won in a landslide… twice. History bears the libertarian viewpoint out. The republican base is more interested in limiting the role and scope of government than the republican Elite. The base is also far more conservative than the Elite.

Take the issue of abortion. The base is much more agreeable to limits on abortion, than the republican Elite, who are universally pro abortion. They only claim to be pro life during the campaign season. Even the most libertarian of the republican base believe that partial birth abortion is evil and wrong. The only way a reasonable person could be for this procedure is ignorance of what it entails. The upshot is… the base is far less trusting of arbitrary power than the Elite are. Obviously, since it is the Elite who wield that arbitrary power, and the people who are the subjects of it.

Everyone who is a member of the Elite is loathe to give up the power, money and prestige, that comes along with it. It is the nature of human beings to enjoy power over others. Adam Smith said that a man would rather order a slave than negotiate with a free man for his free labor. It is in our nature. One of the beauties of the capitalist system is that it mitigates this negative aspect of our nature. No one dislikes money. We all lust after more of it. Whether it is for power, to buy serenity, to purchase the luxuries in life or just as a hedge against life’s exigencies, money is something we all desire to some degree. Do you know anyone who doesn’t like praise? Is there one among us, who doesn’t revel in being waited on, and have his or her boots licked? It is self evident that the Elite are loathe to give up their status.

And so it is clear that the republican elite are incapable of recognizing the facts right in front of them. They disagree with their base and so they must go. The Elite cannot understand that the people who elect them would actually be so unselfcentered, they would believe in the sanctity of life, the Elite are incredulous that their base actually wants limited government, the whole concept is alien to an egoist. The Elite seek the opposite of what their very voters want and they shake their heads that they cannot get elected. In the last debate Romney went after the 1% who were undecided, and in doing so put off the 70% of the population that makes up his base, while Obama energized his base. Some were so off put they voted for Obama. After all, if there is no difference, why vote for the democrat wanna be when there is a bona fide democrat in the race? Obama went after his base and got them to vote, and Romney turned off his base, so they didn’t come out to vote. It is no more difficult to understand than that.

Romney had no problem attacking, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Fred Thompson, and any other conservative that stood in his way, but gave Obama deference, as had McCain. Romney spared Obama the negative ads he pelted Santorum with, further proving the point. The republican Elite despise their base, even to the point of abandoning Tea party republicans and even undermining their campaigns. While the democrat Elite, who also loathe their base, are better at pretending they don’t.

Don’t expect the republican Elite to wake up though. They have already rolled over for the democrats, they share the same goal after all, it is only the path to it they disagree on. The republican Elite are only too happy to compromise in the destruction of the American Constitution, as well as the death of our economy and culture. They agree with the democrat progressives more than they disagree… guaranteeing their eventual extinction. The only question left is; will they take our society with them?


John Pepin